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May 20, 2013

President Of Everyone Except Black People Gives Race Speech at Morehouse

President Of Everyone Except Black People Gives Race Speech at Morehouse

by Yvette Carnell

There are so many ironies to President Obama’s Morehouse speech that one hardly knows where to begin …..or end. Yesterday, I pointed out that Obama seems toBarack Obama, John Silvanus Wilson Jr., have a selective memory where his parents are concerned, a flawed memory which entails giving his mother all of the credit and his absent father  all of the blame. But as a Facebook friend noted, there’s a second irony to the Morehouse speech: That a man who proclaims himself to be the president of all people, not just black people, would be so bold as to give a ‘credit to your race speech’ at a historically black college.

Here’s President Obama in his own words:

You are the mantle of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington and Ralph Bunche and Langston Hughes and George Washington Carver and Ralph Abernathy and Thurgood Marshall and, yes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These men were many things to many people and they knew full well the role that racism played in their life. But when it came to their own accomplishments and sense of purpose, they had no time for excuses. Every one of you has a grandma or an uncle or a parent whose told you at some point in life as an African American you have to work twice as hard as anyone else if you want to get by.

There was a downpour at Morehouse yesterday during commencement, but the graduates weren’t only drenched in rain:

Sometimes I wrote off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep a black man down. I had a tendency sometimes to make excuses for me not doing the right thing. But one of the things that all of you have learned over the last four years, is there’s no longer any room for excuses.

And lastly:

….you have to remember that whatever you’ve gone through pales in comparison to the hardships previous generations endured – and they overcame, and if they overcame them, you can overcome them too.

It’s the ‘work twice as hard and be a credit to your race’ speech that all Blacks have become accustomed to, but it sounds awkward coming from President Obama, not because of who Obama is, but because of what Mr. Obama does and does not represent.

After being needled by Blacks to handle issues specific to our circumstance, such as legislation to address double digit unemployment in our community for example, Obama pushed back, asserting that he’s the president of all people, not just Black people. But when he took center stage at Morehouse, he transformed to become the voice on race in America?

The takeaway: Mr. Obama is mostly unwilling to discuss race, especially as it relates to policies that will improve the plight of Black America, but he’s perfectly willing to discuss race when it entails him telling Blacks to work “twice as hard”, be good parents, and stop making excuses (a word he used at least four times).

Obama wants you to be a credit to your race, but he doesn’t feel as if he owes the Black race anything. He wants you to live by the standard of ‘twice as good’ but doesn’t feel that he, as President of the United States, should do anything to ameliorate that double standard.

If that’s not irony, then I don’t know what is.

Obama is not just a failed president. He is a failed Black president. How ‘s that for duality?

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1,029 thoughts on “President Of Everyone Except Black People Gives Race Speech at Morehouse

  1. MilahBee says:

    If your job is for all people, as long as on your personal time you do things for your people I’m good with it.  Find something better to scrutinize the President about.  There are more pressing issues.

    1. snb1980 says:

      MilahBee Agreed

  2. DamianCarr says:

    Wow! What ignorance. Talk about irony?! What about the fact that we as black people are still looking for a handout. Still want something for nothing. Think that the black president owes us something or he’s not black enough. I guess all negroes should abide by the “hook up” huh?

    1. DamianCarrWho is looking for a handout?

      White People Make Up 42% of the Poor, But Take in Whopping 69% of Government Benefits. blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits.
      So tell me again who is looking for a handout?

      1. DamianCarr says:

        I didn’t mean everyone. Only those who tend to think Obama is a failed “black” president because he “didn’t do anything for black people”. That’s BS cause why didn’t these same people expect anything from the white presidents before him. POTUS is supposed to be for all of us not just one race or another.

        1. DamianCarr He is failed because of policies. And yes, you should cater to those folks who supported you. They’re called your base, regardless of what color they are.

        2. DamianCarr says:

          I don’t remember this many black folk calling Bush out. It’s like we feel entitled to talk ish about him just because he’s black

        3. DamianCarr says:

          To listen to black ppl talk about Obama sound like the previous 43 presidents did a wonderful job running this country and the lone negro managed to screw it all up in 4 1/2 years.#hypocrites

        4. MilahBee says:

          DamianCarr I 100% agree…black folks can really work my nerves sometimes!

        5. leonjonessr says:

          DamianCarr Yevette is right this time.  The president said he would transform America.  Well he transformed it into what he and the Democrats want and not what America needs.  He has catered to Wall Street, Hollywood and Big Unions, but not to the little man, Black or white.  There is still this thing about bringing in what the other presidents did.  Bush II gave more money to Detroit than any other president including Obama.  He also did more for HBCU’s than Obama.

        6. JohnGSpeaks says:

          DamianCarr bro I see you blind and have bought into to the conditioning that has been done to you.

        7. nedreascott82 says:

          JohnGSpeaks DamianCarr Just because someone does not believe in race baiting and your points of view, does not make them blind. You would be the blind one, for telling him he is blind because he does not bend with your closed minded narrow perception of politics….GET OVER YOURSELF PLEASE

        8. peggy70a says:

          JohnGSpeaks DamianCarr Mr. Speaks I am disappointed in Mr. Obama at this time.  I do not expect anything personal  but I am disappointed that his cabinet looks just like all of the previous cabinets. I could not believe he did not stand  by Miss Susan Rice when he appointed  her to take Mrs. Clinton place.  Van Johnson was the only “Black Man” other than Mr. Holder in a high profile position and he is no longer there.  I really appreciate the fact that he is a “Black Man” in his position but if situations remain the same it really does matter his skin color.  No one what to see him criticized but he has given in way too much for me.  One thing  Bush did say  “either do it my way or else”!!  If  MooreHouse Men” are so outstanding  why aren’t there a lot of them in his cabinet. ?   Why is his cabinet lily white and  mostly men?   I see he finally gave Miss Rice  a “Position”.  I really was  hoping for a difference but not expecting it because any man can only do so much.

        9. peggy70a says:

          DamianCarr I think you are misstating what “Black People are saying. Anyone with common sense should  know the country has always been screwed up  from Washington until now.  From what I understnd it is the other side that lays the blame for all of Ame rca’s ills on this administration.

    2. nedreascott82 says:

      DamianCarr First of all, it is disrespectful to refer to blacks in general as negroes, because not all of us agree with that term. Next, President does NOT owe anyone anything because he worked to get where he is. Third, I’ll dare you tell someone they aren’t enough of their own heritage, because they don’t fit your brand of bill. That was the stupidest thing I have ever read in all of my educated years. As a grad student at CAU, I am highly offended at the stupidity you just posted. Now I will ask what no one else will ask; what the hell is wrong with you???

  3. Trayc says:

    As a parent of a Morehouse Man who sat there on Sunday in the rain  listening to the President Speech & watching  my son walk across that stage & receive his degree I didn’t think the President said anything that I (my Mother, Grandmother & the entire village ) didn’t tell my son his entire life.  I find it pretty humorous that there are so many criticisms being leveled at the President by people WHO WERE NOT THERE. Had you been sitting on that campus & seeing/hearing  how those Men received the message with thunderous claps & cheers you’d probably be a little less cynical. Those 500+ Men  are not some brainwashed puppets. The four years they spent  at Morehouse  striving to get that degree so they can make their way  in the world, having the President there was icing on the cake & the Cynics refuse to let them eat it….

  4. Trayc says:

    I can’t for the life of me figure out what some black folks want  from this man. What did he need to do come up to the podium in a du rag handing out keys to Cadillac’s? So let’s not even acknowledge this right? —–>
    President Barack Obama signed the on Friday afternoon, proposing $98 million in new money for these historic institutions for the 2011 fiscal year.
    “Education reform has been a top priority of my administration,” said Obama. “We’re not only doing this because these schools are a gateway to a better future for African Americans; we’re doing it because their success is vital to a better future for all Americans.”
    The executive order includes a 5%, or $13 million, increase for the support for the $85 million in mandatory funding for HBCUs in the pending The president’s budget would increase the from $18.2 billion in the 2008-2009 award year to a proposed $34.8 billion in 2011-2012. For HBCUs this means an increase of about $400 million in Pell Grants since the start of the Obama administration.

    1. JohnGSpeaks says:

      Trayc so please tell us why so many HBCU’s are closing due to lack of financial resources since you want to mentioned how much money Obama gave?

      1. Trayc says:

        JohnGSpeaks  I couldn’t tell you why so many HBCU’s are closing .Can you  tell me if they JUST started closing when Obama  came into office?  Also is there ANY other President who even had them on their agenda? I’m no blind Obama follower but your question really doesn’t seem to warrant a serious response. Perhaps you should  do some research on the administrators  of all the HBCU’s  that you say are closing & find out where all the money went .

    2. peggy70a says:

      Trayc That is a silly statement. What I want from  him is to see more “Brilliant Black Men/ women taking part in the decision making in America.  His entire cabinet is “White” and mostly ” White Men”.  You mean to tell me he cannot find qualified “Black Men/Women to fill more than one post in his cabinet (Miss Rice was finally given a position).  Am I  “Pro-Black?   YES.  To me it is a slap in the face of all of the ” educated “Black Americans” that he continues to only appoint “White Men”.  Mississippi has more “Black Elected officials  than the White House!!  As I said I am glad he is in the position he is in but it does not matter if things remain the same.  I voiced my opinion on President Bush also so it is not that I loved Bush and hate on President Obama.  But why is it awful the we (“Black American) cannot expect more from President Obama?  Do you not think “White America” expected something from Mitt  if he had won?  No we did not expect cadillac cars  and stupid stuff.  I cannot say really just what we truly expected, maybe a fair shake at last from government.  People make it sound unreasonable to expect anything from government.  Have we forgotten “we are government” and these people are their to do what we want.  I  have a right to  ask for “My Money”. It belongs  to us not them!!  I’ve worked and they have taken it.

      1. Trayc says:

        peggy70a …Do you think I don’t want the same thing for OUR people or from our government? My statement isn”t as silly as you imply that it is because you gave a laundry list of your expectations.  My statement doesn;t make me any less PRO-BLACK than you claim to be. Let me just ask you? If Obama had even attempted to appoint more Black Officials or tried to have them confirmed before Senate  would it  been possible? If Mississippi has more Black elected  officials than the White House has that makes perfect sense because The only ELECTED official in the White House is the President. Kudos to Mississippi for their progress in putting more people of color in office . That only means that the VOTERS are getting out & VOTING…I learned as a child watching school house rock  On Saturday Mornings that there are three branches of Gov’t & the President for all their pomp & circumstance is really just a figure head in the grand scheme of things. He can only sign what’s before him so how about you look to your congress person/senator & push them to draft better legislation that the President can sign.

        1. peggy70a says:

          Trayc peggy70a I would rather he  had tried to nominate a more a diverse cabinet and let the chips fall where they may.  I am sure he would have had a hard time. Better to try and be refused than just choose everyone from Bush’s cabinet.  I know  the “Black Officials were elected.  The point I was making is that their are   more “Black Officials” in a state with Mississippi’s history  and so few in The White House. I am not trying to trash the President but I did expect more.  Whites expected something from “Mitt”.  Gay and Lesbian Rights, Don’t Ask/ Don’t Tell, Gays right to marry, Immigration Reform, Right to an abortion.  I am not “mad” about these reforms but I am trying to think of any type of reform that benefits the “Black Community”.  It is so strange to me that if anyone from the “Black Community” ask for help from government we are viewed as “wanting something for nothing” or told  to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” or “we are lazy”.   But you cannot beat  “Big Money Lobbyist ” getting what they want from government.  Farmers are given subsidies {not the “Black Farmer}.  One of the Rockefellers gets Three million dollars a year in subsidies   and that is “our money”. I know the President is “just” a figurehead.  I also know he is not the first and will not be the last to make promises he cannot keep.  But I am trying to see where his being elected has been any more beneficial for the “Black Community” than the 43 previous Presidents. Historically, great, beneficial no big deal. Love him but, if things remain the same it makes  no difference.  Government cannot solve all problems but it doing a great job for the ones deemed important to them. In this “so called” great country of ours  why must any “Black Child/Citizen”  be told   “you must be twice as good and work three times harder to succeed in “America”.  If the playing field was level,from government on down it would not be so.  Thanks for replying.  Love  the President  but  disappointed.

  5. LeviReed says:

    I by no means am an Obama supporter.  However, I give credit where credit is due.  Obama is the President of all the people.  It is not his responsibility to cater to black people.  Yvette you call it his base, while I’ll call it for what it truly is, his race.  Just because the man is black doesn’t mean he is “suppose” to only do black initiatives.  That is what your Congressman is for who is elected by his/her constituency.  Obama is a first and being a first he is setting precedent every time he moves, and ever time he talks.  I think you need to ask yourself what have you done for the black community?  Do you accept or expect handouts or do you go into these so called communities and give handups?  Are you tutoring or mentoring the next generation?  If you aren’t doing anything then you probably need to shut up.  Obama has done more and inspired more people of all races and from other parts of the worlds than this silly rant that you wrote.  DamianCarr I appreciate your rebuttals to Yvette’s senseless rants.  I am Republican BTW and I never voted for Obama, but I give credit where credit is due.  Yvette it is time you do the same.

    1. JohnGSpeaks says:

      so you’re a conservative? what is it you want to conserve? Or are you a Black regressive, wanting any and all progress blacks have made to go backwards to decades past.

      1. LeviReed says:

        JohnGSpeaks I am unapologetic about being a conservative.  I think abortion is the leading most relevant factor killing Blacks today.  I think to many black people thinks the government owes them something and are to lazy to get up off their but and go get it.  Many immigrants have come here with a dollar and a dream.  They work hard, learn the language and they are successful.  Black people are born and raised here.  We have all the advantages of a great nation, yet my black people still hoot and holler the man is keeping them done.  The man is not keeping anyone down.  It is the choice that black youth are making.  If you know right from wrong then it is pretty damn simple.  Do right.  I came from the projects in Chicago.  I kept my nose clean.  Never went the way of easy money because it was not the right thing to do. Hard work and dedication is the right way to go.  If by your defintion that is regressive then so be it.  I believe in the regressive way of hard work dedication.  I will continue to fight for those conservative principles.

        1. JohnGSpeaks says:

          LeviReed there isn’t any need to apologize for being a conservative, but don’t you believe you could be affiliated with any other party and still not be in favor of abortion?
          Now I thank you for telling me about your upbringing but the things you mentioned didn’t answer my question, so I’ll ask it again.
          Why are you a conservative? what is it that you want to conserve?
          Me saying regressive pertains to many of the policies from your party of choice the resemble those in the days of Jim Crow. So if we go back to those policies that would be regressive.
          Nothing wrong with hard work but I would ask you to do a bit of history research and you will find that those who often preach “Hard Work” haven’t done it themselves. In many cases they were born into their privilege or it was given to them.

        2. LeviReed says:

          JohnGSpeaks LeviReed I belong in the Republican Party because my values align mostly with the Republican Party.  I definetely am not a democrat.  I don’t think the government has a responsibility to lazy folks.  In other words handouts.  I don’t know what more I can say about conservatisim.  I am not for homosexual marriage.  I don’t believe God should be taken out of the school house, court house.  This country was founded upon Christian principles, and those Christian prinicples are what made us a great nation.  Now secular democrats wish to destroy us from within.  By me not being progressive is your definition of regressive then fine so be it.  Lastly, it was the Republican Party who passes civil rights legislation.  It was the Democrats who controlled Jim Crow South.  Do your research.

        3. Afriqueen says:

          History shows the 1964 Civil Rights Act which is the same Act used today regarding discrimination in employment was signed by President Johnson in 1964 while he was President, although Kennedy was pushing for it prior to his death.  Perhaps you should research to see who was President in 1964.  Although it has been amended the meat and bread are from the 1964 Act.

        4. peggy70a says:

          LeviReed JohnGSpeaks I really get sick of the “this country  was built on christian principle” crap. This  country was built on outright brutality and heinous crimes committed by greedy and brutal people.  If you think not ask the Indians who were forced on the “Trail of Tears”. Ask the Indians who were given blankets filled with smallpox.  Ask the Indians who were forced into the hill s and were still pursued like animals. Ask the “Black Farmers” that were burned out and had to run for their lives.  Ask the “Black ”   landowners who had their fences moved in the dead of night as their land was claimed by greedy men with no  morals. Ask all the “Black Men” and some “Black Women”who swung from trees like as the great “Bille Holiday”  sang  “Strange Fruit”.  Ask the “Black Businessmen/Women who had a bomb dropped on them destroying  “Black Wall Street in Tulsa,. OK I would like you to ask my mothers who scrubbed floors with a damn toothbrush to make a dollar a day. Or my father who came home looking as if he had just  dug himself out of the grave because he was  so full of dirt. You continue with your conservatism.  It is  a “so called” free country and you have that right.  But just remember those same people that wanted prayer in the schools were burning and killing “Black People” and denying us the right to vote.  Also denying us a basic and decent education with their used ,written  in old books full of lies and completely omitting the contributions of the “Black Man” in building this country. You are dang right “Black Men/Women are owed plenty.  No one saps more of the taxpayers dollars than big business with all of their loopholes.  Millions of taxpayers dollars are sent to other countries in the form of foreign aid but if we need or get help we are called lazy.  HOW DARE YOU!  No one fought when my Mothers’s and father’s tax dollars were used to pay the Japanese for their after the war.  But you have the nerve to call “Black People”lazy. You ungrateful “Brown Noser”

        5. LeviReed says:

          peggy70aLeviReedJohnGSpeaksPeggy, last I checked I am black and if you were offended then I guess you do sap the taxpayer dollar and then I was speaking directly to you.  I make no apologies for people getting offended by the truth.  Again, if the truth hurts then look at yourself in the mirror and do better.  This is the greatest country in the world.  It is one of a few where your socioeconomic status at birth does not decide your socioeconomic status from when you hit the coffin.  I repeat again that this country was built on Christian principles and yes you are correct the Native Americans lost land, but when you fight a war that typically is the casualty of defeat.  I am not saying it is right, but it is what it is.  At the time it was called colonialism and it was something that  was the mode of the day from Europe.  I am not mad at those folks because that was the way of thinking then.  Just like 20 years ago no one would have given a second thought to homosexual marriage.  Thoughts change.
          I do want to thank you about your reference to “Black Wall-Street.”  I never heard of it so I actually had to look up the incident.  I don’t agree with everything you stated from my brief educational lesson, but I will say this:  By no means was every man in that era virtuous, however you can’t sit in judgment of every white person as being bad.  If that is how you feel perhaps you need to look at your self in the mirror and ask yourself if you are a reverse racist.
          Big Business contribute more in the tax system thus they can “exploit” or loop holes are written in for them.  So what that is the American way.  Who really “wants” to pay taxes anyhow?  That to me is of no import to the topic in which this post derived from to begin with.  If you want a conversation on taxes find a post or create you own post tag me in it and I’ll meet and debate you there.

          Lasty, I made a comment that stated that “Many black people think the government owes them something and are to lazy to get up off their but and go get it.”  I stand by those comments and I will double down.  I don’t make excuses for anything.  I get up get out and go get it.  I don’t drink (never have); don’t smoke (never have) and never used any drugs in my life.  I don’t make excuses.  I get up go out and make things happen.  That my friend is the American way.  If an immigrant can come here not knowing the language and make it, then we black folks have no excuse.

        6. nedreascott82 says:

          LeviReed I have to disagree with all you have said in this post and Miss Peggy is right. What you said is farthest from the truth. If Miss Peggy is offended, it is because you DID in so many words refer to blacks as lazy. 
          Lastly, you left out another human flaw, that is sex, you dont do none of the other stuff, but you do this one, so this makes you a human being. I make no excuses for the blacks who refuse to do anything either, however, I dont look down my nose on people, and that is what you just did. You ARE wrong for that. Miss Peggy’s commentary did NOT make mention of human flaws, she only said you called ALL blacks lazy. From the way she intentionally worded her stance, that is what she meant.

        7. nedreascott82 says:

          LeviReed If you’re gonna call out flaws, make sure you do not attempt to paint the flaws as the pictures of others, and dont behave as though you are perfect in political sense, because everyone knows that if the RePuGlicans had their way, this country would be in a deeper mess then where we are now. I have NEVER cared for the politics of RePuGlicans and NEVER will…… You create war and call that a solution ……smh

        8. nedreascott82 says:

          LeviReed As a black woman, a man has no right to tell a woman what to do with her body. You have no say in that and men need to stay in a man’s place…so you are wrong for that comment on abortion…

        9. peggy70a says:

          LeviReed peggy70a JohnGSpeaks  Like you I stand by what I said. No taxes were not mentioned but they  are a part of the political system and I have a right to speak on the subject.  As for looking  in the “mirror” I can for sure “do that”  I do not know your age but I know mine and I can promise you I have put in my time and have no shame.  Do not give me the “story” of  work hard and  and it will be yours. Sometimes yes sometimes no.  And I repeat : this country owes “Black People” for all it has stolen from  them, from their free labor to all of the great inventions. You are darn right immigrants come here and make it because there are insitutions in place to give them help.  But when “Black People” ask for help people like you determine it a “Handout”  and we are lazy and want something for nothing. I ask for nothing except what is fair and it is not so and I do not care how you try to make it pretty.  You cannot offend me because I consider myself as astute and brilliant as yourself.  If it was as simple as “work hard and you will succeed ” I feel most people would be successful. But I have lived long enough to know there   are  forces at work to do their best to prevent this. The subject is is our government treating everyone equally and we know it is not.  If you really feel it is that simple I suggest reading: The Reconstruction Era: 1865-1877 and see what President Johnson had to say  concerning the role of government in keeping the poor poor and the rich richer.  And it is still so today, 148 years later.

        10. nedreascott82 says:

          peggy70a The RePuGlican side of him is going to try and debunk all you just said to paint the picture of a perfect being. SMDH

        11. peggy70a says:

          nedreascott82 peggy70a Thank you for understanding what I am saying.

  6. JohnGSpeaks says:

    I agree with your piece but 1 correction needs to be made, you said “asserting that he’s the president of all people, not just Black people.” he actually denied being the president of Black people and said he was the president of the USA. he never said “All People”
    If people would bother to read Obama’s books they will see where he mentions playing both sides of the race card and getting away with things with blacks and whites.
    Black folks need to wake up and realize he has no connection to Blacks. He’s nothing more than another Bush, just in light brown face!

  7. Afriqueen says:

    It just appears to me many have not followed Presidential politics prior to Obama.  Every President since Kennedy has set forth policies that affected Blacks in some manner be it overt or covert. Kennedy fought for the civil rights bill which wasn’t passed until after his death.  Johnson War on Poverty that caused thousands of Blacks to go to college, enterprise zones by Herbert Bush, I cant remember who started Community Block Grants, even George Bush did No child left Behind. So no one is asking Obama for anything more than any other President has done.  The Black unemployment rate is double that of whites.  If Obama was white the NAACP ,Urban League, Al Sharpton would be demanding more programs to obtain parity. The thing is Obama is Black so he gets a pass so to speak.  As far as the speech nobody but Obama could give that speech,  Every one is saying Obama is the President of ALL the people.  Sometimes I think someone needs to send Obama a memo and let him know the people include Blacks and the poor.  Its almost embarrassing when history shows white Presidents effectively did more for Blacks than a Black President.

    1. JayRi1 says:

      Afriqueen The complaints on this thread only prove the point he was making that as an African American you have to work twice as hard and do twice as much to be equal.

    2. JayRi1 says:

      Afriqueen The complaints on this thread only prove the point he was making that as an African American you have to work twice as hard and do twice as much to be equal.

    3. Tinyak says:

      He has done a lot for Black people, I don’t know where you are getting your stats??? Lets just start with healthcare. Then travel to VA benefits, then to Pell Grant increases, then on to help with foreclosure, extended unemployment benefits, stem cell research…. The list goes on, I will be back.

      1. Afriqueen says:

        Tinyak  Healthcare maybe,  However, Obamacare is for the those working who do not have insurance.  And many employers are dropping employees hours to 32 hours to get around it.  I am not familiar to the /va benefits at all so I need to be made aware. I will say that  my grandfather (WWI), father ,brother, and son, have all served in the military.  In fact my father almost lost his life when a group of white officers jumped on him as he was walking back to the barracks alone.  You have to own a home to go into foreclosure. Stats show blacks have the lowest homeownership rate’  Blacks males have a very low high school graduation rate so pell grants wont help them.. Extended unemployment has ended.  Stem cell is a stretch.  First I think one should look at what is the top five issues  Blacks and the poor believe need to be addressed.  Number one generally is employment, affordable and safe housing, safety, close proximity to healthcare, education.   It just appears Obama has over looked these issues except obamacare which was never designed for poor people with medicade already in place, although he did add some to medicade for three years then the states would need to take over.  A few States are rejecting this because they don’t foresee being able to afford it in three years.  Lastly, I would if someone would were to tell a black person living in my hood this is what Obama has done for Black people.  They would not agree save maybe Obamacare.

        1. LeviReed says:

          Afriqueen Tinyak The issues you speak of are local issues.  Thus they are micro in nature.  Those issues are addressed from your city commission, county commission and perhaps by your Governor and State legislature.  Again, Obama governs on a Macro level.  Which means he governs on a national scale.  What you speak of again are done on a much more micro scale and are local and state issues.

        2. Afriqueen says:

          LeviReed Afriqueen Tinyak
          The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1968 were not State originated  Enterprise Zones, CBDG, No Child Left Behind and even Head Start were not either.  The federal government has a lot of power Obamacare is an example.

        3. LeviReed says:

          Afriqueen LeviReed Tinyak And not one of those acts that you spoke of were taylor made only for black people.  Nor were they on a micro level.  Those programs that you mentioned all helped a “class” of people.  Remember there are a lot more poor white people than black people.  So the CBDG benefited who?  The Civil Rights legislation is used for women and LGBT community.  Admittedly it was used primarily for blacks in the south originally. How many pieces of legislation like the Civil Rights act can you pass?  Who benefited from no child left behind.  A whole peltora of people not just black america.  So again what do you expect Obama to do?  Don’t complain about it.  Come up with some ideas and submit them.  My picture shows me with the Great Senator Rand Paul.  I worked for Governor Rick Scott in Florida.  I worked for Gov. Scott Walker during his recall election.  I worked for President Bush, and Senator John McCain.  Again it is one thing to complain it is an entirely different animal to come up with a solution.  I am waiting to see what you expect the man to do.

        4. Afriqueen says:

          LeviReed Afriqueen Tinyak 
          I realize there are more white poor people in the US.  However, percentage wise there are more Black people living in poverty. The latest stats from the Census Bureau show the 9.9 whites living in poverty and 27.6 percent of blacks living in poverty and a little over 25% of Hispanics.  Further the median income of whites is 52,412, and for Blacks it is 32,229  I have not touched unemployment, .I had worked in city government for 26 years starting in the Mayors Office, Department Head, and ending as a Civil Rights Investigator. I have worked on numerous local, state and federal campaigns. I retired early.  I have submitted several recommendations to the Obama Administration and to my Congressperson to no avail. I am also a recently licensed Minister, so I use all contacts, the most powerful to me is God.

        5. LeviReed says:

          Afriqueen LeviReed Tinyak I applaud your efforts.  I pains me to see people complain about things and don’t do anything to change the situation.  You my friend fall into the other category.  We may see things differently, however, I believe we both share the same end goal.  It is just our means to the end goal differ.  Thank you for your patronage and your civil service work.  Service to another person is perhaps the most joyous profession one can have.

        6. peggy70a says:

          Afriqueen LeviReed Tinyak I am sorry but your reply was sent to me and I did not comment on your comment

        7. peggy70a says:

          Afriqueen LeviReed Tinyak Your reply was sent to wrong email.  I made no comment on your commen

        8. Deardj says:

          LeviReed Afriqueen Tinyak I love my black people; but, we always want ‘someone else’; in this case: ‘The POTUS’ to do what we, as individuals should be doing for ourselves. We need to gather together, in our own communities to discuss the issues that we want addressed at the national level. We need to become more involved in the political process; and, become the leaders that we are expecting everyone else to be on our behalf. Those with the biggest voices of complaint, need to become the leading voices of tomorrow; and, do what leaders do. Then, and only then; will you begin to understand what being in leadership in politics is all about. It is no where near the cake walk that people think it is.

        9. leonjonessr says:

          LeviReed Afriqueen Tinyak LeviReed you are hanging around with some powerful people who can make a difference in the lives of the people with whom they connect.  The man can open his mouth about the plight of Black people, but that is not why he was elected.

        10. leonjonessr says:

          Afriqueen LeviReed Tinyak Afriqueen what is your opinion of the President’s endorsement of gay marriage? Abortion? and welfare for an additional 11-13 million more illegal aliens?

        11. nedreascott82 says:

          leonjonessr LeviReed Afriqueen Tinyak Thee is no so-called plight  of black people. When you get elected to that office, your job is not a particular race. It is everyone for the last time

        12. nedreascott82 says:

          leonjonessr Afriqueen LeviReed Tinyak There is nothing wrong with LGBT Marriages, Abortion is a Woman’s Business only and everything in this country is a Immigrant – from the clothes on your back, to the Beer you drink and to the food you eat. So don’t start that non-sense

      2. cptqirk says:

        Tinyak Healthcare is not for blacks, nor is VA or the Pell Grants. None are specific for blacks. He did something for the whites, wall street and bank bailout, and something for the Gays, and for the Mexicans….When the hell are blacks going to get theirs for all of the 95% votes cast for him. Everybody has gotten something but blacks. We keep doing this over and over, vote for the guy that is suppose to be for blacks, but they never actually do anything for all the blacks that vote for them. Over 60 years of pouring our votes into the Democratic party and nothing has changed for us. We still complaining about the same things we were from the 60s. Nothing has changed but the color of skin. We still waiting to be rewarded for voting twice for someone that has done nothing for those who loyally stand behind him blindly seeing no wrong in a president because of his color. We need some action just as there has been action taken on behalf of the other races and voting blocks. We are being taken advantage of due to our not getting anything for our votes, because we are not demanding anything for our votes. They have no fear of losing our votes so they only cater to the ones they fear losing. We need to start demanding something for our vote or you will lose our vote in order to get things done not only for everyone else but also for all the black votes they enjoy each election

        1. Tinyak says:

          Ok, so what would you propose as an agenda for Black America? I wonder what specifically be done to decrease the Black unemployment rate. Any ideas?

        2. cptqirk says:

          Tinyak He could start out with something very simple and easy to implement like tax breaks for hiring black teens or adults. You could supplement part of a company’s wage for hiring blacks on jobs instead of filling our lives with poverty in the form of food stamps and welfare checks. We need to let go of the governments tit and learn to stand on our own feet. As long as we look to the government for free handouts we will be beholden to vote for people like Obama to continue our dependance on free stuff. When he was doing his tour of America he stopped in now of the ghettos. Did you know that Democrats are and have been for a long time in power in every major ghetto in America. Everyone has got their payment for supporting him but blacks, why is that, why has nothing been just for blacks as it has for whites, mexican, and the gays. When the hell is it our turn to get something other than handouts that do nothing but keep use in poverty. When is it the blacks time to get something from this first black president….Dont we get a turn for our votes and our blind loyalty….

        3. Afriqueen says:

          From a governmental perspective I feel there should be training programs that offer occupations with livable wages.  Entrants should be given tests that show what they show a likening to or a natural knowledge toward and hopefully an occupation to line up with.  One of the reasons there is such a high poverty rate among Blacks is because too many are working jobs paying minimum wages.  When there was the big mass sweep to get people off welfare all they wanted them to do is work with little to no training. The result was low paying jobs.
          The construction trades need to open up to Blacks like plumbing, electrical, concrete, etc.. where they can get there license and cards.  Since the end of Affirmative Action it is harder for Blacks to get in the door. 
            Enterprise Zones need to open in areas of high unemployment where business that open in the area get tax breaks, but they must hire a percentage of their employees from the area.
            Black Churches need to combine efforts to create funding for small business and other programs.  If all the black churches took one offering a month for community work they would have multimillion dollars in a year., and could create their own United Way. They would just need to set up a formula where voting would be done by Pastors board that would ensure mega, large, medium and small would all be equally represented.. Problem: leaving Pastor egos at the door.  But its time for us to take the knowledge we have learned over the years in our professions working for someone else and apply it for ourselves.  I believe that was God’s original intent for Affirmative Action in the first place.
           Finally, we need to reach out to our international Black brother and sisters and begin businesses.    They can sew ,manufacture  ,etc.  Not only that they can make demands for us requiring oil or mineral companies to hire blacks in America and other countries (dreaming.)
          I’ve probably said too much but you asked.

        4. nedreascott82 says:

          @ Afriqueen what you suggest is separatism and I would not dare support something like that. When you create a wealth of anything, you are to create it for all people. You don’t create something based on the color of someone’s skin. Thats part of the problem now. So busy trying to deal with racial issues, that we step on others to make our own points, and we cannot combat racial problems or inequalities, doing stupid stuff. Plus your skin folks are not your kin folks, so the comment you made calling others your sisters and brothers suggest to me that you possess this notion of entitlement and that is sad all in itself. The money of the church is to be used to care for the church so that people have a place of worship, not throw the money out the door. Next, the reason why poverty is so high is because black people lack a college education. There are many jobs out there but blacks are not qualified because they have excuses for why school is not for them. This is what we call ‘Black Anti-Intellectualism’ but then again, there are those who will refute that all I have said is not the problem, when reality in today’s time points directly to education.

        5. nedreascott82 says:

          cptqirk Tinyak Blacks keep themselves impoverished by not going to college and finishing high school……I do not feel any sympothy for my own for these reasons alone

        6. Deardj says:

          cptqirk Tinyak My black husband is benefitting from VA; and, I am benefitting from Pell grants. So, what and who are you talking about? Stop complaining just to be complaining, please.

        7. Deardj says:

          nedreascott82 cptqirk Tinyak Exactly. Get up and do for yourself; and, stop complaining about what someone else is not doing for you. That’s my complaint.

        8. leonjonessr says:

          Tinyak Repeal Obamacare.  Reduce regulations on business.  Reduce taxes on corporations.  Take unemployment insurance back to 26 weeks.  Make it mandatory to get drug test for unemployment, food stamps and welfare.  Stop all subsidies to all corporations. Make all federal government employees live under Obamacare as every other American.  Freeze all government raises until the balance the budget.  I could go on, but you get he message.

