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July 27, 2013

CNN’s Don Lemon Sides With Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Says Black Culture is to Blame For Problems in Community

CNN’s Don Lemon Sides With Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Says Black Culture is to Blame For Problems in Community


by Yvette Carnell

It has only been a few weeks since writer Michael Arceneaux called out CNN anchor Don Lemon’s “sixth grade” N-word analysis in an Ebony op-ed.  The problem? As Arceneaux implied, Lemon plays into the Politics of Redemption, the belief that white people would treat black people better if only black people would behave. Lemon lamented during the N word segment: “Have you ever considered that you may be perpetuating the stereotype that massa intended? Acting like a n*gger. Stop acting like n*ggers and saying ‘n*gga,’ n*gga.”

Instead of backing away from those comments, Lemon is doubling down, siding with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in denouncing black culture. During a CNN segment, Lemon castigated black men for the damage they’ve done to their community.

Before sharing his own opinion, Lemon shared a clip from O’Reilly’s show, where O’Reilly stated the following:

The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African American family…Raised without much structure, young black men often reject education and gravitate towards the street culture, drugs, hustling, gangs. Nobody forces them to do that. Again, it is a personal decision.

Then Lemon cosigns O’Reilly, saying, “Bill’s got a point,”adding, “In fact, he’s got more than a point…In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough.”

“More than 72% of children in the African Americans are born out of wedlock,” Lemon said. “Studies show that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison, and the cycle continues.”

“Please, pay attention to and think about what has been presented in recent history as acceptable behavior,” Lemon finished. “Pay close attention to the hip hop and rap culture that many of you embrace, a culture that glorifies everything I just mentioned, thug and reprehensible behavior, a culture that is making a lot of people rich—just not you. And it’s not going to.”

What Lemon never mentions is the impact of poverty, systemic racism, or the defunding of our communities, like the school closures in Chicago. In Lemon’s mind, none of this matters. It would all be fixed if black men would only pull their pants up. Is there any veracity to what Lemon is saying? Some, yes. But his comments are not balanced and certainly not thoughtful. He, and the folks at CNN, are trying to make news off the backs of black politics, just like the rappers Lemon is censuring.

Lemon comes from a wealthy family, so I understand that he may not “get” poverty, but he should grapple with the underlying causes before going live on air. And anyway, I thought he was a reporter. Since when did he become the go-to-guy on race?

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134 thoughts on “CNN’s Don Lemon Sides With Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Says Black Culture is to Blame For Problems in Community

  1. mysticman156 says:

    The brother is really confused so I’ll refrain myself from getting personal. I see who he hangs out with. he has no clue just like Bill O’Reilly., siting in his ivory tower casting judgement. what’s at the root of the dysfunctions in the black community? O’Reilly might be his secret crush, the brother is lost.

  2. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

    isn’t he gay, he might be speaking from a gay person prospective, none the less, no body forces poor white people to be poor neither, the average poor white person, more than likely come from a legacy of poor white families, it doesn’t matter the color, once a group of people are condition, the outcome is going to remain the same and its going to be self efficient, black people are a clear and easy target, institutional  racism and white privilege will always limit the progress of black people, as long as we stay in this dependent sate, we have been conditioned to be in a state of dependency, conditioned for criminalization and condition for self deprivation… truth untold, all the way up till the 1950’s white people were taking black wealth, I mean, land, businesses and inventions, with the authority of the legal system, many of black folk never compensated for what was taking, and legally kept from them by the court system, black people need to study how the white middle class was created, because a lot of those suburb were built on black owned farm land that was taken by force in conjunction with the legal system, to have discourse about the state of black people, and to ignore slavery, Jim crow laws,  the crack epidemic, its very dishonest discussion, serving the purpose of deliberate ignorance. That gangster rap music, white people chose that,  black folk didn’t choose that, only reason black people bought into it, they played it on the radio all the time, wasn’t nobody from Philly requesting nwa a west coast rap group, but it was on the radio so much it grew on us, then we started saying fuck the police….then east rappers started showing that they were more gangster than the east coast rappers, all the while young black men dying and going to jail, trying to live out these rap songs, right before that niggas were wearing African medallions and going to college and rocking historical black college T shirts, selfish niggers are going to be selfish niggers both the rapper and the drug dealer…. and what makes me angry is he’s right, ultimately no body’s making black folk do the dumb shit we do at the end of the day its our own fault, its our own failure, and the onus is on you black man….

    1. gichewoman says:

      DemondHugoBossBrown well written and the truth.

    2. peacan says:


      1. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

        peacan DemondHugoBossBrown fB

  3. dane clark says:

    DemondHugoBossBrown…why would you assume that he is speaking from a gay person’s perspective ??? I don’t think you meant prospective…none the less…I agree with much of what you said..except that gay black people have many views about our situation as black people… gay and straight….we are not all the same…I am gay…but agree with much of what you have said….we as black or straight need to take our streets and neighborhoods back from those with no knowledge or understanding of how to keep us as a people a black cultural people growing….and this slow dude Lemon…who has no real idea of who his own people not and never will be the voice for Black America….and everybody knows that…but instead of posting on here and on facebook and shit like that…let us get out here and influence some young black men…gay or straight…to be interested in their own people along with becoming truly successful…and not just rappers and drug dealers…

    1. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

      dane clark I just think some gay black people are conflicted, on the systemic of black people and gay rights, its as if the white gay community is demanding black gays to choose a side, considering that the gay rights movement  has been attaching themselves to the civil rights movement, and gay black men are aligning themselves with that argument, which is misfortunate…….

      1. zumanimone says:

        DemondHugoBossBrown dane clark That is hog wash! There is no conflict here. This has nothing to do with choosing a side or being gay. This is talking about strictly about racism or the plight of blacks. You just wanted to bring up that Don Lemon is gay as if judgement is cloudy because of his sexual orientation. This makes me wonder what your motives are. Maybe you have some unresolved issues with Don’s sexuality. I think you are coming from a homophobic perspective.

        1. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

          Ok, I understand your point…

  4. DavidJones5 says:

    Lemon’s is the biggest Uncle Sambo on TV!  I think it’s time to turn the channel on this sell out.

  5. jazman49 says:

    Don Lemon, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly needs to see this. They all should watch this documentary before they open their mouths again

  6. zumanimone says:

    I think it is unfair that these so call reporters point the finger to violence towards blacks. Whites also gravitate to street culture as well. They buy more rap music than blacks and love violent films. I don’t think the movie industry is making so much money off of violent films because of blacks.

  7. zumanimone says:

    Lemon is just another Bill Cosby.

  8. leonjonessr says:

    Whether you are Bill Cosby, Don Lemon or Bill O’Reilly, when you say anything about the real problem in the Black community you will be castigated.  Your sexual orientation does not matter.  Gay or straight, you are suppose to stay on the plantation and not tell the truth about the degradation of the Black population.  Thugs, drugs and irresponsible lifestyles have wreaked havoc on the nation as a whole and the Black community in particular.  Black men need to make some changes, period.

    1. Jdot says:

      leonjonessr The castigation has nothing to do with people’s rejection of the truth.  It has more to do with people’s rejection of the highbrow stance that the Lemons and Cosbys take toward the situation, especially in Lemon’s case, where he only seeks to promote his own dissociation with “black culture”.  Thugs, drugs, and irresponsible behavior have indeed wreaked havoc on the nation, be it thugs in saggy pants are suit and ties, be it drugs on the street or in your local pharmacy.  There are underlying issues that are being ignored for the sake of people’s personal gain.

