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June 16, 2013

Rev. Jesse Jackson to Lead Obama Protest at White House

Rev. Jesse Jackson to Lead Obama Protest at White House

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On the heels of the New York Times editorial board calling marijuana arrests a  “tool of racial oppression”, black leaders are finally taking to the streets to protest the War on Drugs. Rev. Jesse Jackson and other black leaders have scheduled a protest outside the White House on Monday, declaring the black community in a “State of Emergency”, and demanding help from the Obama administration.

Dr. Ron Daniels, President of Institute of the Black World 21st (IBW) Centurystates: “there is a direct connection between the so called War on Drugs as a racially biased strategy and the devastation, death and destruction in America’s ‘dark ghettos.’

Rev. Jesse Jackson will be a main speaker at the event. The recent NYT story drew attention to a study of 50 states and the District of Columbia which showed that “nationally, African-Americans are nearly four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession as whites.”

Here’s a snippet of the press release with additional details, sent from Progressive Communications Online:

Date: Monday, June 17th – 42nd Anniversary of the War on Drugs


Where: Washington, D.C.


Time: 10:00 AM – Pre-Rally, Historic Metropolitan AME Church, 1518 M Street, NW 20005— (Main speaker-Rev. Jesse Jackson)



11:00 AMMarch to Lafayette Park (Across from the White House)



12:00 Noon – 2:00 PMRally at Lafayette Park


Amidst growing disaffection in some quarters of Black America with President Obama’s failure to directly address a myriad of crises afflicting distressed Black communities, contingents of “Drum Majors for Justice” are planning a Day of Direct Action, Monday, June 17th in Washington, D.C., to mark the 42nd Anniversary of the “War on Drugs.” Mobilized by the Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW), drug and criminal justice policy reform advocates, faith leaders, heads of community-based organizations and formerly incarcerated leaders will call on President Obama to end the War on Drugs as a “pipeline” to the mass incarceration of Black people. Leaders will also demand massive, direct investment of jobs and economic development projects in urban inner-city neighborhoods plagued by joblessness, drugs, gun violence and fratricide…..

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190 thoughts on “Rev. Jesse Jackson to Lead Obama Protest at White House

  1. Save it because…..DEAR BLACK AMERICA 2013
    Obama was not president during Katrina so the question is:
    were the black universities, organizations, churches, communities,
    neighborhoods, sororities, volunteers and black hospitals?
    were the Black Panther Party, Moors, Masons, black Israelite’s, black
    Hebrew’s and the rest of the black American conscious enclave?
    was Black America’s red, black and green flag, buses, planes, boats,
    water trucks, food wagons and clothing stores? How come black American’s
    did not go to New Orleans to save our own black people?
    White America waited 4 days to see what black America was going to do and what did we do?
    went on our hands and knees crying, begging, whining and complaining
    with our tail between our legs to white America. It was white America
    and the white American government that finally showed up with buses,
    planes, boats, food, clothing, medicine, water and white volunteers.
    shame, dignity, self respect or remorse Black people want to abandon
    and desert this country and return to Africa but from my mouth to God’s
    ear if we did nothing here we will do nothing there because…. no
    matter where you go there you are.
    of black people taking personal accountability and responsible to be
    our brothers keeper it is easier to run to Africa and to blame Obama on
    our way out of the country than it is to take a good hard, long look in
    the mirror at our own black faces and ask yourself…
    …”This is your LEADER?????

    1. DalyBlack says:

      Enoch Mubarak what world u living in? alot of black people helped out? starting with the black folks from new orleans! on top of that, black ppl aint trying to go back to Africa! Where the hell u get this mis info from???? I wish!

      1. TalithaMcEachin says:

        DalyBlack Enoch Mubarak Enoch hasn’t done his homework & once people like him get in “protect Obama at all costs mode” there’s nothing you can do or say.

    2. TalithaMcEachin says:

      Enoch Mubarak Nonsense and I’m a Conservative Libertarian & Republican who gave Bush hell during Hurricane Katrina. He’s not the POTUS anymore Obama is so we should keep him no less accountable than we have any other POTUS. He doesn’t get special treatment just because he’s black.

    3. Bahati Sobukwe says:

      Enoch Mubarak Some of your facts were clear, some stereotypical.  You do know that the government turned back  (black and white) people who tried to come and help, bringing boats, etc.,  right?  And worst held the National Guard at the Airport allegedly, because citizens (black) were shooting at them.  After an investigation by a black organization in  Jackson, Mississippi, they were told the people were shooting in the air to warn the helicopters were too close and causing them to slip into the water.  Amazingly, the few whites were “looking for food and the blacks were “looting”.  See the difference.  Careful how you call it in America.

       The fact, I think you were trying to make is that their was not one black, or so it seems,… nor white, who was in power to get help to those blacks in desperate need of saving during the Katrina disaster.  
      Let’ be clear, THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT ALSO collect taxes from black people–that’s how it gets a lot of its money.  So, we were not asking white America, we were asking OUR government to come and save Americans USING our TAX DOLLARS.  It was not the responsibility of black universities, churches, sororities, black hospitals,or individuals for that matter,  it was the responsibility of the United States government, to act in a natural disaster.  You do know that they sent the Mexicans Government relief people back when they came to offer assistance and refused other offers, right?

      What you are alluding to is the state that blacks are in because of  white supremacy’s oppression, which we have not understood for way too long. 
      “White America did not wait 4 days to see what black America was going to do”, it was something way more depraved than that.  It was a lack of urgency because they were black, and I suspect it was a clearing out of poor blacks in New Orleans.

      Now, President Obama, not because he is black, but because he has some understanding of what has gone on in America,  must try to address the black communities maladies.  We need something way more important than a lecture in responsibilities, we need intervention.   Our black business need something  like the Cubans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Hungarians and Koreans, who have enjoyed assistance from the U.S. Government through legislated tailor-made, refugee programs to receive assistance and aid from the CIA, the State Department and other federal agencies when they arrived. 
      This government, our government enacted laws and ordinances that prohibited free blacks during slavery from owning businesses that competed with whites.  After Emancipation the law remained to keep blacks from competing, legal and social sanctions were still used and the government withheld from former slaves, capital, market opportunities, access to resource and education. For more information, read Claud Anderson’s book  “Black Labor/White Wealth”  He leaves not a stone unturned in our disenfranchisement by white society and the U.S. government.  Also, we need to read Umojo’s, “The Interracial Con Game” and to join our relatively new struggle, the incarceration of our people, Michelle Alexander’s powerful book, “The New Jim Crow”.  Now, we are on our way.  Mercy!

      1. fesshawmax says:

        Bahati Sobukwe Enoch Mubarak THANK YOU MY BROTHER..!!

      2. TalithaMcEachin says:

        Bahati Sobukwe Enoch Mubarak Exactly! We pay taxes too!

  2. Unless
    a African American is speaking out loud complaining about the first
    black president then it is like Christmas Eve in the black community
    “all throughout the house, no creatures were stirring, not even a mouse. The black folks cowered on the plantation with despair hoping soon that the white people will be there.”
    and by someone told the African Americans that reading books is the way
    to freedom, prosperity, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but
    the African Americans replied from their actions that…
    .”If waiting for the white people to come is wrong then I don’t want to be right because ain’t no book gonna save me!”
    …And so the white people came
    people came and joined the African Americans in their civil rights
    struggle. White people did not have to support the African American
    struggle but they had respect for blacks that had the courage to stand
    up for the ideals, symbolism and dignity of the Red, Green and Black
    people came to Africa to help with the black struggle. White people
    came into the inner city neighborhoods and schools to help teach African
    American children.
    white people came and built housing to keep African Americans in their
    communities. The white people came and built banks so that African
    Americans can save money ………. but the African Americans will have none
    of it.
    of civil rights, schools, Affordable housing, bank loans and libraries
    African Americans want President Obama to find or create for them a job
    or opportunity. African Americans want unlimited unemployment extensions
    and affordable housing only in white areas.
    Americans want banks to make it easy and affordable through no interest
    charity loans to be able to shop in the white areas and eat in white
    Americas protest and keep their children out of African American
    schools because they want to raise and educate their children alongside
    white people’s children.
    is not enough that the white people came into the African American
    inner city neighborhoods and areas bringing with them the avenues of
    opportunity for African Americans to do for self.
    for self means supporting their own black businesses and reading how to
    books. African Americans treat reading books like weapons of mass
    destruction and supporting black business is a waste of time because
    African Americans don’t read enough to know the infinite benefits of
    supporting their own enterprises.
    …so the African Americans wait for the white people to come again.
    white people came again but this time they showed up with high powered
    rifles to shoot and kill any black person trying to escape uptown during
    the Katrina hurricane.
    white people came on cruise ships to Haiti during the earthquake to
    swim, have sex, sip wine, eat caviar and drink champagne from their
    lavish cruise ships as they watched, pointed and rejoiced at the black
    dead bodies laying crushed, decapitated, mangled and twisted in the
    streets of Haiti.
    white people came back into the inner city neighborhoods and areas to
    shut down your schools, cut off your welfare and suspend private
    funding. The white people came and left taking with them their
    magnanimous gestures of African American opportunities and on the way
    out they let the Spanish players in.
    … and the Spanish players don’t take prisoners.
    Spanish players as of this writing have the African Americans
    surrounded and engulfed as they cut off and deplete the African
    Americans residual resources of land, food and water.
    African Americans sit idly by on the 21st century plantation watching
    their own destruction, demise, elimination, defeat and extinction hoping
    in their hearts that it will only happen to the other African American
    family and not them.
    African Americans are asked about their condition and as long as
    African Americans refuse to open up and read a book then..….
    …It is all Barack Obama’s fault.

    1. TalithaMcEachin says:

      Enoch Mubarak “African Americans treat reading books like weapons of mass destruction,”
      Your confirmation bias is showing. What black people? Where? Which communities? Because where I’m from we read & support our local black owned bookstores. That’s hyperbole at it’s best & a stereotype that black people keep perpetuating about themselves.

      1. TalithaMcEachinEnoch MubarakDEAR BLACK AMERICA
        The President of the United States of America is not talking down to
        black people. He is telling black people the way it is and I concur.
        Black people want something for nothing.
        In Chicago a coalition of black men converge upon a construction site to
        protest no black men on the job. When the contractor attempts to comply
        with their demands the contractor discovers as do every one watching
        that the black men don’t own their own tools, can/t read the blueprints
        nor have union affiliations or representation.
        Black people must be prepared for the demands they make. Why ask for
        what you are not educationally or physically prepared to take or endure?
        Is the following President Obamas fault? and pray tell what job is
        available in this society and culture for black people with the
        following black on black resume?
        1. One in four U.S. public high school students drop out before graduating.
        2. About 15 percent of the nation’s public high schools produce more
        than half of its dropouts and 75 percent of its minority dropouts,
        according to the Everyone Graduates Center.
        3. The nation’s 2,026 “dropout factories,” where 40 percent of the
        freshman class fail to graduate three years later, are found in every
        state but are concentrated in 17 Midwestern, Northern-industrial,
        Southern, and Southwestern states, as well as in California.
        4. In 2006, America’s 15-year-olds scored just ahead of the Slovak
        Republic and Lithuania in science literacy and on par with Azerbaijan
        and the Russian Federation in math literacy.
        5. More than half of the 81,499 U.S. high school students participating
        in the 2006 High School Survey of Student Engagement said they spend one
        hour or less each week reading and studying outside of class.
        6. At least 95 percent of students entering high school from the
        wealthiest communities are proficient in their eighth-grade state exams;
        in high-poverty, inner-city schools, less than 20 percent of students
        are proficient, usually possessing fifth- or sixth-grade math and
        reading skills.
        7. Of the class of 2008, 15.2 percent took an Advanced Placement exam
        and scored a 3 or above-the scores typically required by a college for
        credit-up from 12.2 percent in 2003. Low-income students made up 13.4
        percent of successful examinees, up from 9.8 percent, in five years.
        8. Eighty-seven percent of high-school seniors surveyed by the U.S.
        Department of Education said they expected to go to college.
        Three-quarters of graduates enroll in college within two years.
        9. Approximately 40 percent of college students take remedial courses.
        10. The college graduation rate for low-income students is less than 10 percent.
        Of course there are pockets of success. Referring to the U.S. education
        system broadly, The Secretary of Education told his audience of
        educators and reporters that……
        Adult dysfunction has been at the heart” of the nation’s educational ills.

        1. derbydan66 says:

          Enoch Mubarak TalithaMcEachin So it’s our own darned fault???

        2. TalithaMcEachin says:

          Enoch Mubarak TalithaMcEachin “Black people want something for nothing.” – Again, you are stereotyping & making generalizations. My parents graduated from college & worked hard all of their lives as do I. They never asked the government for anything. Most of the families in the BLACK neighborhood I grew up in were the same – educated, decent, hard-working people who owned their homes & loved their communities. That neighborhood is the same today.
          So black people are good for nothing, always wanting handouts but whites & Hispanics are just well & dandy right? Actually the most recent data from a 10 year study (2000-2010) shows that black Americans showed a significant decrease in the # of welfare recipients, white Americans showed a slight increase & Hispanics showed a significant increase, so things are getting better & we’re showing a trend of coming out of the welfare system. You really should do your homework before making such sweeping generalizations about all black people…and so should the POTUS. By the way here’s that data:

          I’m sorry you grew up in a neighborhood where everyone had their hands out, but that’s not the “black experience” for everyone. Careful, your confirmation bias towards black people & your self-hatred is showing….

        3. deeplycoco45 says:

          Enoch Mubarak TalithaMcEachin So what are we going to do about it?   How many have you volunteered with?  Don’t quote numbers if your not going to participate in a change.  Yes our community is a mess and I’m so sick and tired of fake me out leaders like Jesse Jackson, or Tavis Smiley who use our misfortune as talking points to get their face on the news.  When the Cameras go out you don’t see any of them.    IT IS OUR DAMN FAULT.  Plain and simple we need to stop worrying about Prada, Coach, Lexus, Benz, BMW, or Jordan and worry about why over half of our community can’t comprehend damn the reading.  If you can’t comprehend what you’ve read it’s just like not being able to read.   Math and Science skills if they are good in them are not nurtured.  They lay up on facebook and instagram disrespecting themself and never give their education a second thought.   The value of and education starts in the home.   Everyone will not go to college but atleast get a trade something no one can take from you.    Don’t just allow yourself to be a statistic.

        4. deeplycoco45 says:

          derbydan66 Enoch Mubarak TalithaMcEachin  yes it is our damn fault.   because we turn a blind eye to what we are doing in our communities.   Our fault no one else.

        5. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 Enoch Mubarak TalithaMcEachin I do my part by volunteering as much as I can and donating to people & organizations who are actively addressing our issues. I use my platform as a political blogger to address the issues too. I’m very active in the Atlanta black community so you need not go there. I showed you the stats because you seem hell bent on maligning & stereotyping black people in general which is nothing more than the same rhetoric filled diatribe which you accuse Jesse Jackson (and anyone who criticizes the Obama administration) of….