        9. leonjonessr says:

          cptqirk Tinyak *&)()^& NO!!

        10. Afriqueen says:

          Where do you see separatism?   You and I both know the training programs would never be  set aside for Blacks ONLY, that would be unlawful, it would have to be based on income for poor people that would be all that would be needed to help the Black unemployed and under employed.  The possible exception may be the construction trades, there may need to be a class action discrimination charge against this industry to open it up.
          I don’t know your if you or Black or white, but due to the way in which we were bought to this Country and other Africans to Europe, South America, as far back as the 16th century we don’t have the privilege of knowing what country in Africa we are from.  I cant say I’m Irish, Polish, Dutch or German, therefore, we have no choice but to adopt ALL knowing then some how we are including our true ancestors.  This caused the emergence of the word African American.
          It amazes me when Black folks want to help black folks there always seems to be a problem.  But Jews can help Jews, Asians can help Asians, Indians from India can help one another and there is no backlash.  But when African Americans want to help one another there is a backlash and its called separatism
          In regard to the church it appears you do not go to church.  If you do read Matthew 25:31-46 then come back and talk to me.  Another question:  What did the FIRST church do when they organized as stated in the Bible?
          Do you know a couple of years ago statistics showed that a white man with a high school education made more money than a Black man with a college degree.  I guess something like the guy in Hong Kong who made 200,000.00 without a high school diploma.  Although College educated Black and white women are about even, although white females are slightly higher.  However, I agree education is a problem, however right now we have more college educated African Americans than ever in history,  But education is something that needs to be worked on for sure,

        11. nedreascott82 says:

          Afriqueen nedreascott82 You are stupid. Saying that things need to be based on race is separatism. Next, I am Black Native American and NOT all blacks come from Africa, so again, do NOT use the we term because again, your skin folks are NOT your kin folks. Next, I am Christian, so I’ll dare you make such an ignorant statement because I don’t agree with your ignorant sentiment. It does not matter how many black men or white men have a degree or an education, as long as they have one. But if you don’t have one, then you will stay in mediocrity and I don’t feel one ounce of pity. Blacks walk around with sentiments of entitlement. 

          Next, don’t try to used the Bible to elevate your racists ignorant sentiment. The church tithe is for the church, not to give handouts. There does not need to be a discrimination charge against any industry because race is not the issue. Its called education. If you do not have it, then you do not warrant the right to have particular jobs you want until you have become educated. Even the construction trade requires education. Something a lot of lazy black men refuse to do. This includes all other races of men too, so all of this complaining about high unemployment in any community needs to cease. There is no excuse for the lack of education, there is fafsa that will pay for school, go register for class and you’re set. Not answering anymore posts back, because quiet frankly, I”m tired of reading stupidity so Ill go read something that makes sense

        12. nedreascott82 says:

          cptqirk Tinyak Healthcare has nothing to do with the color of your skin or Pell Grants so grow up and stop race baiting

        13. Afriqueen says:

          nedreascott82 Afriqueen 
          I doubt you are black, but you’re right we can no longer communicate.  But FYI  I am college educated as our my siblings and my children.

      3. JusMoses says:

        There is no stem cell research is America!
        And sice when is va benefits, pell grant increases, and foreclosure increases black issues.
        When you come back please list his assistance to issues that affect the black community.
        When has he spoke out about police brutality or racism or affirmative action?

        1. Deardj says:

          JusMoses What black person do you know who has been to college without using Pell Grants? Your complaints are issues that need to be asked of you local officials. They are the ones who are supposed to be introducing new bills that should be adopted for national approval. Plus, agencies exist to ensure that affirmative action, police brutality and racism are addressed and complied with. The EEOC; the State Dept of Employment and Housing; and, your State Department of Justice is to handle every issue you have listed above. That is not the job of the President of the United States. As a black person, I think that black people are expecting from the POTUS what they should be going to their local legislators and local representatives for. That is the bottom line. This man is not going to operate at the local level to appease you. Go to who you should be going to–your own city, county, state legislators. Your Congressmen/women are the ones who are to take your issues, by way of adopted bills to the national level. You all have your thinking way too twisted for me. Learn proper process; and, your complaining will stop.  The President was not elected to save black America. He was elected to fulfill the job description of the POTUS. Local action is still needed by each of us in order to get our voices heard in America. But, all things begin at the beginning–in politics. the beginning is at your local levels;  not at the Presidential level.

      4. leonjonessr says:

        Tinyak Healthcare has and will do more to hurt Black people than any other piece of legislation ever passed.  This President initially wanted to make it so veterans would have to pay for all their meds themselves.  Wake up and see what this man is doing to Black people.  Foreclosure and extended unemployment hurts Blacks and the poor.  Their skill become stale after a while.  Extended unemployment make for a permanent underclass.  Pell Grant increase because more people applied because they were not working, not because he did anything.

    4. LeviReed says:

      Afriqueen As a staunch Republican myself, I am atune to the fact that Obama’s agenda rest in the halls of Congress.  He can’t do anything with a Congress that refuses to work with him.  Even though I personally don’t like his politics I can understand that the man can’t do it all by himself.  The system was never set up for one man to be so powerful.  We have a system of checks and balances.  Obama must pick his fights wisely.  You should think about that.

      1. Afriqueen says:

        LeviReed Afriqueen  vo
        I agree with that but for two years he had a democratic congress and did very little.  And right now he has a democratic senate who does not vote with him always. Perhaps there is a little racism in the mis I don’t know, but it is highly unusual.  The thing is Obama has not attempted to get bills to the floor to address the issues of blacks and the poor.  Sometimes it might be better to be rejected so the people can see  he tried, get the publicity out and put the blame squarely on congress.  I know Obama has talked of fixing bridges and highways but I don’t know if it ever went before congress.  Problem:  Contracts were going to private contractors no guarantee minorities or poor would be hired.  2nd)  All unemployed are not construction workers or blue color workers like during the depression.       What happens to them?

        1. LeviReed says:

          Again he is President of the USA and not Black America. When federal government dollars are handed out they send that money off to the states to contract with vendors and contractors. These are not issues the President deals with. Lastly even though he had a democratic Congress he never had a filibuster proof margin in the senate. So he had to tread waters nicely. He needed republicans help in passing Obama Care without Republicans in the Senate that would never have passed.

        2. Afriqueen says:

          Again not so.  Prior to George Bush there were stipulations put on money sent in that women, and minorities a percentage had to be hired or at the very least interviewed.  GW for the most part stopped all that.  Just like the transportation Dept wanted speed limits lowered and told states they would not get funding if they didn’t  the states did it.  Again the US Govt is very powerful.

        3. Afriqueen says:

          Okay you are right about Congress, but has any other President been treated similarly?

        4. nedreascott82 says:

          Afriqueen LeviReed Didn’t he just tell you that the bills you want passed are state and local levels??? Like my Mother used to say, PAY ATTENTION…..geesh

        5. Afriqueen says:

          nedreascott82 Afriqueen LeviReed 
          But dudnt I just say he was wrong? geesh pay attention/

        6. LeviReed says:

          Afriqueen LeviReed No.  Other President’s have not been treated like him.  There is a despicable vitriol that this President encounters that no other President has.  I think partially it is racism, and alot of it are the policies he has domestically.  As a Republican, I love his foreign affairs policy but I to despise his domestic agenda.  Either way regardless of how I feel; there will be a young black child in Kindergarten who will one day say I want to be President and no longer will that teacher laugh at that child.  That teacher will be forced to say, “if you will it then it will be yours.”

        7. Tinyak says:

          He did more than a little… We were in a mess. I believe he should have passed his Jobs Act during that time frame. Yet I respect his decision to legislate changes in healthcare. In my wildest dreams did I believe that the Republicans would hold America hostage and toss out a bill that literally contained changes they had proposed previously and held the capacity to decrease unemployment. Really sickening. If anything BLACK American should rally to toss the GOP out, but will they? Failure to enact the Jobs Act has hurt Black America.

        8. nedreascott82 says:

          @Afriqueen, he is right, and you are wrong dumb ass

        9. nedreascott82 says:

          LeviReed I agree with everything excpt domestic policy

      2. JusMoses says:

        Obama has picked no fight to fight. And mr staunch republican why are you even here on a black newsfeed? I would assume that you would be on the kkk blog. And, As a staunch republican has does it feel to be around the other staunch republicans who hate your guts because of your color?

        1. LeviReed says:

          (Part 2)
          Given the circumstances of that
          era, it is understandable why Dr. King was a Republican. It was the
          Republicans who fought to free blacks from slavery and amended the
          Constitution to grant blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th
          Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment). Republicans passed
          the civil rights laws of the 1860s, including the Civil Rights Act of
          1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867 that was designed to establish a
          new government system in the Democrat-controlled South, one that was
          fair to blacks. Republicans also started the NAACP and affirmative
          action with Republican President Richard Nixon’s 1969 Philadelphia Plan
          (crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher) that set the nation’s fist
          goals and timetables. Although affirmative action now has been turned by
          the Democrats into an unfair quota system, affirmative action was begun
          by Nixon to counter the harm caused to blacks when Democrat President
          Woodrow Wilson in 1912 kicked all of the blacks out of federal
          government jobs.
          Few black Americans know that it was
          Republicans who founded the Historically Black Colleges and
          Universities. Unknown also is the fact that Republican Sen. Everett
          Dirksen from Illinois was key to the passage of civil rights legislation
          in 1957, 1960, 1964 and 1965. Not mentioned in recent media stories
          about extension of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is the fact that Dirksen
          wrote the language for the bill. Dirksen also crafted the language for
          the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which prohibited discrimination in housing.
          President Lyndon Johnson could not have achieved passage of civil
          rights legislation without the support of Republicans.
          of Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater, who ran for President against
          Johnson in 1964, ignore the fact that Goldwater wanted to force the
          Democrats in the South to stop passing discriminatory laws and thus end
          the need to continuously enact federal civil rights legislation.
          Those who wrongly criticize Goldwater also ignore the fact that
          Johnson, in his 4,500 State of the Union Address delivered on Jan. 4,
          1965, mentioned scores of topics for federal action, but only 35 words
          were devoted to civil rights. He did not mention one word about voting
          rights. Then in 1967, showing his anger with Dr. King’s protest against
          the Vietnam War, Johnson referred to Dr. King as “that Nigger preacher.”
          Contrary to the false assertions by Democrats, the racist “Dixiecrats”
          did not all migrate to the Republican Party. “Dixiecrats” declared that
          they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican
          because the Republican Party was know as the party for blacks. Today,
          some of those “Dixiecrats” continue their political careers as
          Democrats, including Robert Byrd, who is well known for having been a
          “Keagle” in the Ku Klux Klan.
          Another former “Dixiecrat” is
          former Democrat Sen. Ernest Hollings, who put up the Confederate flag
          over the state Capitol when he was the governor of South Carolina. There
          was no public outcry when Democrat Sen. Christopher Dodd praised Byrd
          as someone who would have been “a great senator for any moment,”
          including the Civil War. Yet Democrats denounced then-Senate GOP leader
          Trent Lott for his remarks about Sen. Strom Thurmond (R.-S.C.). Thurmond
          was never in the Ku Klux Klan and defended blacks against lynching and
          the discriminatory poll taxes imposed on blacks by Democrats. If Byrd
          and Thurmond were alive during the Civil War, and Byrd had his way,
          Thurmond would have been lynched.
          The 30-year odyssey of the
          South switching to the Republican Party began in the 1970s with
          President Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” which was an effort on
          the part of Nixon to get Christians in the South to stop voting for
          Democrats who did not share their values and were still discriminating
          against their fellow Christians who happened to be black. Georgia did
          not switch until 2002, and some Southern states, including Louisiana,
          are still controlled by Democrats.
          Today, Democrats, in pursuit
          of their socialist agenda, are fighting to keep blacks poor, angry and
          voting for Democrats. Examples of how egregiously Democrats act to keep
          blacks in poverty are numerous.
          After wrongly convincing black
          Americans that a minimum wage increase was a good thing, the Democrats
          on August 3 kept their promise and killed the minimum wage bill passed
          by House Republicans on July 29. The blockage of the minimum wage bill
          was the second time in as many years that Democrats stuck a legislative
          finger in the eye of black Americans. Senate Democrats on April 1, 2004,
          blocked passage of a bill to renew the 1996 welfare reform law that was
          pushed by Republicans and vetoed twice by President Clinton before he
          finally signed it. Since the welfare reform law expired in September
          2002, Congress had passed six extensions, and the latest expired on June
          30, 2004. Opposed by the Democrats are school choice opportunity
          scholarships that would help black children get out of failing schools
          and Social Security reform, even though blacks on average lose $10,000
          in the current system because of a shorter life expectancy than whites
          (72.2 years for blacks vs. 77.5 years for whites).
          have been running our inner-cities for the past 30 to 40 years, and
          blacks are still complaining about the same problems. More than $7
          trillion dollars have been spent on poverty programs since Lyndon
          Johnson’s War on Poverty with little, if any, impact on poverty.
          Diabolically, every election cycle, Democrats blame Republicans for the
          deplorable conditions in the inner-cities, then incite blacks to cast a
          protest vote against Republicans.
          In order to break the
          Democrats’ stranglehold on the black vote and free black Americans from
          the Democrat Party’s economic plantation, we must shed the light of
          truth on the Democrats. We must demonstrate that the Democrat Party
          policies of socialism and dependency on government handouts offer the
          pathway to poverty, while Republican Party principles of hard work,
          personal responsibility, getting a good education and ownership of homes
          and small businesses offer the pathway to prosperity.
          God bless.

    5. leonjonessr says:

      Afriqueen AMEN 3 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. DoyleStrickland says:

    When Obama say work twice as hard be a credit to your race ala Hattie McDaniel or Paul Robeson, I think he’s missing the point. Granted, hard work always reap ultimate reward/s , but we are in post Jim Crow era now _ Civil Rights was the “Big Cake” and it has been won & I think it’s funny how as we move further into the future ,Civil Rights has gradually become less relevant, less emphasized. Wasn’t Civil Rights suppose to mean equality for all? Obama himself is a beneficiary of this so why is he talking down to black folks like he’s not entitled to continue that unfinished battle like previous presidents has (which include Republicans like Bush). Even though some of those presidents were two-faced about making a contribution, they contributed nevertheless. Where’s Obama’s contribution? The euphoria of just seeing him occupy that Presidential office has long since faded . He seem to be so paranoid of America looking @ him as they do – say an Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson. Because of this, the “Cake” is still in the mixing bowl full of the necessary ingredients, but is still yet to rise.

    1. Tinyak says:

      The aura of seeing the first Black family may have faded for you, but not for me, nor my family.

      1. DoyleStrickland says:

        Tinyak I love seeing Obama in the Oval office as much as anybody, but the honeymoon is over. I think he is a GREAT president who’s accomplished some great things and see him continuing that pattern.His strategy is to create opportunities.However,I would just like to see him before 2016 write in a major civil rights legislation of some kind if possible (Afro-Americans are still denied access thru red tape in certain areas,endeavors,etc;) to make  access to those opportunities better.

        1. JusMoses says:

          What is the great thing that he has done?
          How will he right a piece of civil rights legislation when he never speaks of racism?
          He never meets civil rights leaders!
          He has the whitest cabinet of any president in the last 40 years.
          This black president can’t ever seem to find a qualified black candidate when he needs to fill a position and that’s sad.

        2. Deardj says:

          DoyleStrickland But, he hasn’t wiped your butt yet; so, he is a problem???

        3. Deardj says:

          JusMoses It is not his place to introduce legislation. That is done at your local level. As a black person, I think that black people are expecting from the POTUS what they should be going to their local legislators and local representatives for. That is the bottom line. This man is not going to operate at the local level to appease you. Go to who you should be going to–your own city, county, state legislators. Your Congressmen/women are the ones who are to take your issues, by way of adopted bills to the national level. You all have your thinking way too twisted for me. Learn proper process; and, your complaining will stop.  The President was not elected to save black America. He was elected to fulfill the job description of the POTUS. Local action is still needed by each of us in order to get our voices heard in America. But, all things begin at the beginning–in politics. the beginning is at your local levels;  not at the Presidential level.

        4. leonjonessr says:

          JusMoses AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        5. DoyleStrickland says:

          JusMoses Overall he  has done a good sir, in spite of exclusion of black representation,You can’t turn a blind eye on that just because you don’t see a brother/sister by his side. I agree that he need to have more boardroom meetings with black representatives on/about these subjects.

        6. cptqirk says:

          DoyleStrickland JusMoses What has he done a good job at? He pretty much has done nothing but run up the deficit, removed our rights, played golf and vacation. People like to say he was cleaning up Bush’s mess, what part of the mess Bush left us has he cleaned up? What has he done to make you feel as if he has done a good job?

      2. JusMoses says:

        The first black family has made it but they have forgotten about the rest of black America. The obamas are not color blind. They are color selective! Obamas administration is the whitest since Ronald Reagan. One black person in this mans cabinet and you don’t see something wrong with that? This man never even utters the word black. Racism is at an all time high in this country and your black president can’t say it. Stop and frisk is becoming the law of the land and his justice dept can’t fight it! He’s taking a trip to South Africa and they are blasting his total indifference to the problems of Africa! But, give him credit he is a champion of the gay rights agenda. He is a joke and I am sorry that he was ever elected

        1. leonjonessr says:

          JusMoses AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        2. LaurenMeddows says:

          JusMoses I’m so sick of this comments, when black people get to high places they owe to give other black people a chance to make it.  That is a bunch of Crock a do-do.  You have the Same God that I have.  When I need to make a little extra money.  I look for a second Job.  I don’t expect doors to open if I’m sitting on my butt, expecting a rich black person to help me out.  I’m mixed. Get a life, educate yourself.  If rich people gave away all they had to every person that felt they are owed, they would not be wealthy.  Get off your azz and educated yourself. I work my but off sometimes three jobs.  Does Obama owe me.  No! he does not

        3. Afriqueen says:

          LaurenMeddows JusMoses 
          But were not talking about rich people, we are talking about the President of the United States whose job is to serve the people he represents.  The money he uses is the peoples money not HIS own.  Its totally different if one was expecting Bob Johnson to give them some money. Besides protocol shows that every President before him has had some sort of plan to lower poverty either directly or indirectly.  No one is asking for anything more than asked of other Presidents.  The only thing is our expectation might have been higher.  Because Obama’s initial campaign was A CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN. And unfortunately we did BELIEVE.

        4. arobinson214 says:

          Afriqueen LaurenMeddows JusMoses I did not vote for the President elect because I did not like his politics.  No man ask me to wait to be feed until the Middle has eaten and recovered.  But let us be honest.  Following the election of the President those that voted for him abandoned the Balloting process.  We elect to office Senators, Mayors, Congressmen, or even a dog catcher to office that would give him the support he needed.  No matter how good of an actor you are if your supporting actors are not there then your character suffers.  We did not elect following Obama.  Much of the blame for the dismal performance of the Obama administration is that his constituency were one horse ponies and failed to carry the battle further then the presidential election.  Change is a process and not an event.  For the first time in American history it has been proven that a third party can run and win the Presidency.  For the first time in American History it has been proven that one who is not a part of the status quo can run and win a majority of the vote and for the fist time in history it has been proven that a minority can elect one too the presidency.  We must not abandoned the Balloting process, rather, we must strengthen our resolve  and remain resilient.  It is either the Ballot or the Bullet.  I chose the Ballot.

      3. leonjonessr says:

        Tinyak Well just hang around til 2015 and the aura will fade.  This guy needs to resign NOW!

    2. Deardj says:

      DoyleStrickland As a black person, I think that black people are expecting from the POTUS what they should be going to their local legislators and local representatives for. That is the bottom line. This man is not going to operate at the local level to appease you. Go to who you should be going to–your own city, county, state legislators. Your Congressmen/women are the ones who are to take your issues, by way of adopted bills to the national level. You all have your thinking way too twisted for me. Learn proper process; and, your complaining will stop.  The President was not elected to save black America. He was elected to fulfill the job description of the POTUS. Local action is still needed by each of us in order to get our voices heard in America. But, all things begin at the beginning–in politics. the beginning is at your local levels;  not at the Presidential level.

      1. DoyleStrickland says:

        Deardj DoyleStrickland  Who are you trying to school dear_? LOL_ your provocative comments will not score you unmerited points here buddy.I’m fully aware that all changes of social concerns come from all branches of government from the bottom up.  I’m sorry the butt/wipe just dropped in your mouth. I never made the vain complaint/s you tried to explain yourself away on. Afro-Americans are now in better position to better themselves the American way,opportunities thru education,etc are available to be taken advantage of. The President attempted unsuccessfully to pass the Job Act thru congress, which would have helped Afro-Americans tremendously.These actions were taking place at the highest levels of government, issues they are apparently fully aware of_ so why go back to local district about this matters such as this, unless that particular area is directly that hard hit by unemployment?( just hypothetically speaking). Now if you look at what has happened since he took office, we’ve seen the Dream Act,merging Immiigration reform,Gay inclusion, etc…When the issues of Afro-Americans come up ,it’s always a hand out or hand down. We are still at the totem pole bottom, so why not us too? We need to get past the 60’s era social programs choices,We need programs get our people to change their mindset and take advantage and respect education here the way foreigners do when they come here from abroad on work/ study scholarships,etc; I’m simply saying that Obama decent as he may doing, could do more, but he’s reluctant in that sense to do more.

        1. JohnnyHurst says:

          DoyleStrickland Deardj You actually just swayed my opinion about an issue with (We need programs get our people to change their mindset and take advantage and respect education here the way foreigners do when they come here from abroad on work/ study scholarships,etc) First time ever on one of these comment sections. Usually its just white and black racists exchanging insults and threats etc

  9. nedreascott82 says:

    I am so sick of people using race to attack him. He is the President of ALL people, not one race in particular. Black people are always race baiting or starting stuff where nothing exists. As a Black Native American, I can say this, race is NOT everything, and I saw nothing wrong with his speech. As a Grad Student at Clark Atlanta University, I also feel that he does NOT owe anyone anything. He has worked to get where he is and will continue when his term of service is over. This man was raised by one of the best women ever, when his deadbeat father walked out, as usual, women do what they have to, to keep up. He is right for not giving someone credit when they don’t deserve it, and his father is the one that deserves no credit. Leave this man alone. You only attack him because he is NOT a racist like most of you are. Can’t stand articles like this.

    1. Deardj says:

      nedreascott82 As a black person, I think that black people are expecting from the POTUS what they should be going to their local legislators and local representatives for. That is the bottom line. This man is not going to operate at the local level to appease you. Go to who you should be going to–your own city, county, state legislators. Your Congressmen/women are the ones who are to take your issues, by way of adopted bills to the national level. You all have your thinking way too twisted for me. Learn proper process; and, your complaining will stop.  The President was not elected to save black America. He was elected to fulfill the job description of the POTUS. Local action is still needed by each of us in order to get our voices heard in America. But, all things begin at the beginning–in politics. the beginning is at your local levels;  not at the Presidential level.

    2. JohnnyHurst says:

      nedreascott82 WOW. That is some powerful truth right there.

  10. JayRi1 says:

    Where did you find this author.  I understand the whole freedom of the press and freedom of speech thing.  But this is just foolish hating.  Did he say anything wrong to the graduates at Morehouse, did he say anything we haven’t heard before, or did he say something we haven’t all experienced.  Or does this author feel the President should stop addressing Black people so you can go complain about that instead.  I swear you just cannot please some people ever.

    1. LaurenMeddows says:

      JayRi1 Look there is no freedom of speak.. If you think you do, send a email or letter to someone in as a Threat and see it the freedom of speak really works.  When the law gets tired of you talking, they know how to shut you up… Place you but in jail. Know the truth.

  11. JayRi1 says:

    Where did you find this author.  I understand the whole freedom of the press and freedom of speech thing.  But this is just foolish hating.  Did he say anything wrong to the graduates at Morehouse, did he say anything we haven’t heard before, or did he say something we haven’t all experienced.  Or does this author feel the President should stop addressing Black people so you can go complain about that instead.  I swear you just cannot please some people ever.

  12. Tinyak says:

    Yvette Carnell is obviously a very politically astute journalist. However, every attempt she gets to hate on the POTUS OR FLOTUS, she does, whether it be practice or I practice. She is simply a hater of this administration.

    1. cptqirk says:

      Tinyak Sometimes the truth hurts…

      1. Tinyak says:

        Naw, this not about truth, but about hatred.

    2. JusMoses says:

      Obama is one of the most anti black presidents in a long time. Look at his policies and not his skin color!

      1. Deardj says:

        JusMoses I think that black people are expecting from the POTUS what they should be going to their local legislators and local representatives for. That is the bottom line. This man is not going to operate at the local level to appease you. Go to who you should be going to–your own city, county, state legislators. Your Congressmen/women are the ones who are to take your issues, by way of adopted bills to the national level. You all have your thinking way too twisted for me. Learn proper process; and, your complaining will stop.  The President was not elected to save black America. He was elected to fulfill the job description of the POTUS. Local action is still needed by each of us in order to get our voices heard in America. But, all things begin at the beginning–in politics. the beginning is at your local levels;  not at the Presidential level.

        1. leonjonessr says:

          Deardj JusMoses This man IS anti-black

      2. JohnnyHurst says:

        JusMoses Bullcrap. Besides the first BLACK president was good ol BUBBA

    3. Tinyak It’s not “hate”. It’s criticism.

  13. ShuShuPoke says:

    President Obama and Tiger Woods fall in the same category of “I-ain’t-Blackness.” Black folks have truly suffered during Obama’s presidency. I don’t ever recall catching this much hell during the Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy or Johnson presidential administrations.

    1. Deardj says:

      ShuShuPoke What does President Obama’s race have to do with any hell you are catching. Please elaborate?

    2. leonjonessr says:

      ShuShuPoke AMEN!!!!!

    3. JohnnyHurst says:

      ShuShuPoke What in the Hell did you expect thee man to do Empty the freaking prisons for Christs sake?

  14. peggy70a says:

    I am not a hater of President Obama and I am glad  he has made history.  But I cannot help but be disappointed.  Maybe I am not fully able to put into words why I feel this way.  Yes I know he is the President of the entire country!  And I am  not  angry with  him.  But the reforms I see has every name except “Black”.  Immigration Reform  (basically Latino), Gay and Lesbions, Abortion.  The President is asked to go into every country except Sudan and any other country where there  is genocide . If  “Black”  is attached it is considered a “handout” and not a  “helping hand”.

    1. Deardj says:

      peggy70a The President does not initiate reforms. The people; such as yourself can establish an issue that is important to you; go to your local representatives; have them initiate a bill; and, have it introduced to the legislators of your state; and, if it becomes approved, it moves on to the Senate; and, then to the President if that issue is national. The President of the United States is not responsible for that. People are complaining about local, petty ish that has nothing to do with the President. Learn the constitution, the law; and, the jobs of your local representatives. Then, you will not be looking to the President to save the day for you. You’re blaming the wrong person. That is what my problem is with these idol complaints. President Obama is not about to change every complainant’s pamper; and, wipe their butts ‘for them’, when either they or their local representatives should be doing what you are expecting him to do. Let’s get realistic, please…………

      1. leonjonessr says:

        Deardj peggy70a The President of the United States of America does not have to initiate a bill.  All he has to do is talk about it and say he wants it done and BAM!  Stop making excuses for this man.  He is incompetent, and he will not initiate anything for Blacks because that is not why he was elected.  He was elected for the Progressive and Liberal agenda.  That agenda is the opening of the boarder in order that the Democratic Party will have millions more voters on the government dole, to give the green light to Planned Parenthood so they can continue to murder Black babies (40% off all abortions are performed on Black women in the murder of precious Black babies), to give a green light to gay marriage (Rome fell because of Sodomy), to get God out of every area of public life. Shall I continue? The Democrat National Convention voted thrice to keep God out of their platform. There is a spirit of murder in the Black community in every city in America mainly because of the spirit of murder promoted from the WH by POTUS.  Open you eyes and observe the genocide of Blacks in your community. Live with it.

      2. peggy70a says:

        Deardj peggy70a I do not need your approval to say whatever I want to say. And I will complain as often as I choose.  And really and truly no one gives a flying rats butt about what your problem is concerning “Idol complaints”.   That is the beauty of living in “America”.  As long as I do not cry “Fire in a crowded  theater I can say what I want!!

      3. peggy70a says:

        Deardj peggy70a You are nasty!!  I have wiped my own  “Butt” for quite a few summers and do not need “President Obama”  to wipe it for me!!  What I do need him and any other Presidents to do is stop being so damn concerned about what is happening  to other people in other countries and be concerned about what is happening to the poor communities here in “America”!!!   Damnit we are fighting war after war and there is a war right here but if anyone  from the “Black Community”  says anything “Its go to your local representatives”.  Well who in the hell do you think is causing  the problems.  That is like getting the fox to guard the hen house!!!

    2. JohnnyHurst says:

      peggy70a You forgot “WHITE”

      1. peggy70a says:

        JohnnyHurst peggy70a What are you talking about???

  15. peggy70a says:

    You are so correct on the statement  concerning protection for the ‘Occupy Wall Street Protesters”. My Granddaughter was involved in the movement in Austin, TX.  But the police there were allowed to become so aggressive that they were actual afraid for their safety and did not protest.  Plus she said they created some type of law against them gathering.  This is America but we are headed rapidly into a police state.

    1. Deardj says:

      peggy70a And, so, what did you expect the President of the United States to do; go to Austin, TX and police the crowds because your grand-daughter chose to be out there in the mess?

      1. peggy70a says:

        Deardj peggy70a No smart ass!  I did not expect the “President” to go to Austin to protect my “Granddaughter”.  The point is to try and stop  an absolute  “police state ” from continuing on the path we are headed for.  I cannot remember or find the comment that inspired me to make the statement involving the   “Occupy Wall Street” group.  But if he and others in “so called powerful positions” can go into other countries and tell their law enforcement officials how to treat their people why in the hell cannot  he do the same for the citizens of “America”.  I am very proud of my “Granddaughter and everyone elses loved ones who had the nerve and right to protest what they felt was a wrong.  It was not a “Mess” as you referred. If  I  had been in any of the regions I would have been right in the “Mess” with them.

      2. peggy70a says:

        Deardj peggy70a  Matter of fact you are damn right I expect him or  someone to go where ever needed to protect my “Granddaughter and  everyone else’s loved  one from  the attacks of brutal policemen!! If  our young men and women can be sent to Middle East countries to protect the rights of others to protest, you’re damn right take  their asses and protect the right of “American Citizens” to protest.   Now that is a mess but it is always the  “American” youth who put their life  on the line. How  in the hell can our  “so called leaders” tell the leader of another country how to lead their country and suppress the rights of protesters in  “America”.  You smart ass bastard,  my   Granddaughter and no one else’s loved  ones should have the fear of being harmed because  they  want to express their right to assemble.  If the “President” is the one to go ,take his ass and go!!  The police are out of control in this country and the “President”  is the  “Commander in Chief ” so start  commanding these brutal ass policemen.

  16. dane clark says:

    What we do not understand …is what being President of the United States means….let us not lie to ourselves…we all thought President Obama may have been assasinated…and we all prayed he would not….especially me….We expect him to be SUPER President for the Blacks GAys… all things that have gone wrong in this country for thousands of years…and now..we have the audacity to accuse him of not doing more….SHIt… I did’nt even think he would become president….I thought he would block the democratic vote…but he did not and was voted in twice….do you who criticize him..consider the wieght of being President…??? do you whjo critcize him ever notice that every president young…becomes grey in a year?????do you know…what he knows or any president for that matter….This is the first Black President of the United States…and my liufe is hard…money power or none…I am sure his is harder than you can imagine…and I just got a feeling…call it a hunch or intuition…that President Obama is doing all he can humanely do…for black people…because the power s that be…have been there for thousands of years…or have not you who critisize the first Blacfk President of the United States NOTICED>>….??????????pay a little bit more attention….

    1. peggy70a says:

      dane clark I am very happy that he has made history by becoming the first “Black President” of America. I too did not think he had a snowballs chance in Hades of getting elected. But because he is “Black” does that mean he cannot be criticized? He “chose” to run for the “office” and “I” supported him each time. The problems go along with the office. But him being “Black” does not give him a blank check on not being “criticized”. He is not “God” he is a “Black Man” who puts his pants on one leg at a time just like my “Black Brother” does!!! I “criticized “each president before him and I will “criticize” the ones following him if there  is something I do not like about their administration! I am very, very aware of how this country was and still is before and since he has been in office. And just maybe you feel that I am an unintelligent person from your statements but I am not plus I’ve walked this path for a number of years! I am not gay. I have no interest in same sex marriage.  I have  no need for Immigration reform.  Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell is of no benefit for me.  While I am glad these issues are being resolved for those that it affects and benefits, none of the issues has any direct impact on the well  being of the “Black Community”!!  It appears that the use of the word “Black” is offensive to my “President”.  He fights and uses: Gay, Lesbian, Latino any word except “Black” in his agenda. I realize that he is just a figurehead and  how the House and the Senate has fought him also.  There is no magic fix but please tell me how the above agendas have benefited the ” Black Community”?  Well I want him to do all he can humanly do for the “Black Community”.  No more of those “pull yourself up by your bootstrap”,  “”work twice as hard to get  ahead”, “stop complaining” speech.  The  playing field should be the same for everyone in America.  No “Black Child/Adult should be told that he/she has to be twice as good to succeed in America!!! If things remain the same it does not matter the color of the  “President’s” skin.  I wish him “God’s grace but has disappointed me and a lot others in the “Black Community”.    You do not think the white community expected great things if “Mitt” had been elected?  You feel proud that “your life” is hard”  while all others are flourishing around you due to government intervention, well I do not. Thanks for the reply!!!

    2. peggy70a says:

      dane clark Change has to start someplace and I thought  it would beagan with him. But it is the same “Old Soup warmed over”.

