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June 4, 2013

[UPDATED] Michelle Obama Gets in the Face of Heckler, Forces Her to Leave

[UPDATED] Michelle Obama Gets in the Face of Heckler, Forces Her to Leave

Skip to the bottom for the leaked audio AND video of Michelle Obama’s remarks.

First Lady Michelle Obama was interrupted by a protester late Tuesday evening—prompting  the first lady  to challenge the protester,  then threaten to leave First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts School Children And The Cast From Beasts Of The Southern Wildthe event.

Mrs. Obama was speaking at a Democratic Party fundraiser in a private home in Washington D.C. when lesbian activist Ellen Sturtz, 56, interrupted Mrs. Obama to demand that President Obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order.

Mrs. Obama made eye contact with the protester then made her feelings known.

“One of the things that I don’t do well is this,”  said Michelle Obama. “Do you understand?” After Mrs. Obama challenged the protester, the crowd began to applaud.

Then Mrs. Obama left the podium and moved toward the protester, saying, “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

The audience then turned on the protester, telling her that Mrs. Obama needed to stay and she needed to go.

Sturtz was escorted out of the room and says she was stunned by Mrs. Obama’s response to her.

“She came right down in my face,” Sturtz said. “I was taken aback.”

The executive order Sturtz was proposing would prohibit federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of orientation or gender identity.


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112 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Michelle Obama Gets in the Face of Heckler, Forces Her to Leave

  1. ValarieCutthecrapClark says:

    She was taken ABACK…she’s lucky that all she was taken…lol.

    1. sweetrain says:

      ValarieCutthecrapClark RIGHT!

    2. RoniClark says:

      ValarieCutthecrapClark You took the words right outta my mouth! But you’re a Clark. Great minds think alike! ;o)

  2. RedaStCyr says:

    Getting really sick an tired of White folks taking these kinds of liberties to just flat out disrespect this Black President & his Wife
    It has never been allowed or excepted conduct for anyone to do this to the President an his family an should NOT be happening now
    It’s disgusting for some of us to believe we are so superior to another person you can’t even give the respect you want for yourself!

    1. RoniClark says:

      RedaStCyr THAT’S RIGHT!! I’m glad Mrs. Obama put her in her place. That’s why she was so “taken aback”. She better learn who she’s dealing with! Sisters don’t play! She’s not the president so she really doesn’t have to play nice, nice with those fools!

      1. lauralei says:

        RoniClark RedaStCyr Well said  RoniClark!.  She was used to  ‘yassum,  yes boss, thankee maam’, not used  to a woman who would give as good as she got.    I am so proud of Mrs. O.

      2. JessicaJohnson1 says:

        RoniClark RedaStCyr so true!! people don’t realize that the position of “first lady” is not a political one. she doesn’t have to be nice to you or even speak to you at all. they only play nice on behalf of their president husbands!  that’s why i could never be in her position. i don’t have the right temperament.

    2. ThomasJeremiahHeck says:

      Its sad that you have to twist this article into a racial statment. People like you retard human progress.

      1. RoniClark says:

        ThomasJeremiahHeck That’s TRUTH!! If that’s racial to you, that’s YOUR problem!! Recognize it!!

      2. DaProphet says:

        ThomasJeremiahHeckI absolutely appreciate your sentiment. Normally, I would agree with you. I mean that. In this case however, I have to agree with If people aren’t calling — the PRESIDENT, mind you — names, or sticking their fingers in his face, or on Fox News calling the FIRST LADY Obama’s “baby momma”, it’s this. I’m sorry, but it’s a legitimate beef. This article isn’t being “twisted”. It is what it is. We have a black president but we’re not fixed. Not yet.

      3. lauralei says:

        ThomasJeremiahHeck , in that case, this nation has been retarding human progress since 1492. And that includes ‘three-fifths’ of humans too. Know what I’m saying there?

  3. jacobfreeze says:

    Michelle sez…
    “I got 40 heavily armed Secret Service agents on my side, you fucking nobody! Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out!”
    And all her stooges cheer.

