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January 6, 2014

Woman Called the “N” Word by Boss Gets $280,000 Jury Award Cut in Half by Judge

Woman Called the “N” Word by Boss Gets $280,000 Jury Award Cut in Half by Judge


An African-American woman who was called the “N” word by her boss had her court awarded judgment cut in half by a federal judge, according to Courthouse News.

In 2012 Brandi Johnson was awarded a $280,000 settlement after enduring a racist slur by Rob Carmona, the Puerto Rican president of Strive East Harlem Employment.

Johnson began taping Carmona after he began making unprofessional comments. One particularly obscene rant where Carmona called Johnson the “N” word was captured on Johnson’s iPhone.

“Both of you, you know what it is, both of you are n*ggers,” Carmona said. “And I’m not using the term nigger derogatory. Cause sometimes it’s good to know when to act like n*ggers, but you act like n*ggers all the time.”

Johnson sent the complaint to Strive CEO Phil Weinberg after the incident, but was fired for her troubles.

After Johnson sued, Carmona claimed that he did not intend any racial animus with his comments, a view rejected by the jury. However, U.S. District Judge Harold Baer found that the previous jury miscalculated the amount Johnson should be paid for her lost pay and emotional distress, reducing the $280,000 award to award of $128,109.59.

“To be sure, being subjected to racial epithets as well as the harsh treatment Carmona regularly inflicted upon plaintiff was undoubtedly distressing,” the judge’s ruling states. “But while plaintiff testified that she saw a therapist and was prescribed some form of medication, plaintiff declined to take that medication.”


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5 thoughts on “Woman Called the “N” Word by Boss Gets $280,000 Jury Award Cut in Half by Judge

  1. TheSandersFirmPC says:

    I agree Watchful. People of color claims are consistently devalued within the biased civil “justice” system.

  2. KarlSmith1 says:

    Did the judge not take in account that if she wasn’t called those names that she may have not needed the medications.

  3. MorganaLeFay says:

    If you cannot decide the correct amount of money to give someone, then why on earth are you a judge. And as Karl Smith so rightly says below me, perhaps if Carmona had not been so despicable and unprofessional in the first place, she would not have needed to go through all the hassle.

  4. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    I hope she appeals the judge decision.It appears the judge was bias that Ms Johnson won. the case.Not taking the prescribed medication should have no bearing on the amount of the award Ms Johnson won.

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