March 14, 2014 4:55 pm

White Torture of Black Bodies: 6 Medical Experiments on African-Americans You Never Knew About

Radiation experiment subject Elmer Allen is comforted by her daughter.

Daughter of radiation experiment subject Elmer Allen comforts her mother, Fredna Allen.

by Yvette Carnell

By now most people know about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, but what many don’t know is that this was just one in a long line of experiments conducted on African-Americans. The experiments actually began during slavery, when African-Americans were treated no better than field animals, and continued from there. Below is a list of the most heinous experiments conducted on African-Americans.

1. Experiments on slaves by slave owners were conducted en masse, long before the Tuskegee experiments. In his memoir, former slave John Brown described how his master, Dr. Thomas Hamilton of Georgia, tørtured him with homemade medical experiments.  Brown described how he was made to sit naked in a stool atop a burning pit as part of Dr. Hamilton’s experiment. “I could not have helped myself. There was nothing for it but passive resignation, and I gave myself up in ignorance and in much fear,” wrote Brown. After temperatures reached 100 degrees, Brown passed while Dr. Hamilton stood by with a thermometer. In another experiment, the good Dr. attempted to determine how deep black skin goes by blistering Brown’s hand and feet. Slaves provided antebellum doctors with their own personal guinea pigs.

2. It wasn’t just slave owners who were conducting experiments on slaves, but hospitals posted announcements for slaves to be used in experiments. In the 1850’s, Dr. T. Stillman placed an add for “sick Negroes” and slave masters were happy to hand over ill or elderly slaves who could no longer work. It was a win-win for slave owners who got back their slaves if they were healed, and if they weren’t healed, then hospitals paid for the burial. The slaves who were taken in by Stillman and his experiment had no legal rights.

3. Until the 1970’s, prisons conducted experiments on prisoners, most of whom were black. At Philadelphia’s Holmesburg prison, Dow Chemical paid to test potential carcinogens on the mostly black prison population. Many prisoners developed cancers, skin conditions, and mental illness as a result of their experimentation.

4. “I went to the Dr. who did that to me and asked him ‘why’…. I would love to have had children,” said Fannie Lou Hamer. While on the plantation, Hamer had developed a knot on her stomach. When she went to see the physician, he removed her uterus as well as the knot, preventing her from ever having children.

In the ‘big house’, the plantation owner’s wife joked about how Hamer had lost more than a tumor when she was in the hospital, and the news eventually got back to Hamer. Hamer went on to become a voting and civil rights activist. Hamer was only one of many African-American women who were sterilized, a practice which became a favorite of white doctors. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, trafficked in stereotypes and used the Negro Project to decrease black fertility.

5. In 1945, a black trucker named Ebb Cade was in an accident where nearly all of his bones were broken. While he was in the hospital, doctors gave him a toxic dose of plutonium. Before the plutonium could totally devastate his body, Cade must’ve gotten wind of what was going on because he escaped from the hospital. Unbeknownst to him, he’d became part of a study for which he never gave his consent. Cade died eight days after leaving the hospital. He was the first, but not last, African-American to be injected with uranium or plutonium as part of a radiation experiment. Former Secretary of Energy Hazel O’Leary declassified information on government experiments on unsuspecting African-Americans.

6. Charisse Johnson and her husband received a knock  on the door from researchers at Columbia University who wanted to interview her 16 year old son Isaac, who was being held in a detention center. Isaac’s parents signed off on the interviews and tests, which they were told would be used to determine whether Isaac might have medical problems. Little did she know that Columbia University, in cooperation with the New York State Psychiatric Institute, was conducting an experiment on her son in an effort to establish a genetic connection between black boys to violence. The boys were given fenfluramine, which causes serotonin levels to rise.




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  • CynthiaWhidbee says:

    BillSchrier  you must be a troll or you done lost what little mind you have left!!!

  • Bryant Rose says:

    BillSchrier  really? positives? like the positives of NAZI experiments and torture of jews and the physically and mentally disabled. as well as gypsies and even allied troops?  Well we finally determined that the NAZIs were taking ques from the good ol’ USA book of terrorism.. And that experimentation continues well into the 70’s and beyond.. you think “Negroes” should be “proud”?? should the victims of NAZI germany be proud as well?  to be experimented on without permission or consent be doctors who took an oath not to do undue harm to patients? we know that is BS.. What are the positives? for advancing white science? how do we know it has advanced science? or was it just torture and murder?  thats it.. be proud you were murdered and disfigured for science, huh? Troll..

  • david19082 says:

    This is why black people need to take charge of educating our children about our history. It’s crazy to rely on whites to tell the truth about the atrocities they committed against us. Perhaps then we will stop looking at ourselves as the enemy and focus of who the true enemy is. Speaking of which “BillSchier” is a known white racist troll. Don’t feed the trolls. It’s like feeding a stray dog, they’ll keep coming back if you feed them.

  • Bryant Rose Please don’t feed trolls like BillSchrier. Let them starve.

