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September 21, 2013

This One Fact About Government Benefits Makes White People Look Lazy

This One Fact About Government Benefits Makes White People Look Lazy

food stamps

In so far as divisive political issues go, welfare is the gift that just keeps on giving. Mainly, that’s because some on the right have done a masterful job of convincing ordinary white people that slothful African-Americans and Latinos are eating at a troth filled with goodies amassed by hard working “salt of the earth” white people.

During the 2012 campaign for president, candidate Rick Santorum said “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money.” Newt Gingrich piled on adding, “I will tell black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps.”  And, of course, President Obama, the first black president, was roundly mocked as the first food stamp president, as the photoshopped image above illustrates.

The is what we call demagoguery, but the only problem is that the facts don’t bear out this rhetoric. There is one fact that blows this whole “Welfare Queen” theory out of the water:

1) According to the New York Times blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely,  whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits.

Here are a few other facts you should consider as well:

2) Although minorities are disproportionately poorer than their white counterparts, poor people only received 36 percent of benefits in 2007, down from 54 percent in 1979.

3) Wealthy people, who are disproportionately white, receive a higher share of corporate welfare and other tax benefits:

wealthy welfare

Yet, even with this flow of capital going to the wealthy, including recent revelations that the rich have taken the overwhelming share of recovery dollars post- recession, there are still no jobs. What are the Idle Rich up to anyway?

4). The Republican Party is overwhelmingly white, and according to Bloomberg, Republican heavy counties ate up most of the food stamp growth:

Seventy percent of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg.

This is not to say that white people are lazy. That would pathologize whites in much the same way that blacks have been pathologized for decades, if not centuries. The point is that data always cuts both ways. The only reason a large swath of whites believe that blacks are slackers with no will to work is because both the media and public have been complicit in allowing biased data  to drive the conversation. We should end that.


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710 thoughts on “This One Fact About Government Benefits Makes White People Look Lazy

  1. Cape997 says:

    Thank you for the additional insight & ammunition!!
      This image that racist whites portray of blacks,
      has to be eradicated, dispite the biases

  2. Cape997 says:

    Thank you, for the additional insight & ammunition, As stated the negative & incorrect protral of black’s by Racist whites, has to be eradicated!
    Despite their biases!

  3. ShakkaZulu says:

    “1)According to the New York Times blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely, whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits.

    Here are a few other facts you should consider as well:

    2) Although minorities are disproportionately poorer than their white counterparts, poor people only receive 36 percent of benefits in 2007, down from 54 percent in 1979.

    3) Wealthy people, who are disproportionately white, receive a higher share of corporate welfare and other tax benefits”…

    For all of you Blacks who likes to repeat the racist enemy propaganda thinking Blacks are the biggest beneficiaries of welfare, you need to go with facts and not what you might think or believe since your beliefs have no basis in our current reality..We can see once again the greed and selfishness in these people calling themselves “white” who’re always taking in more than they give out

  4. AMAZING GRACE says:

    African-American families that have backyards with nothing growing, lease it to a family in the neighborhood that appears to want to grow their own fruits and vegetables. This could be a win win situation for all involved. The demagoguery are well thought-provoking talking points repeated over and over to impressionable minds that think it’s gospel.

  5. AMAZING GRACE says:

    We can change a great deal by recognizing the Power of Our Purse, and boycotting some of these outlets. Then we would witness change we can believe in. Once We Withhold long enough certainly some would come a courting for our monies and respect Us as Power Brokers. But first, We have to Believe In Our Power.

  6. MfalmeShuPeeLowgie says:

    In the words of the late Sam Cooke (Change gone come) change is coming to set the wrong to right..

  7. Realistically speaking, Blacks coming together for anything other than a protest of an injustice (like in a killing) is a pipe dream.  It hasn’t happened and it won’t happen.  We have for too long depended on white people to take care of us and they’ve never given a damn about us.  We are still teaching working for the “man” instead of pooling our money and creating our own jobs.  We would much rather break-in to our neighbors house and steal everything he has rather than getting our own.  We would rather blame everybody and everything for our situation rather than take responsibility.

    1. LuvrinaCL says:

      It’s not just WE because I hear more bitching, complaining and stealing coming from more whites than any other race….and that is a fact

      1. DanielHoch says:

        LuvrinaCL there are more white people

    2. RanJones says:

      James Alexander There was some truth to your statement until you started spewing BS like “We would much rather break-in to our neighbors house and steal everything he has rather than getting our own”. Most Black people are law abiding people who work so that we don’t steal. And even those of who don’t work were raised better than that. The criminal element of our community (no different than the criminal element of any community) do not factor into this conversation because they care not about positive solutions to anything. Try spending a little more time around Black people and you’ll find most of us have no interest in breaking into our neighbors houses and stealing everything.

      1. LuvrinaCL says:

        RanJones James Alexander Well said…

  8. Euqidis says:

    Forgive me but most white people are lazy.  The idea that minorities are getting a free
    ride on their dime gives them the idea that the dime actually belongs to
    them.  It makes them feel entitled.  But you know what, lets forget about them for
    a minute. There are hard working business owners who need your support and you
    can find them at 
    Black Owned Businesses as far as they eye can see.  From east to west and even over seas. You
    want to see what hard working African Americans look like?

  9. DanielHoch says:

    I don’t see the whites flaunting that they get benefits. I would hope that whites making up 60% percent of the countries population would use more benefits than a segment of the population that only makes up 11%.

  10. LuvrinaCL says:

    Who flaunt benefits… that’s absurd

  11. edwright says:

    Does anybody believe that the mainstream media, CNN, msnbc, fox, etc, would bring this out of course not it would put a black eye on the other side of the color spectrum.

  12. CarolParks says:

    Amazing Grace  You have great ideas! Having your own power is the answer!

  13. CarolParks says:

    ShakkaZulu  Whites have always been the majority on Food Stamps & Welfare. Now the GOP states, are the ones that take the most. The GOP are against helping the poor, but if you check the stats, most of the poverty, unjust laws, welfare are in Red States. (Republican). Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Much of the South, especially the Carolinas, are all regulated by Republicans. And Texas which is horrendous for abuse. The Democrats are not perfect either, but they are a lot better then the GOP. Now with Billions cut from food stamps, because the GOP Congress did that, it is harder then ever for anyone who is struggling. This is one reason why it is so important to vote every year for decent people to take office. The GOP Congress has brought this country down, and destroyed the economy. If the Presidents Jobs Bill had gone thru, we would all be in a much better place.

  14. CarolParks says:

    Cape997  I agree!

  15. shanesfm says:

    DanielHoch  Who flaunts their benefits?  What source do you have?  Where is your evidence?  Let me guess, it was told to you on Rush Limbaugh.  Or your racists friends talk about some guy you don’t really know that is black and assume he’s stealing from you.  That’s the whole point of this article.  You saying and believing that another group of people are having a free ride is giving yourself a false sense of entitlement.  As if you are giving them YOUR money.  Guess what…we all pay into it.  Not just you.  Your nobody in a population of nobody’s.  Unless your a 1%’er than you really don’t matter.  What you pay in taxes couldn’t support a family of 3-4 for 1 month, so come off this arrogant ideology you have clogging your brain cells.

  16. DanielHoch says:

    I work a cash register I see the flaunting with my own eyes. I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh but then again I don’t think you do either. Um not sure if I have any racist friends… nobody stop talking to me with all the black women I’ve dated. 50% of Americans don’t pay federal income tax so how are all of us paying? People come to shop all the time first of the month buying 2 and 3 carts of junk food groceries, no budgeting no thought on what they are feeding their kids. Like most libertarians I have nothing against helping the poor or less well off, I just don’t think the state is the best provider of that help.

  17. jjanlitt44 says:

    No account whites have been gaming the system for centuries and stealing from blacks, and disenfranchising them.  I could care less if 100% of blacks were getting something since we were never paid wages for slavery, kidnapping, and all we’ve suffered from state sponsored terrorism bombings,military wars waged against them and the holocaust they suffered.  Add to this unauthorized govt. eugenics genocidal experiments & contagious diseases in vaccines designed to kill them given to them under false pretext w/o permission.  Murder of black children during busing & more.  The reality is that there are 87 million whites getting welfare & social programs that is bigger than the nations of France, Germany & Great Britain and most nations around the world.  6 million blacks get TANF after centuries of slavery & Jim Crow Apartheid and systemic racism terrorism & police brutality.  Add to this white federal & state govt. workers in professional & executive service are getting lifelong pensions at govt. expense.  White run corporations don’t pay property, business, interstate and operating taxes.  Everything is a free ride a loop hole.

  18. jjanlitt44 says:

    DanielHochShut up and leave America if you don’t like it. That store should get one of those computerized registers & make you obsolete. Whose fault is it that you lack the backbone & intelligence to find a better job?  Nobody’s fault you never cracked open a book and learned anything in school.  If you knew anything about economics & GDP you’d know who’s got the money.  The U.S.A is the richest nation in the world by a wide margin most of the trillions of worth lies in private hands because the govt. has transferred most of its wealth to private hands through tax breaks & loop holes.  Only fools sit around begruding the poor some groceries.  When there are no real jobs being created everything is being outsourced.  Govt. is refusing to collect all the taxes & revenues its levied in the past because its corrupted and now under the control of the wealthy who own all politicians.  They rig the system.  I’d rather those poor buy some groceries than have people dying in the streets or killing turning to robbery & murder of those who have jobs.  Cut all the unemployed, poor people off and you’ll soon have the overthrow  of the govt.

  19. jjanlitt44 says:

    James Alexander Song of a Sambo = your incorrect rant.  You are the weak self-loathing kind of black male who’s too cowardly to stand up or come together with other black people.  You depend on white worship.  You just make excuses, do nothing and criticize every black person.  That is really weak.  You aren’t willing to come together with your own so you have no validity in criticizing.  You don’t take any responsibility.  I’m tired of do nothing, no account black males who put their race down, blame black women and race mix.

  20. jjanlitt44 James Alexander  Wow, jjanlitt44 you really let me have it, and my feelings might be hurt if for one minute I thought you had the sense of that which lies within the asshole of a gnat. but since it’s obvious that you do not, I’m not offended.  People like you have no real value to anyone or anything and certainly to yourself and the Black race.  You are an unproductive, ignorant lazy ass bottom-feeder. I have more pride in being Black in my rectum than you have in your entire body.  I have more respect for gutter rodents than I do for people like you.

  21. jjanlitt44 says:

    James Alexander jjanlitt44First off you don’t have any feelings for anyone black especially black women.   I don’t give a crap about your opinion of me.  Because its on par with the KKK because I’m black.  Also a lioness isn’t concerned with rants of a rat.   I’m college educated, an author & working professional from a family of college educated siblings raised by two uneducated, working poor parents, who were married Christians.  My father worked hard, took care of his family defended us from harm taught respect, gave it to my mother & set a good example of what a real MAN looks like.  That is not you James “Sambo” Alexander.  You are what Bill Cosby speaks of as ‘BLACK TRASH’ a worthless down low member of the social underbelly waiting to make a buck by preying on his own kind.  You’re the kind of scum who exists by climbing on the backs of others feeding on them like a parasite til they’re ruined. You’re harmful to black people the crab in a barrel.  When you get shot or end up in jail or are caught raping some white woman it will be the only thing in your life you’ve ever earned on your own.  Stop living off black women you pathetic excuse for life.  The bigoted rant black racial cannibal has no value. Not all black women are stupid we’re awake & on to black blight like you.  Case closed nothing else to say to you.

  22. jjanlitt44 James Alexander , It’s a shame if you really went to college because you certainly
    didn’t learn shit.  My opinion of you hasn’t changed; in fact it’s
    enhanced.  You’re just an ignorant misguided fool and you certainly don [‘t
    know shit about me and its shows by your ignorance.  If you knew anything
    at all you would have sense enough to know that you don’t insult people who may
    have a different opinion.  That’s a sure sign of “no class
    ignorance”.  You’re not the least bit educated. You’re a damn fool
    and a worse judge of character.  I don’t know where you’re getting this
    shit about me disrespecting or living off women; out of your ass I guess where
    everything else you’re saying is coming from.  Don’t waste anymore of my time with this
    stupid shit.

  23. wills11111 says:

    This is just silly—either the author is being incredibly disingenuous or is unbelievably stupid.

    Social Security is not welfare, nor is Medicaid. 

    Take a look at the Times article: blacks are six times as likely to get welfare (TANF) and four times as likely to get food stamps (SNAP).

    And the whole “lazy” thing is really, really puerile and ill-advised—who does it help to drag that into the arena?

  24. LuvrinaCL says:

    wills11111  it is numerically impossible for more blacks to be on welfare than any other race.  We only make 13% of the total population.  Especially here in Kentucky where blacks are less than 5%…. so if there are more, explain why over 80% residents here are on welfare.  Who are they talking about?  Denial is a mutha… Also you are right…. whites are also milking the social security and any other government funds because their lazy greedy asses do not want to work, just get the money at any means.  Also explain why there are so many white millionaires collecting food stamps…. Your ignorance consumes you…. Do proper research before making asinine statements

  25. CarolParks says:

    This is stupid. The ONLY people saying Blacks are on welfare more, are Fake Fox Lies, & the GOP. Unless your an idiot you would have to know that since there are more whites,  then they would be the majority on welfare.

    But, this is not the problem. The problem is the majority of people on welfare, no matter their color is they cannot make it because of all the cuts in welfare, & food stamps thanks to the GOP. Especially in our schools also are the cuts to kids school lunches. This is DISGRACEFUL. The GOP are getting away with this because no one votes in an off Presidential year, & they take over the Senate & Congress because the Dem’s are not voting in big numbers like the GOP. Get out & VOTE & get rid of these pieces of garbage. That is why Florida is so messed up, the GOP run that state, hence the SYG Laws. And so many GOP states are bringing back Jim Crow. They are limiting voting in hopes of stopping people from voting. We are all in serious trouble right now, please VOTE!

  26. jessicathompson97 says:

    This is beyond dumbfounding. There is literally no reference for the sources, and the statistics are nonfactual to say the least. All of you black people on your high and mighty horse believe everyone owes you something because of your past racial treatment, but if you didnt place yourself on the higher scale, we’d all be equal. But no, you have to go and pull the race card when no one even meant it racially.

  27. jjanlitt44 says:

    jessicathompson97 You are the founder of dumb. Shut your stupid mouth.  Stop taking meth  take a reading is fundamental class and pick up a book.  I really don’t care what you believe because you have shown you don’t think only react and think black people don’t deserve to be treated as human but worse than animals.  Every time a crime takes place—–just let the criminal go and tell the victim to get off his/her mighty high horse and get over it.  Tell them to move on and don’t expect any compensation.  Just be like those who were never a crime victim.   Why should the Germans have had to pay the Jews?  Hell just tell them to get over it and get off their “mighty high horse” expecting the justice due a human being.  If a poor man is bigger and stronger than you why should they allow you to live in your home in peace.  Just kill you & take your undeserved rewards?   People with attitudes like yours do more to fuel hatred, violence, murder & mayhem.   Keep on talking showing that you have no human feelings toward black people and watch black people grow hardened, cruel and radicalized.  Blacks will start growing into Palestinian & Chechen like terrorists.   There are also many white anti-government groups waiting to overthrow the system for something they believe is more workable. All these warring factions coming together spell chaos. Let’s put it like this if any enemy came to conquer America many people who have been shafted under this system will help the invader.  You understand.  Race relations getting out of hand can help to bring down this govt.  Still the constitution of America has a clause in it that permits the PEOPLE to dissolve the govt. at will—- if its unsatisfactory & unsustainable.  This nation has reached this tipping  point.    Blacks can’t forget as the Jews say Never forget!  The injustices which take place everyday black children brutally slaughtered & whites come out cheering it on.  Black mothers & children shot dead on sight by cops or black 8 yr. old placed in adult jails—just like it was in Jim Crow.  To hell with you sorry BITCH!  You are dumbfounding.  See your leaders have far more foresight & saner minds than the inferior ilk like you which is why they throw out a few crumbs, talk peace & pretend to give a damn.  There are great consequences for the system of racial evils & disparities the U.S  continues to visit on black folk.  Keep on showing your hate, callousness & how white people value dogs and cats over black Americans, black human beings.   This mutha will blow like a powder keg.  You & your ilk aren’t holding shit together but tearing down the national fabric. Always stoking the fires of racial hate that will grow into a raging firestorm. This is the HATE you feed into the ears of black children & black people.  Keep showing how much you consider blacks sub-mammalian life forms far beneath dogs, cats and your other pets.  Your wicked mindset oblivious to the pain of black people will create and army of brutal monsters & train up an army of hardened, uncaring urban soldiers. Because the reality is blacks are human & embitter humans can think & create mass destruction.  The U.S is a nation w/o God & His protection.  Only with black people is the victim blamed as the cause of the problem.  The race card?  What’s that? Some intelligent black people simply try to explain how unaddressed, racial wrongs & unresolved racial systems of past wrongs, brutality & injustice manifested into today’s system in other forms & how black people are damaged from this.  Yet you will not understand because you don’t give a shit.  Duly noted.  The race option will take over.  Black people loading up their ammunition.  Giving back to whites what they do exploding into cheers when whites are convicted or when the murderer goes free.  It will be tit 4 tat.  This nation is in danger of exploding into racial & civil wars and eminent downfall of the U.S govt.  A LOT of people in America are at the end—this includes black people who are tired of white trash immigrants coming here talking down to them & posting garbage to them.  You have states moving to secede.

  28. jessicathompson97 says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way. When all these radical changes happen in America that you are speaking of, the majority of the Republican Party will come out on top because we will work hard to get this nation back where it needs to be. And actually work for it, not look for handouts. And the incessant talk of white people thinking blacks are below animals? Did I say that? NO, so don’t put words in my mouth. I have African American friends, one is at the top of our class, has a part time job, and care for his sick mother. He is the perfect example of an exemplary human. He does it all. I respect him more than most everyone I know. I don’t have a problem with all black people. Just like I don’t have a problem with all white people. There are some in every group. But I DO have a problem with people seeking handouts and not working because they know their racial status will get them preference for benefits. Or any preference. Not just blacks. When you have a legitimate argument that is in anyway relevant to what I ACTUALLY said, then we can talk. Have a nice day.

  29. CarolParks says:

    jessicathompson97  The truth has always been that Whites, and especially in GOP States have always had more people on welfare. Blacks only make up 12% of our country so how would it be otherwise? Use your common sense, and also check out the fact’s online. And NOT from a GOP site.

    No one or at least the majority of people want to be on welfare. It doesn’t cover everything and is horrible. Most people who now are on welfare, also have a job but it does not pay enough, so people are able to get food stamps or whatever. That is why they are trying to make the minimum wage higher. Rent, food, everything goes up every year, so minimum wages need to keep up with that. But, if you follow the GOP then I know I am wasting my breath as you have been brain washed. And I don’t have the time to tell you, nor show you all the info out there. Do yourself a favor, and look online at NON-Political sites & get the truth. Have a great day! 🙂

  30. CarolParks says:

    jjanlitt44 jessicathompson97  You should NOT even be allowed to speak to anyone like that. So, someone disagrees with you, and you answer with nothing but filth. That shows nothing but IGNORANCE, & no brains whatsoever. Get an education, there are bad people & good people in every culture. Not all Whites are racist, & not all Blacks are wonderful. People are people, some good some bad and it has NOTHING to do with your skin color, but how you were raised. And obviously you think it is OK to talk with such filth. It’s NOT.

  31. CarolParks says:

    LuvrinaCL wills11111  First of all, there is no where in this country that has 80% of people, any people on welfare. 

    Second, Social Security is taken out of everyone’s paycheck to be put into an Interest Bearing Account to be held by the Federal Gov., until you retire. It is NOT WELFARE. Nor is it the Governments. It is and does belong to the people who have put their own money into it, since they started working. 

    Don’t call anyone ignorant, when you yourself do not know the fact’s, nor what you are talking about.

  32. CarolParks says:

    wills11111  Social Security, & Medicaid is NOT welfare correct. But, check out the FACT’S BELOW:

    Fact’s seem to be getting lost on here.

    Welfare StatisticsShare ThisStatistic VerificationSource: US Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Commerce, CATO InstituteResearch Date: 1.1.2014Welfare is the organized public or private social services for the assistance of disadvantaged groups. Aid could include general Welfare payments, health care through Medicaid, food stamps, special payments for pregnant women and young mothers, and federal and state housing benefits. The Welfare system in the United States began in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. Opponents of Welfare argue that it affects work incentives.Welfare StatisticsTotal number of Americans on welfare12,800,000Total number of Americans on,700,000Total number of Americans on insurance5,600,000Percent of the US population on welfare4.1 %Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment)$131.9 billionWelfare Demographics Percent of recipients who are white38.8 %Percent of recipients who are black39.8 %Percent of recipients who are Hispanic15.7 %Percent of recipients who are Asian2.4 %Percent of recipients who are Other3.3 %Welfare StatisticsTotal amount of money you can make monthly and still receive Welfare$1000Total Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than an $8 per hour job39Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than a $12 per hour job6Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than the average salary of a U.S. Teacher8Average Time on AFCD (Aid to Families with Dependent Children)Time on AFDCPercent of RecipientsLess than 7 months19%7 to 12 months15.2%1 to 2 years19.3%2 to 5 years26.9%Over 5 years19.6%Top 10 Hourly Wage Equivalent Welfare States in U.S.StateHourly Wage EquivalentHawaii$17.50Alaska$15.48Massachusetts$14.66Connecticut$14.23Washington, D.C.$13.99New York$13.13New Jersey$12.55Rhode Island$12.55California$11.59Virginia$11.11Tags:

  33. CarolParks says:

    jjanlitt44  87 MILLION??? LMAO!! People just make shit up on this site. Try some FACTS! 

    Total number of Americans on
    46,700,000 according to the U.S. Gov.

  34. LuvrinaCL says:

    CarolParks LuvrinaCL wills11111  Do your research…. there are about 80% of families in Kentucky receiving some type of government assistance, mostly food stamps.  I didn’t say the country.  Yes, you have social security coming out of your paychecks, but also funds for food stamps and other government assistance come out of it also.  Social security was made for retirement and disable but many people (whites mostly) take advantage with bogus claims milking them for every cent leaving the honest people to wait longer to receive it, or they may not get it at all due to the financial instability in the system.  Now I said it before, research before you come on here blasting blacks for things you have no knowledge of.  From what I see, the truth hurts and you choose not to face it so you decide to come on here and degrade black people….. Real intelligent!

  35. Jak46666 says:

    jjanlitt44 DanielHoch  WOW!  

    You make the dumbest case of anyone!

  36. jessicathompson97 says:

    There are no words for your responses. If you all saw what I see everyday with people OF ALL RACES, taking advantage of the food stamps program, you would feel the same way. So do not say AT ALL that what I’m saying is ignorant. I witness it firsthand almost daily and am fed up with it. People with $800 in food stamps a month with two kids, but drive a brand new Mercedes or BMW. It’s unbelievable. And you wouldn’t understand unless you saw it everyday.

  37. flipyatwice says:

    jessicathompson97 your dumb! lmao… Look yourself it’s very easy.. Google how many blacks are on welfare compared to blacks. What do you see?? blacks having a higher percentage right? Now do a search on how many blacks are in america..Compare the percentage and you now understand that a smaller number will give you a higher percentage. Whites make up 3 times the amount of blacks on welfare. U need me to make it easier? lets say 100 black ppl in the USA & 35% are on welfare = 35 ppl out of a hundred. Now whites: lets say 500 whites ppl in the USA & 25% are on welfare = 125 .. But they will always give it to you in a Percentage Always! Try to google total number of whites or blacks are on welfare.. It will always give you the illusion of Percentage. If this doesn’t make you say “oh” then your “slow”.. and racist. lmao

  38. flipyatwice says:

    jessicathompson97your dumb! lmao… Look yourself it’s very easy.. Google how many blacks
    are on welfare compared to blacks. What do you see?? blacks having a
    higher percentage right? Now do a search on how many blacks are in
    america..Compare the percentage and you now understand that a smaller
    number will give you a higher percentage. Whites make up 3 times the
    amount of blacks on welfare. U need me to make it easier? lets say 100
    black ppl in the USA & 35% are on welfare = 35 ppl out of a hundred.
    Now whites: lets say 500 whites ppl in the USA & 25% are on welfare
    = 125 .. But they will always give it to you in a Percentage Always!
    Try to google total number of whites or blacks are on welfare.. It will
    always give you the illusion of Percentage. If this doesn’t make you say
    “oh” then your “slow”.. and racist. lmao

  39. flipyatwice says:

    @EVERYONE… — Look yourself it’s very easy.. Google how many blacks
    are on welfare compared to blacks. What do you see?? blacks having a
    higher percentage right? Now do a search on how many blacks are in America..Compare the percentage and you now understand that a smaller
    number will give you a higher percentage. Whites make up 3 times the
    amount of blacks on welfare. U need me to make it easier? lets say 100
    black ppl in the USA & 35% are on welfare = 35 ppl out of a hundred.
    Now whites: lets say 500 whites ppl in the USA & 25% are on welfare
    = 125 .. But they will always give it to you in a Percentage Always!
    Try to google total number of whites or blacks are on welfare.. It will
    always give you the illusion of Percentage. If this doesn’t make you say
    “oh” then your “slow”.. and racist. lmao

  40. flipyatwice says:

    @your dumb! lmao… Look yourself it’s very easy.. Google how many blacks
    are on welfare compared to Whites. What do you see?? blacks having a
    higher percentage right? Now do a search on how many blacks are in
    america..Compare the percentage and you now understand that a smaller
    number will give you a higher percentage. Whites make up 3 times the
    amount of blacks on welfare. U need me to make it easier? lets say 100
    black ppl in the USA & 35% are on welfare = 35 ppl out of a hundred.
    Now whites: lets say 500 whites ppl in the USA & 25% are on welfare
    = 125 .. But they will always give it to you in a Percentage Always!
    Try to google total number of whites or blacks are on welfare.. It will
    always give you the illusion of Percentage. If this doesn’t make you say
    “oh” then your “slow”.. and racist. lmao

  41. jessicathompson97 says:

    How many blacks are on welfare compared to blacks? Yeah… I’m the dumb one.

  42. CarolParks says:

    LuvrinaCL CarolParks wills11111  

    First, the GW Bush administration took out Millions, some say Billions from Social Security to help pay fo rthe Wars. No, you will not here this on your nightly news, but it is true. Our Government is corrupt. Now they are short, or so they say and they want to take your money & mine that was taken out of our checks. They call it “Entitlement Programs”, yes they think they are Entitled to your money. It’s all another SCAM. The GOP thought it up, & thought by calling it “entitlement”, could fool people. The only idiots being fooled, are those that watch Fake Fox Lies. Or those Right Wing Extreme Tea Bag Radio Talk Shows.

    They want Blacks & Whites to hate each other, they promote it. Because that way, people won’t notice (they Hope) they are stealing from all of us. 

    The Only people degrading one another on here, are GOP Black people against the Democrat Black people. And some Black people being disrespectful of White people by calling names. 

    I’m not a child, I don’t call names. I like to discuss things and with respect. If you had read what I wrote on here, you would know that I said White people have always been the majority on welfare. Now with so much high unemployment still in certain parts of the country many people still cannot make it, even if they have a job. I believe in helping people, all people. I also believe in raising the minimum wage. Equal pay, good schools for everyone, and programs to help the youth is something I am for. And especially making sure all kids do not go hungry. 

    It is my opinion that the GOP is ruining this country, as every one of the 26 GOP run states uphold the SYG Laws. And they want to bring back the Jim Crow laws again. We are in serious danger if they take over the Senate this November. The President has a hard enough job as it is with those fools.

    Rand Paul is from Kentucky. He and his Dad are both racist’s. Kentucky would be so much better without them, & with a Democratic Governor, & Senate.

  43. CarolParks says:

    LuvrinaCL CarolParks wills11111  

    I apologize! Your Governor is a Democrat. I am shocked that your state has these problems with a Democratic Governor. I am posting the fact’s about Kentucky so others can learn, as I did. Oh, it does say about 8% is Black. That is a small number.

  44. CarolParks says:

    LuvrinaCL wills11111  

    Kentucky State:KENTUCKYState GovernmentGovernor: 14 Democrats 23 Republicans
      1 Independent 59 Democrats 41 RepublicansRecent News
    Below is a set of key data indicators related to poverty. For the original sources, click on the data point.POVERTY BY DEMOGRAPHICChild poverty rate:
    Senior poverty rate:
    Women in poverty:
    Percent of single-parent families with related children that are below poverty: of Black and Hispanic children below 200% poverty:,133,38,35,18/10,11,9,12,1,13/13819,13820
    ECONOMIC WELL-BEINGPoverty rate:
    Extreme poverty rate rate:
    Food insecurity:
    Low-income families that work: Wage: of jobs that are low-wage: of individuals who are uninsured: of Black children living in families where no parent has full-time, year-round employment:,133,38,35/10,11,9,12,1,185,13/11486,11487
    FAMILYTeen birth rate per 1,000:
    Children living in single parent families: in foster care: of children in immigrant families: of grandparents raising grandchildren: poverty rate:
    Unbanked households:
    Average college graduate debt:

  45. CarolParks says:

    LuvrinaCL wills11111

    Individuals with a high school degree:

    Individuals with a four year college degree:

    Teens ages 16 to 19 not attending school and not working:
    Percent of college students with debt:
    High school graduation rate:
    Total households:

    Households paying more than 30% of income on housing:
    Homeless people:

    Home foreclosure rate:
    Number of youth residing in juvenile justice and correctional
    Total incarcerated (prison and jail): IN FEDERAL PROGRAMS
    Adults and children receiving welfare (TANF):
    Children receiving food stamps (SNAP):
    EITC recipients:
    Households receiving federal rental assistance:

    Families receiving child care subsidies:

    Participants in all Head Start programs:
    Number of children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP:
    Number of women and children receiving WIC (Women, Infants and Children
    supplemental nutrition program):
    Households receiving LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance

  46. CarolParks says:

    DanielHoch  All of us are paying when we have our local taxes on everything! Food, cars, restaurants, housing, almost anything you buy is taxed! Then there are state taxes also. Gas is taxed. What isn’t??? Everyone PAYS one way or another. Even those on welfare. Who are you trying to kid??? No one is buying it.

  47. CarolParks says:

    jessicathompson97  Spend a day at your local Food Shelter. Maybe your eyes will open up. Children and adults are starving! BILLIONS were cut from the Food Stamp Program thanks to the GREEDY GOP. 

