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June 12, 2013

DNA Tests Prove Trayvon Martin Did Not Inflict Serious Injury to George Zimmerman

DNA Tests Prove Trayvon Martin Did Not Inflict Serious Injury to George Zimmerman


In order for George Zimmerman to be acquitted of murder charges, the defendant must show that he was in a fight for his life when he fired a fatal shot into Martin’s chest. This means Zimmerman must prove that Trayvon Martin caused his injuries in order to demonstrate that he fired in self defense, but as the Daily Kos points out, the DNA tests in the case do not support Zimmerman’s story.

Firstly, the DNA tests do not show any of George Zimmerman’s skin under Trayvon Martin’s fingernails:

Exhibit ME2:  Fingernail scrapings represented as being from Trayvon Benjamin Martin
                   “gave chemical indications for the presence of blood”

ME 2A Right hand: “No DNA results foreign to Trayvon Benjamin Martin (ME-3) were
                          found on Exhibit ME-2A”

ME 2B Left hand:  “No DNA results were obtained from Exhibit ME-2B

But how could Trayvon Martin grab Zimmerman’s bald head and bash it into the ground without getting skin under his nails? And, as The Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capehart reported in September of 2012, none of Zimmerman’s DNA was found on the cuffs/sleeves of Martin’s hoodie,
causing Kendall Coffey, former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida to conclude, “Unless Trayvon Martin was wearing gloves and a bonnet, it would normally be expected that there would be some evidence of him on the garment.”

From Daily Kos:

The Jury will see that the Autopsy report shows Trayvon had “a 1/4″ x 1/8″ small abrasion on the left fourth finger.”  The Jury will also see that the Autopsy does not mention any: blood, dirt, defensive wounds or offensive wounds on Trayvon Martin’s knuckles, palms, wrists, fingers or thumbs — which dispels Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon punched him in the nose 25-30 times, covered his nose and mouth while at the same slamming his head into the sidewalk over a dozen times.

Jurors will also see pictures of Zimmerman’s hands after he fatally shot Trayvon Martin, showing absolutely no abrasions or defensive wounds. A man who had been in the fight of his life wouldn’t have clean hands:


In addition, even though Zimmerman said he’d been pinned down by Trayvon, there was no mud or grass on his back.

Zimmerman also admitted holding Trayvon Martin face down in the mud at one point, a story supported by the mud and dirt on Trayvon’s clothes:

I was on top of him, straddling him, he was face down, when he kept hitting me in the face it felt like something was in his hands, so I thought he had a weapon, so I grabbed his hands and pushed them away from his body, and I said, “STOP! Don’t move.” He was saying something like “ahhhh ahhhhh and cursing” and I said, “STOP, don’t move” and then somebody came and had a flashlight and I thought was a cop and I said – oh and I still had my gun in my hand as I was holding his hands apart and I said are you a cop he said “no” but I’ll call them.  I said, “I don’t need you to do that I need you to help me restrain this guy.”

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42 thoughts on “DNA Tests Prove Trayvon Martin Did Not Inflict Serious Injury to George Zimmerman

  1. EbonyCali says:

    definition of the word “defend” means to protect oneself from harm. If
    GZ was the one following TM then how is he defending himself from TM? GZ
    was actually much safer than TM because GZ was the one in the car and
    furthermore if he had a gun so he was safer than TM. This whole thing is
    ridiculous. When you defend yourself you’re protecting yourself from
    the person who’s pursuing you, you don’t defend yourself from the one
    you’re pursing. I hope that the judge allow the 911 tape to be allowed
    because the 911 operator instructed GZ not to follow TM and he did

    1. LenOverkeil says:

      EbonyCali I so agree with you ebony… defense is backing away not pursuing and hunting… If you feel unsafe you are more willing to follow the instruction of the emergency official unless running away appear to be a better option… I am a black man and no court police or juror would hesitate to put me away for murder if I follow and shoot someone… why do they hesitate now… remember OJ… they wanted him put away on circumstantial evidence… but question if Zimmerman was defending himself… huh???

      1. Rondoggg says:

        LenOverkeil EbonyCali Well put, very well put until…you brought OJ into it.  The only people who think there was nothing but circumstantial evidence are the people who thought he was innocent from the beginning.

      2. tfox0328 says:

        LenOverkeil EbonyCali  
        I totally agree with you.  George Zimmerman should have remained in his car.  He had no right to follow Trayvon.  911 operator instructed him not to do so.  If he gets off I won’t be surprised.  Look how they handled the Oscar Grant case.  That was a disgrace.

        1. Rondoggg says:

          tfox0328 LenOverkeil EbonyCali Well put – the thing that bothers me about the 911 operator instructing him to stay in the car is that there is no indication he acknowledged the order.  Sounded to me like he was leaving the car while she said it.  If he didn’t hear the order then it was impossible for him to reject it.  Let’s not rush to judgment – I want to hear what comes out in trial before I find Zim guilty.