      1. Deardj says:

        peggy70a dane clark  Provided you are a black person making this statement; and, even if you are not: You and everybody else need to understand that if you; or, someone you know has ever been promoted; or, even hired onto a job, where blacks are in position over white people; those white people are going to do all that they can to make you look like you cannot handle the job so that you can be fired. Because they wanted the job that you have, they and everybody who gathers against you with them will keep you so off focused that you will eventually have to take your eyes off of what you should be doing to keep handling their bull-ish. That, is exactly what the POTUS is up against and experiencing; except, he is getting it much worst because he is not managing a department in some penny annie corporation. This is the most powerful man in the world; and, white people in America cannot stand it. The simple ish that people are expecting the President to do at the local levels need to stop. That is what you have local representatives for. This man went into this position with everything stacked against him. And, you cannot even begin to imagine or understand what it is like to be in his shoes. So, please stop it with the constant criticisms. Unless you have walked in that person’s shoes; or, intend to try, keep your mouths off of him.

        1. leonjonessr says:

          Deardj peggy70a dane clark That, my dear, is one of the problems.  This man is off limits to everyone.  The whites can’t say anything because they would be racist.  The Blacks can’t say anything because he is not expected to do anything on the local level.  Who then can say anything against this incompetent idiot?  He is not cutting it.  No matter who he is he is responsible for what goes on and he is not taking responsibility.  He lied about calling the Benghazi incident a terrorist attack.  He DID NOT call it a terrorist attack the  day after, nor did he call it a terrorist attack 14 days after, and lied on national television that he did and you want the American people to keep their mouths off of him.  You have lost your mind.

        2. JohnnyHurst says:

          Deardj peggy70a dane clark That is one of the most racist comments that I have heard today. Ive had black bosses before and have never even thought about trying to mess the person up. White people hate that he is president? Who the HELL do you think put him in office, the Black community with its combined 1 count it ONE electorial vote? Get real and come off the BS. I will critisize the man just like I have every president like  Ive been for the past 25 years because that is my damn right. Just because he is black doesnt mean that I agree or disagree with everything he does or the decisions he makes. And just because he is black doesnt mean he cant be critisized because I am a white man. As a matter of fact him being black doesnt have anything to do with the reason that I voted for him  in his first term, UNLIKE YOU. Who is the real racist? He is a big boy and he can handle the critisizm, thats why he makes the big bucks and makes the big calls for us. So lighten the hell up with the racism crap wouldya? We aint gonna let anything happen to him.

        3. peggy70a says:

          JohnnyHurst Deardj peggy70a dane clark You are so correct concerning the “Black Communities”  “one”,  count it one electorial vote. That is why we are marginal to him.    We understand that we are in  the “minority” for sure in “America”. Thanks for making our point.  I do not know what you are referring to as a  “racist” statement.

  17. Afriqueen says:

    From a governmental perspective I feel there should be training programs that offer occupations with livable wages.  Entrants should be given tests that show what they show a likening to or a natural knowledge toward and hopefully an occupation to line up with.  One of the reasons there is such a high poverty rate among Blacks is because too many are working jobs paying minimum wages.  When there was the big mass sweep to get people off welfare all they wanted them to do is work with little to no training. The result was low paying jobs.
    The construction trades need to open up to Blacks like plumbing, electrical, concrete, etc.. where they can get there license and cards.  Since the end of Affirmative Action it is harder for Blacks to get in the door. 
      Enterprise Zones need to open in areas of high unemployment where business that open in the area get tax breaks, but they must hire a percentage of their employees from the area.
      Black Churches need to combine efforts to create funding for small business and other programs.  If all the black churches took one offering a month for community work they would have multimillion dollars in a year., and could create their own United Way. They would just need to set up a formula where voting would be done by Pastors board that would ensure mega, large, medium and small would all be equally represented.. Problem: leaving Pastor egos at the door.  But its time for us to take the knowledge we have learned over the years in our professions working for someone else and apply it for ourselves.  I believe that was God’s original intent for Affirmative Action in the first place.
     Finally, we need to reach out to our international Black brother and sisters and begin businesses.    They can sew ,manufacture  ,etc.  Not only that they can make demands for us requiring oil or mineral companies to hire blacks in America and other countries (dreaming.)
    I’ve probably said too much but you asked.

    1. JohnnyHurst says:

      Afriqueen Those are very wise words and an awesome idea. You have not said too much at all, keep talking please.

    2. Shawn Smith says:

      welllll….this sounds good, but each of us INCLUDING ME is sittin and waiting for someone within our community to take the lead.
      However, I do know this one young brother who has actually reached out to a company in Ghana and is supplying items to them that is considered junk by us

  18. Deardj says:

    Become President of the United States; or, better yet–someone who the FBI, CIA, SBI, Black Folks, White Folks, Hispanic Folks, Asian Folks, Folks all over the world, Military, Gay folks, et al; have their eyes on, at all times; and, you too, will become selective in the things that you say. Learn for a moment to just put yourselves in someone else’s shoes; then, all critics will shut the #uc* up, real fast.

  19. arobinson214 says:

    toni1226 What right do you have?  He promised you nothing during his campaigns and still you went to the polls like sheep in support of him.  You supported him on the promise that he would do nothing for you and now you have the tenacity to expect something?  What kind of fool are we?  The President elect has given the Black Community everything that he promised for their support and now we want more then what he has given?  Bend over like good little boys and girls and hold on tight.  The cavity search isn’t over yet.

    1. arobinson214 says:

      toni1226 arobinson214 yes you are correct that a closed mouth doesn’t get feed.  . . . an open mouth can keep nothing in it. . .  It is time for us to stop begging and bending and get on with analyzing what our problems are.  Form a consensus and move forward.  I would like to see the Black Church provide the momentum, and despite their inertia, I believe that there are Churches in our communities that are restless and wish too exercise the Gospel as did Christ.  He did not hide behind walls teaching a Gospel of Death and Resurrection, but the Gospel of life for the living.  Not what I call the Lottery Gospel of this day.  The Black Church as the Spiritual and Business leaders of our communities has a responsibility to be Good Shepherds and, I believe that they will raise to that Gospel.  The Gospel of Christ was for the living and He understood that the battle we fight was not one of flesh and blood, but one against Principals and municipalities.  It was against an ideology that keep the people in economic and physical bondage. Many using the Word of God as their Justification for their deeds and action.  I believe that the Black Church will gravitate to the true Gospel of Christ, rather then continue on in their destructive path.

  20. JohnnyHurst says:

    That is such a BS story. So you want to be on this mans coat tails when it benefits you and your agenda. You should take the advice of this wiseman and accept some instruction. Proverbs 13:1A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke.

  21. arobinson214 says:

    This discussion has generated may comments and dialogue concerning the president.  Since I did not vote for him either time I have the least to complain about.  Here is my fears.  I fear  that the we will give up on the Ballot Process because under the Obama Administration, as well as previous Administrations, the process seem to have not worked for us. The problem is not the president elect; The problem is that we do not understand the electoral process and where the power lies.  The power is not in the hands of the presidency but in the hands of local, state and gubernatorial elections as well as senatorial and congressional elections. A president must have a controlling interest in both house of the congress to get Bills passed, unless of course he is of the stature of Lyndon Banes Johnson, and know where the bodies are buried.  Our concerns should be focused on the 2014 and 2016 elections and begin immediately a grass roots campaign that will assure that we have the votes to elect those that represent our issues.  We have shown that we have the power to elect we must now maintain that power and go forward and not waste our time on spilled milk. The National Black Caucus is weak because they haven’t the support on the local levels and national levels to represent our interest.  If we want investments in our communities then we must have Governors, Senators, Mayors, Judges, etc. elected to office that represents our concerns.  President is nothing more then an Administrative Secretary, if the Secretary is going to have power then she must have a power  base from which to operate.  We must not give up on the process or continue to waste our time with President Obama.  That ship has passed.  We must continue on in the Balloting process, establish a voting Block by heighten registration, establish a political agenda, have a consensus of concerns that reflect our concerns nationally as a community.  Why aren’t those with the academic, political and resources recommending such a methodology?  Because many of them are funded and are afraid of losing their funding or tenure.  Not that they have an invested interest in keeping us down, it is that they have an invested interest in keeping us uninformed.

    1. scottybird says:


    2. LaurenMeddows says:

      arobinson214 You’ll be Ok.  We black people do great things for sports.. You don’t fear that do ya….Wowo

      1. arobinson214 says:

        LaurenMeddows arobinson214 I have a young child living accross the steets from me. He is about 8yrs old. Daily he is dribbling this Basket Ball.  One day he ventured over to talk and asked me if I had ever played Basket Ball.  I am 6”6′ tall.  I replied to him that I had never played basket ball.  He became puzzled and stated. ” All Black People play Basketball”.  I replied, ” no not all Black People Play Basket Ball.  My fear is that we have associated Black Advancement with Sports rather then with an Education.  We have become so blinded with sports being the accepted paradigm of class mobility that our children are neglecting there most valuable resource; their intellect.  The other day I was riding home with a neighbor and a nice car pulled up along side me. My neighbor assumed and stated: “some drug dealer”.  I asked if he would have been a Caucasian rather then a Black Man would he have made a similar assumption. Immediately he became defensive.  This is my greatest fear.  That we as Black People has made an association with progress as either sports or drugs. Our children here this an form in there minds that this is our way of life. Sports or Drugs.  As children the grow up wanting to immolate what we find successful or they internalize what we fear. There goes the police.  Our children are orientated to fear the police on site, because they so often hear/see their parents expression and behaviors change once a policeman is present. Yes I fear the stereotype of the Black Athletic.

        1. leonjonessr says:

          arobinson214 LaurenMeddows The same is true of our association of any particular political party.  It is assumed that all Black people are supposed to associate with the Dumocrat party.  That, and the Sports and Drug mentally, has to be extricated from our conscience.  We need to teach our children to read and dream more.  They should explore new worlds and not just list to SNL and Wolf in the Situation Room. A person’s outward appearance should in no way be a tell-all concerning their position or vocation in life.  Stop talking negatively about the police around our children.  Let them meet and get to know  the local police.  Take them to church and introduce them to doctors and lawyer and CEO’s and professionals of all stripes.  Expose them to this vast world and they will soar as Eagles and not scratch with the chickens.

        2. LaurenMeddows says:

          arobinson214 LaurenMeddows Why do you Fear? Fear is a handicap.. which you will pass on to the next generation.  Do what you can do and move forward.  Courage comes from stepping up! Not stepping down.  I’m happy that black can and will always make the white man rich.  But if you think that black sports.. are more into drugs, you have lost your mine. You see, you don’t know the secret places of the rich and famous, and they are not black.  So please take that black stereo type back to the dirt… I know

        3. arobinson214 says:

          LaurenMeddows arobinson214 I do not fear the Caucasian.  I fear those of my own race who believes that the rich man holds us in bondage and that our freedom or ascension is dependent upon his benevolence in free us.  I find fault with no one for our current position other then us. Trash is not blowing in the streets of my community because of the Caucasian it is blowing because of my peoples failure to pick it up.  The Caucasian is not sealing Drugs in My Community it is my own people. The Caucasian is not coming in my Community shooting my children.  It is my children shooting one another.  90% of a solution is taking responsibility for the problem and the other 10% represents the solution.  I go out side of my doors every morning picking up paper in trash from one end of my block to the other.  Why?  Because 90 of the solution is responsibility for my community; the remaining 10% is doing.  Imagine that with 10% of the people living on any street in our community we could clean up our streets of drugs, crime, hunger, poverty and other such social ills. Or we can continue on the path that we are on and continue to disassociate our inertia with results. Continue to act irresponsibly an await for the Caucasians to come into our communities and create for us an environment of civil behaviors.  We are not blind to the problems in our communities we just choose to live behind closed curtains hoping and praying that the problems would have vanquished by morning.

        4. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 LaurenMeddows wanna add that we better make sure that we choose the best degree because there are a lot of schools out there advertising on tv that aint nothing but a SHAM. Yes, they are legal in the sense that they meet all the requirements for being a college, but their degree is weak

        5. LaurenMeddows says:

          Shawn Smith arobinson214 LaurenMeddows you are correct the degrees are week.. The law says this, you/we the United States cannot deny any one an education… So if I wanted to open a school, and teach I could. But the down fall is this, my school does not have to recognized by the department of Education, it could be a national accredited school. But it is recognized by the state which it is listed.

        6. arobinson214 says:

          LaurenMeddows Shawn Smith arobinson214 Many parents are seeking alternatives to traditional learning.  I tell you, as a math tutor I have had great success in my neighborhood.  All of my services are fee.  Many of my students of from within my community.  I  tell them tat math is the easiest subject to learn, if one but follow the rules and forget the numbers..

    3. peggy70a says:

      arobinson214 While I understand what you  are saying, I cannot speak for  others but each time I cast my vote it is for the one that I think will bring about change be it local or national.  I am disappointed every time!!   When I speak of voting to some the first thing said  “why”,  they are going to do what they want”.  How can you combat the truth?  I will continue going to the polls.  Maybe there will be real change someday.

      1. arobinson214 says:

        peggy70a arobinson214 There has been much change in this Administration.  President Obama will go down in history as one of the great presidents of this century.  It is unfortunate that his constituency does not understand the process in Governance n continued to have gone to the pools and elected him a support base.  Without an elected support base a President is impotent.  There has been only one president in the county that has been able to pass Legislation for the Poor in opposition to his party: Lyndon Banes Johnson.  This week the Supreme Court of the United States Of American were to argue Affirmative Action Legislation and choose to send it back to the lower courts for clarification not willing to render a decision in such a volatile market.  But when the economy has improved they will rule Affirmative Action as obsolete in todays post segregation Society. But we know that there is still much work to be done in this area.  People such as ourselves must not vacillate from the Ballot Box for the only alternative is the Bullet. Caucasian American understands this.  During President Obama election and reelection Gun sales quadrupled and ammunition sold at a rate that the manufactures could not keep production to satisfy demand.  I believe that the Ballot shall continue to work in our favor as long as we continued to press on and advise others to continue to press on.  Form alliances with other minority groups; adopt the platform of Obama and give our struggles a broader base of support.  All Americans are suffering and are longing for change.

        1. Shawn Smith says:

          …we need an alternative beside the Dem party that takes us for granted. Yep, I said it!

      2. LaurenMeddows says:

        peggy70a arobinson214 That is true…You vote for who we think can do the job… In reality the greatest mistake that people can make is to assume and hope that man will do what they have promised.

      3. LaurenMeddows says:

        peggy70a arobinson214 Again the key to depression and anxiety is expecting someone to do something that you want.  Change starts with you.  Why do we look for others when God has given us the same power that he gave others.  When you join forces, join with grace knowing change will come but only if you step out.  One thing that most white people will tell you.  Black don’t read, they did not say they can’t read, they say they don’t read.  I read everything and ask questions. Once I have been screwed I start to focus.  Now I can run the game.

        1. Afriqueen says:

          Could you please qualify your statement by saying some Blacks don’t read  or even most Blacks don’t read, but to say BLACKS don’t read encompasses ALL.  Born in the 1950’s my mother read to my brothers and sisters bedtimes stories. And a weekly trip to the library was looked forward to by all. I could not wait to be able to write my name so I could get my own library card.  As we became older kids in the neighborhood would walk to the library during the summer.  My mom and dad were always reading something, as did my children and now my grandchildren.  My granddaughter who attends a predominately white school just lettered in academics with a 3.8 while playing basketball, and my grandson is a honor roll student. My library is extensive mostly nonfiction.  My children and I all have college degrees.  So please don’t put us all in one category.
          PS  For sure my mom and dad could have walked out on their own a thousand times and hit a stone wall every time. That is why there were men with Bachelor Degrees working in the packing houses slaughtering pigs. But they played the hand they were dealt with little complaint.

  22. LaurenMeddows says:

    It shows how  foolish some people thoughts are about Obama.  There isn’t one President or Congress has ever completed everything they promised when they were campaigning.The system is set up by the very very rich men.  They truly run the white house. (indirectly) It a fact, why are the same people who help destroy families are now sitting in the White House.  If you want true change stop purchasing produces from the 1%. We can talk a good game, but do I really need Paper Towels from one of the wealthiest families in the world. (Koch).  Why can’t I purchase a off brand.  And put them out of business. Stop complaining and get the answers you need by knowing the facts and the truth.

    1. JamesSandefurIII says:

      LaurenMeddows I’m definitely game for economic boycott. I just started my own personal boycott for wealthy businesses in my local community who does nothing for anyone but their own. But to do it on a massive scale while forming more independence with economic growth and retention among self, family, and community…blacks would then have more political authority in this country versus giving our vote to someone who’d fit well for the part but never had any more intention to help solve our issues than klansman David Duke had he became president. But our pains, struggles and our privilege to vote got used and taken advantage to get our golden boy elected, right?

      1. arobinson214 says:

        JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows Yes.  I agree as well with the boycott as long as the boycott has an objective and a goal. Speaking of the presidential election it had an objective but no goal.  The objective was accomplished.  But we must face a political truth.  Following the election of President Obama we removed ourselves from the political arena.  Allowing the Republicans to have a majority in the house and in the senate. We must be more then a one horse pony show in order to secure change.  Malcome  X stated that it is either the Ballot or the Bullet that affects change.  We have proven that the Ballot has potential, we must expand the Balloting process to local, state, senatorial, mayoral, etc Balloting.  We must no longer Boycott the political process.  We must form allies of  other ethnic groups by expanding our base, not representing our issues in a vacuum.  Obama received a Cross section of American voters because of the platform under which he ran; a platform for change.  We need to claim that platform for our own and lead the world under that flagship, rather then a flag ship of isolation as our current issue are.  Yes our communities are suffering, but many other communities are suffer as well, in looking in the direction for change in the status quo.  President Obama’s election was viewed around the World, because of the color of his skin, and the reason is because it showed a shift in the attitudes of the American public.  That they were willing to endorse and elect a president that stood for fundamental changes in Governance.  His election further signaled that a Third Party candidate has creditability in the political process.  This is a direct threat to the two party system, which is in bed with the plutocracy elite.  We the Black community must stop looking at the world through that microscope, it presents the world in pieces and does not allow us to see our impact or our contributions.  The Obama ship has sailed but the Ballot yet offers greater opportunities for sustainable change for the 2014-2016 balloting process.  Once we have established a political power base we can then go after legislation that represents not only our concerns, but the concerns of other Americans when it comes to income disparities; Taxes;
        Investment in our communities; Mass Incarcerations; Educational; and other programs.  But we must remain resilient in the political process.

        1. LarryJohnson1 says:

          arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows The reality in American politics is,  Black man or Black woman, only get into high local, state and federal office when the White man missed up so bad in those elective jobs, that even White  folks will vote for a Black person….!!!!!

        2. peggy70a says:

          LarryJohnson1 arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows Amen!!  Then they can place the blame on someone else.  Mr. Johnson I am sure you knew, I knew and they knew what a damn mess this was and what the true outcome would be!!  I feel there are some instances the President could have fought harder  but we all know just how screwed up it is.  Men like Dr. King or Jesse Jackson  or for that matter  a woman like Sister Shirley Chisom could never be elected president because they were not appeasers.

        3. Afriqueen says:

          arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows 
          I agree.

        4. LaurenMeddows says:

          LarryJohnson1 arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows No -you’re wrong! See when you actually read the bible-it good vs evil….Not white nor black.. Get it right..

        5. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows 
          …sittin here almos in the dark…don’t care what no body say, our community is HURTING the WORSE and there are numbers to prove it

        6. arobinson214 says:

          Shawn Smith arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows There are also numbers that prove that a Black man is 10 times more likely to enter into a ready made family then his Caucasians male counter part, and 5 times more likely then his Hispanic counter part.  Those same numbers also states that the black male drops out of high school more frequently the any other race.  That he has more violent arrest then other races, further that his arrest for Crack cocaine is higher. Then any other race as well as his frequency of use  What about those numbers or do you selective accept numbers that fit your particular view point and are in denial of the rest.  Or prescribe to the conspiracy theory.  Oh yes we were all Kings and Queens in Africa.  Man someone had to pick up the mess and grow the greens.  Be for real.

        7. LarryJohnson1 says:

          arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows You are right about boycotting those corporations that does not benefit the public`s well being. Look at what the big corporations have done to Paula Deen…!!!!  After her racist rant and now revealed history of racism, her big business backers are dropping her like bad news…!!! She is a liability affecting their profits and image. Black people spend $$ billions on consumer goods and services and the business community do not want to lose their money because of racist like Paula Deen…

        8. LarryJohnson1 says:

          LaurenMeddows LarryJohnson1 arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII I am damn tired of Black people referring to The Bible and Jesus this and Jesus that….What is written in The Bible conflicts with what is practiced in reality……..And The Bible has enslaved and killed more Black people than all the wars in history….!!!  It was The Pope who signed “The Asenio”    allowing Christian Spain and Portugal to go into Africa, Asia and the New World to enslave its people and share the profits with The Church and King, all in the name of God…!!!!

        9. arobinson214 says:

          LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII Africa had been transporting slaves to Europeans since before the 4th century, using the Middle East and the Trade Routes as their route.  The Dark continent as it was known then was trading in slavery long before the slave ships to the Western World.  What made the Americas and the triangle trade ripe for slavery was the discovery of another trade route.  We speak of slavery as if it was isolated to our race only. When the European entered into the Americas they annihilate entire populations and introduce the slaves of African ancestry.  Porto Rico, entire population faced such annihilation as did many of the other South American Countries, Cuba Population was disseminated to nothing.  The Aborigines of Australia and others faced similar crisis.  We as Black American seem to forget the extermination of the American Indian population, which we are equally as guilty as the Caucasian.  But we celebrate the Buffalo Solider as heroes in our culture.  My point is that we are not the only race that continues to suffer and have suffered, but we with the conspiracy theory that the world is against us as if we are isolated.    Slavery is a historical fact.  Living and moving on is the present day issues.  We may sit in our homes and lament that we are victims, but look at the trash blowing through our neighborhoods and then Crime and tell me who is to blame.  Continue to Blame the Caucasian is a tried and unsuccessful venture.  The responsibility belongs to us to raise our condition. Many want to put that responsibility on the Caucasian.  But you still have not responded to the original question concerning the numbers but as usual this is an invasive technique used by those who are not will or able to take personal responsibility.

        10. arobinson214 says:

          LarryJohnson1 arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows Paul Deans’ racist remarks really does not bother me and if her sponsors wish to remove her from the air ways that is their business.  She is a syndicated world wide.  So they will just support her in Canada or else where.  But I like her recipes.  In fact I don’t care one pill of what the Caucasian race thinks of me.  I do care about what we think of ourselves.  I will not give them the power in my head.  Yes we need a boycott and the first boycott I would start with is boycotting lyrics by rappers that promote violence and drugs in my community.  I am concerned with my community and it morel, spiritual, financial and social health.  The Caucasian does not control that, unless of course we allow them that power.  If we are going to boycott let us first start with those things that are destroying us and attack those things.

        11. arobinson214 says:

          LaurenMeddows LarryJohnson1 arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII  I agree.  We must stand for Good and make the foundation of our struggle in the process of obtaining good for all.

        12. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 Shawn Smith JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows 
          Your point is taken. But regardless whose fault it is or the poor choices that we’ve made, UNEMPLOYMENT is off the charts in our community and these young brothers and sistas are going to do whatever it takes to make it.
          And, no, its not the President’s fault or complete obligation to pull us out of out of poverty, but this likens to an epidemic; he should do something similar to what President Johnson did in the 60’s, but instead there’s hardly any mention of the Black plight.
          He showed more pride talking about being Gay being drilled from unnatural places and coming out—okay, so that is important to some. But NOT acknowledging po’ azz people by any president is blatant disrespect. And being that Obama is from po’s azz areas of Chicago—he should least talk bout it and it shouldn’t be overlooked that we came out for this man in strong numbers!
          Its like after he got in there “some” sheets told him what he could and could NOT say or do. Whatever..

        13. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII 
          Arobinson, you make some very good points, we all know the history and what got us here. No, our situation is NOT unique. However, there are numbers that show that we as a people are doing the worse. 
          arobinson, if you are really an African-American, you too should be appalled that the challenges that we face are RARELY MENTIONED. I think the blame whitey thing has diminished although there is still some validity to that.

        14. leonjonessr says:

          arobinson214 LarryJohnson1 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows Amen!

        15. leonjonessr says:

          Shawn Smith arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows Amen.  Add to that this man proclaimed that he was aware of our hurts and fears and desires.  Is he a liar or what?  He talks about and calls people who are engaged in immoral acts such as practicing homosexuality.  He butted in when a Black Boston professor acted stupidly and said of the police, who acted quite civil and dignified, that they acted stupidly.  He went to Planned Parenthood and gave blessings to them after they have been complicit in murdering over 15 million Black babies over the last 40 years.  This man has done NOTHING to alleviate the pain in the Black community.  And the Black community gave him and Dumocratic party 95 % of their vote.  Somebody is stupid and it does not seem to be POTUS.

        16. arobinson214 says:

          leonjonessr Shawn Smith arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows Well what do you know.  I assume that you are a literate person, but even literacy can be illiterate.  President Obama, during either campaign. never solicited the Black He stood on the platform of change and restoration of the Middle Class.  He spelled out his agenda before America and the world.  If the Black electorate would have taken their blinders off and not gotten caught up in the hype of the first President with one of a similar complexion and judged him by the content of his character, rather the complexion of his skin he may have received 10% of the Black Vote. I would not say that the Black community was stupid in electing him.  They were just captured by a dream.  But in reality this man never promised the Black Community anything, therefore he has given all that he promised.  President Obama carefully crafted his campaign as not to be associated with the Black Communities Struggles.  Wow he even denied his progressive pastor, did you not think he would deny you?  But possible if the Black Community would have continued to the polls during the Senatorial and Congressional elections, the President would have had the support he need. But know we closed our curtains and went back to business as usual.  Change is not an event it is a process.  And we took the election as an event for change rather then the process of change.  Many of us are ready to abandoned the Balloting process.  But a wise man said ” Ballot of the Bullet ”  these are the two avenues for change.  Both are bloody and requires vigilance and a determination to succeed.  We lost not because of Caucasians we lost for lack of follow through.  ” Say it loud I am Black and I am Proud ” – James Brown: ” I don’t want no body giving me nothing open up the door I’ll get it myself “.  The door has been open since 1968.  I don’t see Black Men kicking the Colleges down, But I have noticed that we have little concern with kicking the Prisons Doors Down.  But white people are the cause.  Look because a spider builds a web, does not mean I have to ensnare myself.  It is an excuse and a lie.  We are aware of the consequences of our acts, or should be as adults.

        17. arobinson214 says:

          Shawn Smith arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows I an a Black Man.  Yes I am appalled at the conditions that exist in Our Communities.  I traveled across this country.  Put in 58,000.000 miles. The conditions did not change from Atlanta to New York; from Mississippi to Washington State. Entrenched Poverty, Entrenched Illiteracy; Entrenched hopelessness and despair.  I ask myself why and the answer was:  The Caucasian is holding us down.  But then I had to take an objective look at my community.  We think progress as the Bling; Cadillac Esgalade, rather then opening a store or a restaurant in our community or Building shelter. We ask for Job rather then industry coming into our communities.  The Fact is that we as a people don’t understand what progress is.  I am not talking about the Black s in general I am talking about the Black American.  The Black African comes here with little, but within a few yrs. he has a store open.  The Black Haitian and others of the Black Culture does the same. So we can not say that it is because we are Black or that the Caucasian is the problem.  No we are the problem.  Our problem is the way in which we view wealth.  The Way in which we view community and what the community.  It has not always been so. When I was a young child in 1968 my community may not have had the best of accommodations, but it was clean, so it is not the people from without that defines my community it is I.  I was in Chicago recently and every where I went their were Hispanic business.  So I ask one of the street vendors>  How is it that every business, McDonald, Wendy’s’, Firestone is all run and operated by Hispanics.  His reply was.  No one comes into our communities if they are not going to hire all Hispanics.  I replied that it was against the law.  His reply was: what I mean is that we won’t support their business.  The vendor had a bank roll in a box.  So I asked aren’t you worried about somebody robbing you.  Man let me tell you something we don’t tolerate Drug Sales, Robberies, Burglaries, or any of that other nonsense and pray that the police get you before we do.  This is a community in defense of their investment.  We no such operation in our communities not because of the white man but because we do not make our communities a safe haven fro business development.  We have to change if we want change.  Our communities must become safe havens rather the crime havens.

        18. Afriqueen says:

          arobinson214 LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII 
          You claim Africans were traiding slaves to Europe since the 4th century in the year 300.  Do you have any documentation to support that statement?  If so please provide.  Are you saying Africans were bringing ships over to Europe in the year 300 or to the Middle East.  I minored in Black Studies never was taught this and would like to study this. In regard to the middle East I read that Asians and Africans made up the light race known as middle eastern when the Asians invaded and they pushed the darker race further down the Nile when they cohabitated only with each other.  I am fully aware of the slave trade in other countries outside of  America during the 16th or maybe the 15th century but the 4th century is news to me.  Are Blacks responsible for Jim Crow and its affects on Black people?  The lynching, the rapes, the walk in the streets when a white person is on the sidewalk, the “we don’t hire colored.”, are Black people responsible for this?   Just watched Dark Girls last night on OWN which showed  dark colored girls and women with low self-esteem because they are not light skinned this started during slavery on purpose to divide.  We are responsible to overcome but don’t place the blame solely on us as to the original cause.

        19. arobinson214 says:

          Afriqueen arobinson214 LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII I am going to give you the documentation that is in every Black Persons’ home.  Go to the Bible.  Who is the Hebrew Slaves.  Not the Jew Slaves the Hebrew slaves from Ethiopia.  Go to the Koran.  Read the books of Solomon. Hannibal is at the Gates of Roman.  Once upon a time int he Jewish cultural the darker you were the purer you where.  When Mose asked for a sign and removed his hands from out of his robe, it came out Black.  To show that he was from the original tribe of the Hebrews.  It is no mystery if you want to know the history of the world go to the Bible.  Remember Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Africa is all at one time Asia Minor.  Samaria and the Noe-Assyrian Empires

        20. arobinson214 says:

          Afriqueen LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII

        21. arobinson214 says:

          Afriqueen arobinson214 LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII JIM CROW.  SEE PLESSY V. FERGUSON.  In this Historic case where the separate but equal law was challenged Mr. Plessy challenged the separate Jim Crow Laws.  In this case the Supreme Court state that the Separate But equal law did not violate the thirteenth and 14 amendment as long as there were equality.  This case came before the Courts in 1892.  Many have construed the Jim Crow laws as separate meaning inferior. The great compromise of the 1960s’ during the social unrest, there were those calling for American and the Supreme Court to live up to this law.  We Wanted Separate facilities, separate Schools, Separate Financial institutions, Separate representatives, but equal.  The United States new that this was to expensive for the nation and proposed the Great Compromise of Integration.  They promoted an unsuspecting orator to champion the integrationist cause. During the Memphis sanitation strike we hear a new king.  One towards Black Self Determination and charging America to live up to its code.  Following this we see a new emerging Dr. King.  In my opinion Jim Crow Legislative if had been used as it was intended would have served us far greater then Integrations, because it demanded that the United States, as King Said ” live up to its . . . where it concerns the Negro”.  Yes Jim Crow legislation was used by the dominate society for their purpose and not as it was intended.  SEPARATE BUT EQUAL.  PLEASE READ THE DESIGNATING OPINION IN THIS CASE.  THEN YOU WILL GRASP THE GREAT COMPROMISE.

        22. Afriqueen says:

          arobinson214 Afriqueen LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII
          First you are wrong about your documentation.  The Book of Exodus was not written in the 4th century but during the period BC.  Secondly, you are wrong about Moses when he removed his hand,  In Exodus 4:6-7 it states:      Furthermore the Lord said to him, “Now put your hand in your bosom.” And he put his hand in his bosom, and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous, like snow. 7 And He said, “Put your hand in your bosom again.” So he put his hand in his bosom again, and drew it out of his bosom, and behold, it was restored like his other flesh.  So you were wrong on all accounts as I see it.  I don’t know what the Koran says.

        23. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 leonjonessr Shawn Smith JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows 
          arobinson, you’re right, the president didn’t make us any promises. A lot of what you have said is true, i.e change is a process… for me it was voting for the lesser of the two evils. But in the same breath, I had hoped that some of  President Obama’s policies, of course, would lift all boats and at the same time inspire our community. Instead we got an Al Green tune from him that a lot of folks thought was so cool.
          I take issue with your assertion that all of us (Blacks) missed the point of the president’s carefully crafted campaign and couldn’t see past his “skin color.” Trust me, I don’t fall into that category.
          Oh, and as for your statement that brothers are knocking down the prison doors and NOT the college doors. It’s going to get worse, because now it has really come down to a matter of instinctual self preservation. College degrees are nearly worthless TODAY, unless you are in the high end medical field, petroleum or mechanical engineering.
          And, it all sounds good when folks say that we have to start our own businesses and turn the dollar over in our community, stop giving those Koreans all that money for hair and nails. This might happen after another RESET, but right now it is what it is…scratching and surviving.

        24. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 Shawn Smith JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows 
          Arobinson, yes, again you made a lot of good points—you almost sound like one of Tavis Smiley’s panelist on the State of Black Union. I stopped following his series, because it seemed like just talk with not plan or action.
          We all know that change has start with ones self, but it’s NOT occurring, so now what? There has NOT been a King or X to step forward to energize us.
          In keeping to the title, I think a lot expected Obama to fill one of those pairs of shoes, but we knew deep inside he wouldn’t/couldn’t.
          Does this mean that we are destined to become totally irrelevant to the elite? Probably. Oh, and the only brother willing to step forward and say uncomfortable facts about our community is Cosby, but then I don’t know what he is doing to make a difference either. Talk, talk, talk….don’t get me wrong keep the conversation going.

        25. peggy70a says:

          arobinson214 Afriqueen LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII I agree integration was the death of the “Black Community”. It appeared that the “white man’s” ice was colder. When I grew up in the late 40’s /60’s the “Black Community” was alive and vibrant. There was every type of business you could need and want. If the schools could have gotten the same new equipment and books as the angelo schools that would have been the icing on the cake. The school s “George Washington Carver”/ “Booker T. Washington” were all “Black” and while we did not have the newest and best, we had the “best teachers”who really cared. And not a cop in sight. Too bad the idea took hold that in order to be totally “Americans” we “had” to eat a “hamburger” served in a “white establishment”. I am so darn tired of pleading, begging and nothing changes. We are great contributors to the wealth of this country but no matter how anyone tries to “make’ it pretty and “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” speeches are given we are far,far ,far behind. Yes every ethnic group comes here and succeeds but somewhere we have lost our way. For some reason every group except “Black American’s” have no problem being together but “we” must live and conduct business with everyone else except our own!! How do we get back on track?

