Obama Acorn Hats and Welfare Dogs: Racist Emails From Gov. Scott Walker’s Staff

At some point, elected officials will catch on and learn that using a private email as opposed to a .gov address does not protect one’s emails during a criminal federal inquiry. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s aide sent a “time for some traffic problems” email from her Gmail account, obviously thinking that this would somehow shield her from investigation. And in an email dump relating to the investigation of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a dump of over 27,000 emails revealed that Walker’s  deputy chief of staff was all too giddy when responding to racist and offensive emails.

Here’s a a taste from New York Magazine:

obama acorn hat


In response to the welfare dog email, Rindfleisch wrote back: “That is hilarious. And so true!”

But it wasn’t just the jokes that have offended people since, as the Journal Sentinel reports,  Walker’s former deputy chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch was the gift that just kept on giving:

In the unguarded emails, other vulnerable groups also came in for criticism from Rindfleisch. She predicted that news coverage of harm to patients at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex wouldn’t move voters because “no one cares about crazy people.”

The emails came to light on Wednesday but Gov. Walker’s office has not commented on the content of the emails.

Rindfleisch’s attorney said that the “emails aren’t relevant to her prosecution and should have never been taken by authorities or released to the public in response to lawsuits by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other media.”



I taught my children who are grown now ; always assumes whites are racist until proven otherwise that way you can never be hurt or surprised; we've been in this country a long time and this something we've should've learned long ago!


As far as I'm concerned ALL white elected/selected officials should, at the very least, be considered suspect racists until proven otherwise. And it would take an awful lot of proof to convince me, that's for sure. :)


My dad use to say the exact same thing. He also use to say that Jim Crow laws in the south were a gift to poor white people because it gave them a sense of superiority over blacks on the same economic and educational rung on the latter.


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