    1. lauralei says:

      jacobfreeze I am a supporter, not a stooge. I also dislike disrespect.  I didn’t hear of her saying anything about her Secret Service detail, she handled that woman on her own.  She didn’t tell anyone to leave either.

      1. AaronHarrisonLynch says:

        lauralei jacobfreeze 
        Indeed, but what she did do was appeal to the mob-mentality, in britain or Europe such as attack would be seen as losing your cool.
        If she had intelligently dismissed/discussed the issue then I’d say very well done, but she didn’t she just told the mob “imma take my ball and go home”

        1. lauralei says:

          AaronHarrisonLynch lauralei jacobfreeze She did no such thing. She said, “I will not tolerate disrespect and I will not  take the bait and sink to your level.”

        2. JessicaJohnson1 says:

          AaronHarrisonLynch lauralei jacobfreeze why is it that the First Ladies actions were under scrutiny, but it’s okay for this other person to behave in such a fashion? i agree with the way Mrs. Obama handled it. she told her she doesn’t do the “heckler making demands” thing well. and this was a fund raiser in a private home, wtf was this person doing there to began with?

        3. lauralei says:

          AaronHarrisonLynch lauralei jacobfreeze What mob? People voiced a preference. They preferred to hear her…the person they came to see and hear in the first place.  That is their right. Maybe you think they should have no rights.   If you pay for Cirque de Soleil tickets, you do not want to see Bozo.

        4. ReinettaBazemoreTurner says:

          AaronHarrisonLynch lauralei jacobfreeze  No, she was offended by a disrespectful action and offered to remove herself from the situation.  She has a right to avoid being mistreated. The crowd insisted that the heckler leave being that she didn’t use proper etiquette and was being unnecessarily disrespectful. Also in Europe or Britain, Sturtz probably would have been jumped on for offending the Queen.

    2. RoniClark says:

      jacobfreeze I can only hope that this is your lame attempt at being funny (#joke fail!) so I won’t call you a DOWN RIGHT LIAR!! Even though, if it came down to it, SHE DOES HAVE IT LIKE THAT! Recognize and respect our First Lady!!

    3. lauralei says:

      jacobfreeze This is how you and others want to view her. It doesn’t matter what she actually does. You will report it “a la faux news “.   Sad.

  4. TraceyLinMiller says:

    Guess Ellen didn’t know, “mama don’t take no mess!” Granted she has a right to “petition” for government to hear her point of view about a particular cause, but there is a time and place for everything. I think Ellen might have understood and utilized protocol to make her position known. Instead of being disruptive, she might have used an organization like to generate a petition to organize like minds to support her cause. She misbehaved and was treated like an irresponsible child and told to “leave the room” by unanimous choice of those present. Mrs. Obama was well in her right to choose whether she would be disrespected in such a manner or live the venue. She left the choice to the people present and the people chose Michelle.

    1. TraceyLinMiller says:


    2. RoniClark says:

      TraceyLinMiller Well said!!

  5. MBanks says:

    Once again, people being disrespectful and inappropriate! So proud of how our First Lady handled this ridiculous woman. Mrs Obama is a class act with a capital C! I think she show everyone what she is made of and what she won’t tolerate. As Oprah would say “you teach people how to treat you.” And it’s clear that Mrs Obama taught Ellen “you will not treat me like this!” School’s out!

    1. MBanks says:

      ^^showed (not show)

    2. CynthiaAli says:

      That’s our First Lady. Got to luv her. Class Act.

    3. CarolParks says:

      Michelle was Awesome! Class Act all the way!

    4. TChallaD says:

      MBanks I kind of wish FLOTUS had went South Side Chicago on her @$$ & took those heels off & put those hands on her!!!  Michelle looks like she can throw & I bet you when Michelle walked up on her she whispered…”say another word…I dare to say one more cotton picking word & there’s going to be some furniture movin’ up in this joint!!!”  LMAO!!!  Now that was funny…I don’t care what anybody else says or thinks…that was funny as HELL!!!  Peace…

  6. AaronHarrisonLynch says:

    “imma take my ball and go home” is a childish way of dealing with a political point, why are so many of “Mrs O’s” supporters so keen to send gays to the back of the bus?