        26. arobinson214 says:

          Shawn Smith arobinson214 leonjonessr JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows You have my apology for grouping of all Black People in the same boat sort to speak, and adapting the same stereotypical assertion as the enemy so often does.  Yes Mr. Obama may have been seen as the lesser of two evils, but the consequences of his election will be felt for sometime to come.  Affirmative Action and other such Programs are going to be attacked and we are going to witness, as we currently are, voting rights and m other reforms give to us as a privileges under the Civil Rights Act of 1965-1958.  President Obama will be the poster child used to buster claims that this is a Post-Segregation Society.  And As the president has claimed it will be faced on the fact that our lack of progress is due to some inertia on the Part of the Black Community and not the results of racism or artificial barriers with the larger Society.  Mass Incarceration and other social problems within the Black Community will be viewed in law as an act by those suffering rather then as a social problem to be addressed legislatively, to be addressed  in the context as needing assistance due to inequity.

        27. Lamont510 says:

          Cowards always finding their way onto a black website to hide behind a keyboard and speak ill of black people,we are well aware of our choices & social ills regardless if you understand them or not. I find a great majority of these bias statements to be illogicaly substantiated under a veil ignorance. Take some long extensive courses on “cultural competence” you just might start to see the bigger picture, and I can assure you, your African American counterparts will start to seem quite different in a world that never gave them an equal piece of the American dream…. And for you mental slaves harping on responsibility, I concur, but getting a whole race to conform with little knowledge is not that easy. Why is it always feesible to generalize black people flaws as a race, but not link the dysfunctions of white people all together in a public sector.

        28. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 Shawn Smith leonjonessr JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows 
          Okay, so now what my people?? All I can EFFECTIVELY do is offer some advice to my family; in the past when I have tried to offer advice without getting into anyone’s business, I get either that “look,” or is asked why you always talkin’ that stuff??
          God, Allah help us all

        29. arobinson214 says:

          peggy70a arobinson214 Afriqueen LarryJohnson1 LaurenMeddows JamesSandefurIII ” It is easier to build a child, then it is to rebuild a broken man  Malcolm X.”  First thing we must do is to adopt a new language when it comes to our children: Responsibility for your community. Then that language must be support with Action by the adults.  That Action Should be cleaning of our communities, so that we can attract investment that will provide jobs within the community.  A health mind can not exist w/n an unhealthy environment.  We as a community must make our communities safe havens for industry and those that live, visit, and establishes business their. Crime is a part of every social order, it is unorganized Crime in our communities that continues to foster gang violence.  Currently drug sales do nothing to benefit the community as it removes value resources from our community in the form of wealth and our youth. We need a place established in our communities that Crime is Regulated and taxed as Gambling and Cigarettes are.  Currently law enforcement use monies taken during their drug raids to purchase equipment and pay for officers time.  Then why not our communities have a fund where seized monies are use to pay for community Social Projects. Let the Market rule and we will reduce street sales as well other crimes associated with street sales and possession.  Blacks control all of the Major Cities in these United States.  They are situated as such that we also control valuable real estate and prime voter districts.  We must use our position to elect Black or white, Hispanic representatives too office that will speak to our concerns, from Dog Catcher To congressional office.   We must establish with those Media that communicate with our communities that we will no longer support them if they continue to poison our children with music or other content that debase our women and marginalize our Black Children and does not support positive examples.  We must align ourselves with other minorities that are suffering similar disenfranchisement regardless to their ethic, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or gender.  these are just a few examples that will lead to the changes we are talking about in a constructive ways.  We do not have to beg others. We must take control of our destiny.  And the first road to that destiny is responsibility for our communities.

        30. arobinson214 says:

          Shawn Smith arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows We must continue in the Balloting Box as if our lives depend on it. Yes, Our lives’ depended upon it. We must elect officials, regardless of complexion, the share and are committed to our goals.
          We must make our communities safe havens for its’ habitants and for investment. We must have a community that will attract investment, rather then scorn.  The war on Drugs in our communities need to be replaced with a system where the sale of drugs are controlled and that those who are sealing drugs in that area has a permit to do so and have paid the necessary monetary charges to do son and then that money should be turned into a community trust that will be responsible to establishes social programs that teach or children and secure or elderly.  This approach will not only reduce crime associated with drugs, but will also reduce the number of our children arrested for drug.  As the Market forces takes over the independent can not afford to compete.  And our children will not be attracted to the level of street sales and the targeting of them to become drug sales.
          We need an aggressive campaign in cleaning our streets of trash and making the citizens aware of the mental and psychological effects of an unhealthy environment.  ” A healthy mind can not exist in an unhealthy environment “.  Those Groups can come from those presently incarcerated as well as from those on public assistant rolls. The message can be spread through our media used to communicate with our communities.
          Media should be boycott that does not present positive images of Black Woman and those promoting such music should be boycotted.  Music that promote violence against each other should be boycotted as well.  As well as the artist.
          In the old days the Italians had what they called community commanders.  Divided the City  into squares and each district had their community commander.  They came together to discuss each representative concerns for their community, formed a consensus on common issues and lead their communities to action.  We need such a program as well.  If it is salaried then it can come for the Drugs funds above.  They also lead their community votes, not as proxy, but by steering the community in the direction of the representative that they were able to get the greatest concession and representation from.
          In order to be successful in a revolution one must have.  Communication Network, Foot and Field Soldiers,  A structured command hierarchy, A structured hierarchy from which information is disseminated, A plan for battle, committed alliances. This is what a revolution need if it is fought with bullets or at the Ballot.  This is why King did not have to presence of continuation following his death.  Great orator but lacked strategic command.  
          Where do we go from here is the question?  Continue talking as many of us have till we come to a consensus.

        31. Shawn Smith says:

          arobinson214 Shawn Smith JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows 
          well, before I sign off and go back to what I was doing…lemme say that until we Blacks come together, including most of the Motherland Blacks and island Blacks who, by the way, don’t want to be seen as American Blacks come together with one plan, we will continue to live in poverty and the cycle will continue for the following generations.  SIGH

        32. arobinson214 says:

          Shawn Smith arobinson214 JamesSandefurIII LaurenMeddows Good luck with your project. I too am involved.  I love taking time with industrious people.  You are right in your premise.  We all do need to  come together, but that is a long road forward.  But usually the World follows the direction which America establishes.  once we come together the World will follow us.  We do not realize how important our direction, Black American, to the World.  As mentioned President Obama election brought hope too the world in that the dynamics were changing.  And, yes the dynamics are changing because the population mix of America is changing.  Now is the time to put the bit in the horse mouth.  We are the bit and reins used to control such a large animal as the American Political legislative process.  In DR. Kings’ analogy of Rip Van Winkle to describe the changes in the political process.  This speech and the symbolic construction was missed construed and in many circles not understood in the frame work of the sixties.  We are familiar with the fairytale and many thought he was talking about past tense, not of population demographics of the changing American landscape and its political consequences.  This will be the second time in world history that a minority has become the majority vote that has lead to a presidential election, that I am aware of. excepting that of Germany with the election of Adolf Hitler.  Both parties a scrambling to assure that such does not happen in the Americas. The recent attack on voter registration, Affirmative Action. voting districting, mass minority incarceration and gerrymandering all are attempts for the fairy tale analogy not to come true.  But they can not halt the progress in the Balloting process, unless we abandoned the process.  Scripture states that the bottom rail shall be come the Top.  The only physical way this can happen is that the ladder is flip on its ends.  That is what we see happening:  America is being flip on its’ ends.  Go luck to you and stay in the process.

        33. AdolphDooley says:

          These “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” are being readied, prepared to become a member nation, of the “NEW WORLD ORDER”. Everything you are chatting about here is worthless, when “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” is implemented! The “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” won’t exist as you’ve known it, and maybe none of us will be around either! A very large portion of the worlds population is going to be “EXTERMINATED”, because those implementing the rise of the “NEW ORDER”, want far fewer people on the earth, so they are going to reduce the worlds population significantly. This is real, and the stage is set; all they need is the right time, to start the process.

    2. Shawn Smith says:

      LaurenMeddows dam again! preach! oh, and the name of their disposable table napkins is Dixie brand.  but like you said we love to talk but wont stick together. FLORIDA EVANS VOICE: dam, dam dam!

  23. kabehealthy says:

    Sorry, but that does not make any sense. In addition,
    if the electoral process does not work for us, then why participate. I voted
    for Obama twice, not with regret, but I thought he would have been the
    president of all peoples in these United States, including African American.
    The unemployment rate for African American is twice
    as high as whites, so we must try twice as hard to get a job, is that fair or democratic?
    Small black businesses have to try twice as hard to get a business loan, is
    that fair or democratic? One of the duties of the president of the United
    States is to level the playing field. To alleviate pains and suffering from the
    poorest, the helpless, the destitute, and the down trodden.
    For the
    president to suggest that it is or should be normal for African American to
    work twice as hard to accomplish the same goals as whites is less than honest,
    fair, democratic or a tone for change. Should the president be held responsible
    for making the country better especially for the poorest of the poor – not financially
    poor but mentally poor with the legacy of slavery?
    He bends over backwards for pursuing gay’s rights and
    to make Israel’s apartheid system in the Palestine territory stronger and
    dominant. What about the rights of African American where the streets of the
    inner cities are war zones, worse than Tripoli, Bagdad, Kandahar and Kabul. The
    effort to alleviate this morass is negligible. So tell me, are the rights of
    African American important in this society?
    Is the president international policy different from
    any of his predecessors? His Kenyan blood does not count and if anyone thinks
    it does matter give me an example based on his behavior or foreign policy.

    1. LaurenMeddows says:

      kabehealthy it’s evident that most people don’t know how the government actually work.  Do you actually think that the government has all this money posted up somewhere in the a large bank.  Who do you think help financed the war..  Some of the Riches people on earth.  So when people start talking this crap.. I laugh. Because it’s proven, the people in the White House who work among the President.
      -We might think that I local representative write the bill for change in America  But all bills must come through a lobbyist.

      1. LaurenMeddows says:

        kabehealthy Please look at the people who actually work with Obama.  The reason the government is not stepping to help save homes. Is because the banks never went to the government to request the ball-out.  The government went to the banks, begging them to accept the money. Why do think the banks re- paid  the money back so fast.   The government could do anything.
        Obama hands are tied-If you want a bill to pass or not to pass, you must pay thousands to millions of dollars, the bill will keep being post poned. Or heard.

    2. Shawn Smith says:

      kabehealthy “dam”

    3. millhousedempsy says:

      kabehealthy No i couldn’t disagree more with much of what you have said. First you take his Moorehouse speech out of contest. He’s not saying that black graduates should have to work twice as hard. He’s just recognizing that is how it is. Its a common theme at Moorehouse that has long been postulated to get the graduates to work to excel. 
      I’ve read through the Constitution and I don’t see how the president can be held responsible for treating the mentally poor who suffer with the legacy of slavery. Its his job to lead the nation among foreign nations and to insure there is a functional and fair system of justice through which we can ejudicate our grieveances etc. 
      The president isn’t tasked with leveling the playing field. That is a legislative function. Do you really think in this enviroment that President Obama could get something through Congress like the Civil Rights Act? That would be an utter waste of time.  And you know what, I don’t think he would want to do something like that. He wants everyone to be in a position to do better and he is working and has been working hard to makke that happen.
       When you say level the playing field, what do you mean? Today decent paying jobs are in high skill areas. the factory economy is long gone. What do you want the President to do to level the playing field? He has worked his tail off to extend Pell grants and even forgive student loans if certain conditions are met. I mean I don’t know what you expect him to do to level the playing field.  Maybe you need to flesh that idea out a bit more because I don’t see much imporvement for anyones prospects short term and longer term its going to take degrees and certifications to get set up for the best opportunities out there in the job market. 
      You ask if President Obama’s foreign policy is any different then his predecessors? I mean my Gawd are you serious? His foreign policy couldn”t be any more different then W’s. Where W’s was insane and beyond the pale of responsibility, Obama  has been careful. He is reversing Bushs policy in every area. The wars are being wound down. He is cutting military spending thankfully. The military might not like it but guess what. They don’t run this nation. the President does and he has the cajonies to say no to them. Thank you Mr. President.
      And about Isreal. Have you been living on the moon lately? Obama owns Isreal. Dumb ass over played his hand. The President baited him into doing something no Isreali PM has ever done and never would do. Don’t you remember when  Netanyahu came over here and openly lobbied against the Presidents reduction in aid to Isreal and the Presidents insistence that Isreal treat the Palestinians more decently. After a few city stops you may remember that  Netanyahu quickly and quietly went home. That is because he realized that Americans were shocked that a sitting Isreali PM would come to this country and openly attempt to defy a sitting Presidents foreign policy.  Dems and Repubs turned on him as did the Jews in NY. It was too funny. He got back to Jerusealum and they immediately started begging President Obama  to come to Isreal to visit them and show the world that Isreal was still in favor. A lessor man would have let the busturds twist in the wind but President Obama gracisously let them off the hook and paid them a visit. But since then they have been quiet as church mice at sunday service. They know they were out manuvered out played and out classed by the better man. How could u even think Obama kowtows to those a holes? 
      Its like when the opponents of health care reform were ready to do a victory lap around DC to celebrate their defeat of Obamacare. Imagine their surprise when the  President slid it past them at the last possible minute. They didn’t see it coming and  they’re still trying to figure what happened. The President bags em and tags em before they even know they’re dead.  
      He’s a good President. I think history is going to judge him a great President. The only time he got tagged was by the bankers. And that was simply because he underestimated their greed and sense of entitlement. He thought that they would,  like anyone else who had been caught behaving so badly, be receptive to self control and regulation. He under estimated the depth of their particurlar form of pathological psychosis. Its okay, he will deal with them. He still has time.

      1. Afriqueen says:

        You made the following statements: The president isn’t tasked with leveling the playing field. That is a legislative function. Do you really think in this enviroment that President Obama could get something through Congress like the Civil Rights Act? That would be an utter waste of time.  And you know what, I don’t think he would want to do something like that. He wants everyone to be in a position to do better and he is working and has been working hard to makke that happen.
         When you say level the playing field, what do you mean? Today decent paying jobs are in high skill areas. the factory economy is long gone. What do you want the President to do to level the playing field? He has worked his tail off to extend Pell grants and even forgive student loans if certain conditions are met. I mean I don’t know what you expect him to do to level the playing field.  Maybe you need to flesh that idea out a bit more because I don’t see much imporvement for anyones prospects short term and longer term its going to take degrees and certifications to get set up for the best opportunities out there in the job market. 
        I don’t know if you are aware but in most urban areas Black male High School graduation rates hoover at about 50%. And a large percentage don’t meet the basic qualifications to get into college. At least GB instituted “No Child Left Behind” that if a school didn’t reach a certain bench mark on tests it could be taken over by the Federal Government. Which I think Obama did away with replacing it with nothing.  So you see Pell Grants and forgiving student loans mean nothing to these Black males.  How do you fix this or level this playing field.  Don’t say its legislative actions, the President can institute things without legislative approval. No Child left Behind Is An Example.  More parent aides, mentors, etc.  There have been too many studies on the poor and Black crime, low graduation rates for answers not to be derived at some point.  Not only that, there are high schools in the inner city with a 100 percent graduation rate and 100% college entrance, these schools should be looked at closely.  Obama has named experts to head the education, health and human services, civil rights, etc.  These people make up his cabinet and their job is to report what is going on in their department, any new ideas for the President, and a opportunity for the President to offer ideas to the cabinet head to seek the feasibility of it.  Don’t get it twisted the President is the Head of its respective party (save maybe the old elites which are switch hitters).
        Question:  Do you think Obama could have gotten the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964 since you don’t think he could get it passed now,  Which essentially says there should be no discrimination due to your race, sex, color, etc. in employment or public accommodation?  Do you think the 21st century environment is no longer ripe for non discrimination?  Remember the 1964 Discrimination Act is different from Affirmative Action.

  24. LarryJohnson1 says:

    From day one, I posted that “President Obama” is a White Boy in Black Face…! He has no cultural connection to Black America. His father was a Black African from Kenya and his mother was a White American woman. As a child, Mr. Obama`s father abandoned him and went back to Kenya. Mr. Obama was raised in a White environment by his White American mother and later his White American grandparents, whom had no love for “Black People!”   The only time Mr. Obama associated with non Whites, was when his White mother married an Indonesian Muslim man and she and Mr. Obama lived in Indonesia for a short time before returning back to America.  Mr. Obama was nurtured in a White environment and educated at White ivory league universities where there were very few Black Americans. Have you noted that with the exception of one Black American, Eric Holder, all of “President Obama`s cabinet appointees are White men with the same elitist college education as Mr. Obama……”President Obama`s distance from Black America is evident by his political appointments and domestic policies.  In all reality, “President Obama”, is a tool of  The Special Interest and The Washington Political Power Cabal………..

    1. leonjonessr says:

      LarryJohnson1 Larry, you have said what I have been saying and posting for 6 years.  This man does not have Black America in his agenda.  He has the Progressive, Marxist, Communist agenda of bankrupting America and sending us into some kind of Socialistic system that will lead to destruction of the greatest experiment in the history of mankind.

      1. LarryJohnson1 says:

        leonjonessr LarryJohnson1 Leon, I agree with you except on one point.  “President Obama” is a capitalist tool used by Wall Street, The Big Banks, The Big Insurance Companies and the Major Auto Industries, etc. After they stole $ billions and running the United States economy into a depression.  They used “President Obama” to bail them out with $$$ billions of our taxpayer monies to replace what they stole…..

        1. LaurenMeddows says:

          LarryJohnson1 leonjonessr Regardless, if we don’t know how the system really works, we will be set up for disappointment.  We must know who’s doing what. That with everything we do in the world.  God clearly says his people fail for lack of knowledge.  the 1% feels that the poor doesn’t need anything. Now when the president or  per-elelected president start running for office.  They go to the Rich and the 1% to get campaign dollars, even Obama. (he went to Tyler Perry) Jay-z… for campaign dollars There is always a price to pay. If we want change don’t purchase the product these companies have to sale

    2. peggy70a says:

      LarryJohnson1 I totally agree with your observations. I have stated his “cabinet selection” over and over. If “MoreHouse Men” are so special why are there none in his “cabinet”? I happened upon a PBS Special from the White House or somewhere honoring Carol King. Any event given at the White House seems to be mostly “Whites Only”. When there is any event involving children again “whites only”. If there is a child from the “Black Community” he/she appears latino. Mrs. Obama has chosen to use the service of a designer that did not come from the “Black Community” eiher time. She put at least fifty million dollars into another community. Not to mention the everyday clothing of her and the “first daughters”. Maybe to others this may sound petty but just imagine what twenty five million dollars could do for a designer from the “Black Community”? Maybe not my community but a “Black Community”. I want to be postive but at this time all I can feel is that “They made History”. Everything is the same. I know it has taken years for the current state of events but change has to “begain” somewhere!! Oh yes I am still upset that he deserted Susan Rice when she was under attack by Lindsey, Mitch and the Mccain crowd.

      1. LarryJohnson1 says:

        peggy70a LarryJohnson1 Peggy, yes, unlike President Bush Sr. who stood by that Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas aka Long Dung Silver when the House Democrats tried to cancel out Tom Thomas Supreme Court nomination. Mr. Obama did and said nothing when those right wing tea party conservative republicans attacked Ms. Rice`s character and intelligence. Mr. Obama backed down, had Ms. Rice withdraw from her pending appointment as Secretary Of State…..And now, he, Mr. Obama tried to save face and placate Ms. Rice, by appointing her his National Security Advisor…!!!  Its to little to late from a gutless figure head President….

        1. peggy70a says:

          LarryJohnson1 peggy70a Totally gutless. We know they would have fought him tooth and nail but better to have fought and lost than to just cave.  Since almost his entire cabinet is  from President Bush do you think it possible President Bush had a hand in the election  process?   I do not think I have witnessed any situation this messy!!  I really feel for President Obama!!

        2. LaurenMeddows says:

          LarryJohnson1 peggy70a Who cares if Obama did not stand up for Ms. Rice’s.. myself or you actually know Ms. Rice.  You can’t defend what you don’t know.  Just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean that we should defend.  There are allot of white people I would not defend.. There are allot of black people I would not defend.  I can only defend what I know.  and I’m sure Obama feels the same.

        3. peggy70a says:

          LaurenMeddows LarryJohnson1 peggy70a That is your right not to care. That is why we are at the bottom of the heap: Because as you said “who cares”.  I care that he did not defend her from attacks  by a group of vicious racist “White Men” after only doing what she was told to do. I  “know ” She worked for the “White House” and there is no way she would have  quoted information if it had not been given to her. He did not defend her but we were sure defending him  from attacks from  this same group of “White Men”. And his not defending her showed a lack commitment to someone loyal to him. She had his back but he threw her under the bus.  To me it also showed the other side a weakness in his character.  If he abandoned her who else will he do it to.  I am glad he will go down in history but I will not blindly agree with him or anyone else.  Exercise your rights and I will exercise mine.

      2. Shawn Smith says:

        peggy70a the same thing, and I completely understand that he wants to be the president of ALL the people.
        But there are too many things mentioned on this board that is hard is over look…it’s almost like they ‘fraid of being ACCUSED OF BLACK

      3. leonjonessr says:

        peggy70a LarryJohnson1 Larry I hope you continue to tell the story that this man is not for Black people.

        1. BHBF says:

          Sad but all too true.

      4. millhousedempsy says:

        peggy70a LarryJohnson1  Peggy you’re right, it does sound petty.

    3. millhousedempsy says:

      LarryJohnson1 President Obama is not a tool. Have you forgotten how nutso this country was under  W? The economy is improving, slowly but still on the mend. The wars are being wound down in a planed and strategic manner. Like the president said, once the bus has been driven into the ditch, your options become limited. Do you remember the condition this nation was in when Bush handed it off to Obama? 
      After 8 years of mismanagement, legalized theft, idiotic war making on other nations as well as war against the enviroment, President Obama didn’t have a lot of options. This nation wasn’t just a bus in the ditch, it was a bus in the ditch at the bottom of a gully in a canyon that had just been run over by a flash flood. Do you not remember?  President Obama has carefully resurrected just about every aspect of the nation. Its been a long slow thankless job. Thank Gawd we have a president now who is careful thoughtful and above all “COMPETENT.” I was seriously starting to think such a thing as competence no longer existed or could exist in an American politican. 
      How can you call him a “tool?” That is an assinine thing to say and its simply not true. Okay so things aren’t perfect, but what is?  Health care reform was dead and somehow he out manuvered the oppoosition just as they were cracking the champange to celebrate their victory. Okay the government option may not be in it yet. But the reform itself is alive and well and the structure is now in place where before, nothing existed. And thats not all.
      He is restoring the concept of stewardship over the environment. The EPA is actually protecting the environment again instead of actively trying to destroy it. 
      I mean in every area he is either taking proactive action to help people or if that isn’t politically possible, he is fighting a holding action to slow down or stop the forces of division and destruction until sanity slowly returns to the rest of the nation. 
      When you become frustrated that enough isn’t being done to satisfy you, think back to W’s reign and be thankful for President Obama. And its not right to call him a “tool.”

  25. LaurenMeddows says:

    I have always said, that I will never vote.  I will never be accused of Putting the Devil in the White House.

    1. DeborahBarber says:

      LaurenMeddows Sorry, when you don’t vote is exactly what you are doing. I don’t consider the President as being the devil. When you don’t vote then you don’t have an opinion,

    2. AdolphDooley says:

      LaurenMeddows…..You’re joking, right? If you are not joking, you should never let it be known that you do not vote! Because you cannot realistically participate in any public discourse, with any concerns, if you don’t vote.

  26. LaurenMeddows says:

    To whomever wrote they don’t Caucasian.. Did Jesus say give unto Caesar what is Caesar! If you know what this mean then comment.. If you don’t let it be

  27. wonderousdragon says:

    People (especially “blacks”) Really still don’t know what kind of people rule this country, and a great portion of the whole world! They are very polished in their abilities to scheme, lie, cheat, plunder, strategize, cause genocide, and literally murder at will! 
    People like these leave very little room in their schemes for error! So when they planned to eventually use a “black man” to represent their devious actions here, and abroad, they began arranging for a group of  men to choose from. But first they did what they always do, and that is to create the candidates. That is why they brought a bunch of Kenyan men over in order to mate with particular female volunteers! Once the white women had babies by the Kenyan men, the men were no longer needed! The male children were followed, guided, and nourished until they were chosen fit to be the prospective first “Black” president! So. There are other prospects out there who were born of the ‘Kenyan plan’. Who are they, what is their history growing up, and what are they doing now?

  28. wonderousdragon says:

    At some point those “blacks” who worship the same “god” beliefs and folow the same paths as the people who found it difficult to give up African enslavement, must come to the realization that they have been duped since birth, on every level possible! But especially in believing the things “whites” in power, say or do! Why worship their fictitious ideals of a “God”? Why believe in anything of that nature? 
    I can only surmise that we are all insane to varying degrees, and even education and great intelligence is overwhelmed by broad levels of  human psychosis! 
    Obama works for the same (crazy) people who’s ancestors enslaved black people. He was never brought forth to be respected or trusted by us, but we humans  (especially blacks) are inherently naive, easily fooled, and our minds are very, very, feeble!

    1. Afriqueen says:

      I have to disagree.  What white people did and continue to do to an extent worldwide is whitewashed the Bible. Black people were throughout the Bible the old and new testament,  Scholars have admitted if there was an Adam and Eve they had to be Black. The Queen of the South who met with David was Black.  There were many Blacks in the Old testament.  Everybody knows Jesus did not have blue eyes and blond hair. The thing was race was not a big issue then as it is today. White people just white washed the Bible and Black people believed it.
        Acts 8 states this:  26 Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, “Arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This is desert. 27 So he arose and went. And behold, a man of Ethiopia, a eunuch of great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians, who had charge of all her treasury, and had come to Jerusalem to worship, 28 was returning. And sitting in his chariot, he was reading Isaiah the prophet. 29 Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go near and overtake this chariot.” 30 So Philip ran to him, and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah, and said, “Do you understand what you are reading?” 31 And he said, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” And he asked Philip to come up and sit with him. 32 The place in the Scripture which he read was this: “He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; And as a lamb before its shearer is silent, So He opened not His mouth. 33 In His humiliation His justice was taken away, And who will declare His generation? For His life is taken from the earth.” 34 So the eunuch answered Philip and said, “I ask you, of whom does the prophet say this, of himself or of some other man?” 35 Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him. 36 Now as they went down the road, they came to some water. And the eunuch said, “See, here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?” 37 Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.” And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” 38 So he commanded the chariot to stand still. And both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and he baptized him.
      Ethiopia under Queen Candace was the first African Country to accept Christianity.  That is why Ethiopian crosses differ from western crosses.
      Secondly,  John describes God as follows in Revelations:  1   14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a; and his voice as the sound of many waters
      Now you tell me does that sound like a white person?   So don’t blame Christianity which loves ALL people and vengeance belongs to God,  But blame the whites who white washed the Bible falsely to institute white superiority.

      1. millhousedempsy says:

        Afriqueen wonderousdragon  A eunuch you say. Dam that is harsh. I know the romans were big on eunuch’s. Not sure what that was all about. Maybe they thought eunuchs were wise as a result of their unfortunate situation. Very informative post btw.
         I would take issue with your accusation that white people white washed the bible in order to fool black people. First if that were true, don’t you think they would have edited the part about God’s hair being white like wool? I mean come on, nobody on the white team caught that over the past 2000 years. 
        Truth is, the bible does say that God made man in his image. So a white guy looks in the mirror and thinks God is white. Same for a brown or black man. That each race identifies God with their features is hardly an intentional whitewash just to fool another race of people and institute white superority. You get what I’m saying don’t you?
        I guess its not a big deal if you want to think that be my guest. Problem is sometimes people  tell each other stuff like that and the people who hear it don’t bother to seperate the wheat from the chaff so to speak and they take it all in as if it was fact. 
        For instance what you say about God’s love is fact. And I suspect you are being factual in quoting scripture. But clearly your conclusion about an intentional conspiracy by all white people to institute superiority over all black people by telling black people that God is white is just your opinion and I for one think its a bogus opinion. And its important that people listen carefully when people like you who are well informed and sound very reasonable start slipping in opinion over fact which can easily lead people down a wrong path. A path that ends up in hate and bitterness against all the people of the white race. Its also a path that can lead people into excuse making for failure to meet their own expectations or the expectations of those about whose opinion they care.

        1. Afriqueen says:

          millhousedempsy Afriqueen 
          When I talk of white wash I’m saying white people took every character in the Bible and made them white. When I was growing up the picture of Jesus in our church was white, blond and blue eyes, and in many Black churches today there is still a white Jesus.  In fact, every other character was white no matter what area of the Country they came from.  They basically did not change the words because Rev. 22: 19 says and if anyone takes away from the words of this book of this prophecy, “God will take away his part from the book of life…….  So what they did was made every character in the Bible white.
          When missionary work was done in Africa or other Countries of color who were not familiar with Christianity they gave them pictures of a white blue eyed Jesus. At Christmas the dolls given were white,. All pictures in the Bible were of white people. The movies, plays, etc. were white. Rather they did it intentionally or not (I believe it was intentionally) the end result is/was that Black people and people of color all over the world believe that the God we serve, pray to, worship, and praise, Jesus the Christ; looked nothing liked them.  So of course at some point there is going to be a inference white superiority.  That is why we still today have problems with color in the Black and dark communities all over the world.  In India they put white powder on dark babies in hopes they will become lighter,  Its not as bad as it was 50 years ago as Black people become more educated, but prior to that it was a mess.  That is why no one can tell me about black people and racism when for about 300 years we willingly although inaccurately worshipped a blond hair, blue eyed Jesus voluntarily and many still do.  Don’t get me wrong Jesus was not Blue Black but he was a person of color. And there were many Black people in the Bible, but for centuries Black people did not know this and it hurt them.
          We now have many Black Biblical scholars but if you don’t look for their works you won’t find them.  But again God loves ALL people

        2. peggy70a says:

          Afriqueen millhousedempsy How true your assessment of the Bible theory is. Growing up I can remember telling my Aunt that I did not know that “white people” died. Growing up we had in the church the picture of the “white jesus” with the long wavy hair and the “Blue eyes”. In church I never knew that the Canaanites were Africans or that the original Jewish people were “Black”. Sometimes tears come thinking of the “history” of my People that I did not began to learn about until the sixties after moving to Los Angeles and I could not get enough of reading the “great history”. Keep spreading the word.

      2. fecesispopmusic says:

        Afriqueen wonderousdragon I believe in Santa Claus, and the Tooth fairy !

    2. millhousedempsy says:

      wonderousdragon  You might be feeble minded, naive and easily fooled. And indeed it may be true that Obama is working for crazy people.  But if he is, those people are called the electorate i.e. the people who elected him to office. And for your info wonderousdragon, I am one of those people and I am nobody’s fool.

  29. LaurenMeddows says:

    You know you sit and complain and except Clearance Thomas do what you can do for your self.  You have a voice, you voted Clinton in the White House. If you knew actually how politic works, Clearance Thomas has a boss, and if his boss will tell him what he can and cannot do.  So please educate yourself.  Why do black people think that all black people owe them something when they are in high places.  I sure the only thing you’re doing is complaining.  How many letters have you actually written Clearance Thomas, how many times how actually studied the law. This man is a Lawyer/Judge.   And if you know anything about Judges in Federal Positions you wouldn’t be on this website speaking foolishness.

    1. BrittGordon says:

      LaurenMeddowsLauren Meddows who’s YOU? Your referring to black peoples? Or any race
      that is not white?? I come from a reservation and am Native, I know what
      discrimination and prejudice truly is and feels like, not only in
      modern times but from a historical perspective. That is what people of
      color carry with them everyday and it unfortunately holds many back or
      down. I would expect another native or anyone from a lower economic
      community, that has been successful to come back to his roots and help
      his people. Its a sense of culture that a white man lacks! The only
      culture for them is greed and power, as history shows. By the way do you
      mean except or accept? LOL some  uneducated person telling another to
      get educated. Why am I wasting my time.

  30. BrittGordon says:

    Lauren Meddows who’s YOU? Your referring to black peoples? Or any race that is not white?? I come from a reservation and am Native, I know what discrimination and prejudice truly is and feels like, not only in modern times but from a historical perspective. That is what people of color carry with them everyday and it unfortunately holds many back or down. I would expect another native or anyone from a lower economic community, that has been successful to come back to his roots and help his people. Its a sense of culture that a white man lacks! The only culture for them is greed and power, as history shows. By the way do you mean except or accept? LOL some  uneducated person telling another to get educated. Why am I wasting my time.

    1. LaurenMeddows says:

      BrittGordon I’m black/mixed I understand both sides. When you say prejudice I say evil when you say prospective I say fear.  So don’t tell me I don’t know what is, I know how to handle it and put in the correct order.

      1. BrittGordon says:

        LaurenMeddows BrittGordon As am I mixed but I choose to be Native over all. In regards to prejudice being evil, you are 100% right! To be prejudice is to have hate and hate is evil. Evil has followed me around white stores while shopping, evil has thrown things at me because I am not white, evil has killed tortured and put my people on concentration camps on reservations,  evil has cut my ancestors hair and told us speaking our language is wrong. Ultimately perspective is an  individuals point of view and history has me NOT scared but hurt and in pain for my bothers and sisters. Come to my reservation and you will see an array of pain and what negative impact history has brought upon us! History is a precursor for our future. You may be able to put things in order but you are probably disconnected somehow or you wouldn’t feel that way!

    2. millhousedempsy says:

      BrittGordon  Fine then, according to you……”Its a sense of culture that a white man lacks! ” In that case I hope to never hear or see you posting nonsense like white men hire other white men to work for them just because they are white. Right you’re not going to make that claim are you because you know that white people have no sense of culture because white people only understand greed. Right???? So that compelling conclusion on your part does beg the question: Why do white people hire each other to do work? Seems like they would know how soulless and shallow each other is and those whites in a position to make hiring decisions would only hire people of color who are rich in culture and authenticity etc. I don’t really know myself. I’m just trying to understand the whole thing. But it does seem like there are an awful lot of contradictory claims about white people that if they are all true, would tend to cancel each other out. Maybe just maybe whites are like everyone else just trying to get by.

