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September 8, 2013

Slavemasters Ran Their Plantations Exactly The Same as Modern Corporations

Slavemasters Ran Their Plantations Exactly The Same as Modern Corporations

modern corporation

by Yvette Carnell

Modern management techniques are heralded at top business schools as grand mechanisms of efficiency, born in early American factories, but a report published in Harvard Business Review indicates that slave owners were the first to expertly employ these techniques. Without having to worry about turnover, slave owners could focus exclusively on optimization and efficiency.

From HBR:

Slaveholders also developed an equivalence unit called “the prime field hand.” They assigned certain capabilities to the prime hand, such as expected production per day. Workers were measured against this standard and given values such as “half hand” and “quarter hand.” Owners used these units as benchmarks across plantations. If one slaveholder reported that he had 13 hands who were the equivalent of 10 prime hands, other slaveholders would have known exactly what that meant in terms of production.

Even though we’re well past the era of physical slavery, what does it say about our modern economy that we’re still employing the tools perfected by slavemasters? What does it say that little Harvard biz sharks are being taught the same systems and models of effectiveness that slavemasters pioneered?

Your boss looks at you the same way as the slavemaster viewed the slave—purely as human capital. Your only worth is in what you can produce in labor and how efficiently and effectively you can produce it. After that, you’re disposable.

Slaves were considered  just numbers, not people, to their masters, and now workers are considered just numbers, not actual human beings, to their companies. My how far we’ve come.


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17 thoughts on “Slavemasters Ran Their Plantations Exactly The Same as Modern Corporations

  1. AdolphDooley says:

    Most Black urban dwellers, know that they are still slaves, therefore are still treated as such; most of our white brothers, and sister do not, realize they are slaves, and therefore expendable; so they blame their condition, and plight on the black urban dweller. In “The New World Order” there will not be much use for so many slaves, black or white, because of highly sophisticated, technological advances, that has replaced slave labor, and so the prognosticators, and the creators of “The New World Order” are planning to dispose of a very large portion of their “dumb-downed” un-needed slave holdings, through techniques designed and tested for large scale human elimination, and disposal. The proliferation of the “Zombie” phenomenon, is not just about scary movies, it is a blueprint for the destruction of the masses. This is not a conspiracy theory, or hoax! Your only weapon against the coming apocalypse, is: “Love, Peace, and fervent Prayers!”

    1. soul60 says:

      AdolphDooley – Hey don’t spook the people to bad.
      Give up a solution maybe.

      1. AdolphDooley says:

        soul60….The only way to awaken some people, is to shake them up! Others have to be awaken by showing them the undiluted truth! Some don’t want to be awaken, so they’ll go back to sleep! Some are already awakened, and are push into action!
        The reason Love, forgiveness, peace, and truth will stop the coming “New World Apocalypse” from happening, is because all of those things produce the positive energy flow, which is “Divine”, and “Divine” energy flow, is greater then the negative energy flow, and will halt the flow of the negative energy needed to make “The New World Order” a reality. Wars, hate, lies, murder, stealing, etc,…all of it is powered by the lack of “Light, Love, truth, peace, hope, etc,…” And it is as simple as that! Read the comments that are posted, and most of them lack anything good, so you know it produces negative energy, and that’s the way it is in the real world; we all produce too much hate, and negative energy, and it is that type of dis-harmonious, negative energy, the wicked evil institutions need, to carry out their wicked agendas!

  2. kimisland says:

    Did you know we are living amidst the grandchildren and some ACTUAL children of slavemasters? I could never have been anyone’s slave!! How sick is that??!! i believe I would have tried to take as many of those hatemongering bags down as I could before I was taken out! Who could make a slave out of another human being and call them on the law books “only 3/5 of a human being”? Who does this??! Sick fucks!

    1. AdolphDooley says:

      Kim-island…..How little you know? You are a slave today, right now! You are a willing slave, doing whatever your master tells you to do! Continuously serving it without any compensation, your life is not your own, to do as you wish, it is your masters, to do with you as it wishes to do, and you always comply, because your desire, is its command.
      Yes Kim-island, you are still a slave, but you do not know it! Your body is your “slave-master”. You are the slave, to what you thought you controlled! I’m sorry I have to be the one to inform you; I know it must come as a shock, and a shoulder slumping surprise, that your own body is a dominating slave-master, when you thought you were the one in-charge. As you begin to understand this sad truth, you will realize how your own personal slave-master, needs more slaves, because you cannot do all of its bidding, so it sends you out to find other slaves to control, and become master over them also. I know you are beginning to see the complexity, and the truth of this matter.