    1. david19082 says:

      AaronHarrisonLynch AaronHarrisonLynch
      You are NOT and will never go to the “back of the bus”. There is zero
      comparison to your inconvenience to actual oppression experienced by
      black people.  Black people have no power to oppress white gays. White
      gays have enjoyed every right and privilege America has to offer and just like white heterosexuals it came at the expense of black and brown people.

      1. dalhectar says:

        david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch In 2013, a federal contractor can openly refuse to not hire Gay people. That is perfectly legal in this country.
        What federal contractor can openly refuse to not hire racial minorities?
        “White gays have enjoyed every right and privilege America has to offer” is not true, even today when you can be fired for coming out as gay. It’s not about gays vs blacks, the first post never made the comparison.
        What I’m against is blindly following celebrity & political leaders.

        1. kevcrum1 says:

          dalhectar david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch last I checked, being gay isnt a protected class. And until someone finds the “gay” gene, the  LBGT lifestyle,in my opinion, is a choice. Being black isn’t.

        2. BonnieClancy says:

          Maybe it was a choice for you kevcrum, but it is NOT for everyone. Manyeople are totally gay or totally straight, and yes, they are born that way.
          I am not saying that gives the. Heckler the right to confront the FLOTUS at a fundraiser

        3. WendyLeigh1 says:

          kevcrum1 dalhectar david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch  They have also never found a straight gene so, when exactly did you CHOOSE to be straight?

        4. kevcrum1 says:

          WendyLeigh1 kevcrum1 dalhectar david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch I choose to be straight every time I lay with a woman just like every time you lay with someone, it’s your CHOICE. The point I am making about the gay gene is that who you choose to sleep with is a choice, unlike your ethnicity.

        5. ReinettaBazemoreTurner says:

          dalhectar david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch  No one said that the Heckler didn’t have a legimate concern or gripe.  She was just disrespectful to interrupt the First Lady’s speech.  Rude is rude…this is not a Gay discrimination issue.

        6. dalhectar says:

          kevcrum1 dalhectar david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch 

          Science disagrees with you. But if your opinion is all that matters, then science really doesn’t matter at all does it.

        7. slawson says:

          White gays can hide their orientation and be as racist as the next white person in corporate America. Who would know the difference?

        8. CarolParks says:

          You are absolutely correct. I find it very offensive when they compare their injustices to AA. There is no comparison. AA suffered their own & worst Holacaust under slavery. And even now suffer many injustices thru our unjust legal system. The First Lady was right as usual.

      2. SheilaIs says:

        david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch @ David there is always someone who wants to compare ! SMH

      3. lauralei says:

        david19082 AaronHarrisonLynch , not to mention that gay people can ‘pass’ anytime they want or need to. We do not have that choice. 200 years ago, we didn’t have discrimination against gays, because “there weren’t any.”   None who dared to be known, that is.  But there was, and is plenty of discrimination against black people.

      4. CarolParks says:

        David I agree 100 %

    2. DBamaGirl says:

      AaronHarrisonLynch It is not a point that anyone was sending anyone to the back of the bus. It is called respect and acknowledging that this is the First Lady of our country an common courtesy is to give that to whomever has the floor! I fight for Healthcare, gun control, and work with immigration would I scream out or would I handle another way as I do, when a speaker has the floor? That is tacky regardless to handle it that way. The First Lady do not write laws or sign them!President Obama has caught hell more than any other President on the subject of Gay’s Right! She handle it correctly to speak directly to that person who show no respect, to be quiet as she spoke or take the mic and she speak. The way she handle it she would not had gotten anyone to listen and get her point across if she did take the mic. There is an agenda and that was not listed and it would not have been covered,but it is not to say she did not care or had concerns! The hackler got an interview with Huffington Post and most of it was speaking on the First Lady and the people there not accepting her disrespect instead of the subject at hand. Maybe a different representative would be a little more tasteful.

