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January 30, 2014

NYC Reporter Reveals Thug Congressman’s Propensity for Rage Filled Fits

NYC Reporter Reveals Thug Congressman’s Propensity for Rage Filled Fits


Congressman Michael Grimm has apologized for threatening to throw a local New York reporter over a balcony and “break him in half like a boy,” but as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported last night, that wasn’t the first time the Congressman’s face grew red with rage.

On last evening’s show, New York political reporter Errol Louis revealed an incident in 2012 where Grimm threw an enraged fit and “blew his top” off camera. Louis, host of New York political program Inside City Hall, confirmed to Maddow that Grimm became enraged after an interview and wanted Louis to “take it outside” so that they could settle their differences with fisticuffs.

Asked by Maddow whether he actually took the Congressman up on his offer to fight, Louis said, “I didn’t even consider it. I’m in that part of the world like most professional employees where if you do that sort of thing, you get fired.

Louis also said 2013 was “Grimm free” because he told his producer not to invite Grimm on his show anymore due to Grimm’s violent behavior.

Louis also says most politicians understand that talking to the press “is part of their responsibility,” so Grimm is a sort of an anomaly, even in New York.

Grimm’s boorish behavior was detailed by NY1 on Wednesday:

 After the interview, Grimm became red-faced and started yelling at both Louis and me, alluding to settling the issue by “taking it outside” with our political anchor – acting as if he were in a bar instead of a TV studio. He’s also complained to me when our reporters on Staten Island asked him about the probe when he was running for re-election in 2012.

To watch the segment with Louis, skip ahead to around the 15:00 minute mark:

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10 thoughts on “NYC Reporter Reveals Thug Congressman’s Propensity for Rage Filled Fits

  1. MCarolyn1003 says:

    This man is what’s known as a “white thug”.

  2. RicardoJones says:

    Corruption of the Black Church involves the EEOC and the Law Dept of New York City. Many in the Black community refuse to admit that we have sellout’s in the Black Elite that reaches to the White House and beyond. This is a story that is like a bad video (Training Day) with Denzel Washington. But, it involves Rev. Anythony L. Trufant of Emmannuel Baptist Church of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn NYC. The Right REV’s wife is Muriel Goode-Trufant Esq, Chief/EEO Officer at NYC’s Law Dept. Ms. Goode-Trufant is the Daughter of former Mayor of Philly and Black sellout Wilson Goode. Other members of Emmannel Church are Jacqueline Berrien Chair of the Corrupt and/or Rogue EEOC HQ’s in Washington DC and friend of the First Lady Michelle Roberson-Obama friends from Harvard Law School. Michelle Roberson-Obama was special assistance to the most corrupt Mayor and/or family in Chicago the Daley’s for 18 months. Richard Daley (brother of Mayor Daley of Chicago and Michelle Roberson-Obama’s former BOSS) was one of Obama’s chief of staff at the White House (Later Replaced). Berrien and Goode-Trufant use Emmanuel Church to recruit Young Black Female lawyers to undermine the Black community. Rev. Trufant on Sunday Morning Good Friday last year (2012) praised Berrien to the church for undermining the Black community with the help of his wife daughter of sellout ex-mayor Wilson Goode. Attorney’s are recruited from the church and trained to sellout the Black community in the Law Dept’s of New York City and/or EEOC. They recieve internship at the EEOC and the Legal dept’s of the city of New York. Later they’re hired as staff attorney’s at the aforementioned.
    Jacqeuline Berrien’s husband Peter Williams received his Job at Megar Ever College thur Goode-Trufant’s husband. The recruits by Ms. Goode-Trufant paid tides to her husband the Right Rev. Trufant. Ms. Trufant is the Church Mother of Ms. Berrien Chair of the Rogue EEOC.

  3. Mr. Scotto, don’t attend the apology breakfast alone, bring some friends with you.

  4. RicardoJones says:

    We have been played by traitors and Uncle Tom’s. I support Senator Marco Rubio of Florida for President. Dr. Ben Carson for Vice President! Marco Rubio Marco Rubio served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000 to… Rubio served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000 to 2008 and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. His committee assignments currently include Commerce, Science and Transportation; Foreign Relations; Intelligence; and.

  5. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    It’s very troubling that Mr Louis knew Congressman Grimm was a threatening thug and remained silent about his behavior. Errol Louis is a journalist, NYC resident and tax payer. Congressman Grimm is a Civil Servant who is employed by the taxpaying citizens of our city. I believe he had a duty to report to his viewers about Congressman Grimm thuggish behavior.

    He also should’ve been arrested and charged he made a threat on television, if that’s not enough evidence to charge him, then I guess if he threw Michael Scotto over the balcony, that wouldn’t have been enough evidence either. I’m also outraged that Congress and President Obama has not denounced his behavior, we have kids committing suicide because of being bullied and threatened .The double standard must end when an elected makes a threat he must be treated as anyone else who threatens folks.

  6. RicardoJones says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood  I agree with you. Accountability in the Black Community is the ISSUE. The  President is a supporter of Smoking Marijuana except for his daughters? The buck stops where? Mr. Louis isn’t the only journalist whom has looked the other way.

  7. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    RicardoJones BlackheywoodHeywood It’s not only the Black community, hell America never took responsibility or was held accountable for Crimes Against Humanity she committed against her own Black citizens, nothing was ever done to account for Jim Crow 1877-1964 which still effects us today, also the generational psychological issues from that oppression. This meme about accountability in the Black community is like blaming victim for being a victim. It seems even some Black folks remove humanity from Black people while affording it to others.

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