Meet the Most Racist Pastor in America

racist pastor

The evidence keeps piling up that any notion of a post-racial America is a total falsehood propagated by people who want us to believe that electing a black president signals the end of racism as we know it. Among the most overtly racist people to make news in recent weeks is “Brother” Danny Reagan, pastor at Hope Valley Church in Tennessee, who wants nothing to do with you or your mixed breed babies.

In a sermon that has gone viral, Reagan shares the Lord’s message, which apparently calls on him to rail against interracial marriages and birarcial children. Reagan has even coined a new term, “hybreeding”, to describe what he believes to be the unholy marriage between whites and blacks.

From the Johnson City Press:

“My god has nationalities outside the city,” Reagan says in the video, going into the gist of his argument that he doesn’t consider it right to marry white people with black people, continually calling such relationships “hybreeding.”


“Hybreeding, hybreeding, oh, how terrible, hybreeding,“ he says. “What white woman would want her baby to be mulatto, made by a colored man? Let’s stay the way God made us. I believe it’s right.”

When Reagan was contacted by the media about his statements, he stuck with his position, going so far as to say that he would not marry interracial couples.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with race, I don’t think it would be right or fruitful,” he said when asked about marrying interracial couples.

Although Reagan claims to be proud of himself, he has deleted all his sermons from his church website’s archives and the YouTube video of his racist sermon has been removed.

As to whether Reagan is the most racist pastor in America, the jury may be still out considering he has some stiff competition, especially in the South.

h/t: Jonathan Turley


Is he a Christian? Hold on, a White Christian? Should have known. And these are the folks black pastors want to unite with because of the gay shyt? See how they still think about black folks. But go ahead, continue to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome black folks!! U can't be a human being and not be against any form of discrimination, period!! Now what do y'all black preachers have to say? Glad my household does not practice Roman Catholicism or the slave master's religion period!! Maat..


Satan's sperm droppings are white preachers.


He needs to tell that to his relatives, preferably his desperate daughters if he has any!  We know white women that are with black men, most likely chased them down, lassoed them and maybe even raped them.  the ones THAT SO CALLED FALL IN LOVE WITH BLACK MEN  FROM WHAT I HAVE SEEN ARE REJECTS FROM THEIR OWN RACE.


@wisewatchman That statement is a racist one and an unCHRISTian one as well. Not all "white" priest/preachers are this way thank goodness. We ALL need to be taught GOD'S word not mans words,personal interpretation or feelings. Maybe he (this and any other racially motivated preacher) should read The Songs (Psalms) of Solomon. Many other races have prejudiced priest as well and not just against races. Spreading hate is unholy, God is love anything less is not from God Almighty. You cant be righteous if you dont do God's will and if youre not following God youre being led by satan. Judge not lest ye be judged. PTL 


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