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July 3, 2013

Black Pastors in Sanford Say They Will Help Police Prevent Race Riots if Zimmerman Acquitted [Video]

Black Pastors in Sanford Say They Will Help Police Prevent Race Riots if Zimmerman Acquitted [Video]

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by Yvette Carnell

As the prosecution continues to drop the ball in the Trayvon Martin murder case, (first by presenting the world with a star witness, Rachel Jeantel, who hadn’t been adequately prepped, and then presenting a slew of prosecution witnesses who sounded more like defense witnesses), many are beginning to steady themselves for a ‘not guilty’ verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Among those who are bracing themselves for such a verdict is Sanford police chief Cecil Smith, who has a plan to deal with a violent reaction to the Zimmerman verdict. His plan includes a police plan, which he wouldn’t detail, as well as using black pastors to keep their flock in line.

Police and city leadership fear that violence could be ignited by outside rabble-rousers.

“Our worst fear is that we will have people from outside of the community coming in and stirring up….violence in the community,” Smith told CNN’s David Mattingly.

City Manager Norton Bonaparte also fears a racial riot could like the one we saw after the Rodney King verdict could erupt in Sanford.

“I’m saying that’s a scenario that’s certainly a possibility,” said Bonaparte.

Police have a team on standby in case of violence but  Chief Smith told CNN that “as far as the particulars of the plans, we’re not releasing that.”

The police department has also enlisted the help of local black pastors who have been sitting in the courtroom during the trial acting as “observers.” One of the pastors interviewed, Valarie Houston,  said she would tell her congregation that justice has been served if Zimmerman gets acquitted.

Watch the video below:

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29 thoughts on “Black Pastors in Sanford Say They Will Help Police Prevent Race Riots if Zimmerman Acquitted [Video]

  1. Gotohell says:

    There is no reason to think there will be justice served in the trial being held for Zimmerman killing Travon Martin. The prosecutor are holding a mock trial,so juvenile even least knowledgeable person can see they are,just going through the motions,pretending to seek justice. If one can see the inept,lackadaisical methods being taken,why would one choose to riot,protest,there is no surprises to where this trial is headed. If Johnny Cochran was alive and prosecuting this case,then one would see how one sided this case has been. The jury will have no choice but to acquit,the prosecution as the Sanford police are happy to have a role in seeing a White complexion person go unpunished for stepping on a Blackman rights to live free. OJ,is serving time for a crime he was acquitted for,White justice has no shame,from the cradle to the grave,Black men and women are held in low esteem,just because of the color of their skin. That too will pass…peace

    1. CarolParks says:

      And an all White Jury, except for 1 Hispanic. Probably related to the murderer. Nothing would surprise me.

      1. TariusExplains says:

        We get it, the jury is white. Just because we’re black doesn’t mean we are less informed than you.

  2. DonaldBlount says:

    I’m not at all sure what Black Pastors are going to do to prevent a riot. Black pastors don’t go out in the community and interact with our youth. Church members are more then likely not the ones that will be in the streets.

  3. DavidJones5 says:

    Sad that these pimp pastors and self-hating Sambo ass employees of Sanford allow themselves to be gatekeepers and have no shame in protecting their slave masters.  This trial was nothing but a charade to appear they fought for justice to stop a race riot that was brewing before the trial. Not sure it worked…look for a combination of gasoline, lighters, bottles and rocks after the verdict is read.

    1. CarolParks says:

      DavidJones5, you know this is a bad joke, when you see No AA jurors. 5 Whites, & 1 Hispanic. There should be a minimum of 2 or 3 AA on that jury. This whole trial stinks! That murderer will pay one way or another. Karma will catch up with him.

      1. ajamu chaminuka says:

        CarolParks Carol, you are surprising me more and more!

        1. CarolParks says:

          Ajamu, that’s me! Full of surprises! ;-D

        2. ajamu chaminuka says:

          CarolParks follow me on fb!

  4. TonyNoNAME says:

    why would you riot for…to tear our own nieborhoods up again that shit is stupid

    1. jjoy says:


    2. CarolParks says:

      Not to riot, but protest’s in the streets. It’s already being planned for many cities.

  5. CarolParks says:

    If this Murderer is not convicted, everyone should hit the streets all over this country to protest the verdict. I know San Francisco, as well as Oakland will march. I don’t have much faith in Florida.

    1. ajamu chaminuka says:

      CarolParks What?, Carol Parks calling for violence? I’m shocked!

      1. CarolParks says:

        Hi Ajamu! You are so funny! Protests! There will be huge protests all over the country in all the major cities. I just hope the police don’t get crazy like they did in Oakland when we had the Occupy protests. The police beat Everyone! Even tased a 80 year old white woman. They hate everybody. They are supposed to be protecting us, we pay them! What a joke.

      2. CarolParks says:

        Ajamu, I think I know what happened with Trayvon. Just guessing, but with the testimony today, no DNA on Trayvons hands & fingernails from GZ. I think GZ grabbed Trayvon, & they both fell down on the sidewalk, & that is when GZ got the scratches on his head, from hitting that sidewalk. They both were fighting and rolled over unto the grass, and GZ got on top Trayvon punched him once in the nose, & that’s when GZ got his gun, Trayvon screamed when he saw it, & that Murderer then shot him. That’s when the screaming stopped. That blond lady, that couldn’t speak English testified that the man on top was wearing a red jacket. I believe her.
        But, the Jury has 5 White women, & 1 Hispanic so no AA on that jury? This is Wrong! What a Fake trial, because that is slanted towards the defense.

        1. ajamu chaminuka says:

          CarolParks Carol, you and i know that there has never been real equal justice in america for Black people so there’s nothing new in this.

        2. CarolParks says:

          Ajamu, there is no real justice for AA or most people who are brown skinned, or even Whites who are poor. Poor trumps everything & your treated like dirt no matter the color. This whole system in America needs to be completely redone. But, $$$$$ Stops us. The powers that be are all about the money Only.

  6. ajamu chaminuka says:

    it’s interesting that some people would assume that in the event of a not guilty verdict, that Black people would riot. In other words, the assumption is that we are stupid. In fact, the people in power would be the ones to benefit in the event of riots and they are the ones putting the idea out there. As a Black man, i would not riot nor condone others rioting. The response to a not guilty verdict should be a planned and organized response of violence against the ruling structure with the idea of destroying that system of racism/white supremacy which condones and assists in the murder of Black people.

  7. EnkuOccupyIde says:

    I’m more concerned about a swift and brutal increase in police violence in the black neighborhoods.

  8. TariusExplains says:

    Riots will solve nothing, just result in injured and dead african people. Yes, lets give the cops an excuse to shoot more of us while destroying our own neighborhoods, we can also have this great wise white woman as our leader because listening to white women has worked out so well for us (rosewood riots). You want to know what we should do? Educate our communities, become self reliant and govern ourselves. But no, we will continue to let white liberals use us to fight their political wars and manipulate us with lies of equality and understanding. As long as we keep getting manipulated by the racist left wing with empty promises of education and affirmative action (whichI is institutionalized racism, wake the fuck up) we will remain the same social bracket we’ve been in for the last 50 years. I’m only 20 and I know I’m guilty of ignorance but lets be honest, did riots solve anything at any point? Stop making excuses, stop listening leftist whites and their manipulation and stop thinking violence will solve anything. I’m bsick of seeing black people hurt our communitie, eachother and others all because democrats and their media want us to destroy the close minded right wing. Fight your own battles peckerwoods, RIP trayvon.

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