    How many people were looking for shelter from this bitterly cold winter? How many were sick and hungry? This nonsense of people driving fancy cars is a JOKE. You sound very ylouing, and very ignorant of the real plight of people who are barely making it. They come in all colors, and really people all people are just that…PEOPLE. The Human Race is the ONLY Race. Different Cultures, but just the human race.

  48. LuvrinaCL says:

    CarolParks LuvrinaCL wills11111  No need to apologize but thank you.  I am new to this state but I see firsthand how the people are treated and lied to here.  Even though I love it where I live, it is still tough knowing how their vulnerability is taken advantage of.  By the way, 8% is higher than what I thought.

  49. CarolParks says:

    LuvrinaCL CarolParks wills11111  

    Lets hope things get better everywhere. I grew up in San Fran, & I love it here. But, I hate what is happening to our country. I wish you well, & hope things improve. Enjoy your night. 🙂

  50. CarolParks says:

    flipyatwice  You are correct! But, some will NEVER understand, because they don’t want to. Whites have always been the Majority on Welfare. No secret there. It’s in the numbers as you have explained.

  51. jessicathompson97 says:

    Right but what YOU don’t understand, no matter my age (because that is unbelievably irrelavent), is that if the system were reformed and people that have these $50,000 cars didn’t get food stamps, there would be more to spead to the people who ACTUALLY need it. The people you are talking about in food shelters really do need it. And I do volunteer, quite a bit actually. So all I’m saying is that no matter the color, you have to admit there are people taking advantage of the system all around the country. I’m not saying we should cut the program entirely, just reform so there aren’t as many loopholes for people to find and cheat the system so there will be more money for people who actually need it.

  52. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks jjanlitt44 jessicathompson97  You shouldn’t be allowed to speak!  Who do you think you are? 
    The ignorance and no brains is clearly coming from you and your ilk!

    Here are the facts:
    Whites make up just under 80% of the population
    Blacks make up 13%  of the population

    When they speak of those on welfare they are not talking about % of these numbers. They are talking about — OF THOSE RECEIVING WELFARE 40% GOES TO WHITES, 40% GOES TO BLACKS AND THE REMAINDER GO TO OTHERS.
    It does not mean 40% of whites are on welfare.

    Those numbers are as such
    1 in 20 whites are on welfare
    1 in 3 blacks on welfare.

    Then you on the left try to make it as we are calling blacks lazy, free loaders etc…  What a joke!   Most who are conservative look at this and are appalled. Why????  Because this isnt what MLK marched for. MLK  wanted an equal opportunity.  A chance to be judged by the character of the man not the color of his skin. 

    There are more opportunities today than any other time in history but the democratic party continues to tell the blacks that they are special, they are different, they need their help….but all they do is offer up welfare rather than guidance. And have made over 25% DEPENDENT on welfare and their party.  What a disgrace they have done to the African Americans. 

    Content of Character not skin…..

    And equal opportunity does not always mean equal outcome. It does however mean being judged on the same level. 

    When 1 in 3 are on the dole, do you think that makes it harder or easier to break the bonds of welfare?

  53. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    You really need to stop your bs!  I work the food shelf.   Thats right that greedy pig GOPTPER!!!!!! 

    And if the democrats (who refuse to do anything about fraud and waste) dont realize, that if you cut the fraud and waste, THOSE WHO TRULEY NEED IT WOULD BE GETTING MORE  You ignorant dolt!

    And as far as what those on welfare have, I am a firefighter medic, I go into their homes all the time….Most have bigger TVs than I do. Most have better Tennis shoes. And most eat steak more often then I do.    Is this all that do that NO!!!!!!!!  But it is more common than not.  And YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!

  54. Jak46666 says:

    flipyatwice jessicathompson97  

    Ok Professor If 80% of the population is white and 13% are black, why do blacks garner 40% of the welfare????

    1 in 20 whites are on welfare
    1 in 3 blacks

    You are holding the black man down you racist!

  55. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks  1 in 20 whites are on welfare
    1 in 3 blacks

    You are holding the black man down you racist!

    numbers dont lie  liar…..

  56. jjanlitt44 says:

    CarolParks LuvrinaCL Bush did not raid social security to pay for the war.  That money comes directly from defense budget and congress funds it through “the war powers act” something that is constitutional—–unlike govt. handout programs.  Social security is bankrupt because of the ever expanding guidelines that include payments to people who never paid into but weigh it down through SSI.  The GOP isn’t ruining this nation the people like you are ruining it. Making poor people dependent.  Red states aren’t broke & running over with crime.  Racism isn’t the main problem growing joblessness & poverty & govt. corruption are the problem. Too many people are getting handouts that don’t sustain or uplift.  God made people to WORK.  IF the govt. won’t take measures to penalize corporations who refuse to offer work to Americans its should make jobs for people instead of giving handouts & contracting out its services.  There is a LOT of work for poor Americans.  How about micro-enterprise for America’s poor and barter systems?  The main problems of blacks are internalized racism & inculcated negative behaviors which prevents them from uniting to solve their problems which aren’t intractable. democrats have used black people for social engineering guinea pigs leaving black communities in chaos. Many are facing becoming part of a permanent underclass.  Blacks must tell Dems No thanks,no more meddling.  50 years of blacks supporting democrats have destroyed their family structures.  Instead of welfare give blacks business grants, mirco-enterprise & means to production, ways to build wealth & sustain & strengthen families in order to build up communities.

  57. jjanlitt44 says:

    wills11111 Social security is welfare in the form of SSI also foreigners who haven’t paid into the system are able to draw pensions.  The author knows a thing or two.  Also  the social security tax is CLOSELY equal to  the federal tax.  Furthermore, the Health and Human Services budget is the largest of all federal expenditures.  Poor people need to be empowered with ways to sustain their families, and their communities with work and wealth building.   The U.S govt. has to stop warehousing poor people social welfare doesn’t work.  It only creates generations of poverty & dependency on poverty programs.  There’s plenty work the U.S govt. needs to be done, train up the poor and get them going.  Poverty atrophies the mind and the will.  People on welfare, the poor have been stigmatized & reviled. These are people capable of contributing and creating their own wealth building their own communities. Truth is in America, there are too many think tanks, organizations and businesses that earn their living from government sponsored poverty programs.  These are trillion dollar budgets.  Time for the parasites and carpet baggers to find a new source of wealth.  Let’s weigh results rather than citing statistics.  New ideas and new solutions are needed for a new era.

  58. jjanlitt44 says:

    CarolParks jjanlitt44jessicathompson97Well I’m exercising my right to speaking the hard truth.  If you can’t handle it that is YOUR problem.  Don’t you dare tell me what I can say and how I say it.  Because I’ve earned the years to speak it and nobody can take that from me.  Let alone any ditz on the internet ranting about blacks dumb, filth etc., The only ignorant one is YOU a wasteful airhead. I post from a vantage point of AWARENESS,life experience an education not ignorance.  So if I’m ignorant a LOT of people had better become like me. My kind of ‘so-called ignorance is mountains up for you & others like you.   You are the ignorant one to state such foolishness as “Get an education, there are bad people & good people in every culture. Not all whites are racist & not all blacks are wonderful”  Let me tell you something your childish analysis makes it clear you know NOTHING about POWER.  Neither how its used for people, against people and to create and preserve a system of inequities.  Life isn’t black & white grouping “good people” and “bad people.”   There are systems in place, rewards and experiences, life situations that can make people who they become which I have the maturity & life experience to understand—you don’t.  There’s a lot of gray life is not simply black & white good & bad.  Bad people can become good, good people can go bad and people are complex combinations of both driven by many things. Another thing in this nation  race & the color of your skin are given a status and social category.  This is made apparent on every application.  I don’t respect people who are who believe they are entitled to put down my people and you aren’t worthy of respect either.  I’m sick of white people coming on the internet n posting garbage about being black. I’m going to blast you back with the truth.  I talk to you and other worthless fools DIRECTLY you can call it filth all you like.  You deserve a verbal punch to the face know-it all.  I didn’t use one swear or curse word so there’s nothing filthy about my language.  You’re just upset because you expect to get a free pass because you’re a wasteful white girl—I can’t even use the term woman for you.  No that woman showed me nothing to respect neither have you.  Furthermore, a lioness like me, isn’t concerned about the angry rants of goats like you.

  59. jessicathompson97 says:

    *You’re* dumb.

  60. jjanlitt44 says:

    flipyatwice jessicathompson97Thank you. Well said I’ve done the math too.  Percentage is smoke & mirrors real total amounts are what matter.  87 million whites are draining the system that is 2 X more than all the entire black population in America.    More whites are on welfare in America than are people in Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and all other European nations even more than Australia.  Hispanics also get more welfare than blacks.  Yet all the media & these so-called reports  only rant about 4.3 million black people on welfare.  Percentage doesn’t tell the story.  What’s worse is that whites don’t even vote to change anything.  Most blame blacks for all problems while the smoke meth, grow weed and post about blacks not working.

  61. jjanlitt44 says:

    Jak46666 CarolParksjjanlitt44jessicathompson97
     1195,038,397 white pop.  41 million black pop. 51 million Hispanics pop. 3 million Native American pop.  2 million biracial pop.  Do the math.  This nation is falling apart.  It doesn’t need gay marriage, gay adoptions, broken families, outsourcing, empty towns & cities pedophilia in the Boy Scouts, failing schools,constant wars, legalized dope, gambling & prostitution, racial conflict, rampant dependency, mass corruption.  Not all change is good change.

  62. Jak46666 says:

    jjanlitt44 flipyatwice jessicathompson97  

    Nobody is blaming blacks for anything. It is the left telling you that is what the right is saying.

    What is at issue here is the percent of the race on welfare.

    1 in 20 whites are on welfare compared to 1 in 3.4 blacks.

    Now how is the African American ever going to get out of that dependency? 

    They are trapped in the system. Beholding to the system and the party that promotes it other than inspiring them to cut the binds of welfare. To push themselves to achieve more than a meager existence. 

    Does 1 in 3 sound like they have achieved the equality MLK marched for?

    Until the African American suffers the pain of stepping away from this, not unlike the drug user or alcoholic to say I DONT WANT THAT TO BE WHO I AM  they will for ever be tied to 1 in 3 on assistance.  

    And dont tell me they cant break the chains. Because unlike the left, I believe they are just as smart, as talented and as anybody else.  And that is what MLK was all about.

  63. CarolParks says:

    jjanlitt44 CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    Here’s the problem. On any discussion board the point is to give your opinion on the subject. People agree, or disagree and that is fine. But, when Personal attacks are made against Strangers, then any discussion is nullified. Attack the point of view or the content of the comment, not the person. I myself did not agree with Jessica, but did not attack her personally. this is what you said, which was not needed, and why I commented to you. 

    “You are the founder of dumb. Shut your stupid mouth.  Stop taking
    meth  take a reading is fundamental class and pick up a book. “

  64. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    The GOP are not helping ANYONE except the rich. They take 87 BILLION from the Gas & Oil Industry every year. This is documented. It comes from donations to campaign’s, & from the Lobbyist’s in D.C. 
    That is the total cost of the Food Stamp Program in the U.S.Do some reasearch & find out the truth.

    Also, it is NOT Food Stamps that is the problem, it is WALL STREET & THE BANKS. They have STOLE BILLIONS!

  65. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    BS!  You spew nothing but HYPERBOLE crap!

    I never mentioned a word about food stamps either.  Where did you get that? 

    Oh…and everyone uses GAS AND OIL!   Why dont you stick to the subject at hand?  Or do you want me to bring up Green Energy waste?

  66. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    The banks and wall street that both parties are in bed with?  The Wall Street that put more money into Obama than any other presidential candidate?  The Banks that where told lower you housing loan standards or face discrimination charges?  


  67. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    GOP LIES????


    Just to name a few of  the dems most recent lies.

    How about that war on women and pay inequality all based on half truths and misleading inaccurate info?????

    What a disgrace!  You dont have to like the GOP to be able to do the research and see who is lying!

  68. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    You better chill out, you might have a heart attack. LOL! This is just people’s opinions, not life or death. Now read below, and try to comprehend. 🙂

    BY FEBRUARY 11, 2014 AT 10:04 AM 
    While Senate Republicans chided Panetta at the time, it seems Republicans on the HASC now agree with the secretary’s assessment. “Majority members believe the regional and global force posture assumed by the military on September 11, 2012 limited the response,” the report continues. “Majority members recognize, of course, that it is impossible for the Department of Defense to have adequate forces prepared to respond immediately to every conceivable global contingency. Ensuring that preparations exist for some likely possibilities is not to be confused with the ability to anticipate all prospective circumstances, especially in highly volatile regions.”
    The night of the attack, the United States had few military assets within the region, the report reads, requiring the transport of soldiers from U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) stationed in Germany to Libya, a trip that took several hours. Once there, the majority of the reinforcements were given the order to remain in Tripoli to prevent a possible attack on the U.S. Embassy itself, a distinct possibility in the eyes of the Pentagon. The Pentagon also confirmed to the HASC that there were no AC-130 gunships or armed drones within the region that night, another from right-wing media outlets.
    The Democrats on the panel asked their Republican colleagues if they could finally move on from Bengahzi. “This report, produced by House Armed Services Committee Republicans, should finally bring an end to the politicization of the heinous attacks on brave Americans in Benghazi,” HASC Ranking Member Rep. Adam Smith (D-CA) and Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-MA), the HASC Oversight and Investigations subcommittee’s ranking member, said in a statement. “It is time to move forward, take the real conclusions we have arrived at and establish how to best protect our citizens around the globe. It is our hope that today’s report, which was authored by Republicans, finally brings this attempt to manufactured scandal to an end.”

  69. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jessicathompson97
    BY APRIL 10, 2014 AT 9:55 AM
    A leading conservative pundit on Wednesday urged Republicans to end their Benghazi crusade, saying that “the country is now tired of it.”

  70. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    Reagan, Terror, And Benghazi››› August 14, 2013 12:01 PM EDT ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

    When news broke that William Clark, a longtime aide to Ronald Reagan, had recently passed away, several conservative media outlets quickly posted tributes to the man. Touted as the “” in nearly a century, Clark was warmly remembered as a “” and an “”
    By all indications the laurels were well earned and Judge Clark, as he was known, served his country with distinction. What’s telling about the warm words written about Clark are how they contrast so sharply with the tone the same type of conservative outlets use to describe current foreign policy and national security advisors who were in any way connected to the terrorist attack in Benghazi last September.
    I’m referring to the strangely personal and almost hysterical way pundits have attacked Obama officials, the president’s national security advisor, in the wake of Benghazi, where four Americans were killed, including a U.S. ambassador.
    But here’s what’s interesting about Clark’s recently lauded resume when viewed against the right wing’s permanent Benghazi name calling: Clark served as Reagan’s national security advisor between 1982 and 1983. On April 18, 1983, Islamic terrorists the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. Sixty-three people were killed, including 17 Americans, worked for the CIA.
    Five months later local terrorists During a lengthy air assault from nearby artillerymen, two Marines stationed at the Beirut airport were killed. Then on October 23, just days after Clark stepped down as national security advisor to become Secretary of the Interior, the Marines’ Beirut barracks after a 5-ton truck driven by a suicide bomber and carrying the equivalent of 12,000 pounds of TNT exploded outside; 241 Americans were killed, marking the deadliest single attacks on U.S. citizens overseas since World War II.
    Reagan 1,800 Marines to Beirut as part of a larger peacekeeping mission following the June 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the Palestine Liberation Organization’s withdrawal from the country. But national security experts, including some members of Reagan’s administration,,2933,183262,00.html that the Marines were vulnerable to attack.
    In the aftermath, Col. Timothy J. Geraghty, the commander of the Marines in Beirut, “It didn’t take a military expert to realize that our troops had been placed in an indefensible situation.” Conservative columnist William Safire to the Beirut debacle as Reagan’s “Bay of Pigs.”
    Conservatives have numerous Obama officials over Benghazi for the last eleven months, yet the embassy attacks surrounding Clark’s tenure as Reagan’s national security adviser apparently did not blemish his long public career. 
    Despite the chronic terror attacks on a U.S. embassy and related facilities– three separate assaults that claimed nearly 270 American lives in the span of just six months in 1983 — Judge Clark is to be remembered as a patriot. But Obama officials are supposedly guilty of the unforgivable, treasonous crime of Benghazi.
    The contrast is striking. And it says a lot not only about the double standard used to grade Republican and Democratic failures, but also about the vicious way conservative commentators now policy opponents.
    Benghazi has become such a momentous touchstone, conservatives insist, because Americans lives were lost at the hands of terrorists. Also, they claim Obama reacted callously to the news by flying to a fundraiser in Las Vegas the following day,
    But note that after the fourth deadly Beirut bombing on a U.S. facility, this one on September 20, 1984, Reagan his re-election campaign appearances for just one day, even though he enjoyed an insurmountable lead in the polls.
    On and on the hypocrisy goes, as conservatives, railing against Benghazi security, conveniently ignore what was arguably the low point in U.S. Embassy security.

  71. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    In the Iran-Contra Affair, United States President Ronald Reagan’s administration secretly sold arms to Iran, which was engaged in a bloody war with its neighbor Iraq from 1980 to 1988 (see Iran-Iraq War), and diverted the proceeds to the Contra rebels fighting to overthrow the leftist and allegedly democratically-elected Sandinista government of Nicaragua. Those sales thus had a dual goal: appeasing Iran, which had influence with militant groups that held several American hostages in Lebanon and supported bombings in Western European countries, and funding a guerrilla war aimed at aborting Nicaraguan independence from US hegemony. 
    Both transactions were contrary to acts of Congress, which prohibited the funding of the Contras and the sale of weapons to Iran. In addition, both activities violated UN sanctions. 
    In January of 1986, Reagan allegedly approved a plan whereby an American intermediary, rather than Israel, would sell arms to Iran in exchange for the release of the hostages, with profits funneled to the Contras. At first, the Iranians had refused the weapons from Ghorbanifar, the Iranian intermediary, when both Oliver North and Ghorbanifar created a 370% markup (WALSH, Lawrence E. “Firewall”). Another intermediary was used to sell 500 TOW missiles. With the marked-up income of $10 million from the $3.7 million before, and the Iranians capturing new hostages when they released old ones, this was the end of the arms-for-hostages deal. In February, 1,000 TOW missiles were shipped to Iran. From May to November, there were additional shipments of miscellaneous weapons and parts. 
    The U.S. Congress then on November 18, 1987 issued its final report on the affair, which stated that Reagan bore “ultimate responsibility” for wrongdoing by his aides and his administration exhibited “secrecy, deception, and disdain for the law.” Oliver North and John Poindexter were indicted on multiple charges on March 16, 1988. North, indicted on nine counts, was convicted of three: lying to Congress, destroying an official document, and accepting an illegal gratuity. The charges were vacated upon appeal on the grounds that North’s Fifth Amendment rights may have been violated by indirect use of his testimony to Congress which had been given under a grant of immunity. Poindexter was convicted on several felony counts of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and altering and destroying documents pertinent to the investigation. His convictions were also overturned on appeal on essentially the same grounds as North’s. The Independent Counsel was not able to re-try North or Poindexter. 
    Basically, Oliver North was made the scape-goat and there was no concrete evidence to link Reagan to the crimes.

  72. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    FACT’S! You know undisputed TRUTH. Something all GOP deny & IGNORE. EXCEPT the American people do NOT FORGET: GW Bush’s ILLEGAL WAR IN IRAQ. The HOUSING CRISIS because of GW Bush, the ECONOMY COLLAPSE Because of GW BUSH. JOBS GONE BECAUSE OF GW Bush.

    And the GOP CONGRESS who now has a 6% Aproval that has STOPPED THE JOBS BILL & Many of the President’s Bills in order to bring this country down so they THINK they can win an election. TO ME THAT IS TREASON! The GOP are ANTI-AMERICAN NAZI’S. They are against ALL MINORITIES, ALL WOMEN, ALL EQUAL RIGHT’S, AND TOO STUPID TO ACKNOWLEDGE SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT WE ARE KILLING OUR PLANET. CLIMATE CHANGE. 

    Now that is my last response to you personally,. because I only speak to people who can understand & acknowledge FACTS!


  73. CarolParks says:

    jjanlitt44  WE don’t have 87 million white people in this country. 

    From the U.S. Census April 2014:

     There are 63.7% Whites when Hispanics who describe themselves as “white” are taken out of the calculation. Despite major changes due to and legal immigration since the 1960s and the higher birth-rates of nonwhites, the overall current majority of American citizens are still, and, though regional differences exist. 

     There are 317.8 MILLION people now in the U.S.

  74. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    it isnt about “changing the outcome clown! 
    It is about the fact they did nothing prior to or during!  NOTHING! Didnt even try.  It took a year and a half investigation to confirm this so called could not have done nothing to help  BUT HILLARY AND OBAMA HAD DONE NOTHING!!!!!!

  75. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    You dont just drink the kool aid do you?

  76. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    LOL  and not one person has backed Clivens racial comments  LOL  you liar

  77. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    And I SEE you no longer want to talk about the original subject…deflect much racist?

  78. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    Oh…and Travon should have went home. PERIOD!  He came back to lay a beating on GZ. It is a tragedy what happened but Travon AS ALL EVIDENCE PROVED came back and attacked a man with a gun ( a legal firearm, with permit to carry)…and lost. 

    Travon ran. And could have been home. Safe. Alive.  HE WENT BACK TO BEAT UP A FAT WEAK MAN!

  79. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97  

    LOL  I see you also posted links to “think Progress”  LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Here, let me give you a link to Hannity or Rush  LOL!    
    Tip for you carol, try reading from a KNOWN LEFT WING SITE  you may actually get facts, not opinion and spin.

    LOL  I cant believe someone would be so stupid to try and make their case using a known activist site no matter what side of the isle  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Are you in high school? 

    Gee, think progress thinks the GOP sucks…what a shock!

    Ha ha ha!  Priceless!

  80. jjanlitt44 says:

    CarolParks jjanlitt44 Hon put down whatever it is you’re smoking I never said there were 87 million whites in the country. You have me mixed up with someone else.  To be exact there are over 195 million whites in this nation and 87 million of them are on welfare according to the census.  But you keep being argumentative.  Hispanics who describe themselves as white ARE white these are persons like Sofia Vegara, Giselle Bundchen, Carmen Electra etc.  Not all Hispanics are mixed.  I’ve already crunched the census numbers many times before.  But hey, guess what?  All of this is irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things all the squawking over race & welfare is pointless.  Racism isn’t ever going away until people die off. Point is this is by far the wealthiest nation in the world with enough power & resources to make jobs for every person in its borders.  I really don’t have the persuasion to debate about this.  There are much bigger things to be concerned about and to prepare for and think about in the present.  The U.S is an unfair global empire full of lies and deceit by powerful, wicked people who lie, & lie and hide the truth. If all people aren’t uniting & working for common goals & positive outcomes as a collective than its all over.   Life on this planet is coming to an end.  Don’t think so?  Look up HAARP, geoengineering and climate engineering.  Peace to you. I’m out of here.

  81. LuvrinaCL says:

    jjanlitt44 CarolParks  Very well said…. the main issue is… why are we arguing over who is on welfare when there are greater issues such as the economic state of this country where the corporations are consistently ripping off the working class people by depriving us of what we really deserve which is better pay so we can afford to live in this country…. Also we need to stop believing the many lies pushed by politicians who are generally working for these corporations so don’t believe the hype of ‘your vote count’ …. The only thing that count in this country is MONEY… Also if you want to get mad at who is using up the government’s funds, get mad at the 1%, the corporations, and your local & federal government officials…. So fighting over who is taking advantage of this country’s economy is useless because you are fighting against the wrong people…. By the way, Asia is wealthiest continent and China’s the wealthiest country… The U.S. is in debt to them.

  82. CarolParks says:

    jjanlitt44 CarolParks  

    Hi! I actually agree with everything you just posted. Yes, those that are in charge, meaning our Government, and the very powerful, and wealthy are not doing Americans, ALL Americans  any good. I personally do not think earth will be here in another 100 years with the way it is being destroyed by man. 
    Racism should not even exist anymore at this point in time. But, it does, it’s pervasive in all things in America. I like to think most people of all colors are not bigoted, and have a good heart. The media prints only the worst stories, and rarely prints good stories that actually happen everyday, everywhere. But, they don’t bring in the money. Then I thought well, in maybe 20 years it will be gone when all these old white people are dead. But, I see that some younger people are carrying that racism because of their family. Hopefully it will be so much less, but the real problem is our Government and especially the GOP run states that enforce these SYG Laws, & other Laws that take away people’s rights. Until people come out and vote these GOP Thugs out of office in off Presidential election years, this garbage will stand, & the UNJUST Prison system, Legal System will stay. 

    So, I agree we all need to stand together against this mess. We may have different cultures, but we are all people just human beings. When we are dead, and there is just a skelton left you can’t tell the difference between one or the other. This racism is just beyond stupid because biologically we are all the same. What is different is each ones personality, & how each person thinks. People are individuals, and should be judged as such. 

    Common Goals, Positive Outcomes for all, YES I am with You! It’s our children’s future that worries me the most. Have a great day! 🙂

  83. CarolParks says:

    jjanlitt44 CarolParks LuvrinaCL  

    It is not publicly known, but there has been much research showing how Social Security Funds went way down during GW Bush. Many speculate that indeed the S.S. Funds were taken for that purpose because it was $255 million per day, or a little less than $1.8 billion a week, for the Iraq War alone. There is no way we had that kind of money, it had to come from somewhere. I’m not 100% sure it’s true, but I certainly would not be surprised if it was. They LIE about so much.

  84. CarolParks says:

    LuvrinaCL jjanlitt44 CarolParks  
    Couldn’t agree more. The future will be the rich against the poor, & the middle class will not exist. Maybe then finally people will all get together to support one another, and racism will be dead.

  85. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks jjanlitt44 LuvrinaCL  

    So who exactly is YOUR source of this BS????

  86. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jjanlitt44 LuvrinaCL  Do your own research, I don’t have the time to argue with you. But,. the truth is out there, just look. Oh, & it’s NOT on any Right Wing site.

  87. Jak46666 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jjanlitt44 LuvrinaCL  

    LOL   yeah…I have and you are full of crap

  88. CarolParks says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jessicathompson97  

    I am NOT speaking to you Period! No use, you are beyond hope and have no brains. 
    BUT, let’s get the name right of the VICTIM TRAYVON MARTIN. That is how it is spelled. 
    And the MURDERER G. ZIMMERMAN. YES HE IS AND WAS A MURDERER. LOW LIFE SOCIOPATH CRIMINAL MURDERER. Now don’t bother me again, I am not interested in speaking to the KKK.

  89. RickWendt says:

    CarolParks jessicathompson97  you think that just because people come to the “Food Shelter” means they are starving? Some day get in you car a follow a few of them. I live in Memphis Tn., When I was younger and living in some not so nice apts. We had neighbors, (more than a few) that lived in section 8
    housing. I asked one of them I will call “Dave” how he was able to afford this
    apt when it was obvious he did not work. It was then I learned about the
    government program called section-8. If you could show you were poor the
    government would pay for your housing. But because his mother and Dad were
    married they could not get it. So Mom and Dad got divorced. The lease did not
    show him living there so their rent was free. Then during the day he would take
    his son around with him and go to local churches there he would get clothes and
    food and money. He would also go to the Food Pantry and get food from them as
    well as other donations from different places for Dr’s and Dentists for his
    kids. All the time collecting the welfare dime.
    While I worked 60+ hrs a week to afford the same place to
    live. He called me a fool and said he could show me how. That there were a
    great many in the complex that also did it. 
    Oh and by the way David was White.
    Do not be fooled by things. Go live in the inner city and watch how it is done. See how Bankrupt is use as a get out of jail card

  90. RickWendt says:

    We had neighbors, (more than a few) that lived in section 8
    housing. I asked one of them I will call “Dave” how he was able to afford this
    apt when it was obvious he did not work. It was then I learned about the
    government program called section-8. If you could show you were poor the
    government would pay for your housing. But because his mother and Dad were
    married they could not get it. So Mom and Dad got divorced. The lease did not
    show him living there so their rent was free. Then during the day he would take
    his son around with him and go to local churches there he would get clothes and
    food and money. He would also go to the Food Pantry and get food from them as
    well as other donations from different places for Dr’s and Dentists for his
    kids. All the time collecting the welfare dime.

    While I worked 60+ hrs a week to afford the same place to
    live. He called me a fool and said he could show me how. That there were a
    great many in the complex that also did it.Oh and by the way David was White. jessicathompson97

  91. wgodw1 says:

    This is absurd… Why on earth should anyone care what race someone on welfare is? African-American, White, Native American, Asian, etc. Anyone on welfare is parasitical to society and we need to focus on the issue of diminishing the amount of those dependent. Racism is the most uncivilized form of collectivism; collectivism which this country is so adamant to end.

  92. Latara Bryant says:

    CarolParks jessicathompson97 Amen! Well said!

  93. Latara Bryant says:

    flipyatwice Omg, I have never thought about it that way. That makes so much sense!!!

  94. frankretired1 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97 That’s Traythug Martin.


    I just said this to my “out-of-touch” neighbor, who blames minorities for everything. I reminded her, that “whites” are the leaders when it comes to food stamps and welfare. She pretended not to hear me….whatever.
    Anyone that thinks, only white people are true Americans, is not someone you can reason with. 
    They walk amongst us……scary~


    wgodw1 Institutional racism, from people like you, is also a huge problem…with all the jobs leaving this country, people with masters degrees cannot find work that meets their education level, people fall to the help this country offers us, while we get back on our feet. 
    Check the facts, I just did. Most people do not remain on welfare, and some are one parent houeholds.
    Race is the issue, because the facts are distorted by the media, who blame any “entitlement” programs on minorities.
    Republican states, actually have the MOST white people on assistance programs.


    flipyatwice You wrote: “Google how many blacks are on welfare compared to blacks”.
    That does not make sense…did you mean something else?


    jessicathompson97 and there are also filthy rich that get all kinds of tax breaks and loop-holes, to hide their money. None of that applies to the “middle class” Americans. Until the rules are even for all people, there will never be peace or justice on this planet.
    Welfare for the rich is the term used, and it is insanity. 
    We give subsidies to huge oil companies that pollute, and then pass the cost onto us.

  99. mrm8zing says:

    flipyatwice Im pretty sure having a higher percentage of blacks on welfare is not a good argument. Having a higher percentage = unbalanced share = more blacks on welfare(percentage). This stat reflects poorly on the African american community and is what people mean when they say more blacks on welfare. I don’t mean to speak harshly….but those are the stats you said yourself. btw in republican states blacks are taking an unbalanced share also.

  100. mrm8zing says:

    EMPRESSROOTSGAL jessicathompson97
    maybe so with the tax breaks but rich people are not the enemy…they pay millions which go to feed all the folks who either cant or Wont work to support themselves. So they pay this guys share and that guys share and they nieghbors share and maybe the whole projects share…so there.

