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March 21, 2014

Man Arrested for Drinking Iced Tea in Public Being Bullied Into Accepting Plea Deal

Man Arrested for Drinking Iced Tea in Public Being Bullied Into Accepting Plea Deal

iced tea arrest

A North Carolina man who was arrested last year by a plainclothes officer for drinking iced tea in a parking lot is being strong-armed into taking a plea deal that he is reluctant to accept.

Christopher Lamont Beatty was arrested after a plainclothes officer spotted him drinking iced tea in a state owned liquor store parking lot last year.

Even though it turned out that Beatty was only drinking iced tea and not alcohøl, he was still taken into custody and arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting a public order.   Now prosecutors are pressuring him to take a plea deal which includes probation and community service.

The arrest occurred on April 27, 2013 in the parking lot of ABC liquor store. Beatty and a friend were standing near a vehicle and Beatty was holding a can of iced tea and his friend was recording video. That’s when they were interrupted by a plainclothes police officer who insisted that Beatty turn over his can of iced tea. Beatty refused, explaining to the stranger that he was only drinking a beverage called half-n-half, which is mixed iced tea with pink lemonade.

As Beatty points out, the officer didn’t identify himself immediately so for all he knew, some stranger had just rushed over and demanded that he turn over his iced tea.

After Beatty continued to refuse to turn over the iced tea, the stranger wrestled Beatty to the ground and told him that he was under arrest.

The stranger, who was later identified as Alcohøl & Beverage Control Law Enforcer Rick Libero, placed Beatty in handcuffs, according to the Fayetteville Observer.

Beatty says in addition to being forced to take a plea deal even though he did nothing wrong, the charges caused him to lose his job and since the charges are still open, he’s had a hard time finding a new job.

If Beatty accepts the plea deal, he’ll be required to do 24 hours of community service and spend one year on probation.

Watch the video here:

h/t: Police State USA

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47 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Drinking Iced Tea in Public Being Bullied Into Accepting Plea Deal

  1. GeekHillbilly says:

    This sucks.I’d sue Alcohol and Beverage Control for civil rights violations in Federal court.

  2. Watchful says:

    Where’s the NAACP Legal Defense Fund? Isn’t this the type of case they should take on and represent brutha Beatty?

  3. DavidJones5 says:

    There has to be something missing in this story.  It doesn’t make sense and I find it hard to believe from what I read in the article that a prosecutor would want to go to trial–or he wouldn’t want to go to trial to prove innocence.  I guess I have to dig a little deeper for the truth because I sense the entire story isn’t being told by someone.

  4. CumberlandProgressives says:

    DavidJones5 In Fayetteville NC this kind of stuff happened far more than we care to admit under the last police chief .

  5. bloodjing says:

    I don’t find it hard to believe at all. I just had something like this happen to me in Arizona, and as far as the NAACP is concerned they don’t want to help. I tried calling them for help, and basically they ignored the situation.

  6. bloodjing says:

    We have to find a way to stop these people from violating our rights.

  7. david19082 says:

    bloodjing I feel you about the NAACP. I had a situation and called them and they gave me the run around and never called me back.

  8. Watchful says:

    david19082 bloodjing  

    Both of ur ordeals is exactly y I posed the question concerning the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in this case, cuz alotta our ppl tend to tout their great work in representing our ppl when it comes to violations of our rights. I guess the reality is a helluva lot different from the perception.

  9. MichaelRBoutwell says:

    Well to me it seems he was just looking for trouble thats why he and his buddy were out there with a video recorder. Seems to me he got just what he wanted  to cause trouble and he got it. as far as I am concerned he should not get probation but locked up for a year instead

  10. TeseanBond says:

    Here’s a hint: DONT TAKE THE PLEA DEAL. Fight it in court. They can’t “force” you to do anything. You have a constitutional right to a trial

  11. MelodyJustice says:

    DavidJones5  There’s nothing missing. Ive been arrested for stealing for my own car. I showed them my ID and the registration with my name on it

  12. Watchful says:


    Sounds like u were another victim of ‘driving while black’.