        6. TalithaMcEachin says:

          derbydan66 Enoch Mubarak TalithaMcEachin Apparently Enoch thinks so…

        7. deeplycoco45 says:

          TalithaMcEachin Enoch Mubarak You don’t want to go there.   Your black behind knows someone right now that is has been in and out of jail, and or a career welfare recipient with a house full of kids.   Play that game with someone that don’t know any better.  there not any bias towards anyone it’s called the TRUTH something your running from.   43 shot in Chicago this weekend.   over 500 killed in Chicago in 2012.   Until we renew ourselves to live better no one can do anything.

        8. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin Enoch Mubarak Actually I don’t know anyone personally like that but yes I know of people like that. So what’s your point? There are far more black people leading positive, productive lives than there are the opposite. Since you don’t know me you have no clue who I know & don’t know btw. I was raised in a community doing the opposite of what you describe and it is predominantly black. You really need to broaden your horizons and meet more black people instead of living in a self-hating vacuum. It will change your life. In fiction, I also recommend that you start reading the works of Octavia Butler if you haven’t done so already, and I’ll post a list of non-fiction reads as well. Brother you need help.

        9. TalithaMcEachin says:

          Enoch Mubarak TalithaMcEachin More of the same self-hating vitriol….now what do you propose we do to resolve these stats you’ve posted?

      2. Bahati Sobukwe says:

        TalithaMcEachin Enoch Mubarak  
        I’ve been fortunate today Talitha, to have had the time to read your  comments today, very good!

          It is people like you who are conscious who we can count on to  change things.  Our minds are the first things we are going to have to change.   I can tell by your posts that you read books that enlighten you about the ‘condition of our condition is in’.  We have been stereotyped so long while living  under white supremacy we don’t even realize that we are mouthing stereotypes of us that  they have put into our heads… after creating the conditions for the pathological behaviors that SOME of us exhibit.  
        Obviously, some things are going to have to change internally and externally.  I  humbly propose that the government direct reparation payments into black communities in  the form of infrastructure improvement, business and industry development loans, educational grants and stipends and expanded public services to repair the socio-economic damages that the dominant society and government have inflicted on 17 generations of black Americans.

        To other posters… Neely Fuller, Jr., said, ” If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism), what it is, and how it works, everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.”  You’ve got it, Talitha McEachin,  keep up the good work!

        1. TalithaMcEachin says:

          Bahati Sobukwe TalithaMcEachin Enoch Mubarak Thanks so much & I have enjoyed your comments as well brother. I think reparations were due but that we’re too far removed from it. I don’t think it’s practical however, I will consider your points regarding that. I’ll give it some introspection.

    2. TalithaMcEachin says:

      Enoch Mubarak I have no problem with the message to take responsibility for our actions – I’m all about individual responsibility, but what does that have to do with this topic? If every other community can make demands of Obama then why not us? It’s OK when others do it but black people shouldn’t? Amazing! He’s in a position to help with this problem, which studies show affect our communities more and there’s nothing wrong with holding him accountable. I’ll give most of your comments merit when you start saying the same thing when other communities make demands of Barack Obama. Until then……

    3. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

      Enoch Mubarak 
      I see why Enoch was the only man to walk with God.  I feelya!

  3. TalithaMcEachin says:

    Interesting. This is a worthy cause & he has the power to make the needed changes (at least start it). Obama is just not into the black community like that though & probably won’t even respond. Unless they are admonishing the black community, the Obamas are conspicuously disconnected with us. He panders to Jews, women, Hispanics & the LGBT community but largely ignores us. Too many black Ameicans are too star-struck by the Obamas to see that.

    1. jenjen13 says:

      TalithaMcEachin i totally agree with you, you make valid points, in terms of pandering to other people and he forgot about the black community, even the people in his own back yard. (Chicago)..its a disgrace and its about time that someone spoke ot and is doing something about it

      1. TalithaMcEachin says:

        jenjen13 TalithaMcEachin I think Jesse Jackson’s heart is in the right place on this issue, and someone has to start demanding the attention of the White House & our POTUS who has all but turned a blind eye to issues in our communities. I don’t think Obama will respond but at least he’s trying.

        1. jenjen13 says:

          TalithaMcEachin jenjen13 I read on this post that someone highlighted that there wasn’t a purpose for marching on Washington….MLK marched, Hispanics marched…the whole ethos of public demonstrating is media attention and to be heard…dont people know this????..I stand behind Jesse Jackson, because everyone is just talking about the issues within our community, and he is the only one that is standing up and doing something about it.

    2. deeplycoco45 says:

      TalithaMcEachin  needed change?   Marching is not going to change much.   We have to be focused on our neighborhoods and our communities.   There are some that fall through the cracks.   How many out of the 500 murders in Chicago 2012 should have not gone to jail?  You can’t break the law and then cry foul.  When you put yourself under their control they do what they want.  As long as the sentences follow the guidelines so be it.    You want to stand out on the corner and smoke weed and sell crack and black folks want to get upset when the sentence is handed down.   Most of the men he’s Marching about did nothing when they were on the streets but disrespect their communities and made them a war zone.   You Reap what you sow.   Plain and simple.   When you gift wrap yourself for the enemy your theirs to do as they please.   If he was Marching for the Innocence Project I would care but in the defense of people who didn’t give a damn about the people around them March on Jesse.   I won’t be there.

      1. TalithaMcEachin says:

        deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin I don’t think marching will change anything either because Obama won’t respond or listen probably but it’s what he chose to do, which is more than I can say for most black leaders, Obama included. The judicial system needs a cleaning just as Congress does, but who is willing to “police the police” that has the power to do so? Who will demand this of them? He’s trying to bring national attention to the problem & I won’t demonize him for that. He may be, as some have suggested, trying to garner attention for himself too but I don’t know that with certainty & since he would be killing two birds with one stone in his methods, who cares? The sad part is that if Obama were 100% white Jackson would have so many black people marching with him the National Guard would be called out. But alas! Obama is black so black people are supposed to just kick back & shut up.

        1. deeplycoco45 says:

          TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Tell me what he can do?   If Obama was white Jesse wouldn’t be marching.  Come on grow a clue we created this mess for ourselves. President Obama is not our baby sitter.  We need to take  RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN BS.

        2. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin I disagree. It is the recent data released regarding marijuana arrest rates which drove Jackson to do this not the president’s skin color. If the same data had come out when a white POTUS was in office, I have no doubt that he’d do the same thing. He expects a black POTUS to care about & address our issues more but unfortunately, Obama doesn’t.

        3. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin And this has nothing to do with taking or not taking responsibility for our problems. Sure that needs to happen more for some of us but that doesn’t solve the problem entirely. You’re only addressing one side of the coin. The other part is the judicial system’s inherent bias towards black offenders which we have no control over. You refuse to acknowledge that part of it though. It’s just black people who are stupid, don’t read, ignorant – to you, it’s all on us & the judicial system has nothing to do with the problem, even though the data show that marijuana USAGE is about the same between blacks & whites. That is the key, which you either don’t get or are ignoring. I’m all for personal responsibility but the system has a problem too.

        4. deeplycoco45 says:

          TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45  It has everything about taking responsibility for our actions.   White people are not going to change.  Be responsible for where you are.    I see too many black faces in shackles and chaims ( they are not innocent).

        5. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin Yes it does but the system must change too. We cannot tolerate inherent racism in our judicial system. With so much self-hatred in our communities though, I suppose the bias in the system will have to start impacting white communities before we’ll address the system. It’s sad but true. The system cannot issue sentences based on skin color – you may be OK with that but I’m not. I never said blacks who commit said offenses shouldn’t be punished (and neither did Jesse Jackson), I’m saying they should be punished more severely, and that’s what Jackson is protesting.Essentially you’ve given up on change & conceded that this is the way it will always be. I’m sure glad that didn’t happen in the Civil Rights movement or we’d still be drinking from segregated water fountains…

  4. TalithaMcEachin says:

    Yvette Carnell if I hadn’t read this I would not have even known about the protest.

  5. PghRich says:

    Can you imagine what the right ring bigots will do with this.. Why I say Why are we given the bigots that will do every thing to discredit the President , the ammunition to do so. I know these Brothers mean well but they are not looking a the big picture
    Richard Phipps
    Pittsburgh PA

    1. TalithaMcEachin says:

      PghRich Last I checked Jesse Jackson & his crew were Democrats…

      1. deeplycoco45 says:

        TalithaMcEachin PghRich what does that have to do with what he’s saying.   Jesse Jackson need to clean up his own back yard.

        1. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin PghRich but you see….what does that have to do with Obama’s lack of concern or action on this issue? Basically you’re saying that Jackson cannot protest because he has things he’s done wrong…is that how it works? What you’re missing is that he’s protesting the Obama administration, this is not a personal attack. Obama just happens to be the POTUS right now & if it where a white POTUS I think he’d do the same thing. I don’t know of any outstanding offences which Jesse Jackson has yet to acknowledge or apologize for but please enlighten me. I plan to join local protests here in Atlanta regarding the new taxes to build the new Ga Dome….wait…I have an unpaid parking ticket from years ago – better stay at home! That’s how silly your statement is to me…

        2. deeplycoco45 says:

          TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 PghRich lace of concern.  Your really pulling now.   I never said he couldn’t protest.  Where in any of my post have you seen that?   I know you haven’t.   Your silly behind just don’t have a leg to stand so your straight up lying.  Jesse can March until his son sever his 5 year term if he wants.  I can’t forget about the daughter- in – law she got how many years.    Maybe that’s why he is protesting. Personal reason.  His son has sticky fingers.

        3. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin PghRich You said “Jesse Jackson need to clean up his own back yard.”
          That implies that before he can protest, he needs to deal with his own issues first. If it means something different, then you need to communicate with more clarity.

  6. Bahati Sobukwe says:

    The BIG picture is that we have a right to demand that any politician who signed up for the job must attend to our issues, just like they are attending to other American citizens.  Now, we have a black President who has shown that he “knows how to act”, smart, can handle the job, but we need a little bit more than a smile and a lecture to fix the UNIQUE problems that are effecting our communities.  Manufacturing jobs are GONE!  Our people are unemployed, yes, some through their own doing, but not all, we have college graduates that are unemployed!  We support President Obama, love him too, but we have a right to ask him and all the other politicians to be creative and do things to repair our communities.  Reparation is a very good start, handled wisely.

    1. TalithaMcEachin says:

      Bahati Sobukwe Amen! ANy elected official, no matter his or her race is subject to scrutiny. Barack Obama is no different.

      1. deeplycoco45 says:

        TalithaMcEachin Bahati Sobukwe That’s a joke.  So why didn’t Jesse March under The Bushes?  We saw more incarceration between them and Reagan.   I’m listening?

        1. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin Bahati Sobukwe We all were so busy protesting the Iraq war for one thing. If scrutinizing all public officials is a joke to you why are you even here commenting? That’s kind of the point of this post – scrutinizing an elected official….but oh wait…he’s black. We should start passing out that same shield to Americans to protect themselves against the drones…

        2. markee2013 says:

          deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin Bahati Sobukwe 
          A Very good point where was Jesse then when Bush was in office ? there definetly was more incarceration then.

        3. arobinson214 says:

          markee2013 deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin Bahati Sobukwe  After reading your post I agree.  I would not indict President Obama for the ills being suffered in the Black Community.  They have been going on no matter what party has been elected to the office of the Presidency.  This tells me that the purpose of this Government and the Elected officials are to act in the best interest of the majority or the minority elite.  Under either the Demo’s or the Rep., unfortunately the Black Community is not of interest and that their is little concern for their welfare in this society.  The question for the Black Community to ask and face is not what others are doing or not doing for us, but what actions are we going to take in our own interest, considering, that we have tried every party presented and have continued to suffer the indignation of a society which has no empathy for our condition.  We need to think in Global terms rather then seeing ourselves as isolated to the American System.  Broaden our horizon to attract investment in our communities to attract Jobs and build an economy independent of the present system. The slave mentality is always centered around the masters acceptance, rather then self-determination.  In my opinion this was the greatest factor in the integrationist movement.  The Slave wanted acceptance rather then self-determination.  He wanted to eat and sleep where the master ate and slept.  Well tha master had defined our self and now we must define ourselves.

        4. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          arobinson214 markee2013 deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin Bahati Sobukwe 
          Beautiful said!  Does my heart good to read post like yours.  It means we have a chance!  Thanks!

        5. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          markee2013 deeplycoco45 TalithaMcEachin Bahati Sobukwe  
          He might have believed as many other believe that he was “our black president”. Or, he might have been contemplating how blacks were dissing and deserting him, who knows.
          But,  being unconscious people, blacks thought playing the sax, wearing sunglasses, and eating BBQ made him have an interest in blacks.  The Draconian three strikes and you’re out  law (that has so many of our men incarcerated) was under Clinton, Rwanda genocide, returning the Haitians around, the NAFTA deal was under Clinton.  That’s what happen to a people when they are not conscious and do not ponder the nature of White Supremacy! Mercy!

    2. deeplycoco45 says:

      Bahati SobukweBut when are we going to take responsibility for our own shit.   We have
      a history of blaming everyone else for where we fail.  Our children our
      kiling each other some as young as 14. What do you want us to do with
      them.  Spank them and send them to bed?    I would agree with you about
      the Job’s thing but that some crrap also.   I know programs trying to
      recruit AA men their trifling azzes can’t pass the piss test.   
      President Obama get’s blamed when he tell our men it’s time to setup and
      do right by your family and your community.  Then he get’s blamed
      because the joker are going to jail.   Tell Jesse Jackson just like his
      son has gone to jail for doing wrong everyone else that don’t follow the
      laws of the land will be there also.

      1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

        deeplycoco45 Bahati Sobukwe Apparently, deeply coco45, there are some things going on in the black community to cause this pathological behavior.  Blacks have to deal with high unemployment.  The capitalist-system has been frank in admitting that it cannot always create jobs for everyone who wants to work.  This economic reality is pervasive in black life.  For as long as records have been kept in good and bad times, white America has ensured that unemployment imposed on blacks will be approximately double those experienced by whites.  
        Many employers in the U.S. are open about preferring immigrants to African American workers.  Firms opening new facilities make a point of selecting sites with minimal black population.  This is especially true of foreign-owned corporations, an increasing source if American employment.  Toyota located an assembly plant in Kentucky’s Harlan County in which 95 % of the residents are white.  Honda settled in rural Ohio, where the white figure exceeded 97 percent.
        This “falling apart’ is not all linked to ‘non success-oriented values in the black communities’.  We have to address the structural transformation of how the U.S. economy has changed drastically in the past few decades.  Many semi-skilled and unskilled black workers are on the permanent roll of the unemployed due to the mechanization of Southern agriculture, deindustrialization of Northeaster and Midwestern cities, and also due to the entrance of white females and new immigrants in the labor market.  Things are suppose to fall apart when you’re in a constant state of disintegration.
         Black urban youths in decrepit schools, devalued by alienating ideals of Euro–American beauty, targeted by an unprecedented drug invasion, and with sex and violence activities in society projected as instant gratification are naturally disorientated.
        Maybe another post we will discuss how the drugs got into our communities and how on earth did we think that our communities could survive that onslaught without intervention?

