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June 17, 2013

Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Plummets Among Blacks

Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Plummets Among Blacks

Barack Obama

President Obama’s second term was already beleaguered by the Associated Press, Benghazi, and IRS scandals, but once news broke that the Obama administration had vastly expanded former President George W. Bush’s surveillance state, it took a toll on Obama’s approval,  according to a CNN survey.

The CNN poll found that President Obama’s approval rating stands at 45 percent, marking an 8 point drop from last month.

“The drop in Obama’s support is fueled by a dramatic 17-point decline over the past month among people under 30, who, along with black Americans, had been the most loyal part of the Obama coalition,” says Keating Holland, polling director for CNN. “It is clear that revelations about NSA surveillance programs have damaged Obama’s standing with the public, although older controversies like the IRS matter may have begun to take their toll as well.”

Also, from MSNBC:  The polling shows a marked drop in support from people under the age of 30, black Americans, and independents fell by 10 points. 

In addition, 43 percent of those polled say the administration has gone too far on civil liberties, 38 percent say it’s about right and 17 percent say it hasn’t gone far enough.

Prior to the polling, The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald published two bombshell articles, using whistleblower Edward Snowden as a source, confirming the  U.S. government’s  accesses  to all American’s phone and online records. According to Greenwald’s second article, a previously undisclosed government program called PRISM taps directly into the servers of companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet companies to retrieve private information.

The survey also found that 50 percent of those polled don’t think Obama is “honest and trustworthy.”

The CNN poll surveyed 1,014 adults from June 11 to June 13.



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18 thoughts on “Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Plummets Among Blacks

  1. GloriaBrooks says:

    President Obama needed to have his own policies instead of trying to complete someone else’s. HE DIDN’T deliver on his promises he made during his campaign, Everyone thought he would be better than Bush, But look what is going on all around us, We can’t just blame President Obama or Bush for that matter, The blame lies within our selves when we put MAN on a pedestal thinking he God and can fix everything, which we forget they are human just like US and have shortcomings just like US. What Americans don’t realize this only the beginning of things to come. God has and always will be the answer for ALL OUR PROBLEMS because MANKIND is limited on what it can do.

    1. voiceoftruthusa says:

      GloriaBrooks Good points. The President even publicly admitted that he purposely shifted his policy away from his campaign rhetoric because he only did it to get elected. And the NSA leaks, the IRS scandal, the news journalism spy scandal, and others have shown that the White House is dishonest, and has been with previous presidents.

  2. soul60 says:

    So I wonder who really believe this stuff ?
    With latest scandal  concerning the nsa leak.
    Him and many others need to sweating for sure.
    I wonder how many black’s are believing all this hype especially with the high number of homicides in chi-town and high number of black males locked up in the new jim crow slave prison system

  3. TraceyLinMiller says:

    Perhaps the expectations of change were non-realistic to start with. Many people give presidents more power then they actually have, disassociating the power of Congress in passing bills into law. Given that Pres. Obama didn’t have the bipartisanship he needed, as say, FDR had, it has made it very difficult for him to accomplish much of his personal agenda for the nation. Add to this the constant upheaval caused by all the politicians hacking away at his platforms and trying to cast dispersion upon his character, this president has been cause for an uphill battle all the way. 
    I think that had Pres. Obama had the bipartisanship of Congress, he might have made more progress in bringing about change then he has. I believe that the politicians of America have all failed to do their jobs as they have spent too, much time doing the will of corporate America, their own personal agendas and have completely forgotten that their job is to represent the will of the people. If they want to change the US Constitution, let them change from the electoral college to a one person, one vote system of voting and find out how fast they change their method of operation and how much progress will be made as a result. 
    Another of my pet peeves is the fractional organizations fighting for individual rights, when in fact they should be a unified people fighting for American rights, for all of the citizens to be treated equally under the law as the intent of the Constitution indicates.

    1. TraceyLinMiller says:

      In reference to the poll; what was the total number of the population polled and how is the sampling attributed and in which economic population?

      1. TraceyLinMiller They polled 1,014 people I believe. Not sure of the economic population…

        1. TraceyLinMiller says:

          Thank you Yvette. The population of the United States is 340 million people, 75 percent who are over 18. Do you really believe that 1014 people are a fair sample to infer the opinion of more then 200 million people?I am aware that these are not your Statistcs,nor was it your poll,however, it would be nice to see journalism with a sense of integrity destroying the myths and propagandized information utilized to mislead,manipulate and sway public opinion.

