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February 24, 2014

Michael Dunn: “There’s No Way a Jury Will Convict Me”

Michael Dunn: “There’s No Way a Jury Will Convict Me”


Even though Michael Dunn escaped punishment for causing the death of 17 year old Jordan Davis, he was convicted of the other four counts. No one could’ve been more surprised than Dunn about the verdict, since, according to News4Jax, Dunn assured his son during a meeting at Duval County jail that he wouldn’t be convicted.

At the start of the visit, Dunn immediately tells his son that the call is being recorded, then goes on to describe his confrontation with Davis outside of a Florida gas station. Dunn said that Davis threatened him, but at no point during the conversation does Dunn ever mention seeing a gun.

“There’s no way that a jury will convict me, but somehow they trumped it up to first degree,” Dunn said to his son. “I can’t get into particulars, but… they’re calling this a first-degree murder like I had somehow pre-meditated this whole thing. It’s absurd, everything is absurd.”

Dunn had attended his son’s wedding only hours before firing into an occupied vehicle and fatally wounding Jordan Davis. Dunn told his son that he can’t imagine spending his life behind bars and that reports about what happened were wrong.

“The short is, they threatened me. And they didn’t just threaten me once. It was like four times, and then he opened his door, and I took him at his word, put it that way. And he says ‘I’m going to *****ing kill you.'”

Dunn’s son then agrees with him, adding “You can’t just sit there and hope he’s kidding.”

“Between adrenaline, fear and muscle memory, I wasn’t doing a whole lot of thinking,” said Dunn. “I told the detectives what happened without an attorney. I figured (if) I told them what happened, they’d cut me lose — it was self-defense.”



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6 thoughts on “Michael Dunn: “There’s No Way a Jury Will Convict Me”

  1. KarenBaylis says:

    Guess he was wrong…get ready for round two moron!

  2. KwendeIdrissaMadu says:

    When  dealing with a raging caucasoid don’t try to argue or reason with these beasts just put them down quickly then lawyer up! At least you’ll be alive.

  3. TerryLAnderson says:

    I absolutely cannot wait for my Brothers on the inside to take care of this arrogant, racist bastard….Something tells me #ItWontBeLongNow

  4. BigWood says:

    Black brothers and sisters, you must understand “These People” are your mortal enemy. Why do you insist on going to a brick building every Sunday and praying to your enemy as your GOD?? Wake up Black people, your enemy still views you as damn fools for worshipping them even though they kick your @ss on a daily basis

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