White on White Crime is on the Rise, So Where’s the Outrage?


by Faith Walker

Can anyone shed light on the media’s fixation with so-called “Black on Black” hom!cide? You wouldn’t know it by listening to the mainstream media, but Black on Black hom¡cide has actually dropped from a high of 94% in the 1990s to 91.3% in 2012. This may not seem significant, until you realize that White on White hom!cide has risen during the same period.

In addition, if you listen to the likes of Fox News, Blacks are not only murder¡ng each other, but they are k¡lling off the White race in their spare time. However, statistics clearly show that while Blacks may be murdering each other,  Whites are engaged in the same behavior.

James S. Robbins’ response to the Zimmerman trial uses FBI data to prove this fact. In his article, “White on Black Murder: Who Really is Killing Whom?” he states the following: According to the most recent (2011) FBI statistics, of the 2,695 murders in which the victim was black, 91% were committed by people of the same race. Odds are if the victim was wearing a hoodie, the perp was too. The same pattern of intra-racial v¡olence holds for whites. 83 percent of white mµrders in 2011 were within-race killings, and only 14% were black on white. These data tell us that murder in America is decidedly not a matter of racial hatred.”

This misrepresentation about crime only breeds more unfounded fear of Black America. Whites are more likely to respond with fear to Blacks and respond with force, even when they are in no immediate danger themselves. The recent shootings of Jonathan Ferrell and Renisha McBride show the danger of being Black while seeking help. In both cases, they were k¡lled by frightened Whites.

There are intellectuals who are attempting to wake up White America such as Tim Wise, who points out to his fellow White Americans that they are more in danger of being k¡lled by another White person than a Black Person. He delves specifically into this issue with his article “Nazis Can’t do Math Reflections of Racism Crime and the Illiteracy of Right Wing Statistical Analysis”.

In 2010, for instance, whites killed whites 3,252 times: 4.6 times more than the number of whites k¡lled by blacks. Why no generalized fear of white people then? Why assume that black-on-white murder (which occurs about one-fifth as often) somehow portends some larger social trend, while white-on-white mµrder is merely random, individual, and signifies nothing more important, socially, at all? Why? Because racists are racists, that’s why.

Wise’s statements are greeted by disbelief from his counterparts. Instead of embracing the irrefutable truth, they try and disprove facts. They use “smoke and mirror math” to disprove his statements. When their math is questioned… they claim that Wise simply hates his own race. Why else, they question, would he post such things? They will not accept the truth of his statements which is htat Whites are k¡lling Whites in record numbers.

At one point in 2012, White on White Homicide was recorded at 88%, Black on Black remained steady at 91%. Each of these percentages is unacceptable. It should be a call to action…but it’s not.

Black people must be aware that they are no better or worse than their White counterparts. As long as the perception is that it’s a Black on Black problem the alarm isn’t being raised. As long as White America feels safe in the knowledge, that it’s not their problem the stats will continue to climb, and the death toll rise. Only when White America realizes that it too has a problem, will it become an American problem…until then Whites, Blacks and Browns will continue on this race destructive path.


The white race is by far the most brutal criminals in world history after all that's how they stole America.


Hey, "They" are the ones the taught us how to lie, cheat and steal back things that were taken from us,,,


"At one point in 2012, White on White Homicide was recorded at 88%, Black on Black remained steady at 91%. Each of these percentages is unacceptable. It should be a call to action…but it’s not."

The only way the 88% White on White Homicides and 91% Black on Black Homicides will go down PERCENTAGE-wise is if inter-racial homicide PERCENTAGES go up. The PERCENTAGES will always add up to equal 100%. That is what a PERCENTAGE is.

It's not the PERCENTAGE of homicides that is too high, it is the NUMBER of homicides that is too high. It is the NUMBER of homicides that need to be reduced.

Overall homicide rates are going down. From 1999 to 2000, In 1999 the rates were 7.72(black on black) and 1.31(white on white) deaths per 100,000. In 2011 the rates were 6.29(black on black) and 1.13(white on white) deaths per 100,000.

Yes the PERCENTAGE may have gone up, but PERCENTAGES will always add up to 100%. The NUMBERS are going down, the RATES are going down.