        2. JohnnyHurst says:

          tfox0328 LenOverkeil EbonyCali He had all the right in the world

        3. markee2013 says:

          JohnnyHurst tfox0328 LenOverkeil EbonyCali 
          What the hell does OJ have to do with this case ? when was it 1995? still stinging over that one huh? let me guess you want Zimmerman to get away with this to make up for OJ right? That’s how your feeble mind works.Who said OJ was guilty? You heard the lawyer ,if the glove don’t fit then you must aquit.Oj,s in jail anyways so what in the hell are you squarking about? Zimmerman should fry for what he did ,he shot an unarmed teenager in cold blood no questions asked  Zimmerman is a lousy fat ass coward racist prick ,if those dumb ass gang bangers were,nt shooting each over up they should shoot Zimmermans fat ass.

        4. JohnnyHurst says:

          markee2013 JohnnyHurst tfox0328 LenOverkeil EbonyCali  I was responding to if you read the posts. Duh. For me the murder OJ committed and the killing of a boy (possible murder) in Florida are two separate things altogether. The difference between you and I are that race has nothing to do with my opinion of the matters, unlike you. The question for me is. Was Trayvon pummelling George when George shot him? If Trayvon was in fact beating this mans brains out when he was shot then Zimmerman was defending himself. If Trayvon was not bashing this guys head in  like Zimmerman swears he was then George Zimmerman is a murderer. You see I am willing to give anyone their day in court unlike lynchmob type racists like you. By the way that glove doesnt fit you must aquit was a brilliant phrase, but the reason it worked was that it caught the prosecutors off guard. The glove shrank from being soaked in innocent blood. Besides karma has a way of coming back and biting you on the ass. So Marcus how is being a racist working out for ya, isnt it really heavy burden to be carrying around with you all of the time? Man you outta drop that dead weight and love your neighbors who ever they may be.

        5. markee2013 says:

          JohnnyHurst markee2013 tfox0328 LenOverkeil EbonyCali  
          You,re a joke ,why i’m no more of a  racist than you ,”why some of my best friends are white people” Zimmerman is guilty ,he shot an unarmed teenager in cold blood ,he hunted him down like a dog and shot him dead .Trayvon Martin lived in the same neighbourhood and was heading home after coming from a convienient store .What grounds did Zimmerman have for shooting him dead ? he was told not to approach Martin but ignored instruction and tracked him down and shot him.Zimmerman is a racist piece of garbage just like his father ,if you,re following this then you probably read about Zimmermans father  and his book. This is a black and white issue ,it became a black and white issue when Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin dead in cold blood but theres plenty of people like you who would be in selective denial of this fact.

        6. Rondoggg says:

          markee2013  You are very eloquent in your stupidity – your everyday life must be filled with hate.  I never said Zim was innocent, I just want to wait until I hear real evidence presented in court.  Don’t worry, if Zim is found innocent then you should enjoy the riots and murders that will occur thereafter.  You’ll get your bloodlust satisfied.

        7. markee2013 says:

          Rondoggg markee2013 
          You still here? Still here  trying to defend your  weak comments.Do actually think that I really care as to whether you think Zimmerman is innocent or not or that you want to wait for the  so called real evidence as you put it to show up in court ? The only  evidence that’s relevant is that Zimmerman killed an unarmed teenager without provocation  and there was a witness who saw the whole thing.Zimmerman and his team of lawyers have been pulling out ever trick and sandbagging ever since with all these delays ,even stooping to such a low level in trying to  discredit the victim Trayvon Martin saying he did drugs or he was some type of gang banger.Zimmerman is a piece of trash ,and you pathetic individual that you are have the audacity to call me a racist ,”Satisfy my bloodlust ?” are you kidding me? you,re even more deluded than I suspected you to be ,this whole scenario stinks of racism.If Zimmerman some how did manage to slime his way out of this I,d hope that someone does take out a contract on this piece of shit and put a bullet in his skull.Thats what Zimmerman deserves.

      3. JohnnyHurst says:

        LenOverkeil EbonyCali OJ was as guilty as sin, and the black folks stood behind him. Now the same community is calling for this mans head without trial. Who are the real racists? Besides he wasnt Hunting the  boy. Trayvon came back after him, its on the tape. If Trayvon Martin had a tutor he might have looked like George Zimmerman

        1. markee2013 says:

          JohnnyHurst LenOverkeil EbonyCali 
          You,re a stupid white man.

        2. JohnnyHurst says:

          markee2013 JohnnyHurst LenOverkeil EbonyCali  You dont know what I am

    2. JohnnyHurst says:

      EbonyCali If Trayvon was on top of this guy bashing his head then it was self defense period. If it is found that George is lying about this then it is Murder period.