  13. BrettGathings says:

    MichaelRBoutwell  Or they were waiting for someone? Then to buy alcohol, then back to a place to drink it that isnt public and illegal.  People with cameras are everywhere. A good percentage of the U.S. has a video recording device.  

    You should stop “seeming”  and listen/read because it was both said and typed out in black and white what they were there for.

    Im 100% certain you do something everyday that can be misinterpreted and you be put in the same position and just out of spite, I will rally that you get a years sentence for going about your everyday life.

  14. dmanh12 says:

    This article is misleading. Yes he’s being bullied by the prosecutor – no doubt, but we don’t know if he has signed any state documents that can be construed to be contractual. We don’t know what he said, to contractually obligated himself onto the system.
    That being said, the mass incarceration of our people is the fault of black people, in specifically the fault of black men!!!
    Simple logic, if you live in an hostile environment, where you are the prey, and you know that your very freedom or your life is in jeopardy, and you don’t work together in tandem to secure these things, for no other reason than survival then, it’s just a matter of time you’re picked off one by one by your enemy.  
    If ignorance is the downfall of a people then enlightenment is its savior. 
    If the pen is mightier than the sword, why are you still carrying a sword, and ignorant to the workings of the pen?
    Black men are in and out of the joint on a consistent basis, and they know a lot of charges filed against them are bullshit! 
    But yet not one has taken upon himself to learn the law. Not one has taken upon himself to learn the game of stocks and bonds! 
    Who is the stock? and Who writes the bonds?
    Not to make money (and you can) but to protect oneself, family and friends. However, instead, they hang on the street corner, drinking Ice teas and chasing worthless females that don’t care about them and can’t definitely help them. 
    Therefore, once in trouble, they will look toward help from the enemy! The same people that incarcerated our brothers into that hell hole. which makes our brothers bigger fools than they already are! 
    So, he’s caught between his own laziness and stupidity – otherwise a rock and a hard place!
    Sad, but  true!

  15. dmanh12 says:

    Watchful david19082 bloodjing  NAACP is an organization started by Jewish men. Why would they help you?

  16. Watchful says:


    I’m callin’ bullshyt on ur comment. Being lazy and/or stupid doesn’t, in any way, justify being arrested and/or harassed by that cop. Even if he were a complete retard he still would not be breakin’ any laws by simply drinkin’ a goddam can of iced tea. Shyt, if that’s the case then I guess u can arrest someone for just standing on the damn corner or on their own porch. Not much of a difference if u ask me. 

    Ur comments just reflect the sick kinda mentality that too many ppl have of blaming the victim when their rights have clearly been violated. Better hope u don’t face similar action from a cop one day, cuz if u do I’m sure there will those who will be willing to call u stupid and lazy even if u were innocent of any wrongdoing.

  17. Watchful says:


    And where did I say that they would?

  18. david19082 says:

    dmanh12 Watchfuldavid19082bloodjingThis is directed at dmanh12. Because they get donations and support from BLACK people as well. As far as Jewish men starting the NAACP they also started the Urban League as well. You’re not telling people anything they don’t already know. Most of your comments are simply about deflecting attention away from white racist back onto it’s victims. My situation in calling the NAACP was about a NOOSE that was hung on my apartment front door. Certainly not a criminal act on my part. But in your narrow minded book I guess I caused it to happen.

