CNN’s Don Lemon: You Have a Better Chance Of Getting Robbed in a Black City Than Being Killed in a Mass Shooting

by Yvette Carnell

CNN’s Don Lemon, the foremost expert on the politics of Negro respectability,  has shifted gears a bit, this time discussing his evolving views on gun control. don lemon2During a conversation with radio host Tom Joyner earlier today, Lemon said his views on gun control have changed now that he’s taken the time to research the subject.

“Let’s remove the politics and truthfully talk about gun laws, about gun violence,” Lemon cautioned. Referencing evidence from the Center for Disease Control, Lemon said,  “Mass shootings are not the problem. They account for a very small fraction of firearm related deaths.”

Lemon then laid out the numbers based on the CDC data, informing listeners that there had been 80 shootings with four or more fatalities since 1983: “That’s about 560 victims, people who have been killed, since 1983.”


“You know how many people died from non-mass shooting events, four or more people, between 2000 and 2010?” Lemon asked. “335,000 people…And the vast majority of those victims didn’t die from those so-called ‘military-style assault weapons’ that people rally against so much. Instead they died from handguns. Handguns are used in more than 87% of all violent crimes. And, in fact, handguns accounted for the most, most of the murders, the manslaughters, the incidents in this country.”

He concluded: “You have a better chance of getting shot walking down your street, getting into an altercation, or getting robbed in cities like New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore, Miami, D.C., Atlanta or Cleveland than you do getting shot or killed in a mass shooting.”

Here’s another fact: President Obama has given more speeches in response to mass shootings during his two terms than State of the Union speeches. And I’m not sure how much those statistics matter to someone who lost a mother, son, sister, husband, wife or child in Newtown or Aurora. I’m not advocating any particular solution here, but I know that when there’s a problem, you fix it. And when mentally disturbed people like Adam Lanza, James Holmes, and Aaron Alexis can easily purchase lethal weapons, then we have a problem. We don’t fix that problem by discussing how statistically irrelevant it is.



Don Lemon (Cake) is the only thing here that is irrelevant.