      1. BrittGordon says:

        millhousedempsy BrittGordon Whites hire whites because they are on the same page in regards to power and money. Why would a white hire someone who would have a different perspective? Money begets money!!!! Whites don’t get by….. they create the environment for others to get by. Like someone shady would want someone of honesty to check them!!

  31. LaurenMeddows says:

    BettyeJackson Why do black get mad when things don’t go there way and start calling out names.. You’re saying about prejudice, you’re showing prejudice. What does Clearance Thomas owe the black people. He has to walk his own journey as so do I.  I will never defend every black person just because their black. If you are truly for the black, were is the 40 acres and the mule.

  32. BillWest says:

    This article is right on point! Matches my sentiment exactly!

  33. Regrenee says:

    The white presidents didn’t do anything for you all either and nothing was said!  I’m not siding with him because some things could be done better!  But I am pretty sure when George and Bill was in office it was not nearly as many complaining black people cursing about them, and my memory is pretty darn good!  I’m just saying, if you are going to complain about one, complain about them all!  You don’t complain about these other rich black  people that don’t do their part in the community you praise their RUSTY BUTTS!  You all know almost every black person in America with money tend to be FAKE in some way!  That is just the reality of it all, once some make it, they tend to forget about others but that is no reason to hate on others just make sure you are not guilty of the same sin!

    1. peggy70a says:

      Regrenee First of all I do not praise any humans “Rusty Butts” because I know that they may have money but they put their panties/shorts on just like I do, one leg at a time. Also their poop stinks just like “Mine”does. As for the “white presidents” how do you know if I critized them or not? I think you are making an assumption. This new thing called “social media makes it much easier for ones complaints to be heard faster and further. So do not make statements you cannot prove. I do not care one bit about other :rich Black People”. I did not help vote them into office. I do not hate on anyone! I try and spend my brain matter and time on more important and productive matters. If you feel the President could do more you are appearing very hypocritical.

    2. KymyonnaKopasetic says:

      I have to agree. Go figure. ..

    3. millhousedempsy says:

      Regrenee Lincoln didn’t do anything. Johnson, following Lincoln didn’t do anything. FDR didn’t do anything. Truman didn’t do anything. Kennedy and LBJ didn’t do anything. Carter didn’t do anything and neither did Clinton. Lol

  34. greeneink says:

    This is hilarious … partly because of its error, partly because it is a telling indictment on what President Obama really said about his father and the fact that some people didn’t bother to research this man’s actual history before The Soul Patrol decided he wasn’t “black enough” for them.
    Seems to me if you should be angry about anything, it should be about that speech Michelle Obama gave to Bowie State U grads about “ballers and rappers.” She was talking to the Role Models about ‘ballers and rappers’ and talking to the real Ballers and Rappers (Bouncy and her husband, Jaybeybey Carter) about their being “role models”. Hardly.
    Then Jay and “Revealing Barbie” Bouncy (Miz Carter, that is) subsequently took their behinds to Cuba and tossed the Obama’s under the bus, saying their special friends in DC gave them permission to go there, and the Obama’s threw them right back under the OTHER bus by telling the country they did no such thing. 
    I thought there was some “sacred cow law” between celebrities about telling on one another when it came to doing each other those little special favors nobody else gets. In the meantime … This is what Obama said about his father and all black men, or whom he is really blacker than we are. At least he knows where his African roots are. Most of us do NOT:
    Actual quote from “Dreams from My Father” [pg. 220]: “Yes, I’d seen weakness in other men – Gramps and his disappointments, Lolo and his compromise. But these men had become object lessons for me, men I might love but never emulate, white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela. And if later I saw that the black men I knew – Frank or Ray or Will or Rafiq – fell short of such lofty standards; if I had learned to respect these men for the struggles they went through, recognizing them as my own – my father’s voice had nevertheless remained untainted, inspiring, rebuking, granting or withholding approval.  You do not work hard enough, Barry. You must help in your people’s struggle. Wake up, black man!”
    He said he challenged himself about making excuses and so should “we.” He is right. Time out for the EXCUSES.

  35. greeneink says:

    Actual quote from “Dreams from My Father” [pg. 100-101]: “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed necolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy. When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society’s stifling constraints. We weren’t indifferent or careless or insecure. We were alienated.  But this strategy alone couldn’t provide the distance I wanted, from Joyce or my past. After all, there were thousands of so-called campus radicals, most of them white and tenured and happily tolerated. No, it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.”

  36. greeneink says:

    You say “After being needled by Blacks to handle issues specific to our circumstance, such as legislation to address double digit unemployment in our community for example, Obama pushed back, asserting that he’s the president of all people, not just Black people. But when he took center stage at Morehouse, he transformed to become the voice on race in America?”
    “needled by Blacks?” Was he really? Why would blacks “needle” him about an issue that has been a fact of our lives since the 1960s? There has barely been a time in American history when black unemployment has NOT been in the double digits, even when Clinton was in office; and yet, he was notated in the monolithic “black community” as The First Black President.
    Why? Because he was being a jerk, dancing all over the place, messing around with a myriad of women and dropping love children in places that no one knows about to this day, has a list of dead bodies behind him that would wrap halfway around the world, and played the sax and cussed out the Ol’ Boys in a manner that would have turned President Obama, had he done the same, from President to a “Trayvon Martin” in the eyes of the white folks who hated him for getting himself killed?
    What have black people done to reduce double-digit unemployment numbers in all these years?
    I have not seen them build businesses that are of any job-creating ability to hire other blacks on any scale that would change those numbers.
    It’s as if we haven’t figured out by now that white folks create jobs for one another and only hire us for the leftover paper-and-pencil-pushing jobs that they don’t want to do or to prove that they are complying with EEOC whenever they HAVE to and not because they care to. Other than that, they hire us because they are too lazy to learn to speak en espanol.

    If our unemployment numbers are in the double digits, then it appears there aren’t enough jobs to go around and not enough of us doing the hiring to change that because that has never changed under ANY administration. The old saying “when white people start screaming recession, black folks have already been in a depression for two years,” it is true.

    This didn’t start in 2008, it’s been going on since before 1968. What’s new? And since Obama has been in office for more than four years now, why are we still griping instead of CREATING JOBS and getting some hiring done?
    He took all those “racist hits” and still got elected President, so if anyone was going to say “No Excuses” it would be him. He sure didn’t let those cockroaches stop him from running, OR winning.
    When you get yourself elected President under those circumstances and with all of that “brown stuff” being tossed at you by a bunch of corporate racist cockroaches, I’ll stop yawning. In the meantime, GET TO WORK and STOP BEATCHING!

    1. BeatriceCoppock says:

      greeneink Awesome!

  37. greeneink says:

    If this was the “new world” and we were anything like white folks … coming into this country acting like we discovered some isht that was already here before we were … and we had to do what they did to survive and ultimately thrive, and let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that we just “discovered” this country when Obama got elected in 2008 (riiiggghht).
    Then, here we are with THREE TIMES the number of millionaires they had, and THREE TIMES the money, at more than one trillion in NET WORTH, than they had when they came here.
    Think that’s not enough? Think again. We have MORE THAN THEY HAD when they allegedly ‘discovered” this country in the 1400s. What now?
    We don’t work together, we don’t unify … and the one thing all other races agree on if nothing else is OPPOSING US.

    They can be about to kill each other, whites, Asians, Mexican Chicanos, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Frenchmen, Jews, gays, and the ONE THING THEY UNITE ON IS ANYTHING TO OPPOSE BLACK PEOPLE.
    We sat back and partied and watched the CBC do nothing more in Congress than call in favors and celeb-watch and hobnob with those SupraLight black folks after the Obama nomination, and watched them “creepy@asskrakkas” (as Trayvon Martin called them) pick apart every black person he put in place and we said and did nothing. They even ran Lisa Jackson off from the EPA after trying to beat her down, too. She finally quit and she was doing a fantastic job. Van Jones … et al, Desiree Rogers got HERSELF fired for trying to play Cinderella at the State Dinner Ball instead of doing her job.
    Then when the CBC found out we was “kinda mad” about the jobs thing, they went honking all over the country with those limo jobs buses that had NO JOBS when they rolled out of the gate … and a bunch of black folks who never even acknowledged that President Obama called them into his office on Day 1 and told them they had his FULL support.
    Suddenly, nearly four years later, they decided to stop partying and point the finger at Pres Obama and tell us what an awful “unblack” person he really was. If I was him, I wouldn’t meet with them either. Not after that.
    Don’t sit here and act like you don’t know black folks are FULL of excuses. If we were not, we’d have had this situation tightened up a long time ago.
    “But THEY this and THEY that!” [THEY weren’t supposed to LET him get elected President in the first place, remember that?]
    THEY WHO? 
    Whodahayell are THEY and why are we even still entertaining THEM when we have so much work to do in our own Gates?

  38. greeneink says:

    And what about the Healthcare Reform Act?
    Black people in America have the most disparaging health report numbers in the country because of lack of access to affordable healthcare, and WE HAVE THE NERVE ENOUGH NOT TO SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT ON HEALTHCARE REFORM, as if it has nothing to do with us?
    What about STUDENT LOANS? Elizabeth Warren is trying to sweep those banksters who robbed us and every else out of office and rectify this mess with student loans the LEGAL way, and I haven’t heard not one single black person who feels unfairly treated when it comes to the student loan issues backing Ms Warren who is in DC fighting for the rights of students who were jerked around by those lying conniving bank elites who also robbed us of the equity in our homes.

    Pres Obama went to bat on the PREDATORY LOANS and payday lenders who had done nothing but steal from us, and black people were so busy screaming about Black People that they missed out on the Legislation that affect black people WITH REGARD TO PREDATORY LENDING.

    Pres Obama struck out on the FAIR SENTENCING ACT structure which was putting more PEOPLE OF COLOR in prison because of unfair sentencing, and we’re hollering about BLACK PEOPLE like THAT ish doesn’t affect our trifling @rsses? Say what?
    Roll up and get with the rest of the country.
    We chose this ASSIMILATION AND INTEGRATION FERRIS WHEEL RIDE back after Dr. King was killed and didn’t even have the audacity to declare ourselves SEPARATE AND EQUAL like the Indians did on reservations and now we got a problem because “as goes white America, so goes black America”?
    We’ve never gone anywhere that they didn’t go first, and when we had a choice and Marcus Garvey was calling us home to the Mainland, we (our ancestors, that is) chose not to heed that call; so here we are. Sold out the whole route and STILL MAKING EXCUSES.
    Man up and put your Big Girl Panties on Black America. We already earned ours.

    Now is the time to do something with it.

    1. BHBF says:

      Obama increased the number of predatory drone strikes from 54 during the 8 years of Bush, to over 300 during his first 3 years. The increase of drones has resulted in thousands of innocent civilians murdered..among them over 200 children..and 4 Americans. Then there was the diestruction of one of the few secular governments in North Africa..Libya, which resulted in 50,000 deaths..and the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Black Libyans and African immigrants. No word on this from the CBC or Obama or the State Department about these deaths.

      1. millhousedempsy says:

        BHBF Thanks for pointing that out about the 200 kids. But you forgot to post the 700,000 dead estimate by the British medical publisher Lancelot. That is the number of innocent civilians Bush is responsible for killing in Iraq. Just an FYI to kind of put things in perspective. Oh and lets not forget the 2900 Americans who were killed in the WTC attack on 911. true they were mostly white people but still some folks loved them.

        1. fecesispopmusic says:

          millhousedempsy BHBF there were a lot of black working class people in those buildings too, you fool!

        2. BHBF says:

          This was about what has happened during Obama’s administration. It is actually business as usual..except black unemployment is higher than it has been for decades.

  39. greeneink says:

    “Obama wants you to be a credit to your race, but he doesn’t feel as if he owes the Black race anything. He wants you to live by the standard of ‘twice as good’ but doesn’t feel that he, as President of the United States, should do anything to ameliorate that double standard.”

    Now you sounding like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’REALLY, Paula Deen, Ted Nugent, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, AND Mutt Romney all rolled into one.
    “He doesn’t FEEL AS IF HE OWES the Black race anything?” He doesn’t!!! 
    He never did. 
    He didn’t let his black skin stop him from thinking he could beat them and become President, and he did beat them, by a majority of black votes and a WHOLE HELLUVALOT of white votes and otherwise. Some Republicans even voted for him.
    As he said, the Republicans and Conservatives in Congress AINT THE ONLY ONES who have been opposing and obstructing him. Some of our OWN have been doing it in DC, and protocol doesn’t make him answer to US, HE ANSWERS TO OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES ON THE STATE LEVEL. Who are you letting in office in YOUR STATE? I know folks in GEORGIA keep letting the likes of that KKK idiot Nathan Deal in the Governor’s office and they don’t do jack to remove Saxby Chambliss or Johnny Isakson and all those two EVER do is go to Congress like they are representing black folks in Georgia, but that’s not because they represent us to the President. it’s because WE DON’T VOTE THEIR RACIST ARSES OUT. So Pres Obama has NO CHOICE but to listen to them if we don’t understand the meaning of FOLLOW-THROUGH during the MID-TERMS.
    Those obstructionists in YOUR state should have been gone in 2010. Instead, LESS THAN 10-PERCENT of the folks on the “Obama Party Train” showed up for mid-terms and them folks took the Tea Party to Congress and turned Nancy Pelosi’s gavel over to John Boehner and got what they got because of it. I even talked to some black folks who, ignorantly enough, said “Well, he shouldn’t have it easy. He should have some challenges.” Well, whoomp there it is.
    Now he’s surrounded by white folks who don’t care about us because we didn’t do what we were supposed to do in the first g.d. place. MIDTERMS, after the national elections, is JUST AS IMPORTANT because it determines who the President has to talk to when it’s time for him to start signing legislation. LEGISLATION THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPORTANT TO US IN 2008 and 2010.
    Better get to the polls in 2014 and HOPE it’s not too late to CHANGE Congress out so he can have some people to work with him instead of against him.
    You don’t VOTE in the mid-terms and then you want to know why he’s not kissing our butts? We set him up so he can’t. It’s called PROTOCOL in DC, and unfortunately for YOU, he can’t act like Bill Clinton did and get away with it.
    You SAY he’s not the President of White America either, but look around at the folks who are still running the country and how easy it was for them to get all of those “black appointees” Obama tried to hire out of their positions.
    They even got Van Jones by calling him a racist for fighting AGAINST environmental racism, and we didn’t say a word. Didn’t even headbutt those blowhards, just sat back and let him quit.
    You didn’t get the memo? We don’t have jack in this country that we didn’t earn or that our ancestors didn’t earn for us. This has never been a “free ride” for us — only for them, but we don’t get follow through, leverage or unity until all the races decide they don’t like us. Our ancestors went through all of that, even the Transatlantic Passage and murders and rapes and abandonment by our white ancestors, and abuse, and even theft and lynching … 
    It’s them trying to hold us back that MADE us better than them. You didn’t know? Betta ask somebody!
    WHERE IS THE BLACK AGENDA that President Obama is supposed to “owe” us to pay attention to? I ain’t seen one to this day and I’m sure he hasn’t either.
    Who represents us BLACK FOLK besides the same racist clowns we keep letting get elected in our states that he has to listen to all day every day?!
    Oh… and those partying “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner” celebrity-ogling big-shot-mingling Congressional Black Caucus members who love to take photos, name BIG names, and are supposed to be mostly members of the Democratic Party that accepted our Oval Office Friend that We Love to Hate as President before they, too, discovered that Black folk shouldn’t be taken for a joke.

    1. millhousedempsy says:

      greeneink  You sure are full of excuses. Excuses for yourself and excuses for the President. Didn’t you hear the Moorehouse speech? President Obama doesn’t want your dammed excuses. He doesn’t need them and he doesn’t respect those who do. So stop whining and making excuses.

    2. KarlSmith1 says:

      This what happens when you vote for someone because of their race and not what he can do! Most blacks were expecting him to be the savior of the black race!! He can only do what the house and the senate let him do. Plus he is part white!!

      1. peggy70a says:

        KarlSmith1 Mr. Smith please stop insulting the intelligence of most people. I for one did not simply vote for President Obama because of his ethnicity. I can not speak for anyone except myself and neither can or should you. I never expected him to be “my saviour” and hope I can say most did not look at him as a “saviour”. I think we were hoping for change. But he is human just like the presidents before him and the presidents after him. I do feel that his ethnicity worked against him. Number one, no one really expected him to be elected once let alone twice. Number two, he has faced more opposition than any president that I can remember in my lifetime. None us know what anyone voted for can and will do. But we do know that darn near everything he has tried to do has been fought tooth and nail by those that just cannot and will not except “America” having a President who does not look like the former “Presidents”. Mitch declared on hearing he was elected “let’s make him a one term” president”. Rush wished his failure. Hannity and all like him swore to fight him to the bitter end. Never have I seen some one put their finger in the face of a white president as the governor of Arizona did. Never have I heard a senator call a white president a liar from the senate floor. Did we and not just “Black America” hope and pray for great change, yes we did! We voted in great numbers for Bill Clinton also. So ethnicity was not the greatest factor. And by the way what if we did want him to be the savior of the “Black Race”?? You do not think “White America” did not think all of the former presidents including “Mitt” were going to be the “saviour” of the “white race? Everyone being groomed now to run in 2016 is expected to save “White America”. Have I agreed with everything “President Obama” has done, no. Have I agreed with everything past presidents have done, no. But President Obama has been the most disrespected “President” that I can recall in my lifetime. I wonder what “he could and would” do if everyone worked with him and not against him so hard?/

      2. BHBF says:

        KarlSmith1There is no doubt that most  blacks voted for Obama.  It was the color of the skin thing rather that the content of one’s character.  There were warnings from one of the few black liberal establishment…which were ignored:
        This is a man who has enjoyed the fruits of America at the
        blood and expense of Black Americans and others, but who has
        paid virtually no dues.
        This is a man whose father had also enjoyed the fruits of
        university schooling in America but subsequently returned to
        his native Kenya.
        This is a man, who also like his father before him, neither
        served in a branch of the US military nor in any organization
        in America opposed to US military adventurism.
        This is a man who as a deeply corporate military
        industrial complex US Presidential candidate, has called
        for “unilateral” US military actions in other nations.
        [And why not? After-all, his father, himself, or his wife
        and children were not and will not be the ones killing and
        being killed.]

        This is a man who, in Chicago, pretended to support the human
        rights of the Palestinian people but who is now known to be a
        huge supporter of the apartheid Zionists and their powerful
        and insidious political lobby in America.
        This is a man who dares opportunistically to feign admiration
        for the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but does not share
        the collective memory, pain and deep concerns of Black
        America, other people of color, or even of numerous white
        Americans for that matter – in the ongoing struggle for
        equality and justice in this nation.
        This is a man who has de facto contempt for the past supreme
        sacrifices made by thousands of activists from so-called
        “militant” organizations such the Organization of
        Afro-American Unity (OAAU), the Student National Coordinating
        Committee (SNCC), the Black Panther Party (BPP), Students For
        A Democratic Society (SDS), the American Indian Movement
        (AIM), the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM), etc.
        This is a man who is silent about the need for reparations for
        Black American descendants of slaves and the genocide of the
        indigenous so-called “Indian” peoples on this continent. He is
        the consummate opportunist who, in reality, cares nothing
        about the horrors inflicted upon Black, Brown, and Red peoples
        in this nation, and has repeatedly signaled that he plans to
        inflict even more “unilateral” military horrors upon various
        nations and peoples of the world.

        This man, Barack Obama, is but a more articulate, younger, and
        shinier version of the current and infamous US Supreme Court
        Justice Clarence Thomas, adorning himself dangerously and
        abundantly in superficiality and double-speak.
        Larry Pinkney

        1. leonjonessr says:

          BHBF KarlSmith1 The one word that sums up what you have said about POTUS would be: Duplicitous

    3. hertrng says:

      Thanks for telling it like it really is

  40. BHBF says:

    This is one of the most real articles about Obama that has been published recently. He IS the president of the Gays, the Jews, the Hispanic..but not Blacks.

    1. MisterHix says:

      And your mindset BHBF is the crux of the problem of too many Black… looking for a hand out and not a hand up.

      1. BHBF says:

        MisterHix Funny..NOT!!  Like the gays, Jews and Hispanics were not looking for and GOT a HAND UP and and HANDOUT.

    2. DeborahBarber says:

      BHBF Remember blacks is not the only people to re-elect President Obama, therefore, he represents all people. Why wasn’t  the previous President held at the same standards that you and some others are holding President Obama to.

      1. Empress Mennon says:

        DeborahBarber BHBF  Black people are predominately democrat not republican. simple as that.

  41. RedaStCyr says:

    All I can say is an article like this is a good way to get it published Their always eager to publish negative articles about the First Black President an the crazier the article is the more likely it gets attention

  42. MisterHix says:

    Some Black Folk expected President Obama, to immediately have the White House painted black, while other Black Folk thinking reparation expected 40 acres and a mule, and the complacent naive crab barrel Black Folk are still screaming he ain’t Black enough.
    Too few Black Folks in comparison will ever realize the monumental leap.

    1. Geno B says:

      I think YOUR response is the problem.  People being stopped and
      frisked, discriminated against, and being stolen into private prisons
      are NOT asking for a hand up.  If you can’t back up your statement with
      facts and especially accomplishments from THIS President when you
      criticize people who have every right to voice concerns over Obama’s
      gross neglect of Black suffering, then it is you that should shut up
      because YOU are part of the problem.

      1. leonjonessr says:

        Geno B MisterHix Stop and frisk appears to be as inconvenient as being searched before boarding a plane.  The DEATH BY GUNS in New York City is reported to have gone from 3000 a year to 400 a year.  If the program has been in effect for 3 years, that means nearly 7,000 Black people, mostly men, are alive because someone was inconvenienced.  I don’t know how many years it has been in effect, but according to some of those who suffered the lost of a father, child, husband, brother, cousin, nephew, or friend the law worked for the good of the community.  If, since the law has been declared unconstitutional, the DEATH RATE BY GUNS, goes up, whose going to say “sorry, but I was wrong?”

    2. peggy70a says:

      MisterHix Never expected 40 acres and a mule. Nor reparation from President Obama. Neither did I think the white house would be painted black. But sir can you tell me the benefit of the monumental leap if things remain the same? No matter the hue of the sitting president! Everyone expects some type of benefit from the official they voted for or what is the sense in voting?? What is the sense in saying there is a “Black President” if there is no change. “Black”,white , female etc. Everyone wants to see postive change for all citizens

    3. BHBF says:

      MisterHix   I didn’t expect the WH to be painted black.  No one did!  .but I also didn’t expect that 150 of the top jobs in the Obama Administration went to gays. 
      Neff: 150 Obama-appointed gays and (not) counting | News Story on
      The number, at half-way through Obama’s term, is estimated at 150
      appointments, from “agency heads and commission members to policy
      officials and senior staffers.” The prior record number of appointments
      was made by Bill Clinton over his eight years in office and estimated at
      140. Note the use of “estimate,” which to me means that we don’t really
      know the number, making about 150 a record that needs an asterisk.
      The Senate had to confirm two dozen of Obama’s openly gay appointees,
      including John Berry as director of the Office of Personnel Management,
      which oversees the nation’s 1.9 million federal workers.
      The number and names and positions of the employees was proudly and happily announced on a gay rights website. ..and then there’s Ms Kagan.  I would have loved to have seen a Black female appointed to the Supreme Court.   Would that have been seen as catering to Blacks..whereas an appointment questionably qualified homosexual is not seen as catering to the gay community?

  43. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

    The President’s speech harkens back to the Booker T. Washington’s Atlanta Compromise exertion more than a century earlier!

    1. JT Taylor says:

      Dr Johnny Duncan I’ve often wondered just what Mr. Booker T. meant in that speech. Did he really mean what he said to all them white folks at that convention? or, was he  really saying it was too soon for us Blacks to be requesting social changes, ie. voting? And then he proclaimed that we could REMAIN SEPERATE AS FANGERS ON A HAND from white folks and still make mutual progress.
      Personally, I think we were closer as a people before INTEGRATION. But don’t misunderstand me, I am NOT saying having to go round to the back door to receive service and having  separate amenities—now—that ish was NOT right!

  44. AdolphDooley says:

    People be aware of those who are creating dis-harmony! “DO NOT” agree with them, or entertain them. The stage is set, and now the powers that be, need to create the reason to implement their plan, which is the “NEW WORLD ORDER”, and you will have no place in it! “BLACK FOLKS” are targeted for “EXTERMINATION!” If you will quiet down, shut your mouths, and listen, you can hear the chatter in the distance, about your demise! This is not a scare tactic! This is real, the evidence is all around you, but you’re to busy drinking, smoking, becoming stupid, and unable to see your own destruction! To usher in their “NEW WORLD”, it is going to require, many multiple millions of deaths, and we have been targeted! But we are not the only ones! However we should be discussing how to possibly stop “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”. It is going to happen if it is not stopped, and hundreds of millions, or probably billions are going to die! Again, this is not a scare tactic, this is going to happen, unless it’s stopped! But how do we stop it?

  45. Dicharden says:

    People need to handle they’re own business and stop waiting for a handout! We spend more money than any other race and don’t have shit to show for it! Wake up, we hv power just dont use it as people!

    1. AdolphDooley says:

      DicHarden……Yes! We do have power, however, before we can use our power, we have to know what the true power is, and after learning what the power is; learn how to wield the power; after learning how to wield the power, we have to produce well thought-out plans, and blueprints to put the power to work, producing, building, and making the plan a reality.
      I can tell by the frustration in your comment, you have already done all of these things properly, and in order; and you are ready, and willing to teach, and cajole others to do the same.

  46. cinque423 says:

    The government is not suppose to create jobs. Its duty is to create an environment that makes it easy for the private sector to create jobs.
    We as blacks in this country are consumers, we spend money as soon as we get it and will have nothing to show for it later on. I don’t think that is Obama fault. 
    Instead of “To get a good job, get a good education”, it should be “Get a good education so that you can eventually create your own job”. The first phrase is black labor, someone else’s wealth. The second one is black labor, black wealth.

    1. AdolphDooley says:

      Cinque….My friend! You are speaking on something that is highly debatable; like, “what is the role of the government? what is wealth?” There are never concrete answers with the social sciences. That is why people throw it all in the political arena, and fight over who’s ideas will be implemented.

    2. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

      UM!  And exactly how many workers does the government employ?

      1. BHBF says:

        Dr Johnny Duncan cinque423  
        The Federal government employs millions of workers.  They are in the US Civil Service and are Federal Employees.

        1. Dr Johnny Duncan says:

          BHBF Dr Johnny Duncan cinque423  See the PENDLETON ACT as a resource.

  47. DeborahBarber says:

    It’s not the president, it’s people like yourself Yvette Carnell , that is hating on the President and writing vicious  unfounded ridiculous articles such as President Of Everyone Except Black People. How dumb does that sound. You should sit down and and speak to a real woman our First Lady, maybe she can educate you a little about politics and how it works and give you some tips on how to be a good journalist. It appears you need all the help you can get.. HATER!

    1. Empress Mennon says:

      DeborahBarber   smarten up why don’t you? you sound so ignorant.

  48. BHBF says:

    Unfortunately..Mr. Hope and Change has morphed into George Bush.  Since becoming President he has:
    Signed the NDAA into law – making it legal to assassinate
    Americans w/o charge or trial.
    Initiated, and personally oversees a ‘Secret Kill List’.
    Waged war on Libya without congressional approval.
    Started a covert, drone war in Yemen.
    Escalated the proxy war in Somalia.
    Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan.
    Maintained a presence in Iraq even after “ending” the war.
    Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan.
    Secretly deployed US special forces to 75 countries.
    Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.
    Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia.
    Opened a military base in Chile.
    Touted nuclear power, even after the disaster in Japan.
    Opened up deepwater oil drilling, even after the BP disaster.
    Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports.
    Signed the Patriot Act extension into law.
    Deported a modern-record 1.5 million immigrants.
    Continued Bush’s rendition program.

    1. leonjonessr says:

      BHBF I am just wondering if you are a bit disappointed in our President, or are you just letting off a little steam and you are really still supportive?  Either way, your remarks are quite telling.  You don’t, at this time, seem to hold the President in high esteem.  Would you agree that at least GW did what he said he would while Hussain Obama does exactly what he said he would not?

      1. AdolphDooley says:

        LeonJonesSr.,.. The whole world is controlled by the “Crown Corporation” which is the very center of London. They own the “Federal Reserve” which is America’s National Bank; they have controlled our monetary policy since 1913. America have paid more than nine(9) trillion dollars in interest payments alone, to the “Crown” since 1988; and still paying more than 200 billion annually. If you want to know who controls the nations of the world, just follow the money.
        “Mayer Amschel Rothchild” said: “Give me control of a nations money, and I care not who makes the laws”
        Most of these people on here read newspapers, and watch television, and are totally deceived. They do not have a clue, of the power that really controls the world, or what it will take to over-throw it. Most of what those guys are talking About is political give and take. If you want something you got to give something; so it’s always some compromising, and arm twisting going on to get what your constituency wants. The research is so easy to do, but people refuse to do it; they’d rather square off with academic intellectual jousting To prove nothing.

        1. leonjonessr says:

          AdolphDooley You are spot on about where the real control lies.  The Presidency is only a dignified position that carries a certain amount of power.  Anyone in his right mind would not want to have the responsibilities of that office.  Your life is summarily over.  No more privacy, no more freedom to roam the malls of the cities shopping, no more casually attending sports events.  
          People are not concerned about the truth as it relates to how and why things are done.  They only want what they want.  Some of us are interested in the story  behind the story.  Gotta go my brother.

    2. JT Taylor says:

      BHBF I hear what you saying, but it’s like someone in this forum told me….President Obama never EVEN said he would do anything for us DIRECTLY
      I’ve concluded that the Presidential office is a little more than a place for a figure head. And something else to remember is that President Kennedy was astonished at the POWER the Joint Chief of Staff had as they tried pressuring him to attack Cuba in the ’60’s instead of  seeking a diplomatic resolution…so THIS President just might be under the same persuasion 
      Even Pres Eisenhower warned Americans about the Military Industrial Complex back in ’61 and it’s here now! Don’t think that I cared for this man because he sat with his thumbs in this a$z while our people continued to be lynched in the South
      Anyway….if you check, Kennedy and Obama were a lot alike, very intellectual and scholary and both were resented by the congress…Kenneday couldn’t get shyt done for the first 3 years jus like President Obama

    3. Empress Mennon says:

      BHBF  you have your finger directly on the pulse of the obama regeime.

  49. Empress Mennon says:

    and why do Black people have to be twice as good, anyway? why are we held to a higher standard than everybody else? that statement, in and of itself is racist.  I do not like obama. I have not liked him since 2008 after he was elected and I saw his cabinet. I have not been able to look at him since. when he killed gadhafi, that was it for me. gadhafi did not deserve to be murdered and his country destroyed and pillaged by the west.  no sovereign country deserves that.

    1. JusMoses says:

      I agree 100% with your comment!!!

  50. Empress Mennon says:

    gadhafi thought he was dealing with civilized people. he was warned that he was not but he did not listen. he had faith in his “fellow” human beings. he gave up his weapons and became a sitting duck for his enemies.

  51. MoMann74 says:

    Black people don’t give enough money to political parties. for example the gays have given over $200 million to President Obama part,  look how he fights for them. Sad but true it’s all about the money not the vote.  How can politician get 98% of a race’s vote and not past or offers laws that favors them?  Maybe they didn’t fund your campaign.

  52. MisterHix says:

    …@ Wanky50… and who should trust a “wanky50” or even give credence to his opinion? It’s like trying to explain Heaven & Hell to a three year old.

  53. deleted_28705307_wanky50 says:


  54. MisterHix says:

    And there in “your Bible” Mr. Wanky lies the crux of the matter, all you’ve read that you assume (that’s written by man) to be the Gospel. How many times have you personally turned the other cheek, and unbeknownst to you got slapped upside the other side of your head by “The Man”? How many times have you read “The Audacity To Think” written by Barack Obama, (if you’ve read it at all).
    What do you personally base your opinion of “trust” on that you would be so opinionated in your attempt to influence others (readers), that your opinion is the Gospel.
    Do think Mr. Wanky, before you reply, absent your fear of God which was instilled you in (by who?).

  55. CarolParks says:

    Deborah Barber, I’m with you! Great comment. It’s bad enough that all the white bigots have tried to tear down the First Black President of the U.S., but when you have the African American Community doing it to, it really is sad. And the threats on our Presidents life have been more then any other. Even before he took his oath in office, they had to build a special car to protect him, because they knew there were so many hateful racists in this country it would be hard to keep him safe. Thank God so far, he has been safe along with his family. I wish him, & his family a very Merry Christmas!

  56. CarolParks says:

    Empress Mennon, she is intelligent, & has every right to express her opinion. She happens to be correct.

  57. RicardoJones says:

    Hold the following Senators accountable for the fraud and/or corrption at the Rogue EEOC. Many are up for reelection in 2014. Demand oversight and reforms and/or the reassignation of the First Ladies Girl Friend Chair of Rogue EEOC Jacqueline Berrien and many other at the corrupt EEOC.
    Democrats by Rank
    Tom Harkin (IA)
    Barbara A. Mikulski (MD)
    Patty Murray (WA)
    Bernard Sanders (I) (VT)
    Robert P. Casey, Jr. (PA)
    Kay R. Hagan (NC)
    Al Franken (MN)
    Michael F. Bennet (CO)
    Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)
    Tammy Baldwin (WI)
    Christopher S. Murphy (CT)
    Elizabeth Warren (MA)
    Republicans by Rank
    Lamar Alexander (TN)
    Michael B. Enzi (WY)
    Richard Burr (NC)
    Johnny Isakson (GA)
    Rand Paul (KY)
    Orrin G. Hatch (UT)
    Pat Roberts (KS)
    Lisa Murkowski (AK)
    Mark Kirk (IL)
    Tim Scott (SC)

  58. MisterHix says:

    @ Ricardo Jones…
    Your reference to Black America’s social and economical woes relative your ( post is an all too sobering reminder, of the intentional and continuous racial discriminatory practices of White dominance.
    Unfortunately far too many Blacks (unbeknownst to even themselves) have subconsciously and subserviently accepted this as life’s premiss, hence the malevolent attacks against the first Black President for being Black, and having “The Audacity To Think”.
    Ms. Carnell, author of this trifling (BS) “President of Everyone Except Black People Gives Race Speech at Morehouse” epitomizes the crab in the barrel theory… and worst is she’s very much aware and conscious of the fact that she’s maliciously malignantly suppressing the Black Communities.

