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June 13, 2013

Psssst….Before You Jump on The Cory Booker Bandwagon, There’s Something You Should Know

Psssst….Before You Jump on The Cory Booker Bandwagon, There’s Something You Should Know


by Yvette Carnell

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has replaced Barack Obama as the shiny new Negro that many African-Americans have hitched their dreams to, but the question remains……….why? He’s an attractive guy who saves women from homes engulfed in flames and puppies from freezing temperatures, but what does any of that have to do with actually governing? As Booker mounts his bid to fill deceased Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s shoes in the Senate, many observers are drawing attention to how Booker uses his individual acts of heroism to cloak his conservative agenda.

From The Guardian:

Booker is a far more conservative figure than the Cult of Cory, which is too busy making Superman or Chuck Norris jokes, may actually realize. He is a long-time advocate of charter schools and, more quietly, of voucher programs: a favorite hobbyhorse of the men of high finance. George Will, the paleoconservative columnist of the Washington Post, is a big fan. Michelle Rhee, the fallen DC schools chancellor whose union-busting, corporatist education reforms resulted in a citywide cheating scandal, is someone Booker calls “a friend of mine”….

And as New York Times writer Kate Zernike pointed out in a 2012 article titled Promise vs. Reality in Newark on Mayor’s Watch, Booker spends a good deal of his time schmoozing with celebs instead of actually governing:

They say Mr. Booker’s frequent Twitter posts to his 1.3 million followers, his appearances on television and at gatherings of moguls and celebrities — he was out of town nearly a quarter of the time between January 2011 and June 2012, according to The Star-Ledger…

Although Booker says he’s out of town raising money for the city, you know, hustlin’ ‘n stuff, even the money he does bring back isn’t funded directly  into Newark. It becomes part of some neofeudal arrangement where business Overlords sit on boards and determine where the money should go, leaving private business interests in control of public city funding.

And Because Booker is a politician who takes wheelbarrows full of money from the  financial sector, constituents don’t have a voice (unless they have a cat up a tree or a lost dog). During the 2012 campaign, Booker was taken to the woodshed by Democrats for saying he found it “nauseating” that the Obama campaign would attack Romney’s career in private equity, a wink and a nod from Booker to the good ‘ol boys on Wall Street.

If you like Obama, you’ll like Booker a little less. Booker is Obama without the identifiably African-American affectation. But if you’ve been disappointed by Obama’s penchant to cave to Republicans on everything from taxes to Shirley Sherrod, then Booker isn’t your guy.



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16 thoughts on “Psssst….Before You Jump on The Cory Booker Bandwagon, There’s Something You Should Know

  1. GregBattle says:

    great article you have described Cory Booker for what it’s worth nothing to the people of Newark

  2. onesharpeguy says:

    I’m no great fan of Cory Booker, but why do you feel it necessary to berate Barack Obama in the process?  Perhaps you could do better getting you point across if you pick on only one Black leader at time.

    1. leonjonessr says:

      onesharpeguy The truth is the light.  Obama and Booker are both phonies.  Booker told the truth about Obama’s dislike of American business and was castigated by the Democrat Party.  After being taken to the woodshed he was whipped back to the plantation.  Sadly, it is next to impossible to tell it like it is concerning the damage being done by the Democrats to this country.  Low information voters keep putting these nitcumpoots in office and keep getting the shaft right in the  &((&T^^.

      1. onesharpeguy says:

        leonjonessr onesharpeguy  
        Oh.  I see, you’re a right wing, Herman Kane, Alan Keys, Armstrong Williams mind waste.  And to think I was about to attempt philosophical discourse with you.  No need, your mind is closed.  Game over.

        1. leonjonessr says:

          onesharpeguy leonjonessr I am a thinker.  Unlike some others who are afraid of discourse.