    3. bprimousjackson says:

      Heckling and being disrespectful is a childish way of dealing with a political issue. If Sturtz really wanted to get support she should have behaved like an intelligent adult.

    4. Jardona57 says:

      AaronHarrisonLynch  she wasn’t sending anyone to the back of the bus. hell gay have gotten a lot more rights since President Obama has been in office. Are you serious. heckling is damn disrespectful. I bet if a white person had been speaking she wouldn’t have said a damn word. It said she was 56 so she has been a lesbian for a long as time did she tell her issues to the other presidents or their wives. President signed a law for gays to marry so how is that sending them to the back of the bus.

      1. lauralei says:

        Jardona57 AaronHarrisonLynch , hell no she didn’t heckle anyone else, nor will she. She will not even want to. Bzzitch!

  7. lauralei says:

    Did the heckler ever heckle a Bush, Reagan, Romney, McCain , Boehner , Gingrich , Palin and the others of their ilk?  I suspect that she did not.  I submit that she would not even want to heckle a ‘Thuglican.

    1. JayRi1 says:

      lauralei Well there was the gentleman who threw his shoes at Bush, but in his defense  he wasn’t an American and he had a bit more of a justifiable gripe.  My question is why don’t these speech interrupters ever go after Republicans.

      1. lauralei says:

        JayRi1 lauralei , right, he was a non-American. The heckling crowd is too busy drinking repub-kool-aide to heckle their masters, and our people do not behave that way.

  8. JessicaJohnson1 says:

    how the hell is she “stunned” by Mrs. Obama’s reaction to her stupidity? she should have been stunned with her own foolishness. Mrs. Obama is not the president, and this woman has no right to demand that she do a damn thing!! if you want to be an a$$, wait until the president is speaking, then make your demands to him (someone who can do something about it). this woman doesn’t want equal treatment, she wants special treatment.

    1. lauralei says:

      JessicaJohnson1 She is stunned because she thought Mrs. Obama was required to put up with her bull$**t.   Surprise, surprise dumba$$.

    2. CarolParks says:

      It was completely rude to interrupt Michelle, as she was speaking. Especially at a private dinner. This was the First Lady of the United States, where is the Respect & Manners? And to be perfectly honest, I believe it is also very rude to interrupt the President also. I love the way Michelle handled the whole thing.

    3. TChallaD says:

      JessicaJohnson1 My thoughts exactly!!!  You are too funny…I know where ever you go,  you are the life of the party!!! Hilarious!!!  I love it!!!  Peace…

  9. booksbydaisley says:

    You see, this is why aliens won’t talk to us; because of foolishness like this.  She’s lucky she didn’t get bitch slapped.

    1. lauralei says:

      booksbydaisley Mrs. Obama is not into bitch slapping Ma’am. Is that how you would handle a heckler?

      1. maddstealth says:

        Unfortunately,yes. lol

  10. CarolParks says:

    Great! The First Lady was Awesome! Maybe she should go after the dirty GOP now! Lol! I love Michelle!

  11. AlmaSiscoSmith says:

    All this heckler needs to do is to learn some manners. This hasothing to do with race or discrimination. Neither the FLOTUS nor POTUS need to prove their commitment to equal opportunity or anti-discrimination law – look at their records. Could mire be done? For sure. But seek to engage Mz Heckler. You might get better results, then see how amazed you might be!

    1. lauralei says:

      AlmaSiscoSmith She may seek to engage ‘Mz. Heckler’ if heckler behaves in a civilized , respectful manner. And anyway, how is she supposed  to engage someone who is acting like an ignoramus, pray tell?

  12. maddstealth says:

    Hmm. Not trying to sound mean, but I wonder if the LBGT community will rally up against First Lady Obama for embarrassing one of their own. They seem very…sensitive of what people think of, say of, or do to them lately (more think or say than do, of course, they’ve been treated wrongly long enough.