  101. gracecc5249 says:

    EMPRESSROOTSGAL A couple of questions for you and all those believing this “black” ideal. Are you aware that these statistics include Social Security and Medicare? Are you aware that I have worked everyday of my life putting a percentage of my salary into Social Security and Medicare? That is 54 years of MY hard earned money that people like you can’t reason out! That is money that has been making interest for years that the government was supposed to leave alone but has continually used for other things. They have stolen our money and are blaming our national debt on us senior citizens. People who are collecting food stamps and welfare for the most part are black. Yes there are a lot of lazy good for nothing white welfare recipients but they don’t comprise these big numbers. They also, black and white have NEVER contributed a cent of their earnings(?) to welfare and food stamps. did they? NO! So try putting the blame where it belongs.

  102. gracecc5249 says:

    EMPRESSROOTSGAL  You want to talk about scary – look
    in the mirror! Do a little research and factor OUT Social Security and
    Medicare – they are NOT handouts by the government!! Not only that,
    where do you think the welfare and medicaid monies come from – us hard
    working white folks all our lives through the taxes we’ve also had to
    pay! How much taxes do blacks on welfare and medicaid have to pay?

  103. CarolParks says:

    You are correct about Social Security, being used as a scapegoat. The GOP decided to call Social Security an ” entitlement” program, thinking they are entitled to your money. It’s all BS. Your Social Security is supposed to be taken out of every check, & put into an interest bearing account. The Iraq War cost a billion a day. Guess what? They stole a lot of the Social Security for their wars.
    Now, on the Welfare, & Food Stamps, Whites are, and always have been the majority. How can you think otherwise? The Black population is between 12 & 15 percent in this country. The numbers do not add up if it was the Black population.
    But, something else you are not recognizing, many military families, & soldiers also get food stamps because they are under paid. The military takes avhugevbite out of food stamps, because they are underpaid, which is a disgrace.
    You say Whites have worked so hard, guess what? Blacks, & other cultures work very hard also. But, honestly you need to educate yourself on the statistics, instead of going by your bigotry.
    And one more FACT, the red states, meaning the GOP run states, have the highest statistics of people on welfare, & food stamps.

  104. CarolParks says:

    Majority of Welfare Recipients are White, Non-urban, Study Reveals
    people who depend on welfare are White and live in suburbs or rural
    areas, a recent study shows. The findings are contrary to the popular
    belief that most welfare recipients are unemployed, inner-city
    minorities whose families have gotten public assistance for generations.
    The majority of Americans who receive welfare checks are not Black.
    The majority of those who receive welfare checks are White people

  105. CarolParks says:

    I agree, & your answer is backed by facts.


    CarolParks Thank you for being logical. I am not even responding her her “baseless” attack on my comment.

  107. jjanlitt44 says:

    joann3898 CarolParks  Um just for the sake of facts:  Mayors govern the cities within states while, governors control the entire state.  So are you referring to governors or mayors?  I’m referring to you post about “the states with the highest number of welfare recipients such as CA, OH. NY & KY.  All these states do not have democratic governors.  Some of the cities within them do have democratic mayors.  So for the sake of clarity be specific.  I do hope you know the difference between a governor vs. a mayor.  I really don’t understand your post and you sent it to my mail box more than once.  Please explain?  Re: social security it has been hijacked by many false disability claims and the legal industry that files false claims for able bodied frauds.  There is a LOT of fraud in the disability program that is also a part of the social security program.  Social security is corrupt and its the biggest most inept run program.  You know its huge when it collects its own separate tax which is just as large as the federal tax.

  108. jjanlitt44 says:

    gracecc5249 EMPRESSROOTSGAL It doesn’t matter how many years you worked unless you also factor in at what salary rate you contributed as well.  You are drawing down funds paid into by others which includes generations of black people past & present who were never able to draw social security dying before they can draw it.  But of course a good for nothing white parasite like you doesn’t care about truth or what’s fare.  So I’m going to give it back to you straight.   Hurry up and die so you can stop mooching off other people’s money.  What the heck is your purpose anyway?  Its nothing viable. You’ve not saved enough in all your years of working to justify your robbery of the social security & medicare systems.   Spare me your arrogance & sense of entitlement.  The world doesn’t owe you a thing!  You got it? Frankly its best for the nation if you were cut off and make it by your bootstraps.  You are still getting a handout from other people’s money which includes workers of all races.  What’s the purpose in keeping alive an old fart like you?  You are draining too many resources from the system.  So if in the future the govt. decides to opt for a way to cut you off the govt. dole its all fine & good.  A final solution for old farts like you could save the govt. a ton of money.  If the govt. refunded to you the total of what you contributed it would NOT be enough to cover all the medical, cost of living and other freebies you are absorbing.  Just die already and do the govt. a favor jerk.  Face it you’re a tax burden on all the workers contributing to keep your dysfunctional life form alive.  You too are a welfare recipient living on a handout.  At no point is your retirement income from private resources.  Now imagine how the wealthy feel having to feed scum bags like you.  If blacks get some help from the govt. than good.  Its a small token for all the decades of unpaid & underpaid work along with theft of generational wealth.  Stay in your lane and stop  worrying about what you can steal from black people and who you wrongly think doesn’t deserve anything.  Leave America if you don’t like the system including blacks.

  109. LuvrinaCL says:

    joann3898 CarolParks Joan I live in Kentucky… it is a red state run by Republicans….. they won’t allow it any other way…. Also here, it’s a 81% rate of welfare recipients…. majority white since the total black or minority population r a little over 8%…. Do some research before running off at the lip about nothing you know of

  110. CarolParks says:

    Lol! You hit the nail on the head, with your post! I’m applauding, absolutely brilliant, & TRUE! 😀

  111. CarolParks says:

    It seems, these miserable, ignorant trolls, are always looking to spread BS, & hate. They wouldn’t know a fact if it hit them on the head. Pathetic aren’t they?

  112. CarolParks says:

    Let me educate you, since you are so out of touch with FACTS. California has a Democratic Governor. The past two Republican Governors of California had us in terrible debt with Millions in deficit. Governor Jerry Brown , has put us back out of debt with a surplus now in the millions. California has over 40 million people, compared to many states like Indiana only having 5 million.democratic Mayors? In which cities? No state has all democratic, nor republican mayors. And what difference would that make? It is the Governor, Congressman, & Senators who have the most power in the states.
    Now the highest number of welfare receivers, in the top 10 states:
    Why are Republican states the biggest welfare recipients?
    The top 10 welfare states in the nation are Republican except for New Mexico.

  113. jjanlitt44 says:

    LuvrinaCL joann3898 CarolParks 
    Are you claiming 81% of Kentucky residents are on welfare?  Girl please give it a rest.  Stop taking drugs dumbo.  The gov. of Kentucky is a democrat, Steve Beshear, the mayor of Lexington Ky. is a democrat, Jim Gray, the mayor of Louisville Ky. is also a democrat, Greg Fischer while the mayor of Frankfort Ky. is the only republican mayor of a Kentucky city.  The senators are Mitch McConnell & Rand Paul.  However, in the state senate there are several democrats representing Kentucky districts.  You are an ignorant liar who probably doesn’t live in Ky. and you are too stupid to bother researching.  Please leave me alone I have no interest arguing with a member of the underbelly of humanity. . You are a fraud just go away.

  114. LuvrinaCL says:

    jjanlitt44 LuvrinaCL joann3898 CarolParks You are too stupid to respond to…. Get a life dummy


    CarolParks some cannot hide their bigotry and bias…”they walk amongst us”…scary~

  116. CarolParks says:

    That is a good thing, as you always want to know who your enemy is. The only scary thing about them, is their stupidity, & ignorance. They are a dying breed, and education is the only cure for such ignorance. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  117. default1 says:

    CarolParks jessicathompson97

    “BILLIONS were cut from the Food Stamp Program thanks to the GREEDY GOP”

    Do you routinely just say things without spending even a moment researching the facts?

    In 2000 under George Bush the Food Stamp (now SNAP) budget was $17 billion.   By the end of his second term in 2008 it had risen to $38 billion.  Since Obama took office it has risen to $78 billion.

    That’s not cutting billions, that is a massive increase over an extended period of time, including under both GOP and Democrat Presidents.

    I think there should be a social safety net, there should also be personal responsibility, including not having children you can’t afford and then foisting the expense of raising them on the public.

  118. default1 says:

    EMPRESSROOTSGAL jessicathompson97

    Is it safe to assume you don’t pay a dime of federal income tax Empressrootsgal?

    Seems to me like you are getting the biggest tax break of all, you aren’t paying any.

  119. default1 says:

    CarolParks Jak46666 jessicathompson97

    You are factually challenged Carol 

    To assert that the GOP takes in $87 billion in ‘donations to campaigns and lobbyists’ is so absurd as to be laughable.

    I doubt that Wall Street or the banks have stolen anything from you, they certainly haven’t stolen anything from me.

  120. default1 says:

    jjanlitt44 flipyatwice jessicathompson97

    Congratulations, you get the mathematically challenged award for 2014.

    I guess every Native American in the US could be on welfare and unemployed and you would insist we ignore that and concentrate on the fact that there are more white americans who worked all their lives contributing to the Social Security System and are now retired drawing a retirement check that you call a welfare payment.

    It’s certainly true that if you never contribute to Social Security because you never work you’ll never collect a Social Security check.  

    But if you insist that we just use raw numbers, I suppose I can prove to you that white americans work 4x harder than black americans because the total income of all white americans is 4 times higher than the total income of all black americans.

    Or I could just ‘prove’ that black americans are lazy because only 10 million of them are working as opposed to 80 million white americans.

    There is no hope for you if you choose to remain ignorant.

  121. frankretired1 says:

    Jak46666 CarolParks jjanlitt44 jessicathompson97 BINGO!!!

  122. frankretired1 says:

    default1 jjanlitt44 flipyatwice jessicathompson97 HELLO!!!



    Again, thank you for having sense and for presenting the FACTS. Pointing out how the US arms countries, that we end up hating, is priceless, and another high five for standing strong on social security checks NOT being welfare. It’s OUR money  withheld from OUR paychecks. I simply cannot respond to the morons that are posting here. I have a low tolerance for STUPID. You rock Carol~


    Jak46666 You are mentally unstable.


    jessicathompson97  Zimmy was NOT in the neighborhood watch group. The property owner verified that.  He is a bigoted murderer who owes 2K  in legal bills. We all know who followed who, and who had the gun. 
    Now go away before we post your phone number on a porn site~


    default1 you are going to “prove” to all of us that black people are “lazy”? Please, show us how you plan to do this. I’ll get the popcorn as we watch this unfold~  🙂
    Nobody is born a bigot, it is a learned behavior, and apparently, it is the only thing you ever learned, “Default”.


    default1fault1 Wrong again douche….”seems to me like”….. Is that how you verify everything? 
    Just a random guess? Funny how I write 2 sentences and the “haters” decide your age, your income and how much you pay in tax.

    Get your medication refilled….your mental illness is showing.
    Goodbye…I have no time for such ignorance.

  128. default1 says:


    So was I right?

    Any thoughts on why 50% of black americans are on welfare?

    Welfare being defined as public assistance programs like SNAP.

    Any thoughts on what it is going to take the black community to break free from its welfare mentality and decide to stop blaming others?

  129. default1 says:


    I’m attempting to give you an example that makes it clear that using absolute numbers instead of a percentages is a poor way to form conclusions.

    There are 100 million white Americans who work.  There are 14 million black Americans who work.

    I therefore (using the same FAULTY logic this article uses) have concluded that black Americans are lazy because look at how few of them are working compared with white Americans.

    Now I don’t accept the FAULTY logic this article employs, if you do then you must also conclude that black Americans are lazier than white Americans.  If you REJECT that assertion then you must reject the FAULTY logic this article employs.

    For the record, I don’t think most black Americans are lazy at all.  I think lazy people are lazy regardless of their skin color.  But I also think this article is deluding some people, including perhaps you, into a faulty line of reasoning and you are left deluding yourself.

  130. jessicathompson97 says:

    Why would you tag me in that? I haven’t posted in MONTHS!
    Was that a threat? You don’t want that to have been a threat. I’ll block and report you immediately.

  131. jjanlitt44 says:

    default1 jjanlitt44 flipyatwice jessicathompson97 There are more whites so total income can’t be measured by total population #. Wealth can be measured by a number of things which can often include the sweat of others like inherited wealth, homes, royalties etc. things that have been consistently stolen from black Americans through the systemic institutions..  So your income comparison between black & whites is void.  
       When dealing with a matter of payments allotted total population IS the correct method to use.  Doubt if you understand this.  Let me put it to you as simply as I can.  20% of 200 million is 40 million which is more than 30% of 40 million. 30% of 40 million is 12 million specifically.   If you can’t understand this there is no hope for you.  Therefore costs more to pay 40 million people than 12 million.  I don’t know any blacks who have lived long enough to collect social security and I plan to do so. I’m also in court fighting to get the land stolen from my family by the state of Florida. Generational wealth has been stolen from my family in addition to the recording royalties stolen from my grandmother who sang professionally.   If black are able to get something from this system FINE & GOOD.  If you don’t like the nation including  blacks then go live somewhere else.

  132. TariqWilliams says:

    These people are consumed with so much hatred that they are easily convinced to vote against their own interest because they know that the racist policies that will be enacted will hurt the so called “Black” community more so than it will hurt them.

  133. CarolParks says:

    Thank-you! As you can see, this whole site promotes negativity, & very divisive articles. And most of the posts unfortunately are more about feelings, then facts.
    Again thanks! & you Rock also! 😀

  134. JayContreras says:

    gracecc5249 I get tired of whites talking bs about supposed black laziness and looking for a handout when whites got the BIGGEST HANDOUT In the history of world with 250+ years of FREE BLACK LABOR and you are still reaping the benefits of that stolen labor. So in all honesty, all the $ circulating TODAY is recycled SLAVE LABOR money so go somewhere with that crap. And furthermore, during Jim Crow blacks didn’t get a discount on the taxes we paid while we were denied the same level of service in this country. Anybody going to give us back any of THAT money? STFU.

  135. CarolParks says:


  136. mrm8zing says:

    CarolParks Blah blah blah repeat yourself more please…..we’ve been through this. Black people are more likely to be on welfare. They make up 15% of the population…that’s why they aren’t a majority of the welfare recipients. What is your point? It’s a no brainer!

  137. mrm8zing says:

    JayContreras gracecc5249 No Jay you need to go somewhere with your ignorant crap… are trying to say cause some body is white their ancestry had slaves…the majority of white people came to america after the cival war or they where Yanks. google “yanks” l.o.l. Is any body gonna give the Yanks some money? Point is any body can sit here play the victm, blame others, or your choice…blame history.

  138. mrm8zing says:

    CarolParks THey meaning all republicans huh?Typical…. disgusting but very effective political ploy! you are a true left winger

  139. CarolParks says:

    You are an idiot! Can’t have a conversation…….
    …….with the BRAINDEAD!

  140. CarolParks says:

    REPUKES, TEABAGS, TEAHAGS, =worthless pieces of Sh*t! How’s Governor Perry doing? Lol! He’s going to prison for a very long time.

  141. TariqWilliams says:

    mrm8zing CarolParks  For people like you who seem to have no brain.

  142. TariqWilliams says:

    gracecc5249 EMPRESSROOTSGAL  It is just amazing that you hate consumed people refuse to accept reality, the fact that there are many, many more white people receiving welfare and food stamps than so called “Black” people and all other so called minorities put together. It just goes to show the extreme inherent evil nature that you hate consumed people are born with.

  143. mrm8zing says:

    TariqWilliams gracecc5249 EMPRESSROOTSGAL And you have no hate in your post and are holier than thou and walk with the angels and OPRAH WINFREY the most (self) righteous angel of all LMFAO!

  144. mrm8zing says:

    CarolParks Well no Perry has not been convicted of anything. It wont stick. It’s the left trying to BRING DOWN the opposition and who is surprised? Just like they did at the IRS remember? NO tax exempt status for organizations that oppose the Obama regime. They are afraid of a man with integrity so they have to try and destroy him.
       I am also surprised at your language. Ironic it sounds like you have more hatred in your heart than the people you have accused of bigotry.

  145. CarolParks says:

    Perry, integrity? Lol! Now that was funny. All those phony scandals went….nowhere!
    I have never been a fan of the Republican Party. But, ever since President Obama was elected, the GOP changed into a very ight wing extreme group. Many Republicans have left the party, & become Independant. My so called hatred comes from what this Republican/TeaParty has done to this country.
    While the President was being sworn in, back in Jan. of 2009, the GOP had a meeting saying anything this President wanted to do, would be fought by them. Knowing at that time the horrible mess this country was in because of good old GW Bush. We pay them to represent us, & our country, which means they are supposed to put politics aside, & do what’s right to save America. Instead, they did everything in their power to make our country fail, because in their twisted minds, that would win them the next election. They didn’t even try & hide it as they told the media many times over, they refused to work with this President. I call that being a traitor to the United States. Right before Christmas of 2011, they were not going to extend unemployment. They shut our Gov. Down, costing Millions, & adding to the deficit. They voted against Veterans Bills, Against the Jobs Bill, Against the HealthCare Act. In fact costing Millions because they stupidly had 40 times they tried to appeal it, knowing they didn’t have the power to do so. Many of the programs this President tried to pass were from a Republican

  146. CarolParks says:

    From Republican ideas. Our bridges are failing, & many are dangerous, but of course they voted against that too. Congress takes 5 & 6 week vacations, & literally has done NOTHING. Yet, we pay their salary, vacation, benefits, retirement and for what? It’s a miracle that this country is stable, & that it didn’t go into another 1930’s Depression.
    Thanks to this President, we survived the GW Bush destruction. And ThankGod, he is President, because if it had been a Republican, we would be at War with at least four countries, or maybe we wouldn’t even be here, because we might have had a nuclear war. So, I am sorry to say Repukes, Tea Bags, etc. But, I cannot respect anyone trying to destroy America.

  147. mensa517 says:

    CarolParks And they still complain even when the facts smack them in the face. Their racists views blinds them to the truth–these people are so racist, they’d rather cut their noses off to site themselves rather than embrace the truth and work together with blacks against the lities who control their thought process

  148. CarolParks says:

    These racists, are pure evil. They call themselves Christian, while acting like Satan. If there is a hell, they will definitely end up there.
    2014, & this Sh+t is still going on. But, all of this is a learned behavior, which is why we desperately need a better education system, & better schools for everyone.

  149. NotWhoYouThinkIam says:

    Warning, white guy talking. I’m not surprised in the least that white people make up the majority of welfare recipients. I am very concerned about the drastic increase in welfare and food stamp recipients and the decrease in workforce participation. I believe most of the people out of work and getting assistance would rather be working. Sadly there will always be some people that abuse the system, but they are not the majority. Rather than calling people lazy, let’s focus on what can be done to create more jobs and help all Americans become self sufficient.

  150. NotWhoYouThinkIam says:

    I take offense at being accused of having an evil nature and being born consumed with hate (per your general statement about white people). I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Most white people don’t hate black people. Most white people don’t even know any black people. Yes there are some idiots that look to blame their problems on black people, or asian people or whomever. They weren’t born that way, they learned to hate from someone and don’t have the sense to realize they were lied to. Stop by and have dinner with me sometime. I’m not as evil as you think I am.

  151. JayCee123 says:

    mrm8zing No you are clearly the one oblivious to history–even whites whose ancestors came after slavery was abolished STILL benefit from a system of white skin privilege. It doesn’t matter whether you individually co-sign it, there is a systemic racial hierarchy set up in this country that ALL whites benefit from. Even if you stepped off the boat or plane today b/c of this system, you as a white skinned person will automatically have more benefits than me; though blacks have been here basically since the beginning. Until whites can be honest about the fact that this country is apartheid at it’s core; this one way conversation is moot. Most of you are incapable of any deep, critical self-analysis and certainly when it comes to the topic of race. Truth does not equate to victimization. Black people ARE DAMN SURVIVORS, definitely not victims.

  152. CarolParks says:

    Catchy name! 😀
    Many people are hurting in different parts of the country. When President Clinton passed NAFTA, that really sent so many jobs overseas, especially in manufacturing.
    Kids in schools now, need to learn the new high tech technology. But, education seems to always be the first thing that gets cut. Anytime there is a budget crises, funding for education is always hit. We are doing terribly when compared with other countries. Until we focus more on education, & helping kids not much will change.
    San Francisco, where I am is thriving because of all the high tech companies that have moved here. But, many places in this country depended on manufacturing before, & it’s not coming back. So, something needs to replace that. I believe people want to work, but the jobs are just not there, and when they are it’s minimum wage which many cannot survive on. The wages in this country have not kept up with the cost of living.

  153. CarolParks says:

    Oh, oh! You have to have a thick skin to post on here. Some are just as bigoted as whites who hate Blacks. I have found many though that just accept ” the opinion”, without regard to color. I keep saying we are all individuals, & everyone should be judged independently. I am sure you will be fine.

  154. JayCee123 says:

    NotWhoYouThinkIam And I really do not care whether you find offense or not. Black people are demonized and criminalized daily. Whether, educated or not, nice or not, whether criminal or not, whether deemed acceptable or not, poor or rich, employed or not, we all are painted with the same brush, we ALL have to live under a system that is unequal and amoral at IT’S VERY CORE. I live under this system as well as Oprah. She’s not exempt. She may have more perks, but she’s relayed instances where her $ didn’t protect her. So if some whites are offended b/c you feel that we lump you all together, sorry if I don’t feel any sympathy b/c at the end of the day, it’s doubtful you are willing to give up your white skin privilege. I base my opinion on 500+ years of interaction and believe it logical and practical to do so. If a gazelle comes across a pride of lions, she instinctively ‘pre-judges’ the situation based on prior experience; to do otherwise would be suicidal. And this ain’t about a meal, it’s about equality & justice. Frankly, you can keep your meal til we ALL can come to the table with portions that reflect something closer to world  demographic numbers.

  155. JayCee123 says:

    mrm8zing And blame history? WHO makes history happen? PEOPLE do. People sold & bought slaves. People legislated Jim Crow. People carried out FBI’s CoIntelpro. I’m not letting anybody off the hook with some nebulous concept of ‘blaming history’. More BS.

  156. CarolParks says:

    You are correct about Whites benefitting more then Blacks. But, in order for that to change, the laws, legal system, and the way this country is governed, all has to change. And the militarization of our Police Dept’s needs to stop period. Every officer should have a video recording device on him at all times while on duty. That is the only way to know the truth.

  157. CarolParks says:

    You want to talk about history, & yet you edit it to your own ideals. Well, facts are facts, & they don’t change, just because you want to ignore certain ones. In the 1960’s, when you had college kids riding ” the Freedom buses” into the South, it was not all Black college kids. I don’t know the exact number, but there were White kids riding those buses also. The first kid to be killed, was a White boy. All thru history, Whites were involved in equal rights. Even during Slavery there were Whites helping Harriet Tubman. And there were Whites who helped to free Slaves. And of course the Civil War, where the Union soldiers fought to end Slavery.
    All people are Individuals, & should be judged accordingly. You never know what can happen in your life. And hatred is always a cancer that festers inside of you. It will hurt you, more then anyone else. There might come a time when a White person may save your life, or your child’s life. Everyday there are wonderful stories of people doing extraordinary things. You don’t hear about it as much, because that doesn’t sell well.
    I always treat people the way I want to be treated. If someone is a jerk, then game over. But, if they show mutual respect, then I return the favor. There are a lot of really wonderful people out there, & they come in all colors. There are a lot of assholes too, that is why you can only judge one person at a time. If you are blind to that, it is your loss.

  158. CarolParks says:

    Here is just one example, of what I am talking about. A White Lady Teacher, donated one of her kidneys to save the Father of one of her students. He was Black.

  159. CarolParks says:

    DALLAS I’m excited, said Marshall Smith, on the eve of the operation, with a tear falling down his cheek. He stopped to collect himself.
    I’m excited because I’m going to get a second chance to live and be able to be a father for my son.
    Smith’s kidneys stopped working two years ago. His arm holds deep scars from intense dialysis: four hours a day, three days a week since 2009.
    This 50-year-old father of eight children, including five-year-old Sean, didn’t have much hope until Sean got Marie Bell for a kindergarten teacher.
    I didn’t think that God made people like her any more, Marshall said.
    On Tuesday afternoon at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Bell gave Sean’s daddy a kidney.
    I am blessed to know this family; blessed to have this child in my classroom, she said Monday afternoon. I am blessed.
    In February, Sean was late to class at Highland Village Elementary School one day because his father had been alerted to a potential kidney donor. The family thought a transplant was imminent, so they kept Sean home from school.
    But it turned out that the kidney Smith was about to receive was diseased. He would have to wait.
    Sean’s mother wrote a note explaining the child’s tardiness. When Bell read the note, she started asking questions.
    That was the first I’d known that Marshall was on dialysis and had been for two years, Bell said. Marie Bell clearly remembers that note and the sorrow she felt when she read it.
    I just boldly asked Sean’s mom in an e-mail, ‘What can we do?’ She told me I could check with the donor program. One day after school I just called, Bell said.
    She discovered that she and Smith had the same blood type. Then came further testing.
    And on February 9, our lives changed forever. We were told I was a match, Bell said.
    Everything matches! Smith exclaimed. I mean, every single thing she has done has come out to be a match. That’s God-sent.
    Bell never wavered.
    How could I look at that little boy, in his eyes every day, greet him as his caregiver, teacher, as his educator, and as a mother and know that I didn’t try? she asked.
    Ever a teacher, she even taught Sean’s father something. That He is still a miracle worker, because she’s my miracle, Smith said.
    Family members said Bell and Smith were resting comfortably Tuesday evening following a successful transplant procedure.

  160. Johnw11 says:

    JayCee123 mrm8zing  We are “victims” who “survive” a continuous victimization at the hands of white supremacy (racism). Never say that we are not victims. To do so, plays into the hands of the racists who claim that society is “colorblind” and/ or “post-racial.”.
    I agree with everything else you have said.
    Keep in mind that when arguing with a racist, you are encountering pathological “denial.” These people have been taught all their lives that Blacks are free loaders, etc. Yet we have made the greatest contributions to this society in every respect, not only centuries of free-labor that went to them and their posterity, not to us and ours, even helped them steal the land from the Red Man–“Buffalo Soldiers.”
    After chattel slavery, we were forced into a century of “slavery by other means,” benefitting them and not us. Yet they have the gall to belittle us, claiming we should pull ourselves up by our “boot straps.”
    My question is simple: “Where is our money for the free labor?” Money for the labor only. We will accept no money for the blood of our ancestors. Money for the labor only!!
    Pay us our money, and they can have ALL of the “welfare” instead of MOST of it as they now receive.
    Even today, according to the literature, a white high school drop-out has a better chance of getting hired for employment than a Black college graduate. And a white with a criminal record is more likely to be hired than a Black with no such record.
    These are the right-wing types you are arguing with. The uninformed ones. Who are reinforced by the media (not just Fox Fools), their religious figures and politicians who keep them distracted with hate against Blacks with false narratives while the media, religious figures and politicians served Wall-Street. Most informed whites know that Wall-Street receives thousands of times more welfare than any regular citizen, Black or white. White progressives complain about it all the time. $85 billion per month for the past 6 years, and now about $65 billion per month, in all, an estimated $12 to $24 trillion in welfare over the pass 6 years.
    A study by the Census Bureau, just out yesterday, shows that the rich’s income/wealth has increased by 11% between 2000 and 2011, while everyone else’s (including those you are arguing with) incomes/wealth have decreased by over 6%. Blacks, the study said, have suffered the greatest lost of income and wealth than anyone.
    And yet they want to call us names and fatuously assert that we are “lazy.”
    They are incapable of accepting facts, even when the facts stare them in the face such as the study being discussed. This is not the first study of its kind. Yet, they will deny, rationalize and otherwise avoid facts by any means even if they have to make up stuff out of whole cloth to protect their beliefs. 
    Expect this from them. I rarely argue with racists because it is useless.
    What they are trying to avoid is a very agonizing experience called “cognitive dissonance.” This is a very uncomfortable  psychological state in which one suffers from holding two opposing views at the same time. Therefore, if they accept the facts as presented in the above article and study, it will conflict with what they have been erroneously taught all their lives. So, in order to avoid cognitive dissonance, they reject the facts, opting to remain in their comfort zone. In other words, they prefer a life of lies over one of truth. Lies give them comfort. Truth gives them agony.
    I find them highly entertaining. But it will require long-term re-education to change them.
    But you and others may still try. Good luck to you. I am not saying that you shouldn’t argue your position, which, of course, as all sane people know is correct. I’m just saying I don’t bother with them.

  161. Johnw11 says:

    NotWhoYouThinkIam  “white guy talking” you are talking good sense. I agree with your comment 100%.

  162. mrm8zing says:

    JayCee123 mrm8zing TOTAL and utter B.S. Keep on going for ever, never let the white man live it down. Blame history and blacks are powerless to succeed because of it. If this country is oh sooo racist why do poeple beat down our doors to get in? Are we not the most diverse and equal country in the universe? But it will never be equal enough right? Thats how you move and shake the lawmakers to give more for your cause. Sharpton and J. Jackson. How the hell does a white have more benifits. This government gift wraps free tuition for blacks…not to mention other affirmative action laws. On the basis of skin color alone. So there is your G.D. hierarcy! The government has positioned blacks at the top! Where is this white privilege? who is behind it? all the racists? How does it play out to the advantage of white’s. We sure haven’t had a president to help only white males with a “My brothers (from another’s) keeper” executive order. Could you imagine the public out cry? but that’s the way it works….racism can only go one way. You say blacks not victims but at the same time you play the victim in the words you speak.

  163. mrm8zing says:

    JayCee123 mrm8zing All the stuff you are talking about is 50-100 plus years old dude. there comes a point when ppeople have to ecxept responsibility for them selves. Let the past be the past and move on. Again in TODAYS world of REALITY people come here with just a dirty change of clothes and become wealthy. wold they come if it is bad as you are trying to say it is?s. Dont use the race card as a scape goat. It is really lame.

  164. paburns1983 says:

    mrm8zing CarolParks  . . . . . i was wondering when someone would figure that one out ! thanks ! not to mention a lot of these blacks on welfare are harboring free loaders that are even too lazy to apply for welfare ! or they have a police record and are hiding out !