  9. Lakesha Malone says:

    Its a personal decision correct…fit children of any race..Zimmerman…Colorado bombings…school shootings and riots all perpetuated by Cacaucasians not Blacks…Emmitt Till…Mlk Jr…Malcolm X ….all the musicians and that have called unexpectedly….child molestation…rapping…killing other races out of the racial hate…these and many more are all perpetuated. Y Caucasians…so who is the antagonist this messed up fairy tale we live in….parents are not to blame for what our children choose to do..and what they see in society…You will not blame parents for another’s soul journey….blame me if I murder them or leave them outside in the freezing gold…the problem with our society is a disproportionate amount of wealth in America and around the world…one fight at a time…Blacks will stop acting out when we atop getting treated so unfairly..#motherof8

    1. leonjonessr says:

      Lakesha Malone I believe we should stop acting out before we stop getting treated so unfairly.  Life is unfair to all, not just Blacks.  The weather, insects, corporate America, gangs, identity thieves and other negative obstructions and obstacles hinder us and try to destroy us.  We have to be proactive and not reactive.  Prepare yourself/ourselves for the fight by education, networking and consortium building.  We must begin to reach for higher heights and greater accomplishments through uniting and binding together in family and community.  I want you to succeed and I believe you want me to succeed.  But if I don’t know what you need I cannot fill the void in your life or family.  We must begin to realize that what we have accomplished in life is worth nothing if we can’t help someone else achieve as well.  We need to look not to the government, but within and among ourselves for solutions.  If I help you and you help your next door neighbor and she helps her friend at work and on and on and on, we will solve problems (of hunger, loneliness, depression, and companionship).

  10. DoshonFarad says:

    Sis.Yvette,you and Don both make valid points. I agree that we need to examine the impact of racism and oppression on the black community. However, I do agree with Don when he says, “Have you ever considered that you may be perpetuating the stereotype that massa intended? Acting like a n*gger. Stop acting like n*ggers and saying ‘n*gga,’ n*gga.”  Elijah Muhammad,Malcolm X,and Min.Louis Farrakhan have said the same thing.

  11. DoshonFarad says:

    And one more thing. One of the roles of a reporter is to give an analysis, not just “report”.

  12. Jdot says:

    What Don Lemon is doing has nothing to do with helping the AA community correct it’s ills. He’s is keying on a certain demographic that exists within the community, and promoting that part, as being greater than the whole, if you will. All of this in order to gain the approval of pundits in his line of work, so that he may keep a job and stay relevant within that particular sphere. The five things he points out are only a small part of what plagues not only AA communities, but whole host of issues that plague American society and culture as a whole. What happens is, whenever an incident happens which exposes a tear in the fabric of American society, and race can be cited as a factor in that incident, then it becomes easy for people like Don Lemon to say the tear is caused by the AA community, and to mend the tear in fabric, AA men have to stop emulating what they see on television.  It’s bigger than that.

    1. leonjonessr says:

      Jdot It may be bigger than that, but you have to admit that that is an essential part and not talking about it is in essence sticking our heads in the sand.  Neither you nor Don Lemon nor anyone else has the ability to discuss all that ails Blacks in this country in one conversation.  Talking about one issue at a time is a start if nothing else.  Why not let’s talk about the role/issue of Black men in society in general and in the Black community in particular.

      1. Jdot says:

        leonjonessr Jdot People like Don Lemon are the ones burying their heads in the sand when faced with the bigger issues that plague American society as whole.  They don’t care about progressing society, much less the AA community.  Like I said, Don Lemon only cares to stay relevant, within a particular circle of people.  Let’s talk about the issues, but I’ve realized in talking about the issues, people like Don Lemon have to be called out, because they are actually counterproductive to the discussion.

        1. leonjonessr says:

          Jdot leonjonessr Well your point may have merit.  They just may need to be “called out.”  When that happens what then?  There has to be an on ramp for a broader conversation.  Calling him or anyone else out does not advance our cause.  Oh, and by the way, he does not have answers in my book.  He brings the issues to the forefront and we, the general population, is responsible for coming to some resolutions or solutions.  My solution is for each of us to reach out to our neighbor in a loving and peaceful manner and effect change through relationship building.  That way we build communities that are in touch with what ails our communities at the core.  If I fellowship with you, visit you, or interact with you regularly I will have a reason to be concerned when I see you hurting.  Let’s get involved in the lives of our people, not just through church, which is a very good and positive way to continue showing the agape love we should all exemplify.

        2. Jdot says:

          leonjonessr Jdot Don Lemon says nothing about us that we don’t already know, he says nothing different from what has and is already being discussed.  There are plenty of ramps for broader conversation.  Calling out the Don Lemons only let’s them know that they are only on the ramp to cause a stir, and bring attention to themselves.  What happens after the Don Lemons are called out?  We simply carry on with the discussions we’ve already been having.  Your solutions are valid, and I’m pretty sure they’ve been implemented in several communities,  but people like Don Lemon will turn their backs to it, and continue to perpetuate a certain image of black males, only to bring attention to their own dissociation with that particular black male image, only to gain the approval of their peers.

  13. roylee47 says:

    When anyone from a seasoned artist to a first time paint brush novice uses a broad stroke over areas that require distinct detailing the result is an ugly painting!.
    I respect Mr. Lemon for his proficiency in broadcasting the news, and the perspective he shares on the stories he reports.
    Is what he says completely invalid? No it is not! But, anytime you take the broad -minded approach to diagnosing situations that require a microscopic view you will always fail to miss the areas that need to be accurately identified and addressed.
    I was always taught with a piece of meat that you will always have meat, gristle, and bone.
    You eat the meat, and spit out the gristle( after savoring some of the flavor, and spitting out  the bone.
    In his statement  the same method should apply!
    Let’s not fool ourselves; those who grew up in rich families are not the only ones who fail to see the outer influences and that affects our communities.There are many who live directly within who turn their heads away from this same truth on a daily basis
    It doesn’t always have to do with your income status, your institution of higher learning you attended, or your religion. It really comes down to how much of the “TRUTH” you are willing to accept, and how much of the BULLS_ _T that you will let cloud that TRUTH!
    People have been using lies to cover the truth as well as to cover the reason why they can’t, and won’t accept the truth.
    In their minds it makes them feel justified inwardly for latching onto that lie, and  no matter what dose of truth that they are bombarded with they still remain immunized to it.
    Take for example Mr. Lemon’s position that black men are the sole failures for the family(black family) being in the condition it is in. We would have to believe that the majority of black men voluntarily chose to sit at home, sell drugs, make babies, and turn themselves into the prison system to make extended stays there. We would also have to believe that the majority of African American women would stand by idly and allow this to happen while they bear all of the burden of the black community.
    If we believe what the media tells regarding this issue about  us we may even want to join him in believing that this is true ourselves.he same media that were bought and sold on Treyvon martin being the victim, and the perpetrator in his own killing.And , that we are really that gullible as a race of people!
    So now, let’s look at those of us within our culture who say that they don’t mean any harm in using the “N” word to affectionately address each other, and calling our balck women Bitc_ _ s and H_ _ s as endearing terms.
    From two separate sides, and I’ll say perspectives do we find where the use of placing a lie in the place of  the truth benefits the individual who needs to be vindicated to themselves, and themselves alone.
    The questions we must closely examine are:
    Are we the initiators of the majority of problems that we  as African Americans face in this country that make our communities non-productive?
    Are we solely standing in the way of our communities making more advances then we made during the beginning of the Civil Rights Bill being enacted?
    I would have to say NO!
    Have we perpetuated the problems we face by adopting a matrix of non-productive practices,policies, and habits?
    Have we become predictable in the approaches we take to obtaining income before we secure the knowledge on how to make that income not only come into our possession, but how to make that income multiply by legal means that insures we keep it instead of losing it and paying additional interest we didn’t have in the first place?
    Do we faithfully invest in corporations , and institutions that practically give nothing back so we see no feasible return on our investments?No retuning any of that money back to the communities to help with keeping our schools, community services, hospitals, and other vital community services properly funded?
    I would have to say yes.
    For these reasons the perception that is given is what leads others to believe we are our own worst enemy. This gives those who are attack our communities and systematically dismantle the ability to do so the perfect cover they need to  go undetected, and remain blameless in their actions!

