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June 29, 2013

Daughters of Zimmerman’s Attorney Post Celebratory Pic With Caption: “We Beat Stupidity” and “Dad K!lled It”

Daughters of Zimmerman’s Attorney Post Celebratory Pic With Caption: “We Beat Stupidity” and “Dad K!lled It”


If “beating stupidity” is making a fool out of yourself on social media, then the daughters of George Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West, have certainly met that standard.

At issue is a picture of  George Zimmerman’s defense attorney Don West eating ice cream with two of his daughters. The photo itself was innocent enough, but the caption has many fuming:

“We beat stupidity celebration cones  #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit.”

Dad didn’t “k!ll” anything, but George Zimmerman did k!ll a 17 year old unarmed teen, but somehow the seriousness of that moment, which led to Zimmerman’s trial, escaped Molly and Rachel West.

Shortly after the instagram photo went viral, both Molly and Rachel West were seen quietly exiting the courtroom.

A reporter for Miami’s Channel 10 asked West’s office about the photo and was told by spokesman Shawn Vincent that “Don had no idea she’d post it on Instagram.” He said the defense team “understands the context of the comments with what’s happened in court this week are grossly insensitive.”

Vincent also said the girls regularly joke with their dad and have a good sense of humor. The girls also made fun of West’s “knock, knock” joke during opening statements by buying him donuts and writing a note which read, “”Knock Knock. Who’s there? Donut. Donut who?”

West himself addressed the issue with reporters: “As a parent, we’re not always proud of things our children do, but we love them anyway, and then we move on.”



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7 thoughts on “Daughters of Zimmerman’s Attorney Post Celebratory Pic With Caption: “We Beat Stupidity” and “Dad K!lled It”

  1. GloriaBrooks says:

    They may celebrate now, But it’s not over yet! And I hope they are watching their backs closely because there are some people who would LOVE to wipe the SMIRK off their faces as well as put all of them 6ft under, This is not a game, people are literally upset about this case. I wonder how they would feel if it were one of their family member shot dead and their family took a celebratory pic and said they DAD KILLED IT! Would they think it was funny? I Truly hope JUSTICE Prevails because GOD HAS THELAST SAY SO ON EVERYTHING!

    1. trayvon says:

      GloriaBrooks totally agree with these posts….nobody will ever know what actually happened that night because people have insinuated so many different scenarios..but a young child is dead and if George Zimmerman didn’t have that gun this wouldn’t be happening right now.  We do have the phone call from Rachel’s testimony and I do believe that.

  2. DavidJones5 says:

    Knock Knock…Whose all we need to know to understand these idiots.

  3. daniel32 says:

    I could not believe this picture when I first read it. These girls and that West guy should be asjamed of themselves. We beat stupidity is referring to whom?. Rachel!!!  This trial is a long way from being over and I for one hope that Zimmerman gets what he has coming.

  4. MzshonJohnson says:

    KARMA IS A BITCH! Mark my words!:)))

  5. Pattycake RN says:

    I think this picture should be printed out and put on a postcard with the caption, “The American Justice System”.  Then pass it around as a warning,  if you see these people, run for your life because if something happens to you they may provide their services to the perpetrator to cover it up.  So actually running into these three may be just as scary as running into George.  And on top of that they have the legal expertise, money, and connections to back it up so you may not have a prayer of defending yourself.  So if you say something or complain about them maybe, if they are too busy celebrating someone’s demise with ice cream they might just let you live but only just ruin you for life.  Sometimes that’s how those types do.

    1. trayvon says:

      Pattycake RN you go girl…….thinking I would consider this bullying and I think that is against the law these days….wow, and to think Don West actually took this picture himself…of course blamed it on his daughters in the media..pure cop-out

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