The Sheriff of Nottingham Is Actually a Black Woman From Jamaica

The Sheriff of Nottingham Is Actually a Black Woman From Jamaica
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The first time you ever heard of Nottingham was probably while watching “Robin Hood.” That was probably the last time as well, but as Buzz Feed learned, Nottingham sheriffNottingham is a real place in England and the sheriff there is Jamaican born woman.

The current Sheriff of Nottingham is  Merlita Bryan, who came to England from Jamaica when she was eleven. She became a member of the city council in 2007 and became a sheriff in 2011.

In 1449, the city of Nottingham was appointed its first ever sheriff.  At that time, the sheriff had responsibility for “the delivery of prisoners to the courts, the collection of rents and taxes and generally keeping the ‘King’s Peace.”  This is where the legend of Robin Hood derives its meaning.

Robin Hood did battle with the sheriff as he robbed from the rich to give to the poor. The legend of Robin Hood became folklore in medieval times and was portrayed in a cartoon as well as a feature film.

Today, however, the role of Robin Hood is only ceremonial. Sheriff Bryan spends most of her time performing traditional duties such as going to meetings and community events.

Bryan says she never imagined that one day she would become Sheriff of Nottingham. In life, you just never know.




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