    1. leonjonessr says:

      roylee47 You just said in your last paragraph why what Lemon said in his statements is true.  For these reasons you give, and the fact that SOME Black men (really only a few), are not living up to their responsibilities, is why there is an opportunity here to address he dire problems we face.  The culture we have embraced is the rap culture, the hip hop on the down low culture, the low down in the streets culture, the killer personality culture.  And that culture has us in a vice and wont let go.  The fact that Bill O’Reilly and Bill Cosby and Don Lemon are speaking what is the TRUTH hurts us as “protector of the clans” because we are suppose to be the only ones who can say negative things about our community.  The fact that Lemon alluded to the Black men does not mean he is not aware of the myriad of other dynamics that tells the full story.  Give him a chance and I believe he will address the other issues as well.

      1. roylee47 says:

        I affirm that what some of what he said is true, but that in fact he went so broad in his statement that he caused his credibility to become questionable. By the way let me say that I respectfully agree with you in part, but not whole. I say that so even if we don’t fully agree we can still remain allies in trying to right is wrong!
        The truth should hurt if we are wrong to invoke us to chart a course back to becoming correct again.
        I remember when those black women(mothers) who shared children with black men were given an ultimatum to receive assistance that the father could not be living in the same household. This action alone has apparent physical consequences, but the mental effects are more evident here in the present day.
        (if you’ll allow me to expand the conversation, and not go way off topic)I wrote something a while back that addresses the effects that the slavery era tactics, and harsh conditions, and experiments that were specifically designed to control our ancestors) generated long term effects mentally more than physically!
        We tend to search for solutions for why we face the conditions we face, and act the way we act by by-passing this crucial era for the answers.
        The long lasting effects have not only lasted, but have perpetuated themselves. many today overlook on purpose that these long ago actions have left present day scars that we cannot even fathom to what degree they still cause us to be dysfunctional in our communities, and society as a whole.
        Just remember, in my first paragraph I endorsed Mr. Lemon’s positive attributes, I want not just him, but all who speak in the public’s view to tell the whole story of our plight, and not leave it to the average person to draw their own conclusions, or stay bound to their own stereotypes. In most instances they manage to draw the wrong conclusions way too often!

  14. KendrickMarshall1 says:

    What Lemon doesn’t understand is that O’Reilly’s talking points was in response to Pres. Obama’s statements about how he had to deal with racism in the wake of the Martin/Zimmerman saga.. To make himself and conservative whites feel better, Bill decided to deflect by attempting to chastise black people. Don fell for it, too. SMH!

  15. KwendeIdrissaMadu says:

    Only a fool and/or opportunist would ever take a caucasoids opinion on the problems of black people seriously. If every white person on earth suddenly disappeared 99% of our problems would be solved!

  16. DBamaGirl says:

    There is a drug war, crimes, within the suburban communities as well as the poverty stricken communities. There are Whites that have their kids that have been given everything and a better possibility than the poor Black kids and have gone bad! Who fault is that? I am still trying to understand when the Blacks that cosigns for people like FOX NEWS folks, why do they have to sell out? Maybe that is why Don was able to remain on CNN when ppl like Roland Martin and Donna was not wanted there because they supported their culture!

  17. PABLOREMOS says:

    Too simplistic on Lemon’s part. The N-word is not everyone’s cup of tea, but certain sections of the black community have reclaimed it. It is the right of the victim of a trauma to re-frame their unique experience positively and in a way that works for them. “N***a” communicates community, identity and belonging. No matter what the NAACP say or do, self-labelling rights cannot be taken away.

  18. MercedesDenz says:

    Everyone here is trying to tear down his statment by challenging each word with an excuse.   And that’s all they are, excuses.  Oppression, oppression, oppression.  Why is your son selling drugs?

    1. Jdot says:

      MercedesDenz  Don Lemon’s role here is to keep people in check when any issue comes about and race can be cited as a factor.  The Don Lemon types come around only to shut down any kind realization that the underlying cause of our societal ills goes beyond race, by shifting the focus from people’s awareness of the bigger picture, and reminding us that it is “black culture” that is the cause for the problems in society.  Don Lemon has no interest in helping Black Americans, he’s only doing the bidding of his “peers”.  People are aware of this, and that’s where the tear down comes from.  People know a turncoat when they see one

  19. CelestinoShinn says:

    Before one can fix a problem, one has to acknowledge the problem exists and then analyse & identify the cause(s) of the problem. Only then can they start to fix the problem. There is too much finger-pointing on this and not nearly enough acceptance that a problem exists.

  20. obessed56 says:

    O’REILLY misses the TARGET on CRIME->
    There is an old saying in the CYBER WORLD that goes like this “GARGABE IN – GARBAGE OUT”, basically what I am saying is that you cannot BLAME AMERICA’S EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM , nor can you BLAME the TEACHERS for producing BAD STUDENTS!
    FACT: Any Good Cook will tell you that “YOU CAN’T MAKE CHICKEN SALAD OUT OF CHICKEN $HYT”! These poor Kids come to School in PRE-K and KINDERGARTEN ADDICTED to “THUG LIFE”, the DRUG, GANG and CRIME-RIDDEN RAP and HIP HOP CULTURE! They come to School as “DAMAGED GOODS” and EDUCATORS are expected to turn out “ALL-$TAR$”, ready to hit the “PLAYING FIELDS and off to “FAME and FORTUNE” in the NFL, NBA or MLB!
    … again I say, Teachers and School Officials no how hard they try will ever be capable of “MAKING CHICHEN SALAD OUT OF CHICKEN $HYT”, and that’s a fact!
    “The City of DETROIT CRACKED UP long before it ever went BANKRUPT!”(TRAINAISM, 2013)
    The preceding information comes directly from my new Book, which will be in BOOK STORES in the spring of 2014.
    Author of the Best Selling Educational Hand-Book Titled:
    “THE REALIST” Educational Facts Essential to Parents and Educators

    mark a. traina/certified school psychologist/economist/civil rights activist/504-231-3056
    PUBLIC NOTICE: When I talk about “FILTH and STARK POVERTY”, I am not just describing the PHYSICAL ENVIORNMENTS that these Black Children are Living in! I am talking about the “FILTH” that they are exposed to by the types of People who come in and out of their everyday Lives, specifically DRUG DEALERS, THUG LIFERS, CRACKHEAD, CRACKORES, GANGSTAS, ROBBERS, MOBBERS, AFRICAN QUEENS, TINY TUPACKERS, LITTLE TRAYVONS and WORST of all the FRUITLESSNESS of the ENTITLEMENT LIFESTYLE!
    “… and no I don’t HATE BLACK PEOPLE, but yes, I do HATE what they are doing to U.S. and themselves!”(TRAINAISM, 2013)
    “BLACKS in AFRICA actually brought BLACKS to the LOADING DOCKS to be SOLD as SLAVES to WHITE SHIP’S CAPTAINS during the 17th and 18th Century, IRONICALLY, BLACK DRUG DEALERS in the 19th and 20th Century are ENSLAVING BLACKS by SELLING them DRUGS that lead to DRUG ADDICTION, CRIME and CHAOS in PREDOMINATELY BLACK COMMUNITIES throughout NORTH AMERICA and across EUROPE! History has a terrible way of repeating itself!

    1. DBamaGirl says:

      obessed56 I  don’t like what is happening to the communities and the way that some Blacks felt was a way out to be able to purchase the things that are on TV and magazines. But, you are wrong if you think that this is only a Black thing! You have the same problems in the White’s communities and most of them are spread ed over into the Black’s communities if they are not visible in your neighborhood. There are the most sophisticated drug addicts that are strung out on prescription meds and maybe have money and people in the right place to hide their problems and keep them out of doing time. Just how do you think that the drugs are reaching to the blocks when it has to be shipped in or flown in? If the Blacks were the only one profiting off of drugs, this would have been come to  an end if that was the case. And yes, slaves were sold to the White man by their own people and drug dealers are enslaving their own by the sale of drugs that is corrupting the communities because as you say, history do repeat itself for them to think that this is the way out and to be “The Man” by presenting them to the oppressors! Trayvon was a 17 years old kid that died as a suspect because he was walking the street at night in a neighborhood I guess was prohibited for a young Black man to travel that only had skittles and a soda on him, so what’s your point?? What about the terrorists (KKK) that lynched a many of individuals for the sports, that invaded a country that were already lived in my Native Americans and Hispanics?  A constitution that stated that “every man is created equal” yet the people that were brought here regardless who sold them to them, was working for free and sold like livestock. were beaten and some killed for asking for freedom and equality!! Do not pretend like you are concerned about the Black communities with your condescending manner that is no different then Bill O’Reilly! We don’t need it from either or you or accept it!