  7. markee2013 says:

    Don’t like Jesse Jackson to me he’s just an opportunist jumping on the band wagon ,what good will marching to washington accomplish? I don’t get this march against mass incarceration thing ,don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time ,either that or don’t be dumb enough to get caught.

    1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

      markee2013 Jackson has been a drum major for justice, probably, long before you were born.  Your opinion come directly from the racist media that has tried to discredit Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Traditionally, these men  have been the avid spokesmen for black America and I for one appreciate their sacrifices of all those years and putting their lives on the line for me and other blacks, while I and most people of your thinking were sitting in a chair.
      I want to recommend a powerful book, a must read for all people of conscience, Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow”.  You will never again utter those simplistic words, “don’t do crime if you can’t do the time”,  in your lifetime and not shutter.  After reading that book –if you are not white–you will be conscious of the injustices in  our legal system and maybe want to do something to change what’s wrong with it!

      1. deeplycoco45 says:

        Bahati Sobukwe markee2013 He’s been a lying cheating crook just as long.   Ask his Baby Momma.    The new Jim Crow didn’t shoot 43 people this weekend in Chicago.  I’m so sick an tired of the philosophical BS that we make excuses. When are you going to get the message your not White and will never be.    The White man may create the atmosphere but we are committing the crimes.against our own people.    Injustice?  let’s talk about injustice.   There are areas kids can’t go out and play because the idiots want to have gun wars.   There are area that don’t have decent retail stores because every place that comes geet robbed until they move away.   A parent raise and nurture their son or daughter for 17 years and they are killed days before their graduation because some negroid want to shoot.  That’s injustice when the innocent have to pay for the wrongs of the predators.

        1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          deeplycoco45 Bahati Sobukwe markee2013  
          You insult me by asking, “when am I going to get the message (I’m)… not white and will never be”?  Where  in MY postings that  I gave any kind of impression I wanted to join my enemy by being white?  Are you sane?  Your posting downing black people indicates that you think highly of White Supremacy.  You are the one defending White Supremacy–not me!

          Do you know what that “atmosphere” is that White Supremacy is creating? They have control of economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war…and apparently your thinking. So, if  White Supremacy  is controlling all of that and many of us are surviving it’s to our credit.  Our failures are predictable, but check out how many success stories there are–you’re talking about a small number of blacks who succumbs.  You should get up and watch all those blacks catching buses and trains to these low paying jobs so early in the morning and dragging home in the evenings. 

          White Supremacy  has no respect for black people and they have shown it since 1619 in every way they can!

          You need to think about our sojourn in America and what we have overcome.  No other people would have survived slavery and those 148 years of oppression–none!!  We came out of slavery earning doctorate degrees. Some slaves learned reading from books bottom side-up, so don’t you dare insult me by saying I want to be white, I don’t want to be anything else but a black African.  I wouldn’t have it any other way…because I know who we are!
          I am because you are, you are because I am… you twit!

        2. madenusa47 says:

          Tell it like it is– may you be as Black/African and Real– for the rest of your life.
          Peace Bahati

      2. markee2013 says:

        Bahati Sobukwe markee2013 
        Your wrong about where my opinion comes from because I happen to like Al Sharpton, Jackson has never been sincere to me, i’m more partial to brothas like Khalid Mohammed, and Malcolm X may they rest in piece,Harry Belafonte.I have nothing but respect for the brothas that are putting it on the line for the black community. I was just never keen on Jackson.

        1. TalithaMcEachin says:

          markee2013 Bahati Sobukwe Isn’t it funny when people tell YOU what you think & why…etc

        2. TalithaMcEachin says:

          markee2013 Bahati Sobukwe I tend to use precaution with Jesse Jackson as well & many times I have taken what he says with a grain of salt but this time I think he does care actually. Perhaps more so because Obama IS black but I think he’d do the same if he were 100% white.

      3. TalithaMcEachin says:

        Bahati Sobukwe markee2013 I’m not a huge fan of either – especially Sharpton for different reasons but I respect what they try to do, alternative motives aside. Sharpton is very intelligent & cunning to me.

    2. TalithaMcEachin says:

      markee2013 I agree with some of your sentiments but the system should not punish brown people more severely than whites who get caught doing the same things either. Police also should not racially profile blacks but some of you all here are all too willing to give them a pass for some strange reason.

  8. madenusa47 says:

    To all my Black/African American Brothers and Sisters-who poses the SOULS of our ancestors– who tilled the soil, and laid the bricks and morta- which build this country for free. Free– is an expression pertaining to dollars and cents. However, the price we paid to combat the hate , and demeaning of us as a people’ is something that differentiates us from All other folk who come here looking at America as a place of opportunities to become apart of the domineering white culture.
    For the record– I LOVE ALL PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME– However I sense a dislike of my Black/African American Brothers and Sisters who are victims of a long history of being subjected to the Sick Minds- who think they are superior because of their lighter skin.
    The irony of the finger pointers– who point their fingers at us GREAT BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICANS– they try to walk like us, talk like us, dress like us, well hell be like us– what would the WORLD BE- WITH OUT US- Can you imagine how boring the World would be without us. Many people wouldn’t have anyone to look up, and use as a yardstick to measure themselves.
    Well hell Obama try to walk like us — when he’s in front of the camera.

    1. deeplycoco45 says:

      madenusa47  He walks like us when he’s not in front of the Camera.  With all of the great legacy you speak of why are we still divided?   Why do we go crazy about Trayvon Martin but I have not seen any outrage from the 43 shooting in Chicago this weekend.  I have not seen any outrage over the multiple teenager  who died or were hurt badly riding buses in New York in the last few weeks   Why do we turn a blind eye when we kill each other?   Why do we turn a blind eye when our community is running over with babies and no one is taking the lead to teach them.   Why do we turn a blind eye to our young men that are too trifling to stop smoking weed to get a job and take care of their families.   Legacy means nothing if the future is going to hell in hand basket.   Tell Jesse to march on that.

      1. stardejial says:

        deeplycoco45 madenusa47 Slave Mentality, that’s why.  Its deep and its pervasive.  Low self esteem fed into us for 300-400 years.  A psychiatrist is needed in the black community so we do not make remarks like calling a “spade a spade,” when we know that “spade” was a term used to humiliate and denigrate us, no matter how catchy the term may seem.  People who have been taught to think less of themselves act out through words and deeds.  I observe the difference in white folks is that they declare themselves “superior” even though we all know that is hardly true.  But they believe it and in believing it, act it out, so much so they feel a sense of entitlement.  This is a mindset.  All things are perceived.  Perception.  How you perceive yourself is how you convince the world to perceive you.  If you walk around with your head down your perceived one way, if you swagger, another.  Perception and Intent those are the tools whites use.  Applying their intent to your perception in order to control. We must deprogram.  One must start somewhere and the smallest way is to tell your children every single day, they are the masters of their fate.  They CAN DO.  Only doubt stops them.  We want to see a million Obamas, even better and stronger than he.  But it starts within you and me.

        1. madenusa47 says:

          A spade is a spade– a term which I chose to us to reflect Mr. Jackson sentiments.
          Don’t lump me in the crowd of we– as far as seeing millions of Obamas. Personally I’ll prefer Nat Turner, MLK, Adam Clayton Powell; just because one knows how to skate around white folk doesn’t qualify them as a leader. Hell look at the conditions in Chicago- that’s where he honed his skills as a politician, which made him the prime candidate to become president of the USA. Which was a very good trick played by the thieves who stole all that wall street, mortgage, and investment monies that disappeared- and till today is still missing.
          They said–let this black guy become president- tie his
          hands up- sprinkle some tea party crap in there, and after 8 years of stagnation– business as usual.
          That’s my slave mentality way of thinking.

        2. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          stardejial deeplycoco45 madenusa47 
          ASE’ (So Be it!)

  9. deeplycoco45 says:

    If your smoking weed in a public place then yes your going to be arrested.   How many weed arrest have you seen when the person is in their home.  Black folks like to do all their business on the front stoop, in front of the corner store, in the park or driving down the street.   .

    1. TalithaMcEachin says:

      deeplycoco45 Another sweeping generalization. I don’t know what has happened in your life to cause you to have such disdain for black people, but hopefully you’ll get over it one day.

  10. deeplycoco45 says:

    I guess it’s President Obama fault that his son is in jail?   Black people please take responsibility for your actions.    People use so many excuses for why we do the dump shit we do.    Let’s talk about unemployment there are guys that have jobs and will do something stupid and go to jail..  Now what about the ones that can’t pass the piss test to get a job?   Tell Jesse Jackson he need to be preaching Personal Responsibility.

    1. Bmerry247 says:

      Why is there a need to study psychology? Can it be the power in the knowledge of mind control especially during slavery when in America whites mostly slavers apply dehumanization tactics on dark Africans with the use of the science of classical condition on Africans dark skinned humans particularly during capturedand treated like animals dehumanization

      1. deeplycoco45 says:

        Bmerry247 We are over 400 years removed from Slavery.  If we haven’t made an effort to get right in a new century we never will.   We are not retarded.  We are brilliant people, but some has refused to use the brilliants that God has given us.   the African are killing each other also.  Why?:

        1. TalithaMcEachin says:

          deeplycoco45 Bmerry247I’ll say to you what a writer said to me once, “There’s no such thing as a wound that takes less time to heal than it took to inflict” – That’s just the truth. Every other racial/ethnic group in this country has had a head start in every way. I’m not making excuses, but simply looking at the reality of the matter. If you reverse history and Africans had enslaved Europeans, I have no reason to believe that whites would be ahead today or would have gotten over slavery sooner.  If you do think so then you’d have to believe that blacks are somehow inferior & whites superior – that’s the bottom line. We absolutely should be responsible for ourselves and there are more blacks who think that way than not. Some of us are just so conditioned to think that all of us want government handouts, shun education & live miserable lives in crime-filled communities, but that’s not reality everywhere. The only way you can just blow off the historical impact of centuries of bondage & say we should just get over it, is if you think we really are inferior.

        2. stardejial says:

          TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247   I agree with your contention here.  Let’s look at Jews for example, supposedly Moses led them out of slavery.  A very different slavery I might add since it seems when they left Egypt, they left with livestock, family in tact, and oh golly…gold.  So much gold in fact, they squandered it making a golden calf.  No such luck during Black slavery.  Our families were torn to shreds, no finances whatsoever not even that darn mule or 40 acres promised.  Most had been divided by circumstance, by training, by fear, by color, by education or not, etc. etc.  The Jews got to wandered in the desert for 40 years that probably was more like 400 years so the entire slave mindset and generation died off and the left the desert with unshackled minds.  Black folks no such luck.  They had to deal with Segregation, Jim Crow, and constant fear.  Whites constantly oppressing them right up into the 1960s and yet they were freed entirely on June 19, 1865.  But only physically.  The hypocrisy of this country is that we are fighting a so-called War on Terror, outside this country, when Black folks lived among their oppressors and terrorists under white sheets all along and in some cases, still do.
          Now we fight another battle, lack of education, economic equality and profiling.  The greatest war against us is this constant perpetrating of “dark coloration” as evil or bad.  Its done subtly and not so subtly.  With the idea that people of color, who in fact, are the majority in this world, being told there is something wrong with being dark.  Yet, we are superior since we have melatonin and serotonin, something day and night whites are attempting to artificially reproduce because its essential to life.  They know that but we don’t know that because they are constantly sending negative information out to reinforce in our minds that to be black or brown or yellow or red is a negative.  Yet whites are our albinos.  Born from us.  You cannot take a white and make a black but you can take a black and make a white and that is the very fact they fear us so much.  They run a mind game down on us daily and I just wish we would wake up and see it and stop self-hating but begin to self-appreciate.  We must stop killing ourselves as the oppressor cheer us on for doing what they want, annihilate ourselves.  We can know longer blame whites for what we do.  We are also economically profitable but spend money foolishly.  We rarely save or invest.  And almost never invest in ourselves, our own businesses.  I know we did before and risked lynching and getting our businesses and towns burned down such as Rosewood and other black owned towns, but we must begin against and start to trust one another, dark and light blacks must see themselves as one people, a unit so we can unite.  Our problem is we lack trust in ourselves and one another and we simply must find ways to come together.  Remember this ole adage which is true… United you Stand, Divided you Fall.  That is where we are now…so what’s our next move?

        3. mistymi says:

          deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 Excuse me 400 years REMOVED from slavery?  I must be on the wrong planet.  America officially ended slavery de jure but has continued slavery defacto without missing a beat.  
          People of every race are killing each other.  Sorry you don’t seem to know that.  Read some of the comments by those more knowledgeable and learn. That would be a good use of your brilliance.

        4. mistymi says:

          stardejial You are so right on!  I whpleheartedly agree with you.

        5. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          mistymi deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 Thank you mistymi…blacks are 148 years removed from slavery after spending 246 years in chattel slavery.  That be 16 to 18 hours of sun-up  to sun-down laboring in some seasons longer than prisoners were allowed to work in prison in some states.

          I’m beginning to believe that those 148 years of oppression were more harmful to our psyche than the years of slavery.  Many, many Africans came out of slavery building schools, stores, churches, and societies, etc.,  but probably the most damaging years have been those few years after the Civil Rights Revolution, that pseudo integration we thought we had has almost destroyed us. Umoja has called it what it is in the book, “The Interracial Con Game”.  We need desperately to read that book.  We have got to learn the nature of White Supremacy and how it is messing with our thought processes.

        6. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247
          Your comments are ones that we need to take notes of, all of us are going to have to join the struggle.  First,  we  need to forget all of that sterotyical rot we have been taught about ourselves that we have internalized.  Careful with that statement “We can no longer blame whites for what we do”–in some cases we can. White Supremacy is used a little differently now, and we are reacting differently, but is is a daily threat to our survival—mentally and physically.

          I do want to mention something about that Jewish slavery thing,  according the  Josephus, the Jewish historian  the Hyksos were the ancestors of the Jews.  They were invaders from the northeast, who dominated (kemet) Egypt between c. 1725 and c. 1575BC.  There is also some controversy about how long they rule and if their control was  all of (Kemet) Egypt. One thing we know, the Pyramids were not built by slave labor.  There is evidence that workers were compensated and the pyramids were built long before any invaders were able to come to Kemit (Egypt).

           History is like that, especially if so much distortion, theft and lies have prevailed.  Thanks again for your comments.

  11. TalithaMcEachin says:

    Yvette Carnell I tell you. We need more willing warriors in the black community. Too many (to me) are conceding that change will not happen & have given up. Thank God black people didn’t do that during the Civil Rights movement & I’m eternally grateful to every life of every race that was sacrificed on the altar of change. We need to challenge the system as well as step up to the plate of self-responsibility – more. Not all of us of course, but enough to warrant this statement. This post has demonstrated that exponentially.

