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February 26, 2014

Professor Keeps His Job After Writing “Slavery Wasn’t So Bad”

Professor Keeps His Job After Writing “Slavery Wasn’t So Bad”

racist professor

In what the right wing describes as that liberal haven of academia, a white professor has been allowed to keep his job after writing that “slavery wasn’t so bad.”

Walter Block, described by Gawker as an Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyala University New Orleans, is a libertarian who opposes the Civil Rights Act because he believes it infringes upon the rights of business owners.

However, like so many libertarians who pretend that they aren’t racist, only principled, the hood begins to fall from their faces once they openly discuss their views. Here’s Block in an essay titled “Chris Selley is a P*ssy Libertarian; I’m Not.”

“Free association is a very important aspect of liberty. It is crucial. Indeed, its lack was the major problem with slavery. The slaves could not quit. They were forced to ‘associate’ with their masters when they would have vastly preferred not to do so,” Block writes.


What follows, however, is unlikely to win over many of his critics. Block adds in the essay: “Otherwise, slavery wasn’t so bad. You could pick cotton, sing songs, be fed nice gruel, etc. The only real problem was that this relationship was compulsory.”

Let me get this straight, Block believes that the Civil Rights Act infringed upon the freedom of business owners, but being chained and enslaved “wasn’t so bad”?  And still, given all the incoherence, the good professor is still gainfully employed.



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19 thoughts on “Professor Keeps His Job After Writing “Slavery Wasn’t So Bad”

  1. david19082 says:

    From Wikipedia: Block was born in Brooklyn, New York to Jewish parents
    Abraham Block, a certified public accountant, and Ruth Block, a
    paralegal. I wonder if parents raised him to feel the same way about the
    Holocaust?  I bet this Jewish man would never have stated that Hitler’s
    Nazi Germany wasn’t so bad for Jews. Yet another hypocritical racist Jew.

  2. MsVanillaRose says:

    david19082  And someone who refers to “yet another hypocritical racist Jew” feels somehow qualified to comment on racism?  The mind boggles.

  3. david19082 says:

    MsVanillaRose david19082That’s exactly what he is. What boggies the mind is that you are in here defending this racist. Whenever someone calls out the hypocrisy of Jews someone always comes running to their defense. Whites especially Jews have the right to offend at will but no one dare call them out on it. But you have nothing to say about this man’s racism just my reply?? You’re right the mind boggies.? Unlike you I wont show him any more respect than he shows black people. Your name speaks volumes about what you are.

  4. MsVanillaRose says:

    I’m not defending what Block wrote. I’m saying you’re a racist with no right to criticise him.

  5. david19082 says:

    MsVanillaRose The fact that you call me a racist tells me you have no idea what the meaning of the word is. Only a white idiot would call someone black a “racist”. I gave this “racist” Jewish coward the respect that he deserved which is none. You chose to argue with me because you can’t defend what Block said. You wont hear one Jewish person denounce what he said because they circle the wagons and protect their own. If there were more black people that were willing to spit on white racist trash like this instead of turning the other cheek maybe they would think twice before openly disrespecting black people. People who look like Block disrespect and spit on black people on a daily basis knowing they will never get the same treatment in return.  All you’re doing is trying to defend this white/Jewish racist.

  6. MsVanillaRose says:

    @david19082 I am not defending him. I am pointing out that you are a racist and therefore it is ridiculous for you to criticise him.   Anti-Semitism is one of the many forms which racism takes.  All racism is pernicious and evil.

  7. Bert C says:

    MsVanillaRose  I didn’t read where david19082 stated  he was superior to the Professor.   Slavery was a Holocost , read Katrina Browne’s account of Slavery.  She and ten members of her family when to Africa, and stood in the caves where the Africans were held.  One of her cousins stated that what was done to the Africans was  pure EVIL, he could feel in the caves.  There is nothing that I nor David19082  can said that would come close to Professor Block’s statement.   His attitude seems to be the same as the Nazis had toward his people.  The sad thing here is that  Jews
    will always portray themselves as righteous, and scream Anti-Semitic  when their behavior is challenged.  

    Recently, Miss Israel  was ask how were blacks treated in Israel, she replied that there were racist treatment of her people, but that she had never experienced it.  I never saw this in the paper or heard it on corporate  TV.  Lastly,  I don’t feel superior to you or the Professor, but the truth is Professor Block is a racist.

  8. david19082 says:

    MsVanillaRoseWell obviously many Jewish people didn’t get the memo that “all racism is pernicious and evil”. Because Block comes from a once oppressed people Block and other Jews racism is relevant. There are always those like you especially in the media that will attempt to shield and deflect the Blocks of this country from this legitimate criticism. That’s the reason why I said “YET ANOTHER HYPOCRITICAL RACIST JEW”. Because Jewish people are NEVER called out for their racist hypocrisy. Jews in the media have sold and continue to sell some of the worst stereotypes and scapegoating of black Americans for decades. Check out Bloomberg Businessweek
    Feb 2013 cover story blaming black people for the banking crisis. All the editors of this magazine are Jewish but no one dare point this out. Yet they would have screamed antisemitism if anyone dared do the same to them. Jewish dominated media can compare to the Nazi propaganda machine in it’s scope and racist hatred for black people. I or no black person can compare to Jewish racism that’s gone unchecked in America for decades. It seems because Jews possess so much power in the media and American businesses that people especially black people are afraid to speak the truth. That’s why Block and other Jews feel so comfortable openly spewing their venom towards black people. They may or may not get called out for their racism but they NEVER get called out on the hypocrisy. As I stated Jews were ONCE an oppressed people but they are NOT oppressed in America. They have melted in the ethnic melting pot and enjoy all the benefits that America has to offer. I realize I’m wasting my time on you so this is my last comment.

  9. MsVanillaRose says:


  10. MsVanillaRose says:

    david19082 Bye bye, anti-Semite.

  11. david19082 says:

    Bye bye idiot.

  12. david19082 says:

    MsVanillaRose  lol thanks for proving BertC point lol

  13. psychugo says:

    Please help me understand, why are you advocating that the man be fired?

  14. MsVanillaRose says:

    david19082 When anti-Semites start insulting my intelligence, I don’t get insulted.  You know why?  Because it makes their arguments look even stupider.  I’m not saying you’re a stupid person over all, but your anti-Semitism makes you come across as obnoxious, dim and hypocritical.

    Is that truly the way you want to be seen?

  15. MsVanillaRose says:

    And I’m dismayed that the people moderating this site appear to be cool with anti-Semitism.

  16. myplacegrill says:

    MsVanillaRose  Anti-Semitism takes a back seat to the struggles of Back People on a Black site. The Jewish community as a whole is empowered and has overcome the effects of the Holocaust to become a wealthy, powerful force in this country. Not so for Blacks. And I call you a troll for hijacking this thread to take away from the fact that a Jewish man is a racist. The poster was absolutely correct in his assessment, both in calling this man what he did, AND in explaining to you that those of us who are descendants of African Slaves can never be racist. Prejudice and Racism are not synonyms. Until Black people become powerful enough to disenfranchise another sector of the population, keep the racist tag for yourself…

  17. MsVanillaRose says:

    myplacegrill Yeah, like I care what racists like you call me!

  18. myplacegrill says:

    Yep. Troll alert! Don’t feed the trolls people. Oops looks like I’m the only one still doing it… Poof!

  19. MsVanillaRose myplacegrillPlease folks. Not the space for this sort of back and forth.

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