      1. CarolParks says:

        DBamaGirl, I agree with you. Bill O’Reilly has no clue. He’s an old, White man that has many prejudices. The White man has been responsible for bringing the drugs to poor neighborhoods since the 1930’s. maybe even before. The justice system is corrupt, which is one of the reasons Trayvons MURDERER got away with it. And everything you said is true. But, there does need to be a solution only it will ônly come if there are changes in our laws & our criminal justice system. The GOP are preventing better schools, new laws for fairness, and anything that will help the American people especially jobs. It’s a mess.

  21. Kareem Jordan says:

    I think you make some great points.  I actually wrote a comment on this very topic a few days ago, where I mentioned some of your same positions.  Don Lemon completely misses the systematic and institutional discrimination that is present in our laws, policies, welfare system, public education structure, etc.  Although I agree that there is some degree of personal responsibility in this, they fail to understand or acknowledge that the structural discrimination directly impacts the individual “choices” that Blacks make.  Unfortunately, comments and beliefs like are the driving force of the perpetuation of the negative views toward Blacks.  Take a look at my post….I think you would enjoy it.

    1. DBamaGirl says:

      Kareem Jordan I think that you and I both agree that we have a problem within our communities and I do not want it to appear that Trayvon Martin is the only young person that has loss his life in a violent crime and no justice was served. We have loss too many of our young folks at such an early age to the prison system, to the grave, and in this drug war on a daily! We know we have a problem and acknowledge  it and now the thing is to now fix it! Not as easy as saying it, but it will take the parents, the communities, the Churches, the politicians, different organizations, the schools, just the village in it entirety to join forces and solve this problem and not let this problem win! I believe in God and realize that nothing is impossible! We came out of slavery, succeeding during the Civil Right Era and now we can also win our communities and children back!

  22. conkal1 says:

    Don Lemon sides with education and self worth.

    1. leonjonessr says:

      conkal1 Don Lemon has a valid point that education is the key that will open the door to prosperity in your life.  When we, parents and other adults in the neighborhood, fail to promote education in our communities we fail to secure our own future.  These miscreants that are walking around town idle and doing evil to keep themselves busy are the future of our society whether we want to acknowledge it or not.  And if the future looks like what we see on our streets, we are in trouble big time.  Now you can get busy living, or you can get busy dying, according to Morgan Freeman in the “Shawshank redemption” movie.

    2. conkal1 says:

      TARTBOND conkal1  This is why education is so important.

  23. jazman49 says:

    Don Lemon  has no idea what Black Culture is. Itincludes EVERYTHING associated with Black people in the Diaspora, good and bad. It’s about  Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Funk, it is about people who have pride in their heritage. It is about striving to be the best one can be. It’s about the Soul Train Line. it’s about Howard, Spellman and Morehouse Colleges. It’s about the Harlem Alliance. I could go on. One can not mention one element and say that it is that culture. By his definition, all jazz musicians are drug addicts, all hip hop artists are thugs and that hip hop itself is all about being a gangsta. Does he know Jessica Care Moore, Tai Allen, LuQuan Graham, Sharrif Simmons, Abiodun Oyewole or Toni Blackman, a sister who became the first hip hop artist to represent the United States Government with a State Dept. tour? I can pretty much say categorically that he does not. EVERY community has its own set of problems. To turn the Black community into a monolithic organism is irresponsible at best. There are people under 7 who are part of this Black community. There are people over 70 who are part of the Black community. The Black community includes our babies and our grandparents. Last time I looked it would also include Jay Z, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Oprah Winfree and the POTUS. Unfortunately, many people are not critical thinkers in this society. They don’t want to take the time to think that Don Lemon is talking about a segment of the Black community, a SMALL segment of the black community at that. This country is based on being white. The policies set by this country is based on the white standard. What ethnic group runs the US Government, auto industry, Film, Music and all media , the medical industry, etc, etc, etc. Why is it necessary to label people who are not white? Why does my existence in this society, and in America specifically, have to depend on being compared to white people, not Latino, not Asian, but WHITE? I do not hear anyone referring to white people in this country as a bunch of majorities. I don’t hear anyone saying that “the opportunities for majorities is continuing to grow as the opportunities for minorities decline.” I am not a minority. I am a HUMAN BEING FIRST and FOREMOST!!!To refer to me as a minority says nothing about myself as a contributing member of this society. It says nothing about my economic, social or educational status. That term means one thing and one thing only. I AM NOT WHITE. I am not part of the CLUB. I could have said “I AIN’T WHITE”  but then I would fit into Mr Lemon’s broad stroke of the Black Community stereotype he has painted.

  24. alejandroish says:

    All of America should be rejecting the thug culture that has been imposed on our children for the past 20+ years.  It does nothing but damage our youth. Our president is in a great position to influence millions of children, I really hope he takes advantage of this powerful position to make a stand for what is right. Back in the fifties racist art was popular, every gas station would have postcards with degrading depictions of blacks on them and it was acceptable to buy and use them. That so called “art” is no longer found in our stores. I see people buying into the thug culture the same way i see those racist postcards….something that we are all better off to turn our backs on.

    1. DJ Kwik says:

      TARTBOND CelestinoShinnFirst off, “Tart”, if you don’t know what thug culture is, I can’t help you.  Second, your name-calling response is exactly what is wrong right now in America – too may people don;t know how to disagree without calling names.  If you want to name-call, might I suggest you go back to 2nd grade.

    2. DJ Kwik says:

      TARTBOND DJ Kwik “Grew up”??? Maybe not!

  25. Jdot says:

    Bill O’Reilly stated, “there is only evidence that George Zimmerman “profiled” the 17-year-old because he was “dressed in clothing sometimes used by street criminals”–not his skin color. “It was wrong for Zimmerman to confront Martin based on his appearance,” he said. “But the culture that we have in this country does lead to criminal profiling because young black American men are so often involved in crime.”  He went on to say, “young black men commit homicides at rate ten times greater than Whites and Hispanics combined”.
    Bill O’Reilly was basically implying that Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own criminalization, which eventually led to his own death, and Zimmerman’s exoneration.  Bill O’Reilly supported the criminalization of Martin, and Don Lemon supported O’Reilly.  THAT is the issue here.  For those who support Lemon on this, I do respect your views and opinions, but it seems that people who disagree with Lemon are being accused of not being able to handle the truth about Black people, and can’t handle the idea of being responsible for ourselves.  I’ll give you that.  But there are some people who CAN handle the truth, who ARE responsible, who simply don’t agree with the claim that Martin’s death is linked to the statistical appropriation of certain crimes, to Black males.

    1. jazman49 says:

      Jdot I get your point. When I looked at Zimmerman’s “re-enactment” of this tragic event, it was not an actual re-enactment because he didn’t lay on the ground with someone acting as Trayvon on top of him. He did that whole bit standing up. Excuse me! My conclusion from the inconsistencies of his story was that Trayvon did nothing that Zimmerman says he did. In my opinion Zimmerman purposely set Trayvon up to make a point that he is capable of bringing down so-called bad guys. Trayvon was totally innocent because of the fact that the defense team would not have had to bring up anything about Trayvon’s history.

    2. leonjonessr says:

      Jdot What a great country we have.  We can discuss and disagree with bloodshed.  Thank God for America.