  • JamesESullivan says:

    Some folks wouldn’t recognize an experiment if it came up and bit them on the bottom.  SMH

  • GeneEttison Goudlock says:

    Most people would like to think that the era of such atrocities is over. Unfortunately, it is not.
    With more and more African Americans being locked up, our sick being confined to hospices, etc., I’m sure the horrors continue, albeit more covertly.
    But one thing’s for sure: The mental/psychological state of the African American male is definitely under attack. I don’t think they’re going to like the results of this, “test”.

  • dawnranbrown says:

    This is not the worst that has been done to african americans in the name of medicine. There have been things that are so horrrific that i will not post them. Im sad to say that poor and environmentally retarded people or people that cant comprehend what is being done to them are still being experimented on, given wrong medicine, or not given appropriate medical care while in the hospital. Many are black. Many are poor and many are the mentally ill

  • hlewissmith says:

    david19082You have hit the nail right on the head and for your information the following publication breaks it all down from A to Z how Black African Americans have been and still are being hoodwinked and bamboozled, it’s a wake up call that should not be taken lightly:

  • Watchful says:

    And I’m sure y’all remember this recent story in the news.

    Not only that, but nowadays they’re also murdering our youth and removing their internal organs à la Kendrick Johnson and Ryan Singleton, most likely either  to sell via illegal organ trafficking or possibly for some kinda lab experiments.

  • WahidShabazz says:

    And people are still believing in some mystery devil???

  • MagerfootClouden says:

    The ones who want to teach us about humanity. Thanks but no thanks….

  • MichaelDavis1 says:

    J. Marion Sims, the “Father of Gynocolgy” experimented on slave women, some having had over 30 surgeries performed on them. Once he perfected his skill, he introduced it to White women but gave them anesthesia.

  • MsMarietteHill says:

    Many, Many More Black slaves were killed, maimed and murdered here in the USA and over the whole world, than what the Nazi regime has done to the Jews. It’s Bad all bad…..

  • queenofmeanest says:

    And yet, the jews will hound you because they are not liked.  They call it a form of mental illness, even though they wronged black people.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Please post the horror stories.  We all need to know and pass this on to our children.

  • MsMarietteHill says:

    I just now re-posted on F/B…now check out this other rude awakening from Trying to hold a person’s energy field/dreams/behavior/attitude/and their thoughts to control a person….is totally CRIMINAL! “Everyone’s” should have the RIGHT to keep their own thoughts/dreams and subconsciousness to themselves.

  • MsMarietteHill says:

    UPDATE on a closed case k;lling of a beautiful Black male at his school:

  • PreachIt says:

    And so all white people are the “enemy”? If so, you’re not preaching about educating your children, but instead raising your children to be rasict (the same thing you’re against) how is that going to work?

  • KingMike33 says:

    If it weren’t for White Supremacy, we wouldn’t have to do this. It’s not “teaching hate” but “survival”. We have to teach our children the things that White Supremacy intentionally leaves out in order for them to understand the position we’re in right now. Because the schools aren’t teaching our children, White or Black. There’s White people out there thinking that the Confederate flag is about heritage because not only is that what they’re being raised to believe, that’s what they’re being taught in school. Schools are teaching our children that my enslaved ancestors were actually “migrant workers”. We have an obligation to teach our children the truth no matter what you or the schools what to believe or teach. And by the way, another lil FYI: Black people cant be racist.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    There is no such thing as a black racist.  Name the one race of people who have “OPPRESSED” all races all over this world including their own.

  • VictoriaYancey says:

    Horrible atrocities against the Black race.  Please read this:

  • VictoriaYancey says:

    MsMarietteHill  Was the student arrested?

  • ellareece508 says:

    please stop.
    You are “preaching” nothing.You are just speaking out of a white mouth and the usual non-responsible brain. 
    NOBODY spoke about ALL white people, but about the atrocities visited upon blacks by “normal” white folks, many of whom have been lauded, had their deeds and depravities sanitized and used to sell as “history” to people like you who are afraid of stirring the waters … in fact, of even looking at that kind of water and calling it dirty and poisonous. Get over your fear. It happened. It needs to be opened like the abscess it is … excavate all that stinking pus that live and lived inside some white people and allowed  them to treat other humans that way without even a hint of regret or humanity. Only then can the shame or the responsibility of it (maybe) stop it from happening again and again (look through your people’s history – read writers like Howard Zinn’s work to start and see why you yourself might have those tendencies).
    Rather than asking “how is that going to work?” ask white folks how they can behave like animals “wilding” through the ranks of humanity’s history raping, pillaging, plundering, and destroying and instead of feeling shame and raising and retraining their children to have minds and spirits of human beings, to continue to dress in suits while they continue their atrocities and breed more depraved and ignorant offspring who still don’t take responsibility. Don’t ask how is that going to work?, instead, ask “how can I correct such tendencies that might lie inside me, be passed on to my children”.

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