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March 20, 2014

The Real Welfare Queen is Uneducated, Single and White

The Real Welfare Queen is Uneducated, Single and White

by Faith Walker

When the United States Department of Agriculture released their latest report on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Programpoverty (SNAP) their numbers were astonishing. SNAP, better known as Food Stamps, benefited an average of 46.6 million per month.

President Ronald Reagan wanted you to believe three things about food stamp recipients. According to him, people on food stamps were lazy, illiterate and worst of all……….Black.

However, the average person on food stamps is not lazy, illiterate, or even Black. According to the data,  37.6% of food stamps were being allotted to White non-Hispanics. African Americans were allotted 23.6% of SNAP benefits.

In fact, contrary to popular perception, Whites, not Blacks have continually made up the greatest percentage of recipients.

I know this is a hard pill for many people to swallow since we have been constantly told that Blacks are the leeches of society. So, following that logic, they must make up the greatest percentage of all subsidies. But wait you say, Blacks still take more than their fair share of these “handouts”. After all, Blacks make up only 13.1 percent of the population, right? Yet, Blacks comprise nearly twice that percentage of SNAP recipients. True. But, I would counter that with this fact: The largest percentage of the unemployed in this country is Black people at 15.8%. Whites make up 77% of the population while their unemployment rate stands at 7.9%. Yet, they still make up 37.6% of food stamp recipients.

For the record, I fully support the SNAP program because are people who are suffering and need the extra hand up. Lately, however the SNAP program has been the target of those who say this program is a handout not a handup. Unbelievably the same Republicans who support cooperate handouts, refuse to support SNAP. “Seventy-five percent of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person, and these households received 82 percent of all benefits.”

According to a November 2012 report, 40% of SNAP recipients live in a household that receives earnings and are still at or below the poverty line. In addition, of the total number of SNAP recipients,  45% are children, 9% are elderly and 10% are disabled adults. There is no mention of what percentage is represented by “Welfare Queens”.

Whatever happened to the illusive “Welfare Queen”? We spent years looking for Reagan’s stereotypical “Welfare Queen”, only to discover that she never existed. She was part of a political strategy, the Southern Strategy. The Republicans were able to successfully weave fear of interracial marriage, gun ownership and welfare into wedge issues.

Many Blacks also began to accept that the “Welfare Queen” truly existed, and that they, or people they knew,  fit the description. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

But Black America has owned the “Old Welfare Queen”. However few Blacks understand that the “New Welfare Queen” bears a remarkable resemblance to “The Old Welfare Queen”. She is uneducated, single and white.

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452 thoughts on “The Real Welfare Queen is Uneducated, Single and White

  1. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    President Obama and the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. American Blacks voted for that party in 2008 &2012 in historic numbers, the largest group of Americans to vote. Yet Black people in the Sixth year of the Obama Presidency is unemployed the most in America, it strongly suggested that illegal aliens are employed in greater numbers that American Black citizens. This is an embarrassment for the first Black President and the MSM nor Black Media is calling him out. 

    Welfare was created for White Americans and legally denied to American Black citizen until the Great Society as was some parts of The New Deal that created the White Middle Class of today and their wealth.As a people it was an intentional effort to economically disenfranchise Black Americans, never give us opportunity to catch up to our White counterpart who benefited from the Socialist Government Handouts many now decry and attack ( hypocrisy is thy name). This is no accident and was done by design. Here is the link to the Safe Net question Who Benefits the most.

    Who Benefits From the Safety Net
    This explains how White people benefited from Affirmative Action.

    RACE – The Power of an Illusion

    A Long History of Affirmative Action – For Whites

  2. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    OK looking at the raw numbers from that 2012 SNAP publication. The stat cited is households, not individuals. Individuals, it is 16,475 White Americans on food assistance and 10,955 Black Americans on food assistance. 35.8% of Welfare recipients are White and 23% are Black. But more importantly, out of 195,148,000 White Americans, 8.4% of their population is on food assistance, while of 42,750,000 Black Americans, 25.6% are on food assistance. And again, this is food stamps, not overall welfare plans. Snap is but one welfare program.

  3. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    Like I said SNAP is NOT the only welfare program. TANF is also a very big program. In 2010, 1,847,155 people received welfare checks. 587,395 of them or 31.8% were White Americans. 589,242 of them or 31.9% of them were Black Americans. In 2010 there were 36,419,434 Black Americans. That means 1.6% of them were receiving welfare checks. Of 194,552,774 White Americans, 0.3% were receiving welfare checks.  So again, looking at both TANF and SNAP, Black Americans are over represented, and White Americans are under represented. But we can say that only a small amount of Black Americans receive TANF or welfare checks (1.6%) vs SNAP or food stamps (25.6%)

  4. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    So let’s be accurate here. 7.9% Of White Americans are unemployed, 8.4% are on food stamps and 0.3% are on welfare checks. 15.8% of Black Americans are unemployed, 25.6% are on food stamps and 1.6% are on welfare checks. That means 0.5% of employed White Americans receive food stamps while 9.8% of employed Black Americans receive food stamps.  But what really matters is income. 12.7% of White Americans were under the poverty line in 2012 and 8.4% of them used food stamps. So 4.3% of impoverished White Americans did not use food stamps. 27.2% of Black Americans were under the poverty line and 25.6% used food stamps. So 1.6% of impoverished Black Americans did not use food stamps. Now those are statistics you can take to the bank.

  5. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    Oh wait, I forgot WIC.  Whites accounted for 6,107,270 (60.94%), Blacks 1,934,966 (19.31%). In 2010 there were 36,419,434 Black Americans and 5.3% of them were on WIC welfare checks. Of 194,552,774 White Americans, 3.1% were receiving WIC welfare checks.
    And there are more programs:

  6. FaithSoftestVoiceOnRadio says:


  7. dinbomaniq says:


  8. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    dinbomaniq   Not true you must consider that all of the Federal programs were created for White Americans only, until the Civil Rights Bill and Great Society programs that’s when Black Americans were legally able to apply and receive such benefits. It’s always been White Americans sucking off he government teat while denying it and pointing fingers at others as they do. The largest Socialist Welfare program that created the wealth of Middle Class America was The New Deal and that Excluded Black Americans. The most failed group are White Americans based on racism, racial preferences, access and opportunities White Americans should be receiving the least. They’ve had light years to advance themselves and have not. OTOH Black folks rose from the outhouse to the White House in 48yrs.

  9. vnon says:

    Old story. Old stats.

  10. FaithWalker1 says:

    You have misread your own link. But, thanks because it gives an even greater prospective. This is from page 6 of your own research. It shows that the HIGHEST rate of poverty is among minorities.
    The incidence of poverty among African Americans and Hispanics exceeds that of whites by several times. In 2012, 27.2% of blacks (10.9 million) and 25.6% of Hispanics (13.6 million) had incomes below poverty, compared to 9.7% of non-Hispanic whites (18.9 million) and 11.7% of Asians (1.9 million). Although blacks represent only 12.9% of the total population, they make up 23.5% of the poor population; Hispanics, who represent 17.1% of the population, account for 29.3% of the poor. Poverty rates for all groups mentioned above were statistically unchanged from 2011 to 2012, as were the total numbers estimated as poor.

  11. FaithWalker1 says:

    JaimeAndresPretell This is total…benefits..
    Another finding of the study is that the distribution of benefits no longer aligns with the demography of poverty. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share.
    White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits – again, much closer to their 64 percent population share.

  12. dinbomaniq says:


  13. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    dinbomaniq BlackheywoodHeywood 
    I am saying that because of Americas RACIST PRACTICES of providing opportunities for Whites and LEGALLY Denying them to Black AMERICANS, White people (despite their population and percentages ) should be receiving LESS government assistance than ANY GROUP in America  They have had Decades to advance themselves over their Black American counterpart. Those who have opportunities should take advantage of them and “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” that’s what said about Black people  despite us having No Boots or straps for centuries. But here you are attempting to justify White folks getting the same HANDOUTS that Black folks are receiving because of the institutionalize, generational racism and disenfranchisement by our own government against us. Your rationalization of why White people receive more assistance doesn’t make sense.

  14. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    No, it is not. The stats provided are from SNAPS. And I gave the demographics of population by poor and ethnicity that received SNAPS. In both cases, all poor did not use SNAPS. Neither all White or all Black poor. But a larger percentage of the Black poor used it than the White poor if you have to make the comparison. Pure statistics.

  15. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    No, I have not. Go read all my posts. Unemployment and poverty are two different things.

  16. myplacegrill says:

    JaimeAndresPretell  Splitting hairs… it is simple math. The largest demo in this country receives the lion’s share of the benefits… SNAP included. You can make statistics say anything you want by in fact leaving out that the reason a greater percentage of the Black population receives Food Assistance (per their demo) benefits is because they also represent the greatest percentage of unemployed in their demo. 
    Do that neat math trick and compare the total numbers per demographic between black and white rather than percentages and your argument loses steam. i.e.: 8.4% of the your white recipient number is 16 million, where 25% of your black number is 10 million. 
    SO MORE WHITES are receiving SNAP than BLACKS. 

    Additionally, Blacks are poorer due to disenfranchisement which is old news, and the discussion of who gets the most assistance is a straw man that detracts from why so many of our citizens NEED this assistance in the so called Greatest Country in the World…

  17. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    Nice try. Poor whites receiving SNAP are the largest group. So are poor Whites not receiving SNAPs. Bottom line, per capita, Blacks still receive more in this country. And disenfranchisement works as an excuse for the first generation. But not for multigenerational users. Some personal accountability still plays a role. Same for White multigenerational welfare abusers.

  18. myplacegrill says:

    JaimeAndresPretell  Wrong. Disenfranchisment works until reparations. And there is no excuse when the population that makes up 13.1% of the country represents 60% of the prison population. That’s embedded systemic RACISM, and you can blame whomever you want, but it is not a problem originating in the Black community. Don’t tell me to pull myself up by my bootstraps when I have no boots. Republican talking points 101, blame the victim. Fact there are more white folks than the total black population, so how do you figure black people receive more. Per capita is bull crap, see my comment on the prison population above. And where is this abuse? Much like voter fraud it is a figment of white folks imagination.

  19. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell—Blacks still receive more in this country. And disenfranchisement works
    as an excuse for the first generation. But not for multigenerational
    Can you tell me what recompense did the American government afford American Blacks citizens for Jim Crow laws, 1877-1964. During that time period the largest “Socialist, HANDOUT and Creation of White Middle Class Wealthy” aka The New Deal was created and denied to American Black citizens. When was America held accountable for the Crimes and disenfranchisement she committed against American Black citizens.

    Let’s remember the benefactors of the Affirmative Action program are White women.

  20. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill JaimeAndresPretell  Oh spare me. Reparations were done and are being done. But it is still a help as much as you help yourself process. Fact is, plenty of other disenfranchized groups come here with nothing and are still doing better.

  21. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell  OH please. Yes, Jim Crow was horrible. And those that were born into it should sue for reparations. But their children don’t have a leg to stand up on.  PLenty of other groups have cme in since then with zilch in their pocket and are still doing better. INCLUDING Afrodiasporic and African populations, and even certain segmentsof the African American population that refuse to play the victimism game.

  22. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill
    Oh spare me. Reparations were done and are being done

    Name those reparations paid to American Black citizens. Thanks

  23. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood
    OH please. Yes, Jim Crow was horrible. And those that were born into it
    should sue for reparations. But their children don’t have a leg to stand
    up on.
    That wealth just as the wealth created from slavery has been passed down thru generations of White Americans. It’s laughable that all that was afforded you that you are woefully uneducated and quite laughable.  Jim Crow was from 1877-1964, a mere 48yrs ago, genius.

      This will educate you:

  24. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill Name the groups who America disenfranchised by law as they collected taxes from them and gave No representation of decades.American history isn’t your strong suit but ignorance and racism puts you ahead of the class.

  25. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  
    Spare me. You aren’t getting a hand out. Affirmative Action is your reparations.

  26. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell  So what? You don’t get to claim sufferings of your parents. Many have lost everything and rebuilt . Go look at the great depression. THe kids of Holocaust rurvivors or of Japanese internment camps did not get paid. And sorry, but the South was not the only engine of the US economy and the north actually ammased more wealth. Slavery or no slavery, wealth would be there.,

  27. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  Native Americans in many places, as well as Chinese, Indian and Mexican immigrants. Know more about the law and history than you do, and without your myopia.

  28. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood

    The largest benefactors of Affirmative Action program are the White women in your photo. When were they oppressed as American Black citizens were.You’re an ignorant human being because with all the proof provided to you, you cling to your wrong and  ignorant beliefs. Just like those White folks who cling to their guns and religion. Pity
    If Affirmative Action worked for Black people we would not have been historically unemployed more than White  people as we always have been. It’s your wife, daughter, nieces, cousins and all the White females in you know who benefit from the AA you claim are “reparations” for Black people. lmbao. What a fuckin dunce.

  29. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  
    More of your ridiculous stupidity. The women in that picture are all Native American. Fucking moron whining for pity.

  30. myplacegrill says:

    JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood myplacegrill   and you don’t get to have it both ways when your shoddy math is debunked and resort to name calling. Every disenfranchised demo in the US has been made whole through reparations except those of African descent brought here through the slave trade. Native Americans, the Japanese in interment camps, etc… If these reparations are being made to the black community, we can’t  see it. I live in Florida where it’s ok to kill a young black man and claim he scared you if you’re white, or consider yourself so, yet the same law seeks to lock up a black woman for 30 years after NOT killing her abusive husband. We don’t need pity. We need more fuckers like you to continue to be cowards and post online, and not shoot us down like DOGS in the street because the laws says you can…

  31. myplacegrill says:

    JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood  Lies – Japanese interment camp families were made whole. Holocaust survivors had nothing to do with the US.

  32. myplacegrill says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell  History is always told by the victors.. Never the victims… I was there for Jim Crow. Were you? And what side were you on?

  33. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood  Oh spare me the victimism. Blacks use stand your ground more in Florida than Whites do. Go look up actual stats. 14% of the population and yet used more than 30% of the time. Tell Adeirean that it doesn’t protect Black men.

  34. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood  Bullshit they were made hole. Hohri v. the United States, 1986
    Also Look up Peruvian Japanese in US internment camps

  35. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell  
    If you were there for Jim Crow, you have a legitimate gripe. Your children don’t automatically inherit that gripe. Some injustices systemic, but some self perpetuated by anti-culture mentalities.

  36. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill

    I was born in 1958. Jim Crow ended (legally ) in 1964.

  37. myplacegrill says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  And pulling these bogus ass statistics out of his ass to support his obviously biased, White oriented claims. He’s nothing more than a troll, and we don’t feed ’em where I come from. Stupid ass: Black people dying in Florida and then being locked up in EVERY instance where the Stand Your Ground law is used is no statistical anomaly. You keep on being a racist bastard claiming the plight of black folk is their fault. Those of us that live the plight recognize oppressors for who they are. Don’t waste anymore time on this jackass Heywood… He’s just another in the tank Fox News watching Tea Bagging member of the majority demo that uses the minority demo the way we’ve always been used: To make his sorry ass feel better. No more time on this clown with the faulty statistics.

  38. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  Oh shut the fuck up. I didn’t even grow up in this country. I grew up in Peru to a creole family. You whine too much. You were 6 when Jim Crow ended. Your parents had a legitimate gripe. You so much less. You have stuff today your parents never imagined, and poor in other countries never imagine. Typing on a computer crying about your opportunities.

  39. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell  LMAO You are so full of shit. PROVE the statistics wrong. show me where the raw numbers are wrong and then show me where my math is wrong. And while you are at it, show me the numbers of Black people being locked up who used SYG.

  40. myplacegrill says:

    JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood  been there and done that as the original statistics you pulled out of your ass showed what tharticle says to be correct. It’s not rocket science” There are more white people in this country, and MORE of them on all forms of public assistance, and the statistics mean not a damned thing when the effects of slavery and racism are taken into account. You can claim all this ended long ago, but as you said, you ain’t even FROM here, so how the fuck do YOU know what we’ve endured. Short answer: you don’t. Glad you’re in a free country and can speak your mind, even about shit you know NOTHING about. How about go back to Peru and spout your bullshit? Oh, that’s right – America the land of opportunity – for everyone except the descendants of those brought here in chains. Fuck you and your worldview. Don’t presume to know what it’s like to be me or any person of color born here. You don’t – and your opinions, just like your fuzzy math, are misinformed.

  41. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood
    You’re a border jumper.aR

  42. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  Nope, not illegal. Compiling numbers of all SYG cases in Florida that were not guilty in some form or another right now.

  43. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood
    . I grew up in Peru to a creole family. 
    Really. This Peru.

    Full Episode: Mexico & Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet

    In Mexico and Peru Professor Gates explores the almost unknown
    history of the significant numbers of black people—the two countries
    together received far more slaves than did the United States —brought to
    these countries as early as the 16th and 17th centuries, and the worlds
    of culture that their descendants have created in Vera Cruz on the Gulf
    of Mexico, the Costa Chica region on the Pacific, and in and around
    Lima, Peru. Watch full episode.

  44. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood

  45. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  

    LOL! Haven’t done Peru yet, but here is my review from the Mexico part.

  46. FaithWalker1 says:

    JaimeAndresPretell Unemployment and poverty are indeed two different things.
    But in areas where unemployment rates are higher, so are poverty rates.
    They are interrelated.

  47. FaithWalker1 says:

    JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill Which populations?

  48. FaithWalker1 says:

    JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywoodmyplacegrill In actuality Affirmative Action has been greatly used by WOMEN…White Women in particular. I have no idea why people keep throwing Affirmative Action up as a savior for Blacks.
    Here’s a link.Affirmative Action Has Helped White Women More Than Anyone
    Their successes make the case not for abandoning affirmative action but for continuing it

  49. FaithWalker1 says:

    JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrillBlackheywoodHeywood
    Those stats are misleading. Have you read this?

  50. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    FaithWalker1 JaimeAndresPretell  Interrelated, yes. The same, no. And I already addressed poverty in a different post.

  51. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    FaithWalker1 JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  
    Which populations of Peru? Mestizo/Criollo/Serrano.

  52. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    FaithWalker1 BlackheywoodHeywood myplacegrill  
    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Or as your a link in your article says: “If elementary schools can’t produce readers and writers, whether or not universities promote affirmative action might be moot.” Affirmative Action was designed to repair many inequities. But it is a rung that has to be grabbed. The fact is, there is an anti-culture that has developed in both American Black and Latino poverty cultures where distrust of the system has led to less educational aspirations. A sense of immediate entitlement and quick fixes, like long term dependence on welfare are also problems. This also exists in White poverty cultures but to a lesser degree. There is a reason the majority of recipients of Black Affirmative Action are foreign Afro-Diasporics or their children. It is also why White women are the highest recipients overall. They already had the education aspirations and when the doors opened they reached. THis mentality existed in the Black American culture but was lost in many impoverished cultures because schools, along with the justice system were used to oppress during Jim Crow. More reliance on feel goodisms such as rampant Afrocentrism (The same reason why White Nationalism is popular among the poor Whites) have taken root, than a push for education through out the families and communities. It has even led to a rift between middle class and poor African American communities as the income gap grows bigger.

  53. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    FaithWalker1 JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood  
    Have you actually looked at the raw data and the individual circumstances? I have. Go look up each case of SYG in Florida, for example. Separate the cases where the deceased or injured person that SYG was used against was a person in a commission of a crime, or with a weapon, versus the ones that were just arguing. Once you have corrected for those facts you will see that the numbers are much more similar. The fact of the matter is that SYG against people committing felonies even before the actual assault, have had higher rates of success. It just happens that more Black people try to rob, burglarize or rape White people than vice versa. There could be many causes for this, from racism, to opportunity (more Whites available), but that is a statistical fact. That means more Whites are going to defend themselves from violent Black crime than the other way around. And it means more successful SYG cases. Take out race of the deceased, and just look at successful SYG cases and you will find that Blacks have used it as successfully as Whites when they were in the presence of some type of criminal activity. Go look at the raw numbers with that in mind.

  54. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    FaithWalker1BlackheywoodHeywood myplacegrill

  55. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    FaithWalker1 BlackheywoodHeywood myplacegrill

  56. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    FaithWalker1BlackheywoodHeywood myplacegrill

  57. SarahReed says:

    The fact that whites represent the largest population in America and that more whites than blacks receive food stamps makes statistical sense. What does not make statistical sense, and should be a wake-up call to the black community, is that the percentage of blacks on welfare as compared to their total population is proportionately higher than that of whites (same goes for the prison populations as broken down into racial groupings and populations). You can look at “total numbers” of welfare recipients all day long, but you have to correlate it to the relevant populations of each racial/ethnic group.

  58. SarahReed says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood dinbomaniq Your history lesson is irrelevant to the fact that more blacks, per their total population, are on welfare and in prison; facts are facts regardless of what group started out on welfare. Blacks currently out-number whites on welfare and that’s what matters, and it should also matter to the black community.

  59. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    SarahReedore whites than blacks receive food stamps makes statistical sense.
    No it does NOT because White Americans had CENTURIES of opportunities, access and preferential treatment that was LEGALLY denied to Black Americans.There is no reason for the welfare roles to be dominated by White folks. White Americans have received nothing but Affirmative Action since this nation was stolen, furthermore White Americans has NEVER accomplished anything as a group without oppressing, discriminating and disenfranchising other folks, predominately Black folks.  

    Welfare was created for White immigrants and denied to Blacks until the 1960’s. You’re a delusional, misinformed person  The below proves you wrong.

  60. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    SarahReed BlackheywoodHeywooddinbomaniq
    It is NOT irrelevant because when a group has access and opportunities there is No reason for them to depend on the Government as long as White Americans have done.Then here you come with some ridiculous argument  which is laughable. Tell you what PROVE your words with credible facts

  61. SarahReed says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood dinbomaniq It’s been about 150 years (roughly six familial generations) since the end of slavery and about 50 years (2 familial generations) since various civil rights and legislative measures were enacted to end segregation. My question to you: How many more generations do black people need to get their act together? There have been other oppressed groups in many societies and civilizations through-out history that have taken less “generational time” to become successful. The keys to that success are how much emphasis they put on faith, family, and education, which is sorely lacking in the black community.

  62. SarahReed says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood SarahReed What did I say that was “delusional” or “misinformed”? I’m stating fact: per total populations, more blacks than whites are on welfare and in prison, period!

  63. SarahReed says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood SarahReeddinbomaniq So what’s your point? Would it make you happier, and the black community more successful, if we disallowed white people to receive welfare? I’m not following your argument.

  64. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    SarahReed BlackheywoodHeywood You’re delusional because you like many like you IGNORE the centuries of LEGAL RACISM in America where Black Americans were DENIED EDUCATION, JOBS any sort of fairness that was afforded to White Americans. You people had centuries of a head start over Blacks now an idiot like you post your ignorance. Give me a break.

  65. atodds says:

    Been awhile since I’ve seen somebody so blatantly misrepresent reality. If you use a US population of 300,000,000 and a SNAP benefit base of 47,000,000, the approximate numbers (rounded to nearest million) break out as such:

    18,000,000 of 231,000,000 whites receive SNAP or 7.8% of the total white population

    11,000,000 of 39,000,000 blacks receive SNAP or 28.2% of the total black population

    Now match those numbers against the unemployment rates of 7.9% for whites and 15.8% for blacks. See how the picture looks quite different if you don’t just cherry pick the numbers you want to reflect the picture you prefer?

  66. atodds says:

    SarahReed BlackheywoodHeywood dinbomaniq 
    Guess they are unfamiliar with indentured servitude, how the Irish, Chinese, Italians, were treated when they came to the US. Much easier to blame whites than it is to take responsibility and accountability for your own success in life.

  67. Tigress95 says:

    Thank you for your post, @atodds. I was just thinks the exact same thing as I was reading this **steaming pile of crap**…
    Like the typical Liberal / Progressive – Faith Walker is deliberately LYING and is GROSSLY DISTORTING the statical data to hide the **FACT** that a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of the Black population is on food stamps than is the case with the White population.
    Moreover, Ms. Walker knows very well that Whites are 70% of the overall population, and therefore, numerically, it makes sense that the sheer number of White food stamp recipients would be greater. She knows very well that 39% of Black women are on food stamps, compared to 19 % of White women. Faith Walker was hoping that her audience is too stupid to understand the difference between aggregate numbers vs. the actual percentages…Unfortunately for her – We’re not that stupid. 🙂
    This pathetic article is nothing more than a clumsy attempt to deflect the TRUTH OF THE MATTER: 72% of Black babies are born out of wedlock to single Black mothers who are often teenagers. Those mothers are usually poorly educated, and struggle to feed & clothe these babies. Therefore, these Black women are much more likely to become dependent on various welfare programs like food stamps, section 8 housing, Medi-acid, Life Line phones, etc. Thus, the “cycle of Black poverty” continues….

