Professor Keeps His Job After Writing “Slavery Wasn’t So Bad”

Professor Keeps His Job After Writing “Slavery Wasn’t So Bad”
February 26 12:42 2014 Print This Article

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In what the right wing describes as that liberal haven of academia, a white professor has been allowed to keep his job after writing that “slavery wasn’t so bad.”

Walter Block, described by Gawker as an Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyala University New Orleans, is a libertarian who opposes the Civil Rights Act because he believes it infringes upon the rights of business owners.

However, like so many libertarians who pretend that they aren’t racist, only principled, the hood begins to fall from their faces once they openly discuss their views. Here’s Block in an essay titled “Chris Selley is a P*ssy Libertarian; I’m Not.”

“Free association is a very important aspect of liberty. It is crucial. Indeed, its lack was the major problem with slavery. The slaves could not quit. They were forced to ‘associate’ with their masters when they would have vastly preferred not to do so,” Block writes.


What follows, however, is unlikely to win over many of his critics. Block adds in the essay: “Otherwise, slavery wasn’t so bad. You could pick cotton, sing songs, be fed nice gruel, etc. The only real problem was that this relationship was compulsory.”

Let me get this straight, Block believes that the Civil Rights Act infringed upon the freedom of business owners, but being chained and enslaved “wasn’t so bad”?  And still, given all the incoherence, the good professor is still gainfully employed.



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