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June 7, 2013

Prosecutors Recommend 4 Years in Jail For Jesse Jackson Jr, 18 Months For Wife Sandi

Prosecutors Recommend 4 Years in Jail For Jesse Jackson Jr, 18 Months For Wife Sandi

Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife

Prosecutors recommended today that former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. be sentenced to four years in prison and his wife, Sandi Jackson, be sentenced to 18 months.

Federal prosecutors also said that they would allow for the couple’s incarceration to be structured in such a way that they’re not both in jail and away from their two young children at the same time. Under this arrangement, Sandi Jackson would do her jail time first, then Jackson Jr. would begin his time next. Prosecutors say if Sandi does her 18 months and gets credit for good behavior, “she will be back with her children, on home confinement, a little more than a year after the date of her surrender.”

In addition to jail time, the government is also recommending that Jackson repay $750,000 in restitution to the campaign, and Sandi pay $168,000.

Prosecutors recommended this sentence in a letter to the judge who will determine the couple’s sentence.

The plea deal stems from Jackson’s misuse of campaign funds and Sandi Jackson’s understatement of the couple’s taxable income on a joint tax return.

“A review of his history and characteristics shows the defendant chose to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars despite having advantages in life and financial resources that few possess and that most can only dream of obtaining,” prosecutors wrote in their letter to the judge.

Attorneys for Jackson Jr. sent a letter to the judge as well today, indicating that they believe he deserves a lighter sentence due to “severe depression and bipolar disorder require intense ongoing treatment.”

The final sentencing will take place on July 3, not July 1st as previously reported.

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5 thoughts on “Prosecutors Recommend 4 Years in Jail For Jesse Jackson Jr, 18 Months For Wife Sandi

  1. marchand16 says:

    wtf since when do any politicians go to jail? why is he different from the rest of them? They all steal and lie why is his crime different?

    1. peggy70a says:

      marchand16 Number one he is “Black”.  Number  two he is Jesse Jackson’s son.

  2. kimisland says:

    Wow… they get the colorful ones.

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