  68. Tigress95 says:

    Here’s the TRUTH that Faith Walker is attempting to distort with this clumsy and extremely duplicitous article: 39% of Black woman receive food stamps compared to 19% of White Women. So, where is this crap about a huge population of White Welfare Queens coming from again???
    “Beyond politics, equally large or larger gaps emerge in the participation rates of many core social and demographic groups. For example, women were about twice as likely as men (23% vs. 12%) to have received food stamps at some point in their lives. Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to have used this benefit during their lives (31% vs. 15%). Among Hispanics, about 22% say they have collected food stamps.
    Minority women in particular are far more likely than their male counterparts to have used food stamps. About four-in-ten black women (39%) have gotten help compared with 21% of black men. The gender-race participation gap is also wide among Hispanics: 31% of Hispanic women but 14% of Hispanic men received assistance.
    Among whites, the gender-race gap is smaller. Still, white women are about twice as likely as white men to receive food stamp assistance (19% vs. 11%).”

  69. Tigress95 says:

    With all due respect to Ms. Walker and her inane attempt to deflect the TRUTH – Here’s the reason why there are sooooo many more Black “Welfare Queens” than white “Welfare Queens”:
    72% of African-American Children Are Raised in Single Parent Homes.
    Yep…Despite 45 years of Affirmative Action programs – Many Black people still struggling, and I believe that it’s primarily due to the destruction of the “nuclear” Black family. I’ve been watching those “Scared Straight” programs for juvenile delinquents for about 3 years now…And without fail – 90% of the delinquent teenagers are Black males raised by single mothers in low income areas. I rarely see a Black kid from a two parent home joining a gang, robbing & stealing, or playing the “knock out” game just for kicks…
    “A staggering number of African-American children are raised in single parent homes, compared to the rest of America, and the rest of the world. A study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 25.8 percent of American children are raised by a single parent, a number high above the 14.9 percent average seen in the other 26 countries surveyed. Among African-Americans the rate nearly tripled, with 72 percent of black children relying on a single parent.”

  70. darkerpeter6 says:

    myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell Hey…not ALL of us Fox News watchers are racist.  I’m White, Independent, voted for Romney and agree with everything you’ve said.

  71. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell
    Oh please, quit whining and prove me wrong with actual stats. Fact is, Black defendants invoke SYG 2.7 times more than non Blacks, and are successful at using SYG 2.9 times more than non Blacks. Statistical fact.

  72. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    darkerpeter6 myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell
    Dream on. Not racist at all. I am of mixed ancestry, voted for Obama, was a democrat and have become independent. The stats speak for themselves.

  73. myplacegrill says:

    JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood source please… because I call bullshit…

  74. myplacegrill says:

    FaithWalker1 JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill BlackheywoodHeywood Exactly – he pulls statistics out of his behind and expects everyone to agree because they’re official looking. Who was it that said “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics”… I deal in statistics daily for a living and I know how to get numbers to match my theories all day everyday.

  75. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood
    You wish

  76. JaimeAndresPretell says:

    myplacegrill FaithWalker1 JaimeAndresPretell BlackheywoodHeywood
    So do it, and prove me wrong. DOn’t claim you can do something and fail to do it by backing it up with raw numbers and providing statistics.

  77. TruthSeeker101112 says:

    Faith Walker………,
    After giving your article an old fashion college try, I’m not exactly sure whether I’m angered or just plain stupefied by your briefcase dump of contradicting, unmotivated and paltry “statistics.”
    Let’s face the facts shall we. …. no statistics. .. just simple arithmetic of greater than and less than.
    (Most recent census demographics)
    African American population- 44.5 million
    Non Hispanic whites -197 million
    So there are 4.4 times MORE whites than there are blacks. …
    Now, let’s quote your article. .
    “According to the data, 37.6% of food stamps were being allotted to White non-Hispanics. African Americans were allotted 23.6% of SNAP benefits.”
    Must I really do the math here Faith?
    Hypothetically, let’s say that there were just as many African Americans as there are whites. .. 23.6% x 4.04 = 93.53% of African Americans on welfare gibs me dat program.
    Get off your lazy, chalky butts and join the workforce. Stop making excuses for these underachieving, government dependant viral grubs. It’s an epidemic that’s destroying our economy! I don’t need to go on…. you all know it in your hearts. Putting it off is just as fine … remain enslaved by your government. Because we all know that’s a smart man’s approach to legal slavery.

  78. TheWhiteMan says:

    You niqqers are f-cking idiots! you are 13% of the population but take 23% of welfare! Whenever I see one of you knuckledragging apes I think of this song and hope for more rockfish!

  79. fickle11 says:

    TheWhiteMan  Hey look, it’s a white n–igger coward using his pc to hide n bash, you go white n—igger boy, keep up the good fight fer yer cause n brethren skin boy.

  80. DistortedAndUnreliable says:

    Ah, but herein, lies the problem of this “research”: Pew research conveniently added in S.S. benefits (Social Security benefits) and deceptively added them into the poll by labeling and including them amongst welfare assistance benefits. While we ALL know and acknowledge that S.S. is NOT welfare assistance, because S.S. is money taken out of our checks, already paid into, throughout, the course of our of lifetime employment.
    This; the money is not given as a handout by the government, this money belongs to the recipient, in which, they are getting BACK, that they have already PAID INTO. With such a blatant disregard to actual, “facts” presented and incorporated into Pew Research, one must ask themselves, “why?” Why the distorted , unreliable, fallacies? If just this one point in their research is wrong, can ANY of their research be trusted?

  81. stonebluze says:

    Been listening to this same issue since 1980.
    same players same numbers more inflation more taxes now. Same recessions 90s snd 2007. Same drugs same crimes. Scattered housing now and one more amnesty should fix it. In 79 there was very little of this and I could live on a pretty basic salary at a factory. Now the Government has ruined it with good intentions and a need for votes.
    pretty soon we will be banging on chinese woks and fingering a communial pot.
    Keep fighting each other the rich and politicians dont care. They ship the jobs away and send thier kids after them. Then they close the gate. Morons

  82. DanielAyala1 says:

    SarahReed ” How many more generations do black people need to get their act together?” This comment alone shows how ignorant you really are. You dont understand that you’re being racist subconsciously. If you aren’t a minority then YOU WILL NEVER EVER understand the struggle.

  83. DanielAyala1 says:

    atodds This comment shows how racist america really is. You oppress everyone.

  84. MichelleKirkwood says:

    FYI, I know plenty of successful blacks  people, or regular black folks that work and pay taxes, and have accomplished things, and they DO take accountability for their own actions, thank you very much. The thing is, is that racism is still a reality for black people in this country, no matter how accomplished and responsible they are. That is nothing to dismiss simply because, as a white person, it’s never been an issue for you. And, you’re damn right we’re gonna blame white people,because they’re always been the ones who have pushed, promoted, and profitted from racism more than anybody else in this country, mainly because they’re the majority. That’s been pretty much this country’s entire history. 

    Also, you can not even compare what happened to black people with the Irish, Chinese, and Italians—for one thing, they came to America of there own free will—they were NOT kidnapped form their native land and forced to come here, then held back by nearly 300 years of forced slavery and vicious oppression from virtually everywhere they this country—no one giving a damn about us and not even regarding us as anywhere near human. So your lame lecture on how we’re not supposed to blame a damn thing on racism is just lost on us,and ridiculous,anyway.

  85. MichelleKirkwood says:

    The big difference is that those groups came to American voluntarily and because they CHOSE to come here—black people never had a choice in coming here and were forced into slavery. What part of that don’t you not understand or get?

  86. MichelleKirkwood says:

    Oh,really? It didn’t protect Trayvon Martin,Jordan Davis, or Marissa Alexander,did it? Look them up.

  87. MichelleKirkwood says:

    You’re full of s***. Afrocentrism and White Nationalism are not even the same damn thing—-there have always been white folks who hated black people because they were encouraged to,to dehumanize us and to justify enslaving us. Also, black schools in the inner cities usually tend to be less funded than white suburban schools—-there’s a whole bunch of reasons why, and I’m not going to waste time looking them up for you. To claim that black people don’t give a damn about their own children’s education is just plain BS, and I’m tired of hearing it because it’s not true. I’m also tired of hearing this stupid racist BS from racists who don’t even give a damn about black people in the first place and just want to put us down to order to feel superior, instead of suggestion any real solutions for us. Trust me,black folks have been doing that on their own for quite some time—-and racists like you who have never even set foot in a black neighborhood or even know a black person are not even qualified to tell us what’s wrong with us or what our problems are—we already know. And to completely leave out the fact that systemic racism has a hell of a lot to do with the state that black people are in is pretty damn disingenuous on your part.

  88. PernellParham says:

    TruthSeeker101112 if you cowardly ass mfs would stop being stupid and ignorant, you would realize we’re all the same! There are no genetic differences between us that support the theory that we are inferior, which is the reason you discriminate against us. You are afraid of us. That is why you resort to character assassination. For every stereotype you use against Blacks, I bet you know 10 of your brothers who’s worse.

  89. Avenger37 says:

    MichelleKirkwood atodds Just look at Africa today … a cesspool of conflict, violence, murder and destruction.  It was the black tribes who sold the conquered black tribes to Muslims in the slave trade – back when slavery was legal worldwide.  Black people owned and profited from black slaves.  Rather than take responsibility for their own actions or lack thereof, the race-baiters blame da white man for their own self inflicted ills.  To blame white racism for the fate of the lazy black population is ridiculous – especially when whites voted in a black president; black mayors run cities; black men and women own their own businesses and are in charge of corporations.  I do not feel guilty for slavery.  Get over it – you are responsible for your own welfare … no one owes you for anything … your racism in blaming whites for your condition is a game that losers play to make excuses for their own missteps …

  90. Avenger37 says:

    MichelleKirkwood JaimeAndresPretell They all got exactly what they deserved – you don’t get to attack and try to kill “white” hispanics, or anyone else just because you’re a racist black person – you might just receive the justice you deserve …

  91. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill And you’re not very bright are you … just another indoctrinated idiot who fervently believes the racism he is taught … with such “racism” against blacks in America, how is it that a black man was elected President twice? … how is it that, as it is in all races, some black people succeed wildly, while others only whine and blame others for their condition?

  92. Avenger37 says:

    MichelleKirkwood JaimeAndresPretell You want a ‘suggestion for a real solution’? … Here’s one – stop your racism and hate of white people.  Get with the program and get an education; work hard and pay your dues – quite blaming others for your shortcomings.  Blaming someone else, or some other race for your individual failure is nothing more than an excuse.  You have more opportunity in this country (USA) to make something for your family and posterity than any other country in the world.  Thousands upon thousands of impoverished people from all races have done exactly that.  Of course it is not easy to do, for any individual of any race – it’s time to quit making excuses for your failure, drop the black racism, and do what it takes to get ahead.  Others have done it and so can you – but no one else is going to do it for you.  The opportunity is there – take it; quit hating ‘whitey’…

  93. BryanW503 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood SarahReed  Serious?? Are you really that Stupid? One thing in life that Doesn’t lie is Numbers. No matter what kind of twist you try to put on it. It’s probably better Blackheywood to say nothing instead of proving your character .

  94. BryanW503 says:

    Avenger37 MichelleKirkwood atodds  You Nailed it Fellow American

  95. BryanW503 says:

    DanielAyala1 SarahReed  Tell us how it Personally effects you everyday? not your community, not the poor Blacks in the Ghetto, HOW DOSES IT EFFECT YOU!!!! Your Struggle is from lack of education, Lack of being accountable for your own actions and lack of wanting to better yourself as a Human being

  96. BryanW503 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood JaimeAndresPretell myplacegrill  Your Reparation is you’re a Free American Citizen, the people that came before you paid with their lives to be called American. But I’m sure if you Really feel this way about the White man and how worthless this country i. there are many people willing to donate to a one way ticket back to your mother land

  97. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    atodds SarahReed BlackheywoodHeywood dinbomaniq

    To  bad you’re to stupid to understand he difference between indentured servant and SLAVE.  Damn you fukkers are stupid but that goes along with being a racist.

  98. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq  That should be “Too bad … too stupid…” there genius.  What a brilliant indoctrinated moron you are – if everything is racism, then there is no racism … hope you’re mentally equipped to understand that … racist

  99. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq

    Actually idiot the “too” means also.  Try  taking a grammar and spelling class before confirming how stupid we knew you are.   

    You benefit from a racist America, which of course you’d never admit to. Your entire existence in America is based on lies and revising history to make low lifes and miscreants like your race look good.

  100. Salsassin says:

    MichelleKirkwood atodds You are a professional victimist I see. PLenty of other populations were enslaved and their descendants aren’t playing the pity party like you. Sure there is work to do, but whining and crying about racism will never solve the problem. And sorry, DNA does not carry slavery effects in your genetics. So, at most you can say that your culture still has effects from that slavery. And you can fight your cultural hangups. 
    Reading, writing & racismBlack ideology is the black child’s most debilitating burdenby

  101. Salsassin says:

    MichelleKirkwood Oh please, spare me the ignorance. Afrodiasporic populations in other countries that were enslaved did not choose to go there. Nor did Native groups who were enslaved and had their lands taken away. BLACK people from other places that come here are STILL doing better.

  102. Salsassin says:

    MichelleKirkwood More stupidity. Trayvon Martin got himself killed for assaulting someone. Marissa Alexander fired in the direction of two children. The only one you have a point of is Jordan Davis, and the guy got convicted that killed him.

  103. Salsassin says:

    MichelleKirkwood More stupidity. Afrocentrism and White Nationalism are exactly the same damn thing. Belief in racism, and the use of mythologizing of the races to try to claim their ‘race’ is superior over the other.
    Ethnophobia has existed through out time, but racism has not. Nor is it unique to people who now call themselves White. A concept that did not exist in ancient history. Nor was slavery started in European nations. There was as much enslaving occurring in Africa, by Africans and Middle Easterners, and those practices would involve European being captured and sold in Middle Eastern and African slave markets. Where do you think the name slave comes from? Slavs, Eastern Europeans, being enslaved by Ottomans. Or let’s talk about the North African slave trade and their raids all over Europe.
    As for your claims of underfunding. Try again. While there is underfunding in many inner cities, you also find it in many impoverished areas in Appalachia  regions that are not predominantly black, also have major funding problems. Doesn’t change the fact that there are memes that counter Educational pursuits in many Black subcultures.
    Read the whole article and get back to me.

    And try not to spit out too many strawmen. Never said Black people don’t care about education. I said certain populations distrust the educational system in an endemic way. And that is true. 

    The claim that anyone who states this is racist and doesn’t offer real solutions is also addresses in that link.

    And, by the way, being of partial African ancestry myself, I do care about educational problems in Afrodescent populations, have mentored kids, and do work for solutions. But I don’t live on excuses. Try again.

  104. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq  Why don’t you go somewhere that has someone who really cares for  your little wussy assed whining? You can take the other black racists with you.  Burning down your own communities then claiming ‘whitey’ made you do it; why not play by the rules and make something for yourself, as white people have to do?  I feel no guilt for your condition – the fault lies solely with you and what you do.  BTW genius – too also means excessive(ly)  You’re so racist you won’t even take the time to learn proper English.  You really believe white people owe you something because of your stupid racism? bwhahaha! get a job racist.

  105. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq

    You come to a Black website and tell Black people how you feel. No one GIVES A FUKK About You or your opinion. Too does not  mean excessively. TAKE YOU ASS TO A KLAN WEBSITE

  106. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    DanielAyala1 SarahReed Being that Black people were enslaved for 350 then lived under Jim Crow from 1879-1964, we’re doing damn good as a group. But of course you cannot understand that because  you racism  blinds any form of common sense or thinking by you. You asshles are jokes and prove with your unintelligent and ignorant postings. Worse is your name is Ayala, your people never fought for your own Civil Rights, don’t know who you are  and ride the coattails of Black people. You didn’t participate in the Civil Rights movement but became “minorities” after Black people won the battle and war. Ayala your people are ingrates. You talk about Black people when Hispanics/Latino are to lazy and stupid to immigrate here legally and lawfully. Can you prove you are an American citizen?

  107. BryanW503 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq  From some of your post I kind of feel like am at a Klans site, only its a Black Klan.

  108. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    BryanW503 BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq
    No such thing as Black KKK only evil, savage, ignorant White people belong to such HATE Groups, but that’s who you people are. Are you as stupid to believe you can post HATE and RACIST chit on a Black website and don’t get any pushback, you certainly are a fool.

  109. BryanW503 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood BryanW503 Avenger37 atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq  If you want the truth just read back from the beginning, as soon as you are confronted with Fact you have no defense so you revert to the name calling ” Troll, KKK, Ignorant and of coarse get out of here.. just because the truth is to much to handle. I actually feel bad for you guys and should let you go on believing your fairytale beliefs. because the shamefull truth would be hard for anyone to live with. But the I realize this Forum does not represent the majority of African Americans and would compare your way of thinking as distorted as the KKK

  110. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 atodds SarahReed dinbomaniq  Hear all the time from “black leaders” that you want a conversation about race … seems like what they really want is for white people to shut up and listen to them lecture us about how bad black people have it because of whitey.  If “whitebread” is so racist how is it that there are any successful black people in America?  Successful people of any race don’t buy into the group-think mentality of racism … they don’t blame others for their lack of success … they see themselves as individuals responsible for their own welfare.

  111. Chris40 says:

    Here’s something interesting. The food stamp capital of the world and guess who’s the majority population!!!!

  112. Avenger37 says:

    Doesn’t surprise me … Owsley Cnty, KY is the poorest county in the U.S.  and it will remain the poorest county until the people there do something about their condition.  The biggest problem with welfare is that it saps the human spirit.  I have a friend who’s 28 years old, married with two kids.  He used to be a hard worker for an AC company.  He hurt his back and got temporary disability.  He told me that in about six months he’s going back to work.  I said that he won’t … that within a year he’ll claim that he is unable to work and say his welfare benefits are not enough to live on and are not ‘fair’…that his standard of living will adjust to his income and he’ll be satisfied to no longer work.  That was 4 years ago … he now spends all his time fucked up taking RX pain pills, won’t work and claim his back is even worse.  His back seems to be OK when he splits his own firewood and goes hunting.    His wife is now also on welfare and pain pills … a truly pathetic situation … unlimited welfare destroys the spirit and enslaves people to the government plantation.  If my friend, who is white, had to find work he could do it.  Welfare and other taxpayer help should not be unlimited.  There’s whole generations living on welfare and blaming others for their condition … they usually blame “greedy corporations”, whitey, America, etc – when the real problem for their condition is themselves.  Many, many people of all races have pulled themselves off the government plantation and created great wealth for themselves and family.

  113. BambiDoe says:

    You have to make sure its coming from a good source. Its black folks who take more fs per percentage. Its a fact. Sure their numbers will be higher as they are more people. Asians are the only ones that under represent their numbers and black folks over represent their numbers the most.

  114. BambiDoe says:

    I’m use to see racism in the African American community but no so often in the white race. Thanks for reminding me there are some very unhappy white men with little dicks to match their little brains. Sucks to be you!

  115. DiorBailey says:

    Why is it that when we blacks are told that we are acting outside of our respective proportion to race that some weak minded negro counters with teh white man the white man.  If whites use 37.6% of stamps that is STILL within the parameters of their population.  If we are using 23% of stamps and we are only 13% that means we are using stamps at a higher rate than our population percentage!!!!!  Stop countering to make it seem like its not that bad when it IS.

  116. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    DiorBailey  Because White people have been afforded access, opportunity and advancement for centuries. There is no logical explanation for them receiving HANDOUTS in  great numbers because of that. The more access and opportunity afforded to a group.the least they should rely on HANDOUTS from the Government.

    OTHO any form of government aide American Black citizens receive have been for 50yrs at best since LBJ Great Society, prior to that Black Americans received any assistance from the government, despite paying taxes and receiving little to no representation. American history as well as her racist practices  does matter. It doesn’t look bad at all since Black Americans were never recompensed for the atrocities committed against us and wealth made off of us. To this day Native Americans and German Holocaust Survivors receive  a Federal Tax deduction for past abuses committed against them but Black people who historically suffered by this government have been ignored. Now here you come attempting to attack those Black folks who must rely on the paltry amount of assistance they receive, wha’s wrong with you? The comparison between Blacks and Whites should be made every chance there is because it dispels the lies that’s told about Black folks and believed by people like you.  These things must be looked at thru the historical context you seem to have ignored.

  117. MikeJay942 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood DiorBailey Precisely… weak minded negroes indeed… Logic dictates that we use public assistance as a higher percentage of our population, because a higher percentage of our population NEEDS assistance, after decades of disenfranchisement by the majority demographic in this great country of theirs… lol…

  118. Salsassin says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood dinbomaniq
    Your argument holds little water. I do agree that White populations have used Welfare longer than Black populations, and that Black populations have had a much longer period of lack of resources. But economic and social oppression is not genetic. Thus, you can only look at what was carried on as memes, family resources and through the parent’s DNA.

    Your argument based on ‘white people’ vs ‘black people’ ignores the myriad experiences of each population and individuals.
    Economic inheritance:
    Vast populations of the US lost everything through the Great Depression, and other economic quagmires, such that there was no economic inheritance. TO this day, multiple families have ended up bankrupt and homeless. Regardless of ancestry.
    Genetic Inheritance
    While some effects in growth, might play a role due to lack of nutrition in the mother, overall most populations have their children born healthy, so that plays little role.
    The biggest inheritance to play a role, is the mental inheritance of memes passed on by family and community.
    Yes, the exploitation that the African American community suffered is horrible. But the damage in cultural memes, seems to be much worse.
    One of the posts mentions a Kentucky town that has the highest incidence of Welfare in the nation. It is a predominantly White population. The level of lack of education, and cyclical recurrence of dependence of welfare, as well as a lack of ambition to improve and succeed is terrible. But this does not prove Whites as Welfare Queens, or Blacks as not Welfare Queens. It is just another cautionary tale of how lack of education and welfare reliance can cripple a community. Just like that community, many Black communities with low education trends and high welfare reliance are falling into similar cyclical trends.
    If we took survivors of slavery or Jim Crow straight to today’s climate, they would completely floor most of today’s poor Black America in their progress. They had a mentality of struggling against all odds and always progressing.

    The Tilden Hayes betrayal is a big reason a lot of that was lost.
    The Black Power movement, and Welfare is another.
    While prior movements of self improvement focused on economic growth and education, the new current focused on feelings of being owed something, and Black pride for Blackness itself instead of pride in individual or community accomplishments. 
    Today, while the Black middle class keeps on progressing and widening the chasm between themselves and poor Blacks., Much like the WHites in the Kentucky town, many Blacks fall in the opiate belief systems of glorifying mythical distant pasts (a lot of it borrowed from the Masonic movements and their fantasizing), counter cultures of distrust of law, and order, education, and other institutional venues (Partially validated by abuses of the past that used these institutions to oppress the Black population), which ultimately end up robbing the next generation of opportunities and growth, by lack of use and distrust of institutions that, by and large, are trust worthy, and no longer tools of institutional racism.
    Right now, entitlement and ‘getting one over on the Man’ mentalities, are the biggest enemy of the poor Black communities, where exploiting the loopholes in the welfare system, many survive, and even get quick rewards, but no growth and independence is achieved. 
    You say Welfare is owed to the Black community, but you are only owed what was yours, not what was taken from your ancestors. Assistance to communities to grow, I support 100%. But assistance that does nothing to promote growth and just creates assistance addicts, who just seek more ways to rely on that assistance, hurts the community, whether Black or White, and it is not helping the poor Black communities grow. 
    You can fantasize about lost racial empires of the past all you want, but it will not put food on the table, nor will over reliance of welfare ever create economic independence.
    The fact remains that, overall, a higher percentage of Black populations have become reliant on Welfare than other communities, and a higher percent of Black communities have lost the cultural will to constructively build their communities. Black crime, lack of education, etc, are rampant in these communities, and arguing which supposed race is the Welfare queen, won’t solve these problems.
    Bottom line, until these issues are addressed, Poor Black communities will still struggle, even if all institutions are racism free, and give equal opportunity to equally qualified candidates.

  119. MikeRebate says:

    Civilized taxpayers should understand it would be less challenging to teach a rodent to speak Latin than expect “some people” to embrace the concept of proportionality, while taking a long look in the mirror. Despite  attempts by black pundits to enlighten, blacks are in a constant state of denial, always anxious to point the finger of blame elsewhere.

    Failure to provide a stable, two parent home environment is the primary reason for cultural decay. Single adult  black households were 24 percent in sixties, 44 percent in 2001 and SEVENTY TWO percent in 2014 !!    The black prosecutor below is quite familiar with the “problem”.  Lack of involved, responsible role models is a recipe for disaster.

    “Lake County prosecutor says lack of morals, loss of family behind black crime.
    Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter told a gathering of the Lake County Advancement Committee  that it does not matter how many criminals his office and others like it put behind bars if officials do not begin a conversation on the breakdown of the family unit that is behind the trend”.

