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March 11, 2014

Michael Dunn Gets Dumped by Attorney, Denied Retrial by Judge

Michael Dunn Gets Dumped by Attorney, Denied Retrial by Judge


Michael Dunn, who fired into an SUV and killed unarmed teen Jordan Davis, will not get a new trial for the attempted murder charges on which he was convicted.

Judge Russell Healey denied Dunn’s motion for a new trial on Friday. Dunn still faces a retrial on the first degree murder charges, but he won’t be represented by the same attorney, according to First Coast News.

Although jurors found Dunn guilty of attempted murder, they could not reach a verdict on the first degree murder charge in the shooting of 17 year old Jordan Davis.

The Florida Times-Union reports that Dunn’s attorney, Cory Strolla, will not be representing Dunn anymore because Dunn no longer has enough money to pay Strolla’s attorney’s fees. It is unclear who will represent Dunn in the future, although Dunn being represented by the public defender’s office may not be a workable solution considering that they represented the witnesses during trial.

Strolla also filed a motion to delay Dunn’s sentencing on the guilty verdicts, but a decision on that motion has been delayed until Friday.

Dunn’s trial was named the “loud music” trial since loud music led to an argument between Dunn and Davis. Dunn said he fired into the SUV Jordan Davis was in because he saw a weapon, but no weapon was ever found.

Dunn left, went home, had pizza and made himself a rum and coke cocktail after killing Davis.

He faces up to 60 years in prison on the attempted murder charges.



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9 thoughts on “Michael Dunn Gets Dumped by Attorney, Denied Retrial by Judge

  1. CarolParks says:

    FINALLY! Some justice. Although I personally think he deserves the DEATH PENALTY, & YES I would pull the lever.  Now, when does something finally happen to that MURDERER GZ?

  2. Rammy says:

    Why is this Dunn Killer not being convicted for the killing of the teenage boy and is only convicted for the attempted murders of the living teenagers. He should especially be convicted for the murder of the one he killed, in addition to the attempted murders on the other teenagers who survived his murderous rampage. This is an absolute injustice, only in Florida. What a shame! This state is starting to become “The Get away with Black kids’ Murder State”. SMH.

  3. CarolParks says:

    Rammy  Florida is a GOP run state. 26 GOP run states like Florida have and enforce SYG Laws. Plus they are bringing back Jim Crow. People need to VOTE these SCUM out of office. Maybe the Dem’s are not perfect , but no democratic state has these laws. The GOP are ruthless and the only people they care about are the Billionaires, Wall Street, & Corporations. They are also Racist as hell, Sexist as hell as they are against all womens rights. But, people don’t vote in off Presidential years. Except for the Tea Bags & Repukes. The President has had his hands tied because of this GOP Congress. That is why The Jobs Bill, & others would not pass.

    As far as this MURDERER goes, he wiull be retried for the murder of Jordan Davis. BUT, knowing the racist Florida people I wouldn’t expect much. They also let go Casey Anthony who murdered her own baby. She was White, & had a lot of money to help her. Our UNJUST Biggoted Legal System needs to be changed. Along with the Prison System which is horrible as I am sure you know all of this. We all need to stand together to stop this. Please vote, and encourage others. Because, as long as they have the power we don’t have a chance.

  4. Rammy says:

    CarolParks Rammy I am glad to exchange with educated people on this panel. Carol, although I don’t do & am not planning to associate with partisan politics, I take a strong stand as much as I can against unfair policies. I am well aware of the disgraceful agenda of the GOP, their soul mate, Tea Party nuts & few democrats. Their obstructionist behavior regarding policies that deny rights to the majority of the American people, while protecting vehemently the privileges of the minority rich is just wrong. I have been doing everything I can to inform hundreds and thousands of people through my posts and petitions, about what I believe ought to be a collective action against policies, that jeopardize the very core of the principles that founded this country. 
    Regarding Florida, I am appalled about the rotten criminal justice and legal system in this particular state, as if bigotry and racism are the criteria of selection for judges, lawyers, police officers and the list goes on.  This is not a black or white thing, or women vs men thing, these are things that affect all Americans, because history shows us that the oppressed ultimately rebel against the status-quo, which always leads to disaster. Let’s keep coming together to make justice and equality prevail against oppression in America.

  5. CarolParks says:

    Rammy CarolParks  

    Hello Rammy, I couldn’t agree with you more. All this money that has now come into politics is hurting us all. I wish there were a third party for the “People”. With no Lobbist’s involved or big corporations. I think it will be the rich against the poor in the future with the middle class gone if we keep in this direction.

    I am terribly sad to see all the racism that still goes on in this country. I would have thought by now we would have been so much more advanced at this time. But, sadly the ignorance goes on. And yes, it does hurt everyone in one way or another. It keeps people from joining together to better everyone’s lives, and having true equality. My main concern has always been the children, all children for they are the future.

    But, again money is now the real problem as it invades every decent person who is in charge of decisions affecting us all. There are very few who can resist it and do the right thing. 

    I think it’s wonderful that you spread the truth, so many still seem to be in a bubble of sort’s. 

    Thank-you for your kind reply, and have a wonderful day!  🙂

  6. Rammy says:

    CarolParks Rammy Few years ago, I felt so helpless in front of the magnitude of the obstacles regular people face in their daily lives, and the  giant size of  power very few people benefited from. I thought the rest of us were doomed, we were never going to win against such power. Nonetheless I feel very differently today, I believe the real power belong to the people and when the people get fed up, come together to take a strong stand things change for the better. I am also an artist and I use my talent to educate people. I think I should add doing fundraising to the my list of action so that I can really support people especially, women who are fighting for all of us.
    Thanks a lot Carol for your humanity & understanding. Let’s don’t stop until we get things right.

  7. CarolParks says:

    Rammy CarolParks  

    That is so very hopeful! I was feeling like we are doomed now!  Mostly because of these SYG Laws, & everyday reading something horrible or hearing something horrible in the news. It can get so very discouraging. 

    I was happy to hear about the NBA Commisioner taking away that Racist piece of garbage’s team. I hope Magic Johnson buys it. 

    But, being an artist, you have so much influenece, and people will be so inspired by your work. What a beautiful gift. 

    We are all in this together, even though some carry so much hatred in their heart. If only people would judge others individually, instead of hating everyone. 

    And yes, let’s never stop until things are right! Such a pleasure to talk to you!

  8. Rammy says:

    CarolParks Rammy Well received, thanks Carol!

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