Melissa Harris-Perry and Black Twitter Slam Feminist Blog Over R. Kelly “Black Panties” Article

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Black Twitter has been on a role as of late. This week’s #RacismEndedWhen hash tag mocked the GOP’s declaration that racism was over with wit and snark that no TeeVee pundit could’ve ever come close to matching. And Melissa Harris-Perry can count herself as the highest profile member of black Twitter to cast a scornful eye at feminist blog Jezebel for its review of R. Kelly’s album “Black Panties”, which the review called “a magnificent ode to p*ssy.”

Jezebel’s Isha Aran seemed to mock R. Kelly as much as praise him, but Black (feminist/womanist) Twitter wasn’t having it.

Here’s a quote from the article which caused the dust-up:

Of course, no song quite reaches the heartfelt poignancy of “Marry the P*ssy,” a song which not only boasts repeating the word “p*ssy” 56 times, but also is an actual proposal song to a woman’s s*x organs. Yes. A marriage proposal to a p*ssy. And one that will undoubtedly usurp the stronghold Train’s ‘Marry Me’ has on the first dance at far too many weddings.

“Black Panties”/the Gilded Age of S*XY S*XY EMAN-S*X-PATION drops December 10. Mark those calendars.

Melissa Harris-Perry tweeted in response, “Thanks for linking our Black Feminism Syllabus @Jezebel, but what’s up with that R. Kelly piece?”

MHP wasn’t alone in what ranged from confusion (Jezebel is a feminist blog, right) to outrage. Ebony‘s Jamilah Lemieux tweeted : It’s 2013 and I still have to explain to people why I have issues with R. Kelly. Guess we need a White victim to emerge so folks will get it

From A$AP Feminist: The #FastTailedGirls discussion is no more relevant than this very moment, as Jezebel salutes and praises the work of R Kelly.

You can weigh in her or pop open The Twitter.



are you kidding???? with all the important things happening in the world at this time... this is what makes the news?