  120. MikeRebate says:

    DiorBailey BRAVO !!!   It is refreshing to find a black man willing to embrace reality.   Unfortunately, far too many blacks are anxious to blame other factors for the cultural decay, when in fact it the problem is easy to identify.  Excessive breeding and inadequate parenting/role models.  This black prosecutor speaks the truth……

    Lake County prosecutor says lack of morals, loss of family behind black crime.
    Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter told a gathering of the Lake County Advancement Committee  that it does not matter how many criminals his office and others like it put behind bars if officials do not begin a conversation on the breakdown of the family unit that is behind the trend.
    This black author knows the score.  It can be assumed 98 percent of blacks never heard of him……..

    Black author John McWhorter in “Losing the Race explores the three main components of the black cultural virus: the cults of victimology, separatism, and anti-intellectualism that are making blacks their own worst enemies in the struggle for success”.


    72% of African American families are headed by a single parent. For the other racial/ethnic groups the percentage is 60% of Hispanic, 31% of white and 22% of Asian families were headed by single parentsChildren in single-parent families are far more likely to grow up in low-income households than those living with two parents. They are at greater risk of low academic performance and behavioral problems and may experience parental conflict and residential instability as well.

    In 2008 and 2009 gun homicide was the leading cause of death among black teens.
    Young black males die from gun violence at a rate 2.5 times higher than Latino males, and eight times higher than white males. Gun injuries are suffered by black teens at a rate ten times higher than white teens.

  121. PernellParham says:

    You must be white. The system is designed to alienate the man from the process. If I woman needs certain services, she can’t have a man as a source of income. Most times the man can’t get a traditional job so he can’t be on the paper. Not illegal jobs, but sometimes under the table or they may not meet eligibility requirements. But white folks and Hispanics and others are very rarely denied those services.

  122. TESMITH47 says:

    THE REAL EVIL  in this america is that it spends a trillion dollars a year to kill people in the middle east but carps about spending anything for its own citizens.  1 damn F35 (airplane)  is almost a BILLION  dollars how many people could we support for 1 billion dollars???

  123. Salsassin says:

    If many Americans were killing people and abusing human rights, then they would spend that money. It is not the government’s job to feed and clothe you. Just to keep the playing field fair.

  124. brokeandsorry says:

    I am a mother of 4 on food stamp, I am hispanic it does not matter what color one or race, you can find your self in a bad situation at any time specially if One its working clase all it takes its to loose your job and your husband and… well getting ahead its sometimes luck, you heard sucess story , I want to be one, I as many others dont like to rely on food stamp, no matter how hard your work its hard to be totally dependant the cost of food its so high too, I exercise and dont eat any process food, I cook all my meals to be healthy and save money, I think the food stamp need to be regulated and people only aloud to by whole food, nothing microwave, the best thing people can do to give back is to eat healthy, because the bigger problem is the cost of treaments of illness that can be prevented America is the only country I know where poor are fat….

  125. Salsassin says:

    brokeandsorry Using welfare as a rope to pull yourself out of a ditch is exactly what welfare was designed to do. In that sense, you should use it fully. I am a lawyer now, but many years ago, I ended up surviving with church charity packets which were priced low but with essential food needs. It helped me through a harsh time until I was able to heal and be mobilized by the military.  A crutch to help heal is quite different than a permanent crutch handed from generation to generation. It’s like a pain killer that helps you cope till rehab gets you back on your feet. But if you get addicted to the pain killers, then you never heal.  You will be back on your feet, off welfare, and there is no shame in you using it in your time of need.

  126. BuckBuckerson says:

    White people are FAR LESS LIKELY to need food stamps and welfare than blacks. It’s a FACT. Of welfare recipients, 32% are black. Yes there ARE more white people on welfare–because there are FAR MORE WHITE PEOPLE in the country. 12% of our country is black. Blacks require a disproportionate amount of social assistance. That’s a FACT.

  127. TESMITH47 says:

    BuckBuckerson along with the fact that “white” people control everything and continue to actively discriminate against Black people, THAT’S A FACT!

  128. PernellParham says:

    The reason blacks need help is because of being discriminated against in the job market and society in general.

  129. Avenger37 says:

    PernellParham – Right … that’s why we have “affirmative action”, “Black History Month”, adding extra points to a black person’s college entrance scores, hate crimes legislation, etc.  In so-called racist America we have black millionaires in the entertainment communities, black political leaders and business owners.  I’m sick of hearing the brain-washed claim from black people that whitey is racist and holding them down.  The only racism I see in real life comes from many black people.

  130. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “But wait you say, Blacks still take more than their fair share of these “handouts”. After all, Blacks make up only 13.1 percent of the population, right? Yet, Blacks comprise nearly twice that percentage of SNAP recipients.  True ”

    “Wait,” indeed.  You actually should have just stopped right there and conceded that the “myth” has merit, since you seem to get the concept of statistical proportions.  And SNAP is hardly the only means tested welfare program, it’s one of many.  And sure enough when you look at welfare comprehensively, you not only are a greater proportion relative to your numbers in population, whites don’t even outnumber you in raw numbers any longer!  Non-Hispanic whites are 38.8%, blacks are 39.8%

    “But, I would counter that with this fact: The largest percentage of the unemployed in this country is Black people at 15.8%. Whites make up 77% of the population while their unemployment rate stands at 7.9%. Yet, they still make up 37.6% of food stamp recipients.”

    Nope, whites are not 77% of the population and haven’t been for years.  You have to include Hispanics as “white” to reach that number.  Non-Hispanic whites are down to around 65%.  And If you would look closely at your own link, page 57 where you pull the numbers you’ll cite, a few things will stand out:  Among the universe of white families on SNAP, they are are roughly TWICE as likely to be disabled, nearly twice as likely to be elderly, twice as likely to have “countable earned income” (i.e. be employed, which is a positive quality, not a negative one), and slightly less likely to be receiving TANF, another form of welfare.)

    So, I forget, Yvette.  What was your, you know, POINT again??

  131. junkbondtrader41 says:

    TESMITH47 BuckBuckerson We can actually, you know, PROVE and give citations for our “facts.”  You merely assert yours as an excuse for the statistical facts we cite!

    See who that works??

  132. TESMITH47 says:

    junkbondtrader41 TESMITH47 BuckBuckersondont be foolish / stupid,  “whites” control all of the levers of power in america, and still discriminate against Blacks

  133. junkbondtrader41 says:

    TESMITH47 junkbondtrader41 BuckBuckerson
    Prove that we discriminate, please.  I mean beyond citing the result and attributing it all to “racism,” that is assuming facts not in evidence.  

    I want PROOF that we irrationally mistreat you because of you because your skin color, rather than not hiring you because you’re poorly educated and display poor work habits, not accepting you in certain schools because your grades are subpar, and arresting you because you commit crimes in greater numbers than whites.

    See my post at the top, too, this article is BS on its face.

  134. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Also, the point about white and black unemployment rates cited to suggest whites are using SNAP when they really don’t need it is incorrectly comparing different populations.  The “unemployment rate” is a calculated percentage of the population characterized as “in the labor force.”  This means those actually employed or currently looking for employment.  It is not a percentage of ALL whites or ALL blacks and doesn’t count students, retired people, or those of working age who simply don’t want or need a job.  So showing a greater black unemployment rate than a white one to suggest blacks are underusing SNAP relative to whites and to their supposed need for it is a flawed assertion, anyway.

    Just as incorrectly, you’re citing the percentage of SNAP users who are white or black, instead of the relevant question of WHAT PERCENTAGE OF WHITES HAVE USED SNAP AND WHAT PERCENTAGE OF BLACKS HAVE USED SNAP.  Its a different question.  One is a statement about the population of people on the program, the other is a statement of how many of different segments of the overall population makes use of the program. 

    The answer is no surprise: Only 15% of whites have ever used food stamps, 31% of blacks have.  So again, the “myth of the black welfare queen” isn’t such a “myth” after all.

    Other than those errors I’ve pointed in my posts, jam up article!

  135. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “But wait you say, Blacks still take more than their fair share of these “handouts”. After all, Blacks make up only 13.1 percent of the population, right? Yet, Blacks comprise nearly twice that percentage of SNAP recipients.  True ”

    “Wait,” indeed.  You actually should have just stopped right there and conceded that the “myth” has merit, since you seem to get the concept of statistical proportions.  And SNAP is hardly the only means tested welfare program, it’s one of many.  You want to isolate it and have it as a proxy for welfare as a whole, because sure enough when you look at welfare comprehensively, you not only are a greater proportion relative to your numbers in population, whites don’t even outnumber you in raw numbers any longer!  Non-Hispanic whites are 38.8%, blacks are 39.8%

    “But, I would counter that with this fact: The largest percentage of the unemployed in this country is Black people at 15.8%. Whites make up 77% of the population while their unemployment rate stands at 7.9%. Yet, they still make up 37.6% of food stamp recipients.”

    Nope, whites are not 77% of the population and haven’t been for years.  You have to include Hispanics as “white” to reach that number.  Non-Hispanic whites are down to around 65%.  And If you would look closely at your own link, page 57 where you pull the numbers you’ll cite, a few things will stand out:  Among the universe of white families on SNAP, they are are roughly TWICE as likely to be disabled, nearly twice as likely to be elderly, twice as likely to have “countable earned income” (i.e. be employed, which is a positive quality, not a negative one), and slightly less likely to be receiving TANF, another form of welfare.)

    So, I forget, Yvette.  What was your, you know, POINT again??

  136. PernellParham says:

    junkbondtrader41 TESMITH47 BuckBuckerson the language you use is so generalized. You lump us all in the same boat and that is where all the racism comes in. I am very educated, was valedictorian in high school and grammar school, attended 3 different colleges and have what’s considered by whites as a genius IQ, but am I the only one? No, many just aren’t given the opportunities because people like you discriminate against us all. You’re an asshole, by the way.

  137. junkbondtrader41 says:

    PernellParham junkbondtrader41 TESMITH47 BuckBuckerson Yes, of course, another “genius”.

    You know the odds of so MANY that I engage online being a “genius,” even though they statistically barely exist, is just surreal!  BTW, I’m sure if I engage you in conversation long enough we’ll get to the point where you’ll assert that scores on IQ tests don’t mean anything.  Except when talking about the blacks who score well on them, right??

  138. DanMiller8 says:

    Faith where in the world did you get your numbers. Please give us your source because these are way off what census has concluded. welfare food stamps distribution is 2 to 1 blacks to whites.

  139. junkbondtrader41 says:

    DanMiller8 Good luck getting a reply!  The folks on here prefer to live in their own little bubble of alternative reality, and providing links to facts rather than their butchered misinterpretations of facts is “racist.” 

    In fairness, what the author is doing is citing CURRENT recipients of food stamps, and not the “have you ever (meaning at any point in time) received food stamps” in your link.  But she is being dishonest in limiting “welfare” to only food stamps.  Even on its own terms, the stat from FDA she cites shows that non-Hispanic whites are 38% of food stamp recipients, while blacks are 24%, and seizes on this white plurality as proof whites are the “real welfare queens.”  Of course, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of statistics knows it’s not that simple.  Non-Hispanic whites are 65% of the population, blacks are 13%.  Which means whites are over a third UNDERrepresented in food stamp recipients, and blacks are represented at nearly double their percentage of the population.

  140. cbman1228 says:

    PernellParham Are you really trying to prove him wrong Pernell? I challenge you to find an example in which black people are actually advantaged in society, instead of just citing affirmative action, which has actually leveled the playing field in college admissions. Here are some statistical facts:
    1. A black college student with a bachelor’s degree in a given field is EQUALLY AS LIKELY to find a job as a white high school dropout.
    2. A black man that has not been incarcerated is STILL less likely to land a job than a white man who has been incarcerated.
    3. The disproportionate national average makes a black person 3-times as likely to get arrested on drug charges, although both races have the same rate of drug use. Some states target blacks more than others. In the state of Wisconsin, a black person is 8 – times as likely to get arrested on a drug charge as a white person, while both races have the same rate of drug use.
    4. On average, black criminals receive 20% longer sentences than white criminals convicted of similar charges.
    5. In a resume research study, 24000 almost identical resume’s were sent out. The only difference between the resumes was that 12000 had stereotypically white names while the other 12000 had stereotypically black names.The study’s results found that the black names had an almost 2 times less incidence rate in landing a job compared to the white names.The goal of affirmative action was to give blacks a better chance of occupational success by mitigating racism in our school system and job market. The fact of the matter is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION ISN’T ENOUGH.
    These are just a few stats. Institutional racism plays a big role in black people being disadvantaged.

  141. Salsassin says:

    Source for your statistical claims?

  142. PernellParham says:

    cbman1228 PernellParham You seem to agree with me. Using Ferguson as a snapshot, we’ve all heard about the racist emails, so we know it is institutional racism. We can’t get a fair shake.

  143. PernellParham says:

    JohnW, thanks for liking my comment. I am so sick of racist pigs making comments about us that only pertain to a small percentage.

  144. PernellParham says:

    Avenger37 PernellParham sorry to get back so late. You may be sick of hearing it, but it’s the truth. A Black teacher working in a white school district was FORCED to quit because she was black and the parents don’t want her there! One black teacher, but in every predominantly black neighborhood there are majority white teachers, principals and administration. So many incidences of racism but all we hear about is black on black crime. What about white on black crime over the last 400 years? No comparison!

  145. PernellParham says:

    junkbondtrader41 TESMITH47 BuckBuckerson it’s been proven that whites smoke marijuana just as much as blacks but a black person is 3x more likely to get jail and a white is given probation or the charge is dismissed. That’s not even talking about the hundred other areas we are discriminated against.

  146. PernellParham says:

    TheWhiteMan You make me sick!

  147. junkbondtrader41 says:

    I will agree with you from the stats I’ve seen that Marijuana laws are not evenly enforced, yes. Probably for drug laws overall, as a matter of fact.
    But I did the math on this one time out of curiosity. Even if EVERY non-violent drug offender of all races were released from prison, that would only reduce the black prison population from 45% to 42%, due to black representation in all other categories of crime.
    I dunno if that makes you feel better or not, but the correctional system is not flooded with black people solely due to drug laws.

  148. junkbondtrader41 says:

    I’d also suggest that uneven enforcement is due more to wealth and influence and personal networking of the average white relative to the average black, hence more personal pull with law enforcement, than with race per se.

  149. PernellParham says:

    atodds SarahReed BlackheywoodHeywood dinbomaniq indentured servitude was an average of seven(7) years. Black slavery was mandated by law. No other race was enslaved through political mandates. It’s totally different. A person who was a slave also had their children become slaves. This didn’t happen to any other group of people.

  150. PernellParham says:

    Avenger37 MichelleKirkwood atodds You dummies are ignorant. Slavery in Africa was totally different. In Africa, after villages fought, the losers were made slaves, but they were treated like extended family. Certain things they couldn’t do, but they were treated with kindness and respect. When they started to sell slaves to the white man they didn’t know about the rape, murder, and mistreatment because no one ever made it back to tell of the treatments. But once they found out and started to take steps to end it, the white man with weapons took them. It is totally different.

  151. Avenger37 says:

    PernellParham Avenger37 MichelleKirkwood atodds Right … of course … black slave owners treated their black slaves better than white slave owners treated their slave.  Leftists always ‘nuance’   their explanations for doing the same thing – fact is, it was still slavery.  Slavery still exists in Africa today.  Slavery also exists in Muslim countries … it was the Muslims who started the slave trade in the first place.

  152. Avenger37 says:

    PernellParham Avenger37 The fact that blacks commit more violent crimes against whites than the other way around is common knowledge.  Remember the ‘knock out game’?  You can use raw numbers as a proof of racism – the fact that blacks commit more violent crimes that whites means more blacks will be arrested than whites.  Not justifying the violent crimes committed by whites against blacks – both kinds are horrible and deserve the full punishment of the law.

  153. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “Oh, that was DIFURNT! That was DIFURNT! ”
    How pathetic and predictable is that?? You enslave to this day in Africa, and every people and race that has ever populated the goddamn earth has either been enslaved or done the enslaving. And your out is you treated them like “family” while kept a boot on their neck!
    Get a life and grow the hell up! You’re not special and you’re not uniquely “victims! “

  154. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Hey, maybe Pernell here would say these slaves were “treated like family!”

  155. junkbondtrader41 says:

    PernellParham Avenger37 MichelleKirkwood atodds Hey Pernell, take a good look at where today’s 30 million slaves reside on this color coded map!  I see an awful lot of dark shading on the continent you call the Motherland.

    But hey, yall are just one big, happy “family,” right??

    You start organizing some protests to clean up your house TODAY instead of bitching about a century and a half ago, then you might have some whites thinking your bleating about slavery is something other than self interest and politics.

  156. PernellParham says:

    Avenger37 PernellParham MichelleKirkwood atodds As I said before, you people are idiots. You have closed your mind to the fact that until you solve a problem, it is still there. After the Holocaust Jews were given reparations for what happened to them. After the US blew up Japan they helped them rebuild. Neither incident was as devastating as Slavery. Everyday for the last month we have been hearing about racist comments in emails and from judges and prosecutors who blatantly target blacks for arrests to finance town’s budgets, but I am just whining? Please do not direct another comment toward me. You fucking racist ASS bastards won’t face the truth of the PTSD that you have inflicted on an entire race.

  157. PernellParham says:

    junkbondtrader41 PernellParham Avenger37 MichelleKirkwood atodds this was from Australia. A racist country that killed the indigenous people, the Maori, for centuries, and still discriminate against them. Like I said do Not direct another comment to me until you’re ready to listen and not defend stupid, idiotic statements with my lies and fact manipulation.

  158. PernellParham says:

    Avenger37 PernellParham MichelleKirkwood atodds The difference is this is America the land of the free, home of the brave. The wasn’t supposed to be slavery here. The so-called founding fathers, george washington and franklin, and jefferson fought for freedom from British rule while owning slaves. I call that a hypocrite.

  159. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 PernellParham

    “1. A black college student with a bachelor’s degree in a given field is EQUALLY AS LIKELY to find a job as a white high school dropout.”

    You have botched and exaggerated the stat.  From its original source: 

    “Our models project that, holding all else equal, an African American male needs some college credit to have a similar probability of employment as a white male high school dropout.”

    That’s not a small difference.  That’s not all, there are other facts besides race.  Also, from the source:

    “Researchers identify additional factors that can negatively impact African American employment outcomes. Place of residence (i.e. rural, suburban, or center city location) impacts employment, given that low-skill manufacturing jobs have left city centers.”

    Another issue is the lower marriage rate among young African Americans (especially men) compared to whites.  Employers can perceive unmarried individuals as less stable during the hiring process.16 Married individuals, with children and a spouse present, had an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent in 2013, compared to 11.6 percent among other individuals with children and no spouse.”

    And, of course: 

    “Beyond this, the higher incarceration rate among the African American population explains some of the gap.18 One study suggests that an African American male without a high school diploma has an approximately 70 percent chance of being imprisoned by his mid-thirties.19 Having a felony on one’s record makes meaningful employment – especially in a recession – extremely difficult to find.

    I will go ahead and address this last on this list now: 

    “5. In a resume research study, 24000 almost identical resume’s were sent out. The only difference between the resumes was that 12000 had stereotypically white names while the other 12000 had stereotypically black names.The study’s results found that the black names had an almost 2 times less incidence rate in landing a job compared to the white names.

    You aren’t going to want to hear this, but this is a real-world manifestation of one of your most cherished programs actually short-changing you. Employers are keenly aware of affirmative action in higher education, as many have to abide by certain goals of hiring a “diverse” workforce.  The effect of this has therefore been to make those who make hiring decisions SKEPTICAL of credentials on the resume of an individual with a black-sounding name!  Why?  Because it’s been well documented standards are lowered for blacks to attain college admission, AND that they’re given leeway on grading once they’re in.  

    Now, you can defend those practices as necessary because of your past disadvantages, I suppose.  I’m not interested in debating affirmative action.  But you have to take the good with the bad.  If it were a situation where everyone was admitted and attained their degrees on MERIT, much if not all of this gap in how resumes are treated would disappear.

  160. junkbondtrader41 says:

    DistortedAndUnreliable You are mistaken.  The larger survey from which Pew drew data from for this article was indeed more comprehensive and cover all govt benefits, including Social Security.  But this article summarizes their sample of those SPECIFICALLY who received food stamps.

    So, you can remove the silly quote marks from “research” and “facts,” there is no “distortion,” simply your own lack of reading comprehension.

  161. Avenger37 says:

    PernellParham atodds SarahReed BlackheywoodHeywood dinbomaniq You of course realize how indentured servitude became legalized slavery, don’t you?  It was a black man who took his indentured black servant to court when the 7 years was up.  He convinced the white court that he owned this man … the court agreed and slavery began.  Why do you overlook that
    William Ellison was a successful Southern business owner and cotton farmer
    during slavery. Ellison engaged in slave breeding, which was a practice most
    white slave owners refused to participate in. But Ellison, who was himself a
    black man, saw nothing wrong with it. You also overlook that in Louisiana alone more than
    3,000 freed slaves were themselves slave owners. The fact is large numbers of
    free blacks owned black slaves.

  162. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “Oh, but that was ‘DIFURNT!'”
    Somehow. Just wait, he’ll come up with something inane.

  163. Avenger37 says:

    PernellParham Avenger37 MichelleKirkwood atodds Slavery was made legal before the Constitution was ratified.  A black indentured servant owner took his black indentured servant to court when the 7 years was up.  He convinced the court that he “owned” the indentured servant, and slavery became legal. At that time slavery was a fact of life in just about every country of the world, for thousands of years.  People from every race have been slaves at one time or another throughout history.  Many black men owned black slaves…and, in Louisiana alone there were over 3000 former slaves who became slave owners themselves.

  164. Avenger37 says:

    PernellParham Avenger37 MichelleKirkwood atodds I was just going to reply to you that I like the way you post, because, unlike the typical low-information leftist, you don’t resort to name calling when you run out of fact … seems I may be wrong.  I’d say that blacks have been more than ‘reparated’ with affirmative action programs, black colleges and universities, adding extra points to ACT scores simply because of ‘being black’, special contract set asides for black people, black history month, etc., etc., etc. Should black descendants of black slave owners pay reparations to black people?  How do you know you’re not a descendant of a black slave owner?  As for Ferguson, MO “targeting black people to finance the town’s budget” is wrongly biased.  Every city raises revenue from traffic stops.  67% of Ferguson’s population is black – most traffic stops will be on blacks.  In such a “racist” country as America supposedly is, how do any blacks become business owners, millionaires, judges and lawyers, and President of the U.S.?  Your belief in the indoctrination you received is poisoning your mind.

  165. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    cbman1228 PernellParham The largest benefactors of the Affirmative Action program are White women, but some reason that seem to be dismissed by White people.

  166. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    BryanW503 BlackheywoodHeywood SarahReed I’m  not stupid at, you’re still the reigning champ of stupidity , ignorance along with being woefully uneducated.  The numbers don’t lie the more opportunities afforded  a group, the less dependence on government, but you ignore that when it comes to White Americans whose entire existence in America was built on the backs of others, had opportunities exclusively for them yet the still dominate the HANDOUT line. You must address that, why is that happening with White Americans. That speaks to a failed people.

  167. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Irrelevant. It’s a yes or no question: Do blacks BENEFIT FROM affirmative action, and haven’t they benefited from it for the past 40 plus years. The answer is yes. The fact that the same basic idea was out into place to benefit women doesn’t take a shred of the tangible, economic benefit you’ve received away from you.
    Apportioning the benefit by demographics is a meaningless talking point.

  168. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    junkbondtrader41  It’s only irrelevant to White people in denial about a program they consider an entitlement but use to be beat Black people over the head with. The fact is today Black Americans benefit the least from AA while White women has broken the “glass ceiling” thanks to Affirmative Action, in line next are White Hispanics who like White women never faced the LEGALIZED racism, discrimination and economic disenfranchisement that targeted Black Americans with Jim Crow laws 1867-1964 ,and America still have paid no price for that crime.

  169. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Ok, specify what you mean by “benefits the least. ” What metric are using to make that statement? Raw numbers? Elaborate.

  170. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood cbman1228 PernellParham And that statement, if true, is supposed to mean that all “white people” are racist?  Who “granted” the affirmative action, set aside programs in the first place?  Instead whining and feeling sorry for yourself because of perceived injustice for skin color, why not go out and make something of yourself?  Many blacks have freed themselves from faulty ‘victimhood’ thought and made themselves millionaires … the U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where anyone can change the social status they were born into.  You have all the best privilege in the world but fail to advantage yourself of such privilege; instead preferring to seek out perceived ‘racism’.

  171. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    junkbondtrader41 Unemployment for Adult Black males have been double digits for seven years, that alone dispels your myth about Black folks benefiting from AA the most. All other groups have recovered from the economic crash of 2008  Except American Black citizens.

  172. junkbondtrader41 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood junkbondtrader41
    SMH.  Again, irrelevant!  

