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March 22, 2014

St. Louis Mom Arrested at School for Comforting Her Special Needs Son

St. Louis Mom Arrested at School for Comforting Her Special Needs Son

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A St. Louis mom went to her son’s school to pick him up because he was in distress, but somehow she ended up being carted off to jail like a common criminal.

After receiving a call from her son’s school on Thursday alerting her that he was upset, mother Niakea Williams rushed to Walnut Groves Elementary School to pick up her son.

“I was lying in bed when I received a frantic phone call from the teacher, Michael was panicking,” Williams told local affiliate KMOV.

Her son Michael has Asperger’s syndrome.

After she was buzzed in by school officials, Williams was apparently so concerned about her son that she rushed past the school’s front desk, but not before telling a teacher why she was there.

“I saw a teacher and she said Ms. Williams what is wrong? I said something is wrong with Mikey and proceeded to go straight to my son,” said Williams.

While she was consoling her son, Williams was informed by the principal that she had violated school policy by not signing in.

“I didn’t sign the book, but I had to check on my son. You can bring me the book, She said oh no, I’ve already called the police. You called what,” said Williams.

The school was placed on lockdown and a call was placed to local police reporting an “unauthorized entry to a school”, even though Williams had been buzzed in by school administrators.

“They escorted me away from my son, who already has emotional distress. Four officers told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was under arrest,” said Williams.

Williams said school officials knew who she was and they’d called her to come see about her son, so she doesn’t understand why she was arrested on trespassing charges.

She says she feels that she got arrested for being a mother who was concerned about her child.

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44 thoughts on “St. Louis Mom Arrested at School for Comforting Her Special Needs Son

  1. hiroader2 says:

    It’s open season… though phone records should show record… and school officials are suspect,…but why not stop and scribble a simple book elementary school guest book?

  2. david19082 says:

    The parents need to get together and get rid of that idiot principal. They thought it was serious enough to call her to the school they certainly should have realize the mother was going to be more concerned than they were. The school should have been more sensitive to this situation seeing they are the ones who called her to come to the school in the first place.

  3. Watchful says:

    Well, in this instance I can totally understand the mother not signing in when I’m sure her focus was solely on the welfare of her son. Now that principal shoulda used better discretion under the circumstances. I mean, I understand the importance of following proper rules and procedures, but to call the police in that situation was simply unnecessary and uncalled for. I swear, some ppl (like that principal) shouldn’t be entrusted with the responsibility and authority of being school administrators if they can’t use better judgement than that in a situation of that type. SMDH

  4. ROBERT@atx says:

    THESE stories should only remind us of the importance of educating our own children; with the technology available today there is no need to send our children to other people to be educated.

    I have done a lot of research on the software available and it is incredible how advanced you could make your child with very little time; and if you have to work like most of us ; start a homeschooling club with family or friends and share the responsibility.

    THIS woman was sleep at home ; she could’ve been at a computer at home teaching her own child and none of this would’ve happened let’s get these people ‘s filthy hands off our children!

  5. boobabe says:

    I hope the school system take a close look at this case and see how they could have done a better job than what was done. This was not handled in the best interest of the child, the school or the parents. 1. The child was in distress so school calls mom, for what? Was she just being called b/c they (the school) had nothing better to do or is that the procedure they follow when a child is inn distress? 2. Was mom told to come to school and to 1st report at the desk after school officials opened the apparently locked door and gave access to the school and then proceed to her child who is in distress and the reason they called her. 3. Why didn’t a school official have her child at the office so mom wouldn’t have to go past them? So all the while the mom is being called and takes the call and get out of bed and get dressed and drives to the school, the distressed child is where, still in the classroom? 4. Is there a written standard for parents to sign ahead of time that if your  CHILD IS HAVING A PROBLEM we will have said child in a private location for parents of said child to meet officials and do what they deem necessary for child, school and parent? 5. Is it standard school policy to call the police when the school calls parent and opens the door for the parent but parent is in a state of distress b/c she was called to come to the school about her child and parent does not sign the sign-in book ? What if anything could the school and/or the parent done differently?  The school is aware of the child’s condition, ASPERGER’S DISORDER, they should know how to treat or what to do in an emergency (if it was important enough to call the parent and cause parent to be alarmed). They could have informed the parent that there was no emergency but they were just calling her to inform her and they could have told her it is not necessary to come to the school but if you do you MUST FOLLOW PROPER PORCDEURE AND COME TO THE OFFICE AND SIGN-IN FIRST!  They could have had an aide go with the parent so she could check on her child and sign-in while doing so. The parent could have asked how bad of a situation was it rather than (if she did) assume it was so bad she had to go to the school. Once the parent got there she needed to remain calm, for her child’s sake, and reported to the office and signed in if that is the school’s policy which she should know about ahead of time since it is her child and she more than any of them know her child’s condition. With the past violence in our children’s schools I can understand the need to have policies but someone has to have the sense to think outside the box and say ok we can do it this way for this situation. What works in one may not work in another situation but to call the cops and have the parent arrested was going overboard FOR THIS INSTANCE! All charges should dropped. Mom may need to put her child in a different school and find out ahead of time the school’s policy and procedure… she should also get a good lawyer and sue the BOARD OF EDUCATION and the administrator (s) that had her arrested. In the meantime, wheat ever happened to the child after the mom was taken away in handcuffs? Now that seems enough to cause an adult to get stressed out let alone a child with a healthy attitude or disposition, let alone one that has an illness/condition!