  165. McCormick says:

    Are u nuts? I don’t owe anyone anything. To start of I’m not racist even thought bcz I disagree with u bcz of facts u might say I am. In one breath ur saying black people aren’t lazy but we should pay u for work ur ancestors did? You kno how stupid that sounds. The only history u must kno is black history in america. Do u kno slavery has been around for ever? After a civilization such as Rome, Egypt, the Vikings and even native Indians would take slaves. U probably think slaves were only black to. So let’s see if we go ur route we must pay the irish back for persecution and slavery by the British and prejudices in america, Jews were kicked out and exterminated in every country they were in. Polish were killed by thousands by Russia for no reason. Native Indians were wiped out basically. Ur right slavery sucks it must of been horrible for some of ur ancestors but all u should get from it is knowledge and hope. There’s been atrocities to every civilization everywhere u can’t pay back that. We look back at the mistakes and cruelty and move on and fix it. To me race isn’t the factor in liking someone it’s how they act. As a whole I think we’re doing great in america as far as equality but when u add race to everything it divides people how can’t u see that?

  166. McCormick says:

    I’m not sure how to tag people but to whom ever said that white people value dogs and cats more then blacks is crazy. I’m a registered independent I see positives on both sides. I am fed up with the news portraying everything as a race issue , it decides america. Growing up I had all different nationality friends. We would crack race jokes about each other but not bcz were racist but bcz it was funny and we all weren’t serious. The amount of anti white on this feed is crazy and I guess u guys don’t think that’s racist , it’s only when a white person says something. The welfare arguement against black people is brought up bcz of the percentage not the total. Last time I checked they had highest unemployment and most welfare recipients per amount of people. Do I think something has to be done about welfare of course to many people abuse it. It’s not just black it’s whites too we just need to stiffen the system to stop fraud. Ps don’t bring history into this bcz I was gonna cover it but I didn’t feel like typing it all thank u

  167. CarolParks says:

    I always judge people one at a time, because everyone is an individual. And yes, there are a lot of angry Black,people on this site, but they do have a lot of good reasons for being so angry. I’m not going to get into all that. I just wanted to say that ” different races”, has been another myth perpetuated by man. Read below, and if you click,onto the link, or paste into your browser, it really is very interesting.
    The American Anthropological Association says no such biological race exists, cultures exist – this moves to the point about ‘race’ and anything, no race no link to biology and behavior, cultural links to behavior – and so no racists, just people who are not learning the AAA.

  168. Johnw11 says:

    McCormick   Normally I don’t respond to trolls. But I’m not sure if you are a troll or just experiencing a flight from “cognitive dissonance,” as I described above. At any rate, your “rationalizing” rambling is clearly indicative of an emotive attempt to escape facts of the article under discussion. “There are more whites on welfare than Blacks.” 
    That being said, “world History” is the last thing you want to discuss with me. I am aware of world history and the history of slavery. I also know why many people in Eastern Europe are called “Slavs.” Do you know why?
    So I consider trying to respond to me with the standard “everyone was a slave” BS is intellectually low-level Fox News trope.
    In your haste emotional response, you failed to mention that most of the groups you cite have already received reparations.
    Moreover, if you really knew anything about slavery, you would know that the “enslavement” of Africans in the Western Hemisphere (North America, South and Central America) was the most brutal form of slavery known to man in the history of the world.
    But what do you care, those were my ancestors not yours? Note: if you should ever again make “so what” comments in that regard again, I will consider you to be deliberating insulting).They built  this country where YOU can live, on average, with 20 x more median wealth than their descendants.
    Suits you just fine.  So you “deny” and “rationalize.” I just hope you are not as delusional in other aspects of your mental life as you are on matters of race.
    For example, you stated that you know that slavery was wrong and that I should get from it “knowledge and hope.” (In other words –“get over it.”)
    Are you completely insane? I already have knowledge and hope. What I need now is payment (with interest) for the centuries of free labor my ancestors provided to the savages and their posterity (you) that held them captive! None of the wealth they generated going to them and their posterity (me).
    You wrote: “Race isn’t a factor in liking someone.”
    Dude, this not about “like,” this about “justice.”
    You sound like a child.
    Finally, perhaps your most fatuous statement of all was your closing: “As a whole I think we’re doing great in america (sic) as far as equality but when you u add race to everything it divides people how can you see that?”
    That is your uninformed, or denial, or irrational rationalization, or ignorance of a world that is experienced far differently by African Americans. What you are actually saying is that as long as Blacks accept your abuse quietly, everything is fine. But as soon as Blacks demand an end to the abuse “justice,” then such Blacks are being “divisive.” If justice is “divisive,” then divided we stand.
    Here are some facts that prove you wrong about how everything is so great in society for everyone, including Blacks.
    1. African Americans use far less drugs than whites. But African Americans are mainly the only ones jailed for drugs. The so-called “war on drugs” has decimated  Black communities across America.
    2. A Black with no criminal record is more than 3 x less likely to be hired than a white with a mile long criminal record.
    3. A Black with a college education is less likely to be hired than a white HS dropout.
    4.Black unemployment is more than double that of whites, even when educational attainment is factored in. In other words, just as Blacks in general are more than doubly unemployed than whites in general, Blacks with college degrees unemployment rates are double that of whites with college degrees.
    5.Whites who dominate the “welfare” jobs such as the building trades public works projects, lock Blacks out.
    We could go on and on about how racism in the Here and Now negatively affects Blacks in every facet of society. But what good would that do. 
    Your mind is made up. You’d rather be comfortable living a lie than be “agonized” by facing facts. Everything is
    fine. The world is just to everyone simply because it’s semi-just to you.
    There will be no further response to you, not because you are a racist( I don’t care if you are, that’s your business) but because your level of intellectual depth is not on par and arguing with you is waste of time.
    It will require a long-term re-education regimen to  deprogram you from your white supremacy mind-set that you have learned from your parents, politicians, religious leaders, and media, i.e., your society and culture.
    I do not have the time to deprogram you, nor is it my responsibility.

  169. McCormick says:

    So what don’t tell me what I can and can’t say ur facts are almost all wrong. Stop blaming ur problems on other people I’m not racist but I get tired of hearing this bs people spread u did not build this country most slaves worked on the plantation immigrants built the country Chinese irish polish and blacks. Stop taking credit for everything. I live in jersey where black people dominate the welfare jobs and they give white people a hard time so don’t play that shit. Black people make up how much of out population? But they commit more crime per population and 10x more likely for there to be a. Black on white crime…. Why is that see u just avoid statistics and pick ur own trying to sound intelligent but it doesn’t work on me, yes African slavery was horrible but what Slavery wasn’t? How long till u stop bringing that up ? Till black people have all whites in chains bcz that’s what it sounds like look at black high school drop out rate or college graduation rate. Look at family’s that haves fathers that all plays a part. Look at black on black crime on the city does the white man make u shoot urself. This is the only site I ever commented on bcz what I seem I was actually looking up info on ferguson and this came up so stop calling me a troll or what ever. U weren’t s slave neither was ur parents or grandparents so 300 years from now will u still be complaing. The Jews were almost all wiped out in Germany should they bitch and complain about whites being racist. There all tons of black people doing great in america starts with getting a job and moving up just like I did. I grew up poor I’m a construction worker now so try to actually think about what I’m saying before u call me a racist bcz that’s so far from the truth I’ll admit when I’m wrong but it seems u won’t.and look at Africa now what about the genocide is that our fault to stop lumping us all together bcz most Americans never had family tgat owned salves wake up

  170. TariqWilliams says:

    McCormick   With all due respect you sound very ignorant on the topic of racism and white supremacy. All of those negative statistics regarding so called “Black” people that you mentioned are caused by white supremacy and it is intentional it was designed to be this way. I am not going to take the time to educate you on all of the points you mentioned in your post. All I can say is that if you really are not a racist and really have a desire to know what white supremacy is and its effects upon society particularly the so called “Black” society then all you have to do is some honest research. The information is out there for all who want to see it.

  171. TariqWilliams says:

    mrm8zing JayCee123  That is just one of the repub. ultra-con’s tactics, the straw man argument. Contrary to your statement no one is blaming just Slavery for the designed condition of non white people, particularly so called “Black” people in America today. White supremacy in the form of Jim Crow, unemployment, poor education, school to prison pipeline, the prison industrial complex, the unjust criminal justice system and all the other racism and prejudice that is embedded in every aspect of life in America, that is what so called “Black” Americans are fighting for. That is what we was always fighting for since technically slavery never ended. And your overly simplistic scenarios such as: why people are beating down doors to get in shows ignorance, willful or otherwise, if you really cant understand the concept that people will come to America to escape from conditions that are worse where they are escaping from.

  172. TariqWilliams says:

    JayCee123 mrm8zing  That blaming history is just a straw man argument designed to trick one into arguing that topic as opposed to the real problem of racism and white supremacy.

  173. TariqWilliams says:

    joann3898 CarolParks  You must be a moron to post something as moronic as that.

  174. TariqWilliams says:

    mrm8zing TariqWilliams gracecc5249 EMPRESSROOTSGAL  I never even implied any of that stuff you mentioned, but if you get a sense of that from me it is strictly defensive and retaliatory.

  175. TariqWilliams says:

    NotWhoYouThinkIam  You and every other white person in America always has and still are benefiting from the spoils of racism and white supremacy whether you admit it or not. All those who claim not to be a racist but will not even consider lifting a finger or their voice to assist in putting a stop to racism and white supremacy are complicit in it therefore just as culpable as those who actively engage in the practice of it on a daily basis. As far as the dinner invitation, I’ll pass.

  176. TariqWilliams says:

    CarolParks  First of all speaking of facts the civil war was not fought to free the slaves it was fought to keep the union together. Secondly no one is denying that a few white people through out history have assisted and in some cases a few white people even got murdered for their assistance in our struggle for equality. However a few white people out of hundreds of millions of white people being killed for their assistance is hardly a ringing endorsement .

  177. TariqWilliams says:

    CarolParks  And is that supposed to be proof that we live in a post racial society ?

  178. TariqWilliams says:

    CarolParks  That was a very commendable and selfless act performed by that white teacher for a so called “Black” person. But that is in no way, shape or form proof of America being a post racial society.

  179. CarolParks says:

    President Lincoln, was against slavery, & The Civil War was not just about slavery, but it definitely was a huge part of it.
    Secondly, ” hundreds of millions”, ? Right now we have a population of 304,000,000 million people in the U.S. I don’t believe at anytime hundreds of millions of white people agreed with slavery, nor racism. Most people fifty years ago, to 200 years ago were afraid to speak out. I am sure many were horrified by slavery, & even after slavery but did not speak out for fear of what others would say or do. Those times were nothing like now, where you can speak out, without fear of having your family harmed, or your house burned to the ground.
    And it was more then just a few white people, check out the old pictures of people marching for civil rights in the 1960’s.
    The thing that bothers me the most is that now White people should be screaming against the Black youth being killed by the police almost daily, and not enough are protesting this. Along with other things that are now happening. And too many White people refuse to recognize ” white privilege”. We go one step forward, & 4 steps backward.

  180. CarolParks says:

    I agree 100%. But,I posted that, because “” good stories” are never heard about. I am sure there are even more, but you won’t hear about it.
    Those children in Ferguson, are children period, to me color should not even be considered, except in this case it has to be. That is the ugliness of racism. ” race”, which doesn’t even exist according to the scientists in Anthropology. Different races was made up to have a hierarchy for humans. We have different cultures, but not different races, which they proved by DNA. Not that anyone seems to care.

  181. CarolParks says:

    People unfortunately will never get along on this planet. Anything they can use to say, ” I’m better”, they will. Even forgetting different cultures, as in one is better then another, ( I do not agree with that), think about how man is. I have the best house, car, job, etc. It seems to always be some kind of competition. The most racist people, are also the most insecure, self hating, & completely ignorant. They do not enjoy their lives at all. That hatred consumes them, & turns inwards.
    The most positive inclination that at least the majority of whites were no longer racist, was the election of President Obama, since he had the backing of the majority of whites. But, that election also brought out all the racists from under there rocks. Sickening, but it just shows how much further this country needs to go.

  182. JayContreras says:

    mrm8zing White people with the infamous ‘race card’ drivel–If blacks are ‘guilty’ of using the race card, then WHO, TELL ME, CREATED THE RACE DECK AND THE RACE GAME? Black people? lol..You people are fools. All I know is THANK tha LORD I am black. I would not want to be on the receiving end of your historical karma. And if most of you didn’t believe in karmic justice–you wouldn’t work so hard to deny your true history & wouldn’t expend so much energy trying to absolve whites of your documented history of committing some of the most egregious human rights abuses ever known to man. And it continues TODAY. This isn’t just about historical injustice but injustice that continues UNABATED. It’s apparent that you all know in the back of your mind that you have some serious payback coming. Just know that I KNOW you know too. lol..

  183. JayContreras says:

    McCormick You are ignorant as hell. You tell him his facts are ‘wrong’ but don’t offer any legit refutation or listing of counter points–just the old, tired ‘black people commit all the crime’. White people focusing on black crime is like Ted Bundy focusing on the crime of the neighborhood pick pocket. Who started all major world wars? Black people? Who heads the ONLY country who has dropped a nuclear bomb not once BUT TWICE on a civilian population? Black people? Who’s instigating WWIII as we speak? Who’s polluting the air, the land, the soil, the food & the water? Black people? Who created covert programs like CoINTELPRO, Agenda 21? Black people? Who’s assassinating duly elected heads of states all over the globe b/c they don’t kowtow to big business/IMF/World Bank interests? Black people? Who is manufacturing proxy wars all over the globe? Black people? Who runs the CIA who is the biggest BY FAR drug dealer & illegal arms dealer in the world? Black people? I could go on…but beings like you NEED a cosmic/psychic toilet to dump your moral feces into & black people provide that for you. The moral failings that beings like you cannot face, you reject & then project onto black people b/c an honest critique or self-analysis is beyond your limited and pathological purview. But you keep right on deluding yourself. Karmic justice will not sleep. Even one of your supposed ‘greats’–thomas jefferson, knew it. He is credited with this quote: I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever…He was a coward, slave owner & child rapist but even HE seems to have had more conscientious awareness than you. lol..telling.

  184. JayContreras says:

    TariqWilliams And people never think beyond the front of their face…how bout people are knocking down the doors of the US b/c of IMF/World Bank/’West’ policies that go into these countries, force austerity measures on them, make it damn near impossible for them to pay the $ back, while also dumping US surplus crops on their domestic markets that make it virtually impossible for their own farmers to compete & hence, the economies tank, no jobs, people cannot even feed themselves without so-called intl ‘charity’ b/c local farming becomes unsustainable and so yeah, they are inevitably going to search for greener pastures the irony is: they end up coming to the home of the  VERY SYSTEM & country that is responsible for the very policies that rendered them incapable of living in their own home countries. Most people are unaware that the same predatory lending practices that operate against individuals domestically are operating GLOBALLY against whole countries. Capitalism is predatory and parasitic in nature. It needs slaves and serfs to stay afloat. When it sucks it’s host dry, it MUST find a new host–hence the reason for BRICS & the reason for the priming of African & Asian markets. They have sucked this ‘western’ baby dry & need to find a new, fat, healthy host to engorge itself on.

  185. mrm8zing says:

    JayContreras mrm8zing Wah wah this is just more cry baby stuff…..blaming the past on the present. HIstorical karma? Ok now we are talking with an Indian Guru. White people created the salve trade 200 years ago, so we should all suffer some Karma? You are a nut. Who created racism well why are you asking? Do you think your ancestors who sold there own people of different tribes to the white man desreve KARMA?? If there was no slave trade there would be no african amercians.. so just saying from the bad come the good. hows that for Karma? “it continues today” i am laughing so hard i may wet myself. You yourself have racist thoughts by saying your race is less racist. get it? One last thing although you may look black you are probably 10%-40% white so you desreve some Karma too.

  186. mrm8zing says:

    TariqWilliams JayCee123 mrm8zing Yeah play it… play it…I just got trumped with the race card while discussing the use of it huh?

  187. frankretired1 says:

    mrm8zing JayContreras I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.Presently enriching the cities of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary Ind., Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Camden NJ; and let’s not forget Detroit, the tourism capital of the world!!.
    I so stole this and reposted. Sorry to whoever I got this from but it is so right and need said. Who ever the original poster is …….THANK YOU.

  188. Johnw11 says:

    mrm8zing TariqWilliams JayCee123  Tariq & Jaycee. I see you two decent people have time to argue with psychologically pained fools spewing stereotypes. 
    Since I don’t waste time talking with such trash (except occasionally for kicks), would you ask them a question for me?
    Since they hate Blacks so, why do they lay in the sun and risk skin cancer trying to get some color in their skins?
    Given this fact, it sounds like jealousy to me?
    Have you ever seen one after he/she thinks he/ she has been sun-tanned (burned) sufficiently? Notice how proud they are of their burnt look?
    I keep trying to explain that these people have very, very, very, very, very, very deep psychological wounds and they hurt, very, very, very, very, very, badly.
    If they weren’t so evil and hateful, I’d feel sorry for them.
    So, I’ve learned to just leave them be in their “psychopathic racial personality disorders.”

  189. TariqWilliams says:

    mrm8zing TariqWilliams JayCee123  You can call it what ever you want, whatever gets you to sleep at night.

  190. TariqWilliams says:

    frankretired1 JayContreras mrm8zing  It certainly seems as though you went through a lot of trouble to think up then write all of that BS. All I will say is Damn you must have a real sucky life.

  191. JayContreras says:

    mrm8zing See, THIS is why it doesn’t pay to TRY to have conversations with mentally ill sociopathic white men…the best this fool can come back with is “na, na, na…you probably are 10-40% white B/C MY great-great-great-great grandfather probably raped your great-great-great-great grandmother!” FRICKIN’ BRILLIANT. lol..classic example of a calcified pineal gland. There is no cure for that. None. Poor thing. Again, if you were SO sure of your immunity to karmic,WHY are you here on THIS site again & trying to convince US of what?  Why would you even BOTHER if you just KNOW you & your kind don’t have anything to worry about? lol..You ain’t foolin’ nobody BUT yourself cuz I know differently. ANYBODY with even a modicum of intelligence, let alone spiritual awareness knows about cause & effect–but then again, with that calcified pineal gland & deep seated sociopathy–you may be oblivious to BOTH–but just like with man-made law–ignorance of the law is no excuse & you’ll still be held accountable. lol..

  192. JayContreras says:

    frankretired1 Yes, and we KNOW whites are the most God-fearing, meek, peaceful, chaste and MORAL people on the planet, right? After you have raped, murdered, destroyed & pillaged your way across the globe after crawling out of the caucus mountain caves–NOW you want to act all sanctimonious & righteous? LOL..what a joke. Black people are like the local shoplifter in comparison to WHITE global crimes. There ain’t no comparison. And another thing, what happened twice in history when black people ‘pulled ourselves up by our proverbial bootstraps’ during ReConstruction & then later in Tulsa/ Black Wall Street? Oh yes, whites EMBRACED black people’s industriousness and ingenuity and fully supported their economic independence, didn’t they? OR did they frickin terrorize them, create the KLAN to put those n’s in their place b/c they were so insecure they couldn’t let them uppity n’s show them up after over 2 centuries of enslavement & during Black Wall Street, they murdered, lynched & then BURNED down everything they didn’t STEAL and loot…so much for supporting black business & industriousness. people are so fricking clueless and ignorant of YOUR OWN history it’s downright pathetic. Whites NEED a scapegoat. You psychological cripples NEED to project your own moral failings and feelings of inadequacy onto SOMEBODY, otherwise you’d have to acknowledge that the ONLY thing you have to cling to is white skin privilege & if you didn’t have artificial props to boost your sorry selves up–you wouldn’t HAVE ANYTHING. No white skin privilege. No nothing. That barren wasteland Europe holds nothing. All the valuable natural resources are found where BLACK & BROWN people reside. That’s really why you are so are REALLY mad at GOD..not black people but you can’t fight him directly so like the lil insecure, emotionally immature bully you are & have always been–you take it out on people you THINK are weaker than you. We see you clearly though. Nobody who is REALLY sure of their inherent superiority needs to work as hard as whites do to ‘convince’ others of it. So really, WHO are you trying to convince? Blacks or YOURSELVES? lol..

  193. JayContreras says:

    Johnw11 Dude, you and I are on the same wavelength..what it sounds like to whites are STILL smarting from that cosmic butt-whuppin’ we gave them long ago..maybe during ancient Kemet or maybe later during the Moorish conquest of Spain..maybe we made them feel like trash & alien b/c of their ‘pale’ skin & cultural barbarism & they are still pissed about it.Or maybe they’re mad cuz GOD not only made us 1st, but put us in a virtual Garden of Eden in Africa with lush vegetation & land, abundant food sources, with beautiful weather AND dominant genes for skin color BUT they were ‘cursed’ with recessive genes for skin color, tiny global numbers and had to fight for every scrap of food they while living in inhospitable and downright cruel & inhumane weather conditions–it’s the biblical & metaphorical Cane & Abel story, playing out right in front of our noses, isn’t it?

  194. JayContreras says:

    frankretired1 And oh yeah…I thought up that whole diatribe (look it up) ALL BY cut & paste. lol..BUT YOU ARE INHERENTLY SUPERIOR, right? LOLOLOL…

  195. Johnw11 says:

    JayContreras mrm8zing  If you know these things, then why are wasting your time arguing with a low-life fool who thinks it is honorable to be the descendant of rapists.
    Apparently they couldn’t rape enough to not have to lay in the sun in the here and now.
    Let it go. You are breaking site rules.
    You are not supposed to respond to trolls.
    You are lowering yourself.

  196. JayContreras says:

    Johnw11Yes, I know…but I don’t do it so much for them as I do for other black people who may be perusing the site. Sometimes bullies (even virtual ones) need to get knocked tha hell upside the head. The ones trolling here are so pathetic though & incapable of mounting anything remotely close to effective arguments (b/c you can’t argue with truth)..that it’s anti-climatic. lol..but it’s still kinda fun..I can almost envision them turning 10 shades of crimson..lolol…

  197. CarolParks says:

    Let me make a wild guess here, ” Frank”, you are over 60 years old, White, and never miss an episode of Bill O’Reilly, & the rest of the hate filled Fake Fox Lies, including that scumbag Hannity. Oh yes, you are also a bigot.
    Well “Frank”, I am sure you believe that there are no white slums, no white gangs, no white crime, no white on white crimes being committed, and I am sure you believe the majority of people on welfare are Black.
    That is why education is so necessary. Facts will always trump made up lies, & fantasies. You see Frank we have many White Gangs, many White Trash Trailer Parks across the country, many White Meth Heads, some in prison, some that keep blowing up the places where they live with their Meth Labs. There are plenty of White people in prison who have done horrendous crimes, Charles Manson ring a bell? Did you know that 95% of Serial Killers are White? That the majority of Pediophiles are White? That the majority of people on welfare, & food stamps are White? That our U.S. Military is so underpaid that a big percentage qualify, & get food stamps? Go ahead and research all of this online.
    Ignorance is a dangerous thing Frank, it promotes fear, & lies. Which is exactly what Fake Fox Lies does.

  198. CarolParks says:

    Good old Frank admitted to copying that BS. He’s in a trailer somewhere, waiting on his welfare check, so he is just ” passing some time”. I guarantee you, he has very little education, & very few brain cells.
    He is very miserable, & has to try & blame his misery on someone, instead of looking into…..the mirror! There are many, old, ” Franks”, in this country, & they spend their lives watching Fake, Fox Lies. In about twenty years, the majority of them will be dead, & so will Fake Fox Lies.

  199. TariqWilliams says:

    frankretired1 mrm8zing JayContreras  There are many, many great contributions to our society and the whole world made by so called “Black” people and although this white supremacist system spares no expense in deleting all of that information from the history books the information is still available for those who really want to know the truth. Anyone in America who isn’t aware of this fact is truly ignorant to the highest of degrees, either that or he/she is just being willfully ignorant. Either way it is no ringing endorsement especially for those who claim that they are not a racist and/or a republican for that matter.

  200. TariqWilliams says:

    CarolParks  Excellent post.

  201. TariqWilliams says:

    Johnw11 JayContreras mrm8zing  You are correct, but at times it can be fun showing them how ignorant and in many cases stupid they are,

  202. TariqWilliams says:

    joann3898 CarolParks  This has to be the dumbest post I have ever read,

  203. TariqWilliams says:

    CarolParks  First of all I never said that hundreds of millions of white people agreed with slavery or racism.  I said out of hundreds of millions of white people a few being murdered for their assistance is not a ringing endorsement. So please don’t put words in my mouth nor create straw man arguments because I will most certainly point it out for what it is , lies.

  204. NotWhoYouThinkIam says:

    It is unclear to me how the name calling on both sides of this conversation moves us towards unity? To quote Dr. King “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

  205. CarolParks says:

    I agree 100%. I am sure others do too.

  206. CarolParks says:

    Thanks, but I have a feeling ” Frank” won’t agree. Lol!

  207. TariqWilliams says:

    CarolParks  There is nothing in America that shows even the slightest inclination that the majority of white people are no longer racist and certainly not the fact that President Obama, was elected President twice. The only thing that the two elections President Obama, won indicates is that the majority of white people although the majority of white people are racist and consumed with hatred for so called “Black” people they are not as stupid as many other racist, consumed with hatred white people and they will not vote their race over the important issues that effect their lives.

  208. CarolParks says:

    I’m not convinced that you are right. I do know that a true racist would never vote for this President, no matter the issues.
    Fake Fox, & the Media period are always showing the worst as far as racism goes. And all the ugly stories out there also highlight the racists in this country. But, I still believe the majority, even though it may be a small majority, are not racist. Maybe it’s close like 51% to 49%. It would be almost impossible to really know one way or another. I like to always think,positive.

  209. JayContreras says:

    NotWhoYouThinkIam And how did Dr. King die? Oh yeah, of old age, surrounded by family & friends? OR by a bullet to the head PAID for by the same people probably paying you to troll sites like these? The United States is a misnomer at the very least & a sadistic joke at it’s best. This country has NEVER been United & this isn’t about hate, it’s about telling the truth from a perspective that makes MOST uncomfortable b/c they are so used to hearing & feeding at the trough of lies, day in and day out.

  210. mrm8zing says:

    CarolParks Another crazy white lady brain washed by the media and her Jr. high school teacher.

  211. mrm8zing says:

    TariqWilliams frankretired1 mrm8zing JayContreras Nope. You are the ignorant for you aren’t aware of the false illusion of white supremacy. Information from history deleted ? Seems to be in my face and shoved down my throat.

  212. mrm8zing says:

    JayContreras mrm8zing ” Your Kind”? wow. “Sociopathy”? because i have an idea? The guy i responed to made no mention of anything other than being white. Which many blacks are in part. Also are you going to deny all  the biracial couples that have had off spring? in ever increasing numbers?  The whites in those relationships shall get ther just desserts!?
      Well im not afraid of karma no thats not why im here. Im here to tell you that your “Karma” is miss directed hostility. I want to tell people that all though i see it differently I’m not racist or low life. I also like to debate and hear other views. 
          Im sure of this; Karma cant be good reason to play the race card or exact revenge in any way. The best revenge is living well. It would be much more productive to aspire to live well rather than hold a grudge and blame. Grudges only numb the pain of ignorance. 
         There are plenty others like me who arent old (your pineal gland reference). Im 30 miles outside Chicago so you cant chalk it up to me being so called old rasict southern republican yada yada…. dont expect this way thinking to disappear. It is based on sound life principles nothing racist about it.

  213. mrm8zing says:

    Johnw11 JayContreras mrm8zing Never said it was honerable to be offspring of rapist. Stop putting words in my mouth. I am asking.If whites deserve some kind of karma, as he said, than at what point do you not deserve karma? If your dad is black? or is 50% european  to much? or do we just assume that your ancestors were raped and that is why you have some white in you? Then you are ok? See the whole argument is ridiculous and someone should admit that. And i must not be a troll just yet because you are responding. You just dont like what you hear and thats the real beef.

  214. mrm8zing says:

    Johnw11 JayContreras mrm8zing Thanks for the sun comment John! That was a blatently racist comment. Now we have proof so you are surely a low life.

  215. mrm8zing says:

    Johnw11 mrm8zing TariqWilliams JayCee123 Again jay you are pointing the finger and comitting the same mistake that you accuse others. Jealousy? so we sit in the sun? Oh but this is not racism because you are not white. Only karma.  hah! Also im confused who is psycho the haters or the sunbathers? Maybe you?

  216. mrm8zing says:

    JayContreras Johnw11 Your garden of eden in Africa? Are we talking about the same famished, impoverished, ebollah infected continent? War lords ridden And those girls who got kidnapped by BLACK extermist muslums? Everybody is evil Jay. Time you learn that. People are the same Jay. Time you learn that too .The big difference in people is in culture is what im trying say. I’m done talking too you. Thought you a little rationality. Maybe some hope for all of humanity. Nope. You really flipped your lid on this one.

  217. mrm8zing says:

    jjanlitt44 gracecc5249 EMPRESSROOTSGAL If he pays in for years he should get money out. How is he getting a hand out? He paid his share when you adjust for inflation. The non worker would be the real threat to S.S. Them and the goverment. You see the gov. has to keep borrowing money because we need all kinds programs and pensions. Pensions that only gov workers get for that matter. Yet the government keeps growing. Who pays? The little working man who busts his hump for decades is left to pay taxes. The leftist govment doesnt care for this type of self suffincy because they cant buy his vote with handouts.  It is yet another story for the entitled hand out takers and govment and union workers is it not? People of this country have good reason to be angry.Its  happening TODAY not 50 plus YEARS ago like you are trying to equate it to. So nothing to do with race. Only a mooch or work for the gov. issue vs. live free from government centralized rule and the taxing with out being represented. THose two sides will be more at odds in the future i believe. I just hope people dont buy in to the racist witch hunt. It is used for political gain by the left.

  218. henrigates says:

    Your “facts” come from a left-leaning research group, as noted in the Times article. Give me an unbiased independent study and I will believe you.

  219. MichelleEaly says:

    Thank you CarolParks.

  220. CarolParks says:

    @Michelle Ealy,
    Thank-you back! I’m not sure why you are thanking me, but I will take any good response I can get! 😀

  221. droppo76 says:

    no no no… Medicaid and Social Security are not welfare entitlements.  They were paid into for decades by “whitey.”  Subtract them from your equation and get the real numbers, you know, the one the liberal media has been distorting because it hates Blacks.

  222. CarolParks says:

    Hi, this is ” Whitey”, & the ONLY people calling Social Security, & Medicaid, ” entitlements”, are the A$$hole REPUKES. And the source is not as important as the ” numbers”, which have ALWAYS had the White population the Majority on Welfare. Do the MATH.

  223. rrutter81 says:

    blacks make up 12% of america. yet make up 38% of welfare recipients. whites make up over 80% of the population. of course there are going to be more poor whites and recipients. we outnumber you almost 10:1.
    its the rate of black failure that appalls us.