    3. CarolParks says:

      Be serious! This is all BS! I know what a gang member looks like, I.e. ” street criminal”. Trayvon Martin looked like a regular teen, not a gang member, nor criminal. Everyone I know has a sweatshirt with a hood, including my Mom when she goes jogging that is what she wears. This hoodie thing is stupid, because it does not indicate you are a criminal. The MURDERER GZ Went after Trayvon, because he was Black. He stalked him, and Murdered him. His version of self defense is BS! He lied a lot & was caught. It doesn’t take a Genius to figure this out. It’s a simple case of a wanna B cop, who killed a kid, so he could be the ” big hero” in the neighborhood. He’s delusional, & a sociopath. He has a long history of trouble & violence in his past. He took Aderall, & other prescription drugs for his anger issues. This small, bigoted town in Florida, that had years of abuse from the police there, is the problem. The almost all White, bigoted, Jury, & lousy prosecution, was the rest of the problem. GZ got away with MURDER……PLAIN, & SIMPLE. You can argue this forever, but I’m stating the truth. GZ will kill again. Unless someone gets him first.

      1. DJ Kwik says:

        CarolParks Yes, please let’s be serious.  You know what a gang member looks like just like I know what a terrorist looks like because everyone knows gang bangers and terrorists always wear shirts that identify themselves as such!!  Zimmerman was wrong but you say he lied.  Where did he lie?  How come the police, media, courts & jurors all missed the lie but you spotted it??   The prosecution bungled the case.  They should have charged Zimmerman with reckless homicide, not manslaughter.  They couldn’t prove manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt but Zimmerman’s actions were certainly reckless (ie. he ignored instruction from police dispatcher & followed Martin).  Also, based on all the character evidence against Zimmerman, he was not racist.  .

        1. CarolParks says:

          DJ Hum-Sol, GZ ‘s wife was charged with lying on the stand “perjury”, when she didn’t tell them about the money they had. GZ himself never disclosed the money either, not even to his own Lawyer. This was during the bail hearing, when deciding his bail. GZ also gave several scenarios about what happened on that night. He said one thing to the police, a different story to Sean Hannity, and contradicted himself several times when he was giving an interview with the police. A competent Prosecutor could have proved second degree murder. You are parroting all the talking heads of T.V. GZ called 911 43 times in a short period, and every time was about an African American. If you had heard his brother talk, you would know they both are racist.

        2. DJ Hum-Soi says:

          CarolParks So what you’re suggesting is all this lying occurred and no one in the media, courts, police, NAACP, church/civic groups or anyone else has jumped on the fact that these lies occurred???
          I do agree with you partially on one point – the prosecution should have charged him Zimmerman with Reckless Homicide, not Manslaughter nor 2nd Degree Murder.  With the scant evidence, it was virtually impossible to prove Manslaughter or 2nd Degree murder.  Reckless Homicide would have been a relative “slam dunk”.  (Zimmerman demonstrated reckless behavior when he ignored instructions from the police dispatcher and followed Martin.)
          Lastly, I followed the trial and news from different sources.  Everyone, even CNN and MSNBC, said Zimmerman was, with few very, very minor, insignificant points, consistent with his story of what happened that night.  Where are you getting your news that says otherwise???

        3. jazman49 says:

          DJ Hum-Soi CarolParks Inconsistencies? Let’s start with Zimmerman saying that he never heard of the Stand Your Geound Law on Sean Hannity’s interview. Fast forward to the testimony of Dr Alexis Carter. He testified that not only did Zimmerman know about the law, he took his class, was one o9f his best students, discussed the law at length and Zimmerman received an A in the course.  My wife fell and from the impact because she hit her head and is still in the hospital, she sustained a fracture at the base of her scull. Zimmerman’s head was pounded into the pavement over and over and he doesn’t have any severe injuries? We are suppose to believe Zimmerman because he said so? And this overturned vehicle where he saved a couple. If I remember correctly, there were no pictures of the vehicle. plus the couple did not want to be associated with Zimmerman. Why? Maybe because the accident never happened!!!

        4. CarolParks says:

          DJ Hum-Soi, love the way you Ignored the perjury charge! I’m not going to waste my time arguing with you. Many people on T.V. Pointed to the fact that GZ was not consistent in his ” stories”. I don’t believe a word he said. You believe what you want. Until this sociopath kills again, you have ignored many facts. Not opinions, but facts. And again, I said I am waiting for Karma, not wishing anything. But, if someone took out GZ tomorrow, I would feel like Justice had been served.

        5. CarolParks says:

          Jazman49. I Agree with you! I pray your wife has a full, & speedy recovery!

        6. DJ Hum-Soi says:

          CarolParks I’m not ignoring it.  She lied but that lie and all these other so-called inconsistencies were irrelevant to the case.  To keep throwing them out there to justify your position is really a waste of time.  The jury & court ruled in the case based on the evidence.  As I said before, If you implying that the courts, police, etc. somehow fraudulently acquitted Zimmerman AND the media stayed silent about a fraudulent court case of this magnitude, then I suggest you open your eyes a little bit.  If there were any suggestions of “white-washing” this case, the media would have been all over it.  You appear to be ignoring that fact.  The car accident???  1) Irrelevant to the case; 2) You deny the accident happened because you simply don’t believe Zimmerman??  Your logic is about as faulty as the logic of the fools who claimed Pres Obama was not American!!

        7. jazman49 says:

          CarolParks Thank you Carol so much.

        8. CarolParks says:

          Jazzman 49, your welcome! Many Blessings for your family! 🙂

    4. conkal1 says:

      Jdot  The fact is Trayvon shouldn’t have attacked Zimmerman.  I was taught to stay away from trouble instead he made the WRONG choice. He also had a history of beating up people. Mix that with taking drugs you have a major problem. Yes, Bill was 100% correct.

      1. DJ Hum-Soi says:

        TARTBOND conkal1 Jdot Tart, you do put on a good debate – lots of name-calling, very few facts.  I bet you won a lot of debates when you “grew” out of thug life.

      2. CarolParks says:

        Conkal1, Zimmerman’s side of the story is all you have. History? The MURDERER had a history also. He was on a prescription of Aderal to help him with his violent personality. He was accused of child molestation by his own cousin for over ten years. He was arrested for hitting a cop. He had a restraining order on him from his ex- girlfriend, broke a woman’s ankle in a bar that he threw up against the wall. Was fired from a Security job, because he was harassing a fellow employee. His ex girlfriend said he physically assaulted her. There is much about the MURDERER that you don’t know.

        1. conkal1 says:

          CarolParksYou were not in the courtroom. What nonscence!  Maybe you need to read Trayvon’s past. He was a troubled youth.

        2. DJ Hum-Soi says:

          CarolParks 1) Both Zimmerman and Martin made horrible mistakes & misjudgments that night.  2) You are bringing up whole lot of legal hearsay that is either untrue and completely ignored by the courts OR is true and completely ignored by the courts.  Since none of the mainstream media, the same media that was feeding us all sorts of trial information, is reporting on these issues,  I’m going to lean toward the former – none true and thus ignored.  3) Adderall is used to treat ADHD and/or Narcolepsy (sleep disorder), not “violent personality”.

        3. CarolParks says:

          Convalescence 1 LOL! GZ is not just a MURDERER, he’s a Sociopath. He has a long, violent history. Trayvon was a normal teenager. Everyone tries weed, which makes you very mellow. He was suspended from school for being late too many times. He never was arrested, nor in trouble. His teacher said he was an A student, who was king to College, & he also went part time to a Pilots school. He was going to be a Pilot someday. He also went on many ski vacations in the winter. His brother is doing great in College, and also has high grades. And how do you know if I was in that courtroom, or not? You know nothing about me, who I am, what I do, or who I know.
          If you want to know the truth, it is GZ who has more then a troubled past. And who had run ins with the law.

        4. CarolParks says:

          Sorry, my iPad corrected your name. It should have said, conkal 1

      3. CarolParks says:

        TARTBOND, that’s what I am waiting to hear. That MURDERER getting his ” due”. I call it Karma.

