September 15, 2013 11:48 am

CNN’s Don Lemon and Comedian Bill Cosby Take on Embarrassing “No-Groes” in the Black Community

Lemon and cosby

by Yvette Carnell

CNN’s Don Lemon, who recently completed the evolution from journalist to hackneyed pundit, formed a tag team with comedian Bill Cosby on Saturday night to air out problems in the black community…..again.  Lemon, obviously looking to find someone to buttress recent comments he made pathologizing black behavior, invited Bill Cosby on to discuss everything from the juvenile justice system to black leadership.

In recent months, Don Lemon has tried to carve out a space for himself  in the crowded field of cable news by criticizing blacks who behave in ways he views as unworthy of white respect. Lemon has  told black folks to pull up their pants and stop littering, among other things. While interviewing Cosby on Saturday night, Lemon asked what type of new leadership is needed in the black community.

“I think it has to come from the universities,” answered Cosby. ” I think, women, strongly because when you see 70%, in research, that says they are the leaders of the household, what we need is for people to realize I want to raise my kid. I want to go back and get my three kids. I want to take on that responsibility. I want to love my children.”

Cosby then added that he’d like to see kids who don’t do well in school give themselves a second chance by attending community college.

Cosby then shifted gears, implying that blacks need to be honest with themselves and  focus on what they are not doing.

“At age 19 and a half, I knew I didn’t want to do certain things. It is not what they weren’t doing to me, it’s what I wasn’t doing. It’s a very simple thing,” he said.

Regarding the juvenile justice system, Cosby views medication as part of the problem.

“If you drug these people, and then you release them, and there’s no prescription for them to get to take to do the same thing, and they go back to the same place,” he explained.

Regarding people who criticize him for pointing out negative aspects of black culture, Cosby said, “….this is when you hear the no-groes jump up and say ‘Why don’t you talk about the good things?…Because the good things happen to be taking care of themselves pretty well.”

He added: “We are trying to help those genius’, those not genius’, people who deserve, because they are human beings on this earth, in the United States of America, we are trying to get them in a position so they will understand and want to.”

Lemon then asked Cosby why many don’t respond to the message he and Cosby are giving.

“Well, it’s because they feel, I think they feel embarrassed,” Cosby answered. He then said that he’s giving this information because he was once “living in the projects” and “not managing” his education.




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  • Theodore DuAne says:

    Black America Boycott Don Lemon.  
    Don Lemon is the WORST for the black community. Hey DOn when are you going to report the positives in the black communities around the nation? You’re a so called CRACK-POT JOURNALIST, you know the reports are out there. Report it. 
    So Don is thinking to have Bill on his show is going to change what PPL think of DON? Think AGAIN! Don you are a southern NEGRO whose out of TOUCH with black america and you’re NOT the spokes person for black america on CNN, you’re that NEGRO that whites go to feel better about themselves when they have ill feelings about AFRICAN AMERICANS. You’re the type of NEGRO that allow Whites to tell covert racist jokes in your presence and you laugh right along  with your covert white racist friends…that’s the type of NEGRO you are with the every week bad (nappy)hair CUT..get a decent BARBER for goodness sake.. your hair cut is horrible.

  • George Benson says:

    Black people’s long historical highway to self-determination is packed with mindless minions road barriers and toll keepers like Don Lemon and Bill Cosby, strategically set in place by White Power Brokers. From Nat Turner to Martin Luther King, America’s White Power Broker’s have always had subservient,  servitude-mentality-Negroes plugged into their generators of self-destruction that would light up like Marquees for messaging self-destructive propaganda to overshadow and undermine those Black folks with independent minds and spines that posed a threat to the establishment of structural racism. Hence, Don Lemon and Bill Cosby are cancerous plants, injected to fracture and fragment the fragile cell structure of the Black community, but they are not alone. Throughout the Black Diaspora, sadly, black people placed into positions of public appearance are being used to underscore and validate the deeply held belief that GOD created ONLY White People in his image and White People created the rest of us. Therefore, it is there humanity that is the yard stick of measurement for our humanity, PERIOD! With that perverted belief firmly planted into the minds and bodies of many soulless, Black Face Folks, placed into the public square of propaganda, there can never be any serious discussions about the statistics that graphically depict highly educated, highly skilled and highly accomplished Black folks that on average make 68 cents for every dollar their white counterparts make, even with twice the level of education and skill-sets. Or the number of Black Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and Commercial Airline Pilots that have filed an unprecedented number of racial discrimination lawsuits over the last ten years. Or the numbers of qualified and capable Black businesses that are being systematically shut out of lucrative government contracting. Or why CNN quietly discharged industry proven and well respected Black Reporters like Soledad O’Brian?