  224. rrutter81 says:

    and how many of those years were YOU on that plantation? Seeing that you are speaking from experience and all….

  225. TariqWilliams says:

    rrutter81  No one gives a damn about you nor the fact that you and your people are appalled. But at least you admit for whatever reason that there are more white people receiving welfare and food stamps than anyone else in this country.

  226. lynks08 says:

    So then shouldn’t you be asking yourself…why are their so many whites on welfare?

  227. RachelLeighTucker says:

    rrutter81 and white failure doesn’t appall you, or any other race for that matter?

  228. RachelLeighTucker says:

    JayContreras NotWhoYouThinkIam  What does martin luther kings death and how he died have to do with the positive message NotWhoYouThinkIam was trying to convey.

  229. RachelLeighTucker says:

    EMPRESSROOTSGAL  You think the money for welfare and Medicaid only comes from hard working white folk.  You do realize that minorities work and pay taxes to.  Im black and my taxes have gone into the system all my life the same as yours darling and the same as any other black person I know. Stop generalizing, its insulting.

  230. testonetwo says:

    CarolParks That coming from someone who just called half of America Repukes.

  231. CarolParks says:

    Truth hurts huh? And 1/2 of America is Not Republican. Maybe 40%, if that. Most of the country is turning to be Independent. Fake Fox Lies is being supported by people aged 65, & older. That is why it will be gone in a few years, just like the GOP. Get a Clue.

  232. testonetwo says:

    CarolParks Typical two-faced Lib.  See you at the voting booth.

  233. CarolParks says:

    LOL! You won’t be seeing me at the voting booth, I live in Cali, we don’t allow Repukes in our state! LOL! 😀

  234. JDhouston says:

    Go to the Department of commerce   38.8% white 39.8% black .If you add it up how mush a person make on welfare is about 10.15 hour

  235. JDhouston says:

    Hawaii is the most paid 17.50 and hour basis on a 40 hour work week. So why work?

  236. JDhouston says:

    P>S All of MY Information comes from THE U.S Commerce Dept  And the U>S Census Bureau.

  237. JDhouston says:

    TariqWilliams rrutter81 not true go read

  238. JDhouston says:

    henrigates go to Dept. Commerce under Statistic Verification 39.8% black

  239. jimminyglick says:

    Pfft… Tell yourselves whatever you need to on this black circle-jerk website.

    The rest of America (whites, hispanics, asians, etc.) view you as inferior, subhuman garbage. 

    Look in the mirror. Take some time, really look. The rest of the human population diverged from sub-saharan Africans ~60,000 ago. You aren’t like the rest of us. The differences aren’t only skin deep. Is it a coincidence that the black continent was the FIRST to have human life but is also the last in the world to get its act together?

    Obama has only widened the divide. Enjoy your ‘gifts’ from him, they will be the last.

    I will never hire or trust a black person. My children will not be allowed to associate with them. Granted, some are OK, but that’s not a chance I’m willing to take.

  240. andyvanm says:

    JayContreras gracecc5249 PURE NONSENSE

  241. andyvanm says:

    CarolParks Fucking idiot

  242. andyvanm says:

    CarolParks PURE HORSE SHIT,You are as dumb as you look ….Fool..

  243. andyvanm says:

    CarolParks IF we used the money for what its suppose to go and not welfare programs we would have roads and bridges up to code,New Orleans had the money for Levees updating ,but instead it went welfare payouts and goverment social programs then Katrina hit….But you communist race baiters don’t want to hear the truth..

  244. mgeorge1050 says:

    Your facts are way off, just go take a look
    The thing some blacks never seem to understand is that Whites outnumber you by a large amount.  The actual statistics show that the percentage of Whites and blacks on welfare is about the same.  The fact that blacks are a 5 to 1 minority means that proportionally more blacks are on welfare.  So who is lazy?  Check you facts and your math.

  245. mgeorge1050 says:

    Should have been ‘Check your facts and your math’, sorry for the type o.

  246. mgeorge1050 says:

    rrutter81  Thank you for a great comment.  Many blacks cannot grasp the fact that they are a major minority, yet they commit as much crime and receive as much government aid as their much larger, white counterparts.  This, of course, means they do in fact commit more crime and receive more welfare.  Anyone who can look up statistics and do basic math should realize this.  Thanks again for pointing out the truth for those that don’t want to see it.

  247. hemanpark says:

    mgeorge1050 rrutter81 Actually, blacks are nowhere near being the major minority. And whites disproportionately kill their families, shoot up schools, rape little boys and girls and commit suicide more than any other race…Do you ever discuss this with your counterparts?

  248. AnthonyASmalls says:

    mgeorge1050 what ???????? please take 10th Grade math again,,,,there are millions more whites receiving welfare than blacks,,,,,,,You just read the stats !!!!!!

  249. derrickpirkey says:

    AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050 No there are actually about the same number of blacks and whites but there are 4 times more whites in this country so blacks are four times more likely to be on welfare. Pretty basic math dude. All you have to do is google the actual welfare numbers, not an article that talks about them. Google the actual numbers.

  250. derrickpirkey says:

    TariqWilliams rrutter81  39 percent of welfare recipients are black. 38 percent are white. So there are more blacks on welfare than whites. Simple math dude..

  251. derrickpirkey says:

    lynks08 No… the percentage of the white population on welfare is no where close to the percentage of blacks.

  252. derrickpirkey says:

    CarolParks The math is 39% Black, 38% white for welfare recipients. So yeah.. blacks are way more likely to be on welfare.

  253. derrickpirkey says:

    CarolParks That must be why your welfare rates are through the roof haha

  254. derrickpirkey says:

    CarolParks Actually you judged all of the Republicans over and over in your last post as a collective soooo…

  255. derrickpirkey says:

    EMPRESSROOTSGAL Blacks make up 39% of welfare recipients and whites make up 38% sooo.. yeah

  256. derrickpirkey says:

    JayContreras gracecc5249 Clearly you are not aware that slavery was going on in Africa, and in fact the whole world, long before the America’s got involved in the African slave trade.

  257. Johnw11 says:

    derrickpirkey TariqWilliams rrutter81  Actually, I don’t subscribe to the idea that people on welfare (Black or white) are lazy. I think that’s nonsense. In fact, many people on so-called “welfare” (especially food stamps) work full-time but earn below poverty wages which qualifies them for assistance. Most are working for so-called “Fortune 500” companies.
    Those are facts.
    However, since many racists want to play the “race card” and use some Blacks’ being on “welfare” as a smear tactic, consider this: since Blacks are under economic sanctions, and whites are not, why then are there any whites on welfare? Whites were born free!
    “Do the logic due.”

  258. AnthonyASmalls says:

    derrickpirkey TariqWilliams rrutter81 Sadly, whites have played the selective welfare game for year. The real truth is,,,,,,WELFARE IS A GOVT ENTITLEMENT,,,,PAID BY TAX DOLLARS,,The actual name is Social Services….The other form of Social Entitlement is paid by TAX DOLLARS just like welfare,,,no different, is SOCIAL SECURITY.  ONCE YOU ADD these two forms of Social Services, American Tax paid entitlements, in a landslide,,there are more whites on welfare than blacks…..Before whites start choking and trying to clean this up, forget it……There is no way to clean it up,,,,,Both services depend on the tax dollars of working Americans….Soth services, the recipient must have worked to get the money. Welfare reform as set by of all Presidents, Bill Clinton, ended the welfare cheat program. Just like SocialSecurity, you must have worked and contributed to the system to qualify,,,,if have not worked,,you are booted off in 15 Months. 82% of people that get Social Security are white….76% are able to get more than they contributed to the system,,,,indeed it is welfare, no matter how much white people try to rename it to make it sound better.

  259. tobitjones says:

    derrickpirkey AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050 If there are more whites in america than blacks and 38% of the 12800000 of americans on welfare are whites and 39% are blacks how can more whites in this country possibly be on welfare than blacks. That defies all mathematical laws. The stats simply means that there are 4,864,000 whites on welfare and 4,992,000 blacks on welfare. Compare this figures to the total population of the US comprising 223,553,265 whites and 38,929,319 blacks. It indicates that only 2.17% of whites are on welfare and 12.82% of blacks are relative to the total population of the US. FYI i am a black. lets stop spewing lies, take the bull by the horns, stop playing victim all the time and pull our acts together.

  260. tobitjones says:

    jimminyglick Immature comment. Senseless to say the least.

  261. AnthonyASmalls says:

    tobitjones derrickpirkey AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050 Oh my bad, Social Security, paid from Tax payers, is a goverment entitlement,,,but so as to not feel bad,,we shall call that the retirement paln….No dude,,,based on the concept of what welfare is,,THERE ARE MILLIONS MORE WHITES ON SOCIAL SERVICES THAN BLACKS………..

  262. AnthonyASmalls says:

    jimminyglick WAY TO GO JIM,,gave me another reason to root for ISIS,,, to cut off the head of another white man,,,LOVE IT !!!!!!!  ENDING RACISM…One head at a time !!!!!!

  263. AnthonyASmalls says:

    droppo76 droopo,,,did you just say,,,,SOCIAL  security, is not a SOCIAL service, lol lol lol Sorry guy, do your homework,,,,,HERE IS A LINK to one of the 1000’s pf articles reminding Americans Social Security is WELFARE, NOTHING BUT WELFARE,,,,WITH A BETTER NAME…….

    DUDE its a Govt entitlement, a social services, paid by tax dollars,,,,ITS WELFARE….END OF STORY

  264. atodds says:

    AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050 
    I don’t know about you, but I have spent nearly my entire life paying into Social Security. Perhaps paying into a plan for decades and then receiving money from that plan as promised at retirement time is “welfare” to you, but those of us with brains know otherwise. Nice try…better luck next time.

  265. atodds says:

    AnthonyASmalls jimminyglick 
    Appears it is simply beyond your capability to rise above and be the bigger person.

  266. atodds says:

    Johnw11 derrickpirkey TariqWilliams rrutter81 
    It would be nice if you actually presented facts with references instead of just calling the information you present facts.

  267. atodds says:

    AnthonyASmalls derrickpirkey TariqWilliams rrutter81 
    Do you have any references or just hyperbole?

  268. atodds says:

    RachelLeighTucker rrutter81 
    The failure of this country appalls me.

  269. atodds says:

    hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 
    What are the stats from the south side of Chicago?

  270. atodds says:

    Most of the US wouldn’t care if the land of fruits and nuts slipped into the ocean never to be seen or heard again.

  271. AnthonyASmalls says:

    @atodds @AnthonyASmalls @tobitjones @derrickpirkey @mgeorge1050 More of your money will go to Social Services, better known as welfare, of which you are entitled to your fair share,,infact much of your hard earned  money will go to welfare, than will ever go to Social Security. Since you are paying your taxes, you are entitled to both services from the Social Services office, which overseas WELFARE & SOCIAL SECURITY…..

  272. smittyboy7 says:

    tobitjones derrickpirkey AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050  No you’re black fool.

  273. smittyboy7 says:

    AnthonyASmalls jimminyglick  I LOVE to see those videos with those white boys getting their wigs cut off it gives me one hell of a thrill to watch.

  274. atodds says:

    smittyboy7 AnthonyASmalls jimminyglick

  275. atodds says:

    smittyboy7 AnthonyASmalls jimminyglick

  276. ErikBaran says:

    hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 blacks make up the largest minority in the country, how can they not be a major minority?  Blacks commit more crime by percent of population, and in some cases, by overall number.  a higher percentage of the black population is on the dole and there are more blacks as a whole on welfare.  blacks are more likely to have been arrested, convicted and imprisoned.  Blacks are more likely to be born to unmarried mothers, have absent fathers and have half siblings.  Blacks are over represented in food stamp and free breakfast/lunch programs and section 8 housing.  blacks receive more than they contribute.

  277. ErikBaran says:

    droppo76 But those programs, for the most part, can’t be accessed until one is in their 60s and has contributed to the system, while traditional dole, such as welfare, food stamps and public housing are being accessed by blacks in their teens and 20s with no contribution on their part.  I manage a convenience store, and the people using EBTs are far and away more likely to be black.  But they have their bling and smart phones while they use their EBT cards to get their blazing hot cheetoes, jerky and pop.  Then they buy Newports and Swishers.  They do somehow find the money for those.

    The media hates blacks…..too funny.

  278. ErikBaran says:

    CarolParks You’re a hypocrite.  You “agree 100%” yet continue to be divisive. How do you square what you said with what MLK said?  You can’t.

  279. ErikBaran says:

    atodds CarolParks Yeah, losing one of the largest economies in the WORLD (it’s the 8th largest) wouldn’t be noticed at all.  You think the republicans driving the economy into the ground in the 2000s was bad?  Can you GOTPers be more stupid?

  280. CrystalPowell says:

    jimminyglick I just want to point out for all of you Obama haters,  This guy above, This is what they think of you and The President – because he IS YOU. Take it in, this is who they are and what they think of you and your families.  Its mental illness and it always has been. 
    It goes without saying these are women with children, who have no mates.  Im not hating, I love my men, but just LOOK at what this guy is saying.  You won’t support this President many of you dont want to vote for Democrats but know that if you dont – This guy above is who you are HELPING to further control you.  

    Let me ask you did you expect the same from Reagan or the Bush’s How about Clinton. Did you start a website protest the unfairness, blame them?

  281. CrystalPowell says:

    atodds hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 lower than newtown and aurora based on population

  282. CrystalPowell says:

    ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 Corporations are OVER represented, the real money in welfare is in the Corporate areas of OIL, PHARMA and FOOD, they get on average 3000 a year from every tax payer while individuals get around 230 per taxpayer a year.  Be mad but be mad at the right people.

  283. CrystalPowell says:

    derrickpirkey CarolParks but MUCH less than Corporations MUCH LESS, that is the BIG Money

  284. CrystalPowell says:

    I just want to point out for all of you Obama haters,  This white guy above, This is what they think of you and The President – because he IS YOU. Take it in, this is who they are and what they think of you and your families.  Its mental illness and it always has been. 
    It goes without saying these are women with children, who have no mates.  I’m not hating, I love my men, but just LOOK at what this guy is saying.  You won’t support this President many of you don’t want to vote for Democrats but know that if you don’t – This guy above is who you are HELPING to further control you.  The Republican party actually ( the current funders) believe in Slavery – im not kidding and they would like nothing better than to force back men back into slave labor and they are with incarceration. 

    Let me ask you did you expect the same from Reagan or the Bush’s How about Clinton. Did you start a website protest their unfairness, blame them? 

    The highest welfare recipients??  OIL COMPANIES, with their 154% profits in the billions and they get 10-50 million in subsidies. PHARMA and FOOD including Corn Sugar big RICH factory Farms owned 100% by White people.  The average tax payer gives them 3000 a year while the individual gets about 230 a year per taxpayer.
     It is also true that those who recieve benefits are children and the disabled and single moms.  If any of you want to tell me why we have so many Single moms that would help.  Technically assuming that black men are paying fully and taking care of their children and marrying and staying with those mothers, the family should not need welfare.

  285. CrystalPowell says:

    It should also be noted that white companies now and always engage in wage theft, they always have.
     Paying the real workers who are minorities thousands of dollars less per week for the same work that they pay white workers,  2 and sometimes 3 times more for.  Wage theft and hiring discrimination is what Conservative and a number of liberal businesses do as their anger that backs no longer work for them for free, 

    It is the basis of frustration that leads to jail.  What to do start our own companies employ our own people get armed and close ranks.  Men have to take care of the families, you MUST, you can’t leave women in that role.  GO HOME, you have children there who need you.

  286. CrystalPowell says:

    It should also be noted that white companies now and always engage in wage theft, they always have.
    Paying the real workers who are minorities thousands of dollars less per week for the same work that they pay white workers for.  The spread is  2 and sometimes 3 times more for usually LESS work.  Wage theft and hiring discrimination is what Conservative and a number of liberal businesses do and have done since reconstruction. As their anger grows because they can no longer work for them for free, The Black man is also angry frustrated and passes this to his family, or leaves them. 

    It is the basis of frustration that leads to jail.  What to do? Start our own companies employ our own people – starting with your own children.  Get armed and close ranks – once we become successful they will come after you – Remember Rosewell and Black wall street.  Men have to take care of the families, you MUST, you can’t leave women in that role.  

    GO HOME, you have children there who need you.

  287. ladyoflzur says:

    Check your facts and your math! Blacks comprise 22% of the poor yet they only recieve 14% of government benefits. Whites comprise 42% of the poor yet recieve a disporportionate amount of 69% of government benefits! DO THE MATH ON THOSE STATISTICS and tell me who’s the lazy ones!

  288. ladyoflzur says:

    Check your facts and your math. Blacks comprise 22% of the nations poor yet recieve only 16% of government benefits. Whites comprise 42% of the nations poor and recieve a disporportionate 69% of government benefits. Do the math on that and let us know who’s the laziest!

  289. ladyoflzur says:

    So white ppl just totally ignore the above statistics!

  290. Kichiokami says:

    Good thing that jack-offs like you are in the ‘ minority ‘ in this counry .  Pun , intended .

  291. Kichiokami says:

    Funny , as the majority of ” math whizes ” the make up the whole of internet racists cannot seem to make up their collective minds as to the % of these ‘ stats ” that they are so fond of spouting .  And the VAST majority opf them are WRONG .

  292. chumpper60 says:

    jimminyglick  Jimmy you seem like a courageous guy for saying what’s on your mind. Matter of fact I respect the fact you have the balls to not hide behind political correctness. Now if you really mean what you just said why don’t you let us know your real name and address so we will not accidently offend you. Tell us who you are and include your phone number!  HaHaHa!

  293. chumpper60 says:

    rrutter81  Define failure?  I’m black with 3 kids who are college grads, 2 who are military officers and 1 who’s an engineer.  They are all under 30 but all make over $65K a year. In defining black failure let’s start with your family and mine. Shall we use education, money or accumulated assets as a measure but I think in every event you would lose.  Ponder who’s the failure..failure!

  294. chumpper60 says:

    ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81  HaHaHa!  I suppose what you said makes you feel better. How do you feel when you encounter a black man who’s smarter, better looking (white chicks love the black man) and richer than you! Does this make you feel inadequate or inferior??

  295. chumpper60 says:

    AnthonyASmalls droppo76 :  Hey brother how would you feel if you were in completion with a race of people who were enslaved, lived under Jim Crow, encountered institutionalized racism until this day but elected a president the most important man in the free world. A race of men adored by your mommas, wives, sisters and daughters because (well we know the reason). If you woke up in the morning with those realizations you would be pissed too!  Don’t waste you time on this dude my brother, let him stew in his own misery!

  296. chumpper60 says:

    CarolParks  Most of these folks do not understand the future demographics of America. By 2022 whites will be in the minority and some of these folks are scared but can’t articulate that fact. Carol let these ignorant people have their say because in due time they will be silenced,

  297. chumpper60 says:

    McCormick   Dude this is not racist but factual….you’re illiterate!

  298. CarolParks says:

    The U.S. Gov. Came up with a plan, to make sure AMERICANS would not be destitute when they retired. Black Americans are no different, as ANYONE who has a job is required to put money into Social Security.
    Social Security means, Everyone who has worked in this country will have security when they retire. A percentage comes out of every check, and is to be put into an INTEREST BEARING ACCOUNT. THAT IS NOT WELFARE
    The Only reason the Republicans are calling it an entitlement, is because they want TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. Get a Clue, & a Brain. They have already STOLEN money from Social Security to help pay for the War in Iraq. They won’t tell you that, but it’s true.
    Who do you think came up with the idea to all of a sudden call Social Security an ” Entitlement?” The GOP! It is ignorant people like you, who allow this Government to steal us blind! WAKE UP.
    Do you also think if you put money every month into the bank, that it is an Entitlement? Good! Then I am entitled to your money in the bank!

  299. CarolParks says:

    No doubt besides being dumber then a rock, he belongs to the KKK, or some other garbage organization.

  300. CarolParks says:

    Get REAL! This is a small percentage of the racists in America, IT DOES NOT REFLECT THE MAJORITY OF WHITE AMERICANS. The majority of White Americans voted for our President back in 2008. This recent past, med-term elections, was only represented by less then 33% of our population. The lowest voter turn out in over fifty years. People are just disgusted with ALL politicians period.

  301. CarolParks says:

    I agree! He’s just another racist troll, who hides behind his computer on the Internet. Sick B@stard.

  302. CarolParks says:

    Lol! Love it! Maybe the idiot will post his info! Too funny!

  303. CarolParks says:

    No one commits more crime, then WALLSTREET & THE BANKS. They also are the biggest receivers of CORPORATE WELFARE. they receive much more then the budget for welfare in this country.

  304. CarolParks says:

    Their ignorance, & racism makes me sick. It will be a much better country when the whites are the minority. With the Hispanic population right now, not being fully recognized nor counted, we already may be the minority.
    But, one thing for sure, until the GOP party is replaced with something else, or no longer valid, we all will be in a world of hurt here.

  305. CarolParks says:

    What exactly are you referring too?

  306. SamImamEli says:

    Basic issue with this analysis is;
    1. The CBPP is an American that analyzes the impacts of budget policies from a PROGRESSIVE viewpoint.
    2. The statistics used include Social Security benefits which are EARNED benefits from contributions by those employed so to characterize it as welfare when calculating who receives benefits is intellectually dishonest.
    3. “Corporate Welfare” is not an objective measure because MANY people benefit from corporate welfare to include poor people who obtain jobs, healthcare, and retirement benefts from the so called “corporate welfare.”
    These facts establish the CBPP cannot be trusted to be objective.

  307. KLEllis says:

    SamImamEli When the welfare statistics are used by those on the right they also include Social Security so the right is not honest either. Isn’t that amazing.?(sarcasm)

  308. Ikwiata says:

    Your analysis and statistical interpretation is erroneous. You really do need to re-learn or learn basic math. Besides that and for your information, 62% of Blacks are employed, 11-15% are unemployed and the rest receive some sort of assistance, i.e. social security, disability, aid for children, other retirement, entrepreneurs. Your stereotyping of Blacks ain’t going to work. Besides that, if Blacks are so inherently lazy, why in hell were my ancestors used as slaves for almost 300 years. Your white lies might have worked in previous years but not anymore. There’s plenty of CORRECT AND UNBIASED statistical information/data/reports readily available.

  309. PernellParham says:

    We can’t end the disinformation without a platform. We don’t have any studios to broadcast our views. Maybe Tyler Perry should use his studio for a black channel. Oprah should have a news broadcast on her channel that shows what’s right in the black community instead of giving a bunch of white ladies cars, most of whom probably have a new ride they came to the show in. How about going to schools and helping intelligent black kids find jobs.

  310. PernellParham says:

    Ikwiata the issue isn’t how many, it’s why! Why do we have to fall back on assistance? We are constantly denied the jobs we’re qualified for and forced to seek help.

  311. PernellParham says:

    jimminyglick I hate your guts. It’s thinking like yours that shows the depths of racism and you should know there are assholes in every culture, and you are one of them. Those who you won’t trust or hire, would probably be the first ones to help your sorry ass if you were in trouble.

  312. PernellParham says:

    rrutter81 if given the same chance, we would outdo those numbers. We have shown what we can do, but where can we go without prejudice? All the white man has done is try to show why we’re inferior, what can they show that makes them superior? Every accomplishment they have, is stolen from blacks and changed to represent them. Even the Statue of Liberty was originally black! France gave it to America as a gift for freeing the slaves, and what do they do? Put a white face on it! Typical.

  313. CarolParks says:

    There are places like the Bay Area here in Cali that are much better as far as equality goes, not perfect, but much better.
    But, no one is superior, that is just made up BS. Even ” races “, is not true according to the Anthropologist Society. We have different cultures, but are human beings and there is no difference according to them & I agree.
    Man will always try to be ” the top person”, & will manufacture lies to make himself look the best. The U.S. History is nothing but lies.
    There is tremendous accomplishments by Black Americans, & that should be the focus. Having a strong support in all the communities Is needed also.
    But, I’m sure you know all of this. I just wish the articles on this site were much more positive, & promoting solutions rather then focusing on very negative subjects.
    Unfortunately, this site also tries to cut down many Black Americans who have been tremendously successful . This is really perplexing to me.

  314. Ikwiata says:

    PernellParham Ikwiata Blacks have been bamboozled into believing that integration was the way to go and now that we have no communities and for the most do not have any control of the neighborhoods where we reside, we have found ourselves in a very precarious situation – depending on others to “hire us”.  Corporations owned by non-Blacks, care absolutely NOTHING about Blacks, aka, the descendants of chattel slavery and Jim Crow survivors.  But Blacks wholeheartedly support these businesses without any hesitation or regard for supporting Black-owned businesses.  It is time for Blacks to practice group economics, aka, powernomics as taught by Dr. Claude Anderson.  It’s time to support Black-owned businesses as much as is possible so that we can begin to hire our own.  Blacks are in a dire situation right now.  And this President is on the verge of writing an executive order to indefinitely delay deportation of illegal immigrants.  What a disastrous decision for the descendants of chattel slavery and Jim Crow survivors.  This country blatantly violates the 14th amendment and Section 2 of the civil rights act of 1866,  Absolutely amazing.

  315. nurse7 says:

    This is so unnecessary. Instead of going back and forth about whose race is the worse and who is worthless. What have you done as an America to make things better? Have you offered or volunteered to help any of these people to get off the system. Have you wrote your legislature about finding ways to get people off the system because tax dollars could be spent more effectively so.e whete else. We’ve spent so much time hating one another,blaming one another for our world’s failures because of the color of one’s skins. If we’d exe,rt some of that frustration and thought into something constructive ,may e we could help all americans. Learn how to respect one another and stop all of this derogatory mess.

  316. MichelleEaly says:

    I do not mind my money helping others. I hope I will never need to ask for assistance. You are right, the race crap needs to stop. They continue to keep it going.

  317. jlivib says:

    Is that minimum wage??

  318. jlivib says:

    But if 38% of whites is on welfare within the white population is 84,950,240.7
    39% of all blacks out of the black population is only 15,182,434.41

  319. tobitjones says:

    That’s not what the figures stand for. It’s 38% of welfare recipients not within the white population. Go to the department of health services, the stats have been elaborated on.

  320. Ikwiata says:

    Your interpretation of the stats ARE INCORRECT.

  321. PernellParham says:

    mgeorge1050 black people aren’t lazy, they just can’t get the jobs earmarked for whites. You would never have a predominantly black school board running a white school district, by the way, I would have to say the ones responsible for teaching our kids are white.

  322. PernellParham says:

    Ikwiata PernellParham I have been saying this for years, but it’s finally getting through. Until we establish our own economic base we don’t have any chance.

  323. PernellParham says:

    jimminyglick It is racist assholes like you who make it so hard to overcome. I live in an affluent area and the ones I see hanging out, smoking , drinking, getting high on Meth  and acting crazy are the white kids.

  324. PernellParham says:

    ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 if you keep people in a cage how can you expect them to do better without the same opportunities?

  325. PernellParham says:

    mgeorge1050 the point is, we should be given the same opportunities as whites and everyone else. Everything Black People do is stigmatized, but if someone from another race does the same thing, it isn’t viewed the same way. We fight for our rights and dignity. Some whites fight because their team lost a game. Who are the savages?

  326. CarolParks says:

    Excellent rebuttal to mgeorge1050, & I agree. You have a lot of good, common sense, which so many on here can’t understand.

  327. Ikwiata says:

    Thank you for your all of your excellent responses. These idiots are in denial of the facts. Plus, welfare was first implemented for whites and, as was veteran benefits. We weren’t allowed neither. Our Black soldiers couldn’t get a penny of the VA benefits.

  328. CarolParks says:

    I think the reason so many are confused, is the public school system in this country teaches history as a made up fairy tale, very few facts. Everything is ” White Oriented”, & any change is being brought on by the growing population of non-whites.
    Reality is that the schools teach lies, the legal system is totally corrupt, & the political system is a joke. Yet, voting is really the only way you can use your power to bring about change in the laws, & the country as a whole.

  329. jlivib says:

    And you would know. I did the damn math. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT NE TO DO??!?

  330. jlivib says:

    Um, I don’t know to agree, or disagree. It’s like you have liberal, and conservative view points. People like you think blacks can’t do anything but destroy shit. You think blacks will support a freaking racist company, you’re wrong. You should get out more. Why won’t you mention that spics won’t get real jobs that support their huge families better, and the fact they wouldn’t be on welfare that much just because of the fact they make up the smallest population of ALL people, and there are more blacks than them.

  331. PernellParham says:

    CarolParks Thank you. I just think that racism is foolish. They talk about different races as if we’re different. We are the same. If you take a German Shepard, a pit bull, a Irish setter, a poodle and a Pomeranian, what is the difference, they’re all dogs. Just like we are all people, just different aspects of our visual come through. I hate that we have been the scapegoats of society, the truth is, we are a great people whose accomplishments and deeds were usurped to assuage the white man’s ego. They took everything from us and don’t want to give up the dominance. It is up to us to continue to shine and persevere. Take care of our kids and eliminate the stereotype, not because we’re wrong, but because we’re right, we’ve been abused, so we abuse ourselves. All that’s wrong with Black People was thrust upon us. Until you cure the problem it will exist. You don’t treat a bullet wound with a bandaid.

  332. PernellParham says:

    Ikwiata I have lived my life trying to talk to one person at a time. So many of us don’t want to give of the slave mentality and until we all come as one, the bullsh?? Will continue.

  333. PernellParham says:

    CarolParks they don’t teach that Africans were coming to America hundreds of years before Columbus. The maps he used were made by Moors who had established a trade route. The history of blacks has been eradicated to support white dominance. The Moors had to teach the Europeans not to sleep with animals, and agriculture. But all that is wiped out. The original samurai warriors were black. Buddha was of African descent, as was many of the Christian people from the bible. The United States did to America what the Nazis wanted to do in Germany.

  334. tobitjones says:

    Why don’t you then break if down for us? I wrote a research paper on this issue and my professor didn’t state anywhere I was incorrect. In fact I made an A. I am confident in my interpretation of the stats. Just go on and break it down for the benefit of knowledge. Thanks

  335. tobitjones says:

    Can you cite some of the so-called “plenty of CORRECT AND UNBIASED statistical information/data/reports readily available? For the benefit of learning.