      4. DJ Hum-Soi says:

        CarolParks Karma applies to (bad/negative) thoughts, as well as actions.  Be careful what you wish for!

      5. DJ Hum-Soi says:

        TARTBOND DJ Hum-Soi conkal1 Jdot Oh yeah! You’re a real thug.

  26. conkal1 says:

    Trayvon should have walk away. Instead he chose to attack Zimmerman. Both men were wrong. Always walk away from trouble.

  27. conkal1 says:

    Poor black children need role models instead of thugs. Don Lemon and Juan Williams are great examples of achievers. Poor parenting is destroying the lives of children and society. Every other culture has grown and achieved so why does the black culture want to stay stagnant and cling to hate. MOVE FORWARD!  We have seen on the news the innocent white people who have been attacked or killed by black thugs  Are you as outraged? This all about me and my black race is not working. Make something of your life!

    1. DJ Hum-Soi says:

      conkal1 Very good points!!  You have to excuse some people who will attack you for being a voice for sanity & intelligence.  Some people who post to this just “grew up” as “thugs” and probably don’t know any better.  There are far too many who will deflect and/or ignore the problem.  As I mentioned somewhere else, people can stick their collective heads in the sand & ignore the problem but when they take their heads out the sand (or their rear end), the problem will still be there until its tackled head-on with insight & intelligence,  not ignorance and deflection.

      1. conkal1 says:

        DJ Hum-Soi conkal1 I agree with you completely.   CarolParks does have her head in the sand just like our president.

        1. DJ Hum-Soi says:

          TARTBOND conkal1 DJ Hum-Soi Tart, you’ve really drank the Koolade, huh??  Pres. Obama won the popular vote by a scant 51%.  That means 49% of Americans wanted someone other than Pres Obama to be President.  Now, the Repubs (and Romney) should really be ashamed of themselves because Pres Obamas approval rating heading into the election was pretty low and they still lost.  That is an indictment against Romney and the Republicans, not some reflection of great support for Pres. Obama.  If you look at numbers and stop looking at skin color, you might be able to see things clearly. For the record, I’m American, not Dem or Repub; I generally avoid name-calling but anyone who blindly follows a political party is an uneducated fool.  Both Parties put their interests above the people; if you think all Dems/Repubs are good or bad, you are a fool!!!

        2. DJ Hum-Soi says:

          TARTBOND DJ Hum-Soi conkal1 TARTBON:  Intellect of an 8 year old, vocabulary of a “drunken sailor AND complete intolerance for views you don’t agree with.  What a loser!!!  And to believe I spent 24 years of my life defending the rights of idiots like you!!   BTW, if you are not American, might I suggest you leave America.

        3. CarolParks says:

          DJHum-Sol, what is it with you Republicans, that you cannot process facts? President Obama won with over 5 Million Votes, in 2012. More votes then Reagan, on his second election, GW Bush’s second election, & even Clinton’s second election. President Obama won huge in Both Elections. Asians, Hispanics, White Women, & of course the African American vote all put him way over the top in 2012. The REPUKES have lost any relevance, & will never again win the Presidency. Our country has changed, and continues to do so, eventually in the future there will be a new party, maybe even more then one. The GOP lives in the past with a ” 1950’s” view of the world that does not relate to the reality of how most people think in this country. The funny thing is, the Republicans are self destructing.

        4. DJ Hum-Soi says:

          CarolParks.  Ok. So lets do some basic math.  Pres Obama popular votes 2012:  65,915,796; Romney popular votes 2012: 60,933,500.  65,915,796 +  60,933,500= 126,849,296 (Total Votes for President).  65,915,796 – 60,933,500=  4,982,296 (Difference in votes; how many votes Pres Obama beat Romney.  4,982,296 / (divided by) 126,849,296 = .039 or 4% (the percentage of total (Popular) votes that President Obama exceeded won by.  This means that by POPULAR VOTE, not Electoral College votes, the election was very, very close.  60,933,500 of 126,849,296 voters did not vote for President Obama.  Now, I agree.  The Repubs are their own worst enemy.  They continually do , or even more often, say things that turn voters away from them.   (IMO) If they don’t swing more to the center (and fairly quickly), they will become more irrelevant in national matters.  However, that still leaves a lot of voters that do not necessarily agree with the President or Dems policies.  Many “experts” believe that Hispanics, who are mostly conservative Catholics, could swing the elections IF Repubs can convince them to switch sides.  I think this is easier said than done (since Repubs so often open their mouths and insert their foots).  None the less, I think if the Repubs can field a competent middle-ground candidate in 2016, the Dems will lose and maybe lose badly.  H. Clinton has as many people who strongly dislike her as she does who like her.  In my opinion, if she wins the Dem nomination in 2016 and the Repubs can’t beat her, it will be another nail in the Repubs coffin.

        5. leonjonessr says:

          DJ Hum-Soi CarolParks President Obama won because Romney was a moderate, lukewarm and did not resonate with conservatives.  What Republicans say does not change the landscape any.  The people who scream when something is said are low information voters who will vote for fido if there is “D” behind his name.  Hispanics’ votes will not determine whether a Republican wins the WH.  What is important is who will remain true to Conservatives values.  A true Conservative will win with a landslide.

        6. CarolParks says:

          Leonjonessr, LMAO! HILARIOUS! Hispanics will soon be the MAJORITY in this country. WHITES will be a MINORITY. Your posts are not only delusional, they are outright funny!

        7. CarolParks says:

          TARTBOND, they are too ignorant, & clueless to even understand what you are saying! A woman for President, YES! I would love to see an African American Woman as President. All of the REPUKES would leave our country, or die of a stroke from shock! Lol!

        8. leonjonessr says:

          CarolParks If immigration happens Hispanics will outnumber every group.

        9. jack sprat says:

          TARTBOND DJ Hum-Soi conkal1 Moron, chattel slavery was and is an African thing. America inherited it from the British, who imitated the Spaniards in buying slaves at the African bazaar. Just as we later borrowed rhythmic music from Africa, we borrowed what became known as the “Peculiar Institution”.
          It had to become “peculiar” because it was at odds with Christ’s message, to “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.” An entire ideology of racism needed to be constructed around Slavery, against those who would reject its wickedness. 
          Only Christians waged battle against Slavery, anywhere on the planet. Few others do so even now. Alas, not all Christians join this battle. Some still pine for former days of wicked “glory”. What can I say? Man is born in Sin and Wickedness. Not all men heed, or even hear, the Word.

        10. jack sprat says:

          TARTBOND DJ Hum-Soi conkal1 You do have a marked fascination with what you call “csuckers”, don’t you, angry one? Is your closet really so confining that you need to project so?

        11. jack sprat says:

          leonjonessr DJ Hum-Soi CarolParks No offense, Leon, but that be some mighty righteous isht you be smokin’, my brother. 
          I campaigned as a 12 year old for Tricky Dick and smoked East Lansing dry when I was at State, yet was never that delusional for the Cause.

        12. jack sprat says:

          TARTBOND leonjonessr DJ Hum-Soi CarolParks If the Country also knew that that particular woman has declared that her “hero” is Margaret Sanger, and did they also know who Ms. Sanger truly was, I would hope that the Country would vomit her out.
          Sanger was the foremost popularizer of the Eugenics Movement. Among that Movement’s many so-called “achievements” was the forced sterilization of so-called “defectives”. These included: Blacks, Jews, Poles, Irish, Gypsies, Slavs, the mentally ill, the physically handicapped, and so on.
          Specifically, her acolytes also developed and tested various methods for the “humane” disposal of such “undesirables”. They did this at certain State Mental Hospitals. They boasted of their “successes” at medical symposiums and in the parlors of the well-to-do (while chamber music was played by live musicians, who were often hidden behind curtains.)
          Adolf Hitler shared Hillary Clinton’s admiration for Ms. Sanger. He called her his Muse. She was his inspiration for the Holocaust. His henchmen used and improved upon the methods which were developed in those American mental hospitals, with the encouragement and monies garnered by the efforts of such as Sanger. Thus, the poison gas showers and efficient, high-heat, low-volume crematoria used to dispose of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Idiots, and Homosexuals.

