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December 17, 2013

16 Year Old Black Teen Allegedly Beaten, R@ped, and Killed by Two White Men During Robbery

16 Year Old Black Teen Allegedly Beaten, R@ped, and Killed by Two White Men During Robbery

Two accused murderers were arraigned earlier this month in the brutal beating death and r@pe of 16-year-old Dione Payne.


Dione Payne

Michael A. Geldrich, 36, and Michael J. Watson, 39,  both of Franklin, Ohio, allegedly beat Payne and assaulted him while they were attempting to rob him.

“During the robbery Geldrich struck the male victim (later identified as Payne) with a table leg, fists, stomped the male with his boots and repeatedly struck the male victim’s head against the floor,” wrote Detective Jeff Stewart.

After beating the teen, Geldrick and Watson dumped the teen at Miami Valley Hospital and fled the area.  Payne was admitted with “heavy damage to his head and was bleeding from his ears” and had “heavy damage done to his chest from what appeared to be someone striking him repeatedly.”  According to the police report, the teen had also been s*xually assaulted.

Geldrick and Watson had reportedly planned to rob the teen, who allegedly sold narcotics.

As Son of Baldwin rightly points out, this case is not only disturbing because of the viciousness of the attack, but also because of how it is being covered by the media:

A 16-year-old black boy is raped, brutally beaten, and murdered by two grown white men and the title of the local news story is:

“Dayton Teen Beaten to Death Had Troubled Past”

This is the insidiousness of racism: When you are black, you cannot be a victim. You are guilty even if proven innocent. You are responsible for your own demise. You are forever the child of Dred Scott and you have no rights which a white person is bound to respect.


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27 thoughts on “16 Year Old Black Teen Allegedly Beaten, R@ped, and Killed by Two White Men During Robbery

  1. thegroupiemom says:

    Wow! Sickening.

  2. JosephWinfield says:

    the news people have always been racist
    listen carefully how they identify children.
    Caucasian of crime is describe as pretty, young, blonde, child
    blacks are describe as man, teen, criminal, woman, troubled

  3. I am angry and I’m speechless. Wonder if these two white supremacists will do maximum bids, or not? Of late, if you’re rich you can kill and get away with it, from Trayvon Martin, to too many other’s I can’t keep up with. We use to sing “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”, but our Black Youths are not getting the chance.

  4. DeniseDenson says:

    it needs to be known. We ought to watch what is happening on the ground, take our heads out of the clouds.

  5. GeorgiaJohnson says:

    Wake UP , Wake UP,You didn’t Learn from History It never to LATE to STAND UP, STEP UP, AND SPEAK UP, This is no different, Then what happen to  EmmittI TILL’S During the 50th.  Get over this false notion we live in a POST RACIAL  SOCIETY, The  STRUGGLE CONTINUE .

  6. nicetaper says:

    Black people have been beaten and raped ever since they came to America.

  7. jan etuk says:

    nicetaper and its hi time some one, some where, bring these injustices to an end,far too many killings, both to black n white kids, far too many…

  8. sharonlee57 says:

    absolutely nicetaper, and it is still just as horrid and disgusting, to evil to describe or think about. we as a people need to do something to stop it. any suggestions? seems things are so bad now, esp for people of color, that it is not safe to be out or inside ur home alone, stay in a group–oh yeah then ur a gang. smh wake up my fellow white people this is not 1814 it is 2014, our country is going to shit and you want to kill other americans. very frightening,

  9. thegroupiemom says:

    Amazing GraceDon’t give up! We need to continue to say “To Be Young,Gifted and Black” remembering ” tough times don’t last but tough people do” Let’s keep telling our babies(even if they aren’t our own kids) how wonderful they are.(girls included) Keep our history as a people in the Americas in perspective; we have survived so much. God bless and keep the faith.

  10. xposedxpressions says:

    It’s really sad that our black victims always have to be identified as troubled and their past brought to light.  Don’t recall reading anything about either murderer’s past.  America is still prejudice to the blacks but so willing to forgive all others.  Open or eyes and pray it will one day get better.

  11. MarvettaVettaMarie says:

    Ohio just like My home State Michigan is kkk breeding ground…Northern Michigan is known for ALOT of klan members as well as ohio…Ppl need to realize the hate b4it’s to late sleep walking..& these2 sick mfs NEED DEATH!!

  12. TheLegendLiJade says:

    This is beyond wrong. Color disregarded past irrelevant, this is sick and if it were two black men raping a white boy they would still be hung, I’m over it, this is gonna stop or things are going to get ugly.

  13. peggy70a says:

    GeorgiaJohnson There are those who have their heads buried deep into sand.  A few “so called elite”   out of sixty seven million do make a racist free society.  Any Person of African descent  regardless of where they are on the “so called elite” scale is subject to the same treatment as the person sitting under the neighborhood  tree with the infamous “brown paper bag” with a forty ounce.

  14. peggy70a says:

    GeorgiaJohnson Statement should have stated “a few so called elite out of sixty seven million “does not make a racist free society”.  and as you stated the  “STRUGGLE CONTINUES”.