    First of all, I’m not the one arguing blacks “benefit from AA the most.”  YOU asserted white women benefit from it the most.  I asked you on what that statement is based??  If white women are a third of the population and blacks are only 13%, it should shock precisely no one that there are more white female beneficiaries of AA than then blacks of either sex.  

    You simply citing black unemployment to me is not statistical support for your claim, and it doesn’t “dispel” a damn thing I’ve posted here.  Your claim is completely vague, you haven’t even defined what you mean by “benefits the most.”

    Care to take another crack at it?

  173. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood cbman1228 PernellParham Not all White people are racist, but they all benefited from or had opportunity to benefit from the Legal racist practices and policies of an American created for them. AA was made law because of the centuries of overt, legalized United States of America sanctioned racist practices that were created and designed to economically disfranchise American Black citizens only, while creating  wealth for America and White Americans as this nation historically have done.  Anyone cannot easily “change their social status”when intentional barriers and obstacles are in place for no other reason than then the evilness and hatred that is embedded in many White people. It’s the White American who must do some serious soul searching and change if that change is to happen.

  174. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 cbman1228 PernellParham You seem to be so indoctrinated with hate for all whites as “racist” that you self-limit your chances for happiness and success.  If the belief in the fabricated ‘white racism’ for burning Ferguson and shooting two white police officers?  That’s exactly where such phony beliefs lead …

  175. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood cbman1228 PernellParham  I don’t HATE anyone it’s to time consuming and frankly White folks don’t matter to me that much to spend time Hating them. Secondly, for those Black folks who do HATE White people, I’d say White Americans have given the Black race every reason to Hate them for eternity, You see many White people feel Black people should harbor no animosity for all the hell White Americans intentionally put us thru and continue to put us thru as a people. When you cannot acknowledge those feelings are real and justifiable that makes you part of the problem.

  176. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood junkbondtrader41 Using raw numbers ‘proves’ nothing at all; for example:  100% of people who listen to rap music will die … by your reasoning then, rap music causes death!  Could the reason why black youth unemployment figures are so high is that black youth find it easier to join gangs, sell drugs, shoot each other and burn down business than it is to get a job?  They’ve been taught that getting a job is “doing the white thing” … and, of course, no respectable black would want to do the “white thing”  because we all know whites are racist.

  177. Avenger37 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 cbman1228 PernellParham I acknowledge those feelings are real, because that’s what you have been taught.  If America were truly set up to be “racist against blacks” then there could never be a successful black person… yet, the entertainment industry is filled with many talented black millionaires; Hollywood is filled with many talented black millionaire actors; politics are filled with many talented black millionaires with power; sports are filled with many talented black millionaire athletes; private industry is filled with many talented black millionaire entrepreneurs and so on.  With so many successful black people as proof there is no widespread racism holding down blacks in America, to claim their is “widespread racism against blacks in America” is nothing more than a lame excuse to “explain” one’s own failure and “justify” destructive actions.

  178. cbman1228 says:

    Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood cbman1228 PernellParham You really cannot be this dense. You’re probably trolling. In terms of black success, “just because one ant gets to mate with the queen doesn’t mean the colony is saved.” It is possible for black people to be successful, but it is statistically less likely, and institutional racism is a major cause for this disparity. Read some of the stats I posted for closure. And, for you to actually think and type that “America isn’t set up to be racist against blacks,” that’s downright careless.

  179. Avenger37 says:

    cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Typing that “America isn’t set up to be racist against blacks” is “downright careless” only to those who who are taught, and reinforced almost daily by “black leaders” such as Al Sharpton,  that America is setup to be against black success.  Holding such a false belief self-limits those holding that belief.  Your analogy about the single ant mating with the queen bee implies that ant is willfully restrained by all the other racist ants in the colony, but somehow, the ant succeeds against all odds … do I understand your statement correctly, or am I inferring something you didn’t imply.

  180. cbman1228 says:

    There are multiple sources for the information I presented, 



    3.There are very many comprehensive and long research studies and analyses considering this one. But, I’ll just post sources that are a short read.


    5.Unfortunately, the 24000 sample resume study was from a animated youtube video that had a link to the research study, and it was was presumably taken down recently (for reasons I’m not sure). But here are some more articles and videos that touch on resume studies involving race.


    If you do some research you can see some of the studies adapted to PDF form.

    These statistics are barely considered a decent start when tackling the problem of systemic racism in the US. If you take the time to do research, you will be surprised. I know I was.

  181. junkbondtrader41 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 cbman1228 PernellParham
    “I’d say White Americans have given the Black race every reason to Hate them for eternity, You see many White people feel Black people should harbor no animosity for all the hell White Americans intentionally put us thru and continue to put us thru as a people. ”

    To the extent you still experience hiring discrimination, that is the best distillation of why a white employer is going to have it in the back of his mind that a black hire is going to be more interested in racial and ideological axe grinding than in doing a competent job for him.

    Until you let that shit go, you are going to continue to be your own worst enemy.

  182. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood junkbondtrader41
    “Using raw numbers ‘proves’ nothing at all; for example:  100% of people who listen to rap music will die … by your reasoning then, rap music causes death!  ”

    Just, wow.  Congratulations, that has got to be the stupidest false analogy I think any black has ever used with me online.  And that is a high hurdle to clear!  You are citing an example of a correlation / causation fallacy to answer an assertion that has nothing to do with one!  

    I don’t know what other way to ask you this question, dude.  YOU are the one who asserted that white women “benefit the most.”  All you have done is cite UE rates.  You have been a recipient of AA for four decades, the recession was just 7 years ago.  You asserting that the black UE rate still isn’t back to pre-recession levels proves nothing and says nothing about how much you do or don’t benefit from AA.

    Now short of breaking out the big set of Crayolas, I don’t know how to simplify this for you any further.  READ CLOSELY, and answer my question, please.  WHAT do you mean when you say white women ‘”benefit the most” from AA???  You either have a stat or something that is meant to support that statement, or you just pulled it out of your ass!  I think I know which.

  183. Avenger37 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood My reply was to Blackheywoodheywood … of course that analogy I provided is stupid, just like the “raw numbers” some blacks quote as supposedly “proving” racism.  Also, I’m white … not the one citing the false claim that “white women benefit more from AA because numbers show more white women get AA …” obviously as stupid a claim as the one I used about rap music listeners.

  184. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Avenger37 junkbondtrader41 BlackheywoodHeywood
    LOL.  Dude, my apologies for the friendly fire!  But that sure sounded like something BlackheywoodHeywood would say in response to my last post.

  185. cbman1228 says:

    Avenger37 cbman1228 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Wow… you really are that dense. Here are some statistical facts about the racist foundation in the United States.

    I challenge you to find an example in which black people are actually advantaged in society, instead of just citing affirmative action, which has actually leveled the playing field in college admissions. Here are some statistical facts:
    1. A black college student with a bachelor’s degree in a given field is EQUALLY AS LIKELY to find a job as a white high school dropout.
    2. A black man that has not been incarcerated is STILL less likely to land a job than a white man who has been incarcerated.
    3. The disproportionate national average makes a black person 3-times as likely to get arrested on drug charges, although both races have the same rate of drug use. Some states target blacks more than others. In the state of Iowa, a black person is 8 – times as likely to get arrested on a drug charge as a white person, while both races have the same rate of drug use.
    4. On average, black criminals receive 20% longer sentences than white criminals convicted of similar charges.
    5. In a resume research study, 24000 almost identical resume’s were sent out. The only difference between the resumes was that 12000 had stereotypically white names while the other 12000 had stereotypically black names.The study’s results found that the black names had an almost 2 times less incidence rate in landing a job compared to the white names.
    The goal of affirmative action was to give blacks a better chance of occupational success by mitigating racism in our school system and job market. The fact of the matter is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION ISN’T ENOUGH.
    These are just a few stats. Institutional racism plays a big role in black people being disadvantaged.

    By the way, my analogy was intended to illustrate that “just because a few black people are wealthy, that doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist and doesn’t create a major hindrance to black success.”

    If you’re looking for sources, look at my conversation with Salsassin.

  186. Avenger37 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood Ha ha … no problem.  It’s just extremely frustrating to note how many blacks on here use ‘white racism’ as an excuse for lack of effort and failure.  Of course white teachers taught them that dead-end rationale and so-called “black leaders” of the Al Sharpton variety reinforce that same farcical idea almost daily.  The acceptance of ‘white racism’, and failure to think for oneself, I think, is the main reason for burning businesses and shooting white cops and other people.

  187. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    You know, I went to the trouble of rebutting this above.  Here is a C&P of my last post on this, I”d appreciate it if you’d either admit your error and stop using the false stat, or explain to me how I’m incorrect.’

    “”1. A black college student with a bachelor’s degree in a given field is EQUALLY AS LIKELY to find a job as a white high school dropout.”

    You have botched and exaggerated the stat.  From its original source: 

    “Our models project that, holding all else equal, an African American male needs some college credit to have a similar probability of employment as a white male high school dropout.”

    That’s not a small difference.  That’s not all, there are other facts besides race.  Also, from the source:

    “Researchers identify additional factors that can negatively impact African American employment outcomes. Place of residence (i.e. rural, suburban, or center city location) impacts employment, given that low-skill manufacturing jobs have left city centers.”

    Another issue is the lower marriage rate among young African Americans (especially men) compared to whites.  Employers can perceive unmarried individuals as less stable during the hiring process.16 Married individuals, with children and a spouse present, had an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent in 2013, compared to 11.6 percent among other individuals with children and no spouse.”

    And, of course: 

    “Beyond this, the higher incarceration rate among the African American population explains some of the gap.18 One study suggests that an African American male without a high school diploma has an approximately 70 percent chance of being imprisoned by his mid-thirties.19 Having a felony on one’s record makes meaningful employment – especially in a recession – extremely difficult to find.

    I will go ahead and address this last on this list now: 

    “5. In a resume research study, 24000 almost identical resume’s were sent out. The only difference between the resumes was that 12000 had stereotypically white names while the other 12000 had stereotypically black names.The study’s results found that the black names had an almost 2 times less incidence rate in landing a job compared to the white names.

    You aren’t going to want to hear this, but this is a real-world manifestation of one of your most cherished programs actually short-changing you. Employers are keenly aware of affirmative action in higher education, as many have to abide by certain goals of hiring a “diverse” workforce.  The effect of this has therefore been to make those who make hiring decisions SKEPTICAL of credentials on the resume of an individual with a black-sounding name!  Why?  Because it’s been well documented standards are lowered for blacks to attain college admission, AND that they’re given leeway on grading once they’re in.  

    Now, you can defend those practices as necessary because of your past disadvantages, I suppose.  I’m not interested in debating affirmative action.  But you have to take the good with the bad.  If it were a situation where everyone was admitted and attained their degrees on MERIT, much if not all of this gap in how resumes are treated would disappear. “

  188. Avenger37 says:

    cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin You’re saying that blacks are too stupid to make it on their own, even with affirmative-action, adding extra points to ACT scores just because of ‘blackness’, contractual set-asides for black businesses, reserving special seats for black students in universities, and all the other ‘special privelidges’ reserved for blacks only?  Jesus, blacks even have an entire month set aside to praise their history!  Believing the myth of ‘white racism against blacks’ that is pounded into black people on a daily basis is the main reason some blacks are not successful.  It’s much easier to exert no effort and claim ‘…the system is against me’ than it is to succeed.  Success is difficult for everyone no matter what variety of color they choose to select.  To claim that race has anything to do with failure is the lazy way to try and justify lack of effort and initiative.

  189. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    “3. The disproportionate national average makes a black person 3-times as likely to get arrested on drug charges, although both races have the same rate of drug use. Some states target blacks more than others. In the state of Iowa, a black person is 8 – times as likely to get arrested on a drug charge as a white person, while both races have the same rate of drug use.”

    They have the same REPORTED rates of drug use in surveys.  A good reason to think blacks are underreporting their drug use is the fact that they make up a greater percentage of drug overdose-related emergency room admissions than this supposed rate of drug use would account for.

  190. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    “4. On average, black criminals receive 20% longer sentences than white criminals convicted of similar charges.”

    Ever heard of a freaking Google search??

    “Still, the findings drew criticism from advocacy groups and researchers, who said the commission’s focus on the very end of the criminal-justice process ignored possible bias at earlier stages, such as when a person is arrested and charged, or enters into a plea deal with prosecutors.
    “They’ve only got data on this final slice of the process, but they are still missing crucial parts of the criminal-justice process,” said Sonja Starr, a law professor at the University of Michigan, who has analyzed sentencing and arrest data and FOUND NO MARKED INCREASE IN RACIAL  DISPARITY SINCE 2005.” studies sentencing, said, “It’s not surprising that the commission that’s in charge of both monitoring and amending the guidelines has a general affinity for the guidelines.”

    The Sentencing Commission didn’t return requests for comment.”  (What a shocker!)

  191. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin

    They said NO MARKED INCREASE in racial disparity since 2005. However they did not say NO RACIAL DISPARITY exists. Anything else?

  192. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    Yeah, that the wooshing sound you just heard was the point flying right over your head.  This report that generated the stat was done in response to a 2005 Supreme Court case that restored discretion among judges in sentencing.  The report itself made a big deal of saying sentencing disparities had WIDENED to 20%, as if ‘racism” among federal judges would result in longer black sentences.  Accounting for other factors, as the WSJ article states, it had not.

    You don’t even know the source or context for your own stats you throw around, do you?

    And how about answering my rebuttal of your employment stats.

  193. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin

    I have two questions for you?

    1) What’s your convenient explanation for the other statistics?

    2) Where did you pull that statistic?

    Look at the drug overdose chart [PAGE 10] in this pdf  and tell me which race has a higher drug mortality rate.

    Overall though, It depends what metric the researchers are measuring. By some metrics used in research by the FDA, white people have a higher rate of drug mortality. By other metrics used in research by the CDC, black people have a higher rate of drug mortality. Regardless, the difference in drug overdose is not significant.

    EVEN IF more blacks are dying from drug overdoses, that does not mean that the drug rate for black people is higher at a statistically significant level. Anything else?

  194. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    I have now posted replies on 2 of your employment related stats twice now.  Do a bit of scrolling, please, I’m not posting them again.

    Give me a minute on the drug question.

  195. Salsassin says:

    If it is racism, why is it that African-Americans show lower use of affirmative action in Highridge occasion and employment then Africans and Afro-Caribbeans.

  196. Salsassin says:

    I don’t see where you replied to my request for sources

  197. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Salsassin Check this out, I did some of his homework for him.  One of two identical posts I’ve addressed to him on these points.

    “”1. A black college student with a bachelor’s degree in a given field is EQUALLY AS LIKELY to find a job as a white high school dropout.”

    You have botched and exaggerated the stat.  From its original source: 

    “Our models project that, holding all else equal, an African American male needs some college credit to have a similar probability of employment as a white male high school dropout.”

    That’s not a small difference.  That’s not all, there are other facts besides race.  Also, from the source:

    “Researchers identify additional factors that can negatively impact African American employment outcomes. Place of residence (i.e. rural, suburban, or center city location) impacts employment, given that low-skill manufacturing jobs have left city centers.”

    Another issue is the lower marriage rate among young African Americans (especially men) compared to whites.  Employers can perceive unmarried individuals as less stable during the hiring process.16 Married individuals, with children and a spouse present, had an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent in 2013, compared to 11.6 percent among other individuals with children and no spouse.”

    And, of course: 

    “Beyond this, the higher incarceration rate among the African American population explains some of the gap.18 One study suggests that an African American male without a high school diploma has an approximately 70 percent chance of being imprisoned by his mid-thirties.19 Having a felony on one’s record makes meaningful employment – especially in a recession – extremely difficult to find.

    I will go ahead and address this last on this list now: 

    “5. In a resume research study, 24000 almost identical resume’s were sent out. The only difference between the resumes was that 12000 had stereotypically white names while the other 12000 had stereotypically black names.The study’s results found that the black names had an almost 2 times less incidence rate in landing a job compared to the white names.

    You aren’t going to want to hear this, but this is a real-world manifestation of one of your most cherished programs actually short-changing you. Employers are keenly aware of affirmative action in higher education, as many have to abide by certain goals of hiring a “diverse” workforce.  The effect of this has therefore been to make those who make hiring decisions SKEPTICAL of credentials on the resume of an individual with a black-sounding name!  Why?  Because it’s been well documented standards are lowered for blacks to attain college admission, AND that they’re given leeway on grading once they’re in.  

    Now, you can defend those practices as necessary because of your past disadvantages, I suppose.  I’m not interested in debating affirmative action.  But you have to take the good with the bad.  If it were a situation where everyone was admitted and attained their degrees on MERIT, much if not all of this gap in how resumes are treated would disappear. “

  198. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin

    All research comes under criticism for using methods that come to controversial results. No one wants to hear that the system is statistically proven to be racist. The Sentencing Commission has shown that racial disparity between black-white in the length of sentencing has varied from 10-20% in recent years. That’s statistically significant. The only specific reason that the article says the Sentencing Commission is inaccurate is because they included probation times in their methods of calculation. That is a dubious reason for “inaccuracy” to say the least. Regardless, when a separate analysis was conducted not including probation times, the disparity rate was adjusted to 14.5%, which is still statistically significant.

    Are you really trying to say these stats are wrong? You’re going to need more proof. I want to see a research article saying that there is no racial disparity in the justice system. Then, I’ll begin to consider your point.

  199. Salsassin says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham
    The level of reporting in adults is higher in Blacks and lower in adolescents. Could easily be distrust in the study leading to people refusing to self report.

  200. Avenger37 says:

    junkbondtrader41 BlackheywoodHeywood Avenger37 cbman1228 PernellParham It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m bored sitting in front of my computer trying to answer the absurd fairytale of “white racism against blacks” … think I’ll just go downtown and try to find some black person I can discriminate against.  I’m “white” … I can’t help it … it’s in my blood.

  201. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    You and I are citing two different stats.  You are citing drug deaths, I am citing black emergency room admissions.   Lots of overlap, but two different measures. , page 29, non-Hispanic white and black disparity in frequency of admissions.  

    I cited this as some context, not as dispositive proof of no disparity in drug sentencing.  It was simply a strong suggestion that black self-reporting on this question isn’t reliable.

  202. cbman1228 says:

    Salsassin Because, African and Afro-Carribean immigrants, on average, have a considerably higher socioeconomic status than African-Americans and many African immigrants come to America boasting advanced degrees. With more money, the immigrants inevitably have more resources and revered connections and are more likely to be “grandfathered” into institutions by references or simply looked upon better by a university because they are richer, and therefore are looked upon more favorably by administrators of affirmative action. The children of African immigrants are black so they are considered for affirmative action just like African-American children. It all comes back to socioeconomic status and school positions.

    There are ENORMOUS research articles talking about this. They’re actually really interesting.

    This might have been confusing, but I hope I shed some light on the issue.

  203. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin Whether “no one wants to hear that the system is statistically” biased is irrelevant.  The criticisms of the research either have merit of they don’t.

    I don’t claim to have dispositive evidence that there can’t be a statistically significant difference in the amount of time a black receives for a sentence than a white, but there is more to it than comparing identical offenses.  You have to consider the individual’s criminal history, circumstances, multiple crimes committed for the same arrest, etc.  And most of these “Aha!” type studies purporting to show large differences are open to plenty of dispute and debate.

    “In 1997, criminologists Robert Sampson and Janet Lauritsen reviewed the massive literature on charging and sentencing. They concluded that “large racial differences in criminal offending,” not racism, explained why more blacks were in prison proportionately than whites and for longer terms. A 1987 analysis of Georgia felony convictions, for example, found that blacks frequently received disproportionately lenient punishment. A 1990 study of 11,000 California cases found that slight racial disparities in sentence length resulted from blacks’ prior records and other legally relevant variables. A 1994 Justice Department survey of felony cases from the country’s 75 largest urban areas discovered that blacks actually had a lower chance of prosecution following a felony than whites did and that they were less likely to be found guilty at trial. Following conviction, blacks were more likely to receive prison sentences, however—an outcome that reflected the gravity of their offenses as well as their criminal records.”

  204. Salsassin says:

    cbman1228 PernellParham
    Number 1 is a false quote. You didn’t go to the original source:
    It is a White person without a high School education has same probability as a Black person with some college.
    When both have a professional degree there is no gap.
    Part of the problem is integration with the larger culture. The more you remain separate the less the mainstream wants to hire you. That goes across cultures.
    Number 2 is true, but types of crimes matter. Black criminals account for 50% of the violent crimes, and violent criminals are less likely to be hired than other types of criminals.
    Number 3 is related to Number 2. Where more violent criminality exists, there is a stronger police presence which leads to a lot more collateral arrests in other areas. 
    Number 4, could be based on bias, or level of repeat offenses. I would have to see the primary source.
    Number 5 is problematic because it shows bias for a type of culture, not a race. Most ‘stereotypically black’ names are invented by single mothers and broadcast ignorance. Latinos who invent names for their children have a similar problem. They are perceived as ignorant or low class. Interestingly, more traditional African names do not have the same degree of prejudice thrown against them. Africans have better hiring rates than African Americans. I suspect names like Billy Bob, that sound ‘ hillbilly’ to the average person, also lead to lower hiring. 
    For you to show actual racism, you would have to show that people dressed identical, with identical names are treated disparately.  Posture and wear of the clothing can also affect perception, as one can be perceived as slovenly.
    Bottom line, the more you create a perception of self separatism, the more segregation will remain. There is still discrimination, but it has gotten a lot better. Self segregation today does much more harm than any racism today.

  205. Salsassin says:

    PernellParham cbman1228 Hardly. You have a small amount of racist emails out of thousands of emails that were searched. Not much of an indication of institutional racism at all. What definitely was shown was revenue focused policing.

  206. Salsassin says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood cbman1228 PernellParham Not by percentage of the population. Only in sheer numbers.

  207. Salsassin says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood junkbondtrader41 Affirmative Action helps you break the glass door of education and employment, but you still have to have the skills to knock on that door. The high level of high school drop outs and distrust of the educational system also affects levels of unemployment.

  208. Salsassin says:

    cbman1228 Salsassin To some degree yes, but even in the same socioeconomic levels, Africans and Afro-Caribbeans are still doing better. Lower economic class gap more than upper classes. It speaks to culture. Even between African Americans.

  209. Salsassin says:

    cbman1228 Salsassin Would love to read the articles. I do think discrimination plays a role, but so does separatist culture. And it is a vicious circle because both make each other happen more.

  210. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin

    While your statistics attempt to show that the system of prosecution in the United States is unbiased, I see your statistics as stating otherwise. YOUR statistics instead illustrated that while the criminal justice system is portrayed as unbiased, the police force is portrayed as extremely racially biased. Based on your statistics, it seems this scenario happens all to often: Biased police officer arrests innocent black man, court system sees flaw in police officers investigation, courts let black man go. That is an assumption that connects my statistics with yours at least. Just a possibility.

    However, those few statistics you presented to me are not even in the 21st century and those are literally the only relevant statistics I see on the internet supporting your point. (I’ve also gone about five pages in “google research studies” and see ONE study trying it’s best to show up the majority).

    The fact of the matter is: if the vast majority of studies on the recent internet say that the criminal justice system, the job market, and the police force are STATISTICALLY BIASED, I’m going to lean towards the vast majority. Sure, there are some exceptions, that you posted. (Then again, there are Holocaust deniers that have “statistical proof”… but they are the minority of course). But, these studies that you’ve presented fail to represent the average conclusion reached by similarly qualified criminologists. These articles are short examples that illustrate my point clearly. That minorities, especially black, are discriminated against in the criminal justice system. Feel free to skip to the ‘results’ section when applicable.

    This is fun. I haven’t compiled this many studies since ‘Nam.

    Anyway, the vast majority of RECENT research points to blacks being racially discriminated against in the criminal justice system. HERE’S A LINK TO RECENT RESEARCH STUDIES. You can compare data, explanations, and results from these many studies.

    I want you to compare and contrast the authenticity and exhaustiveness of the studies that are presented in this link. You will personally find that the vast majority of criminologists find racial discrimination to be alarmingly present in the criminal justice system. Those few stats were cute though.

    If you are not on a college campus, there is a possibility you will have trouble obtaining the full text for some of the studies, but you should be able to view the full text for many of the studies. Have fun learning. I hope this was a learning experience.

  211. cbman1228 says:

    Salsassin cbman1228 PernellParham

    There’s one thing you fail to realize. If job hiring managers don’t want to hire you because they decide you represent to much of what they deem “black culture,” that’s racist. A job acceptance process should be primarily based on if you meet the qualifications, not if the job hiring manager thinks because of your name you’re “too niggerish” for the job.

    What you basically told me is that all minorities should throw away their individual cultures and assimilate into white culture, even if the minorities have the same qualifications on paper, if they want to be treated as equals. And, by proxy, you’re saying it’s the minorities’ fault for naming their children so foolishly/individually. Everyone’s name was once created by someone who MADE SOMETHING UP. If a name was created sooner rather than later, that shouldn’t affect if you are able to make a living.

