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June 5, 2013

Federal Judge Says Blacks and Hispanics Commit More ‘Heinous’ Crimes

Federal Judge Says Blacks and Hispanics Commit More ‘Heinous’ Crimes

racist federal judge

A group of civil rights organizations have filed a judicial misconduct complaint against a federal judge for inappropriate comments she allegedly made during a speech. The group alleges that during her remarks, the judge made biased statements against minorities and displayed a non-judicial religious belief in the death penalty.

The complaint filed against  Judge Edith H. Jones of Houston, who sits on the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit,  alleges that she made inflammatory comments during a speech at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in February. During her remarks, Jones is quoted as having said that blacks and Hispanics commit more ‘heinous’ violent acts than other racial groups.  Specifically, Jones is accused of saying certain “racial groups like African-Americans and Hispanics are predisposed to crime,” and are “prone to commit acts of violence.”

Jones is also accused of having said that charges of  “mental retardation” disgust her and claims of innocence and racism are just red herrings. Jones said the   fact that a person commits a capital crime proves that he or she is not retarded. She is also alleged to have said that a death sentence provides a service to capital defendants because they are likely to make peace with God only just before their execution

Although there is no video or audio of her making the comments, five students and one attorney who were there signed off on an affidavit saying she’d made the remarks.

Among the groups that have joined in on the complaint are the League of United Latin American Citizens, the Texas Civil Rights Project and the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program.

Judge Jones, 64, was nominated to the federal bench by President Reagan. She has previously been mentioned as a potential nominee to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Jones has not responded to the complaint filed against her.

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17 thoughts on “Federal Judge Says Blacks and Hispanics Commit More ‘Heinous’ Crimes

  1. MicheleHunterAnderson says:

    Sandy Hook, The Movie Theater, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Timothy McVeigh(sp), Geoffrey Dahmer, The Happy Face Killer, Eileen Wornos(sp), Andrea Yates, Susan Smith….Need I go on!!

    1. vguyt says:

      Michele she forgot about them cause they was white. When the criminals are white its not the same.

  2. TraceyLinMiller says:

    With such a racist belief system how can she give impartial judgments on the cases she hears? I say this is a good reason to go back and look at all her non-jury decided cases for evidence of this bias and sentencing on all of her cases, jury and non-jury trials alike. It’s impossible to trust a judicial systems that has such evident bias at its core. We are not paranoid and it is not a conspiracy theory that blacks and other minorities do not stand a fair chance within the judicial system.

  3. MerrionNettles says:

    For same Judge… For  same.   For someone in your position to make such outlandish remarks such as this show’s that not every person is suitable to stand in judgement of others.  You should me a shame of yourself.   I feel sorry for anyone, (White, Black or Hispanics) that has the misfortune of crossing paths with this individual for she is clearly bias/flawed… not to mention dangerous!

  4. AaronSofaKingDenson says:

    Selective memory and racial bias. This woman is clearly unfit to weild a gavel. Movie theater, sandy hook, columbine, Timothy mcveigh, Boston marathon, David koresh, millions of slaves, rodney king beating, thousands kill by KKK, thousands if black falsely incarcerated. Black people may get mad about something and kill 1-2 people never a whole movie theater or sell some drugs to keep food on the table. But never anything as heinous as what white folks have done throughout the ages.

    1. SandraFord1 says:

      AaronSofaKingDenson That’s what I’m talking about!!

  5. MerrionNettles says:


  6. cosmos105 says:

    She’ll just apoligize and get her hands slapped. That’s the commoon theme these days among these blue eyed devils who think they can say what the hell they want and get away with it. Wonder how many blacks and hispanics she has sentenced extra harshly becaused of this way of thinking???  What a stupid witch!

    1. MerrionNettles says:

      cosmos105  The saddest part is that you’re probably right.

  7. brewerbev4 says:

    Okay then what do she say about whites serial killers???? What do she say about the whites who kill their victim AND THEN THEY WON’T COOK AND EAT THEM… And what to she say about the whites who go on rampage and shoot kids in a schoolS and theaters IS THIS NOT A VIOLENT CRMIES AGAINST FREE PEOPLE IN SOCIETY………..??????????????

    1. SandraFord1 says:

      brewerbev4 AMEN

    2. SandraFord1 says:

      brewerbev4 They call us every name in the book, I guess they forget the horrible crimes they commit.

  8. brewerbev4 says:

    Okay then what does she say about white serical killers????? What does say about whites who kill their victim and THEN THEY WONT TO COOK AND EAT THEM (JEFFERY ANYONE)  And what does she say about whites who go on violent rampages in our school system and theaters and kill free people in society who were minding their own business and living life…….is this NOT VIOLENT ENOUGH FOR HER………………REMOVE HER FROM HER JOB IF SHE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT VIOLENT CRIME MEANS!!!!!

  9. MelissaRelf says:

    For her to be a judge that was some dumb shit. First off  how about this could be true statistically due to cops “choosing” to arrest more hispanics and blacks; profiling is real.  So I guess then it would be okay to state that Whites commit the most repulsive crimes i.e. child porngraphy, sodomy, cannibalism, etc……

  10. JaccTrippa says:

    the judges work for the private prisons, the private prisons work for the stockholders, all she did was tell tales out of school.

  11. clearyrobertr says:

    She’s 100% correct on all counts

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