    1. lauralei says:

      maddstealth  Oh Please!  The heckler embarrassed her damned self. She didn’t mean to, of course. She meant to embarrass Mrs. Obama. Don’t blame Mrs O for refusing to be bullied by an ignoramus. As for the LBGT community, what is ‘one of their own’ anyway?  A rude and disrespectful person ? I hope they won’t support bad behavior just because someone happens to be LGBT.

      1. maddstealth says:

        Oh, I don’t support behavior of that nature from anyone. And I agree, I would hope that those in said community don’t support such disrespectful discourse.

  13. PatriciaGoodwinVestal says:

    first thing first one don’t ever disrespect me in no manner and if you like to say some of cost you can but don’t yell at me or a cross some to talk to me just ask for a mic what have to say would be respectful understood i know she would have listen to her but if you put it out there dam well you would get it back and that is that back up lol

  14. Princessakellie says:

    I’m glad Mrs. Obama stuck up for herself. There is a time and a place for everything.  A rally for children is not the time nor the place to try an pushh the Gay agenda! Not only was the heckler trying to push an agenda she was being extremely rude. She tried to bully the !st lady and she wasn’t buying it. People need to stop thinking that they can do and say anything to celebreties and politicians like they are not real people.

  15. SheilaIs says:

    FLOTHUS handled herself very well, and did the unexpected. That individual thought to throw the First Lady off her game; did she forget the First Lady is a lawyer and has probably argued points of greater importance than that of a heckler, not only that she’s a strong woman and standing down doesn’t seem to be her thing. 🙂 That one rotten apple that didn’t spoil the whole bunch.

  16. AlmaSiscoSmith says:

    Ah, my bad. I DID NOT PLACE A COMMA and my admonition was misconstrued. It shoukd have read ” seek to engage,Mz Heckler.” it was not to imply that FLOTUS should engag the likes of Mz Heckler. The importance of a comma!

    1. lauralei says:

      AlmaSiscoSmith thank you for that clarification.

  17. AdrianneClinton says:

    I commend FLOTUS for utilizing this experience to model how she WILL be treated, and this is with respect.  When previously asked would she run for president, she acknowledged that she is not her husband.  So, in no uncertain terms, FLOTUS is aware of her assets as well as liabilities. I respect her self awareness as a woman.

  18. ttrb62 says:

    that was that southside coming out good for you Mrs. Obama

  19. ReinettaBazemoreTurner says:

    Ironic how the First Lady was talking about being better role models for our children and this heckler interrupts her disrespectfully like an immature over excited child.  Do better people.  The comment was off topic and the delivery was rude.

    1. CarolParks says:

      I agree 100%

  20. JonathanNoe says:

    Michelle Obama is nothing but a PR person for the Obama Administration. I commend the activist who interrupted her. Equality is more important than allowing politicians and their PR teams to give us their talking points while nothing of substance gets done.

    1. DBamaGirl says:

      JonathanNoe Regardless who was conducting a speech, they have the floor and if you don’t approve leave or better yet don’t show up. Robert’s Rule of order could help you on that! It was improper and tacky! You cannot force anyone to accept your lifestyle, but if done the proper way you will be able to achieve them listening and understanding more and then you might be able to point out things that they are not aware of and come aboard and help. But, being disrespectful and pushy is not the way!

      1. JonathanNoe says:

        DBamaGirl JonathanNoe Equality and ending discrimination are far more important than “Robert’s rule of order.” The building that Michelle Obama gave her speech in is not insulated from major contemporary social issues. LGBT people, just like all people, have every right to be impatient and forceful as they try to gain equal treatment. In this case, equal treatment by the federal government.

        1. DBamaGirl says:

          JonathanNoe DBamaGirl Racism and bigotry is something that the Black Americans have fought for and some have died for, yet it still exists. So, do you think it is cool is we just shout it out in any session that a White man or a White woman is conducting? Do you think that would be effective? There is an order to get respect you too have to be respectful!