    For Number 1, honestly I should have read the original document, however I don’t see how the original document makes a significantly less racist finding. They are saying that a black person basically needs to shuck out about $10,000 more for some college credit to equal the job qualifications of a white person who didn’t even have the academic drive to finish a public high school.

    For Number 2, how is that an explanation? The research studies I presented found that black people who HAVE NOT BEEN INCARCERATED are equally or less likely to find a job as white people WHO HAVE BEEN INCARCERATED.

    For Number 3, I have an extremely doubtful disposition that COLLATERAL CHARGES are the sole factor for a black person being arrested EIGHT times more than a WHITE PERSON while both racial groups purportedly have the same rate of drug use. I’ll have to see some research studies supporting that bold statement.

    For Number 4, (this a subject of “trivial” debate that already has a majority decision), the vast majority of recent criminology research studies being disseminated report that there is very significant racial bias in the criminal justice system.,36&as_vis=1

    P.S. Funny how people say minorities shouldn’t self-segregate, when “white flight” is a documented phenomenon.

  212. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 Salsassin PernellParham
    “There’s one thing you fail to realize. If job hiring managers don’t want to hire you because they decide you represent to much of what they deem “black culture,” that’s racist. ”

    No, it isn’t.  If “black culture” is (correctly) associated in the minds of employers with tardiness, poor work ethic, shunning education, poor communication skills, bad attitude, and the whole package of negative attributes that make for a surly, low quality employee, it MATTERS.  And if you want to tell us, “Hey, it’s a BLACK thing!”, fine.  If rejecting an applicant with qualities that make for problem employees is “racism,” then the word has officially lost all meaning. 

    “A job acceptance process should be primarily based on if you meet the qualifications, not if the job hiring manager thinks because of your name you’re “too niggerish” for the job.””

    See above.

    “What you basically told me is that all minorities should throw away their individual cultures and assimilate into white culture, even if the minorities have the same qualifications on paper, if they want to be treated as equals. And, by proxy, you’re saying it’s the minorities’ fault for naming their children so foolishly/individually. Everyone’s name was once created by someone who MADE SOMETHING UP. If a name was created sooner rather than later, that shouldn’t affect if you are able to make a living.”

    Again, see above.  See above, and THINK on it, because that was a really foolish reply.

    Will look at your CRJ sources tomorrow.

  213. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Salsassin PernellParham

    You said that black culture is CORRECTLY associated with poor work ethic and shunning education, which basically means you ignorantly and racistly associate us with walking stereotypes. Enlightening stuff.

    Time to take you back to reality, ’cause I don’t know what racist universe you live in.

    Here’s a fact:

    Black women have the highest rate of college enrollment by race and gender in the United States. I believe that fact alone shows that the black community does not support poor work ethic and a lack of education. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    People like you see a person with a “different” name as a problem. Personally, you sicken me.

  214. Salsassin says:

    Will reply tomorrow but ethnophobia y is not racism. Assuming Black American culture represents all Blacks is.

  215. DanMiller8 says:

    Faith Walker is a black activist. She gets her facts from the black coalition. Faith if you check the US Census report you’ll see that black hold the highest number of incarcerated people in the country they hold the highest number of food stamp recipients in the country 2 to 1 to whites

  216. Avenger37 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Salsassin PernellParham Being white, after a day of fun finding and discriminating against any black person I found, I finally became bored.  I had to stop by a corporate, whitey owned, grocery store on my way home and pick up a few items for my whitey wife.  I must confess that I am now convinced that racism DOES INDEED exist just below the surface of white America…

    As I walked down the cereal isle I observed a box of ‘Frosted Flakes’; then, out of the blue it hit me!!!  I recalled that Tony the Tiger says … “Frosted Flakes are grrrrrrr…ate!!”  Then I saw a box of “Cocoa Puffs” and remembered that … “I go CRAZY over Cocoa Puffs” … I was sooooo embarrassed!

    Next I strolled to the isle with olives … I couldn’t help but notice the Green Olives, filled with bright-red pimentos … those olives were proudly displayed in a glass jar … for all the world to admire.  My only question is, why do they lock up the black olives in a can? … huh?  …  racism?

  217. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Salsassin PernellParham

    “Black women have the highest rate of college enrollment by race and gender in the United States.”

    No, they don’t.  In recent years, they are well below white women and Asians, and nip and tuck with white men.  Now, decide:  What narrative do you want to cling to more?  That you are just as motivated to be educated as we are, or that “racists” are standing the schoolhouse doors preventing you from doing so??  The data can’t give you both.

    And in case you forgot, the goal of getting in the door is to actually GRADUATE.

    “Putting a firm number on this gap is surprisingly difficult. About 58 percent of whites and 69 percent of Asians who entered four-year colleges in 1996 had a bachelor’s degree six years later, compared to 39 percent of blacks and 46 percent of Hispanics, according to Just under a decade later, whites and Hispanics had made a bit of progress and blacks hardly any at all: Of students who entered college in 2005, the most recent data available, 62 percent of whites got a degree within six years, versus 40 percent of blacks and 51 percent of Hispanics.”

    Pesky “racism” just asserts itself every step of the process, doesn’t it?

  218. junkbondtrader41 says:

    DanMiller8 She doesn’t care, and neither do most of her habitual victimologist fans who frequent this forum.

  219. DanMiller8 says:

    I did not make this information up. the University of California College System gives admission points to estimate groups that struggle to get admission into the system. the UC system in California gives a 150 bonus points to All Blacks on their SAT scores. the UC system gives approximately 50 bonus points to all Latinos. Where the big controversy is is the UC system in California actually subtract 50 points from all Asians. this information is inside information from the UC staff and is not made public. and there is nothing restricting the UC system from doing this.
    The California correctional system has over 40% blacks 25% Latino 35% white.
    According to the health department more blacks seek Obamacare subsidies than any other ethnic group.
    According to Social Security statistics more blacks over the age of 112 are seeking benefits. One explanation would be when a relative dies they don’t report it in but keep getting benefits and that’s why the age.
    Blacks Seek more entitlements than any other ethnic group.
    Celebrities such as Morgan Freeman Denzel Washington and Charles Barkley have all concluded that in many low income areas of the country black hold blocks down from being successful. Interviews to prove this fact can be found on YouTube with each celebrity and many others

  220. DanMiller8 says:

    According to California State Department of Labor Statistics over 18,000 homeless people live on Skid Row in Los Angeles. I have that 18000 approximately 12,000 are black.
    if one wants to make a true change in society they need to target the populations that need the most help not awarding populations that can take care of themselves. the problem is everybody wants the easy road nobody wants to work for anything anymore. And again many low-income families especially blacks and Latinos and many whites want entitlements from the government

  221. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Salsassin PernellParham You are wrong. Plain and simple. Your source measures people who are from the ages 18-24 who enroll in college, which is an inaccurate generalization of the ages of all people who enroll in college. My source measures people who are ages 3 and older who have enrolled in a college. Here are two of my sources that illustrate my point.

    This fact was meant to show that education and work ethic are valued in the black community.

    The fact that some black students drop out of college is a testament to the geographical disparity in the US school system. In urban schools, there are generally less qualified teachers, and it is less likely that even Algebra 2 or Chemistry classes will even be available. And as a side note, there is considerable overlap between the definition of white race and Hispanic ethnicity so it makes sense. Hispanic is not considered a race, it is considered an ethnicity. “White” Hispanics (meaning those that are seen as white people by society but have Hispanic ethnicity) count for the majority of the US Hispanic population, and “Black” Hispanics account for only 2.5% of the Hispanic population. So it makes sense that the White and Hispanic people’s educational improvements are correlated to a statistically significant degree with each other in the United States with these accepted definitions.

  222. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 Celebrities saying things that aren’t backed by statistics have no meaning. I’m not even going to start on your dubious claims of blacks and Social Security.

    Anyway, if you are not making this stuff up, WHERE’S YOUR IMMACULATE AND REVERED SOURCE?

  223. DanMiller8 says:

    I must question any source anywhere that includes college enrollment of students beginning at the age of 3. you’re going to need a lot more proof than what you just showed me. In the meantime please check out the University of California award bonus system for minorities of blacks and Latinos.
    By the way common core curriculum that is now being used throughout the country was specially designed for blacks and Latinos and a small percentage of the white population that struggle to get through K through 12. major just vacation for the authors of Common Core is white privilege which has yet to be defined and proven in major populations

  224. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 Post some actual sources/links and I’ll actually consider an inkling of what you just said. And by the way, I posted two sources for the same study, what more do want? The study catalogs people in the United States by race and gender from the age of 3, and sees which race and gender group has the highest percentage of people enrolling in college. I have no idea what your last sentence says, and by the way, just because something is “allegedly” designed for minorities, doesn’t mean it effectively helps minorities. It’s called a “failed project.”

  225. DanMiller8 says:

    Cbman. I think people are getting a little bit tired hearing that black lives matter when in all reality they don’t matter any more than anybody else. I gave you a whole lot of information in just like an atheist you want to deny everything. you need to get off this blog and go be successful at what you want to be successful at and you let everyone else live their lives the way they want to live.
    Blacks in this country don’t get any more entitlement than anybody else but they will continue to seek it.
    If you do anything else you going to campaign to make sure that blacks don’t hold blacks down in your community.
    Stop calling everything racist that you can’t do anything about.
    stop blaming racism for your personal failures and that of the people around you.
    Stop pushing for something for nothing and work for everything that you have.
    Stop expecting the government to provide for you.
    And don’t expect respect earned it and you will get. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin. It really doesn’t matter. all this attention you’re trying to get in promoting within the black community is just pushing people away and saying you need to learn everything that you have just like everybody else.
    Make sure you check out the UC California bonus points scandal. It doesn’t help to hide behind it but it would help to defeat it.
    After all you do want a level playing field. That is your goal.
    I’m done here I’m not your enemy. Your biggest enemy is within the black community.

  226. DanMiller8 says:

    cbman I cannot give a lot of your links credit because you get your information from sources that are biased toward blacks. You need to get all your information like I am from government sources US Census Bureau US Department of Labor Department of He
    alth. University of California. Department of Human Services and US
    Department of Corrections.
    The black Coalition is behind many of these websites that you have posted. educate yourself on the black coalition. its done more damage to the black community than any other organization.
    some people on here are calling names and throwing insults. All it does is make them look desperate
    the biggest issue in the black community in the United States is within the black community.. It has nothing to do with whites has nothing to do with Latinos has nothing to do with the US government once you understand that and move in that direction you will gain more ground than you ever dreamed of. living the major issues on everything else just slows down progress.
    I’m not going to continue this discussion. I feel like I’m talking to angry people that don’t want to find a solution they just want to toss out blame

  227. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 So when I defend my people from racists that spread misinformation, I’m the one in the wrong. You probably didn’t read the statistics that I posted here, because if you did you would probably understand, it isn’t a level playing field for black people in America. And by the way, I never said that institutional racism is the ONLY component in hindering black success, but I said it was a MAJOR component. And, that is an indisputable fact. No one on this forum has proved me wrong, but apparently I’m the one making excuses. Incredible. By stating facts clearly BACKED BY STATISTICS AND RECENT RESEARCH ARTICLES, I’m the bad guy. Personally, I’m not struggling. I come from an upper-class household and I’m going for my Bachelor’s in Physics. I live in the wealthiest African-American county in the world. But, I am exposed to research, and I am exposed to facts. It is not my fault if the facts I share make you upset. It is your job to either accept these facts and be quiet, or come up with an effective counterargument. Since you have not done the latter, I expect you to partake in the former. 

    P.S. You still haven’t even posted sources for your presumably fallacious information, and you’re criticizing my work. Appalling and pitiful.

  228. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 If you looked at my articles at all you’d see that all of the studies I presented have their roots from government research or academic institutions. Sometimes, I posted a news article describing the research article. The fact of the matter is that I’ve posted facts and you’ve done nothing to disprove them. You’re just saying “it’s all black people’s fault” when there are literally thousands of research articles to the contrary. You’ve just complained and said I’m so wrong, but you haven’t posted sources. Thank you for not responding. While it is controversial what affirmative action does, it has been proven to level the playing field for the systematically disadvantaged in terms of college admissions, and frankly affirmative action isn’t enough if black people want true equality.

  229. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 You’re acting like black people are no longer disadvantaged in any regard in the United States because affirmative action has been enacted. Please read a book, not for my sake, but for your sake and the world’s sake. God bless you. Hopefully Goodbye.

  230. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Salsassin PernellParham Ok, what do you want first the good news or the bad news?

    I went to Census Bureau site – i.e. the ORIGINAL source and not some black empowerment dude on YouTube playing up “Aha!” statistics – and looked at multiple years worth of data.  

    I guess the good news for you is that black females have for years actually been CONSISTENTLY higher in college enrollment than whites by this measure.

    It took going into each year’s survey individually and plugging them into a spreadsheet, but unfortunately that doesn’t make a very easy to follow copy and paste.  So here is the gist.  Black females, aged 3 and over, not limited to the young, have, since 2001, averaged about an 8.36% enrollment rate, compared to 6.75 for white, non Hispanic females (WNH) and 5.66 for WNH males.  Might even interest you know that in that especially high year for blacks in 2011, black males came within a tenth of a percentage point of white females, 7% vs 7.1%.  But the general pattern has been a hierarchy of Asian males and females at the top, black females, white females, white males, and black males at the bottom.  

    In short, this is NOTHING NEW.  It just made for an interesting “Aha!” talking point for the black blogs in that single year that black females were 9.7%, and that Asians had a statistical one-off and settled down into the 8% range.  Probably statistical noise, given the small sample size involved in measuring a small population like Asians.  But the bad news, in terms of your preserving this talking point, is this is NO LONGER TRUE.  Asians have again overtaken black women, with black women at 8.4, and Asian males and females at 9.4 and 10.4.  The number was a one-hit wonder.

    Looking at the longer term trend, the peak in black female enrollment looks like a product of the recession, when enrollment rates rose for whites AND blacks due to the weak job market.  But it’s now down to 8.4% for 2013, the most recent year with data.

    Now, what to make of this?  Apparently, not very much.  This is an interesting statistical point, but it apparently isn’t very meaningful.  Given that you have to look at the 3 and older population to find this higher rate of enrollment rather than the 18-24 set where the disparity is reversed and much larger, it suggests blacks might be likelier to to attend technical school, community college, etc, later in life than whites are.  

    We’ve also been flogging one another’s stats so hard we’ve forgotten what prompted you to even offer the stat in the first place.  It was when I said that “black culture” is one of shunning education, and treating education and good grades as “acting white.”  It’s a well-established and well-studied pathology that is no less true just because of this stat which covers ALL blacks rather than just ghetto blacks.  

    You sort of tipped your hand in a reply to another poster.  This isn’t so much about a sober, objective analysis to you, as it is about “defending (your) people” from “racists.”  That’s nothing I didn’t know, but thanks for admitting it.

  231. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Salsassin PernellParham
    BTW, re: the high black college dropout rate, there is not a person on here who hasn’t noticed that you don’t pooh-pooh, rationalize, or excuse the endless negative stats, and seize on the small handful of positive ones like a life preserver.

  232. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    This study is for the UK, not the US, but you don’t have to
    read far into the article to see that this is also just an end-results
    comparison and not one that makes allowances for criminal history and other
    factors.  An excerpt:
    “The Judicial Office said it
    was worth noting that last year’s data on out-of-court disposals and court
    proceedings showed differences in the sanctions issued to people of differing
    ethnicity and also in sentence lengths. These differences possibly related to a
    range of factors including types of offences committed and the plea entered,
    and should be treated with caution.”
    Thanks, this source essentially supports me, not you.  Excerpt:
    “The RAND Corporation study
    found that convicted African-Americans were more likely than whites to go to
    prison. And their sentences were longer. “This disparity,” the study concluded,
    “suggests that probation officers, judges, and parole boards are exercising
    discretion in sentencing or release decisions in ways that result in de facto
    discrimination against blacks.” De
    facto means the
    discrimination exists in fact, but without legal authority. It may not be
    discrimination can occur at many points in the legal process. Probation
    officers often prepare pre-sentencing reports for a judge. The judge uses the
    reports to help make sentencing decisions. Reports include information on the
    criminal’s prior record, family background, education, marital status, and
    employment history. Many African-Americans convicted of crimes come from
    deprived backgrounds. They may have things in their record — unemployment,
    trouble in school, family problems — that judges, who largely come from
    middle-class backgrounds, cannot relate to. This may sway some judges to treat
    them more harshly in sentencing.”
    In short, if it isn’t
    intentional, race-based discrimination by cops and judges, it isn’t “racism.”   And if
    you argue it is, again, the word is meaningless.  “Disparate impact” theory has the same basic
    premise, that disparate RESULTS are just as “racist” as disparate treatment or
    intent.  Bullshit.  It isn’t. 

    So on this study, one that DOES
    take into account other relevant facts and not just end-results, it is
    skeptical of “racism.”  Noted.

  233. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    You didn’t read the original
    source on this one, did you?  A very
    interesting approach, examining sentencing activity between an actual set of
    judges in Cook County, IL, rather than across the larger system. Highly
    relevant excerpt:
    “One limitation to our approach
    is that, while we can statistically establish that race  matters in the courtroom, we cannot formally
    detect whether this is due to some judges 
    discriminating against African-Americans, or some judges discriminating
    against Whites,  or a mixture of both. In
    itself, though, the evidence we uncover on the importance of race in judicial
    decision-making should be of direct relevance to legal policy.”
    Also, the review of prior literature
    in this paper reveals a LOT more of a mixed conclusion re: racial bias on
    arrests and sentencing than what you claim to see in Google results.  It IS a debate, it’s not a lopsided consensus
    that blacks are being unjustly treated.
    Another excerpt from this
    “A recent contribution to the
    literature is from Schanzenbach (2005). This study focuses on understanding the
    impact of judicial characteristics on case outcomes, using variation in
    judicial characteristics at the federal district level.10 While he finds that female
    judges reduce sex disparity in sentencing, results on racial disparity are
    mixed. He also finds no main effect of
    judges’ race on average sentence length.”
    For there to be “racism” in the
    courtroom, there must be some white judges treating black defendants more
    harshly.  If there is no disparity here
    based on the race of the judge, your point fails.
    The findings of this paper are
    essentially that there is a consistent gap, by this paper’s methods, of
    sentencing length and incarceration rates between blacks and whites among one
    set of judges.  The pattern found that
    the harsher overall the judge was in sentencing, the higher the gap between
    blacks and whites.  So, score one for you
    Look, I am not interested in
    picking apart every study ever done on this subject.  I don’t discount the existence of some racial
    bias by some cops and some judges.  What
    I reject is your position that “racist” views and biases have full explanatory
    power for why you are in jail in such disproportionate numbers.  The crime stats themselves give the lie to
    that notion.  You commit a crime, you get
    arrested, you find yourself before a judge. 
    You don’t commit a crime, you never find yourself before a judge.  It’s just that simple. 
    Now, we can go into the silly
    conspiracy theories that inevitably come up in these discussions about flaws in
    the federal crime stats methodology, a self-fulfilling prophesy of “racial
    profiling” resulting in a disproportionate haul of black arrests, and I’m not
    interested, because it’s an absurd exercise. 
    The higher the black percentage of the population for a given area, the
    higher the crime rate, generally speaking. 
    You aren’t being sought out and arrested because you’re black, you are
    being arrested because your neighborhoods are the most crime-ridden and hence
    they draw the police presence to be there to arrest you in the first
    place!  It’s cause and effect. 
    To the extent you then
    experience bias in the courtroom, it’s because judges are keenly aware of this fact.  That’s life, pal.  Maybe if you’d make an effort to clean up
    your own house by stigmatizing black criminals rather than excusing them, these
    residual biases would eventually go away. 
    I don’t see that happening anytime soon, though.

  234. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    Oh, and this one isnt even a “study,” it’s a PDF of a flyer from some prisoner advocacy group, that has one page of stats for the percentage of blacks that are incarcerated, as if that alone is supposed to be meaningful, much less be proof of “racism” in the sentencing process.  It also uses data from the 90s, since you seem to be so insistent on “RECENT” data.

  235. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Salsassin PernellParham THAT right THERE is the problem. Asking why a statistic is the way it is is the first step to solving a problem. I’m just telling things like they are. I actually read a research article about the criminal justice system and how biased criminologists take statistics at face value. I read it yesterday, but unfortunately I can’t find the source today.

    Anyway, here is a research article that accurately illustrates the racial and ethnic disparites in the school system. Important points are highlighted:

  236. DanMiller8 says:

    Cb man why are you posting articles that are over 30 years old what can you possibly prove? Irrelevant! Come on!

  237. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Salsassin PernellParham
    “THAT right THERE is the problem. Asking why a statistic is the way it is is the first step to solving a problem.”

    That has got to be the biggest bit of cognitive dissonance I’ve run across in a while.  You think about that while I go through some of things you’ve highlighted and pose that very question to yourself:  Is the answer to my point here obvious??

     “I’m just telling things like they are. I actually read a research article about the criminal justice system and how biased criminologists take statistics at face value. I read it yesterday, but unfortunately I can’t find the source today.”

    So now we’re criticizing the criminologists for not struggling to find some alternative explanation for WHY blacks commit more crime?  Well actually, most of them do that I’ve read.  But it seems to me you are 1.) dumping on a group you accused me of not being familiar with their work you purported proved your argument, and 2.) you are more interested in them voluntarily censoring information damaging to blacks than you are of them conducting real scholarship.

    Anyway, here is a research article that accurately illustrates the racial and ethnic disparites in the school system. Important points are highlighted:

    They’re not that important.  Some aren’t even “points.”

    “The allocation of school resources, however, too often exacerbates rather than remedies achievement and opportunity gaps. ”

    Translation: “Gibs us mo’ money!”  Shocker.

    “But schools serving more students of color are less likely to offer advanced courses and gifted and talented programs than schools serving mostly white populations, and students of color are less likely than their white peers to be enrolled in those courses and programs within schools that have those offerings.9  For example, almost one in five black high school students attend a highschool that does not offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses, a higher proportion than any other racial group.1”

    This is sometimes a question of funding, but my wife is an AP teacher.  AP programs are functions of interest and demands for it by students and parents, as well as a supply of AP certified teachers.  Suffice to say, most inner city schools are not the proving grounds of future scholars, with full of underperforming students and apathetic parents.  In any event, I don’t find it not being available to 20% of black students to be a terribly high number.

    The next highlighted passages complain that there are fewer black and Hispanic students enrolled in certain course like calculus.  Do we REALLY need to get into this?  Take your own challenge, ask yourself WHY the statistics are what they are?  Why do you YOU think they aren’t enrolled?  Is it purely because of less availability, with just a slightly lower percentage of their high schools offering them?   Or because they are not interested, maybe?  Or because they are aren’t bright enough to pass them??  Maybe, they’re going for easier courses like shop.  In that case, this has absolutely nothing to do with “racism” in the school system, it represents the students making a personal choice or understanding their own intellectual limitations.  What do you want to do, make everyone take the same courses?  

    “In particular, schools offering such (gifted) programs had an aggregate enrollment that was 15 percent black and 25 percent Latino, but their gifted and talented enrollment was only 9 percent black and 17 percent Latino.”

    Okay, why?  Occam’s razor, what’s the most obvious reason why they wouldn’t be in the gifted program?  How about because not as many of them are “GIFTED?”  I.Q. scores tell the tale.  And it is a prodigiously documented and consistent one.  

    The remaining passages are just different ways of demanding more money for black schools.  As if there will ever come a point when you will claim to have enough of it.

  238. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Salsassin PernellParham The concept of IQ was developed on the base of eugenics, so I’m not the least bit surprised about the IQ disparity. Also, IQ averages are more reliant on environmental background (food insecurity, etc.) than race. You’ll find that median household income is correlated with IQ. This just touches on the subject.

    Just because by percentage less minorities choose to take upper-level math classes doesn’t mean that the classes should not be offered to them by a school. Not offering these classes deprives the intelligent minority students that do want to take these classes an educational opportunity, and when more minority students see their friends in harder courses it may influence them to take the harder courses, which can potentially lead to a compound effect. Put bluntly, yes, this is a problem.

  239. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin In accordance to the prison PDF, perhaps I should’ve checked the date because I wouldn’t have used it if I knew the data was that old.

    These statistics blatantly ignore practices that are or were in place to target minorities, such as “stop-and-frisk.” While in reality, the contraband rate (the chance that something illegal will be found on you), is remarkably 10% higher in the white population than the black population (in Ferguson for example), the reason why more black people are arrested for illegal possessions is a weighted combination of racial profiling and collateral charges. The fact of matter is when it comes to drug arrests, the police force has always been targeting minorities, especially blacks.

    There is a short NPR blog on how police have especially targeted blacks in Ferguson.