  • RunningAmbition says:

    I want  to call out Yvette Carnell. She seems to be so preoccupied with Don Lemon. She says Don is the sell out for “criticizing blacks who behave in ways he views as unworthy of white respect. ” As if this “said” behavior is “acceptable” to blacks.
    I understand that some of us are offended by Don and Cosby’s criticism because we feel Don and Cosby are talking down on Black folk. They are not. They are trying to help. However, Yvette seems to be aligning herself with those of you that feel this pain. I can bet you that she is far from being “cut from the same cloth.” Yvette is trying to validate herself to the Black community who she probably deep down feels rejected from for the same reasons Don talked about. Yvette is an educated black female that’s “wants to be down.” She is most likely ostracized for being educated and speaking proper English by the same group of people she is trying to gain favor from. 
    Well, Yvette, I don’t buy it. I understand White Supremacy and American Imperialism. But White Supremacy by no means validate Black irrationality.

  • david19082 says:

    White people who control mainstream media  seem obsessed with
    telling black people that unlike them we don’t have any moral values or
    work ethic. I guess because it pits black people against each other. Yet
    they refuse to do the same thing to their own race. Do
    you think that CNN would let white gay Anderson Cooper make blanket
    negative statements about the lack of morality of white America? You
    don’t see white media like CNN giving whites like Former disgraced
    congressman Anthorny Weiner a forum to
    talk about the lack of morality in white people. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE
    HYPOCRITICAL. Yet they give a forum to Cosby.  The majority of people
    in America that are underachieving on wefare and not taking care of
    children are WHITE not black. But white racist media continues to sell
    the narrative with the help of these idiots like Cosby and Lemon that
    this is solely a black
    thing. They parade these two hypocrites who’s only credibility is with
    whites in front
    of black people and then wonder why we reject every thing about them.
    Just google Bill Cosby-Rape-Drugged. Thesmokinggun website has most
    of the FACTS. Cosby paid off over a dozen white women not to press
    charges against him for “allegedly” drugging and sexually assaulting
    them. Racist white mainstream media down played it and rewarded this POS
    because he used the language of a white bigot to talk about personal
    responsibility to black people. Something Cosby knows little about.
    Cosby didn’t even want to publicly acknowledge the child he though he
    had out of of wedlock. Cosby is rich financially but morally bankrupt.
    Don Lemon is nothng more than a bitter black homosexual who hates black
    people for not supporting the white gay agenda.  We don’t hear any other
    ethnic groups publicly “calling out” their
    people in this manner for one reason. There is NOTHING constructive that

    comes from it. It only feeds into white bigotry and black self hatred.

  • BigWood says:

    Much of the ratchet behavior I see from BK ppl is not just unacceptable to WHT ppl but, unacceptable to me- a Black man. Majority of the negativity most BK ppl experience can be eliminated by using common sense.

  • misnomer58 says:

    (LOL) I followed Don Lemon on Twitter for about a hot month. The dude spends about 65% of his time talking about where he went or was going to go to eat. The rest of his time seemed dedicated to checking out black dudes. Biggest mistake, seriously it was black guys this and black guys that. And this was before I found out about his closet. Hell, if you didn’t know he was a man you would swear he was a horny little prom queen. Y’all know the type. Spend all their time talking about how much they can’t stand some dude, yet, they spend ALL their time stocking the dude. It wouldn’t surprised be one little bit if the dude walked around his house with sagging pants. Sounds like he is looking for some attention from his brothers of color that his didn’t get growing up. The dude needs one of them dark thugs in his life. Some of y’all DL brothah need to service this dudette quick-fast and in a hurry. Ease his mind, have him singing “I’m Walking On Sunshine” for a spell.
    Has for Bill Cosby; the man is just…old and cranky. Ain’t much worse than an old, cranky Black Man, ain’t not cure for it either, just give him room to run his course.

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