@BryanE I understand your premise. However if the Percentage goes down intra-racially the homicides drop. This can happen without the number of inter-racial murders climbing. For example using as you correctly state, 100% will always be 100%. However, you are incorrect when you state that the number of murders by the other race would have to climb.

So, let's say that there were 2000 Blacks murdered. Of that number, 90% or 1800 were black on black. 200 are White on Black. If the same 200 were murdered by Whites, Yet the percentage of murders  dropped in Black on Black. Instead of 90% of the Black on Black crimes being fatal. Let's say 60% of those survived. The amount of Black on Black deaths is now 800. For a total of 1000. Not 2000

There are LESS deaths. LESS HOMICIDES. Although the percentage of White on Black Homicide would then be 20% there is a SMALLER amount of HOMICIDES.

SO AS the percentage drops SO will the number of homicides.


@FaithWalker1 @BryanE  Wrong, Percentage can be independent of number. if we have 160 intraracial murders and 40 interracial murders one year and 80 intraracial murders and 20 interracial murders the next, the numbers dropped but the percentage stayed the same. Conversely, we could have 320 intraracial and 80 interracial and the percentage stay the same.

Your exampled is flawed because you only adjusted one side of the equation. If 60% survived, the black on black would go from 1800 to 720 (not 800) and white on black would dropped from 200 to 80. The percentage stays the same at 90% and 10%.

If you applied your example the opposite way, the number of murders still goes does. 1800 to 80 and the percentages change to 95.7% and 4.3%.

The percentages can also change even when the numbers stay the same overall. If the 1800 and 200 change to 1600 and 400, the percentages have changed to 80% and 20%. Or if the numbers change to 1900 and 100, the percentages change to 95% and 5%. 

Percentage is great to tell us if trends are going up or down as a part of the whole. What the percentages tell us is that WHEN a murder is committed, blacks are more likely to kill blacks and white are more likely to kill whites today in comparison to all murders then in previous years. But it can't tell us if the number of murders are up or down by itself. That is what the numbers and the rates are for. The number of murders can go up or down because the population went up or down and the rate and the percentage can stay the same. 

The fact is that the percentage will ALWAYS add up to 100%. But the number will not stay the same. 2000 and 1000 are not equal to each other but the percentages of the 2000 and 1000 are both still 100% and 100% irregardless of how they break down.

Trying to use percentage to say that white-on-white crime is on the rise just because the percentage is up is like saying Ford sold more cars because its marker share grew. Ford could have sold 600,000 out 6,000,000 total one year for a market share of 10%. The next year Ford could have sold 550,000 cars out of 5,000,000 total for a 11% market share. They sold 50,000 fewer cars and yet their market share grew a percentage point.


@FaithWalker1 @BryanE  If you read the portion where I used Ford as an example, I showed where the percentage can go up while the overall numbers go down. So NOPE, my theory would not be correct if the number of homicides was permanent instead of fluid.


@FaithWalker1 @BryanE  If black on black homicides dropped to 0%, most likely the number of blacks killed would dropped. Although it is not guaranteed to drop.

The point I am trying to make is that using the fact that the percentage of white that were killed by whites as an indicator that white on white crime is on the rise is a logical fallacy. The numbers of white killing whites does not back the argument of white on white crime in on the rise. The rates (which is the most appropriate statistic to use) of white killing whites does not back the argument of white on white crime in on the rise.

What the percentage tells us that is that out of the group of whites killed, the percentage that were killed by whites went up. The percentage by itself does not tell us that the number went up or down. There is no law or rule that says that a certain number of deaths have to occur each year, but there is a law/rule that states when there is one or more, the percentages will always add to 100%. If there was only ONE black murdered this year and if the murderer was white, then the percentage of blacks murdered by whites is 100%.

It's not GOP math, it is just math. From wikipedia: In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100.


@BryanE @FaithWalker1 Wrong!. Lets say Black on Black homicide dropped to 0% are you seriously saying that the number of Blacks killed wouldn't change? You are continually proving my point, by attempting to disprove it. Your theory would be correct if the number of homicides was permanent instead of fluid. 

For example, there is no law that states that 34,000 blacks must die each year. If that was so, then the number of homicides would stay the same even if the Black on Black rate went down.  

You are doing exactly as Tim Wise stated, trying to use Karl Rove's "GOP math" as Megan Fox so correctly stated.