        13. jack sprat says:

          TARTBOND leonjonessr DJ Hum-Soi CarolParks You have unwholesome Idols, TARTBOND.

        14. leonjonessr says:

          TARTBOND leonjonessr DJ Hum-Soi CarolParks Only a slow, low info participants on this site call people names.  I wont stoop to your level.  If you are not able to control your mouth, that is you problem.  Go ahead and call me names.  That explains why the president was reelected.  If you only knew how silly you appear, you would definitely change your ways.

    2. CarolParks says:

      LOL! Conkal 1 ……who are you? Sean Hannity? There are plenty of stories about Whites killing African Americans in the news. There are plenty of WHITE THUGS TOO! Covered in tattoos, bald heads, no education, & many are Meth Heads, which is Epidemic in this country. Who are you trying to fool? People are not going to fall for your racist Lies, & Garbage on here.

      1. DJ Hum-Soi says:

        CarolParks That is exactly the same deflection I was referring to.  “Look at what the White people are doing”.   Well, if White people jump off 20 story buildings, should Black people follow and do the same thing!!!??  This topic and what Mr. Lemon talking about is the problems in the Black community. You can deflect it, ignore it or other but intelligent people (Black and other) realize there is a problem.  The problem is complex and cannot be solved easily but talking about “White meth heads” or “White thugs” does nothing to solve the problem.  (You cannot solve a problem is you deny a problem exists!!!)  You, like so many others jumped all over the Zimmerman/Martin killing.  That was one (very trajic) death but you, like so many others, completely ignore the hundreds of young Blacks killed by other Blacks in Chicago.  Or is it somehow “OK” for Blacks to kill Blacks but wrong for non-Whites to kill Blacks!!!???  Killing is wrong, regardless of the color of the victim or perpetrator.  Martins death was no more trajic than any of the other innocent Blacks (or Whites, Asians, or Hispanics) killed.  If you are Black and cannot see whats going on in the Black community, you need a serious wake-up call!!

        1. CarolParks says:

          DJ-Hum-Soi, STOP putting your SPIN on my statement. You are stating African Americans kill & do crime to White people. I am stating White people do the same to African Americans…PERIOD. Calling African Americans THUGS is not helping either. You sound Racist as hell. You take people’s posts on here, and completely ignore what they are saying, & then put your spin on it. People are not so stupid that they don’t see that. GoodBye! I never communicate with IGNORANCE.

        2. DJ Hum-Soi says:

          CarolParks Look in the mirror lately???

        3. conkal1 says:

          CarolParks  Oh Carol. Stop the race card.Time to use some common sense here.

    3. CarolParks says:

      TARTBOND, I agree. President Obama, The First Lady Michelle Obama are excellent role models, & of course Dr. Martin Luther King. I also believe Oprah Winfrey is an excellent role model, & Collin Powell, Eric Holder, and many others. I think they are all deserving of everyone’s admiration. And that lovely lady who saved all those kids the other day from that armed shooter at that school. What a real Hero!

    4. conkal1 says:

      TARTBOND conkal1  Obama has destroyed this country. A total failure.

      1. CarolParks says:

        Conkal 1. President Bush destroyed the country. Then the GOP Congress & Tea Bags & Hags, Finished it. If we get a Democratic Congress next year, & I believe we will, all will be saved!

      2. conkal1 says:

        TARTBOND  Bush or no Bush he has brought this country to a all time low in so many ways.

      3. leonjonessr says:

        CarolParks Hahahahahahahaha!

      4. CarolParks says:

        Leonjonesr, so glad I made you laugh! 🙂

      5. leonjonessr says:

        CarolParks I am laughing because I don’t want to cry.  Name ONE city where crime is high, unemployment is high, waste, fraud, and abuse is rampant, where the murder rate is high year after year, where past and/or present mayors and other leaders are in prison or have fallen from grace, where drugs and gangs are prevalent, where safety is almost nonexistent, that has not been run by Progressives for the last 50 years.

      6. CarolParks says:

        Leonjonessr, I’m sorry, but it sounds like you are describing Detroit.

      7. CarolParks says:

        Leonjonessr, I’m sorry, but it sounds like you are describing Detroit.

      8. CarolParks says:

        Leonjonessr, but, on the other side of the equation, is San Francisco. One of the most beautiful, successful Cities in the world. Employment is at an all time high, wages are high to match the cost of living here. San Francisco, has always been a Progressive City. In fact so is our whole State. California is the Worlds 7 th largest economy.
        If the. U.S. is in trouble they always look to California for stability. There are many successful, Progressive Cities here in the U.S.
        the Red States in the. U.S., take a much larger % of Federal Funds to pay for Welfare, & such because they are not as successful as the Blue States.

      9. CarolParks says:

        Leonjonessr, but, on the other side of the equation, is San Francisco. One of the most beautiful, successful Cities in the world. Employment is at an all time high, wages are high to match the cost of living here. San Francisco, has always been a Progressive City. In fact so is our whole State. California is the Worlds 7 th largest economy.
        If the. U.S. is in trouble they always look to California for stability. There are many successful, Progressive Cities here in the U.S.
        the Red States in the. U.S., take a much larger % of Federal Funds to pay for Welfare, & such because they are not as successful as the Blue States.

      10. conkal1 says:

        leonjonessr CarolParks  Amen!

      11. leonjonessr says:

        CarolParks California is about to go bankrupt, along with several cities in that state.

      12. leonjonessr says:

        CarolParks Read my request again and then answer.

      13. leonjonessr says:

        CarolParks: Please read this again:
        Name ONE city where crime is high, unemployment is high, waste, fraud,
        and abuse is rampant, where the murder rate is high year after year,
        where past and/or present mayors and other leaders are in prison or have
        fallen from grace, where drugs and gangs are prevalent, where safety is
        almost nonexistent, that has not been run by Progressives for the last
        50 years.

      14. CarolParks says:


      15. CarolParks says:

        California Has Full Recovery
        Gov. Jerry Brown announced that his state has projected a surplus of $851 million. Two years ago, when Brown came back into office, the state had a $25.4 billion deficit, a Sisyphean problem Governor Arnold struggled with unsuccessfully all last decade.
        This reversal of fortune raises a lot of questions. What caused California’s budget turnaround? Is it sustainable? And finally, could there be a national lesson here as Washington tries to confront deficits and debt?
        The top-line takeaway is that a balanced deficit-reduction approach seems to have worked in the Golden State. When he entered office in 2011, Brown proposed billion-dollar-plus cuts in welfare and Medi-Cal, as well as $500 billion from the UC system.
        All told, his initial proposed budget was almost $20 billion less than Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2008–09 budget, which clocked in at $103 billion. Democrats and unions howled, and Brown’s ultimate budget was less austere than originally advertised, but deep cuts were enacted.
        Crucially, Brown also took on the unpopular task of raising taxes—winning a 2012 ballot fight sonorously known as Proposition 30 and 39—that raised sales taxes and closed business tax loopholes. Next year, the combined new revenues are expected to exceed $5.8 billion.
        The final factor is an improving economy—always the decisive X factor in deficit-reduction efforts. California’s economy has improved at a very fast rate, especially the San Francisco area. The shift from the pit of the Great Recession moved the numbers in the right direction.
        The result of increased tax revenues and spending cuts is that—a projected deficit has been turned into a surplus.
        This is good news. San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 2013

      16. CarolParks says:

        Leonjonessr. Read & learn about FACTS. California has 851 MILLION IN SURPLUS FUNDS. WE ARE NOT IN DEBT. No doubt where you are the economy is dire as you maybe in a Red State. Fake Fox Lies NEVER TELLS THE TRUTH, NOR EVER HAS ANY FACTS IT’S ALL MADE UP BS

      17. CarolParks says:

        leonjonessr……Crucially, Brown also took on the unpopular task of raising taxes—winning a 2012 ballot fight sonorously known as Proposition 30 and 39—that raised sales taxes and closed business tax loopholes. Next year, the combined new revenues are expected to exceed $5.8 billion.
        The final factor is an improving economy—always the decisive X factor in deficit-reduction efforts. California’s economy has improved at a very fast rate, especially the San Francisco area. The shift from the pit of the Great Recession moved the numbers in the right direction.