  15. dfpsimmons says:

    This is so sad .so horrible, more open season on brutalizing and torturing and raping and murdering of our young black boys by the evil beast of the white man. This is my first hearing about this story. Where is the outrage from parent or community about this case. I am sick and tired of black people sitting down silently not saying a word about these astrocities committed on our own race of people. It was Dione Payne yesterday, if you don’t stand up, it migjt be you tomorrow. Please call if you care to do something black people at 888 959 1197. God Help us.All.

  16. KieshaPinkyMakins says:


  17. dfpsimmons says:

    A disturbing crime like this needs more attention and justice for Dionne Payne . The good people of Ohio, please unite and call me to work together, because I can’t do it along. Call 888-959-1197 if you care..

  18. AndreYoung says:

    I do not know about the Media Industrial Complex in other communities, however, they could not  be that much apart; the bottom line is, that they/newspapers set the economic, social, legal and political paradigm for each community.  Whatever the newspaper’s suasion is normally the way and/or manner things will usually  go.  Does that mean, that newspapers are the pulse of the general community, or voice of the stockholders and/or owners?  What chagrins me is; we do not have nearly enough of our own media, to offset the proverbial status quo.  It is my hope, that in the farseeable future; we/Blacks will seek out and align with other National and International media, to get our views out.  I am grateful for THIS particular forum, otherwise; I suppose, there would be nothing, nor would I likely know anything about the travesty of the young Black Brother’s tragic demise.

  19. BigWood says:

    Black brothers and sisters, you must understand “These People” are your mortal enemy. Why do you insist on going to a brick building every Sunday and praying to your enemy as your GOD?? Wake up Black people, your enemy still views you as damn fools for worshipping them even though they kick your @ss on a daily basis

  20. hernanday1 says:

    New antiblackism
    -color blind = won’t see racism against blacks, racism against blacks doesn’t exist because there is no color
    -race neutral = white racist have driven a racist car into a garage over black folks leg up to their stomach.  The only way to stop racism is to put the car in reverse and drive it off the stomach down the leg and out the garage “reverse racism”.  Whites claim driving the car in reverse is unfair to whites so leave the 2000 pound car on top of black folks.  They call this leaving the car in neutral aka “Race neutral”
    -state rights = federal government has saved blacks in the south from enslavement and jim crow attacks and lynching and with hate laws.  Even in ferguson who came to your aid to investigate?  The feds?  Who called america a race of cowards? the feds.  Who compensated the blacks with farmer loans and federal loans? the feds.  Who passed the voting rights act?  The feds.  Who protects your voting rights and redistricting and anti-gerrymandering rights? The feds.
    anti big government = anti-black.  The federal government employs a large amount of blacks.  Cutting the size of the fed means cutting black jobs and replacing them with white consultants from the private sector to do the same job at 3 times the pay and 6 times the cost to the taxpayer.  Whites are for big government like the homestead act, gi bill, auto bailouts, banker bailouts, industrialist bailouts, nike bailout, and boeing and f-500 getting 300 billion from federal government.  To go to mostly white employees.  Whites are for big government as long as the money comes there way.  I never heard a single republican tea party folk say I am giving back the farm my grandfather got from homesteading big government program.  I am giving back my degree I got from the gi bill, I am giving back the money I got from the gi bill or the new deal or any other government program.  It never happens.

  21. BigWood says:

    hernanday1  This post was very enjoyable to read, thanks.

  22. sharonlee57 says:

    Young Black Male   “Dayton Teen Beaten to Death Had Troubled Past.    Young White Male   “Dayton Teen Savagely Beaten to Death Had Troubled Past, Had Changed His LIfe and Was on His Way to Better Things.”  Sad, sick. Comfort and Peace for his family and his mother, from a mother.

  23. Blackcat63 says:

    It’s too bad that this gen of youth has to learn the hard way because they don’t know their history. These things will continue to happen as long as our want to feel the struggle is over and killing off their own communities is ok. those who don’t know their history will soon repeat it. Put down the gun on your own and pick up the book and learn what your real job is.

  24. dfpsimmons says:

    what?? where the blame for the creatures who committed the horrific murder on Payne, instead of blaming the victim with not knowing his history. it doesn’t matter, you can know your and still get killed in America for nothing. i blame the evil individuals, not the victim and what he should have known or didn’t know. so sad.

  25. Blackcat63 says:

    Instead of blasting back.maybe if you would’ve digested what I wrote and understood what I was saying then you would know that I’m not blaming the victim and what I was suggesting is if he would’ve known his history then he would’ve known to never trust that man. That devil have been that way for over 400 years + and haven’t never stopped those evil ways. And they have the capabilities of switching from decent to sinister in a heartbeat. And I still say that our young men and women are sleeping with too many enemies. Now you’re entitled to think what you want about me. But I’m 52 and I don’t lay down with dogs but I know the capibilities of getting up with fleas.

  26. Blackcat63 says:

    Again I know this young man was a victim in this case. But trust may have also played a big roll and putting him in that position.

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