      1. tfox0328 says:

        JohnnyHurst EbonyCali tfox0328
        I do not believe that George Zimmerman was in a fight for his life.  The medical examiner said that GZ injuries were minor.  TM had a right to defend himself.  GZ did not identify himself as a neighborhood watchman. He just chased him down.  GZ went looking for trouble and he found it,  He should have left TM alone.  He was not bothering him.  GZ sterotyped TM and he was wrong.  GZ told the entire story when he said these assholes always get away.

  2. graffitigrime says:

    This has gotten so out of hand… there are way too many details to this case to make any play on judgement from a far. Get real people… no one really knows what happened.

    1. Rondoggg says:

      graffitigrime You are 100% correct.  Let’s hear the facts first.

    2. HankMcCorkle says:


      1. graffitigrime says:

        Yeah.. and you’re another dummie who believes everything the media shoves down your throat.

      2. Rondoggg says:

        HankMcCorkle graffitigrime The trial hasn’t even started and you are in all CAPS!  Zims wounds had to come from somewhere.  Where?

        1. queenofmeanest says:

          Rondoggg HankMcCorkle graffitigrime  

  3. markee2013 says:

    This is taking way too long ,its obvious this prick is guilty and should be charged, preferably the death penalty ,where are these gang bangers so they can shoot the prick.

    1. Rondoggg says:

      markee2013 Um, he has been charged, with 2nd degree murder.  He hasn’t been found guilty (which should be hard to prove).  The details of the case are currently all over the place and coming out in droplets.  There is nothing here to prove anything (unless you have already decided guilt/innocence).
      Finally, to suggest that gang members kill him without a trial means that you are a psychopath.

      1. markee2013 says:

        Rondoggg markee2013 Excuse me? ,you,re having a laugh are’nt you ,this ass hole shot and killed an unarmed teenager ,this prick was instructed by the police not to approach him ,but he already decided that Travon Martin was guilty and suspicious based on what ?They should quit wasting the tax payers money and execute him already ,murder in the first degree in my books ,Never a gang banger around when you need one ,shoot him  and get it done with eye for an eye at least Travon Martins family will get some justice instead of this asshole possibly weasling out of the charges.If that makes me a psychopath fine it also makes you a complete dick head.

        1. Rondoggg says:

          markee2013 Rondoggg You should move to some third world country where vigilante Justice is the only law – I hear it’s nice there.

        2. markee2013 says:

          Rondoggg markee2013
          Geee I thought the Usa was a third world country or at least some parts of it are ,nothing wrong with a bit of vigilante justice especially when the law lets you down

      2. queenofmeanest says:

        Rondoggg markee2013  
        Bullschyt.  That animal is guilty.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  It would be nice that he is force to plead for his life while staring at a barrel of a gun.

      3. MichaelMarini says:

        Bruising not always post mortem, we’re I live a black man has not been convicted of murder after white girl found naked upside down in a garbage can,,, autopsy inconclusive

    2. marbiol says:

      markee2013 in chicago

  4. LeroyFoster says:

    I hope that he will be judged by the evidence and not by emotions nor race,Facts only!

  5. Teeatedesings says:

    This is becoming a black and white thing instead of a right and wrong thing……if someone lied to the judge about not being able to afford his bail, when he knew he had the money….he’ll lie about anything. Now ppl are making comment that makes them look like they are absolutely without any common sense…….they should just keep those comments to themselves.

  6. marbiol says:

    the quotes above have apparently been edited from what Mr Zimmermann actually told the police.
    I was on top of him, straddling him, he was face down,–AFTER the shooting!
     other “quotes” do not seem to match up w Mr Zimmermann’s statement to police–they seem out of order…and some don’t even seem to appear in his written statement!

  7. wickedcode says:

    Please take a look at how Martins body lay on the grass, and how his feet are near the pavement. In that case, unless someone moved his body, after he was shot he could not have banged Zimmerman’s head on the pavement. If at all where it is shown that none of the D.N.A. of Mr. Zimmerman, is on Mr. Martin, is proof that Mr. Martin never got a chance to touch Mr. Zimmerman, before he was shot.                 tom

  8. MspkFinished says:


  9. wickedcode says:

    What I think I saw when I saw Trayvon’s body lying on the grass, was his feet were near the side walk. If that is true he could not have been pounding a head on the concrete, unless someone or something moved his body after he was killed.                     tom

  10. Anonymous_AJ says:

    HankMcCorkle graffitigrime No, that’s not what it proves.
    And what happened was self defense.

  11. Anonymous_AJ says:

    queenofmeanest Rondoggg HankMcCorkle graffitigrime
    Now that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard yet.
    And how did he have time to do that when the police arrived less than 2 mins after Good saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, mercilessly beating him.

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