        2. JonathanNoe says:

          DBamaGirl JonathanNoe It may or may not be effective. Who is the white person? Are they powerful? Or are they just a regular person? I don’t worship powerful people. I certainly don’t worship the Obama’s or any previous First Family. There is too much injustice to be cordial and respectful to powerful people. If they had a moral bone in their body they would act on there own so I don’t think interrupting a speech is necessarily effective but I do think it is effective in drawing attention to the fact that the Obama’s have done relatively little for LGBT people. Hell, they’ve done relatively little for Black, Latino, and working class people yet they continue to give their speeches and expect to be met with nothing but praise. Not from me.

        3. lauralei says:

          JonathanNoe DBamaGirl , let us know when you heckle or support someone who heckles a white speaker. Then I can listen to you. Until then, ‘Hoods R Us’

        4. slawson says:

          JonathanNoe DBamaGirl – Did you have the same requirements and expectation of Pres. Bush? Then why should the Obama’s be the savior for “all” people? They have enough to contend with considering the mess they were handed. Did you see the movie “42?” I’m sure the threats and injustice Jackie Robinson received is minimal to what Pres. Obama is getting in secret and openly daily. Whether whites are powerful or live in trailer trash, they are groomed to think they are superior, God knows they aren’t. However, that entitlement comes out in racist behavior regardless of their social, economic, or academic standing. Good example, they still can’t accept our Pres. is Harvard educated. Look, it is what it is. Gays should not be hero’s for their lifestyle, and that has absolutely nothing to do with discrimination. It’s just wrong. Now, that is another whole topic.

        5. CarolParks says:

          slawson JonathanNoe DBamaGirl Excellent posting! You are so right. And this President has received more threats then any other President. And no doubt his family too. It is horrifc to think we have people like this in our country. And racism in 2013. Unbelievable & despicable.

        6. PatriciaGoodwinVestal says:

          slawson JonathanNoe  wow thank you i really like what you said you are so right what some don’t think is about what was left for him to try to fix that they done most of the president’s down the line  so now he is in there to put mess back in 50 or more years that those have done that hurt us well most of us cause you still have some uncle toms in there that kiss ass sorry to say lol they call the house nnnnnnnnnn you no what i mean by the n word

      2. PatriciaGoodwinVestal says:

        DBamaGirl JonathanNoe thank you on that point some just don’t understand or don’t want to understand it’s not about been a pr it’s about doing the right thing and get up and help you can’t find that no more so who it’s there to get up an pr for some of us so stop it who ever think that it’s ok to do what that lady has done an disrespect anyone at the time of saying the right thing at the right time  and help the one’s that no one else did in so many years amen

        1. DBamaGirl says:

          PatriciaGoodwinVestal DBamaGirl JonathanNoe
          Check this out:

    2. TChallaD says:

      JonathanNoe an what is your point besides letting everybody know that you just don’t care for the First Lady!!! So you’re trying to say that Michelle Obama is doing something wrong by supporting her husband…how asinine would it be for her not to support her husband & his administration!!! Last, but not least your supporting  the activist who interrupted her, only shows the world that you support stupidity & just like she got put out of the event…your stupid butt would have been right there with her…don’t cosign stupidity…do what you can to eradicate STUPIDITY!!!  Selah…

      1. JonathanNoe says:

        TChallaD JonathanNoe Yes. By supporting her Husband when he is murdering innocent Muslim children is wrong and reflects poorly on her character.

        1. CarolParks says:

          JonathanNoe TChallaD The President is NOT targeting or murdering Muslim children. We are still at war in Afghanistan. When we bomb, yes sometimes the innocent get killed. That is what war is. And why I myself am glad this President is ending it at the end of this year. He did not start this war, or any war.

    3. CarolParks says:

      You are wrong. First, this was actually held at a Gay couples home. Second, this was a private dinner/ fundraiser and Michelle was speaking. You do Not interrupt someone who is speaking. It is rude & classless. I’m glad she was thrown out. And equality for all is great, but comparing the treatment of Gays to AA is incredibly ignorant & wrong. AA had a ” Holacaust” as millions suffered and died as Slaves. You can hide that you are Gay, you cannot hide that you are Black. AA are still suffering great injustice in this country.