  6. Joewahoo says:

    Frankly, this Principal should be FIRED, then arrested for false arrest, and go to JAIL!  I am FED UP with this kind of “Educator” that shows no common sense WHATSOEVER!  Send this principal to jail, and permanently bar her from any school anywhere!

  7. Bert C says:

    This article was incomplete, I went to another site and Ms. Williams stated that she was going to fight the charges.  She needs to take it to trial(My opinion).  The fact that here is a Special Needs child that is in distress, and there isn’t anyone in the medical office to provide some assistance.  Apparently not, if they had to call the mother.  Lastly, you get some of these Bureaucrats who are just  waiting to retire , who are so afraid to make a common sense decision.

  8. SherelleGriffin says:

    Signing in is arbitrary. It is required at my son’s high school.  Once the security guard waved me on when I was taking my Special Needs son to class. The guard said he knew who I was. I have to stay with my son or he might run away. I have signed the book on the way out.  Which is what this mother should have been asked to do.  BTW my Special Needs son can be physical when upset so in my situation I probably would have done the same thing for his safety and the safety of others.

  9. Watchful says:


    Couldn’t agree with u more.

  10. Watchful says:

    Bert C  

    I agree, and in addition to taking legal action, she should also strongly consider placing her child in a different school.

  11. tyj1 says:

    Completely “over-zealous” response on the part of the principal. 1) The school contacted this mother, so she had every right to be there under those circumstances. 2) They buzzed her in for goodness sake, and acknowledged her, so they full-well knew who she is. 3) Can you now imagine what they would have charged her with, had she said “He’s on your time, I’m not coming”? Permitting her to sign on the way out or even bringing the sign-in sheet to her (again, given the tenor of the situation), would have been a far more prudent decision. I too would take this matter to court, and find a more suitable school for my special needs child.

  12. Devon The Truth Teller says:

    I’m not exactly buying this woman’s version, shes not telling the whole story.

  13. Bert C says:

    Devon The Truth Teller  Would you explain your rational for not believing her.  She stated she is going to  fight the charges.  REMEMBER, they called her to come in.

  14. hiroader2 says:

    Where one school official made the call, another facility member still has protocol… Like hospitals not scheduling doctor appointments until administrators verify medical insurance…. Just scribble a name and attend to her sons matter… Shouldn’t a school in these days be precautious?
    ….the article says… the mother *was SO concerned * she RUSHED passed the front desk… Both parties MAY have played the incident out of proportion but what’s curious is how did the boy emotional issues play out while the mother & school officials play one-up-each other…

  15. lucygoosey66 says:

    you’re suppose to sign in. you don’t just rush in, everyone checks in

  16. YvetteMakingitHappen says:

    She needs to sue the hell out of this school district.  How can a principal be so anal.  What the hell!  If I got a call about my son I would have done the exact same thing.  Let me get to my child – to hell with your wacky rules and procedures!

  17. Lizluv25 says:

    For the safety of her child and all of the children it’s important ALL visitors sign in. Yes maybe she was called, but still and yet all school’s policy is that all visitors sign your name on the visitor’s log before going to your child’s classroom, too many thing happen at schools these days so it’s better when we know whose on campus. Safety First!

  18. SolarahKing says:

    I’m sorry but if I were called to a school for a reason such as this I would have done the same thing. A special needs child is more important than some sign in sheet. Especially when she was buzzed in and explained to a worker what was going on. Schools have gotten riddiculous and believe they are better than the parents when all it stems down to is control. People and establishments go crazy with power. Its sickening that the principle did not have the decency to talk like an adult but rather call the cops. Way to make the child feel any better. I’m so glad I homeschool my children so I don’t have to deal with that.

  19. HethatGreetswFire says:

    Are u kidding me. Don’t be a drone all your life. Some logical reasoning is supposed to be utilized. If u agree with the logic behind the parents arrest u are the problem. Get your head out of your four points of contact.

  20. HethatGreetswFire says:

    I don’t know what u do for a living but logic aka critical thinking are not your strong suit. The next time u are in a emergent situation I hope the person follows all the protocols in place before they tend to can reap what u sow.

