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February 18, 2014

NJ Students Pose With Black Dummy Hanging from Noøse

NJ Students Pose With Black Dummy Hanging from Noøse


Seven New Jersey teens are being investigated by school officials after being photographed with a black dummy hanging from a noose, according to

Superintendent George Chando confirmed that the boys, who attend Phillipsburg High School, were wearing what appeared to be wrestling uniforms in a photograph where they hung a black wrestling dummy from a noøse. The boys are smiling as they stand next to the black dummy, hanging from the ceiling by an athletic rope.

Also in the photo were two boys wearing pointy hooded sweatshirts.

Chando did not confirm where the photo was taken, but did offer the following:

“This is a student matter that is currently under investigation and upon conclusion of the investigation, the district will take those actions necessary and allowable with law and district policies,” Chando said in an email.

Chando did not respond to further questioning and did not identify the boys in the picture. Although the Warren Reporter has obtained a copy of the photo, it will not be reproduced here.

Outrage notwithstanding, several commenters at thought the whole issue had been blown out of proportion:

Last I checked, racism (while distasteful) is not illegal.

A fundamental flaw in liberal thinking is that they can legislate away hate, racism, poverty and sadness.


The picture is obviously not racially motivated it’s pretty evident by the pointed hoods and the guy saluting in the background. Oh yeah and the dummy just happens to be black. There is nothing racial about this picture at ALL!!!!! Go pburg!!!!!!!! White power!!!!! Um how about not. This is no surprise to me though. It’s like when I go to aharts and see all the people without teeth.





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  1. wisewatchman says:

    krackers are pure evil.

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