  12. sid mack says:

    Unfortunately a protest march against the president is the wrong thing to do. First of all he has nothing to do with prisoners. He doesn’t pass laws, dictate sentences or have the authority to pardon without the review of the Pardon office in the Department. of Justice. Traditionally presidents pardon a few federal prisoners that are recommended by the Pardon office.
    Second, the majority of African American prisoners are in state, county and city prisons  that are not under the control of the federal government.
    Third, what are the marchers demands? Considering the above the only thing Obama has is the bully pulpit. It should be obvious to everybody that in this political,racial, economic and social    climate that if he speaks out it will have a negative effect. Those who complain that Obama has spoken out to help other communities forget that these are popular issues. There is no sympathy for prisoners, especially African American prisoners or any other African American issues. The majority of Americans believe that we are now a post racial society and that affirmative action should be repealed.
    Fourth, if by some miracle Obama released all African American prisoners what would happen? Statistically 85% of ex-prisoners re-offend. There would be an unprecedented crime wave in our communities. Every day about 3 ,000 prisoners are released, about half are African Americans. These ex-prisoners need help as they re-enter society. How many of those who march or support their effort have protested a half way house in their community? How many have taken an ex-prisoner into their homes because these people need shelter? How many have made cash donation because these people need food and clothing? How many of our churches have  opening welcomed ex-prisoners? Very few! It is too late for most of these prisoners.The parents of future generations must emphasis education, current events, religious training and personal sacrifice.

    1. GloriaBrooks says:

      sid mack You make a valid point, especially about the support of ex-offenders needing help and us a community make a difference for future generations as well as helping those who needs us now.

    2. DavidJones5 says:

      sid mack you said Obama speak out on other issues because they are popular.  my question to you, who decides which issues will be popular?  and if those groups didn’t make any noise, do you really believe their issues would be addressed.  stop giving excuses for Obama.

    3. Bahati Sobukwe says:

      sid mack …What could be “more negative” than sitting and rotting in prison because of Draconian laws that do not apply to white offenders with the same offense?  Countless whites use, manufacture and distribute controlled substances.  But, statistics clearly show that systematically courts opt not to sentence them as severely as their black counterparts.  That deadly “three strikes and you’re out”  policy has left the black community devastated.  Many such laws should be  expeditiously overturned or at the very least amended.  Among those wrongfully convicted, these inmates deserve to be released. 
       Surely, we  understand that when or if departments of corrections release black inmates, felony conviction not only stigmatize them, but also prevent them from securing gainful employment, obtain affordable and quality housing, receive food stamps,, and yes to vote.  The term and condition of probation  that requires that probationers avoid associating with other felons is impractical.  Compliance with such an impractical condition effectively prohibits them from going to the corner store to purchase a carton of milk, because there are so many felons  in the neighborhood.  Reintegrating into life in the free world is nearly and impossible life, which  explains America’s recidivism rate. It is no wonder that ex-offenders return to unlawful activity in order that they survive.  Makes sense to have all of these  white owned prisons…makes money for all involved in the incarceration of our black men…does it not?  Of course, I believe,Jesse Jackson with his years of struggling for justice understands all of the problem he is trying to rectify.  Who better than Jesse Jackson to articulate to the United States government our desire for correction of this issue of incarceration.  We are sorry if the President happens to be black at this particular time.  Ase’  (So be it)

      1. sid mack says:

        Bahati Sobukwe sid mack
        Sid Mack
        I agree with everything you said about prisoners and ex prisoners. I am in the choir! Note that 3 strikes is a California law, not federal.Any change will have to be made by the California legislature, not Obama. You also have to consider that many citizens will say ” how many chances do we have to give in order to be protected from the crimes that this person will commit. Lock him up and throw away the key.” Society is not prepared to forgive and support criminals, and that’s a fact. i don’t see any way that this can be changed. That’s why I said that most of those trapped in the criminal justice system are lost. If we are smart we can get the drug laws changed and save future generations.

        1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          sid mack Bahati Sobukwe  
          Sorry, it took me so long to respond to your “3 strikes is a California law, not federal” statement.    The posts on this site are so exciting that I can’t keep up or stay on the computer  long enough to respond.  Most of the post gives me hope Including yours!

          I want to be clear, the 3-strikes law is an advent of the early 1990’s that targets violent and non-violent, habitual offenders.  Most, if not all, States have habitual offender laws in place.  Now, in the course of plea negotiation, the State may drop the defendant’s habitual status.  If the client decides to proceed to trial, the State may “penalize” him/her by refusing to drop the habitual status.  Compassionate prosecutors  tend to drop the habitual pretrial.  If not and if the jury finds the defendant guilty, the Court MUST by law sentence him/her according to the statutes, i.e. the max, non-violent offenders; life, violent offenders.
          Another little tidbit, in the Clinton years, more blacks went to prison than they did during the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George Bush combined. That’s a fact! 
          Their are also in last couple of decades, more blacks in  high numbers and higher positions on the police force. It’s time they learned the nature of White Supremacy and the role they are playing in it too.  They are not in the black community to protect blacks.  And they know it, they are just not cognizant of the results of what they are doing.  Some think they are doing good for the community…others are arresting as many as they can to get promotions. Mercy!

          Blacks know that President Obama is check-mated in almost everything he does.  But, a President has some powers doesn’t he, all the other President had “some” powers or what’s the use of having a President? But, we can not  give him a clean slate because we don’t want to rock the boat and make white folks mad-they’re already mad and most hate black people.  Many such laws as that “deadly “three Strikes and out” policy has left the black community devastated.  Many such laws should be expeditiously overturned or at the very least amended.

          Black people are going to have to learn and understand the force that is arrayed against them.  WE have to recognized White Supremacy and what it is doing to us, to cause these pathological behaviors.  Teaching moral lessons are not working, we are going to have to work on White Supremacy.  That’s a mighty battle, because it’s so much a mind game on us.  It always leaves us feeling like our wounds are self-inflicted.  And leaving us HATING ourselves.  Unfortunately, we are going to have to read and become knowledgeable on the nature of white supremacy.  It’s a mind game as much as it is economics and everything  else! 

          Please forgive my rant,  I just wanted to clarify the 3 strikes law with you, the other is just rant!  I get carried away.   I have been trying so long to wake people up. Like the heroine, Fannie Lou Hammer, and I paraphrase, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  I’m also passionate about the future of my grandchildren and the life that many blacks are living now … without a clue…just enjoying material things and trying to integrate with whites who have not given any indication that it’s going to happen!  Nor, is it necessary for us to integrate to live our lives in MAAT (balance). Again, sorry for the rant!!

  13. madenusa47 says:

    RIF—– Please read for comprehension.
    Again– I apologize to you for not being a fan of Obama.
    Trust me– he isn’t a god to me.

  14. madenusa47 says:

    Actually Mr. Jackson called a spade a spade.

  15. TalithaMcEachin says:

    anonymousd So he was supposed to blindly support Obama w/o consideration of his views/platform just because he’s black? That’s called herd thinking.

    1. stardejial says:

      TalithaMcEachin anonymousd White people support their own all the time, almost exclusively, so why is it any different when the peoples of color support their own?

      1. TalithaMcEachin says:

        stardejial TalithaMcEachin anonymousd and what is your point? White people are sheeple too when they blindly support a candidate. You seem to think that I don’t regard them herd thinkers when they do it and you’re wrong. It has nothing to do with race. White people voted for Obama too & he would not have won without those white votes – that’s a fact. I have a problem with “supporting your own” without examining platforms & ideology to determine if the person has your best interest at heart. This has nothing to do with race in my view.

      2. stardejial says:

        TalithaMcEachin stardejial anonymousd I think my statement was succinct.  That was my point. Many black people voted for a Black President because they wanted to make an historic point.  To say finally an intelligent black man rose to the highest office.  We hope he is representative of all the people.  He goes into that office with a lot of folks hating him, as we all saw.  He’s blocked by idiots who hold politically office but would sink the country in order to make the black man fail.  I hoped for change but its hard to bring about change when political folly is a foot.  The people must help instead of criticize.  If they are looking for perfection, they wont find it.  Not in a white president or a black one.  If this country is for the people by the people as we profess it is, then the people have to get involved and not just turn it over to politicians who have their own agendas and game plans, primarily to fill their pockets.  The people let Bush take away their inalienable rights under a fear campaign.  If we as the people do not demand what we want, don’t expect any President to provide what we want.  I have met Jesse Jackson several times and seen some underhanded stuff on his part so sadly he is not even thinking of the people but of his own well being.  We have to put people in office who represent higher ideals and until we do we will continue to get the same ole con game.  That is my point.  You made yours and I made mine, just like everyone is doing.

      3. madenusa47 says:

        Why madenusa have to be a racist.
        Why can’t I say what I see? Stardejial

      4. stardejial says:

        madenusa47 I misread what you said and when I realized it, I deleted my comment or at least it said it was deleted.  You certainly have a right to make the comment but when you do, remember “spade” was used as a derogatory term against black folks and so when one sees your comment, they interpret as a negative and racist.  Then, I read other comments by you and realized that was not your intent so I erased my comment.

      5. madenusa47 says:

        Stardejial — Peace and Love to you and yours.

  16. arobinson214 says:

    Is this the same Jessie Jackson that marshaled in integration?  Closing of black educational institutions in the black community under the Push Excel platform?  The same Jessie Jackson that took his chance at the presidential election  and when others were encouraging the Black Community to take control of the ballot in their local and state Government, he, Jessie Jackson, derailed that effort.  I do not trust him any more then I trust the President Elect.

  17. soul60 says:

    By reading the comments to this march by Jesse and other black leaders.
    One thing for sure,regardless as to who is  the or a  so-called black president.
    A vast % of black people are stuck in an outdated slave type paradigm of dependence.
    The marching is not going to solve much,since the slave massa is not paying to much attention to all these  marches and rallies.
    Long as it does not stop the trading of those slave prison bonds on wall street,they could  carel less if  all of us were to march.
    The man in charge is not going to do much to solve,since he will barely speak about all thi black on black crime,homicide and all these poverty mentally black’s just wallowing in all types of slave type  ignorance on  daily.
    Until a vaat % of black people take the mental shackle from their brains and move to a new mental paradigm of liberation.
    The same old problems will continue and will only get worse.

    1. arobinson214 says:

      soul60 No integrationist will ever take that stand towards independence.  The integrationist sees separate but equal as a stamp of inferiority rather then a catalyst towards determination.   The integrationist have always believed and maintained that the Black Community is not capable of self management, commence and community development, unless there is a Caucasian directing their activities.  During the Social Revolution of the Sixties and, a call for separate but equal participation and representation, the integrationist made the great legislative compromise, because the law of separate but equal was seen as too expensive and would create a Nation within a Nation and fracture the United States of America as the Civil War was fought to prevent.  The Great Compromise denied us our charges of Human Rights Violation before the World Court and we compromised for Civil Rights as an alternative.  Civil Rights Violation as a lesser included offense and punishable by a reprimand rather then by indictment and sentencing on the original crime of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION, which can be argued before the World Court rather then being maintained within the boarders of the offending country.  Many of the ills facing the Black Community can be traced directly to this bastard legislative compromise including and not limited to the mass incarceration; Increased poverty levels; Academic and Vocational illiteracy; Family structural breakdown; and Social unrest in the Black Communities.  What the Black Community need is a Nationalist Agenda that will give our communities focus and direction rather then integrationist rhetoric that keep us tied to the direction of those wishing to keep us bond to a financial, political and social cast that has no empathy for the Black Community.  We need to think in a Global manner.  What America will not do then another country will in attracting investment and jobs in our communities.  I would rather eat in hell then continue to starve in heaven.

      1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

        arobinson214 soul60 …my sentiment exactly!  If we say nothing about our issues…we would be remiss,  at least if we “say something”, others in the Country would see that we are standing up for our “rights” as citizens of the United States of America.  And maybe hint to Middle America that we know that we have been ‘wronged’.

      2. soul60 says:

        arobinson214 soul60  Overall I agree and  it is  fear.
        Fear buried deep within them. This fear comes from the plantation,comes from the history of being abused,exploited and oppressed.
        We see nowjust how bad the brutally of black people and afrikan people have become by these racist police. These phony racist courts,the judges and the lawyers.
        Once they get you in one of these updated slave prison plantations behind closed doors.
        They can do anything to a person

  18. doverd says:

    The time has come for the black community to organize itself. There is chaos in our communities because we can’t get along with ourselves due the lack of group and ethnic organization. Jesse Jackson and Ron Daniels should strive to create a “peoplehood” in the black communities. There are external forces and internal forces. The so called black leaders can’t even get together. The women have created “The Circle of Sisters”. The rich and the educated don’t visit the projects or the prisions. 
    The black conservative won’t interact with the masses. The black lawyers won’t represent poor black people. The solution starts with us, not the president.
    How is it possible to exist and live if the members of a group won’t love one another or help oneanother? 
    The one leader approach must end. We need to change to a council or political body approach with   the participation of each person. We all are responsible for contributing, not just one person.

    1. madenusa47 says:

      Doverd– what if those name callers organize themselves and lead us common people in a direction of positive action. Such as– BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS 2013– AND SHOW THE WORLD HOW SIGNIFICANT WE ARE– VERSUS HOW MARGINAL OTHER PEOPLE TRY TO PROJECT US AS BEING.

  19. soul60 says:

    All those saying that Jesse and others should not march must be on drugs.
    All gthose dead,locked up  because of this new world order,police state war on terror hype been souled out.
    I wonder why do they want to give this guy a pass on this massive sell-out of the poor black masses.

  20. Bahati Sobukwe says:

    Don’t know.  The President needs to know that we are asking for attention to our issues.  We have a right to ask our government to address our issues.  Especially, since they didn’t just crop up naturally.  There was a ‘hand’ in our communities. Have we forgotten how drugs got into our communities.  How whites ran from our cities because of racism, the crime came later after they took the jobs and taxes with them. 
    Dr. Claude Anderson has chronicled how “black crime markedly increased at the same time and in direct proportion to blacks becoming obsolete and expendable as a labor class in the early ’60s.  The crushing poverty in many of our communities is causing the pathological behaviors.  We must do everything we can to change things, but surely we know that it is a herculean job without intervention from our government that we pay taxes to address issues common in the United States of America.

  21. LusciousDC says:

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should sit this one out.  WHENEVER they speak people STOP listening.  We need leaders that people will listen to.  If people aren’t listening what’s the point of the press conference and march?

    1. afrikancenteredbrutha says:

      LusciousDC What type of leaders are you looking for?

      1. LusciousDC says:

        afrikancenteredbrutha LusciousDC   Leaders that can light the fires under our people to get us motivated.  Jesse and Al are just not the ones anymore.  Like I said when they appear on the scene, people get that “Oh, here we go again” look and close their minds to what’s being said.

        1. madenusa47 says:

          Well grab the torch– relight it; and carry on.
          They did what they did– NOW-LETS DO SOMETHING!!