  21. Devon The Truth Teller says:

    I read earlier that the mother is a trouble maker, and the school has had issues with her before. She tnreatened to stab another parent, and police were called. Also it was said that the kid was not upset when she got there, in fact he was out in the school yard with the other kids. She sounds like trouble, Ive seen more than my share of wilding out parents when I attended elementary school in Newark NJ.

  22. Devon The Truth Teller says:

    Oh please, it takes a few seconds to scribble your name on a list, that woman is not the poor, innocent victim she’s pretending to be. This chick threatened to stab another parent, and police were called over the threat. She has a reputation for causing problems.

  23. Bert C says:

    If this was true, why did they call her?

  24. hiroader2 says:

    As I mentioned of course the mother is ENTITLED to be EMOTIONALLY concerned.., But the “stop-resisting, don’t grab my gun, don’t leave ur children alone in the car protocols agitates, instigates those ENTITLED emotions… Just sign a name.. P.S. there’s emotional disagreement & there’s respectful disagreement, I wish you well… Our kids (& parents) forget to respectfully communicate…

  25. Watchful says:

    Devon The Truth Teller  

    Would u care to share the source of these new claims ur now making concerning the mother?

    In none the articles I’ve read on this story have I  seen any information concerning her having threatened to stab anyone or the school having any previous ‘issues’  with Ms.Williams.

  26. VOD says:

    Lizluv25  You sound like such an idiot. THE SCHOOL CALLED HER! HER CHILD WAS IN DISTRESS. SHE IS A MOTHER. Why couldn’t the principal just bring her to book. I hope the bitch gets fired

  27. VOD says:

    YvetteMakingitHappen  On top of that THEY LET HER IN. Yes I’m shouting. Ins;t enough that too many of us are going to jail for BULLSHIT reasons? Give me a break

  28. VOD says:

    Joewahoo  I’ m with you Joe. And I’m a school teacher who cannot stand my principal. So damned political. Even to the detriment of the students

  29. VOD says:

    hiroader2  HUH? Did you say something?

  30. Bert C says:

    Lizluv25   I was responding to another website that stated that the child was not in distress.  The article went on to say that he was calm and presenting no threat to staff or his fellow classmates.  That is why I replied the way I did.  Let’s be real the school has an inadequate protocol, with lack of monitoring.  This is probably due to lack of staffing.

  31. JiiaFelisha says:

    Always sign the visitor’s log though; that’s a requirement, however, arresting her was ridiculous!!!

  32. Regrenee says:

    JiiaFelisha Stop sending your children to a HELL HOLE called school, that will solve the problem!  They are in with the police trying to make MONEY!  What losers they are.

  33. Regrenee says:

    VOD YvetteMakingitHappenHow about going to jail for the skin you are born in, the police and schools are working together because they do not like black kids anyway, only pretend to.

  34. Regrenee says:

    Bert C Devon The Truth TellerHe is  not buying it because she is black , maybe he thinks that all black women are liars are bad parents!  Smh!

  35. Regrenee says:

    Devon The Truth Teller why didn’t they arrest her for previous things done?  Something is fishy about this story you are telling.

  36. Regrenee says:

    Devon The Truth Teller Why are you so worried about her being a  so called trouble maker or even her child?  Do you know her personally?   Then  it is a he said she said scenario.   Just because she is a black woman does not mean she is automatically a trouble maker.   I  DO NOT  BELIEVE WHAT   MOST  school administrators nowadays have to say for they are too busy  RAPING MOLESTING AND ABUSING CHILDREN IN SOME FORM OR ANOTHER.

  37. VOD says:

    Regrenee VOD YvetteMakingitHappen  It’s all part of the plan, Renee. Please read “The New Jim Crow” by Civil Rights attorney Michelle Alexander. Let me give you a caveat. More Blacks were put in prison during the Clinton administration than any other president in US history (p.56)

  38. Rammy says:

    Lizluv25 Not enough good reason to call the police. They called her and knew her, and because of the special circumstance in which she was, this situation could have been dealt with without getting law enforcement involved. There is an open season on black people in this country, where every insignificant situation is turned into an arrest to fill corrupted private prisons. From trespassing to not being able to afford pre-trial fees, which basically means being in prison for being poor, all is fair game to continue filling up the occupancy of standardized prisons cells by blacks. Complete BS and injustice.

  39. Regrenee says:

    Lizluv25 Tell that to the many teachers having sex with under age children, now that is a safety issue.  Let’s not  be so  hypocritical.  Those teachers need to call the cops on themselves.

  40. CarolParks says:

    Calling the POLICE? Totally  UNNECESSARY! They NEVERshould have called the police, nor arrested her. They knew her, and they knew why she was there. It seems now schools call the police for anything! Just Insanity.

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  42. BigWood says:

    Black brothers and sisters, you must understand “These People” are your mortal enemy. Why do you insist on going to a brick building every Sunday and praying to your enemy as your GOD?? Wake up Black people, your enemy still views you as damn fools for worshipping them even though they kick your @ss on a daily basis

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