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February 28, 2014

Say What? CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Yesterday, Obama Became the Black President’

Say What? CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Yesterday, Obama Became the Black President’


by Yvette Carnell

Earlier today, I shared how deflating it was to watch a bemused Don Lemon gush over President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative yesterday on air, while reporting for CNN:

CNN’s Don Lemon, who went out of his way to cosign Fox News Bill O’Reilly’s pathologizing of black culture, and recently gave his blessing to the NYPD’s stop and frisk program, was front and center, choking up at President Obama having offered a helping hand to black boys. It was irksome to watch these two black men, Obama and Lemon, who’ve so vastly misunderstood how, with their finger wagging rhetoric, they’ve both been used as tools to thwart the forward momentum of any legislative action that could have actually provided a solid foundation for black youth.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Lemon explain himself, listen now:

According to Lemon, Obama became a black president yesterday. In Lemon’s mind, President Obama fulfilled his promise to black people, and walked into his melanin casing by becoming Fundraiser-In-Chief. Lemon, as usual, isn’t at his best when he’s attempting to digest political outcomes or implications.

Think about it: Why couldn’t Obama’s initiative have been paired with a legislative effort? Even if Obama had lost, it wouldn’t have appeared that he was depending solely on private money to help African American boys. Defeat is something I can stomach. Losing your will to fight? Not so much.

Young black men need a champion in the White House. And even though they’ve had a black man as president over the past six years, they’ve never had a president who has governed with them in mind. What can Obama do now? He can fight for the comprehensive economic recovery act that he didn’t fight for in 2009, with key provisions which fund black youth. Win or lose, he should make the case and take it to America , especially considering the impact that the minimum wage economy is having on all Americans. If that doesn’t work, then he can do his charity thingy post 2016. But win or lose, he should fight for us.

But there’s also something even more dangerous here, slithering around the edges unnoticed. What lies ahead once charity becomes viewed as an adequate substitute for government intervention? This is what Umair Haque describes as neofeudalism, where we all exist at the kindness of wealthy benefactors. It is the supplanting of gov’t at the behest of privatization.

What you see with Obama, and to a lesser extent Cory Booker, is the handing over of government responsibility to private charity and enterprise. That is something that Lemon and other members of the press peanut gallery haven’t even touched upon.






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5 thoughts on “Say What? CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Yesterday, Obama Became the Black President’

  1. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Don Lemon is not a Black man so how in the world can he say President Obama became the Black President, which is a lie. When they say “people of color” they are not speaking about Black people, but when they mention crime, oow births and fear they say Black people. I laughed at Don Lemon because as a seasoned Black man I know when folks like him and President Obama blame Black folks for White racism, they don’t have Black people best interest at heart.

  2. Watchful says:

    Obama, Lemon, and Booker r all puppets so to expect either of them to speak out on behalf of the masses of black ppl is a big mistake, ain’t gonna happen. As to the issue of the private sector taking over the role of the government’s responsibility to provide for those most in need, u might as well accept that reality bcuz it’s been that way for some time now and I only see it getting worse as we move into the future. We do NOT, nor have we ever really lived in a so-called democracy. What we actually have lived under is a plutocracy which has now morphed into a kleptocracy where powerful corporate-backed lobbying organizations like ALEC draft legislation that directly benefits their interests at the expense of the electorate/consumers while they payoff elected officials to vote it into actual law. This is the reality of what we’re really up against and the sooner we accept this reality the sooner we can come together to figure out how to overcome it. There r only a couple of elected officials that truly represent the interests of the average U.S. resident these days and their voices r rarely heard or presented in the mainstream media where instead, corporate-controlled shills like Don Lemon get to sit in front of the camera and continuously spew  their self-hating rhetoric which only serves to confuse many other blacks who tend to believe and support any black person like Lemon that they see on tv. We have to stop allowing ourselves to be misled and distracted by such puppets and stop giving them so much of our valuable time and attention which they truly don’t deserve.

  3. Chris40 says:

    So, Don Lemon says that
    Obama became a Black president, ova My Brother’s Keeper? 1.Obama ain’t Black,
    he’s BI RACIAL. 2. My Brother’s Keeper is a program for MEN AND BOYS OF COLOR,
    not Black men and boys specifically!!!!

  4. david19082 says:

    Up until this point President Obama was (and still is) the half WHITE president who ignored, criticized and disrespected black people. No matter how much complaining black critics did he ignored black voters in favor of everyone’s agenda EXCEPT black people. The ridiculous lie of his defenders is always no one asked for anything.  
    Unfortunately most black people are not informed when it comes to these black pawns in the media or do nothing elected officials like the President. Too many black people are simply happy to see a black face on TV or holding public office. Even if that black face is someone like Don Lemon who is selling hatred of black people at the bidding of his white boss Jeff Zucker. Don Lemon’s payment is a job and the image of an upstanding conservative “moral” gay man who hates blacks as much as some whites. 
    After the President of everyone else except black  people leaves office all those black so call leaders and black media types are going to go back to trying to hold some white politician accountable when they refused to hold this half white half African to the same standard of accountability. After the president’s second term is up and if Hillary Clinton gets elected and becomes the first woman president no one will expect her to ignore, criticize and disrespect white women the way this president ignored, criticized and disrespected black people.

  5. Watchful says:


    Very well said, David. I applaud u, sir.

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