  22. afrikancenteredbrutha says:

    Many of us suffer from what they have analyzed in Black
    Psychology as “Historical Amnesia”. A psychological condition of not knowing
    or forgetting your history. Eurocentric history and religion is used to
    motivate forgetting our history and the Afrikan experience. Most black folk, as
    individuals, seek to forget or not study our history for fear of the anxiety,
    pain, guilt, anger, and shame it causes within ourselves. Bottom-line, we still
    suffer from the affects of slavery whether we know it or not. We have not escaped
    it. We have to do more within ourselves to break the affect of social amnesia
    and the resulted plantation mentality. Create for ourselves, stop being dependants.

    1. arobinson214 says:

      afrikancenteredbrutha I enjoy your post and have given it serious consideration.  I agree that we must study our history from a Negro, and not, Black perspective, further, we must examine this history beginning from its roots, rather then from the country from which many of us arrived from.  We are buried in slavery and not from Africa.  We have been made to feel shame of slavery instead of embracing it as our history for fear that we may discover what techniques enslaved us.  Physical containment is not slavery.  Slavery is a process rather then an event.  We need to know and understand the process in order to reverse its effects. Knowing of our ancestral history prior to slavery is of no value.  We are people condition in slavery to remain slaves forever.  The Emancipation Proclamation freed us from the physical tatters of slavery but left us chained emotionally.  This is the next frontier.

      1. afrikancenteredbrutha says:

        We have an issue here called the projection and image of
        history. Europeans have taught us that our Afrkan history is of no value.
        History is a time dimension. History is
        should be accurately looked at as a Psychohistory, i.e., the psychological
        result of undergoing certain historical experiences. As individuals, we are our
        history. You can’t leave history behind. History is the past, present, and future.People like me that are Afrikan Centered; realize
        the division of past, present and future is foolish, false, Eurocentric, and political.

        “History is clock that tells peole their political and
        social time of day. History tells you where you come from, who you are, and
        what you must be. The relationship between history and a people, is the same
        relationship as a mother to her child.”
        -Dr John Henrik Clarke

        1. arobinson214 says:

          afrikancenteredbrutha arobinson214 I can understand and appreciate your premise if in fact we were Africans. We are not children of Africans we are children of American Slaves.  If you wish to resurrect a person one must go to the grave where one is buried and not too his home. In his home you may find his linage but not his essence. As many have stated:  ” We have a slave mentality ” not an African mentality.  Something happen to the Negro American, it did not happen in Africa, it happen in America.  Something produced and continues to produce a Slave Oriented mindset and it is that Mindset that must be examined and analysis in order for us to have a complete understanding of the psychosis. We may study the Continent of Africa as much as we wish, but when I am lost in New York State only a Map of these United States will get me to my destination. Slavery is that map.  We may use disassociation as a tool by which we coop, but the mental psychosis of this Art of slavery still remains.  We were not breed to be Slaves for a day we were breed to be Slaves for ever.  This required a special breeding and a set of protocols from birth of one intended to be a slave to his death.  One can take a horse and ride him, but you have got to break that horse to make him a servant.  Once he has been breed to be a servant the horses natural instincts of nurturing is removed and he will offer his young up to you for similar breeding.  This is the Art of turning a slave to a servant.  You remove from the slave every natural and nurturing instinct and the will for self determination. We must understand the methodology used in order to restore the Negro to his natural self.  A study of the African history or language is of very little value in this restoration,.

        2. madenusa47 says:

          Speak for yourself—– Oh that strong Black/African American man and woman who survived that ratchet system of capitalism (slavery).
          Scarred by the evil inflicted upon them by heartless people who worshipped money over humanity.
          Are you referring to a people who were physically and psychologically tortured for over 400 years, and beyond.
          Who are those people who stood up to the most powerful country in the world and demanded and got civil rights – human rights for all people of color.
          The resiliency of a people – who were brought to the USA from Africa, not as free men and women– but as SLAVES to build this nation for free. Physical Abuse, Laws created to keep us in a state of inhuman.
          In this great country of the USA– there’s only one people whom I know that stand up and fight for change. We shake the tree– while ALL OTHERS PICK UP THE APPLES.
          Yes it’s a sad state of violence that’s going on in our communities. That’s the way of the WORLD.
          For the most part– when the smoke clears– one can see the BEAUTY OF THE BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICANS.

        3. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          arobinson214 afrikancenteredbrutha  I disagree.   We must know, I believe, who we were in the past.  It is too much history in our African past for us not to know and honor it.  In short, that history will do for us what it did for the Greeks who stole it from us.
          Indeed, we need to know everything about our sojourn in America, leave nothing out of our disenfranchisement, how it was necessary to demonize us, hate ourselves, and love them.  

          Please…not a stone unturned.  We must know everything about ourselves.  We are decimated now because we use our clock as 1619.  We must go further into the past to give us those roots that Marcus Garvey was talking about when he said, ” A man without his history is like a tree without its roots.

      2. Bahati Sobukwe says:

        arobinson214 afrikancenteredbrutha At a lecture at Tougaloo College,( HBC ) in Jackson MS, i asked the late Dr. John Henrik Clarke, if there was any such thing as “Negro history”.  The question upset him, I knew better, I  wanted him to elucidate on that subject, since I had just heard another so-called scholar say there was  ‘Negro history.’  He said absolutely not, there was a time when we were called “Negroes”, but there is nothing called Negro history. The Portuguese gave blacks the name Negro.  Negro is another name we can put to rest beside “ni**er.

        1. arobinson214 says:

          Bahati Sobukwe arobinson214 afrikancenteredbrutha I defer the word black being used to describe me.  It has  to many negatives attached to it. ”  In the beginning was the word . . . and the word took on flesh. ” The word Negro is more descriptive to what happen to my ancestors then the Word Black.   In the Spanish language the word Negro is used to describe an object lacking in life of its own.  In the history of my people the language is properly applied.  Because of the manner in which they were conditioned.  The Portuguese used the word Black because the Arabs who had been trading in slavery from the continent of Africa were the first to describe it as the Black Continent.  Europe had been trading in slaves from the Black continent going as far back as the Roman Empire and Alexander the great as well as the Ottoman Empire.  So the Portuguese were merely adhere to the scripted language used towards the continent of Africa and the inhabitants. Africa is a large nation with many languages and tribal customs.  It is not and never has been a homogenous nation.  The only national communication was the of the drums which was used a communication w/in certain geographic regions., We must remember that the Caucasians removed their slaves for the exterior of Africa and rarely reached into the interior.  Those slaves that were called Niggers, not factually based, where from Niger, so we have the word Nigger.  Such slaves were highly valued due too their education and the familiarity with them over years of Muslim trading them.  This is only my research which isn’t that explorative.

        2. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          arobinson214 Bahati Sobukwe afrikancenteredbrutha   Well, arobinson214, I don’t want to get lost in what we should call ourselves. Obviously, it what you prefer and why.   I prefer  African without the American behind it. I also use Black because it is a strong word that conjures up many things in Americans minds. it describes those feelings in my writings.  It’s a strong word and the reader will get the emphasis I’m trying to convey immediately. For instance, if I say, Black people ain’t taking that s..t!, it sounds different if I say Africans ain’t taking that  sh.t!  It’s subtle but it’s different!

           Africa is the birthplace of man.  But not only that, its peoples created early civilizations:  the cultures of Ta-Merry (Egypt), Kush, and Ethiopia  were in the forefront of world progress.  For a period of a million and a half years, the black man, the pebble  toolmaker, wandered across much of Africa, into and probably through southern Asia, and occasionally into Europe across a land bridge that existed at the time.  This land bridge was probably somewhere near what is now know the Strait of Gibraltar.
            We are learning about the Black  Olmec of South America.  New information is popping up all the time and Africans are just getting older and older.  Now we have the African Temples of the Anunnaki  and their stone structures in South Africa  are older than Ethiopia.  It is getting to be mind blowing!

          I know that our history did not begin  with slavery in 1619.  We have been studying our history beginning with  slavery too long.  Slavery was an old institution of many people by 1619, in fact, many were, or had discontinued it. Rome and Greece societies were 80%  slaves in their hey day.  Africans were not the only ones who practiced slavery.  The difference is that the slave could rise up to be king.  However, it must be remembered that the form of slavery that the Arabs introduced into East Africa, and the Europeans introduced into the states of West Africa, had never existed in Africa or the world before.  And certainly not the type dehumanizing chattel slavery of the United States.  The first European  slavery in Africa began with the Portuguese in 1445 and ended in 1870.   This system of slavery led to a massive depopulation of Africa and the wreck and ruin of a large number of African societies.  The Europeans wanted Africans from the age of fifteen to 35 and two men for every woman.  As you can see that the best minds in any country.
          We will learn in studying the history of Africa  that it was already old when Europe was born.  More than five thousand years had unfolded before what was to become Europe was a  political factor in world affairs.  In this period of history, what was to be later known as “Africa”, was an unknown place to the people who would someday be called “Europeans.  Only the people of some of the Mediterranean Islands and  a few Greek and Roman states knew of parts of North Africa, which was a mystery to them.  For 500 year the Egyptians would not let the Greek come to study. (See Stolen Legacy by G.M James)

          The ancient Civilizations: Ta-Merry (Egypt) Cush, Axum, and  Ethiopia, were responsibilities for medicine, science, the concept of monarchies, divine kinships and an Almighty God.  All organized religions have their origins in African Spirituality.  These black people were creators of mathematics, architecture, originators of paper -papyrus- and inventors of steel.
          So, i guess those are some of the reasons I want people to know who they’re talking to when they call me an African.  There is no land called ‘black land’ or ‘Negro land’ so those names  mean nothing they really have  no history.  I’m African, I say it loud and I’m proud and yes I am black!

        3. arobinson214 says:

          Bahati Sobukwe arobinson214 afrikancenteredbrutha You are correct we have deeper issues facing the Black Community then what we are going to call ourselves.  Black; African American; Negro each of us face identical injustices. We need to move on to a consensus as how to solve our issues, rather then infighting over minute details.  I have been fortunate to travel these United States Of America for the past 6 mos.  Put in over 58,000.000 miles.  Our issues in Mississippi is no different than those of New York. I have seen entrenched poverty in both.  This same poverty exist coast to coast in our communities. Our greatest challenge as a community is to attract investment and create Jobs within.  We as a community must think Global rather then continue to depend upon a nation that continues to hold us bondage, through the process poverty.  If America will not invest in our communities, then China, Brazil, Argentina, Iraq, Iran, Japan or some other nation will.  We must no longer restrict ourselves to a domesticated alliance with people who do not care to invest in us.  I would rather eat in hell then continue to starve in heaven.  
          We have fought and bleed for this country and in return we have gotten nothing for our efforts.  American has created its on standards by which to judge us and that judgement is:  Poverty; imprisonment; Disenfranchisement and extermination, buy what ever means necessary.  But we have a responsibility to ourselves all we need do is accept this responsibility and let the chips fall where they may.  It has been enlightening talking with you.

        4. madenusa47 says:

          China, Brazil, Argentina, Iraq, nor any other country on the fa e of this earth are you g to do NOTHING with Black/Africa an Americans without the consent of white/European businesses.
          Pay attention to the assimilation habits of the above mentioned parties. You’ll see how in their way of thinking who’s the model of goodness. Asians surgically un slanting their eyes. Brazilians favoring the lighter hue Brazilians.
          Well here’s a suggestion to ponder– Black/African Americans– and all people of color who are trying to make a change for the better in the WORLD– starting here in the USA– let’s try to unite by doing something achievable– BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS 2013– which will send a message to all those who take us and our money for granted.
          May all my intelligent Brothers and Sisters brainstorm and figure out how to unite– and do something in the present.
          Lets stop INTELLECTUALLY FONDLING one and other.
          Now is our time to make history.

        5. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          madenusa47   Be careful, King did not die until he began talking real economic.  I  concur!  The consumers’ children would remember this lesson for a lifetime!

        6. madenusa47 says:

          I concur! They killed the King — and the whole army died.
          Well I suppose we’ll continue pontificating abstract hog wash– that leads us to nowhere- which we are now as a people.
          Are we to be a people that lives in a stealth mode; under the radar? Except what’s handed to us — don’t own nor control anything that’s significant– such as, super marks, trains, planes, housing developments, and the right to control the curriculum of our children schools?
          Who are we? Shells of human emptiness.
          Now one can see why Black/African Americans and people of color kill one and other– it’s a learned behavior– taught by those who instilled fear in us by way of violence.
          To coin the phrase– stand for something– or fall for anything– by the look of things– we’re falling for anything.

        7. arobinson214 says:

          madenusa47 The time for the Lone Gunman is outdated.  If the election of President Obama signals one fact that diverse ethnic groups can rally to,it is a need for change in the status quo.  This is the platform that he ran on.  The Platform must represent not only the Black Struggle, but the struggle that every American is facing.  Income inequality; Employment; A right to a Living Wage; Taxing inequality, A Employee Bill Of Rights; An End to the plutocracy form of Governance, with such a platform yes we can make history.  We must not isolate our struggles as a them verses us mentality.  As if it is a Race struggle, rather then a struggle for Basic Human Rights for All Americans regardless to Race, Ethnic Group; Gender; Sexuality,etc.  Yes we can make history provided that we accept our responsibly as a leader of Humanity and not as leaders of Civil Rights.  Dr. King understood this.  As he prepared for the Poor Peoples March on Washington, following his speech in Memphis Ten. Notice this March was a poor peoples’ March not a Black March on Washington.  I agree with you now is the time to Make History.  We have seen history made with the election of President Obama.  We need to examine his platform and lead by his example. I do not like his politics, but he has proven to be a resilient President.  I respect him for that.  He is truly a politician.

        8. madenusa47 says:

          Arobinson214– I noticed you agreed on something I said.
          I mentioned civil and human rights. In any event I apologies to you for not having all the answers.

        9. soul60 says:

          madenusa47 How about a plan on paper to leave the planet and leave these other people here to be abused and stay  enslaved mentally for sure

    2. Bahati Sobukwe says:

      afrikancenteredbrutha   I asked a wise man once, why we don’t want to know our history.  He said,  “Responsibility!  They don’t want to be responsible for knowing.”

      1. arobinson214 says:

        Bahati Sobukwe afrikancenteredbrutha I once asked a lion trainer.  How did you train that lion to eat out of your hands?  I conditioned him through a process of reward and punishment.  If he followed my command I feed as a reward for doing so. When he did not respond to the command I withheld that reward to the point of starvation. See a feed cat learns nothing.  The Human animal is no different.  He too can be condition to act and react in a certain way that is predictable.  It does not matter where the animal is from as long as he is conditioned to behave as instructed.  In this manner you take possession of the behavior rather then the physical.  If this lion would not have undergone conditioning then he would have remain in his natural state.  We see this example in Cult.  No matter if the person knows his linage the Cult is able to maintain control of the individual due to the individuals reorientation.  Like the lion as well as the Cult conditioning it takes reorientation to bring the animal back to his natural state.  Many are not reoriented,. especially those whom have been in the unnatural state for long periods of time.  Slavery was a science.  Slaves out numbered their masters and population in most slave holding states 5:1 Why was the masters as well as the population able to sleep being out numbered, even though their captives were unchained and slept in the their captives homes or in the fields?  Just as that lion they were condition.  We wish to look at slavery as a chain rather then as a PROCESS OF CONDITIONING.  In so doing we overlook 98% of what makes a slave into an OBIDEANT SERVENT.  We have been lead to think that we were slaves because of chains rather then slaves due to stringent and deliberate set of protocols that condition us to be slaves.  In the argument for independence or integration the integrationist won because the Dog could not see him/self separated from its’ master, therefore integration had far greater appeal then separate but equal. Such words as responsibility, self determination, ego, pride and other such language were not breed into the slave.  Such language as self hatred, color discrimination amongst your own race, division amongst class, and other language to keep the race divided were.