  19. dmanh12 says:

    Watchful dmanh12  What are you calling bullshit on?
    White oppression of a racial system set up to systemically oppress and
    incarcerate blacks?
    Ex: Blacks represents roughly 15% percent of the
    population in this country and yet represents 40 percent in the penal system.
    The fact black people are incarcerated at a higher rate than whites, and given harsher
    jail sentences than whites for the same crime?
    Ex: Zimmerman – walks on stand your ground while Marissa (black women) gets
    twenty years using the same stand your ground as a defense as Zimmerman.
    Are you calling bullshit, because I stated an empirical fact?
    That blacks know and or should know that walking out of their doors (cops don’t
    even respect homes of blacks anymore) on any given day and put their liberty in
    Or are you calling BS on the fact that blacks should know the law and know how to
    defend themselves?
    Blacks should take every opportunity to arm themselves with the knowledge of
    the law and apply that fucker when their rights are being abused!!!
    For example, take this poor, stupid bastard. He was unlawfully arrested by a
    racist pig.  His rights under the 4th
    and 8th amendment were violated pursuant to the constitutional laws
    of the country and his state constitution.
    His crime, in the eyes of the white racist judicial system is being poor, black
    and stupid.
    Now they’re going to have a field day with him, they will bullied him, and harass
    him through fear and ignorance, and he will lose his job (which he has).
    Now if he knew the law, upon his unlawful arrest (constitutional), and wrongful
    arrest (state constitution) and wrongful imprisonment, brother man would demanded to see a magistrate as
    per his right, and filed (move for)a “habeas corpus” with the court and gotten
    release the next day.  
    Then turned around, filed complaints against the officer, his agency,. officer supervisor and the
    jail with the necessary state agencies – this will meet statutory requirements for his
    civil rights suit 42 §1983/1988 he will file against the county, the officer (police misconduct), officer supervisors and jail for unlawful arrest and imprisonment.  And get paid!!!
    Lastly, don’t you ever tell me with your bitch made punk ass what I don’t know!
     Its self-made p@ssies like you that have
    perpetuated the feminization of black males to be helpless and consistent
    victims of this racist society

  20. Watchful says:


    Exactly, this dmanh12 character seems to think that the victim in this case is actually the perpetrator. Some ppl just luv to stereotype and racially profile black ppl every chance they get. I guess we’re automatically guilty of any alleged crime by merely being black. That’s exactly how GZ and MD could try to justify murdering Trayvon and Jordan.

  21. dmanh12 says:

    david19082 dmanh12 Watchful bloodjing  Bullshit! you don’t know what you’re talking about. Now you;re going to tell us what black people know. I’ll bet you if half the blacks know that the NAACP and Urban League were started by Jewish people, they would cease their donations
    What an ass!
    Further, when did self-empowerment sound like being a perp?
    let me take my first insult back, what a dumb ass!!!

  22. dmanh12 says:

    Watchful david19082  
    Reading must be fundamental to you! 
    Point out in my statement where I make that ridiculous claim. 
    I know you’re not black, because you don’t have the slightest idea on what you’re taking about.

  23. Watchful says:



    Thanks for revealing your true self with these
    ad hominem attacks. You just confirmed my suspicions of the level of mentality and maturity you possess with that last comment. 

    Funny how you seem to be the only one here who was somehow magically able to discern that this man was, using your own words,”poor, black and stupid” which I find very revealing.
    Perhaps if you weren’t so quick to judge you’d be able to actually think things through in an manner before making asinine assumptions about people like the victim in this case, but I guess that’d be asking too much of you.

  24. Watchful says:


    “Lazy” “Poor” “Stupid’ and “Black”.

    Those were ur words, not mine.

  25. dmanh12 says:

    Watchful dmanh12  I’m happy to obliged, an indigent such as yourself!!!
    Perhaps if you get your head out your ass and comprehend what you’ve read, we can have an intelligent conversation.
    If you don’t have any thing to offer as a solution, here’s a tip, sit your ass down and shut up!
    Here’s what I find revealing about you. You’re not black, and you’re, attempting to convolute the issue, and keep people docile and passive.

  26. Watchful says:


    Again, “Lazy”, “Poor”,  “Stupid” and “Black”.

    Ur words, not mine.  Deal with THAT.

  27. RickyboyH says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no reason why that man should be arrested at all. This kind of thing only happens in places where racial profiling & racism is generally accepted by the mainstream society. 
    I’ve never heard of a person being arrested for drinking a non-alcoholic drink in public where i live (Norway). Such a thing would be preposterous, and that’s putting it mildly. I’m glad our law-enforcement officers & our legal system isn’t so useless as it is in USA. It’s laughable, to be perfectly honest.