  4. voiceoftruthusa says:

    “In addition, 43 percent of those polled say the administration has gone too far on civil liberties, 38 percent say it’s about right and 17 percent say it hasn’t gone far enough.”
    What on earth do the 38% and 17% think civil liberties is about? And the 17% must work for the White House as this is the biggest intrusion into the liberties of Americans in history.

  5. voiceoftruthusa says:

    Pudding Yvette Carnell All you have to do is poll many blacks that you know. His support among blacks is indeed slipping and has been since his first term because his top cabinet posts and supreme court picks were not black (and in fact, he is surrounded by a strong pro-Israel contingent, which is why it seems we get no real voice and instead we get drawn into Middle East wars for foreign interests).

  6. voiceoftruthusa says:

    TARTBOND  Actually, the facts prove otherwise. There’s nothing safe in making up false reasons to bomb countries far away when cities like Detroit and Chicago have been begging for help from the White House and Congress for years.

    1. voiceoftruthusa says:

      TARTBOND voiceoftruthusa I’m pretty sure you realize there is a historic legacy in place that has resulted in what we are seeing in those cities. But also the mainstream media has blown out of proportion the plight of the black father. Recent studies have shown that in fact many more black fathers are more responsible than they are given credit before. A book from Columbia University (2009) discusses the myth of the missing black father. Some evil ones running the mainstream media purposely created a self-fulfilling prophecy in certain black communities, but more black fathers have bucked that. Research it.

  7. Martinrd says:

    Yvette Carnell Pudding

  8. Martinrd says:

    Yvette Carnell Pudding The facts are not what you stated, “Obama’s numbers among blacks dropped 10 percentage points, according to the poll”.
    The article states, “The polling shows a marked drop in support from people under the age of 30, black Americans, and independents fell by 10 points”.
    There is a huge discrepancy here.  In your statement regarding the facts, you disaggregated blacks from the total universe (under the age of 30, black Americans, and independents) yet you used the same 10 percentage points that is applicable to the entire group.
    Essentially, your subject/title is misleading.  But do not despair, it happens frequently in blogs.
    Martin R. Delany

  9. Martinrd 
    Yvette Carnell I don’t despair, mainly because all I provided were two quotes from two sources indicating a steep drop among support of Obama, especially in his base among black and young voters. Whether you call it a “plummet” or a steep drop, the meaning still stands. The scandals have taken a toll, even in the black community. I think that ‘s the real source of discomfort on this thread.

  10. Martinrd What you’re both missing is that in previous polls, Obama’s numbers among blacks had buttressed his approval rating. That’s no longer happening. His numbers aren’t reflecting the euphoria they once did, furthering his decline, which was noted in both the CNN and MSNBC articles.

  11. JohnnyLee1 says:

    Barack Obama
    The first Jewish president of the United States

    1. soul60 says:

      JohnnyLee1 They groomed him very well to bad many black’s are blind to see that.

  12. sid mack says:

    Mitch Mc Connell, the Republican leader of the
    senate has said several times ” out objective is to make him (Obama)
    fail”, imagine that, not to help the country succeed but to make him fail.
    Anyone who is paying attention knows that Obama has received more opposition
    votes than any president in history. If he says up they say down even if his
    proposals benefit their constituents. When to the stimulus passed Obama was
    president and there was a Democratic congress. the governor of South Carolina
    and most of the other republican governor refused to accept federal money to
    extend unemployment  insurance. Just this week the Transportation
    Department recovered 230 million dollars  from Republican states that was
    allocated to repair their bridges. Shame, these republican governors would
    rather risk the live of their people and their economies rather than accept
    money from the Obama administration. if you drive over abridge then Google
    ” The  Bridge Report.” You will be shocked. Our entire infrastructure,
    sewers, water pipes, electric grid, dams, highways and bridges are old,
    outdated and need repair or replacement. The last president to try and budget
    money for the infrastructure was Carter. Obama has started with stimulus money
    and budgets since then. Those who have lost faith in Obama and those who never
    supported him in the first place are being  maneuvered by the Republican
    machine who pay people to call radio stations and make negative comments about
    Obama. They pay people too write letters newspapers and even to make posts if
    forums like this one. The Koch Brothers finance American for Prosperity and
    other Republican organizations. The opening recruit and advise members to
    infiltrate and divide Obama supporters. I should know, I am a member.

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