        1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

          arobinson214 Bahati Sobukwe afrikancenteredbrutha  Yes, yes , arobinson 214, there have been tomes written on the social engineering  of blacks during slavery, but few if any are written on the social engineering of whites during slavery, the Jim Crow, and the oppressive years after slavery.
          In slavery to prevent any insurrectionary union of white servants and African slaves, racism was deliberately reinforced through legal enactments and strong social sanctions.  These legalized tactics resulted in the separation of the two races.  The rapid growth of “racial contempt” triggered a general rising of the status of even lower-class whites.  Whites were allowed not only to prosper, but also to acquire social, psychological and political advantages that turned the thrust of exploitation away from poor whites and aligned them with their exploiters.  THIS WAS IMPORTANT. It. strategically fostered decades of slavery and racism that persist today.
          African have been physically enslaved, psychologically abused, academically impaired, and economically impoverished for nearly 500 years.  Always remember the abolition of slavery merely liberated individual slaves from individual masters.   It did not topple the culture of slavery and the ATTITUDES held toward blacks as quintessential outsiders.  JIm Crow in the south institutionalized the condition of black Americans as a group apart, excluding them from both the pubic and private spheres of the dominant white society and polity. 
          For all of you all who believe in the ” self-inflicted  wounds” in the black communities, know that, National public policies and institutions began centuries ago to produce and perpetuate the laws, racial images, and myths that imprisoned blacks within the concepts of crime and violence.  Justice has never been blind for blacks.  White society criminalized black behavior out of fears and financial self-interest.  Between 1800-1850, blacks were arrested for activities that would not have been a crime for whites, such as strolling in certain neighborhoods and looking suspicious.  There were less specific crimes, such as “violating various city ordinances” and playing games with whites. Sometimes for no crime,  white planters would commit blacks to prison “just for safe keeping”.  Ha!
          Now, you have 1 million of our men in jail, where as white-collar crimes cost the society from $40 to $200 billion a year (not including the savings and loan thefts).  This is 8 times the cost of all common, blue collar crimes.  Yet, our prisons are 99 percent filled with blue-collar criminals who are predominantly black.   White- collar crimes  are committed by whites, and crime statistics are skewed towards reporting blue-color crimes;  white-collar crimes go to civil courts rather than criminal courts, and are typically excluded from crime reports.  You see, crimes such as inside stock trading, toxic waste dumping, embezzlement,  bribery, income tax evasion, expense account padding, larceny, computer fraud, money laundering, extortion, blackmail, counterfeiting, government contract manipulations, and saving and loan thefts are not included in the crime reports, the typical criminal turns out to be wealthy and whites. 
          In terms of acts of violence, personal injuries and death, A California public health official stated that medical quackery causes more deaths in the U.S. every year than all {blue collar} crimes of violence.  Yet, few quacks go to jail, none have ever  been sentenced to the electric chair for medical malpractice.  The few who are caught and sentence receive light sentences are are frequently sent to resort prisons.

          Let me digress, because many like to pretend that racism was and is only in the South–Mississippi to be exact.   In the North, where Jim Crow was largely absent, blacks were truly invisible, or little of no consequence in public life and culture, and nearly totally segregated from the neighborhoods and daily personal lives of white Americans.  The only way that blacks have served in a national function–beyond being exploited in the most demeaning of work–was to define what constituted whiteness.  Black accent what is America’s most precious cultural commodity and that is a negation defined in terms of what one is not: black. 
          Claud Anderson stated that (t) the greatest impediment to black empowerment and economic justice has been the Constitution, which institutionalized the relative social and economic status of blacks and whites and codified racism in America.  After using the Constitution to expropriate black labor, create a racial ordering of acceptability and foster a wealth and power imbalance between blacks and whites, the government and the court system are now using the Constitution to impede any effort to correct the disparities, citing preferential treatment for blacks would be unconstitutional reverse discrimination.

        2. arobinson214 says:

          Bahati Sobukwe arobinson214 afrikancenteredbrutha I prefer Jim Grow to integration as did the Government of the United States up to the Civil Rights Legislation, which attempted to legislative equality without and investment of equity.  I call it the great compromise of the United States. Civil Rights are granted when ever there is an internal struggle between to waring fractions.  But when one fraction attacks the Humanity and pass laws that, or remain silent of the Human Rights violations of the opposing fraction, then it is no longer a Civil Action, it becomes a Human Rights, or Criminal, Action to be prosecuted  before the world court for redress.  yes it is true that Jim Crow was a segregationist law, but it also gave the Black Community anatomy in it’s separate but equal clause.  Many of us are confused that Jim Grow was only a Southern Mandate.  Jim Grow Laws were challenged in the Supreme Court  Of The United States Of America in Plessy V. Ferguson, 1892. as well as laws predating Plessy, where the doctrine of Separate but equal was upheld as being  the law of the country. But the integrationist saw separate as meaning inferior.  Which the Jim Grow Laws never stated.  But even to this day de facto segregation exist without the consideration of Separate but equal status.  Integration was a ruse and a compromise because it would have been too costly and reversed, as well as substantiated, that one state could concede from these United States.  It was a Pandora Box.  President’s Obama recent Health Care Reform bill passed for this very identical reason.  If the supreme court would have said that the Health Care Act was unconstitutional, then such legislation in the public interest as Social Security may have been unconstitutional as well.  Under Jim Grow we had the Harlem Renaissance, Historic Black Colleges, Neighborhoods with stores located w/n black community borders, Black banks, black insurance companies, Black construction companies,etc. Under integration all that has been lost. Under the integrationis we here that Jim Grow was a law that restricted black people, but in truth it merely restricted our presence in the company of Caucasians, while giving us the freedom to develop our own infrastructure, and since that freedon had been denied an not in keeping with the supreme courts ruling, the United States was in breach of a social contract it upheld and put in place, thereby bring the Nation into  redressing past wrongs.  40 acres and a mule sort of speaking.  AS far as prison being the New Jim Crow is a slap in the face.  Prison sentencing in nothing like Jim Crow.  There are many discrepancies as to sentencing and that Blacks are target for higher sentences then his racial counterpart and that Blue Collar Crimes are focused on with greater aversion, but we have always known this. Our problem with so many of us being in jail maybe due to criminal behavior.  If the fly never would have entered the spiders web, possibly the spider would have starved to death.  Remember that those who are incarcerated committed crimes in their own neighborhoods and not outside of it.  I served five years in New York State,Attica, Greenhaven, Comstock,Clinton, and those who are familiar with these prisons will tell you that they are among the worst in that state.  Went in functionally illiterate and came home with a BA.  So there is much good that can be accomplished behind those walls if the person but applies oneself.  I do not advocate prison, but I am not an advocated of mass release either.  If I was to become an advocate for release, the individual would have to have showing of  academic and vocational merits.  Any person who has been in prison for a year or more and have not even A GED has no evidence that they are willing to change and become a productive person too the community he was removed from.  I know Dr. Anderson and have discussed at length the constitutionality of the constitution as it relates to the subjugation of Black people In America, especially where it concerns Jim Grow.  There he is mislead and have not read the Supreme Courts Decision.  He construes this matter as used by the populace rather then as interpreted in law.

    3. soul60 says:

      afrikancenteredbrutha – A new mental liberation paradigm beyond begging and being scared of slave massa.
      I thought all this fear of ole mass  was suppose to be left on the plantation long time ago.

  23. Stardegiel says:

    afrikancenteredbrutha  I could be wrong but I don’t think marching has the same impact it once did.  Its kind of expected now, so dismissed in the minds of whites.  They see you, they don’t see you.  Your marching a day, a couple of hours, they endure it and then say thank God it’s over and return to their status quo.  No surprises.  We live in a country that likes sensation, gimmicks. Heck, the Tibetans burn themselves alive.  Not for black folks, we love life and hate pain.  Although we internalize pain often.  Even now, folks see the Tibetans burning themselves and turn away.  They say how awful and then go back to their lives.  Its impact temporary.  What stays in the minds of a nation with a low attention span?  No, not marching. Perhaps an instance of attending schools all over this country in mass.  Taking science, mathmatics, nuclear physics, medicine, wholistic and mainstream; law, political science, finance and business.  Pack their schools, demand scholarships in the form of renumeration for slavery. That is unexpected because they have tagged you as ignorant and expect buffonery and ignorance from you.  Learn their game and beat them at it.  That is how we will get noticed.  The White Man gave the peoples of color Jesus.  Think not, read and find out how whenever Europeans wanted to conquer a land, they sent their Jesuit Priests and missionaries to ask you to turn the other cheek. To endoctrinate you.  Why do you think they call TV, programming?  The whites saw how African interacted with their Gods so sought to remove the African Gods.  Live spirits that we interacted with.  Whites saw this and said “Hell no!”  Let’s steal their rituals and take over their Gods while we give them our God.  The one we killed.  Think about why of all the loving symbols whites could use to depict their God, they showcase a DEAD God. One they killed, and crucified on a cross.  They killed him.  Where is the love there?  Yet, that is the God Whites gave to the folks of color in exchange for their living spirits. And we took that God and breathed life into it as best we could, while desserting our own Gods.  Then our Gods in turn desserted us.  At one time, we understood the laws of nature but again Whites separated us from certain understandings that all people of color throughout the world once knew.  Now, very few know the Laws of the Universe.  The Jews have the Calbala which is sometimes secretly entitled Jewish Witchcraft, though they deny this.  Yet you got Madona worshipping it and getting richer and many Jews who have studied the word in the Torah and Talmad, prospering. Jews study the stars and numerology.  The Kabbalah Tree of Life is utilized by them with all its secret symbology and mysteries.  This was taught in the Egyptian Schools of Wisdom and Knowledge.  The bottom of The Tree represents the materialistic lower half, where the Jews worship and do the rituals that gain them wealth.  The Center of the Kabbalah Tree of Life is the Heart and the Very top, the Divine Mind.  Few within mankind have reached the heart or the top and remain in the lower levels of materialism, where they remain blind and blinded by greed.  We as a people ages ago had the true wisdom and knowledge that got lost in human folly, greed and ignorance.  Let us educate ourselves now.  Not from a religious viewpoint but a spiritual enlighted viewpoint.  Everything is a flow and ebb.  All around us are invisible matrixes of energy and force.  We stepped out of rhythm with this force.  Therefore lost the knowledge of how to give and receive.  Look at the infinity symbol.  Its two wheels, one clock, one counterclock move in unison of future and past to create the now. It moves in unison with itself although it two dual forces. Send the force out, receive the force back.  That is universal law. But we are kept in negative thinking which sinks one into thoughts of hopelessness, desparation and need.  Thus stagnation. We are so emerged in fear we cannot accept that by telling ourselves no matter how bad it is, we are above it.  We do not know any longer how to attract those things within a dualistic world that gives both. But you must stand in center with your intent, focusing out while recieving in.  However, due to our separation from the whole, we would rather say, because we have been taught to doubt, that what I state here is impossible.  Thing is, the moment you declare it is, it is.  You have to apply your intent, to your focus, declare it and claim the things you want, believing.  But only in a positive and loving vein.  We never get because we believe we will never get and believe ourselves to be unworthy of receiving.  Why do you think that in America all we ever hear or get is a daily feed of negative news, negative emotion.  How come nothing is ever positive?  Ask yourself why.  It’s because if you began to believe in yourself and the great possibilities around you, you would set yourselves free and no longer be trapped in a mindset built to cage you via fear and lack.

    1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

      Stardegiel afrikancenteredbrutha   Amon! Amon! Amon!

      I think you will you will enjoy this book, if you have not read it already, “African Temples Of The Annunnaki by a white South African author, Michael Tellinger.  Amazing!  I just stumbled upon it on Amazon.  I do not usually find books by stumbling.  After years of reading everything I could find about our history, I knew nothing about the stone structures and ruins in South Africa, the information has been suppressed..surprise, surprise!

      1. writ711 says:

        Bahati Sobukwe Stardegiel afrikancenteredbrutha  Thank you, Babati I will seek out that book.

      2. soul60 says:

        Bahati Sobukwe Stardegiel afrikancenteredbrutha I will check this book out too for sure.

    2. ElaineMDG says:

      Thank you so much for that. After many years of studying Native American, Eastern, and Ancient African philosophies; it has become clear to me that all the Judeo-Christian model has done over the past 2500 or so years, is take us away from our “Self’s”, as a whole, and intricate connectiveness to our Natural World.
      It’s a shame, and may well be our destruction-of each other, and our planet.

      1. wogmin says:

        ElaineMDG  I have to strongly disagree with your point of view.
        The problem is, has, and always will be that we tend to believe that we can solve our problems, ourselves. That is why we are in the mess we are in, as a community, and, a nation.
        We have essentially told God, to butt out [separation of church and state], which He has so kindly obliged. He has left us to our own devices, and you can see the results all around.
        Since the black community is the leader in this philosophy, then it is us, that will continue to suffer the most.

        1. arobinson214 says:

          wogminElaineMDGI will suggest you to this reading only concerning the church and Christianity during the darkest hour of American history for the Black People.  And this remains the role of the Church when it comes to advocating for the least of these. omitted the weightier matters of the law,
          judgment, mercy and faith.”