  28. CharlesHill2 says:

    dmanh12  So you are saying all the brothers in jail put themselves there?
    If that is what you are saying you are blind. this is a system built by slave owners and built to be against the former slaves.

  29. dmanh12 says:

    CharlesHill2 dmanh12  
    I understand this is a difficult concept for a lot of black men. Thoughts and rationale of a man, standing and defending one self as a man is strange, because so many brothers were raised in single parent households headed by women.
    “System is built by slave owners”
    You’ve just proved my point! 
    I’m  the blind one? Ha, ha, ha!
    Let me ask you Charles, just for shits and giggles.
    Do you know how to legally defend yourself if you get stop and ticketed?
    Do you know what gives the cop the right to pull you over? 
    Do you know how to legally tell a cop he has violated your rights?
    Do you know the definition of ‘articulatable facts’? 
    Do you know what rights are violated under both federal and state statues, when a cop has no suspicious reasons to confront you?
    Do you know how to file a motion to dismiss under cr 56? 
    You’re just like that brother, and like him you would have been up in the click, with the corrupt prosecutor lying, and threatening you.
    (might be a little different in your state)
    if you think that the white man is going to be fair with you!
    You’re the blind one, and it appears you’ve been blind for a long time.
    Wake up and pick up a book, learn your history, learn the law that can save you and your love ones!
    The point, stop being the victim, they’re not going to give you a fair shake, duh?
    Learn how to stand up for yourself. Your mommy isn’t going and can’t do anything for you watch, and perhaps if she loves you drop some pennies on your books, while you’re in the clink! She’s not going to come to your aid!
    I’m saying Brothers who are out on the street know the game out here, That they should be prepare, and take the fight back to the agency, and courts, that wrongfully arrest and imprison them
    I can’t make it any simpler than that!

  30. charlieup2 says:

    dmanh12 CharlesHill2  dmanh12 places a tremendous–and frankly, unrealistic– burden on this particular fellow…or any average or even above average citizen. Only lawyers would typically have the knowledge that he asserts should be commonly held; in fact, only criminal lawyers would typically have that knowledge. Quiz a tax lawyer if you think I’m wrong or even overstating the case. Don’t blame the victim. Even when the law is in their favor people get screwed over everyday of the week. Despite your good  advice to educate ourselves, you just can’t blame the victim. The argument is patently ridiculous.

  31. Watchful says:


    I agree, and I didn’t necessarily disagree with his point that we need to be more educated on our rights under the law, that I can appreciate. It was all the disparaging labels he placed on that brutha, and by extension black people in general, as being “lazy” “poor” “stupid” “fools”. As u stated, the overwhelming majority of people, including many r ignorant of the law.

    That said, I don’t think u have to chastise the brutha for his lack of knowledge by berating him. I think it would have been more helpful to simply suggest how he could have better handled the situation better and maybe even offer him some or counsel, minus the condescending tone. 

    I’ve listened to some other bruthas who r quite knowledgeable of the law and who come off as being so arrogant that a lot of people don’t even wanna hear what they have to say. Sometimes it’s just a matter of how u approach people. If I was well-versed in matters of the law I would be patiently trying to educate my people rather than castigating them, but that’s just me I guess.

  32. dmanh12 says:

    Watchful charlieup2  You need to re-read my post. Because you’ve not understood what was said, and what was said was taken out of content.
    To reiterate, from the perspective of the law (whites) he would be Lazy, poor, stupid, fools!
    Hence why he’s being taken advantage of.

