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April 1, 2014

Turns Out Knockout Game ‘Victim’ Actually Fell and Bumped His Head

Turns Out Knockout Game ‘Victim’ Actually Fell and Bumped His Head


CNN's Don Lemon  and random Rabbi Hype the "Knockout Game" During Actual News Segment

CNN’s Don Lemon and random Rabbi Hype the “Knockout Game” During Actual News Segment

Throughout New York there have been reports of young black teens pµnching unsuspecting victims, many of whom were Jewish. In one such alleged incident, it turns out that the supposed v¡ctim may not have been victimized by anything other than his own two feet.

A 65 year-old Hasidic grandfather from London, visiting New York for a wedding, reported to police that he was a victim of the knockout game when he left a ballroom at around 2am on Tuesday, suffering a busted lip and a chipped tooth. But the Village Voice reports that the man changed his story after watching footage of himself tripping and falling on the night in question.

“Video surveillance of the incident showed that he tripped,” Detective Brian Sessa told to the Voice. “He recanted after he was shown the video surveillance.”

By the time the elderly man had admitted he’d been mistaken,  loudmouth Brooklyn City Council Member David Greenfield had already began using the story to score political points.

“He was attacked from behind by two individuals — brutally attacked,” Greenfield told CBS on Tuesday, according to the Voice. “They did not take anything from him, and he was in such bad condition that he had to be hospitalized.”

He continued: “I think that this should concern all of us. Right? I mean, this is a tourist–someone who came to visit the United States to celebrate his family at a wedding and I think that the potential of sending a message internationally that we have these kinds of attacks taking place in New York City should certainly concern all of us.”

And Greenfield isn’t apologizing for his error, insisting that the tourist was attacked, even though surveillance proves otherwise.

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5 thoughts on “Turns Out Knockout Game ‘Victim’ Actually Fell and Bumped His Head

  1. ROBERT@atx says:

    THE one lesson that can be learned from this is never believe anything JEWS say!

  2. MorganaLeFay says:

    ROBERT@atx  This man did not lie because he was a Jew, he lied because it suited him at the time. Do not resort to anti-Semitism just because the article makes you angry.

  3. MorganaLeFay says:

    Valuable lesson from this story: if you are going to lie about being beaten up, turn off the surveillance first! The sad thing is that the so-called suspects might have been punished for something they did not do in the first place.

  4. Jonhlee01 says:

    MorganaLeFay ROBERT@atx
    1983-08-01 — West Hartford CT — Another Kristallnacht lookalike
    incident occurred in West Hartford when three synagogues and the home of
    a state representative were set on fire. A Jewish 17 yr old, Barry D
    Schuss, confessed.
    1984-03-01 — Bronx NY — 2 Jewish teenagers were charged with writing Anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas on 51 apartments.
    1989-05-01 — San Francisco CA — TV presenter Morton Downey Jr claimed
    that three neo-Nazi skinheads drew a swastika on his face in SF airport.
    He later admitted it was a hoax.
    1991-03-22 — Germantown MD — Susan and Curtis Klein found their home
    vandalized, swastikas all over, most of their clothes and furniture
    ruined. Police suspected a hoax because of the deliberate and time
    consuming nature of the crime. Curtis was acquitted.
    1993-04-01 — Cooper City FL — A Jewish couple, Jerome and Jamie B
    Roedel, found their home burglarized and swastikas painted on the walls.
    Jamie Roedel collected the insurance and left her husband. In December
    1993 she was charged with insurance fraud and theft.
    2004-05-12 — San Francisco CA — Arson at Jewish Chabad center blamed on 33-yr old Jewish man.
    2010-07-03 — Washington DC — A Jewish student painted swastikas on her own door.

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