          But the church of this country is not only indifferent to the wrongs
          of the slave, it actually takes sides with the oppressors. It has made
          itself the bulwark of American slavery, and the shield of American
          slave-hunters. Many of its most eloquent Divines. who stand as the very
          lights of the church, have shamelessly given the sanction of religion
          and the Bible to the whole slave system. They have taught that man may,
          properly, be a slave; that the relation of master and slave is ordained
          of God; that to send back an escaped bondman to his master is clearly
          the duty of all the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; and this
          horrible blasphemy is palmed off upon the world for Christianity.
          For my part, I would say, welcome infidelity! welcome atheism!
          welcome anything! in preference to the gospel, as preached by those
          Divines! They convert the very name of religion into an engine of
          tyranny, and barbarous cruelty, and serve to confirm more infidels, in
          this age, than all the infidel writings of Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and
          Bolingbroke, put together, have done! These ministers make religion a
          cold and flinty-hearted thing, having neither principles of right
          action, nor bowels of compassion. They strip the love of God of its
          beauty, and leave the throng of religion a huge, horrible, repulsive
          form. It is a religion for oppressors, tyrants, man-stealers, and thugs.
          It is not that “pure and undefiled religion” which is from above, and
          which is “first pure, then peaceable, easy to be entreated, full of
          mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” But a
          religion which favors the rich against the poor; which exalts the proud
          above the humble; which divides mankind into two classes, tyrants and
          slaves; which says to the man in chains, stay there; and to the
          oppressor, oppress on; it is a religion which may be professed and
          enjoyed by all the robbers and enslavers of mankind; it makes God a
          respecter of persons, denies his fatherhood of the race, and tramples in
          the dust the great truth of the brotherhood of man. All this we affirm
          to be true of the popular church, and the popular worship of our land
          and nation—a religion, a church, and a worship which, on the authority
          of inspired wisdom, we pronounce to be an abomination in the sight of
          God. In the language of Isaiah, the American church might be well
          addressed, “Bring no more vain ablations; incense is an abomination unto
          me: the new moons and Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot
          away with; it is iniquity even the solemn meeting. Your new moons and
          your appointed feasts my soul hateth. They are a trouble to me; I am
          weary to bear them; and when ye spread forth your hands I will hide mine
          eyes from you. Yea! when ye make many prayers, I will not hear. YOUR
          HANDS ARE FULL OF BLOOD; cease to do evil, learn to do well; seek
          judgment; relieve the oppressed; judge for the fatherless; plead for the
          The American church is guilty, when viewed in connection with what it
          is doing to uphold slavery; but it is superlatively guilty when viewed
          in connection with its ability to abolish slavery. The sin of which it
          is guilty is one of omission as well as of commission. Albert Barnes but
          uttered what the common sense of every man at all observant of the
          actual state of the case will receive as truth, when he declared that
          “There is no power out of the church that could sustain slavery an hour,
          if it were not sustained in it.”
          Let the religious press, the pulpit, the Sunday school, the
          conference meeting, the great ecclesiastical, missionary, Bible and
          tract associations of the land array their immense powers against
          slavery and slave-holding; and the whole system of crime and blood would
          be scattered to the winds; and that they do not do this involves them
          in the most awful responsibility of which the mind can conceive.
          In prosecuting the anti-slavery enterprise, we have been asked to
          spare the church, to spare the ministry; but how, we ask, could such a
          thing be done? We are met on the threshold of our efforts for the
          redemption of the slave, by the church and ministry of the country, in
          battle arrayed against us; and we are compelled to fight or flee. From
          what quarter, I beg to know, has proceeded a fire so deadly upon our
          ranks, during the last two years, as from the Northern pulpit? As the
          champions of oppressors, the chosen men of American theology have
          appeared-men, honored for their so-called piety, and their real
          learning. The LORDS of Buffalo, the SPRINGS of New York, the LATHROPS of
          Auburn, the COXES and SPENCERS of Brooklyn, the GANNETS and SHARPS of
          Boston, the DEWEYS of Washington, and other great religious lights of
          the land, have, in utter denial of the authority of Him, by whom the
          professed to he called to the ministry, deliberately taught us, against
          the example or the Hebrews and against the remonstrance of the Apostles,
          they teach “that we ought to obey man’s law before the law of God.”
          My spirit wearies of such blasphemy; and how such men can be
          supported, as the “standing types and representatives of Jesus Christ,”
          is a mystery which I leave others to penetrate. In speaking of the
          American church, however, let it be distinctly understood that I mean
          the great mass of the religious organizations of our land. There are
          exceptions, and I thank God that there are. Noble men may be found,
          scattered all over these Northern States, of whom Henry Ward Beecher of
          Brooklyn, Samuel J. May of Syracuse, and my esteemed friend on the
          platform, are shining examples; and let me say further, that upon these
          men lies the duty to inspire our ranks with high religious faith and
          zeal, and to cheer us on in the great mission of the slave’s redemption
          from his chains.  Fredrick Douglas.

        2. wogmin says:

          arobinson214wogminElaineMDGJust because an institution has the title of church, does not mean it is a ‘TRUE CHURCH.’
          As long as there have been churches, there have been, false preachers, false doctrines, and misinterpretations of scriptures.
          The institutions described in your response, are clear examples of what I described above. We can even look at the role many churches in Europe played in the holocaust, where they stood by and did nothing to protect the Jews, from Hitler’s desire to extinguish them.
          Notice, I said many. There were Christians that took it on themselves, to hide and protect as many of them as they could, at the risk of their own lives. Consequently, the same can be said in this nation. Most churches in the south, for the most part, supported the status quo. Churches in the north, however, are the ones, along with a few, in the south, that moved to tear this wicked institutionalized stain on our history down.
           Just as it would be unfair to any race of people, to label the entire race, based on the actions of a few, or even most, don’t label all churches, based on the same criteria.
          Did you know that in the bible, the word ‘slave’ only appears 2 times?? Jer 2:14, and Rev 18:13 [KJV]. 
          What the bible does support, is the position of servants. Too many people take the two words, and combine them to make it appear that the bible supports the institution of  slavery.
          There is a big difference between the 2. This is why many blacks, take the notion that the bible supports it, which it doesn’t. 
          We are in this mess, because of black preachers, misinterpreting bible scripture, if they have ever read them at all. Preachers like Jesse, and Al, consistently try to convey the wrong message to the bible, to essentially keep us in line with their way of thinking. They get their power from those that want them to keep us in line, talking about the Democratic party, and liberals, both of whom, were founded by former slave owners.
          If you want to warn people about who has their demise at heart, it is them.

        3. arobinson214 says:

          wogmin arobinson214 ElaineMDG Spoken with a knowledge of Christ and history. No we can’t condemn an entire race for the actions of another.  Tell me; what are the messages or message you think the biblical scriptures should convey? And, why we, the human race, are in the position we now find ourselves.  I have always been a segregationist.  I take this position following historical reasoning, but I am not a racist.

        4. wogmin says:


          Well, as far as what biblical scriptures convey, it is the fact that man was created by God, and as a result, we owe Him our worship and praise.
          Worship, among other things, carries with it, the idea of obedience.
          Consequently, when we are obedient, we get blessed.
          If we choose to be disobedient, then, we are cursed. That is why we are in the situation we find ourselves in, today. This nation, has all but turned its back on God, by supporting things that God hates, led
          by abortion. Then we have gay rights, affirmative action, and separation of church and state, among others.
          The scriptures tell us, and facts bear it out, that nations, either rise, or fall, based on how they relate to God, through Jesus Christ. HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO RECEIVE THE BEST OF WHAT GOD HAS FOR US.
          The worst part of our problem is, too many Christians, are blind to these points, because they are being led by preachers, who themselves are just as blind as they are. Mat 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
          If a preacher backs a certain political candidate, that candidate, believes they have God’s blessing to pursue their goals. In the case of Democrats, they feel that God is neutral, or supportive of their
          agenda, talking about the above named things that God hates.
          Since the black community, is the major supporter of this party, over 90 percent exclusively, and since this party’s actions, define them as being at war with God, then, is it any wonder that the black community,
          is the one that is suffering the most??
          The only way to get this nation turned around, is to get back to God, through Jesus Christ. No man, or group of men, can accomplish this without Him.
          As Jesus said, John 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.
          The more we are told we need God, and reject it, the worse things will get.
          The only thing any individual can do, is to make sure that they are born again [saved], and following the paths God says they need to walk in.
          It is all right to be a segregationalist, if you are separating yourself from ungodliness. 2Cor 6:17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
          Are you saved??? That is the only way you can get to Heaven, when you leave this life.

      2. madenusa47 says:

        May Peace and Love cover you and your Love ones.

  24. Bahati Sobukwe says:

    anonymousd Bahati Sobukwe stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247  
     A good place to find the facts I stated are certified  in severall of the late Dr. Ivan VAn Sertima’s anthologies.  He is the Editor of “Egypt Child of Africa”.   I’ll cite a few other powerful scientist-Authors:  Diop Cheikh Anta, The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality; and William, Chancellor’s, The Destruction of Black Civilization “.

     It is absolutely no reason for the President to admire Lincoln. Lincoln had no respect for black people and worked tirelessly  to keep them in slavery or sent back to Africa.  If the President wants to admire someone who should be admired, it  is Thaddeus Stevens,  Charles Sumner, and the Congress at that time.  They worked hard trying to get that White Supremacist (Lincoln)to free the African slaves.  His writing of the Emancipation Proclamation was a sham.  I hope  President Obama gets the chance to read  “Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream”  by Lerone Bennett, Jr. to clear up this misinformation about Lincoln propagated by White Supremacy.

    1. soul60 says:

      Bahati Sobukwe anonymousd stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 It’s so many black people who seem or really appear to go along with this lincoln freed some slaves.
      If we  were really free we would have not these fake birth certificates or these driving licenses.
      Folks do not even know about  the slave bonds being traded on  the stock market now.
      In  the federal prison slave system they have to report the nightly or daily prison slave count to wall street.
      How many black know about this for real ?
      It would help in reducing black on black crime for sure.

  25. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

    For those who are uninformed on Mr. Jackson and his antics, I beseech you to google “king Family vs Loyd Jowers.”  Jackson was implicated in the murder of Dr. King, by getting rid of King’s body guards 15 minutes before the assassin’s bullet struck.  Jackson still has King’s blood on his hands.
    Not only that, Jackson pirated documents that I sent to Mrs. King before her death and tried to take credit for originating the term “Afr-i-can Amer-i-can”, which is my brainchild, dating from the composition of the poem “I Can” in 1986.
    Jackson is simply being used to take attention away from the issues of “privacy and security” which are taunting the Obama administration.  Don’t waste yours and my stime speaking about defending somebody who wanted to get high on “Mary Jane” and got caught!!

    1. madenusa47 says:

      Mary Jane– yeah that same stuff they trying g to legalize behind some health issue scam; in order to generate tax, which will enable the Republicans and Democraps to live off.
      I for one don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories. Frankly if the so called powers to be had dirt on Mr. Jackson, I truly believe they would have held his butt to the fire years ago.
      Today is a new day– what are we (you) going to do as a positve contributor in BUILDING US UP AS A PEOPLE?

      1. MalikDouglas says:

        madenusa47 Check it out first what the good doctor is saying is nothing new Like I said do independent research and study before commenting

      2. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

        Actually, that’s how they have propped Jesse up since he appeared on television shortly after Dr. King was killed, and claimed that Dr. King died in his arms, when it was Ralph Abernethy’s arms in which Dr. King died. Jesse has been on a leasd ever since. Go back and check the facts.

        1. madenusa47 says:

          Dr. Duncan: Sir from a historical standpoint of who played apart in the murdering of the late Great MLK; it’s very sign infant of who played a role. As though it is as important as who played a role in murdering JFK, and Robert Kennedy.
          Considering your status as a Dr I’ll concede to your advanced knowledge.
          Fast forward to the present. What can we do COLLECTIVELY to improve the conditions of Black/African Americans and people of color in the USA?
          Today’s FACTS are the issues.

        2. arobinson214 says:

          madenusa47 The greates honor that can be given to Dr. MLKis the resurrection of his program as laid out in his speech in Memphis during the Memphis Sanitation Strike.  In that speech he made many indictments of those wishing not to participate: ” To Remain silent is betrayal “.  Following his speech in Texas he had scheduled for June a Poor Peoples March on Washington not for civil rights, rather for Human Rights Violations.  He broaden his base to be all inclusive of all races suffering scio- economic inequalities.   He expanded his base to include The National Farm Workers Association head by Cesar Chavez; The National Coal Miners Ass; The American Mining Association; A FL-CIO, thereby giving our struggles a national face. King was demonstrating that the struggle of the Black population was the struggles of every American, due to income disparity; A growing Plutocracy exercising its influence on national politics for its interest.  We must remember Dr. Kings political orientation.  It was this orientation that frighten our government and the growing attraction he had amongst differing racial fractions, as well as his influence around the world. If King would have given his speech in Texas calling for a notional poor peoples march with the organization of labor Dr. King would have potentially shut the economy down in the labor parties demanding a greater share of the wealth distribution in the form of wages and a workers bill of rights.  This Bill of Rights would have continued this country being a Right To Work Country at a living wage, rather then it current form of Employment At Will.  In the latter form of labor an employee has no Rights.  They are At Will Employees.  Out of the 52 states over 2/3 are At Will States , excepting that they can’t violate Public Policy; Statutory; Good Faith and Fair Dealing.  All of which places the burden of proof on the employee, rather then on the employer to show good cause.  Dr. King understood that our problem was not unique and that if we were going to solve our problem that we had to take a broader scope and be all inclusive rather then having our concerns isolated in a vacuum. We should be standing up for the Immigration Reform Bill and any Bill that assures one equal opportunity to participate in this Democracy.  Dr. King understood that if one is denied the basic Human Rights then we all are denied. Regardless to Race; Creed; Ethnicity; Gender; Sexual Orientation; etc.

        3. arobinson214 says:

          madenusa47 Sorry I had Texas on my mind. Memphis Tn.  King died of one bullet that struck his face and neck.  Now that was one hell of a bullet.

        4. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

          madenusa47  The assassinations of which you speak, especially those of King Jr and El Shabazz, are reminders along  the road to freedom, justice and equality.  What can you do?  Do all that you can do to repudiate the BS and lies that anyone would feed you to conceal the truth.
          What have I done?  I have been preaching and pontificating for forty plus years, in the class room, pulpits, books, Black History Calendars, news letters, talk shows and through every outlet available and to every ear that would hear. And, that still is not enough.
          What has been the results of my efforts?  The result have been stupendous.  We have this conversation because of those efforts. And, a fact that few people acknowledge is that, in 1987 I composed the copyrighted poem “I Can” which renamed Black People Afr-i-can Amer-i-can,, an act which Jackson and others sought to take credit.
          So, keep on preaching and keep on teaching, and keep yourself abreast and involved in the processing of breaking the chains of ignorance that weigh so heavily on so many of our minds!

        5. madenusa47 says:

          Thank you Sir for your 40 years of service,and may you continue to educate all of us who are in the dark.
          My deepest admiration is extended to you- and all others who have the love and tenacity to move us forward as a people.
          In the spirit of Fredrick Douglas– I will question, and agitate those who have the courage to engage in a meaningful conversation; that’s pertinent to the present position of my African American/ Black Brothers and Sisters, who I’m perplexed by the inability to come together as one, and own and control our own destiny as all other folks do– who are in this great country’s which our fore parents built for free; and taught the enslavers how to be civil towards people of color, as well as those who are here (USA- civil n human rights) today.
          Thank you Dr. J. Duncan

    2. JoyceRozier says:

      Dr Johnny Duncan  The CIA killed Dr.King the King family sued the US government  in the late 90’s and won the civil  law suit.

      1. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

        JoyceRozier Dr Johnny Duncan 
        Please check the details, implicaions and Jackson’s involvement!