  59. RicardoJones says:

    Thank you for your comments on the Black Elite’s Uncle Tomism. I don’t agree with you on the President. He comes from White Bigots so what can he be but against the Black Poor and/or Working Class. Whom does the White Status Quo fear and must beat down? My question for you is: do you judge people only on where they attend college at? and What color is the President’s skin? 

    Today does MORAL COURAGE mean nothing?

  60. CarolParks says:

    It seems if house disagree, your comment will be deleted. I was going to reply to A comment on here, but it has been deleted. You cannot have meaningful discussion, with only one viewpoint being allowed.

  61. CarolParks says:

    I was going to reply to a comment on here, but it has been deleted. You cannot have meaningful discussion, with only one viewpoint being allowed.

  62. MisterHix says:

    Mr Ricardo “Moral Courage” means everything, and therein lies the division of our thinking on the same accord. Thus in answer to your questions which are more pejorative than not, might I first ask you… are we as a minority (Black, Hispanic, or other than White) better off having a Black President for the first time in the history of America to bring these issues to the for front, or were we better off being subconsciously and subserviently passive-submissive to White Rule?
    Your having to ask “What color is the President’s skin” even if facetiously, speaks volumes relative your level of comprehension (or lack thereof) of the real political scheme of things. Which is indicative of the naive, and the failure to look within for leadership. There’s No Black Magic Wand to be waved to right the minds of the oppressor, or more Sadly! to enlighten the minds of those naively oppressed.

  63. MisterHix says:

    @ Carol Parks… I totally agree with you… Sad is all the comments that lambaste the President are trumpeted.

  64. leonjonessr says:

    MisterHixI am impressed by your articulation of ideas as they relate to all things Black.  What is your take on the debate about raising the minimum wage?

  65. RicardoJones says:

    MisterHix I don’t beleive in the devil I know stuff. I was young during the end of civil rights movement (1968). I lived JIM-CROW of Washington DC (SE&NE). This is a bad hustle/game run by phony hustlers.

  66. CarolParks says:

    Hello MisterHix, I was going to reply to a comment of your’s, but it had been deleted. I really am taken aback how much these articles are so divisive. Everyone is going after President Obama because he is trying to provide healthcare for the poor, and for those who have been refused because of previous conditions. I don’t see anyone else offering a plan to help these people. And I am sure many are Black who need healthcare, and yet these articles keep popping up. Where was all the anger during President Bush? I bet President Obama will be glad when his term is up. And Thank-God he has Michelle, she is wonderful. I bet she would have a lot to say about all of this hating on the President.

  67. RicardoJones says:

    CarolParks  Do you know whom the Daley’s of Chicago are? Did you know that Obama made Mayor Daley’s brother Chief of staff at the White House?

    FYI, Michelle Robinson-Obama soon left her job to launch a career in public service, serving as an assistant to Mayor Daley and then as the assistant commissioner of planning and development for the City of Chicago.

    In 1993, she became executive director for the Chicago office of Public Allies, a nonprofit leadership-training program that helped young adults develop skills for future careers in the public sector.
    Michelle joined the University of Chicago in 1996 as associate dean of student services, developing the university’s first community-service program. She then worked for the University of Chicago Hospitals beginning in 2002, as executive director of community relations and external affairs.
    In May 2005, she was appointed vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she continued to work part-time until shortly before her husband’s inauguration as president. She serves as a board member for the prestigious Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
    Michelle’s salaries were twice as high ?

  68. MisterHix says:

    @ RicardoJones… Like you I don’t believe in the devil, like you I too was young during the height of the civil rights movement (1954 – 1968/72)… I like you lived the remnants of (city slicker) “Jim-Crow” laws (in the NE) too. However unlike you I never thought of life (theirs or mine) as a “hustle/game run by phony hustlers”, as then like now it was a matter of survival; Survival of the fittest bodies, minds, and souls. All that a Man thinks of himself so too can he manifest of himself (once he has steadfastly set his mind to it. It’s a universal law, the power of attraction).
    If you forever see the glass as being half empty rather than half filled, you’ll never feel fulfilled.

  69. MisterHix says:

    @leonJonesSr… The Minimum Wage Needs To Be Raised, its a matter of survival for far too many. Baffling is the fact that we as a Nation give Billions of Dollars to fight the hunger of others the world over, and here at home deny our own unless they be totally (without and) indigent.
    Subconsciously people marvel at the extravagance that’s lavished on the disposable by those considered more fortunate, while shunning the disposition of those less fortunate in the grips of poverty and hunger. It’s the hypocrisy of greed doled out disproportionately.

  70. RicardoJones says:

    Corruption of the Black Church involves the EEOC and the Law Dept of New York City. Many in the Black community refuse to admit that we have sellout’s in the Black Elite that reaches to the White House and beyond. This is a story that is like a bad video (Training Day) with Denzel Washington. But, it involves Rev. Anythony L. Trufant of Emmannuel Baptist Church of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn NYC. The Right REV’s wife is Muriel Goode-Trufant Esq, Chief/EEO Officer at NYC’s Law Dept. Ms. Goode-Trufant is the Daughter of former Mayor of Philly and Black sellout Wilson Goode. Other members of Emmannel Church are Jacqueline Berrien Chair of the Corrupt and/or Rogue EEOC HQ’s in Washington DC and friend of the First Lady Michelle Roberson-Obama friends from Harvard Law School. Michelle Roberson-Obama was special assistance to the most corrupt Mayor and/or family in Chicago the Daley’s for 18 months. Richard Daley (brother of Mayor Daley of Chicago and Michelle Roberson-Obama’s former BOSS) was one of Obama’s chief of staff at the White House (Later Replaced). Berrien and Goode-Trufant use Emmanuel Church to recruit Young Black Female lawyers to undermine the Black community. Rev. Trufant on Sunday Morning Good Friday last year (2012) praised Berrien to the church for undermining the Black community with the help of his wife daughter of sellout ex-mayor Wilson Goode. Attorney’s are recruited from the church and trained to sellout the Black community in the Law Dept’s of New York City and/or EEOC. They recieve internship at the EEOC and the Legal dept’s of the city of New York. Later they’re hired as staff attorney’s at the aforementioned.

  71. CarolParks says:

    I did not know all of this about Michelle Obama. But, I am not surprised at her achieving so much, and being involved with helping her community. I am not familiar with Chicago’s politics, nor do I understand how does this relate to this article?

  72. CarolParks says:

    MisterHix, you have tremendous common sense. It is very refreshing to read your post’s. All of us, one way or another have obstacles to overcome in life. The smart ones do what is necessary to not just survive, but thrive. Oprah Winfrey, is a prime example of someone who beat all the odds. Coming from Mississippi, dirt poor, Black, a woman, and yet she became one of the most powerful, and richest women not just in our country, but the world. And of course President Obama beat all the odds. That very powerful, old white mans GOP machine that did everything possible to destroy him, & his chances to be President, FAILED. They failed again in 2012 when he was re-elected. And they will fail again when the truth is written about how they went against everything good our President tried to do. Their hatred, and disgusting tactics, the Tea Bags blatant racism, will all be told to future generations. Along with the many good works of our First Lady also. It will take time, but the truth will be told.

  73. CarolParks says:

    Again, I agree 100% with your articulate answer. How can anyone argue against the minimum wage being raised, when the cost of living continually goes up every year? Insanity.

  74. RicardoJones says:

    CarolParks Since you don’t understand mind your business! Your only interested because Obama’s Half White!

  75. CarolParks says:

    Ricardo Jones, what an IGNORANT statement. You know nothing about me, and this is a Public Forum. What you stated only shows your immaturity, time to grow up.

  76. RicardoJones says:

    CarolParks You made your point and your opinion.

  77. MisterHix says:

    @RicardoJones… Pro-Black or Pro-White what’s not to understand about Pro-Life… Living a quality Life? When you judge others speculatively more times than not when its merely because of the color of their skin, its your projecting your own self worth (or lack there of)… think about it.

  78. RicardoJones says:

    Political by (james wilson)
    Since neither the psychological or sociological analyses produced a substantiation of the basis for the claims made by the president in his insulting behavior against Blacks,  or his uninformed (insult level less) Black defenders, the question now is, can a political exploration of the facts answer the motive question?
    When we review the content and nature of the comments made by the president, we find that they are nothing new. Black right-wingers like Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, Ward Connelly, Star Parker,  Larry Elders, Jesse Lee Peterson et al. have long peddled ( for rewards) the racist right-wing propaganda about Blacks being personally irresponsible, and racism being a thing of the past because society was now “color blind” and therefore Blacks’ problems are due not to racism but Blacks own immorality and poor parenting and having babies out of wedlock and teenage pregnancies (despite the fact teenage pregnancy has steadily decreased over the past thirty or so years) and thirty-five year old grandmothers, and hogwash, hogwash, etc.
    Given this, it should be no surprise that President Obama, a right-wing Black himself, as evidenced by personal confession, and policy pursuits, would become the right-wing’s newest and most potent voice of propaganda against Blacks by using his tremendous influence not only with the Blacks themselves (an advantage he has over Black GOP right-wingers) but whites and the whole world. What a victory scored by the right-wingers in 2008 and again in 2012!
    Unfortunately for Blacks, many of them have no clue what has befallen them. Because they are misinformed and outright not informed by what passes for Black media and what purports leadership, they have no idea that the president is as much a right-winger as Ward Connelly (who led the anti-affirmative action Proposition 209, that significantly decreased African American enrollment in California’s colleges and universities), the only difference is Connelly is an avowed GOPer and the president is a more successful right-winger purporting to be a Democrat.  Therefore, Blacks are blissful over the fact that a person of African heritage has become president and therefore, in their minds, freeing them from centuries of dehumanization imposed on them by the racist society in which they live. Many hustling “leaders” are pimping that bliss in a heretofore unbelievable rise of their own careers, and trying to cover their hustle by making ad hominem attacks on those who call-out their misuse of people they purport to lead.
    Meanwhile, being a successful right-winger and also Democratic became possible in the 1980s when Al From formed the conservative wing of the party (Democratic Leadership Counsel) and virtually took over with the election of Bill Clinton in 1992. It was that right-wing faction of the party that selected President Obama to become victorious in 2008, along with conservative Republicans, mostly Reaganites.
    Reaganites oppose affirmative action, and, as far as any objective observer can tell, so does president Obama. In addition to statements that affirmative action should be class rather than race based, and should be more available to whites (see Obama takes on affirmative action, New York Times, May 15, 2007), the president’s administration failed to appeal the 2008 U. S. Court of Appeals ruling against affirmative action in  U.S. Defense Department contracting. The contractual requirement stipulated that 5% (it should have been 12%) of all defense contracts go to African Americans was overturned by the Rothe Development Corp. vs Department of Defense ruling. However, rather than appeal the ruling, President Obama issued an executive order ending the requirements in September 2010. 
    Republican support for President Obama’s election quests is unprecedented in American presidential politics. Dozens of Reaganite  journalists, top intellectuals and politicians, all supported his presidential runs (seeSupported by Republicans, Obama takes the lead in presidential race, by Deborah Scott:; June 10, 2007). But why?
    The answer can be found in the right-wingers’ own words. In an October 27, 2008  article in The Atlantic, The top Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Should vote for Obama, the author listed the reasons in reverse order. Therefore, number ten was actually number one. It was, “to end the era of Jesse Jackson and identity politics.” In other words, what was left of the civil rights movement and therefore all Black claims to systemic grievances, would end with the event of an Obama presidency in their analysis.
    The fundamental question, in my view, before African Americans is were they correct? That is the question each African American must ask him /herself after becoming informed of all the facts. 
    The president has confessed that he is a Reaganite (see: Obama: I’m a 1980s Moderate Republican, News Max, by Sandy Fitzgerald, December 15, 2012. The may 9, 2011 edition of TIME magazine’s cover story wasWhy Obama Loves Reagan. In his book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream (2008), the president stated that Reagan was his hero because Reagan ended the “excesses” of the 1960s. But the 1960s is the decade when landmark Civil Rights laws of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, etc., were passed. Reagan’s loathing of these laws, and his successful and attempted roll-back of these measures is well known.
    Also, well known is Reagan’s contempt for the poor, his “welfare queens” vitriol against Black welfare mothers, and his transferring of wealth from the middle and bottom income groups to the top income group is also well known. His war on drugs (Blacks) while benignly neglecting Blacks’ economic needs (“rising tides lift all boats”), and other anti-Black policies are not the type of hero any sane African American would want his/her “role model” idolizing and imitating. But Blacks for the most part don’t know — or in some cases, are not willing to accept — the truth.
    In conclusion, there is no psychological evidence that president Obama’s insatiable thirst for insulting Blacks is rooted in either personal unconscious unresolved conflicts specific to transference. Likewise, there is no evidence that the irresponsible insults are based on sociological facts. Rather, the evidence strongly suggests that the specious insults are consistent with a right-wing ideology adopted by the president either as a result of core-value beliefs or political expediency. 
    This ideology seeks to protect the status quo from any policy implementations to help Blacks by blaming the victims. It focuses on false narratives of the poor (especially the Black poor) as being immoral, lazy, without personal responsibility, etc., and therefore unworthy of socio-economic policy support as an explanation of why there is none. Social scientists call it the “deficit’ model, or view.  The president’s use of it to insult Blacks and impress whites who hold those stereotypical ideas about Blacks is simply his being consistent with his right-wing ideology. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    No informed person, Black or white, should expect anything else.

  79. RicardoJones says:

    (james wilson)
    Moreover, the specious, stereotypical,  claim that African American culture is “deficient” in terms of personalresponsibility specific to parenthood is as fictional as the president’s Dream memoirs and the monthly BLS unemployment stats (see, Rank Propaganda on Jobless Numbers; Unemployment Mumbo Jumbo, by Dave Lindorff, Counterpunch, March 4/2, 2012). According to Professor Coley (and other researchers, Black and White) “Emerging research on cultural influences on parenting beliefs in the African American community show family and community pressure on unmarried non-residential fathers to provide financial and child care support are at marginally higher rates than their white and Hispanic counterparts.” (Quoted from the American Psychological Association website, in the article The Changing Role of Modern Day Fathers (2012).
    Finally, when outcomes (the child’s anti-social or pro-social behavior) is considered in relation to responsible parenting, such as juvenile delinquency, drug use, etc., African American parents out perform their white and Hispanic counterparts yet again. Indeed, study after study, spanning decades show that Black juveniles use far less drugs than either their white or Hispanic counterparts. This is true, according to the research reportSubstance Abuse Among the African American Population (available on line, and uses findings from several research organizations), despite the fact that African American adolescents are more likely to be victims of alcohol marketing than adolescents of other groups. One example, listed in the study, found that African American youth are up to 81% more likely to be exposed to advertising for distilled liquors than their counterparts (Facts about Youth and Alcohol, AMA Report, 2003). Despite this marketing victimization,  findings in the same year of past month alcohol use show a demographic range from the top users whites = 54% to the lowest users Blacks=37%, with other groups distributed between the top and bottom use groups.  As regards illicit drug use trends, the data are consistent with Blacks being the least likely, or among the least likely, to engage in that behavior. Only here, Whites are led by “American Indians” =12.1%; those reporting two or more races = 12.0 %; Native Hawaiians = 11.1%; whites = 8.3 %; Hispanics = 8.0 %; Blacks = 6.7 % to 8.7 %, and Asian Americans=3.8%. There is no credible data anywhere that empirically prove Blacks are the leaders in any of the behaviors they are scolded for; publically insulted for. Even the FBI annual Uniform Crime Report show that whites commit the most juvenile offenses. And since whites are less likely to be arrested and charged with criminal behavior, and since, as the Uniform Report itself cautions in explaining the weaknesses of its data, only in those cases where crimes are reported, are data aggregated, there is no knowing the exact percentage of greater white criminality than Blacks.
    Unfortunately for Blacks, just as they are more likely to suffer adverse health effects from alcohol and illicit drug use than whites (although using less) due to poverty (inadequate access to health care and stress due to the way they are forced to live), they are also the most likely to be arrested and prosecuted (see The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age Of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander).
    Given these facts, the president, as the leader of all Americans, would be more responsible (and accurate) if he’d direct his lectures on responsible parenting to whites and Hispanics and hold Blacks up as an example of good parenting. Then, he should publicly admit that Racism (in terms of disproportionate Black poverty and other issues) is the proximate cause of what ails many African Americans, and the ultimate cause is socio-economic public policies.
    Therefore, he should use executive orders to the extent that he constitutionally can, and his bully pulpit (afforded him by the fact of his being the president) where his executive orders have no legal purview, to implement policies and advocate for all Americans. Since Blacks are Americans too (at least during election season) that means Blacks also. In short, if he would show person responsibility himself, as it relates to his sworn duties and rhetoric, lead by example, then perhaps he would be better positioned to lecture other Blacks, whose only shortcomings are a lack public policy support from him and misguided blind obedience to him. 
    In conclusion, a sociological exploration cannot support the delirious claim that the president is” telling the truth” when he scoldingly insults Blacks about personal responsibility and fatherhood, etc.. The cause of his thirst for insulting Blacks, then, most lie elsewhere yet again.

  80. RicardoJones says:

    Sociological by (james wilson)
    Transitioning  from an individualistic psychological exploration of causality of the president’s thirst for insulting Blacks, to a broader sociological quest for facts, this discussion selected a quote from one of the delirious respondents to his last known insult of Blacks (Morehouse college, May 19, 2013) upon which to anchor an exploration. Having briefly addressed the fictional accounts of the president’s own sociological narrative as revealed by Remnick and Maraniss in the close of the psychological exploration, there is little value in a more detailed review in this section. Here, the focus on the sociological realities of those he “signifies and plays the dozens” on is more useful in answering the question of whether the delirious claim that “he is telling the truth” is actually true or not.
    The president’s favorite insult seems to be accusing Black fathers of being irresponsible and Blacks in general of lacking personal responsibility, blaming “the white man” (racism) for their plight, etc., etc., etc.
    But no credible social science data support the claim that Blacks are slackers regarding fatherhood, general parenthood, culture, or personal responsibility. The statistics are well known regarding the unemployment rate of African Americans, especially Black men. And, all credible social scientists ascribe that reality as the proximate reason for the struggles of Black families and fathers. The ultimate cause has been documented, beyond the possibility of contradiction,  as racism. So when Blacks, in touch with the state of the world in which they live, cite racism as the primary barrier to their success and quality of life, they are being intelligent. In fact, the generally accepted definition of intelligence is the ability to understand and negotiate ones environment.
    Social scientists generally agree on four criteria to define responsible fatherhood: (1) Providing financial support; (2) Providing care; (3) Providing emotional support, and (4) Establishing legal paternity.
    Despite the deliberate economic deprivation public policies used against Blacks (which have gotten worse during the present administration), causing their unemployment rates to be more than twice that of whites, even for college graduates, specific to official Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and five to ten times higher than whites when actual unemployment rates in certain African American zip codes are considered that are not calculated by BLS monthly fiction, Blacks still hold on, even the poorest ones, exhibiting a decency rivaling any in known human history.
    According to research by Professor Rebekah Levine Coley in (In)visible Men. Emerging research on low-Income, Unmarried, and Minority Fathers (American Psychologist-2001), and others, Black non-residential fathers (fathers who do not live with their children) perform in relation to the definition of responsible fatherhood as follow: (1) African American men who have jobs are more likely to be involved with their children;(2) non-residential African American fathers are more likely to be involved in their children’s lives than white or Hispanic men; (3) African American men are more likely to physically care for, feed and prepare meals for their children than either white or Hispanic men.

  81. RicardoJones says:

    Psychological (james wilson)
    The quote most relevant to a psychological analysis of what drives the president’s thirst was made by an “outraged” middle aged Black female caller to a local Black radio talk show. She claimed that the president was taking out his frustration with his late father’s leaving him in his early childhood against other Blacks. To investigate her claim, it is necessary to rely on tenets of psychoanalysis (Freudian psychology). In order to make matters clear and understandable, definitions of key concepts specific to her claim must be established.
    The key concepts she was referring to, but didn’t name, are called unresolved conflicts and  transference. Generally speaking, an unresolved conflict is caused by a situation that occurs in early childhood or adolescence that is conflictual and goes unresolved. Such a conflict is experienced unconsciously, and causes the individual to become fixated (stuck) in the developmental stage wherein the conflict occurred until it is resolved (loss of a parent is such an experience). Transference occurs when the unresolved-conflicted person transfers in substitution his/her feelings unto a symbolic other person (s). Actually, there are two types of transference; simple transference and countertransference, depending on the transactional relation of the transferee to the transference recipient.  For example, when a patient reacts to the therapist like he would his uncle because the therapist reminds him of his uncle, the patient is engaging in transference. But when the therapist reacts to the patient as he would his uncle, because the patient reminds him of his uncle, the therapist is engaging in countertransference. So, the relationship of the person doing the transference to the one being transferred upon determines whether it is simple or countertransference.
    Since it is widely believed that the president’s father (a Black man) abandoned him during his early childhood, and since such a separation would naturally cause an emotional conflict, operating on that information alone, it is reasonable to conclude (even for the untrained) that unconsciously rooted unresolved conflicts and countertransference are readily suspected reasons for the president’s thirst for insulting Blacks. 
    But the difference between the untrained and the trained is that the trained is never satisfied with simple explanations of behavior. While this very concept of ‘always look further,’ is popularized in general culture with sayings such as “you can’t judge a book by its cover” and “all that glitters isn’t gold,” etc., such cultural wisdom is not always adhered to.
    Such is the case with the issue of whether the president’s thirst for insulting Blacks is a function of unresolved conflicts and, therefore, transference, i.e., he is taking out his unresolved conflict with his father against other Blacks.
    The source of the president’s claim that his father “abandoned” him is his memoir, Dreams For My Father(1995). In that book, the president wrote about his father’s abandoning him, his search for racial identity, etc. But subsequently, researchers have discovered that the book was mostly fiction. Former New Yorker magazine editor, David Remnick, wrote in The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barrack Obama (2010) that the president’s book Dreams contained over three dozen fictional accounts of his life experiences. One of which is the claim that he was abandoned by his father. Instead, it was his mother who left his father, and not the other way around. Remnick further asserts that the president wrote Dreams in an effort to manufacture for himself an African American narrative, as he prepared himself for an upstart political career in mainly African American electoral districts.
    But did the president know at the time that his farther had not actually abandoned him? Moreover, usually doing divorce or other types of parental separation from children, the children tend to blame themselves for the separation and not blame either parent. For example, mom/dad left because of me, I was/am bad, etc. It is also true that significant others (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) often influence children’s thinking, typically blaming the parent they least favor for the separation agony experienced by the children, e.g., “your father left your mother because he is irresponsible, no good,”  and so on.
    Significant others input notwithstanding, during the 2008 presidential debate, when the president told the whole world that the most significant event of his life was when his Black father abandoned him, was he playing to the racist stereotype of the “irresponsible black father,” trying to find relatedness with women of all races who’d experienced single-parenting due to absent fathers, or what?  My bet is he was reinforcing stereotypes of Black fathers. By his own admission, he lived around racists most of his life and knows full well how they think regarding Blacks and stereotypes.   
    This is especially probable, since David Maraniss, wrote in his 600 page book: Barack Obama: The Story(2010) that the president’s claims in Dreams and subsequent speeches of being reared by a single mother on food stamps and “abandonment” by his father were false. Instead, the president was reared in privilege accessible to only a few people, Black or white. Moreover, Maraniss has reportedly had direct discussions with the president wherein the president admitted that the claims he made in Dreams and subsequent speeches and interviews were false.
    Given this, there is no evidence that the president’s thirst for insulting Blacks is grounded in any unconscious unresolved conflicts or transference. Additionally, whatever issue the president reportedly had in that regard were supposedly resolved during his 2006 trip to his paternal ancestral homeland of Kogelo, Kenya. That was seven years ago, he last actively insulted Blacks (to my knowledge) two weeks ago.
    The cause then, must lie elsewhere.

  82. RicardoJones says:

    President Obama’s Thirst for Insulting Blacks: A Psycho-Social-Political Search for Motives
    Since President Obama’s arrival on the national scene a little over four years ago, and was declared “the first clean, fresh, and intelligent” Black in history, the “role model” has exhibited an insatiable thirst for insulting African Americans. These insults have been manifested both actively and passive aggressively. Actively, he has established a pattern of “talking down” to Blacks by “signifying and playing the dozens.”  Passive aggressively, he has insulted Blacks by his willful failure to mention them in his election-victory and policy speeches (insult by omission). He has done these things despite the fact that African Americans are the demographic group most responsible for, in the words of his 2008 campaign theme song by Jackie Wilson, “lifting [him] higher, and higher, than [he’d] ever been lifted before.” Moreover, he has exhibited this pattern of insults despite the fact that, as he told the Morehouse College grads–to justify his insulting of them and their families– he is “Black” himself. This discussion will explore possible psychological, sociological, and political explanations of the president’s thirst for insulting Blacks.
    As is the inevitable norm, whenever President Obama issues one of his annual active insults, two distinct response-types are emitted by the insulted Blacks themselves: (1) Delirium (manifested in blind obedience), and (2) Outrage. The first group is characterized by apologetic, enabling, irrational rationalizations, and, in some cases, exhibiting considerable evidence of transpersonal identity disorder, e.g., …”He didn’t really mean it” … “The white folks made him do it, you know if he says anything good about Black folks, the whites will attack him”… “He just told the truth” … “You just can’t please Black folks, God sent this man, and to go against him is to go against God”… “While y’all  ‘haters’ be talking that mess, I just wanna touch the hem of his suit [garment] so my arthritis can go away”… “I am him, and he is me.”  The second response-group typically consists of African Americans with an autonomous sense of group-pride in evidence long before the president’s 2008 “lifting.”  They tend to have a clear insult-threshold and a clear understanding of politics that informs their ability to discern contradictions in both behavior and policies.  The typical responses of this group to being insulted: “He can’t seem to find time to help Black people in a positive way, but he sure can find time to insult us” …”I’m through with him, that’s the last straw. These youngsters have worked hard and finished a good college [Morehouse], and all he can do is lecture them about ‘blaming the white man’ and ‘personal responsibility,’ that was uncalled for” … “Who is he to lecture other Blacks about ‘personal responsibility,’ where’s his personal responsibility when he’s trying to cut aid to the poor and Social Security for old folks and the disabled?” .. “He didn’t grow up in the Black community and, therefore, knows nothing about us” … “When he makes these insults, he’s not talking to Blacks, he’s talking about Blacks to whites. The Black audience is just a prop, he’s actually talking to whites to confirm their stereotypical views of Blacks “… “If these “Uncle Toms’ would stop co-signing everything he says and does, maybe he’d stop treating us the way he does” … ” What about telling those students the truth? They need student loan forgiveness (not a lower interest rate) and jobs befitting their educational attainment, not the low wage jobs that the economy is so-called creating, while all the wealth goes to his Wall Street cronies” … “He needs to stop taking out his dislike for his daddy against other Black people.”
    I decided to use some of the above quotes, collected from Internet readings, talk radio hosts and callers, and personal interactions over the past week or so, as the foundation of my psycho-social-political exploration in search of a cause of the president’s insatiable thirst for insulting Blacks

  83. MisterHix says:

    @RicardoJones… ricardo, Ricardo, RICARDO!… Again you’re projecting and this time projecting the opinion of others that (perhaps because its written and you read it) you think it the Gospel… and that’s sad Ricardo because you’re allowing others to think for you. Ricardo “We are as individually complex as we are many, a multitude of diverse personalities, compounded with just as many divergent opinions as those relative. Yet still among the multitudes there exist plausible, divergent, and diverse, personalities of distinction. Seemingly exempt of the masses’ exhausting expedition, we marvel at his accomplishments as being exemplary; after having scornfully objected to his distinctive way of thinking.
    ‘Drumming His Own March’ (MisterHix 7/20/93)”
    It’ll be interesting to hear your take (opinion-wise) on our Nation’s next White President in comparison to our Nation’s First Black.
    He need know that “while reading is fundamental, comprehension is paramount.

  84. RicardoJones says:

    MisterHix  There are many strong Borthers like Ricardo Jones and Kenneth Ford  .

    There are also many cowards in the Black community today.
    Sellouts and Cowards are in style today!

  85. RicardoJones says:


  86. RicardoJones says:

    MisterHix This isn’t about Ricardo Jones. This is about the Rule of Law for all people to include us Black people. I’m apart of the Black Poor and Working Class and PROUD! Whom are you?

  87. RicardoJones says:

    MisterHix The next President of the USA!

  88. leonjonessr says:

    MisterHixAre you familiar with the results of the raising of the minimum wage over the years?  Has it succeeded in lifting anyone out of poverty?  Has it boosted anyone into the middle class?  What has happened to the offspring of those who were working a minimum wage job at the time it was raised?  What happens to the jobs or lack thereof of the youth when the minimum wage is raised?  Please do some more research on the subject and see who is really helped/hurt the most.  The restaurant business is already talking about automated window tellers instead of young people who really need to stand in those windows.  I am interested to know the positive effect other than, “..its a matter of survival for far too many.”  You see, MisterHix, I am from that ancient age when we were paid $.30 per hour for 10 hour days.  The minimum wage drove the price up to $.75, $1.10, $1.25, and on and on until just a few years after I left that occupation to pursue a college degree there were only one or two people doing what 20 or 30 people had previously done.

  89. MisterHix says:

    @RicardoJones… (I know you meant “Who are you” and not “Whom are you”)… At the age of twenty four I was a self employed retailer (in Norther Jersey’s Bergen County – at the time the third riches county in the Nation 1976-1980). Following “the Rule of Law for all people”. I was “apart of the Black Poor and Working Class and PROUD!” and I’m PROUDER today for having had the opportunity to provide a service to (though predominately White) patrons of all colors. I’m especially “Proud” of the fact that in 38 days I will turn 62 years old, and will shortly thereafter venture into yet another entrepreneurial endeavor. In which unknowingly you yourself will partake.
    There are many successful Blacks that you will never hear or read about Ricardo, because their success is not “Pimping” the lecture circuit, vying (Preacher like) scholarly attention via their conjured ridicule and criticism. Praying on the naive, less astute and gullible, who in turn like carrier pigeons dropping their droppings, stain the minds of the mindless looking to the heavens for salvation.
    You’re absolutely right Ricardo… “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” especially on fictional political propaganda. You need learn to read between the lines, to dicier the BS.

  90. MisterHix says:

    @RicardoJones… And who did you think “The next President of the USA” was going to be before the first election of Barack Obama?

  91. RicardoJones says:

    MisterHix I see said the blind man! A coward dies a thousand deaths a HERO only one!

  92. MisterHix says:

    @RicardoJones… An in-depth Study of Our Nation’s Black History is paramount for you… perhaps… to better understand assassination of character.

  93. MisterHix says:

    @RicardoJones… I see you’re the epitome of stupidity when you don’t know what to say in reply to. Its characteristic the naive.

  94. MisterHix says:

    @leonjonessr… and the reason for your leaving “that occupation to pursue a college degree” if not to elevate yourself to a higher wage earning position? First and foremost leon how poor would you be today if poverty were (which it is) a state of mind? I don’t know if your taking my words out of context or you failed to comprehend my meaning of “its a matter of survival for far too many”. Might I ask what degree you pursued?

  95. CarolParks says:

    Dr. Benjamin Carson is a brilliant surgeon. But, his politics stink! He will never be elected President, & in fact the whole GOP Party is collapsing. But, live in your ” bubble”, just like Fake Fox Lies.

  96. CarolParks says:

    MisterHix, a little bit early, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀

  97. CarolParks says:

    Lol! Dr. Carson made a fool out of himself by disrespecting the President of the United States. Typical REPUKE. How shocked you must have been, when Mitt RobMe lost! But, I loved election night watching Fake Fox Lies, & Carl Rove falling apart as Meghan Kelly tried to. Convince him that President Obama had been re-elected! Great night! 😀

  98. CarolParks says:

    Leonjonessr, you seriously believe this garbage? Lol! I feel sorry for you. Get a real education please!

  99. MisterHix says:

    @Carol Parks… Thank You Carol… it feels Good! to look forward to living.

  100. Empress Mennon says:

    CarolParks Mitt Romney’s father worked until fatigue to get fair housing for Black americans. there is much you do not know, ms parks. you are a collaborator and your goal is to keep people politically ignorant.

  101. Empress Mennon says:

    RicardoJones Excellent commentary.

  102. RicardoJones says:

    Empress Mennon RicardoJones I voted for Mitt Romney. I don’t vote skin color and/or for unproven individuals who owe favors to corrupt people like the Daley’s. Yes I know whom the Daley’s are. Romney has a proven track record. Thank you Sir for speaking up. There are many whom are part of the problem. The person who wrote the commentary understands game of smoke and mirrors.

  103. MisterHix says:

    @Empress Mennon… Perhaps unbeknownst to you you’ve more than proven yourself to be the most politically naive mennonite here, and more the simple minded wooly eyed (RicardoJones) collaborator.
    “Mitt Romney’s father worked until fatigue to get fair housing for Black Americans” for personal gain profiting handsomely indirectly from Government subsides; the Government subsidizing (Section8 like) “America’s Fair Housing Act. It wasn’t a Black affinity, there were thousands of poor Whites and other ethnicities included. Contrary to your thinking it an act of kindness on the part of George W. Romney, truth is it was all about the Government subsidizing housing rental for the poorly paid auto Black autoworkers of Detroit. With priority being to exploit and contain them to Urban Detroit.
    Google George W Romney… and read between the lines.

