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March 3, 2014

Louisiana Voter: “I Don’t Vote for Black People… They Got Their Place”

Louisiana Voter: “I Don’t Vote for Black People… They Got Their Place”

Democratic Senators Harkin, Landrieu, And Warner Discuss Health Care

Somehow post-racial America just keeps producing more racist news.

Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu is facing an uphill battle in her reelection campaign and although Obamacare is partly the reason some are giving for opposing her, an article published by NPR indicates that Landrieu’s support for the first black president may’ve been cause for animosity among some of her constituents.

The Koch brothers have been flooding money into Louisiana to convince voters that the Affordable Care Act Landrieu supported was detrimental to them, so NPR’s Alisa Chang went to Louisiana to hear first hand what voters thought of the senator.

Beau Broussard said campaigners always took a moment to speak to Cajun voters who sat under the old Oak tree. He then recalled that one politician even brought some beans.

“They were delicious. Ooooo! I’d vote for him just for them white bean,” Broussard said.

And apparently his love for white beans is just an extension of his adoration of all things white.

“I don’t vote for black people, lady,” he said. “No, ma’am. I don’t vote for black people. They got their place, I got my place. That’s the way I was raised.”

Broussard has also coined a name for Sen. Landrieu—“Obama lady”–and says that the Democratic lawmaker supports the Democratic president too much. Still, Broussard insisted that his opposition to Landrieu was based solely on the Affordable Care Act.

For anyone paying attention, it’s clear that Broussard is doing what so many other racists do. He’s using a piece of legislation to cloak his racism so that he appears reasonable, when actually, nothing could be further from the truth.




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8 thoughts on “Louisiana Voter: “I Don’t Vote for Black People… They Got Their Place”

  1. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    When people are to stupid to understand having access to affordable HEALTH CARE benefits them, they should not be able to vote.

  2. BillSchrier says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood Obamacare RAISES the cost of health care for most Americans.  It only makes it cheaper for the extreme poor, i.e. it disproportionately helps blacks.  That doesn’t make it fair or popular.  It’s only popular among blacks.  That goes a long way for explaining why 95% of blacks voted for Obama, they love those handouts.  But the taxpayers that have to pay for those handouts, not so much.

  3. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    BillSchrier BlackheywoodHeywood  ACA , welfare,food stamps, SSI, Section all help Poor WHITE AMERICANS than they help Black people. Try your ignorance and racism with your own kind. I don’t punch down or suffer fools.Keep it moving

  4. Watchful says:


    My troll alarm sounded off with each subsequent post from this BillSchrier character, then he more than confirmed my suspicions with his post to this thread. I’m not even gonna dignify him with any further response.

  5. KhanFloMah says:

    BillSchrier BlackheywoodHeywood 
    OH LET ME FIELD THIS ONE!!!!! blacks..make up just 14% of ALL THE COUNTRY..this is from Michael jordan, to the guy throwing the mail in your mailbox, to the bum in jail.  So There are very rich, to not so rich, to unemployed. JUST LIKE WHITES… So….Being that they make up 14% of ALL THE COUNTRY…you have a RARE CHANCE AT EVER SEEING A BLACK in most the country ALL DAY. Secondly…Being that blacks are HIGH INCOME, MIDDLE INCOME AND LOW INCOME…only those that QUALIFY can get welfare, and that is about NUMBERS not skin, so if youre working full time? youre not getting  much of it. at 14%, IF ALL THE BLACKS WERE PRO OBAMA, thats nowhere close to enough to win an election. BLACKS VOTED AGAINST HIM due to abortion, due to the HIGH CHURCH GOERS…also some voted hillary, because she was a woman…others didnt trust obama in general..AND THERE ARE ALSO BLACK REPUBLICANS… So your “FEAR OF BLACKS?” is totally stupid…its like being afraid of sharks, living in Arizona.

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