      2. arobinson214 says:

        JoyceRozier Dr Johnny Duncan Yes. I believe that the Judgment awarded was $1.00

    3. soul60 says:

      Dr Johnny Duncan ? Just a simple ? How come all these black people like to play dumb when it comes to  the boule- advisors to the king and so-called black leadership being part of this.
      Plus playing the gatekeeper role

      1. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

        soul60 Dr Johnny Duncan  Often times, too often I’m afraid, the truth is what the white man tells us or what the white man’s surrogates tell us.  Many of us are afraid to use that “weapon of mass destruction” (spoken of previously, i. e. books) to discover the truth. Governments are in the habit of placing people in the forefront whom they can control.  They destroy those who can’t be controlled.
        This is why few accept the fact that Jackson got rid of King’s body guard 15 minutes before the fatal shot was fired, hid behind a bush by the swimming pool, emerged, wiped some of King’s blood off the rail, appeared on TV, lied that  Dr. King died in hias arms, and has been recognized by the U. S.Government as the spokesperson for Black people ever since.  It is imp[ortant to maintain the status quo, even when one has no status!

        1. soul60 says:

          Dr Johnny Duncan soul60 Thanks for the heads up for sure.

    4. arobinson214 says:

      Dr Johnny Duncan Thanks for the reference.

  26. Bahati Sobukwe says:

    The World Court does little more than cite.  They cited Reagan for invading Grenada.  They cited Bush and Brown for Iraq.  They have cited Israel numerous times.  What happens—nothing!

  27. MalikDouglas says:

    Wow of all the things lack of jobs being number 1 these N going to White House Yea I guess it’s cool to have a truckdriver high going down the road beside you. Or that doctor who’s about to operate on your child stoned

  28. 5339KIM says:

    anonymousd Bahati Sobukwe stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 I don’t know a black person alive that believe Obama is responsible for all their problems as you say. As far as health care I believe every race will benefit not just blacks. Blacks have probably held Obama less accountable if anything. We have every right to go to our government just any other race. I personally don’t operate at the underbelly of this country and I am black. you speak with straw man fallacies

    1. Bahati Sobukwe says:

      5339KIM deleted_16061625_anonymousd Bahati Sobukwe stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 Don’t know what you are talking about concerning “President Obama,..responsible for all their problems as you say”, I never said anything about him being responsible for anything.

      1. madenusa47 says:

        Bahati don’t cater to undeveloped minds.

      2. Bahati Sobukwe says:

        madenusa47   Oh!  How right you are!

  29. 5339KIM says:

    anonymousd Bahati Sobukwe stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 And generalization.

    1. Stardegiel711 says:

      5339KIM anonymousd Bahati Sobukwe stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 
      not certain what you are talking about Kim.  Never blamed Pres. Obama for black people’s problems, stated his relationship to several presidents.  So whatever generalization you are referring to may be stemming from your assumptions, not facts.

  30. arobinson214 says:

    Non of us have all the answers.  Consensus are drawn with a host of participants contributions rather then having one person making the decisions for the remaining. My wife and I disagree regularly. Each is allowed their opinion and solutions to a particular event in an environment that is non threatening.  Often times she has or I have the solution to the problem, but most of it is a collaboration.  Each giving too the solution. We find ourselves onboard with one another when the other is allowed to contribute and each is given responsibility and feel invested in the goal,  there is a far greater chance for success.

  31. arobinson214 says:

    The Obama ship has sailed and left the port.  President Obama is insignificant. He is put a small drop of rain in the political ocean.  His election to office highlighted a turn of events in American history.  Never has a minority elected a president to office in this country.  The historic event, and frightening event, is that there is a Third Party electoral process, rather then the two party system which America has been accustom.  This is a direct threat to the status quo, because it states that Americans are ready for change.  The threat is what direction this change will take. Will it remain in the Balloting process or will it take to the streets n such zeal that it becomes civil unrest. President Obama’s platform of change drew large support from the Black and Hispanic Communities and a small percentage of White votes.  Those demographics were an alarm that sound in the halls of politics.  The challenge to the American Political is in trying to contain that revolutionary change or in the least too discredit it.  That is the challenge of the current political system.  We have had such demonstration as Wall Street; The Tea Party; and other less know fractions that remain unreported, demanding qualitative and quantitative.  The revolution of the 1960s during the Vietnam war had similar dynamics and lead to a large number of Americans protesting in the streets for a command good.  Riots on college campuses, Riots in the Streets by Blacks and Latinos.  The political systems recent election of President Obama is not just a historical anomaly because of the complexion of his skin, rather because it signals broadly that a Majority of Americans has lost faith in the political process.  Both parties must discredit the currently presidency in order to regain traction and continue with business as usual.  It is not the color of the mans skin that is threating nor his politics. What is threating in the Platform that made him attractive and lead to his election as the President of the United States.  We the Black People must claim that platform as or own. Equality for All regardless of skin color.  A living wage for all.  An end to Plutocracy Governance.  An end to Big Money interest controlling legislation.  An end to gerrymandering. A Jobs Bill.  An Employees Bill of Rights.  If we adopt that platform we shall assure ourselves a place in history and raise our concerns to a National  and international Level.  The World followed this election, because it served as a catalyst that social and political change was taken place in the United States of America not seen since The American Revolution.  President Obama is not the problem his platform is the cure. We need to look too 2014 and 2016 and continue in the Balloting process.

    1. soul60 says:

      arobinson214 How come so many black’s think they really won something really big with  person being reelected.
      slave massa always tricks guillible black people.

      1. arobinson214 says:

        soul60 arobinson214 The reelection of President Obama in historic terms was a great feat. The problem was that we stopped at this single election,we had no game plan for the future.  As a fighter I was always reminded by my trainer to fight my fight and to take the fight to the opponent. When we had the political system on the ropes we fail to carry through.  We have been going through this Civil Rights thing since 1854 and every piece of legislation since then has been rescinded. The Southern Manifesto which was a declaration of war on any Civil Rights Legislation, that would raise the condition of Americas once former Slaves to Citizenship and parity with their former Slave Masters was delivered by the Democrats on the Senate floor in 1956. Following Brown V. Board of Education.  Brown was based on social science rather then law, so brown was not a victory, but rather and indictment of Black inferiority as the Higher Court saw it, because the higher court saw that only through association with our white counter parts could we gain any measure of decency.   How can one let a disease dictate the cure. As long as we continue to look at freedom, liberty, and equality through the eyes of Caucasians then we will forever be sick and any legislation that represents a cure will forever be tainted.  The Recent Election of President Obama is being held up as a poster that the Civil Rights Legislation is no longer needed in this post racial society.  Many of the privileges given, they were privileges rather then rights, under the Civil Rights legislation are being rescinded:  The Voters Right Act, Affirmative Action and such other legislation. The National Black Colleges and others are having their Grants and endowments rescinded as well.  There is one clear path to Freedom as the Supreme Court Ruled in Plessy v. Ferguson. that established separate but equal.  Brown V. The Board of Education did not over turn this law, because it was based in Social Sciences rather then law.  This has been the Argument of those who til this day who states that Brown violated the laws of separate but equal as established by the supreme court of the united states. But the problem has and shall remain that Blacks do not want independence from their former masters, rather then their former masters unwillingness to let them go.

  32. Velsbaby888 says:

    Ole’ Jesse is still trying to castrate President Obama as he stated during the campaigns.  I am not surprised.  He should be protesting our constipated Congress AND the war on drugs.   President Obama has enough obstacles.  Stop trying to hurt him and help him accomplish goals.

  33. DianaBaskin says:

    Jessie Jackson has to find something to do.  No one is forcing anyone to do drugs or sell them.  This a choice.  He needs to find a real cause or go find a church to run.  He is no Rev.

  34. soul60 says:

    anonymousd Bahati Sobukwe stardejial TalithaMcEachin deeplycoco45 Bmerry247 
    glad I did not waste my so-called vote the second time around

  35. caveman39 says:

    Jesse Jackson should quit confirming the myth that the government is the daddy of the black people. Black people can stand on their own they are people after all. Those who choose to be thugs need to be rounded up and arrested not given special privalege that they did not earn. And what about Jesse Jackson himself? I remember a racial slurr he used against Obama before he was elected. He was never condelmed for that either he got away scott free. As far as Obama goes, he is an equal opportunity offender and not just letting the Black community down. Old Jesse is holding back those Black people that listen to his dumb crap. Or maybe the Black folks that choose to listen to him are holding their ownselves back. Either way, are Black people not up to par? Is that the message Jesse is making?

    1. soul60 says:

      caveman39 The so-called black leadership theory or point of departure is coming from the talented 10 school of thought.
      Plus,because of black leadership continuing to try to be the moral voice of this country is old news.
      Because the white men and these people who control the banks,factories and the media on a large scale are not listening no more when it comes to the morally point of departure.
      Since this happening, a vast % of black’s as single thinking people need to mentally rise to a new paradigm of freedom.
      Stop relieving life on a plantation and on a large scale a vast % of black people need to get the plantation out of their head period.
      That would be no more guilt tripping ole massa  for money and  other benefits.
      Just   becoming free people mentally and physically

      1. arobinson214 says:

        soul60 caveman39 well said.

        1. soul60 says:

          arobinson214 soul60 caveman39 
          The book by Amos Wilson BluePrint  for Black Power explains the whole situation.
          It’s a must read for any real serious liberation minded black person.Unless they want to stay on this plantation and keep begging racist white people regardless of whatever party they claim they are part of .

        2. arobinson214 says:

          soul60 arobinson214 caveman39 I have not read the book.  I am listening to him on u-tube. I share with him similar ideology of the wealth of the community in which I live.  Looking for those who shares similar ideologies. I would like to stay in touch with those of similar mind-set.  I may be reached at for further sharing.  If you have further information to pass on please do so,  I am not timid my desires to contact and stay in contact with those of whom I respect.  Stay encouraged.

        3. arobinson214 says:

          Soul60.  I would like to introduce you to a piece of literature I have finished reading by Fredrick Douglas:  What to a slave is the fourth of July.  Riveting .  If you have the time take a look at the piece.  If you are familiar with it then you understand why i am blown away.

  36. CarolinaSistah says:

    Specific action in demand of specific action is what is required from Black America.  Notice how far homosexual rights have progressed with this president.  He only understands and responds to specific demands.

    1. arobinson214 says:

      CarolinaSistah I agree that the presidency does respond to specific action when there is a state of emergency.  During this state the presidency under the Emergency Powers Act can intervene in domestic affairs, such as 9/11.  The Gay Rights issue was not an Emergency that the President could intervene in.  Had their been rioting in the streets or Civil Unrest, such as during the riots of the sixties then the president and the paramilitary could have been empowered to intervene. I don’t like the presidents politics, but I respect his position.  Many Black Americans stopped at the event of his election, but failed to continue in the process, so that he would have greater representing in the house and in the senate.  We expect this Man to part the red sea without the means to do so.  Even Moses need support to convenience Egypt to let his people go.

  37. wogmin says:

    The first thing thre black community needs to do, is police itself.
    Practically every thing that is wrong in our community stems fro the people that have been anointed as our leaders.
    You have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and a bunch of other preachers, looking to a man, for solutions, rather than looking to the Christ that they claim to be serving.
    Only God can straighten out what is wrong in this nation, yet, these preachers, seem to be totally oblivious to that.
    When the blind lead the blind, both will fall in the ditch!

    1. CarolinaSistah says:

      wogmin Amen!  I completely agree!

  38. pandros042 says:

    Ordinary afro-americans are such cry babies.  When will they grow up and stop playing the blame game. The true victims of the European experience in North America are Native Americans, Indians who continue to suffer the thuggery of a a relentless genocide by the white and black elites and plutocrats in Washington and the states.  Blacks are their own worst self-defeating enemy.  Ever notice how Native Americans  avoid black people like the plaque.

    1. DalyBlack says:

      pandros042 many native americans do so because they are racist, as in affected by white supremacy racist. besides you dont know all native americans to say that “like the plauge”. You sound like the crying baby here. Just because there’s a negro in the white house does not mean this country isnt racist. White supremacy is the blood running through the veins of this country, it’s in this nation’s DNA. Go read a book pandro!

    2. arobinson214 says:

      pandros042 Native Americans has not always avoided Black Americans.  In fact during Slavery the Native American accepted Blacks into their communities.  Native Americans stopped dealing with our communities following the Buffalo Soldiers, which in my opinion is the great tragedy of my race and betrayal.  Unfortunately, Native Americans have become as racist as the Caucasian that decimated their race. Under the Native American patriot Act, for lack of a better word, Native Americans will only recognizes those of 100% native American blood, as if their are many, just as there are no pure races,  Native American as well as Black Americans were not the only race to suffer at the hands of the Europeans.  In the Triangle Trade routes between entire races were brought to the point of extinction in South America and replaced with African Slaves.  Go to many of the South American Countries and you would swear that you were in Africa.  There are other races that were brought here as near slaves as well.  The China man that built the west as well as his brothers from Japan, viet nam Cambodia and others. So if we are going to talk about suffering please let us not leave other races and ethic groups out.  The Mexicans suffered as well under American occupation and still does.  So let each of us remember that we are brothers in this suffering and the only way that one will rise is that each of us rise that has suffered under the weight of oppression.

  39. madenusa47 says:

    Blacks/African Americans made this country what it is; which is the greatest country on the face of this earth.  For a people to sustain such brutal treatment at the hands of a people who are of a savage nature is truly phenomenal. The Native Americans should have avoided the white man who gave them the plaque; a many African Americans are the Native Americans.  America would be like England Boring– had it not be for the creativity of the Black/African Americans. 
    By the way- the way America Glorify that Irish, Italian, Jewish, and Russian gangster killing mess- along with the cowboy and Indian crap; why would one point out the mental illness of a people who are poor and uneducated victims of this greedy racist society.
    The day Blacks/African Americans stop spending their monies with those who don’t give a damn about us– will be the day that we will gain respect for self, and won’t give a damn what others say about us.

    1. arobinson214 says:

      madenusa47 It is not necessary that we stop spending our monies with White America remember after all it is their money.  But what we must do is demand that a greater share of it be spent in our neighborhoods and that employment be located in our neighborhood rather then us traveling from outside of our neighborhoods for purchases and employment.  The Wealth of a community is not determined by who owns the business but by rather the income is made in the community and spent in the community.  But we, the Black Community, has a responsibility to provide a safe environment that a business can be safe in.  i once worked for a major Auto Parts chain that located within the Black Neighborhood and many of the employees were stealing and allowing their community to steal.  When I addressed the situation and had them arrested I was called an Uncle Nigger.  I addressed it to the community as we can not allow those amongst us to steal the income out of the community.  Because you are Black does not give you the right to steal nor does it serves to make me irresponsible and allow you to steal.  It does not matter rather the White man owns business within our community or Black Men, what matters is the the income is earned within the community and spent within the community.  Our communities must be a safe haven to attract businesses to the community.  This is how wealth is produced and maintained w/in the community on a macro-economic level, which will expand to a Macro-economic level.

  40. Art2Light says:

    Character is doing what’s right when nobody’s looking. #art2light

    1. wogmin says:

      Art2Light Very well said!!

  41. Tim Bisby says:

    cool site. Thanks for showing us.

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