  33. dmanh12 says:

    charlieup2 dmanh12 
    Now you’re not making sense here.
    Why would learning the law, place a tremendous, unrealistic burden on this particular “black” fellow?
    Or any other blacks in similar condition.
    That’s very presumptuous of you!
    I take it, you think “this particular ‘black’ fellow” being falsely arrested, wrongfully in prison, losing his job, generating a slanderous arrest record, that would follow him for the next several years isn’t for just drinking an Ice Tea,
    Isn’t tremendous for this particular “Black ” fellow or unrealistic?
    You’re not making any kind of sense on this planet and any other. Tell me what world do you live on? Because to me you, sound like you’re a bigot.
    You’ve made another equally ridiculous statement. “only lawyers would typically have the knowledge that he asserts, blah, blah…”
    Again, wrong. Pro Se with experience and a good record, also process the knowledge and a lot of them do quite well, without the expense of a crook, I’m sorry I meant to say”lawyer” 
    I found your bigoted, perspective of the event, distasteful. Actually someone who suffers from white privileged, and hence has no idea on what you’re talking about.

  34. KennyUninterestedJ says:

    This was a very interesting read, as far as the comments are concerned, filled with disposition of entertainment and passionate perspective. To summarize, if I may, we get dehumanization, lack of education, emasculation, and inability to adapt to tactics, necessary, if I’m not misjudging, for survival. I do not think that @dmanh12’s perspective is unbelievable, or in no way meant to diminish the history of our culture, just unfamiliar. I believe that he is looking at the possibilities of a society that vindicates itself rather than place blame for its own inability to learn “the rules of engagement”–a deeply realistic and educated approach–even if those rules are, in ideology or practice, believed and or actually created to suppress it’s subordinates. I do not disagree with his notions. I also do not misunderstanding or disagree with the assertions that black men are, in a sense, deserving of their disposition because of a lack their of. Justice should be justice but seeing that it isn’t, dmanh12’s more realistic approach would be a better artillery for combat. Though some of you may have found his comments brutally honest, not saying that all of his assertions are true…truth hurts!

  35. KennyUninterestedJ says:

    @dmanh12 your words didn’t completely fall on deaf ears, they hear you, regardless your approach lol

  36. Watchful says:


    Not sure if u’re comments were directed at me specifically or not, but I stated in another post to this thread that I actually agreed with @dmanh12 as far as the need of our ppl to better educate themselves on matters of the law. Where I took exception was in the terminology he chose to use which I felt was unnecessarily belittling, but that’s just me I guess. 

    That said, he subsequently stated that his comments may have been taken outta context, so I’m gonna take his word for it and leave it at that.

  37. dmanh12 says:

    KennyUninterestedJ  Thanks brother, he gets it!

  38. ILynnAngeliss says:

    Nice to see that products of incest can actually articulate their thoughts; no matter how idiotic, and antiquated.

  39. MariaRory says:

    the want to be cop is a true punk ….He need to be fired and shot…n the head he dont use it.

  40. fccjbio says:

    Just know this – For us brothers out here getting harassed, bullied, and forced to accept plea deals– know that A deal may used to block a civil suit against this cop in his personal capacity, – Did you say he was ATF – that’s federal – his employer, ABC liquors and whoever else wants to be named as a defendant to an unlawful arrest. 

    So, I say we all should learn from this experience and stop being ignorant of the law. Trespassing is a crime. However, it doesn’t matter whether or not we were asked to  hand over the contents of a can of iced tea or Whatever.

    Of course, these people want to protect their property and they want to criminalize us in enforcing those rights. Clearly,the court’s will play the game on us to the point where a can of Ice-T Can be used as a pretext to assume that a crime is being committed – drinking beer in public doesn’t matter because it’s what comes after the refusal that will get us in trouble –Charging us with either disobeying an order, resisting  arrest with violence(If you’re an immigrant this is a deportable offense), or trespassing or whatever trumped up charges they bring just to bullied us into accepting probation. Probation is a setup to fail Strategy because once you violate probation, you’re right off the prison.

    None of thisis about law and public safety but more about conformity, control, and conditioning.
    If they were to let his brother off I’m sure the police, the court said that nobody else will be thinking if you do that then we will my’s well let off all the black guys that we can’t control.So you have to make an example to the charities, behaviors around the store where black guys frequently patronize their liquor stores.