  3. soul60 says:

    I guess it’s time for me to find me a new slave(just over broke-job)
    Maybe  the new massa might treat me better and don’t beat me to  bad.

    1. AdolphDooley says:

      Soul60….We are slaves to our outer presence, which is our bodies! We allow our outer presence to rule over our divine nature, and our divine nature is perfect! Our outer presence is corrupt! That is why the damned thing needs so much attention! It’s always hungry, dirty, sick, tired, injured, selfish, always craving for something, conceited, arrogant, boastful, lying, uncontrollable, etc,…; our divine nature is perfect, yet we spend a life-time, exercising the outer presence, and strengthening all of its faults and defects, and we never exercise our divine nature, so we do not get the great benefits of its perfection. We do go to church, and receive, inaccurate, flawed, and sometime fatal information from ignorant men and women who are self-deceived.

  4. Lifei Long says:

    You know… knowledge is the best medicine,weapon,friend and defense against any life threatening situation. Unfortunately NOTHING has changed or will CHANGE in white America except the people who live with chains around their minds. When the 99% get tied of pulling the heavy loads of despair like slaves, maybe then they will stop and think…? What the hell am I doing this for…?

    1. soul60 says:

      Lifei Long -Great comment for sure.

    2. AdolphDooley says:

      Life I Long….Yes! All you have to do, is read that “BS” “Big Mo” is putting down, to know you are perfectly right!

  5. Big Mo says:

    In 1860, more than 10% of free blacks owned slaves. In the city of New Orleans, 28% of free blacks owned slaves in 1860. Blacks were also ALL of the notorious slave-breeders in America. 

    In 1801, white males made it illegal to import slaves into a America.  From then on, slave-breeding by blacks became BIG business.  White people refused to do such a thing.

    1. soul60 says:

      Big Mo – Very interesting and have read the same info. But  even from that  we can see how those slaves owned by  the so-called free slaves  would abuse and treat the captured slaves to the point we can see how some of mistreatment legacy is alive and well.
      Everybody points fingers and blame whoever,but ask both groups let get to root  cause of this slave like twisted social behavior all the thru the
      society .
      Many black’s,white’s and other races have no idea  what a slave psychosis is.

    2. AdolphDooley says:

      Big Mo…..You Love Mis-information, and lies! Slavery was outlawed in 1808, but enforcing it was another thing all together. It was the hard work of northern abolitionist, that kept, slavery from proliferating in the north. The south continued to import slaves, up until about 1825; and if you expect anyone to believe white slave traders would have allowed black folks to run the slave trade, with the money they were making! you are indeed a mad man! There is not a money loving white man on earth that will willingly concede anything of great value to black men. Do you think the “Confederacy” seceded from the “Union”, and fault a civil war, to protect their right not to own slaves? I hope no one here is taking you serious!

    3. AdolphDooley says:

      Big Mo-Lester!….You are in the wrong business, you should be writing assignments, for demons, and devils! There is not a single nano particle of truth in you! You’re probably some 5ft 2in, over-weight, undersized “devil-man” needing some attention! So you come here with your nuggets of stupidity, wrapped in your favorite toilet paper, and present them, hoping to get the adverse emotional, and negative energy response, you need to ejaculate. It would be funny, but sick people like you are dangerous! Find “Jesue and Love”, or check yourself in at your local mental illness facility, for life! I’ve got nothing for you but “ill-will and bubble-gum” and I’m all out of “bubble-gum”.

    4. Lifei Long says:

      Big Mo  
      If these figures and facts are valid, which I can believe…continue to research the truth. It gives me a different view of the isolation of our own black folks who have material wealth and those without. I guess we all dream of uniting  as black people building for self economic development and prosperity…maybe that is just my dreaming. Peace

  6. AdolphDooley says:

    I am glad nobody pays any attention to “Big Mo”, whatever “Big Mo” is; it likes going around telling lies. So please continue to ignore the thing, whatever it is?

  7. queenofmeanest says:

    Have any of you read the following book?  ” The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism
    By: Edward Baptist.”

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