  336. PernellParham says:

    I am really not here for statistical data, they can be manipulated to prove whatever point you want to make, but the truth is regardless of what percentage is what, we are forced to seek aid due to circumstances we can’t control and it is like we’re asking for a handout. Whereas farmers get aid and its not seen it the same light. There are people struggling to put food on the table and not because they’re lazy, but they don’t have access to jobs that pay a decent wage. I have seen people spend food stamps and get in a Mercedes, and I’ve seen people spend food stamps and have to struggle the next week. It doesn’t matter who uses foodstamps but why. We are traditionally left out of programs that are earmarked to help our former and still oppressors. The immigrants will have access to programs we are ineligible for. They will get the jobs we care fighting for now, and where will that leave us. Khadafy was killed because he wanted to start a black banking system so we could have some where to go for financial assistance. They don’t want us to succeed. Our dollars make them wealthy. That’s why we don’t have an economy of our own. If Jews need a loan, where do they go? If Chinese need a loan, where do that go? And don’t they get them? Don’t they have businesses? Where do we go?

  337. CarolParks says:

    Racism is just an evil thing that the white man started. The Anthropologist Society determined thru DNA testing , in the 1990’s, that there was no such thing as different races, there’s only one race, the human race. Man made this up so he could be at the top of the hierarchy.
    Yes, every culture has stereotypes, including whites. But, like my Grandmother always told me, know who you are, & no one can define you, but you. That’s what all children should be taught. That is my biggest concern, the children growing up in this country. And the way this country is changing so fast, especially with the militarization of the police.
    I feel very lucky to have grown up here in the Bay Area, where everyone is accepted, & it’s very laid back here. It’s not perfect, but at least all cultures here interact, have mixed neighborhoods, & everyone goes to school together, & entertainment places

  338. CarolParks says:

    Of course not, that would ruin the white mans grip on his ” fake status”. I am very lucky, I had an excellent education, & in College studied the real history of this country, & the history of the world. Education really is key to ending so much of this ignorance, & hate.
    I loved seeing so many White, Hispanic, & others marching in the protests across the U.S. The more people stand up for each other, & what is right, the better we all will be. But, for now we have such a long way to go.
    Thank-you Mr. Parham, for your thoughtful comments.

  339. CarolParks says:

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful if people did that? Thank-you for your post, it was really needed on here. 🙂

  340. PernellParham says:

    CarolParks Thank you once again. I speak about what I know and see. Stats only mean something if they portray the truth. Even if we get more assistance it’s because we get less chances. I have actually spoken to someone on the phone about a job and told to come to the office and when I got there the job was filled. This happens to people every day.

  341. CarolParks says:

    Yes, it certainly does, & it happens to everyone in every culture. Jobs in certain parts of the U.S., are so scarce because nothing has replaced the huge loss of manufacturing. And the Technical trade jobs are regulated to mostly major cities. San Francisco has thrived because of all the High Tech Companies coming here.
    With that said, I wish you the very best, & hope you don’t get too discouraged. Something will come your way. 🙂

  342. PernellParham says:

    CarolParks I am okay, working and getting my Bachelor’s. I was referring to events in the past and what happened to friends. Thank you for the encouragement. It’s greatly appreciated.

  343. CarolParks says:

    I have said this before, but I think it needs repeating. I believe it’s very important to judge people individually. With all the constant, negative BS coming from the Media, especially that Racist, Fake Fox Lies, & the Repukes, it is so important to remember that Negativity, & hate sells.
    I may be naive’ , but I honestly believe the majority of white people do want full equality for everyone. And I also believe the majority of people in this country want the Justice System to be completely redone. People, all people really must understand that everything negative going on will eventually affect everyone.
    And there are many wonderful people & events that you will never read about, because happy stories don’t sell. One quick example was the white school teacher, in N.C., who raised over $75,000 to give to the schools in Ferguson, who had run out of food for the kids there. It’s just one story, but I know there are many more. Every once in awhile, it’s good to know that people do still care, & want to help.

  344. CarolParks says:

    Awe! That’s great, I am so glad you are working, & going to school! I predict you will be at the top of your class! 😀

  345. tanka05 says:

    jimminyglick Where in the He&% did you get your facts? It’s obvious you don’t no nothing about the history of the human race. Read a book get educated and stop speculating…Your a coward and God help your children because they will grow up to be just like. Racist and angry…..”And the beat goes on”….smh

  346. toughbitch66 says:

    Hmmm, I’m white, female, and poor and yet because I have chosen to not bring children into this messed up world, I am denied benefits – despite the fact that I’ve been unemployed since 2012 (and yes, I’ve been looking/applying)… and as to police brutality towards blacks – right…
    I am a 48 year old white woman. I have been poor since
    birth. I have had violent interactions with police on multiple occasions. When
    I was younger, I blamed the police for the confrontations I had. Now, as a
    responsible adult, I understand the entirety of what happened is my fault.
    During each confrontation, I have to admit that my decision-making at the time was
    impaired. This is not to say that I was wrong, but that I bear responsibility
    for the altercations that resulted.
    What I want to share specifically is an episode in which a
    former boyfriend and I were in a public park arguing. He had been violent with
    me before (he gave me a black eye). He pushed me down on the ground and tore my
    shirt open and I told him if he refused to leave me alone, I would scream. He
    kept abusing me and I screamed. Neighbors called the police.
    By the time the cops pulled up in the middle of the park, my
    boyfriend had run off and I was left in the middle of the park, my blouse was
    shredded, my knees were bleeding, my hair was disheveled, and my eyes were
    I was crying and had my hands up in front of me and I was
    pleading…”It’s ok, I’m ok, he ran off and I’m safe”. “Please help me, I’m fine,
    but I was in a fight with my boyfriend”. “Please help me”.
    The cops rushed me and slammed me face down on the hot hood
    of the nearest police cruiser. They demanded to know my name and I refused to
    tell them. My mindset at the time was that I was the victim, how dare they
    treat me like a perp! They wrenched my arms behind my back and pushed my face
    onto the hot hood of the car and kept demanding that I give them my name.
    I must admit…when faced with authority and force, I fight
    with everything I have – I don’t respond well to those bigger than myself or those
    with more authority than I have. I will fight till I have nothing left; even
    when it makes no sense. However, I also know that my response wasn’t
    As far as the cops knew, I was the victim of RAPE. However,
    they treated me as if I was a perpetrator of a crime. It took five cops to put
    me in the back of a cruiser. I am 5’4”, and 107 pounds – yet it took 5 cops to
    subdue me. I should also let you know
    that there was a female cop at this cluster fuck who was yelling at her fellow
    officers screaming that they “couldn’t treat a woman, a potential victim like
    Ultimately, the police who had me in the back of their
    cruiser drove me home and let me out. They knew they had no right to arrest me.
    At the same time, I knew I was in the wrong because I was drunk, disorderly,
    and in a public park.
    My point is, those cops risk their lives every day and they
    never know what will happen when they respond to a call. My drunken drama – as
    innocent as I thought it was on my part – could have resulted in their deaths. They had no
    way of knowing if I was on a drug that would give me freakishly strong violent
    reactions, if I had a weapon, or if I was bait and there were men in the
    shadows who would attack once they were distracted.
    Again, I’m a 5’4” female and weigh 107 lbs. It took 5 male cops to
    wrestle me into the back of a police cruiser. I’m not a bad ass. I don’t train
    to fight. I was never in the military. The only explanation I can give for my
    ability to fight the cops is that I am a damn tough bitch and am stubborn.
    Adrenaline allows a small person to resist and even overcome a larger person. I
    know this for a fact – I did it.
    I look back on that
    event and regret my part in the drama.
    My question:If I, at
    5’4”, and 107 lbs, I can prevent five cops from placing me in the back of a cop
    car, what hope do cops have of dealing with a 6’4” 300
    lb man who refuses to be arrested?
    Please, let’s stop all this fighting about race, and let’s
    start talking about individual responsibility, poverty, and anger based on our
    desire for “fairness”. This anger is not about race, but about the difference
    between those who have and those who NEVER will.
    Money and privilege is the issue, not race. If you look at
    the statistics, people who can afford a good attorney suffer lighter sentences
    (or none at all) for even serious crimes while poor people who cannot afford a
    good attorney go to jail for minor offenses. Stop blaming race for what is
    actually a socioeconomic issue. I’m white, female, and poor. We’ve had a black
    male president before a female despite our history of slavery. Women have been
    oppressed and abused far longer than black men. Get a grip and stop blaming
    Personal responsibility for our actions is what is called
    for here, not blame against our public servants who work every day to keep the
    rest of us safe.
    Police officers get up and go to work each day not knowing
    if they will arrive home at the end of their shift. They face unreasonable,
    violent, and disrespectful citizens every hour of their shift. The decisions
    they make every minute mean the difference between going home to their family
    and ending up in a pine box. You can’t pay me enough to do what they do every
    Let’s make all this drama a conduit for discussion about
    true social ills. Let go of the race card and grow up.

  347. toughbitch66 says:

    PernellParham Amen! You bring up a painful but important perspective. Poverty kills, not race.

  348. rrutter81 says:

    I think this article should see what 98% of black population built by whites, destroyed by blacks over 50 years does.

    Detroit… 97% white in the 1940s, 3rd top city in the united states.
    Detroit…. 97% black 2010+ and a blight on the map.

    Car companies are still around. They just moved their factories out after racists pushed whites out of town. Now has the highest rate of mismanagement, crime, of what liberal policies do.

    As opposed to Texas…

    Blacks will blame everyone but themselves. They make up only 12% of the population yet still manage to fail at 10x the population of whites landing them at 38% or 39% respectively.

    That means that the chance of a black person failing is 8x more than a white person if the statistics of the american population of blacks only comprising of 12% of the population vs whites of 80%.

    Fudge them any way you want but blacks dont save either. The term “ni**er rich” is coined due to this. You spend your money keeping up with jones’s but you still collect your welfare check at the EXPENSE OF YOUR NEIGHBOR.

    Government doesnt make money. IT TAKES MONEY. All it is doing is DISTRIBUTING money your family, friends, neighbors made and it DISTRIBUTES THEIR HARD WORK to support someone in a time of need or laziness.

    Government isnt giving you “free shit”. That was worked hard for by someone else that you feel ENTITLED to just for living.

    Also, who created the KKK? democrats
    You know that term “Vote or die!” used when you wanted to get obama elected? That is a KKK poster.
    Jim Crow Laws? democrats
    Who murdered martin luther king and malcom x? democrat
    Malcom X couldnt STAND liberal dems. He knew they were slimey snakes.
    Abraham Lincoln? …you guessed it, not a democrat
    Those dixie crats waving the confederate flag got you fooled. So bad infact, there was even this misnomer that at some point in our history they decided “123 switch” political views. 
    This is not the case.

    Harriet Tubman stated she freed at least 1000 slaves during the underground railroad. She said she would have freed 1000 more if they knew they were slaves.

    The black community needs to stop murdering each other and blaming “whitey” for their problems.

    When I hear one of my black friends isnt “black enough”. I hear racism. I hear “dont be like the white guy”. “Dont be successful”. “Strap on the hoodie, grab a felony record, and sell some of that rock”.

    Until blacks can act like REAL ADULTS and do a little soul searching, they will forever be lost. Us whities will continue to avoid your neighborhoods of rampant crime and whitey racism that spews from your communities and embrace the ones who have core family values. Ones that dont worry about getting shot up at night simply for just driving by.

    So continue to blame the white man. You were after all, alive, when we owned you.

    Is there a single black community that isnt run down, busted, and straight up destroyed by black’s mindset?

    Check out any country in africa.
    Any city 60%+ of blacks and their crime rate.

    The buck stops when you stop this “tribe” of black people mentality, and come join us as human beings. Or is that not black enough for you?

    im done with you racists.

  349. rrutter81 says:

    “Seventy percent of counties with the fastest-growth in aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg.”

    We have 3114 counties in the united states.
    Obama only won 873 of them.

    So should election results be based on counties won now to feed your argument?

    Because obama only received 28% of the counties. 72% went to mccain.

    The population of those counties would make this argument more legitimate, which i thought this article would rightfully put.

  350. Ikwiata says:

    Your rant of incorrect and racist interpretation and false evaluation of historical facts is typical and further proves the fear by white genetically mutant racists as yourself of black melamine. I’m not concerned about your beliefs But I guess I could understand too if I were melamine deficient and would do anything to preserve white genetically mutant genes, aka albinism (according to scientific data and research).

  351. satay31 says:

    toughbitch66 Strange I with all of that (they did actually have cause to arrest you, public drunkenness, resisting the police, refusal to ID yourself, and myriad other counts had they decided to charge you) but you were eventually taken home to decide that you were wrong and perhaps make better choices in life correct?? You were given a change to get your life together and make changes. 
    Tamir Rice was 12 yes I said 12 years old playing in the park with a toy gun as kids are wont to do. Somebody called the police, they didn’t drive up and give him time to comply with orders he was shot in less than 30 seconds after police arrived on the scene. They didn’t park far away and use their loud speaker to tell him to put the gun down, they didn’t give him a chance to tell them it wasn’t real. Akai Gurley wasn’t even doing that, guess what got him shot, he was taking the stairs because the elevator wasn’t working efficiently. Levar Jones was shot for complying with the Officers order, he survived and the officer is being charged, but based on the officers report, if Levar had died or if their had been no dash camera with audio, Levar would be facing charges .
    These are only three of the UNARMED black men who have been shot since August of this year, why were they not given the chance to grow up, or get gas, or take the stairs? 
    Think about it before you answer.

  352. jlivib says:

    It honestly just looks like you’re blaming blackie for your problems. You think all blacks blame the white guy for their problems, you’re fucking stupid. You shouldn’t be alive on this earth.

  353. rrutter81 says:

    refute one single thing i said.
    exactly…attack the messenger, yet forget that the message holds water.
    btw my kids are biracial. how bout them apples?

  354. rrutter81 says:

    what would be stupid is to ignore your racist anti-white rhetoric.

  355. jlivib says:

    No one cares

  356. rrutter81 says:

    obviously enough for you to comment

  357. Isaiah DeVine says:

    You are a pathetic mess. It is unbelievable that you would accept that sort of treatment and blame yourself for being victimized just because they were cops. You claim to have been drunk. You have amazingly good recall ability to have been so drunk. I’m no psych, but you appear to have battered women’s syndrome. You really feel like you deserve to be mistreated. How sad!!! This is coming from a black man.

  358. MikeDarr says:

    Ikwiata It is melanin you dolt. You still have no refuted anything rrutter 81 said. All you do is say it is untrue. Prove it.

  359. satay31 says:

    MikeDarr Ikwiata This narrative that your friend rrutter 81 is pushing has been refuted and proven wrong ad nauseum, yet these people continue to spew their misinformation. The fact is there are people like yourself and your buddy where truth will never penetrate your veil of biased bigotry and ignorance.
    Let’s look at just a few of his/her/it’s ignorant claims “let’s look at any country in Africa” well from that statement we know that he/she/it has never traveled to the continent, nor does he/she/it have a reasonably well informed world view. Their are currently 53 countries on the continent of Africa with 6 having economic and political turmoil, that would be three more countries than Eastern Europe which has ten countries and 3 in political financial turmoil and on the verge of financial collapse, yes these are white people. 
    One industry cities like Detroit were hit hardest by the financial collapse, many of the properties that mar Detroit now were inhabited by people before the 2008 crash and the results of lost jobs are what has caused the destruction of Detroit, how do you pay a mortgage or maintain a property if you have no income?? How does the city support itself with no taxes from residents or businesses? The City of Detroit is bankrupt not because “black people” don’t care, its because their is no industry to support the economy, basic economics would teach a reasonable person that.  Your ignorant friend has decided that Detroit is like  this because of black people instead of the lack of jobs and industry that has caused people to lose their homes and livelihoods?? That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard!! (not really bigots say this crap all the time)
    “Any city 60%+ of blacks and their crime rate.”
    View Park-Windsor Hills CA. median income 160 k year
    Baldwin Hills CA Median Income 160 K per year
    Olympia Fields Il, Median Income 80 K per year
    Ladera Heights CA. Median Income 135 k per
    Mitchellville maryland Median Income 118 K per
    Uniondale NY Median Income 77 K per
    Hillcrest NY Median Income 77 K 
    These and many other communities all over the country are 80% or more black, none of them have high crime rates etc. Then you look at Cities like Baltimore that is 58% white and they are 6th most dangerous city in the Country Detroit is number 14 and it is 92% black. Stockton California 40% white 11% black the 5th most dangerous city, St Louis which is number 3 the black and white population is virtually the same with maybe a 2-3% advantage to black people. I could go on and on to show how his/hers/it’s claims are just ridiculous, but what is the point?? I have had these conversations repeatedly with a$$ hats like the two of you and well they result in noting but solidifying that white American are among the most intellectually primitive species on the earth.

  360. DebbieTaylor1 says:

    rrutter81  since your comment is all about smashing the black people reply to me with some white people do wrong shit too. how its more poor white people on welfare than it is blacks. the population is higher than black people but I guess in your eye sight white people do no wrong.

  361. DebbieTaylor1 says:

    mgeorge1050  that’s not true the population for whites are greater than blacks its more poor whites than it is blacks stop covering your race!

  362. DebbieTaylor1 says:

    derrickpirkey AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050  not true

  363. DebbieTaylor1 says:

    AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050  true

  364. MikeDarr says:

    DebbieTaylor1 rrutter81 Nobody said white people do no wrong. There are trash white people just like their are trash black people. It is funny how he never once called you any names or degraded you or satay but you both call us bigots and imply other nasties. That is typical not of black people but black-anti-white.

  365. satay31 says:

    MikeDarr DebbieTaylor1 rrutter81 

    ” I think this article should see what 98% of black population built by whites, destroyed by blacks over 50 years does.

    Detroit… 97% white in the 1940s, 3rd top city in the united states.
    Detroit…. 97% black 2010+ and a blight on the map.

    Car companies are still around. They just moved their factories out after racists pushed whites out of town. Now has the highest rate of mismanagement, crime, of what liberal policies do.”
    “Fudge them any way you want but blacks dont save either. The term “ni**er rich” is coined due to this. You spend your money keeping up with jones’s but you still collect your welfare check at the EXPENSE OF YOUR NEIGHBOR.”

    “The buck stops when you stop this “tribe” of black people mentality, and come join us as human beings.”

    So I suppose in your world referring to an ethnic group as a tribe, or inflammatory accusations like black people are just trying to be “nigger rich” or saying that white people don’t live in Detroit because of “racists” are not derogatory or insulting?? He never labeled the MAJORITY  of black people?? I at least kept my judgments to the pig making the comments I didn’t paint all white people with the same brush of ignorance and bigotry, yet you have the gall to be offended?? Seriously?? Hilarious! 
    I only call it like I see it.

  366. hairy bushh says:

    You fucken do niggers …… ….when you don’t get what whitey has you scream racism, you want Equality go back to your fucken country. Don’t get me started on you fucken Latinos so proud of your shit smelling country , Rah rah rah! go Mexico…..go fucken back ….land of the free bithes not free HANDOUTS. Thee Only 2 races that continue to Fucken cry….Boo Hoo. Thank god we gave Indians some fucken land.

  367. thisisfunnylmfao says:

    Actually a really stupid article and I’d love to show you why with a little bit of math since you want to claim to be so intellectual. Firstly this doesn’t even make the point you’re trying to make… With a country 72.41% white and only 12.61% black it makes sense as to why we would see more whites on welfare than we would see blacks, but it gets better. The fact that 69% of govt. benefits goes to white people, and that 14% goes to blacks can seem very misleading because when you do the math, there are 49% of US occupants receiving some form of govt. benefit, than if we use 330,000,000 to represent the number of people in the United states, that is 161,700,000 people getting govt. benefits (yes Google tells us there are only 316 Million but my city shows up as 500 thousand people on the 2010 census, but has been estimated at over 1 million, because how many people avoid or just don’t bother with taking part in the census, so there’s a lot more people than Google says.) Back to the point, it means 238,953,000 are white, and 41,613,000 are black. With these numbers we can see that of the 49% of people receiving govt. benefits, 111,573,000 of them are White, and 22,638,000 are Black. Simple calculations reveal that 46% of whites are on welfare, and 54% of blacks are on welfare. This means statistically there are more blacks on welfare than white, by a factor of about 8% but even worse, the bigger the numbers are the closer you get to the real probability, meaning if the numbers were reversed with 72.41% blacks, and 12.61% white, Than we would see 62% of blacks getting govt. benefits, and 38% of whites receiving govt. benefits. Pretty funny ha ha. This is such a pathetic and failed article. On top of everything that I’ve stated, Whites have a median income of 57000 USD whereas blacks have a median income of 33000 USD. Like I said this article is a fail.  And no I am not being racist at all, just showing you how invalid your point really is, and how this article bashing whites completely ignores the actual facts, and spins a couple of numbers to try and make whites look bad when you have to delve just a little bit deeper to see the truth. No matter what, statistics are pretty pointless especially statistics like this, because they can always be manipulated one way or another to prove anybodies point if you really want to. If you claim intellectualism please actually be an intellectual.

  368. BillKeilitz says:

    CarolParks Are you saying that someone who contributed into Social Security for 40+ years is not entitled to those funds when they retire?
    Social Security is, by any definition of the word, an entitlement.  It is a plan in which working people are forced to contribute a portion of their earnings, which, by the way, are matched by their employer.  And once someone retires and reaches the age in which they can start drawing Social Security, damn right they are entitled to it.
    Putting money in the bank is not an entitlement, you are however entitled to those funds which you deposited.  What you are not entitled to is funds deposited by other folks.
    No, the real problem with the word “entitlement” comes from the left’s redefining it  to include welfare programs, which by nothing more than someone’s mere birth, entitles them to other people’s earnings.

  369. satay31 says:

    BillKeilitz CarolParks Social Security IS a social welfare program YES IT IS WELFARE no matter how you slice it or  justify it that is EXACTLY what it is. The VAST MAJORITY of people on social security get out much more than they put in unlike that bank account you talked about, and people on social security today are NOT living off what THEY put in but what is being put in today by people like me! 
    There are MILLIONS of people who benefit from social security that have never worked a day in their lives or made any contributions to the program, LIKE, the mentally ill, and physically and mentally handicapped, home makers who never worked but getting their spouses benefits, etc. according to your “right” sensibilities we should take them off  this “welfare” program because they didn’t contribute?? Someone pays into the system for 40 years should they be removed when they run out of the money they put in?? Who gets their contribution if they die before they can get ANY or ALL of the money they contributed?? Let’s say you worked for 40 years at the bottom of the wage scale, making your highest earnings some where around 30 thousand a year. YOUR contribution to the pool is 6.2% of your earnings your employer pays another 6.2%to a total contribution of 12.4% NOW say we just use that as a flat figure that means you and you employer put in 150,000 over 40 years let’s give that a basic bank interest rate of say 3 % which give us a contribution of 154,500 over 40 years. NOW say you draw down what 1100 per month PLUS what your medicare costs how long will your (and your employers) contribution last?? Well let’s just say your golden years better not last longer then 11 years or you are living off of somebody else! 
    Here is a suggestion pull you head out of your Maximus!! You are only angry because you have bought the rhetoric that ONLY white people work and contribute to the system and now you find out that black people not only CONTRIBUTE we are relying much less on Welfare, Entitlement, or WHATEVER word you want to put on government subsidies then white people. Go Away!

  370. DuncanConner says:

    satay31 MikeDarr Ikwiata “The City of Detroit is bankrupt not because “black people” don’t care, its because their is no industry to support the economy, basic economics would teach a reasonable person that. ” HAHAHAHAHA! I don’t have a problem with most of the other stuff you said, but this is just retarded. Basic economics would NOT teach a reasonable person that unless they got their basic economics teachings from a homeless man under a bridge. An economy is not reliant on industry. An economy is reliant on individuals serving each other. There are plenty of examples of economies that are not industry based. Where I live, for example, is a mix of service and industry based. Other areas of the world are almost entirely service based. Some are consumer goods based. The point is that Detroit didn’t go bankrupt because the car manufacturers left. Number one, there was a REASON THEY LEFT! You’re wagging the dog! Also, Detroit’s car industry didn’t leave overnight. When you have people who have a mindset that things are provided to them by others (jobs, for example), then when the jobs leave you will have a city decimated because the people are waiting around for someone else to do something. And idle hands leads to criminal mischief. This is true of any race that has this mindset. But in America it is pervasive throughout black culture to blame others for your failing, and to accept handouts, and to be entitled. You can bitch and moan about it all you want but it’s reality. How many blacks support reparations? How many support affirmative action? I rest my case.

  371. canadiandrugrehab says:

    DebbieTaylor1 rrutter81 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%.

  372. canadiandrugrehab says:

    DebbieTaylor1 rrutter81  29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  373. canadiandrugrehab says:

    CrystalPowell Blacks commit the most crime per capita, and get the most welfare , you nigers are disgusting, look at Africa,  You wouldnt live there because Nigers are in charge and you destroyed it. 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  374. canadiandrugrehab says:

    AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050 You sir are very ignorant, Blacks receive way more welfare, here is raw data adjusted for your little brain to understand! 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  375. canadiandrugrehab says:

    tobitjones 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  376. canadiandrugrehab says:

    Ikwiata BLACKS ARE LAZY PIECES OF SHIT, THE MOST VIOLENT RACE AND LAZY RACE, 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  377. canadiandrugrehab says:

    tobitjones 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  378. canadiandrugrehab says:

    PernellParham mgeorge1050 LOOK AT AFRICA TO SEE WHO ARE THE SAVAGES, THE MOST PROSPEROUS COUNTRIES ARE WHITE YOU SILLY MONKEY. The U.S. population’s distribution by race and ethnicity in 2010 was as follows; due to rounding, figures may not add up to the totals shown.[48]Race / EthnicityNumberPercentage of
    U.S. populationAmericans308,745,538100.0 %White American223,553,26572.4 %African Americans38,929,31912.6 %1. blacks are only 12% of the population, black households make up 1/3 of all food stamp participants.
    2. owever, among the 46 million people who are living in poverty, 11 million or 27.4% are black. Of the 11 million blacks that live below the poverty line, 51% live twice below the poverty line or earn less than $10,000 in annual income. Therefore, poor blacks are disproportionately the poorest of the poor. ( PRO BLACK WEBSITE) Speaking of employment lets look at black unemployment. Black are unemployed at close to twice the national average. So the demographics of welfare recipients are not comparable to the overall demographics of the US. Even more concerning, Black Americans are more than twice as likely to have been on welfare than White Americans. ( Second link, adjusting for population, to derive at an aqequate conclusion, reflecting true percentages adjusted for population JAMAL. – 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75% ( TRUE WELFARE NUMBERS 28 PERCENT BLACKS JAMAL.. YOU FUCKING RETARDED NIGER! SHOW ME ONE SINGLE ARTICLE ADJUSTING FOR POPULATION YOU PORCH MONKEY, LITTLE BRAIN KOOL AID DRINKING SCUMBAG. Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to have used this benefit during their lives( FOOD STAMPS PER CAPITA ADJUSTED PERCENTAGES) (31% vs. 15%). lack women are more likely than their White counterparts to be lone parents, which partially explains their higher rate of welfare dependency. At the time of the Moynihan Report, approximately one-quarter of Black households were headed by women, compared to about one in ten White households. Bane, M.J., and Ellwood, D.T. (1996) Welfare Realities: From Rhetoric to Reform. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. OKAY JAMAL THERE YOU HAVE IT. FOUR DIFFERENT LINKS PROVING BLACKS RECEIVE MORE WELFARE, ADJUSTED FOR THEIR TINY POPULATION..

  379. canadiandrugrehab says:

    AnthonyASmalls jimminyglick Go back to Africa you niger, your people are the highst welfare recipients, and the most violent if you llook at raw numbers.Anyone with a brain, can see that Africa is in black hands, and the continent is a shit hole. Blacks are disgusting, and do not like statistics or facts. God hated you so much, he put pubic hair on your head. The U.S. population’s distribution by race and ethnicity in 2010 was as follows; due to rounding, figures may not add up to the totals shown.[48]Race / EthnicityNumberPercentage of
    U.S. populationAmericans308,745,538100.0 %White American223,553,26572.4 %African Americans38,929,31912.6 %1. blacks are only 12% of the population, black households make up 1/3 of all food stamp participants.
    2. owever, among the 46 million people who are living in poverty, 11 million or 27.4% are black. Of the 11 million blacks that live below the poverty line, 51% live twice below the poverty line or earn less than $10,000 in annual income. Therefore, poor blacks are disproportionately the poorest of the poor. ( PRO BLACK WEBSITE) Speaking of employment lets look at black unemployment. Black are unemployed at close to twice the national average. So the demographics of welfare recipients are not comparable to the overall demographics of the US. Even more concerning, Black Americans are more than twice as likely to have been on welfare than White Americans. ( Second link, adjusting for population, to derive at an aqequate conclusion, reflecting true percentages adjusted for population JAMAL. – 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75% ( TRUE WELFARE NUMBERS 28 PERCENT BLACKS JAMAL.. YOU FUCKING RETARDED NIGER! SHOW ME ONE SINGLE ARTICLE ADJUSTING FOR POPULATION YOU PORCH MONKEY, LITTLE BRAIN KOOL AID DRINKING SCUMBAG. Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to have used this benefit during their lives( FOOD STAMPS PER CAPITA ADJUSTED PERCENTAGES) (31% vs. 15%). lack women are more likely than their White counterparts to be lone parents, which partially explains their higher rate of welfare dependency. At the time of the Moynihan Report, approximately one-quarter of Black households were headed by women, compared to about one in ten White households. Bane, M.J., and Ellwood, D.T. (1996) Welfare Realities: From Rhetoric to Reform. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. OKAY JAMAL THERE YOU HAVE IT. FOUR DIFFERENT LINKS PROVING BLACKS RECEIVE MORE WELFARE, ADJUSTED FOR THEIR TINY POPULATION..

  380. canadiandrugrehab says:

    CarolParks You do know that blacks commit the most violent crime per capita? and receive the most welfare per capita You sound like a niger loving fat white broad.