    The ATF officer could have respectfully and humanely approached this brother & show his badge letting him know that if he is drinking alcohol he either should leave the premises or stop drinking or alternatively, turnover the can. But no, he came with this hotshot honcho mentality like the sheriff in town demanding folks hand over there duly purchased Ice-T. And when wasn’t satisfied, now he wants to turn it into a Federal case. Give me a break.

    F…ng with a federal agent is a federal crime. He’s just lucky they didn’t charged resisting arrest with violence or assault on an ATF agent.

  41. fccjbio says:

    CharlesHill2 dmanh12  Have you heard off the corrections Corporation of America(CCC)? They run prisons – they encourage the government to hand over the control and running of prisons because they can do a better job. 

    The sad reality is ccc trades stocks on the stock market. This Corporation use us black men as their widgets on the shelf. If that Isn’t slavery then I don’t know what is. 

    Slavery has taken on a new meaning because it’s based on colorblindness and it’s wrapped up in a new form known as capitalism.

  42. fccjbio says:

    CharlesHill2 dmanh12  You make a point. We have to train our young black men to be better human beings in a world where they are undervalued, suppressed, and threatened with force, violence, and intimidation at the hands of police into submission. Obviously a brother naturally rise to the occasion in defense of his own manhood and personhood. 

    And that’s where the threat comes from; for law enforcement who believes their main purpose is to control the black man Is really does a conflict between the powerful and the threatened. 

    Therefore, from a man- to- man point of view, it would’ve been appropriate if the police Would have approached the brother and lay the law down by showing his authority. The police failed to exercise his duty to warn. His failure to warn is part of the problem.

    So I guess What I’m saying is that there has to be a better way to teach our young black men how not to deal with the police.

  43. Watchful says:

    Here’s a video that some may find helpful with regard to this topic.

  44. dmanh12 says:

    fccjbio CharlesHill2 dmanh12  
    I hear what you’re saying, and to an extent I would agree with some of the points you’ve laid out. However, that officer who hasn’t properly identified himself, would of had his ass kicked! 
    And kicking his ass would be considered lawful. 
    More to the point, and I think you’ve basically agreed with my premise, black men have to be responsible and stop playing (excuse my language) the role of the bitch, and stand up for himself!
    Now I’m not advocating violence, not at all. Take the example of the Brundy ranch cattle situation, you see how all those folks stood up for each other and forced the Federal Government to back down? 
    The concept is the same, here. Black men, know they’re targeted for unfair treatment. and unlawful incarceration. Since this incident, several like it occurred,
    1. In one situation a police officer unlawful, and illegally forced his way into a brother’s home, and without warrant or probable cause man-handled him and arrested him in his own house, for doing absolutely nothing!
    2. A brother minding his business was accosted by two NYC cops and asked to produced proof that he paid bus fare. When he produced the receipt the pigs, decided to harassed him further provoking an incident, and then without provocation, suspicion or warrant unlawfully arrest him.
    3. A young boy was beaten so hard by the police that he’s a paralyzed for life. The boy 13 yrs old, did not do anything that would require to be beaten in such a fashion. in every situation each black man, coward down and started to cry.
    This bullshit has to stop, and it won’t until black men start standing up for their rights. It’s just that simple.

  45. RosanneLarson says:


  46. BigWood says:

    Black brothers and sisters, you must understand “These People” are your mortal enemy. Why do you insist on going to a brick building every Sunday and praying to your enemy as your GOD?? Wake up Black people, your enemy still views you as damn fools for worshipping them even though they kick your @ss on a daily basis

  47. PurposefullyHere says:

    I find the arrest scary. Beatty was trying to have the guy show some proof that he was a cop: an ID or badge. Something. Then, Beatty is told he has 5 seconds to leave. Barely a second later begins the arrest.  

    Does this mean someone in plainclothes can simply say they are a cop, order you to do whatever, and if you ask for proof, they then can arrest you for disobeying them without their having provided some proof of their authority?  Why wouldn’t someone resist such an arrest?

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