    As far as a lopsided consensus goes in racial criminology studies, I’d very much say it exists. The vast majority of research that tries to illustrate that no racial disparity in the criminal justice system exists tends to be based on antiquated data from at least two decades ago, and the vast majority of those research studies come from the same biased source namely: However, most RECENT research studies show that there is marked racial bias in the court system and arrest records. And, there seems to be more diversity in the amount of institutions coming to my conclusion.

    Some recent articles that support my point: (Research by done in the last 10 years tends to be less biased)

    Some antiquated articles that support your point: (This one goes so far as to get data from the civil rights era… which I find amusing and hilarious!) (This data is so antiquated they use the term “negro”)

    Look at the number of research articles from the year 2000 and later and compare how many articles side with your point, and how many articles side with my point. Then, you’ll see the meaning of “lopsided consensus.” Relevance is key.,36&as_vis=1

  240. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 There are many research articles posted that have data based in the last 15 years (if you even looked at the first two pages.)

  241. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 I thought you said you weren’t going to respond, you’re silly.

  242. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 Sort by relevance 2000-2015 on the page…

  243. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    The Ferguson and “profiling” points, rhubbish, all of them.
    Decades earlier, before the Giuliani era of aggressive, “stop
    and frisk” policing, the complaint from the black community was that they were
    being UNDERserved.  Crime was allowed to
    fester in black neighborhoods because of the ideological liberal dominance in
    much of politics and law enforcement.  Police
    were then accused of “racism” on grounds of neglect, as crime rates in black
    areas soared.  Then the pendulum shifted
    and the Giuliani system, along with high incarceration rates, drove crime rates
    down substantially.  NOW what is your
    complaint?  That they’re “racist” because
    they’re “targeting” you!  The police
    absolutely cannot win with people like you! 

    Incidentally, when I hear a lead-in like this:
    most RECENT research studies show that there is marked racial bias in the court
    system and arrest records. And, there seems to be more diversity in the amount
    of institutions coming to my conclusion.”
    I’d expect to see some
    papers on, you know, the court system and arrest records.
    This is NOT a criminology study, it’s a paper on the pseudo-intellectual
    gibberish known as “critical race theory.”
    THIS is not one, either! 
    This is a political science paper on measuring differences in
    perceptions about the fairness of CRJ system between blacks and whites.
    THIS is not one, either. 
    This is a comprehensive study on discrimination in employment, housing,
    and credit.   Being in the financial
    services industry, I am especially eager to call bullshit on the very premise
    of this paper, namely that profit-making entities are interested in turning
    away potential credit customers simply because they’re black.  In fact, nearly all “studies” purporting to
    show bias in lending, amazingly DO NOT CONTROL FOR CREDIT HISTORIES!  In other words, they will show a black X
    percent less likely to get a loan or a mortgage, and leave out the valuable
    information that his credit score is poor! 

    The way this article deals with that question is laughable.
    “Complicating matters further, some
    potential control variables may themselves be endogenous to the process under
    investigation. Models estimating credit discrimination, for example, typically
    include controls for asset accumulation and credit history, which may
    themselves be in part the byproduct of discrimination “
    In other words, if Joe BlackMan comes to the bank with a
    crappy credit score and little assets for collateral, because of phantom “discrimination”
    in his past – couldn’t get a good job to pay his bills on time, couldn’t save
    to build wealth, etc – it’s, in turn, “discrimination” to turn him down for the
    loan based on his financial status when he comes to the bank!

  244. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    I’ll leave the strongest point for the great mind of Thomas
    Sowell, who has documented in his books that once credit histories are taken
    into account, “bias” in lending virtually, yet not quite completely, disappears:
    widely-cited Federal Reserve study of racial disparities in mortgage loan
    approval rates did not control for net worth, nor take into account tthe loan
    applicants’ credit histories or their existing debts. Nor was “the adequacy of
    collateral” included. When a more detailed follow-up study was done for the
    Boston area by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, it was discovered that in
    fact black and Hispanic applicants for mortgage loans had greater debt burdens,
    poorer credit histories, sought loans covering a higher percentage of the value
    of the properties in question, and were also more likely to seek to ?nance
    multiple-dwelling units rather than single family homes.”
    Nor does THIS have anything to do with sentencing
    or CRJ, this is a paper on disparities in expulsion or dropout rates in school
    systems!  The kicker?  Like all other such studies, they DON’T
    CONTROL for the offense, the recidivism rate of the student, or any other
    relevant factor, they just look at the end-results.  So if black or Hispanic children are
    misbehaving at higher rates than white children, and getting deservedly
    expelled or suspended for it, this study would still present it as “discrimination.”

    How many
    times do I have to make this point, and how many times are you going to ignore
    it, that this methodology is USELESS. 
    It’s also useful to note this isn’t an objective
    study, it was done by some outfit called the “Applied Research Center” in
    Oakland, and is an explicitly racial advocacy group.

    FINALLY, something relevant to CRJ. Different link
    accessing the full paper, but this is your study from Angela Davis.

  245. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    Oops.  Did
    you even read it before you linked?  Not even
    2 paragraphs in:
    “Few prosecutors consciously favor criminal
    defendants or victims based on race or class.  Most prosecutors are motivated by a desire to
    enforce the law in ways that will produce justice for everyone in the
    communities they serve. However, all too often, prosecutors’ well-intentioned
    charging and plea bargaining decisions result in dissimilar treatment of
    similarly situated victims and defendants, sometimes along race and class
    The following section is titled “The Racial Impact for
    Race Neutral Decision Making!”  Again,
    this is disparate impact stuff, not something proving or even alleging racial
    bias in the process.  Not impressed. 
    Look, you have already openly stated what your goal
    is here.  To “defend (your) people.”  You’re not interested in an intellectually
    honest discussion, all you’re doing is taking a quantity-over-quality strategy
    and trying to throw enough links around to give the appearance that you’re
    actually staying on topic and addressing arguments when you’re not.  You’re trying to throw everything but the
    kitchen sink all at once. 
    I’ve acknowledged there is some residual anti-black
    bias out there that is irrational and unfair.  There is also plenty of RATIONAL anti-black
    bias out there that is totally fair. But your problem as a group is not bias,
    it’s your own real shortcomings.  You
    have your memorized rejoinders for how every single stat anyone has on crime,
    IQ, whatever, somehow isn’t accurate. 
    But you’re not going to sell me on it. 
    I’m too familiar with the criticisms, and even if I didn’t know a single
    statistic, I’ve lived a majority black town all my life, and I’ve seen black
    communities and interacted with them up close and personally. 
    Now, take a breather, will you.  I’ve played in the sandbox with you long
    enough.  Everyone knows where both of us

  246. DanMiller8 says:

    trying to have a conversation with black activist here on this blog is like talking to ats about God. no way will anyone here admit that there is massive scams and frauds being conducted by black people across the country to gain entitlement anywhere they lead in criminal activity on all levels in this country there is no way you can refute it. I check with the US Department of Corrections will verify this I check with your local county in many counties would verify this.
    Massive fraud on an epic scale in the Social Security Administration is being mainly perpetuated by black people seeking benefits from people’s social security numbers who are deceased. This is the biggest crime in the country right now. mainly because the US Social Security system will not do anything to control it therefore they enable it to continue and grow
    The University of California. System for black is alive and well and will not change and that is to level the playing field. Common core is here to stay and it’s here to level the playing field for blacks.
    Enough with the self promotion that blacks are not doing anything wrong and they were exceeding the achievement areas across this country.
    Why don’t you promote all ethnic groups as a growing society

  247. DanMiller8 says:

    just because any single white black Latino or white woman is participating in the snap system does not mean they’re conducting fraud. it may be so that single white women are the highest recipient of snap but does not indicate that they are involved in fraud. they may be a flowing come in qualify legally. Just like single black women qualify legally who have 4 6 8 kids and get welfare checks for each one so mama does not have to work.
    Everytime you self promote within the black community you point fingers back at yourselves for massive fraud across the country.
    during Hurricane Katrina benefit assistance payout by fema, massive fraud was occurring in the black community where blacks would get debit cards for $25,000 to relocate then get right back in line to get another card and another card. thanks to a checks and balance system most of those people were caught and prosecuted.

  248. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin 
    I was completely done with my rebuttal, but it got deleted. I’m going to try and make a duplicate.

    I do concede that critical race theory is a controversial topic (much like the credit, loan, and racial discrimination topic), but I posted the study because it was pertinent the situation at hand.

    The article says that, “Few prosecutors consciously favor criminal defendants or victims based on race or class.” Then the article goes on to say “the likelihood of conviction is another consideration endorsed by the ABA. Thus, although the strength of the evidence and the likelihood of conviction are facially race-neutral factors, they may be influenced by initial, unconscious racial valuations.” According to the results of the Harvard racism test “Project Implicit,” 80% of white people in the United States are implicitly (subconsciously) biased against black people. Since 85% of the judges in the US are white, it is not a far reach to assume that implicit bias plays a role in many court cases nationwide. More conclusive evidence would be garnered if we made judges take implicit bias tests before electing them.

    This excerpt explains another reason why frequent stop-and-frisk detainment can be an important problem. The majority of stop-and-frisk detainees were innocent.

    “Race often plays a role in the decision to detain and/or arrest 
    a suspect.27 In addition, policy decisions about where police officers 
    should be deployed and what offenses they should investigate have 
    racial ramifications.28 A white defendant with no criminal arrest or 
    conviction record may have engaged in criminal behavior. If he lives 
    in a community that resolves certain criminal offenses (drug use, 
    assault, etc.) without police intervention, he may be a recidivist 
    without a record. Likewise, a black defendant who lives in a 
    designated “high crime” area may have been detained and arrested 
    on numerous occasions even if he has not engaged in criminal 
    behavior.29 Thus, the existence or nonexistence of an arrest or 
    conviction record may not reflect criminality. A prosecutor without 
    knowledge of or sensitivity to this issue may give prior arrests undue 
    consideration in making charging and plea bargaining decisions.” 

    The study acknowledges that this is an important problem with careless prosecutors.

    The crime in black communities could have been better remedied with quicker police response times, rather than the racial profiling acts of stop-and-frisk. Police response times were and are longer in black communites than they are in white communities. Everyone knows that police response time is crucial to a crime scene investigation. Instead of police simply hurrying up, the government decided allow policeman to search random black people, which is RACIAL PROFILING.

    As for your bogus assumption that black people don’t get pulled over or searched because of race, here is an article that argues that black people racially discriminated against in that way:

    “Models estimating credit discrimination, for example, typically include controls for asset accumulation and credit history, which may themselves be in part the byproduct of discrimination (, pp. 26–27).”

    When he was talking about a byproduct of discrimination, he could have easily been referring to a myriad of things, for example, the conclusion of the resume studies that show that black people have almost two times less incidence rate in landing a job compared to whites. This low incidence rate can lead to a situation of unemployment, which can lead to poverty, which can lead to reliance on welfare, which can lead to living in areas of low-socioeconomic status, which can lead to making riskier loan propositions.

    Just because a man named Thomas Cowell finds something in this studies (that is debatable), it doesn’t mean his finding is universally accepted or flawless. In practically every research study I see about credit, loans and racial discrimination, I read that the subject is “hotly debated” or “controversial” and I see the topic as just that. That field of study has no general consensus yet, and for every study I see that saying there is no racial bias, I see another saying that there is racial bias.

    Here are three articles. The second one is somewhat of an explanation to the first one, and that is the ONLY reason why it is included. The first simply finds that there is a disparity in loan pricing, and the other two studies, analyze why. The second and third article both come to the conclusion that racial discrimination is a factor. The second article illustrates this point by pointing to an over-generalization of risk in the black community by creditors. The third article says that continuing with racial discrimination will only lead to an worsening of malpractice in the future.

  249. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin  As for you saying that black children might be misbehaving more than white children, here’s a study on that topic:

    Now, for the count:

    1. A black college student with a bachelor’s degree in a given field is EQUALLY AS LIKELY to find a job as a white high school dropout. -Not debated
    2. A black man that has not been incarcerated is STILL less likely to land a job than a white man who has been incarcerated. Not debated
    3. The disproportionate national average makes a black person 3-times as likely to get arrested on drug charges, although both races have the same rate of drug use. Some states target blacks more than others. In the state of Wisconsin, a black person is 8 – times as likely to get arrested on a drug charge as a white person, while both races have the same rate of drug use. -Not well debated (You failed to produce conclusive evidence that blacks have a higher drug use rate than whites)
    4. On average, black criminals receive 20% longer sentences than white criminals convicted of similar charges.
    -Not well debated (When the only specific variable that you complained “wasn’t accounted for” was controlled in a different study, the length of sentence disparity was reduced to a still significant 14.5%.)

    5. In a resume research study, 24000 almost identical resume’s were sent out. The only difference between the resumes was that 12000 had stereotypically white names while the other 12000 had stereotypically black names.The study’s results found that the black names had an almost 2 times less incidence rate in landing a job compared to the white names. -Not Debated

    You haven’t disproven ONE of my original studies, but I took an L? Have a seat.

  250. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin

    Edit to #1, I meant black college students are EQUALLY AS LIKELY to land a job as a white high school dropout.

  251. DanMiller8 says:

    Massive Social Security fraud is going on with all ethnic groups and you can bet that a good number are black. My guess based on statistics from Social Security Administration would be over 50 percent black committing this fraud alone.

  252. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood Salsassin Just for the record, I never said that institutional racism is the ONLY component that creates a hindrance to success in the black community, but institutional racism is a MAJOR component. That is indisputable. The resume studies among other research studies prove just that.

  253. DanMiller8 says:

    CBS 60 minutes news magazine is doing a complete cover story on this subject airing tonight

  254. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    Oh lawdy.  This exchange is apparently going to keep going with you throwing around less-than-dispositive links, and now RE-posting issues already covered, until the end of time, because you the subject is only going to keep touching on yet MORE areas where you want to bitch about “discrimination,” and you are one of these guys who just can’t bear to not get in the last word and do what you think is a little victory dance. 

    I’m gonna get to these tomorrow, and then I’m gonna be DONE here.  This is one weekend I’ll never have back, having wasted it on this pointless exchange with an obtuse paranoiac.

  255. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin 
    And by the way, when you said the researcher “also finds no main effect of
    judges’ race on average sentence length.” That doesn’t disprove that discrimination exists in the criminal justice system. What does “main” mean? Is there a small, but statistically significant percentage that the study failed to talk about?  Project Implicit contains a series of online tests that test subconscious bias in an individual, including racial bias. You should take the test to see if you have underlying racial bias. Anyway, the conclusions of Project Implicit were astonishing. 80% of white people showed subconscious bias towards white people and 50% of black people showed subconscious bias towards white people, self-haters. If these statistics are applied to the population of judges, it’s no surprise that the statistics I posted are the way that they are. Then again, we can’t be sure until a large sample size of judges sits down an takes racial implicit bias tests, and the study is published.

  256. DanMiller8 says:

    I will prove you that the welfare queen in this country is not white she is black and she lives under Social Security and food stamps you get way too much credit to snap who was only partially funded by the government mostly privately

  257. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin 
    No discrimination huh? What about this study?

  258. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    For your study, about judges not having marked racial bias in sentencing, was the sample size: a state, regional, or national. That is relevant based on the last study I posted.

  259. DanMiller8 says:

    I crunched the demographic numbers at the US Census. While most food stamp recipients are White 63.7% and only 12.2% Black, when compared to the entire demographic, only 7% Whites are on food stamps and 24% Blacks are on food stamps. Further, the chart of the dramatic increase in the last 3 years to 2014, clearly shows that “Obama is the Food Stamp President”.

  260. DanMiller8 says:

    in a study that’s more recent and a link I’ve previously posted which seems to be more accurate

  261. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    Here is another study that shows evidence of racial bias in the criminal justice system:

  262. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin 
    People with more Afrocentric features, independent of how they identify themselves racially, get more severe prison sentences.

  263. DanMiller8 says:

    @cbman1228 @DanMiller8 I don’t plan to mostly all the information that you post is subjective in nature and promotes black community from doing anything wrong. like I said before the biggest enemy in the black community is a mindset of depravity an oppression that is brought on from within the black community

  264. cbman1228 says:

    The problem with you is you apparently can’t accept facts. The fact of the matter is: there are problems that come from inside the black community, and there are problems that come from outside the black community.

  265. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 The fact of the matter is: there are problems that come from inside the black community and problems that come from outside the black community. For example, one problem that came from outside the black community was when the CIA pumped cocaine into black neighborhoods.

  266. Avenger37 says:

    cbman1228 DanMiller8 Right on, cbman228 bro!!!  Not only that, but the CIA also used the “dark” of night to infuse their evil drugs into the black communities!  With an equal 12 hrs. of bright WHITE lite and 12 hrs of DARK, BLACK night, why did the racist CIA choose “dark” nights to work their evil? … huh?  Obviously, the white dudes at the CIA are racist … besides that, there was a paper published at a superior black university that shows how the white dudes in the CIA forced … forced, I tell you … black people to use them drugs.  Because of those undeniable statistic stuff, white people should pay reparations to all black peoples.

  267. cbman1228 says:

    Avenger37 cbman1228 DanMiller8 If you infuse something addictive into any environment, the organisms in that environment will become addicted to that substance. The fact that the government successfully persuaded some black people to turn on their own people for monetary gain is disgraceful, though history tends to repeat itself. A similar situation happened in the past when European countries were pumping opium into China, causing poverty and discord in Chinese provinces. Leaders in China saw the effect these opium shipments had on civilians, stood up, and said “Stop Shipping in Opium!” Then, the Opium Wars started because the European countries were profiting too much from Chinese unrest. These situations usually end with the affected civilians and leaders realizing they are being duped in part by their own leaders that are profiting from the unrest. Also, the affected Chinese civilians realized that foreigners were exploiting the reward system in human nature and foreigners were trying to get an edge on the Chinese financially and socially by putting drugs in their neighborhoods and disrupting social order. In case you didn’t know, there are some black people that exist who don’t care about the black community and will support and profit off of the crack addiction of black civilians. They are commonly referred to as “Uncle Toms” or “sell-outs,” and have existed since slavery in America. These sell-outs are likened to the Chinese traders that profited from the Opium trade. While some black sell-outs were mere tools of drug system, the government was the root of the problem and the true source of the drugs, shipping in tons of drugs at a time. Many theories point to the government initiating this drug scandal in an effort to try to halt black achievement and make a quick buck all at the same time. Following the European Opium Wars model, and by exploiting desperate and poor blacks that were willing to risk it all, the government’s scandal succeeded.

  268. brokeandsorry says:

    well I live in Cleveland, Ohio and blacks here are doing well, you can stay fucus on negativity I see a lot of white homeless men here, who happen to be american citizens and speak English, THE WAY I WISH I COULD! My presitent is Black, they are democrat, they are republicans. they are rich, educated, they are teachers, doctorts YOU NAME IT ! wake up and smell the coffee!

  269. brokeandsorry says:

    Its human nature to turn into human kind for money … white aginst white or whatever, lets keep it real to much bla bla bla, money talks !

  270. cbman1228 says:

    brokeandsorry Exactly. You can’t act like that isn’t just human nature, regardless of race.

  271. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 cbman1228 Avenger37 BlackheywoodHeywood PernellParham Salsassin
    As hopefully my last word to you: you can call me a paranoiac all you want, but please do so after you’ve effectively disproven ONE of my original studies. The only study that you’ve managed to debate to the point of a stalemate is a topic that is known to have very much controversy: The racial discrimination in loan pricing in the United States. Therefore, it leaves me baffled why you’re so proud in yourself, when your arguments are full of holes, alternate findings, and contention within the research community. Rightfully earn your pride by disproving ONE of my original studies. God bless.

  272. junkbondtrader41 says:

    It was Cook County, IL, i.e. Chicago, and it was YOURS. I simply found a link to the full study and not just an abstract. Which gives a bit more fuel to my suspicion that you’re just slinging links that look slightly useful, in order to give an illusion you’re providing copious evidence, then are caught off guard they end up being much more ambiguous.
    I didn’t care enough to waste another evening on you tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

  273. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 That’s a pretty small sample, and it’s only 1 county, which is hardly a representation of judges throughout the United States. I felt that the link I posted represented information that was relevant to the situation, so I posted it. The study I posted showed research articles that found racial bias and research articles that found no racial bias. You posted information in your defense that represented a very small sample size. A study I posted in your replies that catalogs entire region of states shows that judges in more conservative regions tend to send a more disproportionate amount of black people to jail, and judges in more liberal regions tend to send a much less disproportionate amount of blacks to jail. Chicago leads as one of the most liberal cities in the United States. That is a possibility that could have led to a reported lack of racial bias in judges in Chicago. I’ll review the small sampled Chicago study and evaluate its validity, though I more readily believe the United States Sentencing Commission and it’s affiliated studies that imply bias over a small sampled Chicago study that implies a lack of bias. I’m glad you finally stopped responding though. We can move on with our lives I guess. I appreciate your effort as a debater, even though most of your debating was for naught. Have a nice day.

  274. cbman1228 says:

    Although I would say that the topic of loan, credit, and racial discrimination is stalemated in our debate because of its controversial nature with a notable lack of general consensus in the research community, you have failed to show conclusive evidence showing that my most of my research studies are inconclusive or incorrect. Therefore, I don’t see how you think you’ve won this debate. Correct me specifically with links to research articles that directly contradict my data, don’t have paltry sample sizes, and are recently published.

  275. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 The overall point of this conversation was to show that “racial discrimination is present and significant against the black community in many areas of recent life.” And, that point was not broken by your contradictions.

  276. Salsassin says:

    explain DC if Ferguson report equals racism. DC has majority black police force. Disparate impact by ethnicity doesn’t automatically equate to racism and an equate just to highwr level of criminal activity

  277. Avenger37 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Your determination to get fact in front of this guy is exemplary … but as the saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid”.  cbman1228 has already reached a conclusion before any fact is presented; any fact that shows his a priori conclusion wrong is dismissed as “inaccurate”, “purposely skewed” or “racially biased”.  I saw an interview with one of the Ferguson, MO protestors last night … an obvious idiot.  The protestor stated that if “Darrel Wilson was sent to prison none of this would have happened … the bottom line is Michael Brown is dead and the white cop is live”.  The moron made that statement even though a Grand Jury (with a black majority), and the black racist, Eric Holder, found the claim that “Michael Brown was on his knees with hand in the air yelling don’t shoot” was a lie. America is starting to get fed-up with the claims and actions of these idiots … they shoot cops, shoot each other, steal, loot and burn down businesses…then claim whitey is guilty for their crimes  – ’cause whitey is racist.  The only real solution is to lock them up, permanently, and make sure they don’t reproduce.  Their stupidity is destructive, not only to themselves but everyone else.

  278. brokeandsorry says:

    the problem its not the drugs, but the “reason” you will have to be an addict to understant a person who wants to use drugs, they always find the reasons, its and illness and its definatelly not a black problem, do you whatch the Dr. Phil show?, most people he sends to the A1 rehab in Malibu are whites, and educated ones…the problem is the more money you have the quicker your die if you and addict ,and the poor will live a life time getting high cuz they just cant afford to O.D… as much as Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson. and of course thats how you got the statictis

  279. cbman1228 says:

    Salsassin Poverty is correlated with crime. In wealthy majority black communities like Mitchellville and Bowie Maryland that neighbor DC, the crime rate is low. DC has a very large racial disparity in terms of socioeconomic status and income between black and white people. Therefore it makes sense that black people would commit more crimes that white people in DC, due to a more desperate mindset. It is true that disparate impact by ethnicity does not automatically equate to racism, and DC could potentially be used be used as an example of this, but lets not forget the existence of the Uncle Tom ,and according to the results of Project Implicit, 50% of black people are implicitly (subconsciously) racist against their own race. During a black police officer’s power trip, it’s possible these subconscious beliefs could be amplified, and could lead to profiling. When there are examples of police arresting black men at an EIGHT-TWENTY TIMES LARGER RATE than white people when the police force’s vast majority of officers is white and when both racial groups have comparable rates of drug use (see Iowa), and when cities all around the United States disproportionately stop and arrest black people for JAYWALKING (probably as an excuse to frisk them), it’s hard to believe that racial profiling isn’t involved. Historically, stopping black people for jaywalking seems like a tried and true tactic for racial profiling. For example, in Champaign-Urbana Illinois, from 2007-2011 percentage of traffic stops that yielded contraband between race is around 3% in black people and 2% in white people, that’s a one percent difference. I understand that traffic stops that yield contraband can have different results than street stops that yield contraband, but for brevity’s sake I’ll say the results are comparable. Partially due to black people being stopped for jaywalking at a higher rate in Champaigne, Ilinois, black people account for 91% of the jaywalking arrests. The excuse made by the police department for this alarming rate was that where some black people live, there are no sidewalks. So when black people walk in the street, they can arrest them. Critics of this explanation say that “even though there is a lack of sidewalk in some black communities in the area, that does not account for such an enormously inflated rate of jaywalking arrests by race, when blacks are only 20% of the population”

    Here are some cool articles on the issue: Go to Table 6

    Even though this article below has some disparate impact evidence, it has some deeper analysis that suggests racial discrimination in Ferguson along with a video.