  104. MisterHix says:

    @RicardoJones… Reading you I’d venture to say you (probably) voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin too… and I’d further say with no pun intended you’re probably still trying to find yourself/place politically and personally.
    Again I employ you to earnestly research our Black History, and while at it pay particular attention to those political power players (like George H W Bush) in positions of power during the Civil Rights Movement. Try to think outside the box when reading between the lines (especially) about the assassinations and subsequent investigations into the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK. Knowledge Is Power Ricardo… thus there’s no need for you to be or become combative about your being further enlightened. We learn daily.

  105. Empress Mennon says:

    MisterHixthe comments were not meant to discuss who got paid. we already know who gets paid in this world for everything and who controls the money.  this discussion is about who did what to improve the lives of Black people in america. romney was not supported by his own president also from the same party, with regard to fair housing for Black america. why? because the president did not want to allenate white america or overwhelm them by providing fair housing to the decendents of those who built this racist, dirty country.

  106. ShelleyPeterson says:

    This read was a waste of my “Black Female Time”, simply a damn waste & disappointment my Brothers!

  107. ShelleyPeterson says:

    RicardoJones CarolParks Very ignorant comment and in poor taste better yet No taste! You really had many options with your intelligence, only lord knows why you chose the lowest road to take on this one… imho

  108. ShelleyPeterson says:

    CarolParks Very well stated Carol

  109. ShelleyPeterson says:

    MisterHix Very well stated, I fully agree.

  110. ShelleyPeterson says:

    MisterHix “Universal Law” more people need to read up and follow them.  “Think and Grow Rich” a book my dad made us grow up on is filled with Universal a child and young adult I learned it was not a book about dollars and cents. Great point MisterHix..

  111. ShelleyPeterson says:

    CarolParks I love the way you roll lady! You stay true to you, I’m sure you will.

  112. MisterHix says:

    @Shelley Peterson… for the most part Shelley your point is valid… then again we (Brothers & Sisters) need try to teach and persuade one another when off track to stay on track with thought (of one another). Worst is there is a whole generation to follow that’s totally out of touch.

  113. RicardoJones says:

    The collaborators ie: (Uncle Tom’s and/or Sellout’s) with our oppressors are recruited from mostly non-HBCU’s. HBCU’s are now under the direct control of our oppressors. If we don’t use our votes to send a message to the party that sold us out, were done as a major minority group. Its vogue to be a Uncle Tom and/or Sellout Coward TODAY!

  114. leonjonessr says:

    CarolParksDon’t feel sorry for me, it it you who are ignorant about what is going on in our country.  I really feel sorry for you being so naive.

  115. leonjonessr says:

    Who do you know that ultimately benefited from their minimum wage income going up?  The wages paid to employees comes out of the revenues taken in from customers of the business where the minimum wager earner works.  When their wage goes up their cost of food goes up and eats up their minimum wage increase.  A executive was ask about that on C-SPAN and was also asked about the global warming hoax and how because of that hoax we will have to pay $5 for a light bulb beginning January 1, 2014.  With the cost of light bulbs going ten times higher how can that help the low wage earner?  She skirted around the issue.  The minimum wage causes the unskilled, mainly non-white youths, to be left out of the workforce.  The unemployment among Black youths is currently around 50%.  The minimum wage will only exasperate the issue.

  116. leonjonessr says:

    MisterHixMy degree was Agriculture Economics with a minor in Mathematics.  I just completed my MBA in May of 2013.

  117. ShelleyPeterson says:

    MisterHix You are so right, we must try to teach and persuade one another to stay on a true or real track.  I do believe that some are more interested in making a name or trying to make a profound statements that will seem to make them stand above his competition and this becomes more important than just keeping it real. Then again some of it I believe is just plain jealousy.  imho but I could be wrong… however I do thank you for the reminder … 🙂

  118. CarolParks says:

    Shelley Peterson, thank-you so much for your kind comment! It is rare that I ever get a positive response! Lol! Have a very wonderful day! 🙂

  119. RicardoJones says:

    Jacqeuline Berrien’s husband Peter Williams received his Job at Megar Ever College thur Goode-Trufant’s husband. The recruits by Ms. Goode-Trufant paid tides to her husband the Right Rev. Trufant. Ms. Trufant is the Church Mother of Ms. Berrien Chair of the Rogue EEOC.

  120. SamanthaMorris says:

    If his father was absent he is to blame.  How in the hell do you give credit to someone that you’ve only seen twice in your life?  You really need to move on because  your article are reaching more and more.

  121. SamanthaMorris says:

    If his father was absent he is to blame.  How in the hell do you give credit to someone that you’ve only seen twice in your life?  You really need to move on because  your article are reaching more and more.

  122. IbnAlNooriSadiq says:

    ShelleyPeterson  if you love Obama and his policies you might as well kill yourself right now

  123. ShelleyPeterson says:

    IbnAlNooriSadiq ShelleyPeterson  a beyond ignorant response. Really?? then you and I  need not even try to converse here. Prayers up for you.

  124. MisterHix says:

    @ Shelley Peterson… Ignorance knows no boundaries. thus people who displays an ignorance beyond stupidity need not be addressed or acknowledged.

  125. ShelleyPeterson says:

    MisterHix  again you are right lol, however somethings should be left to other’s whom are better at it.  In this case you would be better to spill some knowledge on IbnAinooriSadiq, my level of irritation produces blockage lol..

  126. MisterHix says:

    @ Shelley Peterson…To the contrary your “level of irritation” like mine is what’s needed here, and while it is frustrating and at time seemingly frustratingly impossible to reach the naive, more effort need be applied.
    It’s really sad so many Blacks both young and old lack political astuteness, especially at this juncture in Black History. Sadder is the fact that so many Black blogging entrepreneurs choose the petty gossip paths, with intention to enrage and incite readers more so than enlighten… just to make a fast buck.
    When you study the paid and paying advertisers here (those advertising to further exploit and extort the naive Blacks), its more than evident how we are more times than not our own worst enemy.
    Sad, sad, sad

  127. ShelleyPeterson says:

    MisterHix  so very on point. I could not agree more..I just hope the bloggers and writers start to be true to their core self sooner than later …and try more to learn from our past what we can do better or differently than previous. You just keep getting me don’t you (smile) making me do the right thing.  tk u 🙂

  128. MisterHix says:

    It’s more than evident that both our wanting to do the right thing was instilled (if not innate) from our parental guidance. So many for lack of parental guidance, lack of family unity, and thus discord find it difficult as adolescents and adults to find their place or purpose in life. More so than not those lost in search of guidance having been stifled health-wise and educationally all their lives, tend to subconsciously jump on the party bandwagons, that sounds the most ruckus.
    Might I suggest to you Shelley, that you (after research) start a blog, that takes and maintains the high-road (You have that knack for communicating on a enlightening intellectual level).

  129. CarolParks says:

    MisterHix  I agree! I hope Shelley takes your advice. And maybe you too could start a Blog! 🙂

  130. CarolParks says:

    ShelleyPeterson MisterHix  Shelley you handle yourself like a Pro on here with your elegance, & common sense. I hope you consider MisterHix’s advice, and start a Blog! 🙂

  131. CarolParks says:

    ShelleyPeterson IbnAlNooriSadiq  This is what I mean. Shelley,  you have a lot of CLASS! Just an awesome answer! 🙂

  132. RicardoJones says:

    On Thursday, February 6, 2014 2:30 PM, “” <> wrote:Mrs. McMahon
    Please don’t take my request personal. It has been brought to my attention that EEOC is failing the Black community nationwide. I know for a fact that Colorado Black educators have experienced discrimination in Colorado public, private/charter schools and EEOC has not taken action. In Denver, Denver Public Schools are the number one civil and human rights violators. Please contact Cozette Hammock-West or Annette Sills-Brown for additional information.
    Based on my findings, Black Communities United for Progress recommend you contact the Coalition for Change (C4C) and Mrs. Jordan can give specific information about how EEOC discriminates against Blacks when we file complaints. This is a national problem.
    Senator Mark Udall has an obligation to address these issues and stop playing games with the Black community. As I mentioned in the letter to him, February is Black History Month and the theme is Civil Right in America. We also celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is time for him to stop window dressing and enforce civil rights laws and hold government officials, agencies and other institutions receiving federal dollars accountable. Since I live within Colorado Springs School District 11 and this school district is the #1 Civil Rights Violator in Colorado Springs, I asked him to take action. I also asked him to take action when EEOC fails to take action on behalf of Blacks when they have valid cases.
    This is a mid-term election year and it is time he shows and demonstrates that he is upholding the law. I am talking about taking action against Civil Rights Violators. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission is also a civil and human rights violator and the federal and state governments should not fund the agency. Senator Udall should be ashamed to waste taxpayers money and only contact Blacks during election year.
    We hope you join us in our efforts and encourage Senator Mark Udall to investigate EEOC unethical and unprofessional practices and take action to improve the performance of EEOC for Blacks when we file complaints.
    PS: Senator Mark Udall, since the Democrat Party takes Black votes for granted we are demanding that you take immediate action. Black Communities United for Progress are not going to support you for reelection if these issues are not addressed. Your Black connections are sell outs to the community because they have failed to represent us on these issues. Please! Please! Please don’t use them as a distraction from the real issues. We are also connected to other ethnic minority groups and they support our efforts.
    The game is over. We will not be ignored.
    I await your reply.
    James Tucker
    Black Communities United for Progress
    Juneteenth Caribbean State Director
    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Re: [FWD: Expanding Opportunity this Black History Month]
    Date: Thu, February 06, 2014 10:37 am
    Good morning Dr. Tucker,
    I just read your email and read that you asked Senator Udall to stop EEOC employees, managers and the director from discriminating against Blacks when they file complaints by not properly investigating cases and not taking action to alleviate discrimination.
    Have you been receiving complaints that the EEOC-Denver Field Office is engaging in discrimination against African-Americans and not properly investigating their charges and/or not taking action to alleviate discrimination?
    If so, the Denver Field Office would like to address this issue. What would you recommend?
    Thank you in advance for helping us address this issue.

  133. ShelleyPeterson says:

    CarolParks ShelleyPeterson IbnAlNooriSadiq  OMG, did my friend send you guys here to say that…He has been trying to get me to start a blog for the last 2 years.  LOL, I don’t believe you both said that.  I would not make a good blogger because I am better at responding and I don’t feel I am very good at blogging from scratch … I’m pretty sure it would not be a good idea… but thanks for all the kind words and if someone did send you tell them I’m still not the one hahahah.. huggs to both of you 🙂
    P.S. MisterHix you on the other hand would be great at it, now that I agree with you on Carol but he needs no help from me he would be perfect for blogging… How about MisterHix… I am great at promoting others…and I’m sure Carol would be great at spreading your blog too. So what say you sir??? ( seriously let me know)

  134. ShelleyPeterson says:

    MisterHix  very flattering to my ego..but I am not the one …just keeping it real , I know I am not it 🙂

  135. ShelleyPeterson says:

    CarolParks ShelleyPeterson MisterHix   kind words are much appreciated but I know I am not the blogger one. How about you Carol and MisterHix.. bloggers? I’ll be glad to promote you for sure

  136. CarolParks says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks Shelley Laysi  IbnAlNooriSadiq   Hello Shelley! You are so modest about your talents! 😉  No, no one sent me, just an observation! I always love people who have a positive outlook, or positive suggestions. Being negative hurts anyone before you even try & solve any problem.

    I blog a lot on the Huffington Post, & other places, & love to write. I saw the stories on here and thought they were interesting, but way too negative many times. Plus, people are individuals, and throwing a whole culture under the bus is so wrong. Too much hatred in this world, and way too much evil is making it harder and harder to keep people’s perspective positive. Your opinions on here are very refreshing!

  137. CarolParks says:

    Shelley Laysi  MisterHix  You could be! Just saying! 😉

  138. CarolParks says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks Shelley Laysi  MisterHix  One more thing, your smile Shelley is AWESOME!

  139. CarolParks Shelley Laysi  MisterHix  Wow CarolParks you are really good.  I don’t know what else to say but I am happy you are blogging lady…now I see why!  You know how to connect your dots to make your point stand tall …I would love to visit your blog and you should press MisterHix to blog for sure 🙂

  140. CarolParks Shelley Laysi  MisterHix  Very catchy  hook there , your keen eyes too I see.  never would have thought of that I just say it in everyday life …you’re good lady 🙂

  141. CarolParks says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks MisterHix
      You are way too kind Shelley, but thank-you for your comments. I owe you an apology, as I did not state my last comment descriptive enough. I write or comment on many articles in the Huffington Post, & other News Papers & Places. I do not have my own private Blog. I am sorry for confusing you. My work keeps me extremely busy, so I like to write my opinions as a way to relax if that makes sense. I’m very passionate politically and very emotional over any injustice. Especially children. But, I also am an animal advocate and you might say a pushover in that department. LOL! 

    Anyway you are a true delight, if only there were a lot more people like you Shelley, this world would be a much nicer place. Enjoy your evening!

  142. CarolParks Shelley Laysi  MisterHix  Well like wise Carol, I’m so glad we met here.  I understand your passion as I too am very passionate about my politics …if you are on facebook do look me up .  either way I would love to keep in friendship. Huggs 🙂

  143. CarolParks says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks MisterHix   Thanks so much Shelley! You make my day! ha, ha. I only use FB so I can Blog, but have no friends on there as I stopped that along time ago, and decided it was not for me. BUT! I am always commenting on here, HP, NY Times, and many places, so I am sure we will keep in touch. I also quit Twitter, as all this social media was taking up too much of my time, and also giving out too much of my personal info to strangers. Which BTW please be careful, as there are some really sick ppl out there. Anyway you are a blessing to anyone you know! Hopoe to see more of your comments! Or if yoiu change your mind aboiut having a Blog, let me know
    I will support you & join! 🙂

  144. RicardoJones says:

    This is what good descent Black people are experiencing under this phony adminstration (Obama).
    Life Coach at WE RISE, INC
    HI Ricardo 
    Please, we in Detroit have a better story. Obama, has allowed, as he is the HEAD in charge of America, GOP in MI to setup an Anarchy Government in Detroit. They left a Straw Man Government in place to give the appearance of Democracy, the citizens voted them in? Many legal questions remain regarding Nov. 2013 elections. U.S. government has turned their heads. The [p]reachers here: Wendell Anthony, Horace Sheffield, his daughter, rev Wiliams, Bullock, to name a few have ALL acted as the African Tribal Chiefs who sold us out to the King of England. Detroit has become the new 21st colonial city of the King. We have a government of Corruption run by Thugs. Hillary Clinton and family, the Obama’s are NO-Thing more than a Straw Government set in place while America and Democracy are being taken away. The Gop/Dems are joined at the hip??? Americans Black and White had better start paying attention too much time has already passed!!! We should talk and soon:)

  145. MauriceBryant says:

    The only thing Obama has done ws change the sentencing disparities in drug cases that mostly affects blacks. Its as if he knows he’s done nothing economically for blacks to get employment but for those that will sacrifice their freedom at least you don’t have to spend your life behind bars. He campaigned only promising hope. We’re still hoping.

  146. MauriceBryant  hummm it is unfortunate that your view is so shallow from were you stand, I don’t believe you are seeing the forest while standing amongst the trees.  Might I suggest you take two steps back and close your eyes and then when you open them again hopefully you will see another and much richer point of view. just a suggestion Mr Bryant 🙂

  147. MisterHix says:

    @Maurice… If President Obama gave you nothing else but “Hope” then you need heed Shelley Laysi’s advise… Had the president offered you a DC street sweeping job for your lack of other (educational) skills would you be so incline to decline? …Think about it… “take two steps back and close your eyes… when you open them again hopefully you will see” the mere fact that he is President has given you the opportunity to better yourself… “a much richer point of view”… think of it as a hand up and not a hand out, and you just might see life from a different perspective.

  148. MisterHix says:

    @Shelley Laysi… send a friend invite via FB ( to Ronald Hicks with same pic as here)… I tried to find you but to no avail. Thanks

  149. dbarber1 says:

    MisterHix  Love it!

  150. MisterHix  Gladly Mr Hicks.  My link fb is:

  151. MisterHix  Well I must say MisterHix, I do believe you complete me quite well. I 2nd dbarber1

  152. dbarber1 MisterHix  I 2nd that emotion

  153. MisterHix  Sorry also unable to locate you on fb.  However my fb page is public and the link provide should get us connected there.  Profile pic is Betty Boop

  154. MisterHix says:

    @Ricardo Jones… and you said (posted) that to say what? … Study “History” man… stop being a hypocrite about “LIFE” and “The Powers That Be” in control of yours… Start with the confirmation hearings of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas… Thomas Vs Hill (Thomas is a George HW Bush appointment)… and then study the Civil Rights Movement History relative the sexual propaganda perpetrated against MLK… You really need get off that racist, self pontificating, bandwagon you’re riding Ricardo!… its not conducive the persona your wanting to project here.

  155. RicardoJones says:

    MisterHix  Thank you for your opinion. Black Star News and many nationwide were interested in the information I exposed!

  156. MisterHix says:

    @ Ricardo Jones… Thank You for the (non-usual belligerent) reply… and further keep in mind that “Black Star News” is not unlike “The National Enquirer” or any number of other “Super Market Tabloids” with the intent to incite; the lesser “nationwide” astute.

  157. templeva says:

    Shelley Laysi  MauriceBryant  lady you wrote nothing of real substance to Maurice.  Just all words, like Obama, he too is nothing but words.

  158. templeva says:

    MisterHix  man can you please explain what you just said to Maurice?  Because it looks like you just wrote a whole bunch of nothing.

  159. templeva Shelley Laysi  MauriceBryant  Just maybe you’re above us Ms templeva 🙂

  160. MisterHix says:

    @Maurice (probably) AKA templeva… While reading is fundamental comprehension is paramount… even as templeva you’ve more than proven yourself to be more ignorant in retort, which is indicative those who play mind games with themselves, for lack of cognizant skills.

  161. templeva says:

    MisterHix  stop name-calling and just explain what you mean.  Like I said, you just said a whole bunch of nothing, trying to defend your god Obama.

  162. templeva says:

    Shelley Laysi  templeva MauriceBryant  no, just hate empty words.

  163. MisterHix  below the pay grade me thinks sir 🙂

  164. MisterHix says:

    @templeva… most evident here (for lack of comprehension) is your educational journey having been a very arduous one… indicative the naive who view the dictionary as “a whole bunch of nothing”, while “trying to defend” their own stupidity.

  165. CarolParks says:

    BobEast  I am very confused by your statement that President Obama has not given praise to his father. Why would he? His father abandoned him at the age of two. Later in life in his teens he saw his Dad for one month only. His Mother never abandoned him, and her parent’s, his grandparent’s raised him in Hawaii. He was broken hearted by his grandmothers death the night before his election to President. He gave a speech and had tears in his eyes over his grandmother’s passing. He was extremely close to his grandparents.But, he was closest to his mother as I state in the article below. She was very impressive in the work she had done. She obviously wasn’t prejudiced, nor were her parents. But, not knowing his father because he abandoned him after the divorce was inexcusable.

  166. CarolParks says:

    BobEast  I only remember my father for one month my whole life, when I was 10. And it wasn’t until much later in life that I realized, like, he gave me my first basketball and it was shortly thereafter that I became this basketball fanatic. And he took me to my first jazz concert and it was sort of shortly thereafter that I became really interested in jazz and music. So what it makes you realize how much of an impact [even if it’s only a month] that they have on you. But I think probably the most important thing was his absence I think contributed to me really wanting to be a good dad, you know? Because I think not having him there made me say to myself ‘you know what I want to make sure my girls feel like they’ve got somebody they can rely on.'”,_Sr.#cite_note-Obama-65

  167. CarolParks says:

    BobEast  Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 – November 7, 1995), the mother of, the 44th, was an American who specialized in and Dunham was known as Stanley Dunham through high school, then as Ann Dunham, Ann Obama, Ann Soetoro, Ann Sutoro (after her second divorce), and finally as Ann Dunham. Born in,_Kansas, Dunham spent her childhood in,, and, her teenage years in,_Washington, and most of her adult life in and
    Dunham studied at the and at the at Manoa in Honolulu, where she attained a bachelor’s in anthropology or mathematics and master’s and Ph.D. in anthropology. Interested in craftsmanship, weaving and the role of women in, Dunham’s research focused on women’s work on the island of and blacksmithing in Indonesia. To address the problem of poverty in rural villages, she created programs while working as a consultant for the Dunham was also employed by the in and she consulted with the in, Towards the latter part of her life, she worked with, where she helped apply her research to the largest program in the world.
    After her son assumed the presidency, interest renewed in Dunham’s work: The University of Hawaii held a symposium about her research; an exhibition of Dunham’s Indonesian textile collection toured the United States; and in December 2009, published Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia, a book based on Dunham’s original 1992 dissertation. Janny Scott, an author and former reporter, published a biography about Ann Dunham’s life titled A Singular Woman in 2011. Posthumous interest has also led to the creation of The Ann Dunham Soetoro Endowment in the Anthropology Department at the, as well as the Ann Dunham Soetoro Graduate Fellowships, intended to fund students associated with the (EWC) in
    In an interview, Barack Obama referred to his mother as “the dominant figure in my formative years … The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.”

  168. CarolParks says:

    BobEast  In an interview, Barack Obama referred to his mother as “the dominant figure in my formative years … The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.”

  169. RicardoJones says:

    GOP Senator Trent Lott was removed from the senate for Racial Coding 2002. Senator Tom Harkin used Racial Coding to confirm Obama appointee and Chair of EEOC Jacqueline Berrien. Harkin wanted all Black complaints of race discrimination dismissed at the Rogue EEOC. Berrien’s went back to EEOC and did the above request of Senator Tom Harkin. The above was done at Berrien’s confirmation hearing witnessed by House Representative Yvette Clarke of Brooklyn (11) NY.

  170. goldnchyl says:

    This article is short-sighted in its assertion that President Obama doesn’t look out for the black community. Since all the work he has done on behalf of the disenfranchised disproportionately effects the black community, this argument has no grounds. Bill Cosby went through this too when he tried to call black folks on our ish. But we don’t want to hear it and as long as we keep coming up with excuses and finger-pointing at those with real solutions, then we’ll stay at the bottom of the food chain, at each other’s throats, living far beneath our abilities because of ego and resistance to seeing the big picture. 

    President Obama is the president of the whole nation, not just black people. We don’t need anyone to “fix” us. We only need get our priorities straight and take a good hard look at the man (or woman) in mirror. Change starts with me. Blaming the President of the United States for unemployment in our communities belies a serious lack of understanding about how the system works. President Obama  fights for things like ending student loan debt, healthcare, raising the minimum wage and more recently, his ‘Brother’s Keeper” initiative to address such issues as mentioned in this article. Black people benefit from these programs.

    There’s such beauty and brilliance among us but it’s this singular issue that poses the greatest threat, I feel. The crab pot mentality that keeps us from truly working with and for each other

  171. RicardoJones says:

    Affirmative Action gone Jim-Crow will rule day. The cowards have won. Hail to the President of cowards!

  172. RicardoJones says:

    Black unemployment rate 16 yrs and over annually under Obama
    2007    8.3 %
     2008  10.1%
     2009  14.8%
     2010  16.0%
     2011  15.8%
     2012  13.8%
     2013  13.1%

  173. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix  Those
    who have stood up against injustice and can prove it always make sense. On the
    other hand those who have been in complicit always fit the description Jesus
    made in Mark 6:4. Mister Hix, Shelley Laysi and others like them with never
    accept people who have did things they are too afraid to do. Look closely; everything
    they say here is in support of the Democratic Party and not their own race. Not
    one will support or address a single problem in Black America. Blaming Whites
    is their way of acting brave after the brave have torn down all the barriers. Most
    voters in America complains about the people they elect’ People like MisterHix
    spend their time complaining about the people they don’t vote for. They can’t
    fool us because we have been in the belly of the beast.

  174. thinkiqnc MisterHix HUmmmm… Not my own race??? What is it that I won’t say about my own race??? Do you even know what my own race is??  Your complete statement baffles me Sir thinkiqnc.. Why don’t you break it down to me so that I may partake, if you don’t mind my Brother please?

  175. thinkiqnc says:

    Shelley Laysi  thinkiqnc MisterHix  If I disagree with someone, I do so knowing and respecting
    that person right to their own opinion. So I read what I can find about them,
    then respond. You have quiet an impressive resume. This is why I can’t
    understand your use of this Bizzarro Logic. Siding with a man who condemns
    someone who exposed the abuses at the EEOC. Seems to me if you were actually
    interested in changing America, you wouldn’t take sides politically. Had Dr.
    King taken sides politically, Republicans would have never cross the aisles to
    pass the civil rights bill. When Democrats were lynching Blacks and enforcing
    Jim Crow laws no one blame the entire Democratic Party, just the Southern
    Democrats. So I see you as practicing Liberal racism by using misery to hide a
    political agenda. Non-profits are not supposed to take sides. That alone tells
    me where you are headed. Liberals and African American Democrats have
    controlled everything in the Black community for the last half century. Now today
    you blame Republicans for our social ills. Tell me one thing the party you
    backed; the President you support have done that benefitted its most loyal
    constituents. Bet none of you can do it without mentioning The GOP.

  176. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc… Mr. “thinkiqnc” have you noticed that, “Those” who stand up and stand out here with substance (a solid bases of fact) against all injustices are not the ones shrouded by alias names (like “thinkiqnc” etc.)?…  
    “Those” who cannot be honest first and foremost about who “THEY!” are from the start, are the ones most and more likely to be “descriptive” the hypocrite than not. Sadly but understandably their innate and naive fears instilled (inclusive the Bible) are the cause. Second to the fundamentals of reading and the lack of their comprehension of that read.  
    Were you Mr. “thinkiqnc” to earnestly “Think!”, and put just as much time, thought, energy, and understanding comprehensively into the real “single problem in Black America” as you put into “thinkiqnc” perhaps you’d realize the problem lies within you.
    Lacking comprehension and or surreptitiously and intentionally, you’ve taken words out of context, and as if to lend credence your speaking the Gospel, you interject (“Mark 6:4”) your instilled mythology.  How hypocritical is that… or should I ask how much sense does “A Mind Being A Terrible Thing To Waste” make to you? 
    Finally I’d like to say with no pun intended… If President Obama, has not given you even a sense of belief in yourself as “A Black Man”, I certainly would not even attempt to (prophetically or otherwise) rescue you from the crab barrel in which you obviously (feeling comfortably doomed) dwell.

  177. MisterHix says:

    @thinkiqnc… I beg to differ with you… though the structure of our political system can see complex to many at times, its really not. You asked to tell you one thing the President, and party we backed has done, beneficial it most loyal constituents, after having witnessed the passage of ObamaCare.  Or does that not count, because you personally (already insured) was not in need of it? As not to be redundant here… every piece of legislation President Obama initiated, enacted, and or was party to legislatively that was enacted you can Google. 
    When you speak of our legislative branches of government and Democrats verses Republican, you seem to be amiss of their being representatives of the voters (constituents) who vote. Poll numbers don’t lie. Black came out in record numbers to vote for President Obama, twice, as did Whites. Blacks only could not have guaranteed President Obama’s first or second election. While Senators and Congressmen can ride a Presidents coat tails to victory during a Presidential election, he or her election (as you know or should know) is not guaranteed. Having witnessed it in this last a Republican majority in the house and a Democratic majority in the senate, what does that tell you about Black folks voting?  Its a “Political” world Mr. thinkiqnc… some people vote to be represented and some don’t vote at all… and seemingly the ones who don’t vote look for the biggest hand out. We’ve come a long way… having a Black President in our lifetime… its unfortunate and sad that some Black people like crabs in the barrel, are so ready to rip him to shreds like they do one another.

  178. leonjonessr says:

    MisterHix I would like to posit that it is the President’s policies that I object to vehemently.  He has fundamentally transformed America and it looks nothing like the America in which I grew up.  There is a sign in a park that reads, “Don’t feed the animals because they will become dependent and wont be able to survive in the wild.”  The same thing happens when you feed humans when they are able to feed themselves.  There are a lot of needy people in America and I am sensitive to their needs. However, when you extend unemployment to 99 weeks you take away ones desire to earn a living for themselves.  And you take something else away from them.  That is the ability to utilize their talents. Some companies will not hire a person who has been off more than 6 month and without an illness as a reason.  Some people lose their skills or those skills become outdated and that leaves them dependent on the government check for  a while.  The best thing for  a person laid off is 13 weeks of unemployment compensation.  By the time the 13 weeks are up that person will already have some kind of work lined up.  Struggles strengthen, handouts weaken.

  179. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix thinkiqnc  ….And MisterHix is a complete bio. Thinkiqnc is meant to be
    a request asking people to think smart. I’m Jimmy Pratt and I pride myself on
    being open minded and willing to backup anything or charge with facts. No dogma
    here. I read many of your replies; it seems you have perfected the art of bloviating,
    Olympic conclusion jumping and you lack intellectual curiosity.
    As for as Obama giving me a sense
    of myself; unlike you, I got that from people like Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson,
    Garvey, people in my community and others. I didn’t wait, like you, until
    someone came along that look liked the Master’s son to believe in myself.
    Most people elect people to change things. You suggest that
    Ricardo Jones and others disenchanted with Obama should be satisfied with his
    presence. That’s not Democracy; that’s idol worship. You do this and when the
    problems come, It’s White people fault. If you really cared
    about the President, then why aren’t you trying to win people over? The President
    needs supporters. On this site, you have cancelled out your own vote.
    I didn’t need words from the
    Bible to know that people like you will never accept people who have not been
    endorsed by the ruling class. I know what Ricardo Jones did to advance the
    cause of social justice. And when you found out; I know what you said.
    I was under the impression
    that the goal of this site is to persuade people that your
    ideas are valid, or more valid than theirs. You argue that Clarence
    Thomas is a Bush appointee and MLK sexual permissiveness is a part of a conspiracy.
    That only proves that you are an ideologue with views that are bent and warped.
    What history lesson is that?

  180. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix  Can’t respond. I marched, and sued for civil rights. I had high school civics and I studied a little
    political science This don’t make sense.

  181. MisterHix says:

    @LeonJonesSr… I agree there are some people as I stated who are seemingly the ones who don’t vote but look for the biggest hand outs.  On the other hand for argument sake lets use real parables here… A factory worker works 30 years at a bread factory, factory closes down, he’s 48 years of age… he’s married, father of 3, his wife a stay at home mom… they own a modest 3 bedroom rural/suburban one family home, that their frugality afforded them. He’s out of work, has a mortgage that takes two and a quarter weeks of his unemployment, house overhead another week’s check, which leaves him 3 quarters a week’s check to feed his family. Out of desperation both he and his wife search for work but to no avail… 13 weeks might be (or seem) an adequate amount of time one skilled especially with multiple skills, but its not for a laid-off bread factory worker. You’re talking just shy of 2 and half months… before this family is forced to become dependent up the state’s welfare program, verses denying him to collect (not the exaggerated 99 weeks you profess but) even 52 weeks of the 1,550 (30X52) weeks that he paid into the system.  Ironically large profitable Employers (companies) who can more than afford to pay their share of unemployment (which too is a business write off), would rather spent the hundreds of thousands of dollars (that totals millions) to lobbyist who influence and buy legislators… though campaign contributions and outright bribes. Those are the handouts that weaken our Nation and it economy Mr. Jones… and further its people like Mr. thinkiqnc AKA Mr. Jimmy Pratt (here), having imagined 40 acres and a mule to be gifted him, 40 days after President Obama’s inauguration, who ignorantly in all his self proclaimed Blackness blindly spews his naively conceived notions of what a Black President should be. Sad! Sad! Sad!   
    Good or bad, desperate people out of work with absolutely no means of self support resort to desperate measures, particularly those on the lower rungs of the econmical latter… and we both know where they’re most likely to dwell. Maslow’s theory of survival is “ego, hunger, and aggression” in that order… a proud man will shroud his pride bearing pains of hunger until his aggressions consumes him. 
    (Foot note… Mr. thinkiqnc you haven’t been forgotten nor are you being dis… its late now… I’ll get back to you.)

  182. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix  In 2008 the party you backed controlled both houses of
    Congress and the White House. Did you African American Democrats address these
    issues: NO! As the people you backed turned their attention to bailing out Wall
    Street, supporting Gay marriage, illegal immigration and partial birth abortion
    African American Democrats still refuse to make any demands. Now you want to
    blame lobbyist for bribing legislators but you leave out bribes taken by Al
    Sharpton and the Congressional Black Caucus. And the affect that has on Black
    America When someone like M. Jones and myself come along and try to tell you,
    we are vilified. MisterHix, the government can’t print enough money to save
    people like you. The Republican Party is not making all these babies and
    killing all these children. What we need from Obama don’t cost anything. He could
    fix the corrupt EEOC or simply tell African American women to stop having
    babies they can’t feed or tell our young to stop killing each other. Better yet
    he can give the bully pulpit to those of us willing to say it. But why should
    he when he have a tribe of ignorant negroes worshipping him.
    Look at you. Right now, today, African American Democrat
    would go to the polls and vote a straight Democrat ticket for the 20 14 and
    2016 elections if they could. Everyone knows how you African Americans are
    going to vote and they have marginalized you. In essence, you have no vote. The
    only thing you can do with your vote is cancel out someone else vote.

  183. MisterHix says:

    @thinkiqnc… So Mr. think-i-q-n-c  you state “If you disagree with someone, you do so knowing and respecting that person’s right to their own opinion. So you read what you can find about them, then respond. Really?… Its interesting that you would say you found a sense of self “from people like Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson, Marcus Garvey, people in your community and others”, given your renegade demeanor, and radicalism here. It seems more characteristic of a hypocrite than not, wouldn’t you say?  
    Have you ever read the autobiography of Malcolm X?… If so can you quote or at the very least make reference to his prophetic prediction, first page of the book?…Do you refute his synopsis relative his pilgrimage to Mecca? 
    What do you personally consider Jackie Robinson to be a pioneer of?… Would you say Marcus Garvey is legionary, with achievements exceeding those of Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, or Barack Obama? 
    You said you were “under the impression that the goal of this site is to persuade people that your ideas are valid, or more valid than theirs”… can you tell me if you’re the “your” or are you part of the “their”?  
    You say now you “didn’t need words from the Bible”, yet it was you (not I) who made referenced to “Mark 6:4” as an analogy, and if it be in error on your part… would you not say it still negates “Jimmy Pratt’s priding himself on being open minded”?
    You rant continuously senselessly taking words out of context, and for lack of political astuteness like the majority of minorities you (absent comprehension of our political system) stand at the ready to maul any up lifting hand extended you… No Matter The Color. 
    Ya gotta Read more than just “these Black sites” to grasp a better grip of the real world Jimmy!… “think-i-q-n-c if you’re not your own worst enemy, because of your own close-mindedness. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (by Joseph Murphy) is a good read that would benefit your “think-i-q-n-c” consciousness… that is if you’re not in all your Blackness too Black Consciously Endowed to read a “White author”.