  381. canadiandrugrehab says:

    lynks08 The U.S. population’s distribution by race and ethnicity in 2010 was as follows; due to rounding, figures may not add up to the totals shown.[48]Race / EthnicityNumberPercentage of
    U.S. populationAmericans308,745,538100.0 %White American223,553,26572.4 %African Americans38,929,31912.6 %1. blacks are only 12% of the population, black households make up 1/3 of all food stamp participants.
    2. owever, among the 46 million people who are living in poverty, 11 million or 27.4% are black. Of the 11 million blacks that live below the poverty line, 51% live twice below the poverty line or earn less than $10,000 in annual income. Therefore, poor blacks are disproportionately the poorest of the poor. ( PRO BLACK WEBSITE) Speaking of employment lets look at black unemployment. Black are unemployed at close to twice the national average. So the demographics of welfare recipients are not comparable to the overall demographics of the US. Even more concerning, Black Americans are more than twice as likely to have been on welfare than White Americans. ( Second link, adjusting for population, to derive at an aqequate conclusion, reflecting true percentages adjusted for population JAMAL. – 29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75% ( TRUE WELFARE NUMBERS 28 PERCENT BLACKS JAMAL.. YOU FUCKING RETARDED NIGER! SHOW ME ONE SINGLE ARTICLE ADJUSTING FOR POPULATION YOU PORCH MONKEY, LITTLE BRAIN KOOL AID DRINKING SCUMBAG. Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to have used this benefit during their lives( FOOD STAMPS PER CAPITA ADJUSTED PERCENTAGES) (31% vs. 15%). lack women are more likely than their White counterparts to be lone parents, which partially explains their higher rate of welfare dependency. At the time of the Moynihan Report, approximately one-quarter of Black households were headed by women, compared to about one in ten White households. Bane, M.J., and Ellwood, D.T. (1996) Welfare Realities: From Rhetoric to Reform. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. OKAY JAMAL THERE YOU HAVE IT. FOUR DIFFERENT LINKS PROVING BLACKS RECEIVE MORE WELFARE, ADJUSTED FOR THEIR TINY POPULATION..

  382. canadiandrugrehab says:

    RachelLeighTucker rrutter81  29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  383. canadiandrugrehab says:

    hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 show me the statistics? here are mine,  29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  384. canadiandrugrehab says:

    CrystalPowell ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 You look like you got run over by a big ttruck, fuck you are ugly nigga.

  385. canadiandrugrehab says:

    chumpper60 ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 Blacks are poorer then whites on average, everything else you said is relative lol.  Moronic as they come.  29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  386. canadiandrugrehab says:

    PernellParham ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 excuses excuses, you have been out of cages for centuries, get your act together nigga.

  387. canadiandrugrehab says:

    Kichiokami mgeorge1050  29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  388. canadiandrugrehab says:

    chumpper60 rrutter81 Im a multi millionaire, you are a peasant to me, as are your race compared to mine.  29 million people are on welfare- 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000
    According to [link to] 
    – US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549
    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  389. junkbondtrader41 says:

    ” According to the comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely,  whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits.”

    Ahem, if you will look at the actual source for this stat, you will find you’re comparing apples and oranges.  “Government benefits” is defined here as the entire entitlement system, 53% of which is “old age” benefits like Social Security and Medicare!  It’s not a statistic about who receives means-tested welfare.  Your observation is a deflection from the disproportionate use of welfare by blacks and is meaningless.

  390. smittyboy7 says:

    jimminyglick  Hey you dumb h0nkey,the rest of the races are jealous of the BLACK race because they all know who were the first humans on this plane and you ALL came from us fool.That’s why you white folks can’t go a day without thinking about the BLACK race.That’s the reason why we see racist stories in the news everyday because of you jealous hate filled racist white trash folks.

  391. smittyboy7 says:

    AnthonyASmalls jimminyglick  My GOD what a BEAUTIFUL comment and I feel the same EXACT way!!!

  392. smittyboy7 says:

    canadiandrugrehab CarolParks  Is that why whites control half the world because BLACKS are more violent.I never heard of BLACKS invading other people’s country and ripping it off while slaughtering the people by the tens of thousands.Everywhere you ex cave dweller go you bring violence,death and destruction along with you.The white race is the most violent race on the plane you assholes used nuclear weapons to slaughters hundreds of thousands of people and you say BLACKS commit the most violent crimes.One thing I can tell you is,you’re one dumb ignorant lying piece of white trash.

  393. PernellParham says:

    canadiandrugrehab PernellParham ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 sorry to take so long to reply but you are sadly mistaken. Excuses? What about slave masters commiting pedophilia on young black kids, murdering innocent people and lynching blacks who were successful and minding their own business. You are ignorant and don’t message me again!

  394. smittyboy7 says:

    canadiandrugrehab PernellParham ErikBaran hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81  You get yours together honkey and stop lying you sorry white trash piece of shit.

  395. JohnSmith95 says:

    I LOVE articles like this one. Because I LOVE posting the correct numbers and showing where they went wrong. See what happens when you use simple math.

    Looking at the numbers there are more whites on welfare than blacks.
    There are 7,623,000 whites on welfare and 6,138,000 blacks on welfare. 

    Now lets look at the actual percentages.

    Number of whites in the USA as per the 2010 US census 223,553,265. Number of whites on welfare 7,623,000. This is a percentage of 3.4% who are on welfare. 

    Number of blacks in the USA as per the 2010 US census 38,929,319. Number of blacks on welfare 6,138,000. This is a percentage of 15.5% who are on welfare.

     If the populations were equal there would be either 34,650,756 blacks on welfare or 1,323,596 whites on welfare.

    Have a nice day.

  396. queenofmeanest says:

    We should add Affirmative Action as another government benefit for white women.

  397. queenofmeanest says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, the car companies was pushed out by the unions.  Did you know that GM got $68,000,000,000 in TARP money?

  398. MikeDarr says:

    Of course we also have the United Negro College Fund as well as 100 other black action groups that we are not allowed to question.

  399. MikeDarr says:

    queenofmeanest rrutter81 That doesn’t even make sense. Car companies were pushed out by unions? Car companies were keeping unions afloat.

  400. satay31 says:

    MikeDarr What exactly is a “black action group” , how does the UNCF qualify as one and what questions are you “not allowed” to ask?? I love it when white people get all paranoid!! LMAO!

  401. satay31 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Actually if YOU look at the actual source instead of using the same skewed data that everyone who doesn’t wan’t to accept this information, you would know that the information for THIS article is all about means tested-welfare!! It is also important to note that medicare and social security ARE means-tested welfare programs as the were designed to elevate poverty for people when they were no longer able to work to support themselves! This program supports spouses and disabled who NEVER contributed to the system (since we know that’s why you people try to separate this program from your narrow view of welfare!).

  402. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 junkbondtrader41
    “Actually if YOU look at the actual source instead of using the same skewed data that everyone who doesn’t wan’t to accept this information, you would know that the information for THIS article is all about means tested-welfare!!”

    If “THIS” article refers to the article referenced above, then no, it’s not, dumbass.  The Center for Budget & Policy Priorities is speaking of ALL entitlements, not just welfare, Medicaid, and the other “means-tested” ones.  Neither SS nor Medicare (as opposed to MediCAID for the poor) is “means-tested,” in the sense that they are give contingent on assets or income.  Indeed, participation in Social Security is MANDATORY.  Even Warren Buffet is in SS!  While SS may well have spousal benefits for individuals with no work history, this misses the point:  to receive SS benefits, SOMEONE must have a work history with contributions to the system, AND the benefit level is determined by one’s total contributions.   It’s a govt insurance program:  a defined set of benefits in the future, in exchange for defined contributions through payroll deductions today.  Welfare programs are NOT, you don’t have to have contributed a damn thing to get welfare!  It’s a central qualitative difference.

    So, you made no point whatsoever.  As usual.

  403. MikeDarr says:

    satay31 MikeDarr Nothing paranoid about it. It is a fact. The UNCF qualifies as one because white people do not qualify. Where is the United White College Fund? Where is the White Panthers? Maybe it was the KKK but they get ridiculed because they are a hate group….oh wait like the Black Panthers. How about BET TV? A fully black TV channel. LOL How about that? There are plenty of public funded black only groups. I can go on and on. There are no white only groups.

  404. satay31 says:

    MikeDarr satay31 Umm the UNCF is open to students of ANY race, it is not the race of the student that applies it is the choice of college that you choose to go to that applies as these scholarships go to student who choose historically black colleges and universities. The Black Panthers was a community organization formed in California to address the needs of the poor black community and the preponderance of Police Brutality in Oakland California, the programs the started like free breakfast for students etc. and the ills they addressed are what caused the spread, they didn’t target white people or any other ethnic group but did advocate to uplift  the communities in which they served. Unlike the KKK and SEVERAL other white power groups they didn’t target white people nor did they advocate violence other then self-defense, and while you might want to say the KKK was “humiliated” they certainly weren’t hunted like animals, murdered while the lay in their beds, and incarcerated, by the government like the Black Panthers either. 
    BET was initially a music video channel like MTV and was created in response to MTV’s refusal to play black artists on their station as they claimed it was a “rock” video channel. BET played artists who were excluded by MTV which was virtually every black artist on the planet except Michael Jackson. You apparently don’t watch BET because it in not now nor has it ever been a “fully” black channel as to predominately ‘White heavy content” channels?? Well lets try ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and any other channel except BET and perhaps a few Spanish channels. It is important to note the the UNCF is not “publicly” funded it is solely a private organization and BET is owned by VIACOM a white company. Since you could go “on and on” could you please add to the list of things that white people are upset about that they “claim” they don’t get to participate in.

  405. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 MikeDarr Bullshit.  The Black Panthers have multiple incidents of violence in the feds’ official terrorist database, they were NOT just a group of kindly blacks feeding poor kids breakfast.

  406. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 MikeDarr While the UNCF admits white students to their member colleges, their scholarship money would appear to be limited.

    “Not at all. UNCF’s member colleges and universities admit students without reference to race or ethnicity. UNCF’s largest scholarship program, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, supports Hispanic American, Asian/Pacific American and Native American students as well as African Americans.” 

    This is beside the point, anyway.  It would NOT be socially acceptable to establish a scholarship fund that even FOCUSED on whites, much less awarded funds exclusively to whites.

  407. satay31 says:

    junkbondtrader41 satay31 MikeDarr Had is NOT been socially acceptable to steal Native Americans land and enslave African Americans THEN attempt to bar thee from participating in the greater society we wouldn’t be having this conversation would we?? The simple FACTS are that white people in this country have and still enjoy the privilege that has been gained by your past and current ruthlessness. You cannot have it both ways you complain about your perceived belief that black people are drains on the society they was was built on their backs but get pissy when they seek to uplift themselves??? GTFOH!!!

  408. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Fine and good. But that does nothing for your errant statements about the Panthers and UNCF, doesn’t it?

  409. satay31 says:

    Ummm I worked for UNCF for 6 years I can assure you that I know what I am speaking of when I say the scholarships are open to all I PERSONALLY oversaw several scholarship awards to non black students. The BPP was targeted by the government just like the NOI SNCC, MLK (who was also labeled a terrorist and a national threat) there has NEVER been any proven instance of actual terrorist or violent activity by the BPP.

  410. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 I’m aware they make scholarship awards to non-blacks, that was on my citation from their website.  What it does not appear they do is award to whites.  Awarding to Hispanics, Asians, etc, is not awarding to whites.  If you say from personal experience that you awarded an actual scholarship to a white student individually, I’ll take your word for it.  That doesn’t change the general point you can have a scholarship that focuses on you, but we can’t.

    Re: the Panthers, read the article at the link.   Your categorical statement that they were involved in no violence would probably elicit laughs from THEM.  They are in the terrorist database, so I’m not sure what your argument is.

  411. satay31 says:

    junkbondtrader41 I don’t normally use wikipedia as a source but in this instance they give a very accurate account of the Hoover lead campaign to discredit and dismantle the BPP information that has been available for several years. Many of these so called “incidents” were literally created by the FBI, local police, and it’s agents. Could you possible dig a little deeper before you continue to try to push this line of bullshit the information is way to easy to find.

  412. MikeDarr says:

    satay31 junkbondtrader41 MikeDarr Blacks sold their own people to not only whites but other blacks as well. Blacks were also not the only ethnicity to have been slaves. Get over yourselves. As long as they uplift themselves who is complaining?

  413. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 junkbondtrader41  Maam, I have “dug” plenty on this subject. You’re apparently ignoring my sources for no good reason, so I don’t know why I should do you the courtesy of continuing to reply to yours.  ( My source was a 1978 piece from the New Times, which was a journal of the radical LEFT, which was extremely sympathetic to the Panthers in the 60’s but began to report their violence as they became corrupt and terroristic. )  And you have no justification whatsoever to just blow off multiple entries in the terrorist database.

  414. junkbondtrader41 says:

    MikeDarr satay31 junkbondtrader41 I’ll sit back await the inevitable, laugh-out-loud stupid reply they always have for this fact:

    “Oh, but that was DIFFERENT!  We treated our slaves like family!”  Yeah right.  Aside from the fact they couldn’t have control over their lives any more under penalty of death, black Africans enslaved by other black Africans had it just peachy!  

    And the plantation owner’s kids called you “Mammy!”  So by that logic, you were like family, too!

  415. satay31 says:

    MikeDarr satay31 junkbondtrader41 Here we go with that same line of bullshit that is AGAIN always used always. FACT a minute amount of slaves were sold and traded by other Africans is was mostly Arabs who sold slaves to whites and who traded in slaves of all kinds. The “Irish” slave trade is NOT am American issue and NOT a chattel slave process as the Irish issue was a centuries long land dispute and those “slaves” were generally  considered criminals or political prisoners, there was a whole country populated with these war criminals and socitial causalities and it ain’t the good ol USA boys. #Australia . NOW please tell me where in modern history a system of chattel slavery existed like here in the US?? A system of slavery that was economic based and nothing else?? 

    YES there were black people who owned slaves and since I wasn’t there I have no clue how they treated their slaves I do know that often that purchase was the only way to offer other slaves their freedom. There were Jews who turned in other Jews to survive and to obtain favor are you suggesting that those Jews actions negate the horrors of the Holocaust? Are you again suggesting that acknowledgement of that history and reparations for what those families suffered no longer relevant because of those Jews actions?? I am sure you are not so once again you have shown yourself to be what you are now go away I would like to enjoy my holiday without the stench of another pointless conversation with the likes of your considerably ignorant ass.

  416. satay31 says:

    junkbondtrader41 satay31 Fine since you you will whine until you get your way like the little boy that you are, I will acknowledge that the BPP are terrorists if you will acknowledge that the founder fathers, and every president, political, and legal figure who upheld and or supported slavery and it’s equally disgusting practice of Jim Crow both legal and “implied” for the greater part of this countries existence terrorists.

  417. junkbondtrader41 says:

    THANK YOU. That is what I was looking for!
    I will let the casual reader judge your latter statement on the merits. Again, thanks!

  418. satay31 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Just so you don’t get you panties in a bunch I want to make is clear that I was being sarcastic. To use the actions of a few individuals and to try to paint the whole organization as some kind of Terrorist cell is BS as you are fully aware IF you have done even a minute amount of research as you claim. Have a very happy Easter.

  419. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Yawn! What, specifically, I’d a “minute amount??”
    “Shehu Sani, head of the congress, said it was calling for traditional rulers to apologise now because they were seeking inclusion in a forthcoming constitutional amendment in Nigeria.
    “We felt that for them to have the moral standing to be part of our constitutional arrangement there are some historical issues for them to address,” he told the BBC World Service. “One part of which is the involvement of their institutions in the slave trade.”
    He said that on behalf of the buyers of slaves, the ancestors of the traditional rulers “raided communities and kidnapped people, shipping them away across the Sahara or across the Atlantic”.
    Many slaves captured inland in Africa died on the long journey to the coast.
    The position was endorsed by Henry Bonsu, a British-born broadcaster of Ghanaian descent who examined the issue in Ghana for a radio documentary. He said some chiefs had accepted responsibility and sought atonement by visiting Liverpool and the United States.
    “I interviewed a chief who acknowledged there was collaboration and that without that involvement we wouldn’t have seen human trafficking on an industrial scale,” said Bonsu, the co-founder of digital station Colourful Radio.
    “An apology in Nigeria might be helpful because the chiefs did some terrible things and abetted a major crime.”
    The non-government organisation Africa Human Right Heritage, based in Accra, Ghana, supports the campaign for an apology. Baffour Anning, its chief executive, said: “I certainly agree with the Nigeria Civil Rights Congress that the traditional leaders should render an apology for their role in the inhuman slavery administration.” He said it would accord with the UN’s position on human rights.
    But the issue was not a high priority for most African citizens, according to Bonsu. “In my experience it’s mainly the African diaspora who want an apology. People aren’t milling around Lagos or Accra moaning about why chiefs don’t apologise. They are more concerned about the everyday and why they still have bad governance.”
    Fred Swaniker, the founder of the African Leadership Academy, said: “I’m not sure whether an apology is needed, but it would be worth looking at and acknowledging the role Africa did play in the slave trade. Someone had to find the slaves and bring them before the Europeans.”
    The shameful history of some traditional leaders remains an awkward subject on which many politicians prefer to maintain silence. One exception was in 1998 when Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, told an audience including Bill Clinton: “African chiefs were the ones waging war on each other and capturing their own people and selling them. If anyone should apologise it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here even today.”
    Why the hell do I even bother getting in exchanges on this with you twits?? Literally everything you reply with is a LIE.

  420. Mimisees says:

    MikeDarr satay31 junkbondtrader41 Well in that case Whites sold your so called White slaves as well, didn’t they? so what’s your point MikeDarr?

  421. Mimisees says:

    JohnSmith95 Thanks for the stats. Now since you got that out of the way, the next order of business is to get the White races house in order before attacking others. Otherwise, when you get every last White off of welfare, then and only then come for the ills in the Black community.

  422. Mimisees says:

    thisisfunnylmfao And? Whites are still welfare takers even with their privileges in America. It’s no wonder more Blacks aren’t on welfare with people like you lurking around. Get your own race together before worrying about what Blacks are doing. Is that intellectual enough for you?

  423. Mimisees says:

    rrutter81 I think you are backwards because Blacks built THIS nation and Whites benefited, esecially those whom migrated in the last century. So get your facts straight. Blacks should fail 10x’s or more than Whites since we don’t have those White privileges that you enjoy, and with racist like yourself running things ask yourself why Blacks are failing. Get real because you know mainly why. What you truly need to worry about is that White person getting that welfare check that his or her neighbor is paying for, and while you’re worrying, get every last one of your White race off of welfare period before screaming how Blacks are on welfare. Stop with the Lincoln was a Republican and thus Republicans should be honored by Blacks. We can honor Republicans from that era just fine, but we all know that the dixicrats turned Republican and vice-versa. Therefore keep that ignorant talking point to yourself, bcause WE know better. When Whites stop murdering and committing  crimes against each other then maybe  Blacks will do the same. We learned everything we know from racist like yourself. We not only took your White names, we learned your White behavior, how else do you think slavery lasted so long? Because Blacks weren’t so aggressive as your kind were so to speak. In general, I think you would have enough to worry about with dealing with your own pathetic group problems. When you get every last White off of welfare, to stop committing crimes, doing drugs, out of prison and being single mothers, then check us. Otherwise, check your own mentality first. I wonder every day why poor Whites don’t take advantages of their White privileges since they have less things to worry about over here than minorities, but I don’t run around flapping my gums about that. So how has this truth slapped YOU in the face?

  424. Mimisees says:

    atodds AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050 For those who don’t think otherwise, you’re receiving welfare from your employer who pays half of your social security taxes. You do not pay the entire tax.

  425. smittyboy7 says:

    Mimisees thisisfunnylmfao  I couldn’t agree more.

  426. queenofmeanest says:

    Mimisees atodds AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050 
    And remember that if your employer does not pay that tax, they can go to jail and if your employer is not around (dead or prison), you are stuck paying that tax.
    If you don’t pay your share of the tax then you go to jail.
    Either way it is a extortion scheme.

  427. queenofmeanest says:

    canadiandrugrehab Ikwiata 
    Wikipedia is not a reliable source.  Go back and do some real homework.

  428. queenofmeanest says:

    Carol, please read the book “Nature Knows No Color Line” by J. A. Rogers.

  429. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 MikeDarr Ikwiata Where the hell are you getting that Baltimore is 58% white?  It’s 63% black!

    The percentage black or Hispanic is one of the most potent predictors of a city’s violent crime, and even in cities where they are NOT a numerical majority, you will find none where they aren’t there in significant numbers.

    10. Birmingham, 73% black, 3% Hispanic 
    9. Milwaulkee, WI, 40% black, 17% Hispanic  
    8. Rockford, IL, 20% black, 16% Hispanic
    7. Baltimore, 63% black, 4% Hispanic
    6. Little Rock, AR, 42% black, 7% Hispanic
    5. Cleveland, OH, 53% black, 10% Hispanic
    4. St. Louis, MO 47% black, 4% Hispanic
    3. Memphis, 63% black, 6% Hispanic
    2. Oakland, 28% black, 25% Hispanic
    1. DETROIT, 82% black, 7% Hispanic

    As to your exemplary black “cities,” every single one of them are tiny, bordering-on-microscopic in population, only a few thousand, and are all non-representative, affluent black suburbs.  And a couple of them still manage to have crime rates above the national average.  

    Now, let’s look at the “Safest Cites:”

    10. Sterling Heights, MI, 85% white
    9. Surprise, AZ, 86% white
    8. Naperville, IL, 82% white
    7. Gilbert, AZ, 81% white
    6. Amerst, NY, 84% white
    5. Irvine, CA, 51% white, 39% Asian
    4. Woodbridge Township, NJ, 59% white, 22% Asian
    3. Santa Clarita, CA  56% white, 8% Asian (blacks 3%)
    2. Port St Lucie, FL 74% white, 2% Asian
    1. Edison, NJ, 44% white, 43% Asian. 

    And unlike yours, these are all actual CITIES, with large populations, not little micro-burbs.

  430. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 MikeDarr Ikwiata And in cases you’re wondering about high crime white cities, I’m aware of exactly ONE.  The Southie area of Boston.   It’s 85% white and has a high crime rate.  

    Even where you find lots of dirt poor whites like Appalachia, all you find is petty and drug crime, you don’t find high violent crime rates.

  431. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Mimisees atodds AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050 I would make a distinction between means-tested ‘welfare” and Social Security.  SS is a mandatory entitlement – meaning you couldn’t opt out if you wanted to, it’s a condition of your employment – and it’s essentially a govt insurance /pension plan: a defined contribution today for a defined benefit in the future.  Your SS benefits, excepting SSI Disability, have to be linked to someone’s work history and contributions.  

    It is NOT the same as welfare, which you can receive just for having a child, being unemployed, etc.

  432. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest canadiandrugrehab Ikwiata Wikipedia is as reliable as the sources it links to, Queen. You follow the links in the footnotes, and if the sources are solid, in most cases, the Wiki article is usable.  And for very basic information like population figures, it’s fine.

    I agree it’s not ideal, but way too many people use info from Wiki that they find inconvenient an excuse to dismiss the information completely.

  433. MikeDarr says:

    Mimisees MikeDarr satay31 junkbondtrader41 Exactly that!! It was over 200 years ago. Fucking drop it already!!! Nobody alive today was a slave, a slave trader or a slave buyer. We have a black president, black billionaires…..must I go on why your people are not oppressed anymore?

  434. junkbondtrader41 says:

    satay31 MikeDarr Ikwiata And re: Africa, I have no idea your source, but you’re wrong there, too.

  435. Mimisees says:

    junkbondtrader41 Mimisees atodds AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050 Stll you don’t contribute what you will get out of it, period.

  436. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Mimisees junkbondtrader41 atodds AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050
    QUALITATIVELY a different program, however, sorry.

  437. Mimisees says:

    MikeDarr Mimisees satay31 junkbondtrader41 MikeDarr, your people have the benefits of Fucking White privileges and still act oppressed in todays society. Figure that shit out before talking about what Blacks are feeling and doing. Riddle me as to why.

  438. Mimisees says:

    junkbondtrader41 Mimisees atodds AnthonyASmalls tobitjones derrickpirkey mgeorge1050 You say tom?to and I say tomato.

  439. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest canadiandrugrehab Ikwiata 
    Yes, but you have to consider the source of the source.

  440. KHill100 says:

    BET is owned by a white billionaire named Sumner Redstone, the same person who owns VH1 and MTV. I don’t know if you are aware that you live in the USA. But discrimination is not allowed in this country. There is no such thing as an all black college. We have what we call today as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Colleges that were createddwhen blacks were not allowed to attend all white schools. The UNCF, nor a HBCU can discriminated against race. The media or your friends has misled you. It’s really sad that people still think this way.

  441. KHill100 says:

    We will gladly go back to Africa when whites go back to their country. America was stolen from the Indians. America killed Indian babies, children, women, and the elderly. This is not your county, it was took by brutal force.

  442. KHill100 says:

    Mostly children received welfare and the Father must pay it back. This is not a racial issue but a wealth issue. A poor white person will meet the same fate a poor black person meet.

  443. junkbondtrader41 says:

    KHill100 BET was SOLD to Redstone in 2006.  It was founded by Robert Johnson, a black man years earlier, and remained under Johnson’s control until Redstone’s Viacom bought a controlling interest.

    How is that even relevant to the guy’s point?  His argument had nothing to do with ownership, and everything to do with the fact that it would NOT be culturally or socially acceptable to have a network that advertised an appeal to whites.

  444. junkbondtrader41 says:

    KHill100 You mean as the Indians did to EACH OTHER??

    Let’s take that notion to its absurd conclusion.  Does each Native American tribe have to give back what it “stole” from another tribe?  How about the African tribes who conquered and enslaved each other prior to Europeans arriving?  Should they give back?

  445. satay31 says:

    Again this stupid argument designed to derail the real issues. BET was initially a music video station created to provide a platform for artists who were DENIED airtime on MTV the only other “all music” video channel in existence. MTV billed themselves as a “Rock” station and excluded mostly black artists even those who considered themselves “Rock” musicians. (White people ALWAYS have a slippery way of denying minorities access with ready BS excuses) MTV continued this exclusion for years while playing many pop musicians especially Michael Jackson well because white people “liked” him. It wasn’t until they figured out that white kids were watching BET that they started Yo MTV Raps etc. BET has ALWAYS been inclusive, while you are unlikely to find an all white show on the channel you will find plenty of white people in their content. As to “socially” acceptable “white” majority stations that would be ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, SHOWTIME, etc, etc, etc, if you wish to change the title to White Entertainment Television to ANY one of HUNDREDS of primarily white media outlets have at it !

  446. JO3221987 says: yea please read 2014 40.2% is whites on welfare blacks 25.7%, Hispanic 10.3% sooooo yea. Who now always uses the government

  447. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Would you people learn what a RATE is, please??
    Whites are two thirds of the population, and UNDERUSE this program relative to their numbers by about 25 percentage points! Blacks are 13% of the population and OVER USE it by double their numbers! Hence, blacks use the SNAP program at multiple times the rate of whites.
    This is not complicated, and this point has been made in literally dozens of comments on this thread. Learn middle school math, will you!

  448. JO3221987 says:

    Ummm lets get off a middle school and go to graduate school education. Since ur referring to rates in this article. If u just saw the post i said go to the website i put there. The huffpost its explaining statistics not rates and fyi whites have become the minority in the us. So 2/3 is a stretch

  449. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Huff pro’s piece doesn’t lay a glove on the overall point. All it points out is that in raw numbers there are more whites receiving food stamps than blacks. Ad I’d that is supposed to be some sort of meaningful point in a nation with population disparities that large. And yes, non-Hispanic whites are still about 65% of the population. You may be confusing the stat that the majority of children are no longer white.
    It goes like this, dumbass. Let’s say we have a population of 100 people, where 65 of them are white and 13 are black. Let’s further say food is limited and that the 13 blacks eat so much food, they are consuming a quarter of the food, and whites are eating so little they consume only 40%. Whites would be justified on saying blacks are overconsuming food, and the reply from blacks that whites are consuming more raw quantities of food than they are, so it’s WHITES who are the real problem would be just as stupid as your argument here!

  450. JO3221987 says:

    Ignorance has been defined by your limitation & choices of words. I was expressing & sharing a different angle of things, that provides a different prospective. Instead of you just listening and considering this platform, you decided to try to prove a point of why this is not correct. With your mindset we as a human race will not reach our full potential. Your mathematical hypothesis is not literal, this is not the case of how things are, so yes i understand your point but its just point and not facts. Since you took the time to write this scenario, how about you come up with a solution that benefits all races and will improve this economy & perhaps some how and way your approach can be adopted. If this happens, then you truly have contributed to a % of success for the human race. “Dumbass”

  451. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “Ignorance has been defined by your limitation & choices of words.”


    “I was expressing & sharing a different angle of things, that provides a different prospective.

    Your “angle” and “perspective” have zero salience or meaning to what started this debate, sir.  This whole article is intended to be a rebuttal of the supposed “stereotype” about blacks and their heavy use of govt welfare programs.  It is meant to basically say, “Oh yeah??  Well, whites are a bigger portion of food stamp recipients!  So THERE!”

    The criticism that blacks overuse public assistance on a per capita basis is not lessened at all by these numbers, it’s a non-argument.  The criticism is NOT a “stereotype, it is a documented fact.  And you posting this Huffington Post article that does nothing but give an updated version of this same non-argument is no stronger a point than the version of it above.  

    As I pointed out in other posts below, food stamps is hardly the ONLY means-tested govt assistance program.  There is WIC, TANF, housing subsidies, Medicaid, SSI, and on and on and on.  And when calculate a more comprehensive stat that includes ALL of them and not just SNAP, the figure tilt even LESS favorable towards blacks, since whites don’t even outnumber black recipients of all of those programs in raw numbers anymore, much less in statistical rates of usage.

    ” Instead of you just listening and considering this platform, you decided to try to prove a point of why this is not correct.”

    Um, because it isn’t.  

    “With your mindset we as a human race will not reach our full potential.”

    As if fostering more dependence on govt welfare program WILL help us “reach our full potential?”  However one might define that?

    “Your mathematical hypothesis is not literal, this is not the case of how things are,”

    It is not a “hypothesis,” it’s an analogy, and it’s a perfectly apt one. 

    “so yes i understand your point but its just point and not facts.”

    It IS a fact, and it’s a more relevant fact than yours.

    “Since you took the time to write this scenario, how about you come up with a solution that benefits all races and will improve this economy & perhaps some how and way your approach can be adopted. If this happens, then you truly have contributed to a % of success for the human race. “Dumbass””

    I missed the part where I became like Luke Wilson’s character in the movie “Idiocracy” and saving the world was my job.  I don’t have the answers to save the world, at least none you will want to hear.  But it doesn’t follow that my lack of ideas on how to turn a population of relative takers into producers means it’s sound debate to scream and flog irrelevant stats to unfairly make your critics look guiltier of what you yourself are guilty of.

  452. PernellParham says:

    For all that BLACK people are supposed to be taking, what about all that was taken from us. Nothing is said about the trillions of dollars made because of slavery. Just recently a genocide has been talked about…What about the mandated slavery that is still in existence. If we were allowed the same rights and freedoms of others, do you think we would need assistance?