        2. leonjonessr says:

          onesharpeguy leonjonessr If you think the game is over, you just missed the first point. Check Mate

        3. leonjonessr says:

          onesharpeguy leonjonessr Oh, I could not resist exposing your company, Liar in Chief Obama who lied about saying the Benghazi attack was an ‘act of terror’ the day after the attack when he knows full well he did not call it a terrorist attack.  And the Chicago corrupt machine in the person of Jesse Jackson, Jr. who stole from the American people.  And Maxine Waters who admits being a Socialist.  You keep your company of liars and cheaters, and I will keep mine of honest men.

    2. GlennKrasner says:

      onesharpeguy I appreciate your response, and I definitely hope that I am completely wrong.  However, if you check the crime statistics, Newark ranks in the top ten cities for high violent crimes, and just when the city looked like it was making progress on violent crime, Mr. Booker laid off these officers.  Newark is one of those big, small cities that cannot afford (no pun intended)  to lay off police, with an incredibly high crime rate and big social problems that cause them.  To combat budgetary concerns, I am always against closing the things people need most like schools, hosptitals, police precincts, and firehouses.  There is a lot of fat that can be cut in government, but to me, these four items, for the good of the people should never be touched.  Some benefits outweigh the expense.  Again, I hope I am wrong, but I thought that was the only bad move I saw Mr. Booker do while in office.

  3. GlennKrasner says:

    If you talk to people in Newark, probably the biggest issue with Mr. Booker is that he laid off 100 Newark Police Officers during contract negotiations, saying it was for budgetary concerns.  The last thing the City of Newark needs is less police officers, but that is what Mr. Booker did.  Newark was always going to be his stepping-stone to bigger things, but I think what he did to the people of the City of Newark by doing this act, will come back to haunt him in the future.  Glenn in the Bronx, NY

  4. leonjonessr says:

    GlennKrasner, Did crime go up after Mr. Booker laid off these officers?  If not he may have done a good thing, that is reduce the size of government.  If crime went up he will hear from that action later in his career.

  5. Chocgramps says:

    Booker has done nothing for the people in Newark,
    from safety to education. Take a tour of on the elementary schools he sends the
    children into, water leaking, books older than him, and just filthy. How do you
    lay of police in a city number 5 in the nation’s crime rate?  Booker plays an
    old game with the people giving food, music in the parks because as we know
    it’s a slave mentality he keeps them in. I’ve heard nothing positive coming
    from those in Newark about Cory Booker. As a comparison to President Obama I
    don’t see it, Cory is a true Republican praying on votes from Democrats.

  6. NickWestbrooks says:

    Ras Baraka got next. That is all.

  7. EdwardSmikle says:

    I understand that peronal heroism is not enough to run for leadrship office, but what did Obama, did before he ran for the presidency, or George Bush, and Bill Clinton. He is as good as they were, and maybe better, because he show that he cares about another human being. That is much more than I can say about the halfbreed we have in there now. He neither belong to the white or the black race, because neither race want him. He is no good, he was never any good. All he is is a puppet dangleing on a string. He knows nothing did nothing and is as incompetent as ever. We watched him take the oath of office to defend the constitution, and all he has done is brutalised the constitution.All he is is a Chicago political THUG, like all the one’s  before him.

    1. leonjonessr says:

      EdwardSmikle Way to go Ed.

  8. ZionMarQuieseDevereaux says:

    I’ve personally seen Cory Booker take ownership of issues. When he became mayor he cleaned up S. Orange Avenue- and I mean cleaned it up.
    He did more than the previous mayor did.
    I’ve watched Cory Booker reach in his pocket and pay for people’s groceries, help people carry bags and be very personal level with them in order to help them.
    I have NEVER seen a representative do this let alone a mayor.
    He is very touchable and and that is what is most important.
    The issue that most black people have with him in Newark is that he won’t leave their foolishness alone and let them run that city.

  9. AniaWoodsonGovak says:

    Who is Yvette Carnell and “WHY” is she using the”N” word so freely!

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