    This is a study that details racial profiling of police officers. Due to New York police officers lying in court about racial profiling so often, a study found that New York police officers call testifying, “testi(l)ying” among themselves. It’s on Page 133.

    As a summary, one example of a majority-black police department showing a higher rate of criminal activity among black men does not prove that racial discrimination doesn’t exist in the United States police department, because the majority of police departments in the United States are majority-white, there is a potential for intra-group discrimination, and there is interesting evidence backing up the disparate impact statistics that suggests police officers’ racial bias. “Stop-and-frisk” along with “driving while black” statistics are other examples that often display that police officers sometimes go out of their way to target “suspicious” black people. Tell me if there’s something I’ve missed. If you don’t find my statistics and analyses conclusive, I’d be happy to find more conclusive research.

  280. cbman1228 says:

    Avenger37 junkbondtrader41 You just went full racist lol. All research is debatable, only someone unaccustomed to partaking in initiating research would say otherwise. As a side note, most of the looters were reported to not even be citizens of Ferguson. Whatever floats your racist boat. There are youtube videos of witnesses saying “He had his hands up. Why did you shoot him?” But, your digression was odd. I don’t really see how the Michael Brown incident is pertinent to this statistical conversation, so let’s move on.

  281. cbman1228 says:

    Salsassin Also, in a small sampled study (that could potentially shed some light on how the police force discriminates against black people) in Cincinnati, Ohio: It was concluded that “Blacks were between three and five times more likely to (a) be asked if they were carrying drugs or weapons, (b) be asked to leave the vehicle, (c) be searched, (d) have a passenger searched, and (e) have the vehicle physically searched in a study conducted. This conclusion was based on the analysis of 313, randomly selected, traffic stop police tapes gathered from 2003 to 2004.

  282. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 Salsassin  Jesus H, dude!  You have GOT to be retired and have nothing better to do than engage in Internet searches all day.   Most of us work and the email tone going off on my phone is getting a little tiresome. 

    I’m entirely comfortable with the case I’ve made on here, and whether you want to admit it or not, your view took a pounding.  Your list of 5 facts you were slinging around as slam-dunk and dispositive, got some corrections and some needed context.  Yeah, I could go back and address your latest thoughts on them, but what’s the point?    The average reader who reads my posts and yours, if they have any sort of open mind at all, is not going to be nearly as convinced of the rigid victimology you espouse as you seem to think.

    I’ve gone through every link at every post of yours I’ve responded to, and my view has not changed.  Is there SOME racism that persists today, and is it measurable?  Yeah, probably.  If I had to put a figure to it, maybe 10-20% of your incomes, UE rates, prison sentences, police stops, etc, is due to an unfair judgment of you.  But any residual “racism” or “discrimination” a black man experiences in his day-to-day life is A factor.  It is not THE factor that will determine his life.  There is not a giant conspiracy against you, and most negative impressions people have of you did not irrationally spring up out of the ground overnight just because you have dark skin.  The “stereotypes” for many blacks have a documented basis in FACT.  That you don’t happen to LIKE those facts, and have methodological quibbles with how their calculated or how they might have been impacted but some earlier stage of “racism” makes them FACTS nonetheless!

    At the end of the day, don’t you think the black community would be better served in cleaning its own house, staying in school and finishing school with a decent GPA, not having kids they can’t afford to raise, maintaining stable familes, and staying off the damn street corners??  This wouldn’t be a better strategy than to have argumentative old farts like you scouring for articles to excuse why they CAN’T be expected to do that and marinating in self pity? 

    Continuing this is pointless.  I don’t have endless free time to keep going through more and more and more links and telling you why I don’t find them persuasive, so there is where I will end it for now.  I’m sure we’ll engage again soon.

  283. cbman1228 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Lol I’m 20, in college going for my Bachelor’s in Meteorology-Physics, and because of my schedule, I have lots of time on my hands this semester. The whole point of this conversation was acknowledging that there are considerable problems that come from within the black community, and there are considerable problems that stem from outside the black community. That is all. I really don’t know where you got your 10-20% figure from, but, I do realize that institutional racism has a considerable and disproportionate impact on black lives and that is all I was arguing. You seem to actually agree that institutional racism has a considerable impact on the average black life. Many of the stereotypes of black people aren’t substantiated in fact. But, if you wanted to get into that, that might take another debate lol. Honestly, it was fun debating with you, and I’m glad we had this talk, although I feel as though you didn’t particularly stalemate the vast majority of my arguments. Final point: there needs to be more effort, inside and outside the black community for blacks to find true equality. I think we can agree on that fact, and sign out.

  284. DanMiller8 says:

    Cbman and supporters here. You would be best to move in the direction of resolution to the problems within the black community in this country then to minimize the wrong doings of blacks wherever they may be. There is not a day that I don’t turn on the TV and watch major news across the country and across my state of people breaking laws and violating rights of others. A large majority of these crimes are among black people. when interviewed I often hear the same rhetoric. Blacks hate cops, blacks hate whites, blacks hate the US government. the biggest problem in the black community in this country is within the black community. It is an inbred hatred handed down from generations. Hatred toward all things not black. This is pure bigotry prejudice racism as one sees it. You need to recognize that hatred racism exists among black people
    I grew up in Southern California in a conservative white family. I’ve been exposed socially too many groups and travelled in many countries. I have never seen the hatred among whites towards blacks that I see today among blacks toward whites. if there is racism in America among whites or blacks it is not as transparent as that of blacks toward whites.
    Again the best thing you could be doing on this blog is talking to fellow members of your community about the attitude that has been inbred and passed down from generation to generation of hatred toward white cops and the government and Latinos for that matter.
    I want you CB man to address the problems within the black community on this blog.
    stop defending your people. by doing so you are trying to climb a greased pole
    stop blaming everyone else for the problems within the black community of this country. this is about as real as the truth gets

  285. DanMiller8 says:

    first of according the US Census 43% blacks in this country and yes of the 43 percent blacks in this country 24% of you are using food stamps higher than any other ethnic group 2 to 1 to whites. alongside food stamps you’re also getting Obamacare which is being subsidized by the middle and upper economic class and you’re getting welfare cash cards. if that’s not good enough you have the highest percentage of incarcerated inmates in the country. and on top of that you make the news more than any other ethnic group for looting break ins burglary and home invasion robbery.

  286. junkbondtrader41 says:

    cbman1228 junkbondtrader41 LOL. It was kinda fun. You’re insufferable, but fun.  Good fight!

  287. DanMiller8 says:

    It begins and ends with the attitude. the attitude must change if you want to see change in society
    here is the real example of america welfare queen she is not white she is black and she does not represent one person.

  288. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 Even junkbondtrader admits that there is considerable and significant racism against the black community after our research debate. Institutional racism is a MAJOR factor not the ONLY factor considering black inequality. There are important problems that stem from inside the black community as well as major problems that come from outside the black community. All of these problems need to be taken into account if we want true equality for black people.

  289. cbman1228 says:

    Salsassin Here’s another article that details the police, traffic stops, and racial discrimination.

  290. cbman1228 says:

    Salsassin Bluntly stated, I wouldn’t say that national disparate impact statistics by ethnicity are a dead-on accurate representation of national police bias. But, I would say that the disparate impact statistics by ethnicity are largely a by-product of national police bias.

  291. DanMiller8 says:

    The core issue here on this blog that should be discussed among blacks is how the attitude of hate continues to to dilute society. Much more hate among blacks toward whites and cops and asians and latinos.
    stop talking about being a victim and start talking about change within the black community.
    I can assure you that as long as there is a mindset and an attitude of hatred among blacks that they are being victimized by everybody else other ethnic groups will always see them as the perpetrators and not the victims. It does not start with whites it does not start with cops it does not start it with anybody else except blacks within their own families their own neighborhoods their own schools their own communities.
    I have great respect for black that can overcome depression was in and make a success of themselves. But when I watch liberal news every night of black committing violent crimes evading police on the streets It is mainly blacks. Everyday.
    Focus on within first.
    cops may change their training they may become more tolerant but they’re not going to stop maintaining law and order because that’s their job.
    again I don’t see the hatred on the streets with whites toward blacks the way I see it with blacks toward whites

  292. Avenger37 says:

    cbman1228 DanMiller8 So you have all this free time on your hands and how do you spend it? …. trying to prove that white people don’t like you.  Trying to find “proof” that you’re a victim by “searching” what other black people say is rather unproductive use of your time, leading to nothing useful and tainting you life so you see every situation involving black and white interaction as racist … on the part of whitey, of course.  Man, you’re poisoning your mind and limiting any major success with those beliefs you have been self-indoctrinating.  The successful black people I know say they let “racism” affect the other guy, not them.  When you surround yourself with looking for proof of white racism, you’ll no doubt find it … even where it does not exist.

  293. cbman1228 says:

    Avenger37 cbman1228 DanMiller8 I’m well off in life, and I do acknowledge that institutional racism exists, and is one of many potential hindrances to black success. Just because a black person is aware of potential hindrances in his life doesn’t mean he will not be successful. In fact, knowing about these hindrances in life can help him deal with these obstacles when he reaches them. As a side note, I’m surprised you know any “successful black people.” I assume they are not your friends because based on your dialogue in this comment section, you are insensitive and racist. If they are your friends, perhaps they don’t know this side of you yet. I suggest you show your (nonexistent?) black friends this comment section so they can judge your true integrity when you’re behind their back. 

    Anyway, you’re not posting anything particularly interesting, so I think this conversation is over. Have a nice day. Bye.

  294. cbman1228 says:

    DanMiller8 You apparently think some blacks feel negatively about police and certain white people for no reason. It would behoove you to read about how police are treating and have historically treated black Americans since the beginning of the US. And white history… do you really have an educated reason why some black people SHOULDN’T be slightly mistrustful of CERTAIN white people in authoritative positions? Throughout white people’s marginalization of black people through slavery, Jim Crow, eugenics, the masterminding of drug importation to weaken black neighborhoods, racial profiling, job market discrimination, etc. As I said before, there are important problems that stem from inside the black community and important problems that come from outside the black community. Dealing with ALL of these problems will result in true equality for black people. I can’t believe you said that you watch the news and you don’t ever see hatred on the streets with whites towards blacks. Do you really watch the news? Seriously? Denial of problems from the outside the black community and/or from within the black community is willfully delusional. You are just posting information stating that “many blacks are spiteful for no reason,” which isn’t true. How about we nip this conversation in the bud, and you stop replying. You’re wasting your time and I’m wasting my time talking with you. Let’s move on with our lives, shall we? I wish you the best. Bye.

  295. cbman1228 says:

    Following the success of the Civil Rights movement, the government was uncomfortable (to say the least) about black unification, evidenced by the government’s covert killings of many black civil rights leaders including Malcolm X. So a plan was devised to weaken the cohesiveness of black communities and to attenuate black power. First, the “War on Drugs” would begin and laws would be enacted to be a detriment specifically to the black community. Second, the CIA must attempt to exacerbate the effects of these laws and take more incentive in ruining black lives by covertly importing cocaine into black neighborhoods by the metric ton. Even though few civilians know the complete ins-and-outs of the CIAs importation of drugs in black communities, I’m sure you’re partially familiar. This mass arresting of black men contributed and contributes to an long-term relative abundance of single-parent homes, the beginning of a trend of young black men in jail, and a lowering of the black marriage rate. I noticed we were looking at more short-term examples of racism instead of looking for long-term discrimination that can set trends for entire communities. We were also focusing more on the criminal justice system’s racist trends while not giving the legislative and executive branch of our government its due culpability.

    Interesting articles and excerpt:

    What’s your take on this information?

  296. BeachActor says:

    Craig the whole site is bias and subjective toward blacks. Instead of addressing the real issues within the black community this site would rather continue down the path of blacks being oppressed, being victims, and deserving entitlements. Oh ya and deserving reparations for slavery as if their generation is due anything.
    You come on here get ready to spin your wheels. They wont address what their reak issues are un the black community.

  297. tprich83 says:


  298. Kays2black says:

    BeachActor Bias & subjective, Oh as if Hannity and Colmes, Bill O’reilly, and Rush Limbaugh aren’t? These are shows that come on daily. The real issue within the black community across America is race and the unjust distribution of money, power, privilege, and wealth. Yes Black America is owed reparations.  The Holocaust got 100 million, Hiroshima got 2 billion, Native Americans got 3 billion. I have addressed the real issue in the Black America

  299. Kays2black says:

    DanMiller8 Both the disparity between white and black living conditions and inequitable allocation of resources are centuries-old problems. They are a major legacy of  the “peculiar institution” called slavery. Focus on facts first!

  300. BeachActor says:

    Blacks in America already got the reparations through welfare and entitlements and they continue to do so. Try 25 billion since 1968. what about the reparations for families of the 640,000 mainly white soldiers who died to free your ancestors in the Civil War?
    What about the inbred racism and mindset of entitlements that are taught too young Blacks growing up in families on welfare.
    what about the many black communities across this country that oppress their own because they’re striving to be successful. a successful black celebrities such as Morgan Freeman or Charles Barkley or Denzel Washington and they will also tell you they had to overcome it. Matter of fact they have interviews on YouTube look it up.
    Before Blacks get anything more concerning entitlements or benefits of any sort they need to show this country that they are not doing the above. let’s not even talk about all the lying people out there that are scamming the government with Obamacare claims

  301. Kays2black says:

    BeachActor We started this conversation about the number one recipient of welfare…uneducated single and white. the article went on to say “In fact, contrary to popular perception, Whites, not Blacks have continually made up the greatest percentage of recipients.   Do you understand what that is saying? If you do you would not have said 
    welfare is a reparations?

  302. Avenger37 says:

    Kays2black BeachActor Explain to me, in a rational, factual way, why any black person deserves reparations.

  303. BeachActor says:

    Kays I was being sarcastic that’s the best the black community is going to get from the US government. Welfare in the black community is replacing reparations if you haven’t noticed. and they’re getting a lot more than any lump sum check.This generation of Black does not deserve reparations for 150 years ago that is utterly absurd and ridiculous and it will never happen I can guarantee you. if there’s any talk about it reparations must be given to families of the Civil War soldiers who died so your ancestors could be free. lets get off the subject of reparations it’s a fantasy it will never happen because too many entitlements are given to Black already. I know that really bugs you but its the fact its the truth.

  304. Kays2black says:

    Avenger37 BeachActor
    I am a student of the Great Dr. Claude Anderson and credit his teaching with my answer.
    Once something is done one time it creates a precedent. If reparations was paid for the Holocaust, Native Americans, and Hiroshima. The precedent has been set. Therefore if the US Government gave white Slaveholders in the District of Columbia $325 for each of the freed Black slaves.  As result of the homesteading act the federal government returned southern plantations to the old slave masters and awarded them publicly-owned land as reparations to the Southern Confederacy. Over the course of the last century, the six so called civilized Tribes of American Indians, who were Slave-owners, traders, and catchers who fought with the Southern Confederacy to maintain slavery, received billions in reparations from the federal government as payment for land they lost.  Hispanics, also major slave-owners and traders were paid millions in reparations by the federal government of the United States following the annexation of the Southwestern territory from Mexico. The 20 to 30 million Black people who were ensalved, stirpped of their humanity, culture, and families, denied an education and the fruits of their labor for over five centuries due to federal laws and policies, however, received nothing from the U.S. government or the corporations that benefited from slavery. Blacks have not received reparations, an apology and the subject does not receive serious consideration from politicians or national political parties.       

    If being dead disqualifies descendants of the victims from reparations or compensation, then why has this country awarded billions to American Indians for over a century through its Federal Indian Bureau in the Department of Interior, and state Indian commissions? The Indians who walked “this Land” and from whom the land was “stolen” have been dead for hundreds of years. Yet their descendants continue to receive monetary payments, land, welfare, medical, and educational reparations.

    Hear me now, in explaining in a rational, factual way why blacks deserve reparations!

  305. BeachActor says:

    Ok Kays. let’s make it easier. share with this blog reasons why you think Blacks across the United States deserve reparations for slavery up until the end of the Civil War. Oh heck up until the end of yesterday. Let’s just go for it. This should be interesting and fun. as if Blacks are the only people in this country that deserve anything for the struggles of their ancestors.
    also please share where it begins and where it stops as far as generations or even age for that matter. Please share with this blog whether or not all blacks should be compensated from the day they are born till the day we die as if they don’t have to work at all. and will just add all the welfare and food stamps and Social Security fraud on top of that. and then when you’re done making a complete ass out of yourself you might invite a response.
    By the way if you ever wondered why Black do not get enough respect and are hassled by cops and any figure of authority in this country you can piece it together and come to a conclusion after you presented your entire case to the Congress Ways and Means Committee in Appropriations Committee. Then get back to us on what they say. In the meantime have fun with the media because Fox News channel will eat you alive

  306. BeachActor says:

    I’m going to give you one last response here because I’m getting tired of your rhetoric. You’re not qualified to be talking for the black community. Black do not deserve reparations. the other so-called preparations that you have mentioned concerning other ethnic groups were not reparations at all. if you think they are please show as proof of that they are not. I understand we gave reparations to the Japanese during ww2 imprisoning them and taking their land. if you think that Black deserve reparations for slavery you better understand that whites deserve reparations for the racism that they have received from Black since the slavery movement. whites should get reparations from the US government for the black on white crimes that have occurred in this country since the slavery movement. does that not sound ridiculous? because when you speak of reparations for your generation that sounds ridiculous. what you are saying is that you pre represent a generation of Black that of the laziest most unproductive and racist generation that has ever lived in this country. if there is ever a vote preparations for Black there will be a campaign against it I promise you you do not deserve it. Lincoln had a chance to give reparations in cash instead he gave opportunity to Blacks to own land that was the reparations. look it up it’s in the history books. but because the majority of the blacks were uneducated and not as intelligent as businessmen they either did not take advantage of the opportunity to own land or the land was taken away from them.
    sorry for the Miss spelling and grammar but I don’t have time to type this I’m speaking all of it. because that’s what it’s worth to respond to your rhetoric here. getting Black reparations is the most laughable request in the 21st century. I’m done discussing reparations with you kays move on. Black do not deserve reparations for their ancestors of the slavery movement.
    go get a job earn a living and be successful like everybody else. stop blaming everybody else for your failures especially racism and stop depending on the government for help.

  307. BeachActor says:

    oh hell I’m going to give you one last link here to show you that even black leaders along with the President of the United States do not feel that you deserve look like a fool to even debate the subject it’s so ridiculous.I personally see your generation as the least productive laziest most uneducated generation of Blacks I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I have more respect for the black athletes that at least strive to be somebody but anyone of any race that can prove that they are worth something by being successful in something deserves the respect that they seek. Asking for reparations it’s just another hand out along with the welfare the food stamps the Social Security that are given out to Black everyday I’m done here move on

  308. Avenger37 says:

    Kays2black Avenger37 BeachActor At the time some blacks were enslaved it was legal – worldwide.  You do know who put blacks into slavery don’t you? … it was other blacks and muslims.  It was a black endentured servant owner who took his black servant to court and made slavery legal in the U.S.  You also know that thousands of black people owned black slaves, don’t you?  Would you trace down the descendants of black slave owners and demand they pay “reparations” to the descendants of the black slaves they owned?  Slaves were never gassed and burned as the Jews were during the holocaust.  Slaves were never put into concentration camps, without trial, against their will as American Japanese were.  The ‘Civil War’ was not fought to free any slaves – it was fought to “…preserve the Union..”  You really think that white men in the North, many of them slave owners, willingly put their life on the line to free slaves?  You think the black men who fought for the Confederacy were putting their lives on the line to maintain slavery?  You’re ‘cherry-picking’ and slanting history to beg for yet another hand-out, this time called ‘reparations’.  Instead of yet another hand-out (i.e.:  affirmative action, contract set-aside programs, adding 130 points to college test scores, Black History Month, Black Congressional Caucus, etc. ad naseum) why not get off your butt and work for what you want, as many rich and powerful blacks, and whites, do and have done.  No one likes a whiner …

  309. Salsassin says:

    Kays2black Avenger37 BeachActor Doesn’t legally hold water. Reparations are only for living survivors of an act of abuse. At best, you could argue for reparations for survivors of Jim Crow. Native Americans don’t all receive help from the US government. It is not reparations. Certain Native American nations procured treaties with the US, creating duties by mutual accord between nations. Therefore, they do not die with the people that were alive at the time. Reparations and treaties are not the same thing.

  310. Salsassin says:

    Avenger37 Kays2black BeachActor Not sure where you are getting that a Black indentured servant master was the first to begin slavery in the US. DO you have a name and date? As far as I know, when Virginians bough slaves from the West Indies that already had chatel slavery codes, they brought them to the US in 1619 where the laws weren’t specific as to what their role was. SOme seem to have been treated as indentured servants, others as slaves that could purchase their freedom. At least one, Emanuel, owned by a Mr. Reginald, seems to have been a slave in perpetuity in 1640 as no extension of time is given in comparison to his peers. Also in 1640 John Punch is punished “to serve his said master or his assigns for the time of his natural life here or elsewhere.” His owner Hugh Gwyn, nor Mr. Reginald (only Reginald in the colony was Reginald Griffin who arrived on the Bona Nova, departed from London in 1621 and was a freeman in 1633)  were ever Black or African descent in any documents I have seen. 
    So unless your claim precedes these, your claim isn’t true. 

    On the rest, I agree, there were African descent slavers way before slavery was institutionalized in the US. The biggest difference in Africa was that, even in lifetime slavery, within a few generations the descendants were not slaves.

  311. Avenger37 says:

    Salsassin Avenger37 Kays2black BeachActor What  is undisputed fac is that over 65,000 slaves fought on
    the side of the Confederates during the Civil War. And they did so without
    being conscripted. The slaves were paid for
    their military service and, some who served, were paid more than Confederate

    You overlooked that William Ellison was a successful
    Southern business owner and cotton farmer during slavery. Ellison engaged in
    slave breeding, which was a practice most white slave owners refused to
    participate in. But Ellison, who was himself a black man, saw nothing wrong
    with it. You also overlook that, in Louisiana, more than 3,000 freed slaves were
    themselves slave owners. The fact is large numbers of free blacks owned black

    Did you also know that a black woman and her family owned one
    of the most profitable slave plantations in the history of America.   Anthony Johnson, a black man and slave holder, in
    1654-55, won a court suit in Northampton, Va., which ushered in the legalization of slavery. 

    So, if reparations are ever justified, how does one trace all the black slave owners to force them to pay?

  312. Salsassin says:

    Avenger37 Salsassin Kays2black BeachActor You are wasting time with straw men. No slaves fought on the side of the Confederates during the Civil War. Freemen of Color did. And yes there were Afro descent slavers in the South. They were not referred to as Negro but Gens de Color

    William Ellison was born in 1790 and is irrelevant to your claim.
    Ana Kingsley born in Senegal c. 1793 is also irrelevant to your claim
    Finally, Anthony Johnson’s court case is preceded by  Hugh Gwyn, so again irrelevant to your claim.
    Notice I never mentioned that reparations are justified. I clearly said they were not. So your response to me, is just a strawman. 
    Like I said, my questioning was about your claim that the first case of lifetime slavery in the US was based of a Black slave owners case in court.

  313. BeachActor says:

    When blacks ask for reparations for dead ancestors they are again playing the victim. This generation looks weak when they have to ask for compensation for another generation. Never before has a generation of blacks shown they have to play the victim as if others have targeted them to be oppressed. My impressiin of todays young blacks has changed ftom the respect I once had for their parents.
    I want you to carefully read this link over and over to comprehend what leaders in the black community are telling you. They are the intelligent ones who get it. Trust me if blacks get more compensation in warefare and reparations and social security fraud they will never gain respect in society.

  314. BeachActor says:

    Here is the link you need to read over and over. I’m done here. No reason to respond or post on this topic again. the subject for restorations for blacks is dead. And there is no reason to beat a dead horse.

  315. BeachActor says:

    concerning the Civil War this is a very poor argument. absolutely no slaves fought for the Confederates however there were black infantry for the union that were put on secondary assignments.
    640,000 white soldiers died the blacks to be free in the south. The highest number of deaths of any war. where are those reparations?
    there was an article a year ago that Texas County Missouri had passed a resolution for reparations for black slavery. the truth is none of the commissioners knew what they were voting for and several change their vote later. if you click on the link that I posted earlier you’ll see that 9 litres in America that are influential or against slavery reparations. There is absolutely no sense in giving reparations for today’s generation of Black for slaves that are long dead. just another source of entitlement and it makes All Blacks look very weak. if for some stupid reason the government would give reparation store Black it would be a huge step backwards for civil rights in the black community. you should put this argument to rest it is so ridiculous it’s not worth talking about and will never happen

  316. BeachActor says:

    there is massive fraud in the SNAP nutritional subsidy program in the coming years it will be totally reformatted to avoid fraud.