      18. CarolParks says:
        Sent from my i
        San Francisco real estate market booming with healthy tech industry
        By Joshua Sabatini
        click to enlarge
        100 – 126 New Montgomery Street.
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        Comments (9)
        Downtown San Francisco office rents climbed 23 percent in 2012
        By Chris Roberts
        Surging city revenues should not be treated like a windfall
        By Examiner Editorial
        California property values poised to soar
        By Dan Walters
        San Mateo County housing market flattens, but prices continue to climb
        By Max A. Cherney
        S.F. housing market, other large metros showing signs of a bubble, expert says
        By Reuters
        San Francisco’s tech industry rush has translated into a golden commercial real estate industry with high office rents and big sale prices, but now there are concerns about where the nation’s hottest market is headed.
        During a 10-month period from July 2012 to April, 48 properties valued at $20 million or more exchanged hands — illustrating the strength of the market and how San Francisco ended up with higher-than-expected property-sales taxes.
        The sale prices of those properties totaled more than $4.5 billion, with 15 fetching more than $100 million and the 48-story tower at 101 California St. going for $910 million.
        “San Francisco has recently been the healthiest office market in the U.S. thanks to the tech boom, and that health has attracted significant investor demand, including overseas capital,” said Jed Reagan, an analyst with the Newport Beach-based commercial real estate consulting firm Green Street Advisors.
        This level of activity has not been seen since fiscal year 2006-07, right before the Great Recession set in.

      19. leonjonessr says:

        TARTBOND leonjonessr and CarolParks. I will say this one more time because each of you are slow.  The cities you named are not described in the following request.  The cities you described are doing fine, but cities like Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Washington D.C. are all cities where the crime is high, drugs are rampant, the leaders have fallen from grace or are in prison.  What part of that do each of you NOT understand?

      20. jack sprat says:

        CarolParks You had me at Bush, but you lost me at Obama. Both men took orders from Goldman Sachs. Both men laughter innocents abroad. 
        This POTUS even insists on signing off on each drone attack. Much as Josef Stalin personally signed or ordered others to sign death warrants.

      21. jack sprat says:

        CarolParks Not “laughter”, but “slaughter”, mit the letter “S”.

      22. jack sprat says:

        CarolParks SF is too expensive for the poor to live in, so it’s warehoused in Oakland, Richmond, San Jose, and other nearby places. How sweet it must be, protected by natural barriers from the “riff-raff”.

      23. jack sprat says:

        TARTBOND leonjonessr Your masque slipped, ghoul.

    5. conkal1 says:

      TARTBOND conkal1 When I read your posts I can see why America is going downhill. Are you 12 years old? Try a educated conversation sometime.

      1. DJ Hum-Soi says:

        You have to excuse “Tart”, who previously claimed to be a “thug” who “grew up”.

      2. conkal1 says:

        DJ Hum-Soi  I know, TARTBOND is just ignorant.

    6. AdolphDooley says:

      conkal……what you’re referring to is a human condition, and if you look around you, every color, religion, group, culture, etc,… suffer with the same conditions, it is not exclusive to one human group; and if you have been deceived into believing one groups condition is better or worst than another’s, you are dead wrong. “Conkal”, I can read your posted comments and see that you’re full of rage, hate, lies, and deception; and all of that is due to un-forgiveness! You need to forgive, and you need to be forgiven; so you can learn how to love yourself first, and than you’ll be able to embrace, and love others.

  28. AdolphDooley says:

    ….Before anyone accuse “Black Folks” of being the creators of their own condition, you better remember, the letter written to the church of “Ephesus”
    “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against, principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”
    The un-Holy, un-Godly things, are sitting on all of the seats of power, around the world, and are the source of all troubles! They are Devils! They do not have souls with that little spark of light, all men received from God when they are born into this world. They are spiritual wickedness, Devils, dressed up in flesh, behaving like men, but they are not. They thrive on the dark, and negative energy of violence, pain, suffering, hate, murder, sickness, etc,…they feed on the troubles of men, and bathe in men’s misery. They have aligned themselves with, men who for fame or fortune, or both, have sold out to devils, and are helping to keep other men bound. But God is not Blind, and the day is nearing, when God shall unleash the shackles of our bondage, and on that day Devils, shall receive their full retribution.
    If you who know you are a man and not Devil, if you were born upon this earth, and you have a soul, with that little spark of light, that is the light of God, and was given to all men by God; you are being awakened, if you’re reading this, you are being shaken, into action, do not allow Devils to feed on you, do good, be at peace with all men, be kind, and forgiving, let your light shine, and drive the Devils from their seats of power, and their strongholds, on our families, and communities, pray always, not for material things, but against the Devilish wickedness that is against you. You can’t lose your fight, if you’re fighting in the light, and “JESUS” is that “Light”

    1. CarolParks says:

      AdolphDooley, Very nice ideology. No one is ever the creator of their own “condition”, too many outside influences, and things we have no power over.

      1. AdolphDooley says:

        CarolParks…..Hey! It is not just a very nice ideology, but it is a universal, undeniable, incorruptible, foundational “Truth” most everyone on the face of the “Earth”, can not grasp, and religious leaders, are ignorant of, or incapable of promoting. We who are humans, born into this world, have one(1) of the three forces of “God”. The three forces are: “(1) The Light; (2) The Life; and (3) The Love; and these three forces are unchangeable, and incorruptible. We are given “The Life” when we are “Born”; we receive “The Light”, when we desire, and want truth; and we receive “The Love” when we exercise our “Lives” in “Truth”.
        All three(3) forces, work in absolute perfect harmony with one another; and if you are missing just one part, you are not being made perfect, and your actions, and behavior will reflect that fact. Just like “Albert Einstein’s” famous formula, “E=MC^2”, you can take the three(3) forces, make it into a mathematical formula, and test the formula, to see the results of the human condition, with and without, some of, or all of the forces.
        For example: “The Life + The Love = The Light”.
        What are known as “Devils” are things (not human) that have no “Light, and Love”; they are the haters, the evil ones in the world, they are liars, and deceivers; because they don’t have “The Light, or The Love”, they use the opposite (3) forces as their source of expression, and the opposite three(3) are: (1) Darkness; (2) Death; and (3) Fear.
        When “Jesus” was born into this world, he came to represent, and exercise the perfectness of “God” and let people know they have the power of choice; and many choose: “darkness, death, and fear”; and you know where that will take them; and yet it is their kind who have taken the seats of power, through out the world, at every level, creating the bad conditions you see, so they can bathe in the negative energy of pain, suffering and death, that is produced by their: policies, rules, laws, lies, fear, hate, violence, war, etc,…
        Thank You! “Ms.Carol Parks”, Please share this with others, so they can understand their condition, and the choices they need to make.

        1. CarolParks says:

          AdolphDooley, I certainly will post this, & share it! Thank-You! I couldn’t agree more with this. Enjoy your day. 😀

        2. jack sprat says:

          AdolphDooley Father, Holy Spirit, and Lamb of God.
          Rebel Leader, Void, and Great Deceiver. (Or Pride Incarnate. Rage Incarnate. Liar Incarnate.)

        3. AdolphDooley says:

          jack sprat….Thank you!

        4. AdolphDooley says:

          jack spat……Yes!

  29. conkal1 says:

    Obama Supporters will go Hysterical over the Well sourced list of 252
     Copy and past to read  Examples of his Lying, lawbreaking, corruption and croyism. 
    .August 17, 2013 BY Dan of squirel hill
    Copy and paste to read article

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