      1. JonathanNoe says:

        “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
        — Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963
        I’m well aware of the Black Holocaust but I don’t believe that oppression is some kind of game where you rank the levels of oppression a group receives. I believe oppression must be opposed whenever and wherever. If Federal contractors were not allowed to discriminate against LGBT people as they currently are, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        1. CarolParks says:

          JonathanNoe You are completely missing the point. This was a PRIVATE Dinner/fundraiser. This was NOT a Public meeting. If you want to talk about political progress or disagreements you do it with people who are at a public meeting, or event. And people who are elected as a Gov. Official. She is not an elected Gov. Official, nor was she at a public event.  She was correct in what she did, the other person is completely classless.

      2. lauralei says:

        CarolParks well said!

        1. CarolParks says:

          lauralei CarolParks Thanks! I’m so sick of these idiot’s always being rude to our President & The First Lady. I love Michelle’s style! Don’t mess with her!! 🙂

    4. ClintonPlace says:

      JonathanNoe Why do you commend ignorance? The President has done more for the Gay community then any other politician EVER.That was the wrong place for what that lady did

      1. lauralei says:

        ClintonPlace JonathanNoe What lady? A lady does not act that way.

        1. DBamaGirl says:

          lauralei ClintonPlace JonathanNoe  The First Lady showed much action as a lady to respect the people there who paid $500 a ticket and was there to hear how they could help with our young people that we are losing so many of! She handled it like it should have been handle by having this person that had no respect for her or the people there to have  shouting match! If this had been a White First Lady that handle this situation as she did, would you be so eager to make judgement on her? It is a shame that you would allow your bigotry mindset overcast your sense of intelligence to come up with such a conclusion!

        2. CarolParks says:

          I agree with everything you are saying. And I give you so much credit for coming back to this blog to defend Michelle! Got to love it! I wish Michelle would run for President. All the bigot’s would die of a heart attack! Lol! 😀

        3. ClintonPlace says:

          DBamaGirl lauralei ClintonPlace JonathanNoe I’m not sure who you were referring to.But I’m with the first lady on this.

        4. lauralei says:

          DBamaGirl, I was commenting on Jonathan’s using the term ‘lady’ when he referred to Sturtz.  I was not referring to Mrs. Obama.

        5. DBamaGirl says:

          lauralei DBamaGirl Ok, in that case, I apologize. Because no matter what, she did handle it like a lady and a woman that meant business that earned respect and demand it if someone forgots! lol

        6. DBamaGirl says:

          CarolParks Thank you! Michelle will not run for President because the girls will be older and one in college. After 8 years of this madness, I think they deserve to enjoy each other, No matter what, they made history!

  21. RodFire says:

    So what’s the story?  There was a heckler there with no other purpose but to interrupt the First Lady’s talk for her own cause.  The POTUS have done more for the gay and lesbian community than any other president that I can think of.  Hecklers have the right to heckle, but if they do, they have to accept the consequences of their actions.

    1. PatriciaGoodwinVestal says:

      RodFire ok now i like that thank you

  22. GrantDevereaux says:

    I love this. Ms Obama did exactly the right thing.

  23. LamelMartin says:

    where was the first lady’s security???

    1. PatriciaGoodwinVestal says:

      LamelMartin  yes where was security at when all this happen that crazy maybe she could have handle herself like she has done

      1. LamelMartin says:

        PatriciaGoodwinVestal LamelMartin she could of got shot…

        1. DBamaGirl says:

          LamelMartin PatriciaGoodwinVestal  Thank God she didn’t. Secret Service was all around her. And trust, the people were checked before entering in that setting.

        2. ClintonPlace says:

          LamelMartin PatriciaGoodwinVestal No she couldn’t have got shot..Those people are screened before they get into one of those events.The worst could have been a punch thrown.And i’m sure the first lady got hand skills..

  24. DBamaGirl says:

    What happened to the video?

  25. DBamaGirl says:

    I found this video on YouTube that is a little more clear than the one on this page:

  26. kgo1976 says:

    Bravo Mrs. O!! No tolerance for disrespect. Heckler wrong place, wrong time, wrong topic…get your life!

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