  453. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “For all that BLACK people are supposed to be taking, what about all that was taken from us. Nothing is said about the trillions of dollars made because of slavery. ”
    Oh. Your share of uncompensated labor performed up until 1863 comes to how much, specifically?
    “Just recently a genocide has been talked about…”
    A genocide has been “talked about, ” has it? Of who, by whom? What genocide are you referring to, because most I’m aware of take place in Third World shit holes like Africa and the Middle East. Or maybe this “genocide” is strictly TALKED about rather than actually existing.
    “What about the mandated slavery that is still in existence. ”
    That would be in Africa, dude. By blacks, enslaving other blacks. I really don’t think that will help your argument!
    “If we were allowed the same rights and freedoms of others, do you think we would need assistance?”
    I see. And explain to us what “rights” you are currently denied. Take your time, we’ll wait.

  454. JohnStuder says:


  455. queenofmeanest says:

    JohnStuder JO3221987 

  456. JohnStuder says:


  457. AmadeusClark says:

    PernellParham You are correct, but racial hatred towards Blacks from whites happened long before Blacks got on welfare..

  458. queenofmeanest says:

    JohnStuder queenofmeanest JO3221987 
    Thank you for proving me right again.   No your mother is the “WELFARE QUEEN”. So I suggest that you limit your limited way of thinking that you are above the law when it comes to lying, cheating, stealing and killing.

    Your good thing is coming to an end real fast.

  459. queenofmeanest says:

    Read the post from Lyndon Johnson on this page.

  460. queenofmeanest says:

    Wrong again.
    { A genocide has been “talked about, ” has it? Of who, by whom? What
    genocide are you referring to, because most I’m aware of take place in
    Third World shit holes like Africa and the Middle East. Or maybe this
    “genocide” is strictly TALKED about rather than actually existing.}

    I guess Bosnia is not considered a holocaust or a form of genocide in your book.

  461. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Oh, it absolutely is, Queen.  I would also call Bosnia not too many steps up from a “Third World shit hole.”

    But that’s beside the point.  Since Mr. Parham apparently isn’t going to answer me, maybe you can enlighten me on what “genocide” he was referring to?  Because all “recent” genocides that come to my mind have not taken place in the U.S.. and hence have absolutely nothing to do with any discussion about govt benefits or reparations.  Am I wrong?

  462. JohnStuder says:


  463. queenofmeanest says:

    JohnStuder queenofmeanest JO3221987 
    GOTCHA.  You have lied to me.  You have cheated me of my human rights.  You have not only stolen from me, but from the members of this board as well.

    As for the death threat, you better think long and hard about that threat.  You are just a poor piece of white trash that is living in a fantasy world.  You have proven to the world that you are no more than a common animal.

    YOU ARE A SOULESS BUNDLE OF ANIMAL CUNNING and that so-called death threat is nothing more than a fantasy.

    Call me when you grow into some grown man britches and then we will see who will walk away alive.

  464. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest JohnStuder JO3221987 John, dude, you obviously don’t know me, but believe me when I say that Queen here is alright.  There are plenty of others more needful of your hostility than she is.  

    You’re just both hot tempered, and that’s okay.  But take it from someone who’s basically on your side ideologically, she’s a cool lady.

  465. JohnStuder says:


  466. queenofmeanest says:

    JohnStuder queenofmeanest JO3221987 



  467. queenofmeanest says:


    100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
    American slavery.
    Did you know that blacks were part of the 16 million that died in the concentration camps in Europe during WWII?  Only the Jews and the Jehovah’s Witnesses got reparations for their share of the holocaust?  In Germany, blacks were the original guinea pigs for Zyklon B years before it was used on the Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, etc.

    Then there’s the holocaust against the Native Americans you have to consider.  What you fail to understand is that Amerikkkan slavery was the worst form of slavery practiced in the history of mankind.
    I actually met with the families of the 43 students assassinated in Mexico a couple of weeks ago.

    Re-read the 14th amendment of the constitution, there is a clause that does not end slavery. 

    Blacks are still considered 3/5 human.  Blacks are paid 3/5 less than their white counterparts.  Blacks are still being hassled for voting.  Scams are being conducted to prevent “voter” fraud in the black and latino communities. But nothing was done to Ann Coulter when she was accused of voter fraud.

  468. JohnStuder says:


  469. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest JohnStuder JO3221987 
    Thank you.

  470. queenofmeanest says:

    Fair housing
    Equal Employment
    Affirmative action never benefited blacks.  White women benefited from Affirmative Actions more than blacks and other races.

  471. JohnStuder says:


  472. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 We’ve had this conversation about affirmative action before, Queen.  I don’t understand what your confusion is on it.  When you state that white women “benefit more” from affirmative action than blacks and others, that is a RELATIVE, not an absolute statement.  I’m not even asking what your measure is in asserting that it’s accurate, that’s not the point.  But if white women do, in fact, benefit MORE from affirmative action on a relative basis, that does NOT mean that you don’t benefit on an absolute basis.  

    Let’s say we’re both standing on the street, and someone claiming to be with the govt states we have benefits under a new federal program.  Let’s see he gives you $50, and me $100.

    Does that mean you didn’t get any money??

  473. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 To assert that “affirmative action never benefited blacks” is simply not defensible by ANY definition of “benefit.”  You have received hiring preferences and students with higher scores and more impressive resumes were denied spots to be given to blacks.  Those are inarguable facts.

  474. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    According to the United States Labor Department, the primary
    beneficiaries of affirmative action are white women. The Department of
    Labor estimated that 6 million women workers are in higher occupational
    classifications today than they would have been without affirmative
    action policies.
    As for the gummitt donation. It is absolutely moot if it is based on race.

  475. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Queen, I’m not trying to be snarky here, but so what??  All you gave me was a statement that affirmative action benefited 6 million women.  How is this proof it didn’t benefit blacks, by any measure?

    How does the number of lawsuits females file prove you didn’t benefit?

    And this statement, I have no idea what you’re saying.
    “As for the gummitt donation. It is absolutely moot if it is based on race.”

  476. JohnStuder says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest JohnStuder JO3221987 FAIR ENOUGH…

  477. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Heck, this is as good an example of what I’m referring to as anything, and since I don’t feel like doing a lot of searching to make a pretty obvious point, it’s from the Time magazine editorial you yourself posted.  

    I’m normally loath to cite something from Sally Kohn, who is frankly an idiot even by the low standards of left wing punditry, but here it is:

    “Even in the private sector, the advancements of white women eclipse those of people of color. After its own affirmative-action program, the numbers of women in management positions more than tripled in less than 10 years. Data from subsequent years show that the number of executives of color at IBM also grew, but at the same rate.”

    See?  Not growing black presence among corporate executives at as fast a RATE as the female rate is not a lack of “benefit!”

  478. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    Whites are complaining about blacks benefiting more from affirmative action and that whites are demanding affirmative action benefits as well.

    I am quoting your friend John Studer when he asked the silly a$$ed question about affirmative action.
    In the hiring process, it is nothing more than a game. I used to work for the Urban League, so I know every trick in the book when it comes to hiring. White employers come to organizations like the Urban League and other organizations by people of color claiming that they have positions available and they are looking to hire people of color.  Many blacks and latinos apply for the jobs.  Weeks, months later, no response from the company.  Applicants follow up with letters, emails and phone calls and no response.
    When I worked for the Urban League after talking to my clients and finding out that these companies were not hiring or responding to my clients requests.  I took it upon myself to start applying for those same jobs with a different name and race.  I applied as white.  All of a sudden I started getting call backs for those same jobs.  I eventually called those companies on their little game and they did not like it one bit.

    What you and John and others fail to understand that there are plenty of blacks and latinos with degrees that often overlook because of the color of their skin and these same companies would rather let a job go unfilled just to keep out that person of color because they are lacking one skill or one less year of experience.  Basically refuse to hire a qualified person of color for some minor bullshit.
    You have to really looked at the skewed statistics tracking the numbers of blacks unemployed.

    Remember that race discrimination case I told you I was involved in?
    Let me give you a blow by blow description of how white benefited from Affirmative Action than blacks.
    1) Experienced black collectors were given typing and other office skills tests.  Non-experienced white applicants for the position of Collector I fresh out of high school were hired.  Collectors do not type.  There is a secretary for that.  Collectors do not file anything.  There is a File clerk for that department only.
    2) Whites were allowed to take classes to add and improve their skills.  Blacks were not.  If blacks went to school, blacks was harassed and not allowed to attend class even if the company paid for it.

    3) In my discrimination case, it was discovered that I was making 3/5th less than a white hair dresser that had the job of data entry clerk, even though I had experience in collections, mortgage/auto loan processing, re-fi, foreclosures, loan set-up, payoffs, and accounting.  I was making 3/5ths less than a white woman who admitted in her interview that she never knew how to balance her checkbook and yet, they hired her to balance 28 accounts in less than 1/2 hr.

    A black woman with a accounting degree was denied employment.

    Now for the answer to your next question, that is to be answered by contacting the EEOC.  Each case is handled on a case by case basis and via statistical record keeping.

    When I was working in collections, all collectors were assigned a CCL and handgun.  I was the only black in the department.  Eventually my handgun was taken from me without explanation and the whites allowed to keep theirs.

    The last statement is based on the fact that you were paid more than me for the same reason, but race and sex was the determining factors.

  479. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    Some of those stats are several years behind.  It is typical for the government not to post current stats.

  480. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 It doesn’t work like that, Queen, sorry.  You can’t uncritically lead with a stat about women benefiting from AA, then when I show you how people of color have benefited, claim that the stats are outdated.  Here is the number specifically, and not from Sally Kohn.  And even thought it is a few years old, so what?

    “IBM’s affirmative action program highlights early identification of employees with high 
    leadership potential, broadening career opportunities, and recruiting qualified employees from a 
    diversity of backgrounds. Central to IBM’s Executive Resources program is the idea that 
    recruiting, training, and retaining talented minorities is the responsibility of IBM’s management, 
    from the CEO down through second line managers. From January 1996 to March 2001, the 
    percentage of minority executives increased 170 percent – from 117 to 316 officials. (IBM, June 

  481. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    Another affirmative action benefit which shows disparities between blacks and whites and that is banking and credit.
    Prime example:  The bank where I used to work.
    A high school classmate of mine, 3rd year military applying for a car loan.  Small credit.  No late pays.  All balances are paid off. $4,000 in the deal.  His father is co-signing.  Willie is turned down.  Why?
    His father had a $29.00 charge off on his credit report.  Willie, Sr. provided documentation that it was not his charge-off and that he was working with Chilton, TRW and TransUnion to have it removed from his credit report.  Willie is black.

    Still no luck.
    A white woman rear-ended me in from of my office building.  A hit and run.  She applies for a car loan with my bank.  $3,000 down.  Here is what is on her credit report.  I still have her credit report

    J. Magnin  -$12989.00
    I. Magnin  -$15201.09
    Ralph Lauren Polo -$10313.72
    Bonwit Teller -$8429.78
    Sakowitz -$11674.13
    Macy’s -$22479.01
    Bloomingdales -$9846.23
    Marshal Fields -$5423.79
    Montaldos -$5100.19
    Carson Pirie & Scott -$3157.00

    This woman shopped at the same stores I did and we both had/have accounts at those same stores and yet she got the car loan.

  482. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    Again, you are wrong.  You have not proven that blacks benefited from Affirmative Action.  Crime statistics, social services statistics are at least 3-5 years in being reported.
    IBM was one of the companies that I applied as a white woman and got the call back.IBM has no credibility with me at all.

  483. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
     A large percentage of White workers will lose out if affirmative action is continued.

    Government statistics do not support this myth. According to the U.S.
    Commerce Department, there are 2.6 million unemployed Black civilians
    and 114 million employed White civilians (U.S. Bureau of the Census,
    2011). Thus, even if every unemployed Black worker in the United States
    were to displace a White worker, only 2% of Whites would be affected.
    Furthermore, affirmative action pertains only to job-qualified
    applicants, so the actual percentage of affected Whites would be even
    smaller. The main sources of job loss among White workers have to do
    with factory relocations and labor contracting outside the United
    States, computerization and automation, and corporate downsizing (Ivins,

  484. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
     If Jewish people and Asian Americans can rapidly advance economically, African Americans should be able to do the same.

    This comparison ignores the unique history of discrimination against
    Black people in America. Over the past four centuries, Black history has
    included nearly 250 years of slavery, 100 years of legalized
    discrimination, and only 50 years of anything else. Jews and Asians, on
    the other hand, are populations that immigrated to North America and
    included doctors, lawyers, professors, and entrepreneurs among their
    ranks. Moreover, European Jews are able to function as part of the White
    majority. To expect Blacks to show the same upward mobility as Jews and
    Asians is to deny the historical and social reality that Black people

  485. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Sigh.  Queen, seriously, now you’re just being silly.

    First of all how is a 3 to 5 year delay in stats grounds for disregarding them??  Govt stats take a couple of years to analyze and compile, that is common knowledge.  That is no reason whatsoever to quibble with their usability.

    So, IBM, a publicly traded, heavily scrutinized company is simply lying about how many black executives they employ, is that it?

  486. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 “A large percentage of White workers will lose out if affirmative action is continued.”

    Who said this??  I didn’t.  It has never been a point about a “large percentage,” it’s been about basic fairness.  If you were more qualified, you didn’t get the college admission or the job, that simple.  You’re arguing it’s okay because it’s unfairness in small doses?

    The remainder of your post is supported by stats.  Would these be the same stats you said we should disregard because theyre too old a minute ago?

  487. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    NO.  You are the one that is being silly.  You don’t want to accept the fact that more whites benefit from Affirmative Action.
    As for the statistical reference, I suggest that you contact those agencies.  When you contact your state human resources department and ask for the statistical breakdown of welfare recipients by race, they will tell you that those figures are not up to date.  When you ask why, they either have an answer or just plain flat out say I do not know.
    No, IBM is saying that they cannot find good quality “qualified” black applicants.

  488. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    Did I say that you said that?

  489. JohnStuder says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 actually, i consider it a “smart ass” comment!  I dont agree with affirmative action for black. white, yellow, or any color or race for that matter.  I personally would not accept affirmative action.  Hard work, grit and determination are what it really takes in my opinion….however, i dont agree with anyone holding anyone back that is willing to work hard and make a better life for themselves and their family.   I do believe there are those who would not hire someone based on race. I am not one….show skill and initiative and i will hire you regardless of race. Period!

  490. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 No, it doesn’t say much of anything.  It’s silly semantics about an unsubstantiated assertion that the whites this person works with are less qualified than the blacks, branding THAT “affirmative action,” and making the illogical conclusion that, “See??  This is proof affirmative action benefits white people!”

  491. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Would seem you implied it.  Who said it, then, and why did you see the point of leading a post addressed to me with it?

  492. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Gross oversimplification, Queen.  Asians were one step up from slaves in the 19th century.  I don’t have stats handy for how many immigrated here educated versus uneducated, but that’s a weak argument.  

    Okay, dinnertime.  I’ll pick back up later.

  493. JohnStuder says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Queen….lets just say for instance that someone actually gave you a job and they listened to you militantly talk about affirmative action, black this and white that????   That employer is going to be scared shit that there would be a situation with you and one of the employees or management that would cost them a shi*tload of money.   Employers steer way clear of dramatic bs these day like you cant believe!   After all, are we not there to work, get paid, offer 8 for 8?????

  494. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 I suppose a secondary point in this piece is to argue that affirmative action is a form of Keynesian economics, where economic “stimulus” is injected into the economy via higher quality employment, wages, and standards of living for non-whites.  Excerpt:

    “Ultimately, are necessary to provide access for people who were prevented access by reasons of racism. They are a benefit to our entire society because increasing wealth for underrepresented groups increases wealth for all. Here’s a quick fact: Black households have one-tenth the wealth of white households in this country. If our society caught black households up it would be the equivalent of injecting the entire GDP of Japan into our economy. Who would benefit the most from this? White people. A rising tide lifts all boats, and there are more “white boats” in the bay.”

    This is fine as far as it goes, but this fatally undermines your argument, Queen:  I thought blacks DIDN’T BENEFIT from AA??  If this is going to work an economic boost, blacks by definition would have reap higher incomes in order for their subsequent consumption to increase economic growth, and thus, overall wealth!

    It’s also quite bizarre for the black political establishment to have treated every court case or legislative attempt to repeal affirmative action as a political death match if all it did was provide a boon to white women!

  495. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 I respect you enough, Queen, that I will take your anecdotes here completely at fact value with nothing more than your word.  But even so, what you have given here is, at worst, an example of credit discrimination.  This is NOT an affirmative action story in any way, and it certainly isn’t proof blacks somehow don’t benefit from AA.

  496. queenofmeanest says:

    JohnStuder queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 
    Actually, this question should be addressed to a white woman.  She is the one that is suing the employer due her not receiving her affirmative action benefits.

  497. JohnStuder queenofmeanest JO3221987
    Bye, John.

  498. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Ms. Carnell, don’t be shocked, but let me pay you a compliment. No one can say you don’t allow dissent. In an age of forums who police themselves of any peep of disagreement like KGB, that’s commendable

  499. junkbondtrader41 Thank you. I try, but sometimes you’re forced to draw a line.

  500. odifasa126476 says:

    Your Stats are completely broken. You are not including the fact that whites out number blacks by a larger margin. You are pulling from two different population sizes and trying to compare data. Nice try.

  501. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    Define “recent.”

  502. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Queen, it me seems to me that question is best asked of Mr. Parham. “Recent genocide is his term. But to my thinking let’s say “recent” is a few decades.
    What is the American “genocide?” I suspect the very concept that there has been one is where we will disagree huge.

  503. queenofmeanest says:

    The continuous and ongoing genocide is what is being done to the Native Americans.
    Stripped of their religion, culture, rampant alcohol and drug abuse, broken treaties, etc.
    A ongoing American worldwide genocide is the United States selling weapons to both sides of a conflict while at the same time preaching democracy and other bullshit.

  504. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Native Americans??  I’m sorry, Queen, the shelf life is expired on that one, and even it weren’t, that’s weak.  What happened to the Native Americans was warfare, conquest, disease, any number of things, but it was not a policy of purposeful “genocide.”  We did not have a govt policy to wipe them out, which is the definition of “genocide.”

    American arms selling is an even looser misuse of the term.  You and I have had enough conversations, Queen, you should know that language means something to me.  I don’t just accept silly premises like everything is “murder,” “racism,” “genocide,” whatever cliche is being thrown around. You’re very capable of debate without resorting to silly hyperbole.  

    Mr. Parham talked about “recent genocide,” by the United States, and that’s absurd on its face.  Stop trying to defend the indefensible.

  505. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    Nice try.  You asked for recent and I gave you not only recent but ongoing.  I am not defending the indefensible.  I am only defending the truth, which is hard to comprehend.
    Your United Snakes of America has a whores mouth and it works all sides of the street.  The US has provided weapons to most nations for many a year while at the same time selling weapons to the opposition as well.
    The Russians and Chinese have been doing this for years as well.  It is what it is.
    My mother had a bumper sticker on her car and it says this “General George Custer’s ass was SIOUXED by the SIOUX Indians.  Who said that justice did not prevail.”

  506. junkbondtrader41 says:

    We clearly won’t agree on this, Queen, so let me just close out with the observation that Native Americans are THE sole demographic group in the US who are completely and utterly dependent on the federal govt. Federally funded reservations to live on, cradle to grave welfare in every area, tax favored status for their businesses, etc.
    Now that is one HELL of an odd sort of “ongoing genocide! “

  507. queenofmeanest says:

    Whose fault is that?  It is not the Native Americans.  It is
    the white man’s fault.  The native americans are limited to treaties
    that is one way enforceable.  The U.S. government reaping the big
    rewards of their resources and yet paying them pennies or should I say
    wooden nickels on the dollar?
    This is an ongoing
    genocide.  I suggest that read your history regarding how Presidents
    Grant, Jackson,  and other presidents led to the current state of indian

    No matter how you deny or spin it.  It is still the white man’s fault every step of the way as designed.
    So there is no hope for absolution of the white mans sins.

  508. junkbondtrader41 says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 Let’s say theoretically we settled up with the Native Americans and gave them “their” land and wealth back. 

    Who is “they?”  The Crow?  The Comanche?  The Apache?  The Creek?  Or are they all just one big “they,” completely interchangeable?  Once this massive land and wealth transfer took place, THEN, would they settle up their debts with EACH OTHER??

    I’ve always failed to understand why the white men is deserving of some unique demonization for doing pretty much what the Native Americans were already doing to each other.  And whites did with considerably less barbarity.

    All due respect, Queen, I don’t accept your accusation of my “sin.”  At least not the idea that my people are guilty something more evil than the sins of all.

  509. queenofmeanest says:

    junkbondtrader41 queenofmeanest 
    That is your problem not mine.  It is well documented in Germ, Guns and Steel.  Make the time to study the treaties that the white man broke with the Indians.  Make the time to really study the acts committed against the Indians.  
    Make the time.  Either way, the sins of the father.

  510. junkbondtrader41 says:

    You’re not following me, Queen. One, I have no intention of sorting out property to be given back as the survivors today were not alive to be stolen from, nor was I alive to commit the theft!
    My suggestion was that they figure out a formula to square their OWN accounts of intertribal theft, warfare and atrocities before they avert their gaze to us.
    It’s all moot because NONE of it will happen. The US is ours. Period.

  511. justinv588 says:

    junkbondtrader41 White women out number the total number of the black population almost 3 to 1 so stop using numbers and not percentages, it is very misleading and you know it

  512. justinv588 says:

    canadiandrugrehab CrystalPowell Thank you for pointing that out. It is crazy how numbers are used when they benefit an agenda and percentages are ignored.

  513. justinv588 says:

    AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050 There are millions more whites in the total population. Learn basic math and the difference between numbers and percentages.

  514. justinv588 says:

    tobitjones derrickpirkey AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050 Thank you sir!

  515. justinv588 says:

    CarolParks Last time I checked your democrat controlled senate approved the war in Iraq for one thing and social security was established in 1935 under Roosevelt. Stop spewing lies.

  516. justinv588 says:

    DebbieTaylor1 derrickpirkey AnthonyASmalls mgeorge1050 How is it not true?

  517. justinv588 says:

    ladyoflzur Where are all these nice safe working class black communities? I see tons of white neighborhoods without cars in driveways from 9 to 5. Every cities MLK blvd is packed all day and night.

  518. justinv588 says:

    ladyoflzur Define “benefits”. There is a big difference between wellfare, foodstamps, ect. and tax breaks and student grants that actually contribute to society.

  519. justinv588 says:

    PernellParham CarolParks We are not all equal, average black IQ is 80 in the states compared to 100 for whites and asians are a bit higher. Blacks have smaller brains and asians have the largest. I guess the facts are racist. Nobody disagrees blacks are stronger, faster and have bigger penises though. No problem with that statistic.

  520. justinv588 says:

    CarolParks You are wrong, Black are still enslaving blacks. Egypt was still enslaving europeans after slavery was abolished in the United States. Do some damn research. Who do you think sold the slaves to the white slave traders in Africa?

  521. queenofmeanest says:

    MikeDarr satay31 
    Whites can apply and receive college funding from UNCF.  So stop lying about things you know nothing about and also stop lying about things you do know.  In other words, stop lying and hush.

  522. justinv588 says:

    PernellParham CarolParks I had to watch Roots for a week in school so don’t tell me they push a white dominance. It is the other way around, they make whites feel bad for being born white.

  523. justinv588 says:

    lynks08 Because whites are 70 percent of the population!

  524. justinv588 says:

    hemanpark mgeorge1050 rrutter81 White on black rape is so low it is considered zero. How many white women are raped by black men?

  525. justinv588 says:

    satay31 MikeDarr Ikwiata Hilarious that you quote cities that have extremely high incomes in some parts that are the where the few white people live so it skews the average. Good try.

  526. MinervaMoser says:

    It’s “trough” not “troth.”  Your logic is as flawed as your use of the English language.  As far as lazy welfare recipients are concerned, there are way too many of all races sucking that teat.

  527. queenofmeanest says:

    Tell that to the whites.

  528. ErikBaran says:

    Would you care to give us the numbers inre AA based on percentages of the population, not pure numbers? Thanks.

  529. Friberg says:

    MinervaMoser So what is your solution? We shouldn’t have government assistance for low income citizens? Should we keep providing government assistance to millionaires and billionaires through bail-outs and various subsidies while cutting assistance to the low income?

    People blow my mind, this mentality moves our society backwards.

  530. Kevin Tucker says:

    U.S. Department of Agriculture data from 2013, which administers welfare, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are Black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.Mar 3, 2015


    Non-Hispanic whites make up 63 percent of the U.S.; Hispanics, 17 percent; blacks, 12.3 percent; Asians, 5 percent; and multiracial Americans, 2.4 percent. About 353 of the nation’s 3,143 counties, or 11 percent, are now “majority-minority.”Jun 13, 2013

    Whites make up 63% of the population, but receive 40% of welfare
    blacks make up 12.5% of the population and receive more than 25% of all welfare

    Just like the prison system. If you just add the numbers then whites who are almost 2/3 of the population should have more TOTAL people. What you are avoiding is the FACT that a greater percentage of blacks are on welfare and incarcerated

  531. RonaldGolz says:

    I don’t quite understand the logic behind any of these statistics. My niece is white. She has 3 out of wedlock children. She is has become totally dependent on government handouts. I don’t think the debate should be about who takes the handouts, but rather what the result of making a person a dependent of the government does to that person. A helping hand in a time of need is one thing, the government dole as a way of life for generations of poor is quite another.
    “The lessons of history, confirmed by evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence on relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.  It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is a violation of the traditions of America.”

    Franklin D Roosevelt, Address to Congress, January 4th, 1935

  532. jeterdanny says:

    junkbondtrader41 Another clueless white dude (i am white) who although benefiting from white privilege, refuses white responsibility for CENTURIES of oppression and social stagnation of the black community. This legacy is not wiped away by your arrogant and insensitive dismissal of it. It impacts black people everyday..  Listen to what they are trying to say to you..  instead of thinking you know ..  because you are clueless.

  533. tomwantsafuture says:

    Kevin Tucker leave to anyone with numbers and they can confuse the situation as always and your right.

  534. tomwantsafuture says:

    MinervaMoser It needs cut back tons, and illegals should not get any, they don’t pay taxes and therefore are not entitled in the least. You must pay to play OR to eat you must put in the pot likewise, hence potluck stew.

  535. tomwantsafuture says:

    Friberg MinervaMoser vote Sanders? So we can all be on the dole and no one works? That’s socialistic fantasy. No one works, no one eats. Its silly.

  536. tomwantsafuture says:

    PernellParham the blacks were not the first slaves in america, the Irish were in the 1600’s and we are not whining. Get over it all ready. Geez big baby.

  537. tomwantsafuture says:

    PernellParham sorry for your wrong thinking but the blacks were not the first slaves in america, they are just the only ones still whining about it. The first slaves in america were actually “WHITE IRISH” in the 1600’s. So whats your beef again?

    Now get over it, K? And it sounds like you need to get a job. 

    Maybe the blacks could pay the Irish?

    Also you have more rights than Irish whites, they don’t give companies tax breaks for hiring us? There is no organizations placing us Iriash above all else. NAACP – Black college fund? Where is my extra whining help? I had to do it all on my own, so grow up already. K?

  538. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 still whining? Have some cheese to go with that whine.

  539. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 only because there are more white women. Its called percentages.

  540. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 that is just one personal story, there are plenty in the opposite direction. Not really facts or percentages.

  541. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 blacks can only do the same if they get off their rears and work and go to school and apply themselves. No one can do that for them but them.

  542. queenofmeanest says:

    tomwantsafuture queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 who’s whining?

  543. queenofmeanest says:

    tomwantsafuture queenofmeanest junkbondtrader41 
    That applies to whites as well.

  544. queenofmeanest says:

    tomwantsafuture PernellParham 
    Irish are WHITE and they greatly benefit from white privilege.

  545. queenofmeanest says:

    tomwantsafuture PernellParham 
    That is a lie.  Irish whine all of the time.

  546. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest tomwantsafuture PernellParham Keep thinking that.

  547. queenofmeanest says:

    tomwantsafuture PernellParham 
    BTW, the word B@sta@rd is in the KJV.  Read it in the book of Deuteronomy.

  548. TerryDouglaz says:

    Blacks are the only race of people on this earth that is 100% human-being. God created Black people in his own image. Blacks are the original people and the white race is the Black man’s birth defect (Albinos) that is exactly who the White race are “Albinos”. Do know your history before you open your mouth. We are the forefathers of the world…So, show some respect for your ancestors.

  549. tomwantsafuture says:

    TerryDouglaz thanks, I needed a good laugh this morning.  I have to say I don’t believe man came from the ape family either. But I am sure your story makes you feel better. 

    If your statement were true black cities would thrive, unlike Detroit or other black devastated cities. Can you name3 one city in the USA where an all black city actually thrives?

  550. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest tomwantsafuture PernellParham No it’s not a lie. And I know of no Irish Americans whining for what they have or have not.

  551. tomwantsafuture says:

    JO3221987 you would use the HuffingtonPost for your facts? Not like they aren’t biased or something.  Can anyone say an alt-left paper?

  552. queenofmeanest says:

    tomwantsafuture TerryDouglaz Seriously tomwantsafuture AKA Junkbondtrader41?

  553. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest tomwantsafuture TerryDouglaz what are you talking about? Was that supposed to  be an answer?

  554. queenofmeanest says:

    tomwantsafuture TerryDouglaz 
    I gave you your answer aka Junkbondtrader41.  You were kicked off and now you are back with another identity.

  555. tomwantsafuture says:

    queenofmeanest tomwantsafuture TerryDouglaz for one you are mistaken as to whom I am. I have always been tomwantsafuture everywhere I post. And my posting started with the USA election interest this year. Nothing else. But it must fit some theory of yours that makes you feel good. So what ever.  I hope you sleep well.

  556. TonyBmore says:

    human being See MONSTER.
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)
    monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

  557. TonyBmore says:

    But it means you are benefiting more than the intended party! Usually that’s called fraud. And so it stands that whites benefits more from affirmative action than blacks….white women usually & mostly have white children and white husbands. Whites benefit more!

  558. tomwantsafuture says:

    TonyBmore whites benefit more only because they use it more as a hand up than a hand out and make it a lifetime career.

  559. thejookking says:

    tomwantsafuture queenofmeanest PernellParham The Irish were NEVER slaves. They were indentured servants. Look up the difference if you don’t know it.

  560. thejookking says:

    tomwantsafuture PernellParham Sounds like you’re whining a lot. So don’t take it out on us because The Brits found you Irish low in human value. You were able to transition into society because you blended into white America and nothing more. Blacks didn’t afford that luxury so what’s your problem?

  561. tomwantsafuture says:

    thejookking tomwantsafuture queenofmeanest PernellParham Then tell what you think when you read these. And what was it you said about NEVER slaves, just in case you don’t know it.

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