  317. Avenger37 says:

    BeachActor You have no knowledge of real history … only an indoctrinated version of why the war was fought in the first place.  How can one have a discussion with someone who is ignorant of the facts but vehemently proclaims that their own version is the correct one.  Belief is not the same thing as truth, no matter how hard you “believe”.  You are someone who probably makes statements like ‘ …your truth is not my truth …’ as if truth is relative.  No black person today deserves, or has any right to, reparations.  Descendants of the black and white slave-holders did nothing wrong, no has any black person in the U.S. today been a slave.  You have the same opportunity, and in many situations more opportunity, than me … quit trying to scapegoat black failure.  If a person of any race cannot ‘make it’ in America today, it is their own fault.  I don’t feel sorry for an able-bodied person who doesn’t work and doesn’t have anything.  There is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’.

  318. BeachActor says:

    Kays you are not in a position yourself to be asking for reparations for people that are dead. the United States government does not have a history of giving reparations to dead people. There is strong opposition among black leaders in this country including the President of the United States who oppose reparations. again you have not addressed the reparations for all the white soldiers that died fighting the Civil War for the Union. you have also not address the mass of fraud that is going on among black people with welfare snap and Social Security fraud. you have also not address the massive amount of hatred in crime among black people towards white people since Obama took office. for these reasons there is no sense in having a debate with you. also figures for the Civil War are not correct. Here is a link that might straighten you out on the fax for slaves brought over from Africa

  319. BeachActor says:

    would you like the names of the black leaders in this country that oppose reparations

  320. BeachActor says:

    watching Fox News would probably be a good idea for you sir. Most liberals get angry about Fox News because they do report the truth it is not like seeing in who have been called out many times for twisting the truth to that favors liberals

  321. queenofmeanest says:

    The white woman has benefited more from Affirmative Action than blacks.

  322. BeachActor says:

    Agenger speaking of ignorant you have yet to address any other questions that have been posted on this blog. The real problems are not with whites and cops the real problems are within the black community and the victim mindset and the oppression within the community that keeps Blacks holding Blacks down from being successful in the inner cities. I post facts I post links and you are denying everything just like a ignorant Liberal. Maybe you need to educate yourself on the problems in the inner city to the black communities. You keep listening to liberal professors in colleges and you get nowhere but a sense of entitlement like everyone else
    In the black inner cities.
    Change of entitlements are going to be lobbied in Washington DC so we can get this country where it belongs. currently there is massive fraud in snap welfare and social security. Much is perpetrated by Blacks.
    this whole website is set up as a bias subjective way of protecting Black from themselves. As if they do nothing wrong and society. This is a complete joke. law and order will prevail in this country.
    now scroll down and read the link concerning black leaders who oppose reparations for slavery. Then scroll down further and read the links that show the proof that snap is under massive fraud

  323. BeachActor says:

    Avenger you obviously have me confused with another poster. I’m not sympathetic to Blacks as victims at all. I think Blacks blame racism for their personal failures. I think Blacks are constantly playing the victim in society With the race card. I agree with several celebrities that is morgan freeman denzel washington charles barkley you speak out against blacks holding blacks down. I think you need to go back and read some of this blog and educate yourself on what I’m talking about

  324. Avenger37 says:

    BeachActor Sorry, guy … I have read your posts and agree to mostly everything you said.  My response was to various other black racists who post here.  Your name is included in the names listed at the top of the response.  Apparently, everyone in that list gets my response.  Don’t know how to respond to only one when several names are listed.

  325. BeachActor says:

    Apology accepted Avenger37

  326. Salsassin says:

    cbman1228 WHat I find interesting is that all this disparate stops claims don’t focus on rates of stops inside high crime zones vs low crime zones.
    But here are a few interesting facts pulled from the BJS
    Blacks are 13.2% of the National population. Blacks are 12.4% of all traffic stops. That is actually less than the national average. BJS claims Blacks are 10.4% of  legal drivers (16 and older), and through that calculates a disparate impact 12.4%/10.4%. But there are two factors that the BJS study did not take into account, Repeat offenders, and unlicensed drivers. Two give you an example   (still trying to get the national stats on NOL findings on all stops nationally)  one study in Tennessee showed that after illegal immigrants, they were the highest group to not have driver’s licenses while driving. That means the disproportion is inaccurate until it factors out the NOL stops

  327. KiddGallahad says:

    If this is in the “Tradition of Black Intellectual Thought” , I understand why the race in such dire straits.  What a crock of lies and deceit full of slanted language and hate.

  328. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “Black Intellectual thought?” What’s that??

  329. Avenger37 says:

    KiddGallahad There are real black intellectuals, but they are on the right – people like Erik Rush and Thomas Sowell immediately come to mind … but there are many others.  The Marxist democrat party want to keep blacks unknowingly enslaved so they present idiots like Al Sharpton as spokesman for all black people. while suppressing the speech and ridiculing any black who points out their true agenda…  keeping people ignorant and indoctrinated turns them into useful-idiots …

  330. SenseA says:

    “37.6% of food stamps were being allotted to White non-Hispanics. African Americans were allotted 23.6% of SNAP benefits.”

    What matters is not the nominal number, but the proportion of each demographic.  This is a poorly written, ignorant, bias article.  If non-hispanic whites make up nearly 70% of the population but only collect 37.6% of the food stamps then they are NOT the problem.  If blacks make up 13% of the population but collect 23.6% of the food stamps then they are collection food stamps at a much greater rate.  The probability that any white person you see in America is collecting food stamps is FAR LESS than the probability that any hispanic or black you see is collecting food stamps.  That is the FACT.  So this article’s narrative is for the ignorant who don’t understand statistics.

  331. queenofmeanest says:

    I suggest that you contact every state social service agency to get the statistical information on what race is receiving what.  Everything is based on state statistics.

  332. ESmith2222 says:

    queenofmeanest SenseA  Either you responded to the wrong post or you are an idiot. The poster is taking the statistics mentioned in the article as a given, he is not disputing them.

    You are unintentionally proving his point in his last sentence. The article is indeed targeting people who are ignorant or disingenuous (or both).

  333. queenofmeanest says:

    ESmith2222 queenofmeanest SenseA 
    No idiot, I am not clueless on this subject.  You are.  I am stating a fact.  Nothing more nothing less.  I did not say that SenseA was disputing the statistics.  I merely said, that SenseA contact all state social services agency for the statistics.
    So I suggest that you either develop or go back to school  to upgrade your reading comprehension skills.

    FYI, I contacted several state social services agencies for various pieces of information for my company and that includes statistics.  My company receive tax credits for people who are on food stamps.

    So who is the idiot and the disingenuous person now?  It is not I.

  334. kbs148 says:


  335. kbs148 says:

    BryanW503 BlackheywoodHeywood SarahReed Actually numbers lie all the time. I have been a researcher at a public institutions for 10 years and if I’ve learned anything its that  can make you think the sky is red with the right numbers and statistical manipulation. Plus numbers are only numbers. They never answer questions only create more questions. Like 89% of White Males think racism does not exist any  more. But that never tells me why, and this information is essentially useless without a “why”

  336. queenofmeanest says:

    Erica lady 
    And who might that be?

  337. ShawnWood says:

    I guess I shouldn’t have expected an article posted on a site named ‘Breaking Brown’ to contain factual, accurate information.  The basic demographic numbers quoted in the statistics are close to correct, but the conclusion drawn in her paragraph is completely wrong.  She is comparing apples to oranges with her numbers (I hope because she simply doesn’t understand statistics, but I fear it was done to distort numbers to support her theory).  To compare these numbers correctly you need to normalize the counts.  So, let’s say only 1000 people live in America.  Of these, using her dated statistics, 770 would be White, 130 would be Black.  Of these, the number unemployed would be 62 Whites and 21 Blacks.  If we go a rough unemployment rate of 16% – the number receiving welfare would be 61 Whites and 40 Blacks (remember, the 38% white and 25% black is based on total population, not a % of the individual race).  Now we have some real numbers to compare.  We have 62 whites unemployed, and 61 whites on welfare.  But we have only 21 blacks unemployed, yet 40 blacks on welfare.  That is double the rate of whites and an accurate evaluation of the numbers.

  338. queenofmeanest says:

    I think that Statistics should be a required course in high school and college regardless of the curriculum.  This should cut down on the misinformation and lies when it comes down to problem discussions like this.  What I have said before and I will continue to say it again.
    STATISTICS CAN BE SKEWED TO PROMOTE ANYONE’S VIEWPOINT.  With that being said and I will say it again.  THESE FIGURES ARE TAKEN FROM ALL 50 STATES AND CALCULATED.  what I did not say is that it can give or take in either direction with a few percentage points.
    Basically, what you are arguing about is estimates.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

  339. PernellParham says:

    Avenger37 PernellParham That what I call “Rationalization”. If we were given the same opportunities there wouldn’t be so much crime.

  340. adposter83 says:

    Lol whites hate the truth….

  341. queenofmeanest says:

    Ain’t that the truth.

  342. queenofmeanest says:

    To a certain extent your are correct, however, your assessment of the situation must include the give and take in either direction with a few percentage points.  This is done in in calculating the winners in a election. What you are basing your so-called facts on are your beliefs.  Trying doing HR and EEOC reports based on individual states statistics and then get back to me.
    I am not arguing about anything.  I am merely stating bare facts based on my experience with HR/EEOC stats and social programs.

  343. 527thaggressors says:

    Another lie by the “Affirmative Action” educated black ghetto mentality.

     U.S. Food Stamp Program Receipients 41,700,000 total/ White vs. Black

    U.S. Census total population estimate 2014 : 318,857,056 

    U.S. total black population (13.2%) : 42,089,131

    U.S. total white population (77.7%) : 247,751,933

    U.S. blacks receiving welfare (23.6%) : 9,841,200

    U.S. total black population on welfare :  9,841,200 divided by 42,089,131 (Total U.S. black population) = 23.38%

    U.S. white population receiving welfare (37.6%) : 15,679,200

    U.S. total white population on welfare : 15,679,200 divided by 247,751,933 (Total U.S. white population) = 6.32%

    23.38% of the total black population in the U.S. receives FOOD STAMPS.

    6.32% of the total white population in the U.S. receives FOOD STAMPS.

    Reference Links :

  344. 527thaggressors says:

    queenofmeanest adposter83 No, blacks can’t face the truth, so they lie. See above U.S. government.

  345. queenofmeanest says:

    Wikipedia is not a reliable sorce.  White women have and will continue to benefit from Affirative Action than blacks.  So stop your lying propaganda.

  346. 527thaggressors says:

    queenofmeanest 527thaggressors Your a liar. But here is another set of facts for you degenerates :
    2011 Total U.S. population : 311,700,000 which includes illegal aliens. Deleted illegal alien factor = 300,000,000 total U.S. population
    Dec. 31 2011 Total U.S. black population : 37,800,000 (12.6%)
    Dec. 31, 2011 2011 Total U.S. white population : 217,200,000 (72.4%)
    Dec. 31, 2012 U.S. welfare recipients : 52,355,999
    Percent recepients who are white : 38.8% = 203,141,241Percent recipients who are black : 39.8% = 20,837,687Percent recipients who are Hispanic : 15.7% WHICH ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE WHITE POPULATION STATS.
    Total percentage U.S. black population on welfare : 55%Total percentage U.S. white population on welfare : 9.4%
    Reference links :
    Dec. 31,2011Welfare recipients link : 31, 2011 Total U.S. population link : NON-hispanic white population link :
    So what does this say about the black race in America ? Blacks only make up 12.6% of the U.S. population, yet 55% of the entire black race in America is on welfare, compared to only 9.4% of the NON-Hispanic white race.

  347. adposter83 says:

    527thaggressors more “educated trailer” mentality, learn how to deal with the truth….

  348. 527thaggressors says:

    adposter83 527thaggressors Yeah, I am well educated. I have two graduate degrees. One in aerospace/ aeronautical engineering (rocket science), and the other in architecture, from the U. of Miami. I graduated with honors. The only way you would be admitted into those classes is if you swept the floors, and emptied the waste paper basket. For the record, “Affirmative Action” won’t get you admitted to those majors. You have to qualify academically, have to be able to read cursive, no ebonics allowed.

    Here’s another FACT for you taken from a media article :
    An ACT Score study was just released that showed only 5% of all blacks graduating high school have the math, reading, and science skills to enter college. This is after dummying down our educational system. In Florida, they lowered the grade score from 69 to 59 (10 points) for a failing grade. Then claimed after this that more students were passing classes. Just look at the witness in the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman trial. She was a 20 year old 11th grader that couldn’t read, and had to have someone else put her thoughts in writing. Many of today’s black youth wear ignorance as a badge of honor.

  349. queenofmeanest says:

    adposter83 527thaggressors 
    No you are the “educated trailer”.  You are using a unreliable source.  Come up with something more reliable instead of Faux News and Rush Limbaugh’s B.S.  By coming here trolling is not going to absolve you of white guilt and other criminal atrocities that you committed.  So move on.

  350. queenofmeanest says:

    adposter83 527thaggressors 
    I suggest that you contact the various government agencies of every state and then get back to me.

  351. adposter83 says:

    queenofmeanest I was defending you girl, just quoted you by error,

  352. 527thaggressors says:

    queenofmeanest adposter83 527thaggressors That’s the problem with the black ghetto mentality, they don’t have the intelligence to comprehend facts. By the way stupid. Those stats were taken from the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S Census under your boy Obama’s administration. LOL, LOL.

    It’s a good thing those stats were typed, instead of in cursive. Other wise you couldn’t have read the statistics. LOL, LOL.

  353. 527thaggressors says:

    queenofmeanest adposter83 527thaggressors If you read the references stupid, you will see every state’s welfare statistics are contained in the cited references. It’s typed, instead of cursive, so hopefully you can read it.

  354. queenofmeanest says:

    adposter83 queenofmeanest 
    .  No problem.   I did not mean to leave your name in my post.

  355. queenofmeanest says:

    527thaggressors queenofmeanest adposter83 
    No, you are the stupid one.  You thought that black people did not know that Wikipedia is not a reliable source, if it was you would not have added it.  Your credibility is shot to hell and you know it.  So troll your guilty a$$ elsewhere.  No one is not interested in your B.S. JUNKBONDRADER41.

  356. queenofmeanest says:

    527thaggressors adposter83 
    Really?  SEriously?  You mean to tell me that those higher institutions of education would allow a piece of trailer trash into their institutions?  Boy, talk about someone benefiting from Dan Quayle’s scheme using affirmative action to getting into college?  
    I see that Florida had to lower their ACT scores so that “YOUR” children can get into college.  Since you are a leper, you should know that blacks still do not have the same education equal opportunity that trash like you lie about in your posts.

    I am very happy to inform you that the so-called badge of ignorance is worn by white students themselves.  As far as the young lady that testified at the Trayvon Martin trial have a reading disability.  My Petroleum Engineering professor has a learning disability as well.  He admitted that he graduated from high school at the age of 21 and he is white.

    Your point is moot when ‘trailers’ like yourself always degrading blacks with lies and other ilk and yet “YOU'” being the hypocritical coward that is too much of a POS to man up and accept what he is all about. 

    Educational wise, I have come across too many whites with advanced degrees that are not computer literate let alone was passed through the white educational system and are having difficulty of solving a linear equation.

  357. queenofmeanest says:

    BTW, you lied when you said that your are quoting state statistics.  State statistics are reported to the Federal Government.

  358. queenofmeanest says:

    You rang Yvette?

  359. queenofmeanest Was checking in, figured by the new comments to this old posts that new trolls were at it again.

  360. queenofmeanest says:

    Yvette Carnell queenofmeanest 
    Yep, they’re baack.

  361. queenofmeanest says:

    Are you the same idiot that miscalculated the Mars orbiter by using English measurements instead of Metric measurements?  Boy, talk about the dumbing down in Amerikkkan education.  I learned the Metric system in early Jr. high.

  362. whozit7 says:

    adposter83 ‘whites hate the truth?’ All of us? Every last one of us hate the truth? Why? Because of that shitbag 527thaggressors? Man, you must really mistrust white people. I can’t believe that there isn’t… say 10,000 white people who value the truth as much as you. Or is your truth just that, your truth? No one else, particularly the whites, can understand.

  363. adposter83 says:

    527thaggressors  Lol sit your behind down history and facts proves whites love bending the truth….just like in this article, as I said YOU WHITES hate the truth…

  364. adposter83 says:

    whozit7 chill dramma queen, history thought me to mistrust white people so…by girl

  365. whozit7 says:

    adposter83 whozit7 bite me hoser. You’re no better than any other bigoted a-hole out there. It’s your choice to believe what you will so don’t go blaming ‘history’ for your bigotry.

  366. adposter83 says:

    whozit7 I am glad you decided to amuse me with your stupidity, am I lying about history and all the damage your race have caused and still cause to the world and colored people? EXACTLY.. now get out of my a s s Hemorroid, go ride some one else d i c k….imbecile

  367. Casey3percenter says:

    Little fact check here for you. Whites only make up the majority of recipients of SNAP, that is foodstamps ONLY. If you calculate in rental, utility, cash, daycare, WIC and other programs, blacks receive 39.8% white 38.8%. Taking into account blacks make up around 13% of the population that puts about 75% of the black population on welfare and less than 25% of the white population which is 60% of total population. Now since black applicants have had front of the line “privileges” in job and school application approvals for a decade at least why are those numbers not reversing? The perpetual victim mentality the liberal establishment has fostered in the black community, that’s why.

  368. adposter83 says:

    527thaggressors queenofmeanest adposter83 And this is the problem with white trash trailer mentality, YOU RECEIVE MORE FOOD STAMPS, oh one more thing: whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits. Anything else?

  369. adposter83 says:

    In other news that some whites don’t like to know about to feed their superiority complex: whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits.

  370. queenofmeanest says:

    The left wing/right wing crap is all part of the same bird.

  371. queenofmeanest says:

    Yvette Carnell queenofmeanest 
    I fired 3 employees last week for this same type of crap.  My  drilling supervisor was making $26,000 a month and he was upset because when I laid him off, he applied for food stamps and was denied.  He is white.

    White people and their stupid sense of entitlement.

  372. Thinktank8267 says:

    @527thaggressors  all
    that looks great, but if you are going to cite sources, cite scholarly sources.
     Wikki’s are not accepted as a scholarly
    source at any credentialed establishment of higher learning. It is always easy
    to manipulate numbers to the uneducated and illogical. According to the CDC, by
    the way CDC stats are considered scholarly, the population of African Americans
    including those of more than one race was estimated at 45 million. Your numbers
    state 42 million, you left out mix raced from interracial unions.  13.2% according to the CDC are those that only
    Identify as black only and makes up 41.7 million not 42,089,131 as you quoted. Furthermore,
    if according to your numbers 13.2% whic has an unemployment of 17.3% (that’s only
    Black M/F 20yrs and over) if you include males and Females between the ages of
    16-19 the unemployment rate goes to 50.8%, those numbers are from the Bureau of
    Labor Statics, So with all things considered with your statistics (unscholarly)
    23.6% of 13.2% is understandable when 50.8% of 23.6% are unemployed. Should the
    next Discussion be on how White privilege affects hiring practices, education
    and the legal system, because all of those affect employment! Would you like to
    Source Tim Wise (Caucasian male-which should make it easier for you to accept
    the truth from him) then rework your numbers with good sources and less spin! Maybe
    instead of you using spin to complain about something we could talk or you
    could get some people together and come up with a positive solution to our country’s
    problem. In the end the problem needs to be fixed or we all lose. If you want
    to converse my email is

  373. HansenBirkholz says:

    The statistics are out of date it’s now blacks this is the newest one
    Welfare Demographics
    Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
    Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
    Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
    Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
    Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %
    But it doesn’t really matter since it could change each month so it’s pretty even but that’s still a large percentage for blacks regarding theyre population percent.

  374. HansenBirkholz says:

    It ain’t the truth

  375. ErikBaran says:

    Please, this is so much wishful thinking.  Blacks only make up 12% of the population but receive almost 40% of the welfare benefits, while whites make up 60% of the population yet only receive about 38% of the benefits.  Blacks receive more total benefits, more cash value entitlements and a larger percentage of the black population is on welfare than whites.  Might it have something to do with the fact that black babies are born to single mothers 80% of the time?  Largely uneducated single mothers, more interested in DNA, with little opportunity to support themselves, let alone a child.  And daddies who are also uneducated, in the prison system and unable to support the kids they spawn. 

    But it’s not their fault.  rme

  376. originald1 says:

    HansenBirkholz statistic brain is junk. Got to FBI website for full demographic, or SIPP, the government site. It will take you 20 minutes to get to it, but here it is:
    This is according to SIPP, THE GOVERNMENTS Survey of Income and Program Participation.

    By the way, it a a subsidiary of Census dot gov. These are the ONLY real numbers.

  377. originald1 says:


    This is according to SIPP, THE GOVERNMENTS Survey of Income and Program Participation.

    By the way, it a a subsidiary of Census dot gov. These are the ONLY real numbers. Statistic brain is a left wing puppet organization. I’m an Independent…just posting the FACTS from official sources…not spinoff organizations that cherry pick information.

  378. originald1 says:

    527thaggressors again, statistic brain is garbage. This is the program that keeps official numbers via Census dot org

    This is according to SIPP, THE GOVERNMENTS Survey of Income and Program Participation.

    By the way, it a a subsidiary of Census dot gov. These are the ONLY real numbers.

  379. originald1 says:

    adposter83 527thaggressors um, because black women are the ultra minority, female and black, and they get first shot at government services. They also have the negro College fund to tap into. I would go to college, but I’m too busy working for a living!

  380. Aifos says:

    adposter83 527thaggressors …..they are the highest numbers to enroll…not graduate..there is a big difference.many of them enroll to get the grant money…and school financial assistance..and then quit. Loll talk about shitty use of statistics lol.

  381. Aifos says:

    queenofmeanest 527thaggressors ..actually there is nothing wrong with Wikipedia if you’re smart about it…because there are these things called links at the bottom..where they get their information..and anybody that knows a thing or two about credible sources can tell if a source is good or not..its really not that hard to do..just research where the information is coming from…simple as that.

  382. Aifos says:

    Avenger37 …I wish I could press like a couple more times

  383. Aifos says:

    Salsassin Avenger37 Kays2black BeachActor …..Anthony Johnson an Angolan man that served his time as an indentured servant. and received both money and land.afterwards.. went to court to prove his right to own a man for life(John casor)…John punch may have been before him.but in his case.his slavery for life was punishment for running away..big difference…while Anthony Johnson set legal precedents for how slavery was treated from there on…

  384. Aifos says:

    DanMiller8 …sad ain’t it…the soft bigotry of low expectations…

  385. queenofmeanest says:

    Aifos adposter83 527thaggressors 
    Funny, I know whites and latinos that have done the same thing.

  386. queenofmeanest says:

    Aifos queenofmeanest 527thaggressors 
    LOL.  Again, Wikipedia is still not considered a scholarly source.  In case you did not know, some of those links at the bottom are also not considered as scholarly either.  My mechanical engineer is teaching Petroleum and Reservoir engineering and he says that he does not considered anything from Wikipedia as a scholarly source and that same philosophy is greatly shared by several engineering professors.

  387. ContessaFultz says:

    Real numbers:
    % of black population on SNAP: 28.9
    % of white population on SNAP: 7.7
    The D.O.A. graph represents 47,000,000 Americans recieving SNAP monthly in 2013.
    40.2% whites = 18,894,000 recipients
    25.7% blacks = 12,079,000 recipients
    US population in 2013: 316,500,000
    whites make up 77.7% (245,920,500)
    blacks make up 13.2% (41,778,000)
    population in USA:__245,920,500_______41,778,000_______________________________
    SNAP recipients:____18,894,000_______12,079,000_______________________________
    % of population
    recieving SNAP:_______7.7%____________28.9%________________________________
    although more white people recieve SNAP in total, there are 5.88 white people for every 1 black person in the USA (2013 stats). So the “stereotype” exists because in actuallity, the black population recieved four times the amount of food stamps as the white population does. Sorry for the late breakdown but c’mon, its obvious.

  388. queenofmeanest says:

    Have you seen the documentary “White Like Me”?  Very interesting.

  389. ebonyrd says:

    Of all the money that the government gives to welfare, WHO USE THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF THAT MONEY? White People.  WHAT GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP THE ECOMONY MOST BY REDUCING THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THE HAVE ON WELFARE? White People. WHITE PEOPLE USES THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF THE  1 BILLION DOLLARS  OF WELFARE FUNDS, NEARLY 70% OF THE FUNDS.  Welfare is for white people. If there were more minority get welfare money, it would have ended a long time ago.

  390. Avenger37 says:

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    Even so, the real problem I see is with immigrants.  Welfare should be for our own citizens … no immigrant (non-American citizen) should have access to welfare.  Our programs and civil rights are for our own citizens, ONLY.  We can have welfare reform that helps both black and white get into high paying jobs and off welfare, but no welfare to any immigrant. We should take care of our own.

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    GI Bill
    Food Stamp
    Social Security

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