  184. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix  First I have a library with
    over a thousand books and magazines in my man cave. I’ve read most of them. When
    it comes to book, I put politics aside. I have read John Lewis book as well as
    Bill O’rielly. I started following Malcolm X when I was 14 years old.
    Everything I do today is what I learned from him. I got straight A’s in
    argumentative writing. I not only read books about him; I sat in the mosque
    while he taught and I lived in Queens where he lived. I have also been a member
    of the original Black Panthers and CORE. Today I’m still a Black Nationalist. I
    believe then and I believe now; African American Democrats are a curse on Black

    I could go get my copy
    of Malcolm X and answer. But in short, when Malcolm Changed after Mecca, I
    changed. Out of his mouth came this: “… What happened to Black people in this
    country couldn’t have happen without the complicity of so-called Black leaders…”

    I don’t consider Jackie
    Robinson a pioneer; he was a Rosa Parks. I ONLY admire him for performing under
    that kind of pressure and recognizing how Democrats exploit Black people. If
    they was truly interested in integrating baseball, they would have bought an
    entire Black franchise complete with owners into professional baseball.
    I know why we celebrate
    July 4, Christmas, and all other holidays; but I have no clue why we celebrate
    the King Holiday or why he has a monument on the Mall. Celebrating the King Holiday
    is like America celebrating July 4 and sending taxes back to King George. Black
    people had no money to take advantage of integration. Maybe he should have
    fought for a few bus driving jobs first. As far as I’m concern the civil rights
    movement is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. As for is
    Jesse and Obama African Americans deserves them.

    No thank you on The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. I see it’s
    not working for you. As far as Mark 6:4, you and others on this site validates it.
    I won several successful lawsuits that directly benefitted Black people; I
    represented low income resident on the Fairfax County Advisory Board and ran
    twice unsuccessful for office, worked in Campaigns, studied Political Science
    and help bring down the Klansman ORGANIZATION that recently went to the Jewish Center
    and killed 3 people. Still you act as though I know nothing. That is the lesion
    of Mark 6:4. That scripture lets me know in advance that people like you are
    waiting. Thanks to the Bible; we have had over a 1000 .years to prepare for
    people like you.

  185. CelesteaDeanes says:

    Address the Terrorism in  Jasper Texas. Or, like finish taking a nap.

  186. thinkiqnc MisterHix  Excuse me, now MisterHix I trust you will correct me if I am wrong here.  What I believe I am hearing is the sounds of a Racist Bigot cloaked in what appears to me as fragments of some weighted down speech with an array of over-extended opinions topped with a plethora of  explanations. All leading to a  rationalization of ones self proclaimed righteousness indignation.
    Or it could be that my comprehension abilities are not developed enough to grasp the  depth in which he speaks, jus sayin

  187. MisterHix says:

    @Shelley Laysi… Shelley your guess is as good as mine… What’s really scary (at least to me) is the possibility that this man may have a family, (offspring) infected (plagued through DNA) by his narcissism.  
    You nailed it… its a plethora of (not explanation but) bullshit… (btw you’ve taught me a new word “plethora”).  
    I’m certain your level of comprehension will disallows your sinking to the depths of his psychotic paranoia. 
    A thousand books in his man cave!… yet he shuns adding another while “priding himself on being open minded”.  My gut is telling me this exchange is not mentally healthy, and its best we digress.

  188. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc… How old are you now, if you don’t mind my asking?

  189. MisterHix  Thank you my friend.  I totally 2nd the “digress” motion 🙂 And I though about using the true meaning “BS” too believe me LOL

  190. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix  I am 67 years old. I have 3 children 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. They all love me and that’s all the validation I need. Also I am a Vietnam Veteran, a caretaker of my mother and granddaughter who graduates this month.

    You and Shelly Lasysi use of hyperbole to make yourselves seem informed sticks out like a Black man at a Klan convention.

    As for the book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (by Joseph Murphy), I read his bio, some reviews excerpts and your post. I was not interested. It is easy to see from what you read and say that you have a cult personality and not that of a creative thinker. Otherwise you would not have found yourself a part of my research.
    You might remember my reference to Mark 6:4. It is the name of my organization KRAM 6:4 which is Mark spelled backwards. On my programs I expose the people Jesus was talking about in that scripture.

    I’m also fighting the press because they will not report the abuse heaped on Black American by the African American Democratic majority. Nor will they allow us to respond to these attacks through the press. This practice is not only un-Democratic; it discriminates against a race and class of people.
    Because this practice violates anti-discrimination laws, I’m asking the board of education to not allow press reports to be used as reliable sources for research papers. Also I’m demanding that public libraries receiving tax funding post prominently a disclaimer in all libraries stating that the press discriminates in their reporting. Otherwise I will sue
    I started this on the Michael Biasen website about three years ago. I disagreed with Obama’s policies. Then I told of all I accomplished fighting injustice on behalf of Black people, the attacks came and continues here. I NEEDED THIS EVIDENCE IN YOUR OWN WORDS TO PRESENT AS EVIDENCE OF WHAT GOES ON IN THE GREATER SOCIETY. On July 4 in Gettysburg, we are meeting to bring an end to address these issues.

    You should have made your words a bit softer. Since it’s too late eat them; you will now choke on them. Thanks to the internet students now have a new reliable source to rebut press am also making this a part of my book, The First Sunday after Tuesday. It’s about how African Americans turn their back on the God they claim and vote for everything they claim God is against on Election Day. And that is at the source of Black people inability to rise. You people are to dangerous to our children for me to play nice.

    People in the listen area of WJRM 1390 AM or beginning next Saturday will introduce your words. I will also be introducing you real crabs in the basket at this site:

  191. CelesteaDeanes says:

    I would like to say here—our elected officials work for us—not as entertainers, but as government officials. we should expect something back. its time to press! no telling what grooming down will occur by next election. 
    There is no excuse for the Prez to ignore the terrorists in our own land. I say sic the Homeland security on the neo racist s, put teeth to the EEOC , and  THE CIVIL RIGHT BOARDS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE OVERFLOWING—HE DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY OF THIS.
    I also think the first thing this man should of did was bring back the WPA and the CCC. Even Time magazine suggested this. What Obama has been doing usually is not about helping us. too many programs have been shut down that did help the poor disenfranchised and now our  net worth of the average US citizen is lower than that of Canada.
    I think some of the hekp Vets got lately is a step in the right direction. Health care too. But only a pisspot in the face of the Bailout$he led with. We are not that important.

  192. soapboxer says:

    This past Black History Month, our 18 year old non-profit civic agency, which serves as the administrators of the Benjamin Banneker Memorial, outreached to both the offices of the POTUS and FLOTUS, requesting that they provide a Proclamation and/or Letter of Commendation to put in our program guide for this annual program.  This year, we honored jazz legend “Sweet Papa” Lou Donaldson, one of the creators of Be-Bob, and Chicago’s Kuumba Theatre Founders, Val Gray Ward and Francis Ward, whose theatre has been the recipient of 21 Emmy Awards, and we received the a two brief paragraph letter of denial from them..

    Over the years, we have gone thru nine presidential terms, including, of course, President Clinton and Bush, and EACH AND EVERY time we requested these letters of support from their offices, we received glowing letters of support for the legacy of Banneker; and our work in honoring him.

    Afterall, Banneker is a very well documented co-founder of the nation’s capital, and a Founding Father as he played a very instrumental role in helping to not only co-create the nation’s capital; but also determined the location of the White House, the Capital and the Washington Monument, AKA the “Federal Triangle,”  a metaphysical area of dominant astrological influence.  Banneker also drew 16th St. as the Meridian and Spiritual Center of the nation, which is why the White House and hundreds of churches and other Spiritual Centers are located there.

    President Clinton made a glowing speech in Congress about Banneker before signing the bill into Law authorizing our agency to have the honor of establishing a world class memorial to Banneker, and President Bush wrote glowing Letters of Commendation for our Special Programs whenever we asked as well. 

    Yet, the president who received 97% of the black vote, and his wife, would not write a simple two paragraph Letter of Commendation for a Black History Month event honoring America’s “First Black Man of Science” and “A Man of Many Firsts” as we have elected to refer to him; and to honor one of last living co-creators of Jazz, and the famous hometown theatre, winner of 21 Emmy’s for their play about renown black Chicago artists, many of who were firsts as well.  The brown face of institutional racism is just as insidious, as any; but probably more hurtful.

  193. soapboxer says:

    Thank you Ricardo Jones for sharing that brilliant speaking truth to power speech by Tim Wise.  It was edifying.

  194. RicardoJones says:

    soapboxer As many Black so-called Ph’D’s and truth only comes from a White individual. We have to denounce the whole group of UNCLE TOM’s to include our president. AMEN!

  195. johnrose1987 says:

    Thank you now I know he’s not a black leader and he’s a fake

  196. zaidemeit says:

    People finally waking up to the Grande Illusion!

  197. BlackRobbb says:

    zaidemeit I was awake since 2008, when I voted Third Party!

  198. BlackRobbb says:

    johnrose1987 If you read between the lines in 2008, you would have known this back then.

  199. BlackRobbb says:

    But I thought Slippery Bill Clinton was the first Black president…

  200. RicardoJones says:

    The Obama adminstration covered-up the Race discrimination of 100’s of young Black’s at Conde Nast done by Atrium Staff LLC for Conde Nast 2008. EEOC Trial Attorney Louis Graziano and St John’s Professor took a payoff with others at EEOC-NYDO to dismiss the above complaint by William Keck (Office MGR) and Judith Yancey (Payroll MRG). Atrium Staff owned by South African Whites?

  201. BlackRobbb says:

    RicardoJones All kinds of shady dealings occur when $$$ is placed on the table in front of some of our people. The problem with us is that most of our race has a price, and not always a very high one…

  202. BlackRobbb says:

    RicardoJones I wish one of those KKK had shot Al years ago. He has the face of someone whose soul died long ago.

  203. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    The President record proves this statement to be true.

  204. BlackRobbb RicardoJones YOU ARE SICK, your words like that are just SICK…you need help or you need to stop saying stupid, sick crap like that! it’s not a passing statement you just go around dropping… This man and others like  him has been fighting the fight long before you were  even born.. many of us like YOU forget, we all stand on the backs of many dead and still breathing! You speak out of your ass too much, before it has time to travel to your damn brain!   Get a freakin grip Dude really!!

  205. BlackRobbb says:

    Shelley Laysi  You can drop dead, CHICKENHEAD!

    Uncle Al is a worthless, sopul-less, ball-less HUCKSTER who has been peddling snake oil to his own people for longer than I can remember. The fact that low I.Q. Black folks like you still believe he cares about Black people speaks to your utter lack of intelligence and education.
    You epitomize the sleeping African-American who only awakens for ceremonial occasions like the chance to rebuke 88 year old racist white men like Donald Sterling, but when it comes to the real issues like Black-on-Black crime and the mass incarceration of Black men in America, you remain oddly silent. Go back to sleep. And stay asleep. No one will miss your idiocy.

  206. BlackRobbb says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood What record???

  207. BlackRobbb Shelley Laysi Wow such keen incite, intellect and manly powerful advice Mr Black Man.  And you so strongly read me up and down and put me in my place..sirBlackrobbb…. 

    You sorry excuse for man.

  208. BlackRobbb says:

    Shelley Laysi  I don’t have to read you up and down. I know your type. I see your type every day. You’re one of these “strong” Black women with a job in Corporate America sucking Mr. Jefferson’s cock every day. You think a j-o-b “empowers” you, but are too stupid to realize that it often does just the opposite.

  209. nosy neighbor II says:

    GODDESS ISIS is BlackRobbb

    That’s you, right brotha?

  210. GODDESS ISIS BlackRobbb Right On, Word and Power To All you brothers,, keep on preaching to each other and  sharing your  knowledgeable fountain of intellect that continues rolling off those Divine tongues.  However please don’t waste your valuable time directing it to me.. For I am merely a lost black female soul who thinks well beneath your  high order and superior minds.  So please don’t bother to try and expound any further as your wealth of knowledge is well beyond my inferior mind’s reach …But I do thank you for bothering to take the time to try and stoop to my level … Please share it where it maybe of some better use of someone much more on your level of depth..  Peace Out to You and Preach on My brilliant Black Brothers!

  211. BlackRobbb says:

    nosy neighbor II GODDESS ISIS

  212. CarolParks says:

    Lol! Shelley Laysi, you are Brilliant! From one woman to another, I applaud you! 😀

  213. CarolParks lol well Carol you know me  too well…jus sayin Huggs to you lady 🙂

  214. CarolParks says:

    Shelley, I don’t believe ” most ” people on here even understand you, ha, ha. I gave up on this site a long time ago. Way too much ” negative” stuff. I always like to be positive, and uplifting. All this negative stuff kills the spirit.
    But, you are to be highly admired for your perseverance! Never let them get you down! So many that read this I bet applaud YOU!
    :-D…….We need Millions of Shelley’s in this country!

  215. CarolParks Ha, Carol I don’t believe most people “get me” anyways.  i’m use to being odd ball out, but I’m sure you know I don’t care either lol.. I had stop responding here as well but these comments happen to hit me on one of those days I guess … I’m so glad I did just to read your response made me smile and laugh all at once.. Miss ya and great to share a fun moment with one who “always gets me” hehehe,  love connecting with you again Lady always  Bigg huggs & smiles 🙂

  216. CarolParks says:

    Shelley, maybe not on this site, but in real life, I truly believe the majority of people in this country would agree with your opinions. At least I would hope so.
    Glad I added a smile to your day, I know others may add a headache! Lol! Big hugs to you also, & you can always contact me on FB for anything. Have a wonderful evening! 😀

  217. bascombeb says:

    one of the best pieces yet on this faillure of a man. after he replaced a coward and racist, Obama continued the policies and even kept the people who were appointed by the coward and racist. he even appointed (and congress/senate won’t approve) a KKK member to a federal judgeship. 

  218. MisterHix says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks

    @Shelley Laysi, and Carol Parks,… While we understand reading to be fundamental and its comprehension paramount, we also have to understand (sadly) the ignorant pledged by stupidity. Ignorant stupid people will always see the glass half-empty rather than half-full, its their shallow mindset.  
    Its really sad that those who attempt or dare to express or profess, their intellectual astuteness or being abreast, with indignation and pejoratives, are totally oblivious. Totally oblivious they’re blinded by their very own “Niggeritist”. 
    Again Shelley Laysi, and Carol Parks, I have to applaud you Ladies for your unwavering restraint of indignation, in your perseverance to enlighten the naive, oblivious, ignorant, and blatantly stupid. Who (as you’ve noticed) I’ve completely stopped engaging here, because their ignorance and stupidity is beyond redemption.

  219. MisterHix says:


    @Shelley Laysi, and Carol Parks,… While we understand reading to be fundamental and its comprehension paramount, we also have to understand (sadly) the ignorant pledged by stupidity. Ignorant stupid people will always see the glass half-empty rather than half-full, its their shallow mindset.  
    Its really sad that those who attempt or dare to express or profess, their intellectual astuteness or being abreast, with indignation and pejoratives, are totally oblivious. Totally oblivious they’re blinded by their very own “Niggeritist”. 
    Again Shelley Laysi, and Carol Parks, I have to applaud you Ladies for your unwavering restraint of indignation, in your perseverance to enlighten the naive, oblivious, ignorant, and blatantly stupid. Who (as you’ve noticed) I’ve completely stopped engaging here, because their ignorance and stupidity is beyond redemption.

  220. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix Shelley Laysi  CarolParks Oh stop it please! One of the” oblivious, ignorant, and blatantly stupid” people you three are
    so superior too can’t take any more. It seems you three have plenty of time to
    pat each other on the back and talk down to people you feel are intellectually
    inferior but can’t put forth a scintilla of evidence to back up what you claim
    you are right about. I looked at your Activity Stream and didn’t see anything but
    your exit once you are challenged. Look at the topic, make a statement, give an
    opinion. Either back facts or logic or go get a hotel room.

  221. MisterHix Shelley Laysi  CarolParks Yeppers, I must say they are above our pay grade here.  We’ll have to take our happy, proud and lack of ability to play right to another playground where we can be free to be real.. ya think? 🙂

  222. MisterHix says:

    Shelley Laysi  MisterHix CarolParks
    Yeah Shelley me te’inks cause we be like “so superior too” te’ink IQ real, we ought git a “hotel room” 2 learn sum facts n logic”.

  223. MisterHix says:

    Are you feeling this blog has become too esoteric for you “thinkiqnc”, or is it that your “intellectual inferiority” complexities are  overriding your senses of comprehension? 
    It’s really sad that you (the self professed intellectual) still haven’t read that one book I recommended, you add to your 1,500 book collection.

  224. MisterHix Shelley Laysi  CarolParks mmmhummm we 3 just need be lockin our self away cause we ain’t fit yet I guessin.. we jus can’t measure up here …

  225. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix thinkiqnc I feel good about my intellectual capacity. I’m more interested in what you have to say about the subject.

  226. thinkiqnc says:

    Shelley Laysi  MisterHix CarolParks If you must go, Sometimes it best to leave or say nothing  and just let people think you are a…. I think I’ll share this one on facebook. The kids need to see who what and why I’m fighting for an opposition voice in the Black community.

  227. BlackRobbb says:

    Shelley Laysi  You seem truly clueless, like most Black folks in Amerikka. I will pray for you.

  228. BlackRobbb says:

    thinkiqnc Don’t pay these frustrated FemiNazis any mind, brotha. They will wake up to the truth, but too late. They have no facts to present — only anecdotes.

  229. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks The majority of people in this country of all races are just as vapid as you! The reason our government is corrupt to its core is due to folks like you believe everything is a big “conspiracy theory”. By the time the light bulb goes on for you, you will be 88 years old and doing crossword puzzles in a nursing home.

  230. CarolParks says:

    @MisterHix, well hello Sir! I hope you are doing well, & enjoying the summer.
    Yes, it is a futile effort when the people who own this site try & bring down all those who have succeeded in life and are really an inspiration to all. It seems 90% of the stories on here are extremely negative! & many have left out most of the facts. So it is frustrating to try & correct that. You would think the President, Oprah, Bill Cosby, & many other great, influential, people were Satan. The disrespect and many lies are just outrageous. I feel sorry for the gullible ones who choose to believe them.
    Well, I don’t post on here anymore, too depressing! Lol!
    Take care, & enjoy your summer! 😀

  231. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, excuse me, but where did you get the idea that I am into conspiracy theories? Lol! You have the wrong poster on that one.
    I am hardly vapid, I graduated from U.C., here in S.F.
    Thanks for the laugh, this site never ceases to amaze me.

  232. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks You place your faith in and extol hand-picked “pocket” negroes like Obama and Oprah. Obama is a puppet and Oprah lives today on our airwaves because she cut her teeth in the Donahue era bashing Black males, much to the delight of white soccer moms with nothing but time on their hands. 

    I just looked up the word “gullible” and saw your picture in the dictionary right next to that word. 
    I never thought I’d see anything more contemptible than a neo-conservative…until I started coming across patronizing white liberals.

  233. CarolParks says:

    @Shelley Laysi, @MisterHix, Lol! This site has not changed at all! I will say I am enjoying the laughter it brings. I am very “vapid”‘ it seems, so I will try very hard to improve! ;-D

  234. CarolParks says:

    @Shelley Laysi, @MisterHix, I am rolling on the floor here! OMG! You are so funny. I didn’t know we all were snobs! This is too much!

  235. CarolParks says:

    @thinkiqnc, I have made 846 comments on here. Anything you want to know, just look it up as they are listed. I spent so many hours posting not just opinions, but facts. Many times I added to the stories on here, as they left out so many details. Finally, I just gave up. Especially, since a few would post the same videos over & over again , that were propaganda from Right Wing Extremist Groups.
    Anyway, my opinions have been clearly stated, & I am no longer interested in wasting my time. There are other places where I feel that I can have a civil conversation, & discuss facts.
    Have a nice evening.

  236. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, excuse me, but Rush Limbaugh is that you? “FemiNazis”, his signature phrase! LMAO!

  237. CarolParks says:

    @MisterHix, I have to say one more thing, your command of the English language is brilliant! You must have been a Professor at one time, maybe in English? Very impressive I must say.

  238. CarolParks says:

    @Shelley Laysi, @MisterHix, Are we all going to Motel Six? LMAO! Sorry, I couldn’t resist! It’s the cheapest place I could think of for ” us lowlife”.
    :-D……This is better then Comedy Central!

  239. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, @Shelley Laysi, Sir I would bet a huge amount of money, that Shelley’s I.Q., is ten times what yours is. And that is why, you cannot comprehend a word that she is saying. That takes real Intelligence.

  240. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, Patronizing? You are absurd! And I am not going to engage in explaining myself to you, nor the people you disparage. You couldn’t come close to anything this President, nor Oprah has succeeded in accomplishing. Hot Air, that is your accomplishment.

  241. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks Are you mad and red-faced because you were one of the boobs who bought Barry Obama’s Kool Aid about “Change!”??? He suckered dupes like you in 2008 and did it again in 2012.

    So tell me, Ms. USC — just WTF did Barry Obama really change, besides the White House linen? He bamboozled you dumb white liberals not once, but twice!!! I peeped the lying dirt bag long before 2008. #dummy

  242. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc, I’ve said all I wanted to say “about the subject” initially, as did you.  If you’ve read and or “looked at my Activity Stream” (as you stated) you should have garnered our opinions differs vastly, relative our Blackness and ethnicity.  Thus I would venture to say with certainty the differentiation is a direct result of our cultural upbringing or lack thereof. You fail to comprehend we have nothing to challenge one another about here “thinkiqnc”, least of all your directives to lend credence to what’s obviously subjective propaganda. Had this topic been titled: ‘President Obama Gives Race Speech At Morehouse’, would your “intellectual capacity” have delved as deep? 
    When you pass a neighborhood street corner that’s besieged by young idle Black men, do you stop to siege the opportunity to bestow your wealth of “intellectual capacity” upon them?  Would you not agree that its need more there (on the corners) than here?  
    Your feeling you’re “being talked down to” and thinking I’m “so superior” to you that you “can’t take any more”, is indicative of a person with a lot of underlying personal issues; feeling the need to project animosity as a cover up. You need to understand if having a Black President hasn’t made you feel better about yourself as a Black Man, (knowing that all that a man thinks himself, so too can he manifest of himself) you’ve got a serious low self-esteem problem.

  243. MisterHix says:

    Are you that Black self conscious that you can’t display your face?

  244. MisterHix says:

    CarolParks Now you got me ROTFLMAO!  #toofunny

  245. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix If you consider Barry Obama to be “black”, that says a lot about your intellectual capacity. Or lack thereof.

  246. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc… Do a video for YouTube and I’ll also post it on FaceBook, in hopes it goes viral… “The kids need to see” and hear your asinine mindset.

  247. MisterHix says:

    CarolParks… Honestly Carol it takes a lot of effort searching for synonyms  synonymous, jerk, a-hole, dipstick, etc.

  248. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… Better stop playing wit da Lord, karma’s a-bitch in-waiting.

  249. MisterHix says:

    @BlackRobbb… You sounding mighty white there Bobby!

  250. MisterHix says:

    CarolParks… I’ve echoed your sentiments a thousand times. Now I just attribute the stupidity to being hereditary.

  251. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… You’re projecting Bobby and you are totally oblivious of it. It must be really hard for you waking up white, wanting to be “BlackRobbb”, and having to deal with a multi-racial-cultural world. 
    How do you feel trying to be real at work, if you work? Do you have a FaceBook page, wit-cha mug shot, or are you shrouded there too?

  252. CarolParks oh wow now Master has spoken Carol  and MisterHix We best let’s not get him ticked off he may order 10 lashes and no supper for us now yall  hear LOL

  253. MisterHix BlackRobbb Amen 2 x’s in da house on that one!

  254. CarolParks Why do thank you mama for dem fine words Ms Carol .. ..Well I think I’m having a little fun now lol

  255. BlackRobbb Shelley Laysi I do thank you sir prayers is always welcome my way…you reckon I should pray to meet yo standards one of these days sir?

  256. CarolParks Always agreed on that one 🙂

  257. CarolParks hahahaha yes me too sister Carol… let’s keepa workin so we can improve to meet these standards we can play here again with the smart folk

  258. MisterHix thinkiqnc they say a pictures worth a 1000 words… hummm should really shed lots of light on some things ya think ?

  259. thinkiqnc Shelley Laysi  MisterHix CarolParks don’t think you’ll have any fun competing on my facebook status..but hey it’s an open book if you are really feeling froggish sir thinkianc leap for it.. 🙂
    jus sayin

  260. CarolParks wow we done gone and got Limbaugh, Trump and Palin all in one thread…  hot dam we must be in need of some learnin round here …whooooo

  261. BlackRobbb says:

    Shelley Laysi I reckon I should pray that the good Lord bestows intelligence upon you before the year 2017.

  262. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks I would bet everything I own that my I.Q. is 2x greater than you and your little lesbian friend combined! I can’t understand wtf she’s saying because I don’t speak southern Ebonics/Gumbo.

  263. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix You telling me I should fear a low I.Q. lesbian?

  264. CarolParks says:

    @MisterHix, you are very modest, but the truth is you have a brilliant mind.

  265. CarolParks says:

    @MisterHix, So glad I could put a smile on your face. 🙂

  266. CarolParks says:

    @MisterHix, I truly believe BlackRobbb, is White. That Rush Limbaugh comment, & most of what he states, gives it away.

  267. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, ” like most Black folks in Amerikka”. I believe you are White, & are on here to promote the TeaBag/Repukes Party. I also believe you are here under more then one name. You are not very good, at hiding your identity.

  268. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, You would definitely lose everything you own. You have already proven your lack of comprehension, fact’s, & a clear understanding of the English language. I feel sorry for you, & hope you can find a way to educate yourself to the realities in this world.

  269. CarolParks says:

    @Shelley Laysi, I just noticed the date that this article was posted, May 2013!
    LMAO! I think it’s time to move on! BTW, BlackRobbb, I believe is White. He seems to be pushing The Tea Bags, & Repuke Positions. And he quotes a lot of Rush Limpdick. Now how many Black men do you know who listen to Rush? Lol!

  270. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks I believe you are a grossly overweight white liberal with way too much time on your hands and way too few brain cells.

  271. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks Is Shelley your little brown les-be friend? You two seem to have a real affection for one another. Maybe you’re both into fat chicks…

  272. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks You’re a stinking white liberal who encourages minorities to remain on welfare and smoking weed so that worthless fat white wastes of life like yourself can have access to better jobs and university admissions. I know your kind and can spot your kind from miles away. In many ways, you are far worse for African-Americans than even the neo-cons.

  273. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks I truly believe that white liberals like yourself encourage and promote a welfare state among Blacks and Hispanics so that you can have unfettered access to the better things in life. What’s truly sad is that there are so many of my people who can’t see just how insidious white liberals really are.

  274. CarolParks Wow i do believe you have hit the mark and broke his code Sister!   
    The more BlackRobbb continues to spew his contorted thoughts of verbiage, the more his carefully constructed faced is being stripped away.  He  obviously felt the need to recreate  himself in hopes of shielding and bolstering where his masculinity and or manliness is greatly lacking.  Key  to why he has oddly jumped to such a sad pathetic attempt to attack our femininity.  LOL
    You Rock Girlfriend! 🙂

  275. CarolParks spell correction *facade not faced

  276. CarolParks says:

    @Shelley Laysi, Anytime a person responds with personal attacks to a complete stranger, who they know nothing about, shows complete immaturity, & a very low I.Q. He is so frustrated, because he cannot articulate an informed response to the questions or subject at hand.
    That is one of the many problems on sites such as this, the infantile name calling. Not being able to discuss the subject at hand, but resorting to such childishness, renders any subject mute. I cannot respond to such ignorance, because then I would be at their very low level.

  277. bascombeb says:

    CarolParks he/she/it is a troll

  278. CarolParks says:

    @MisterHix, @Shelley Laysi, I can’t be 100% sure, but it does seem that BlackRobbb, is pretending to be Black. His kind do this, because they think it will give them more power to influence their fellow commentators to the Extreme Right Wing. What they fail to realize, is that anyone who has listened to any of the talking points of The Extreme Right, knows they are racist to the core. They also have nothing to offer anyone who is middle class, or poor. Their agenda is to convince people that eliminating, social security, health care, unions, equal pay, equal rights, and to only tax the middle class, & not the wealthy will somehow give them a better life.
    The biggest joke is calling social security, which is taken out of every paycheck, & supposedly put into an interest bearing account, is now called
    ” Entitlement Program”. Yes, they think they are now entitled to steal your money. They thought by calling it an entitlement program, people would be stupid enough to buy into this BS. The truth is, the Gov., dipped into our social security funds, to help pay for the Iraq War. They will never admit it, but it’s very obvious when you do some research on the subject. The Democrats are not all angels either, but they are much better then the Repuke/TeaBag Party. For now, this is Americas only choices. Hopefully in the future, something better will evolve.

  279. CarolParks Exactly, it’s just become such a joke… enough said 🙂

  280. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, One last comment to you, who is one of the most clueless individuals that continues to IGNORE the facts.
    First, more Whites are on Welfare then anyone else. Second, the Right Wing whom you seem to worship, stands for eliminating social security, health care, programs for the poor, & they want to tax you, not the rich. They are also against education, especially in poverty areas, & against programs that will help to provide the poor with working skills, & education so they can have decent jobs, & a decent life.
    They are also against Equal Rights, Equal Pay, & increasing the minimum wage.
    They support this Racist ” Legal” System, they support our racist laws, & want to build even more prisons instead of schools, to put more minorities into, especially Blacks. You really believe they have Your Interests at heart?
    Did you watch the coverage of The Trayvon Martin Trial? Every Republican supported that MURDERER GZ. They support every Racist Action, Person, & Situation in this country. It’s not like they are trying to hide it. They come right out and broadcast it.
    Have you seen the racist cartoons about this President, his wife, & family?
    Whether you agree with the Presidents policies or not, how can YOU as supposedly a Black man, support that? Check out all the GOP states in America, & notice all the Jim Crow Laws. How you can deny this, is unbelievable. It only takes common sense to know, the GOP/TEABAGS are the new KKK. WakeUp!

  281. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, I do not believe in different races, I do believe in different cultures. There is only one race, this different races is BS.
    The American Anthropological Association says no such biological race exists, cultures exist – this moves to the point about ‘race’ and anything, no race no link to biology and behavior, cultural links to behavior – and so no racists, just people who are not learning the AAA.

  282. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, And I would never encourage anyone to stay on welfare. But, if someone needs it, Thank-God it is there. I believe weed should be legal. I also believe in being positive, & encouraging EVERYONE OF ANY COLOR, to be the best that they can be, & get the best education that they can afford. I also believe in putting billions into our school system, especially in poverty areas, & NOT into the War Fund. And making sure, no child in America goes hungry, or goes without shelter, & education. If you want to believe I am evil, feel free.

  283. CarolParks I do think most are aware by now that the Social Security was taken and never yet replaced for the stupidest War probably in history thus far! Nope neither party is perfect but it is always wiser to pick the better to work at improving upon than to do noting at all or like some believe starting a 3rd party which personally I believe would simply add  further dysfunction and obstruction. Moving Forward we must stay strongly engaged in helping to steer toward the American We The People want and get rid of the Corporations Are People Too BS!

  284. CarolParks says:

    @Shelley Laysi, Sister, I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

  285. CarolParks Trust me Carol we will never be able to shout above the ignorance…We can only push and work to out number in our votes and continue to watch our backs, fronts and sides…to out grow them by always putting the facts out there and eventually their lies, hate and greed will swallow them up or drown them out.  Truth To Power, Good vs Evil and People over Profits will prevail .. I believe .. We are the Winners Carol because we will never quit fighting for what’s right for We The People. Quitter’s never really win in the end because the Winner’s never Quit!!  We’re on the right side of things, That I am 100% Positive!!..  Another day just a different battle 2014 Vote Blue!!

  286. CarolParks says:

    @Shelley Laysi, back in 2008, I worked for the President to get him elected. One of the best things I have done in my life. I even worked on the Health Care Act. I do wish it was the Single Payer System, but maybe someday it will change into that.
    And if I could vote for Obama again as President, I definitely would! History will show just how amazing he really is.

  287. CarolParks You got it Carol, I worked all over states to get him elected and it was the most educational and rewarding thing I have took on.  I will never regret one moment of it. And the things I’ve learned since and been able to pass on to my family and others to me is priceless!! If he could run again I’d do it all over with him.  Although I do believe the 1st Lady would skin him alive LOL.. And yes POTUS #44’s record in history will most definitely reflect his brilliance… some things and people history has proven may have been ahead of their time…(for lack of a better expression)  We are lost Sisters now found and Connected from the heart & soul, this too I am sure of lady … : )

  288. BlackRobbb says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks LesBe Friends. You two couldn’t get a man if one landed in your laps! Get a life, but before you do that, hit the gym and lose about 170 lbs. Each.

  289. BlackRobbb says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks The joke is in your mirror. The one that didn’t crack yet! Is that Jenny Craig I hear calling, ladies?

  290. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks I’m hardly a Republican. I just feel that the Dems patronizingly support the continuation of social services programs that guarantee that African-Americans shall remain socially and economically impotent.
    Psssssssssst! There’s not a whole lot of difference between the two parties! (Don’t let that “cat” out of the back.)
    BTW, Barry Obama is nothing more than a puppet who was SELECTED by the monied elite who truly run sh&% in this country and world. It’s a cute little shell game that’s played every four years on the vapid American public.

  291. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix As for the election of
    President Obama making me feel good about myself: Unlike you I didn’t have to
    wait until someone came along that looked like the Master’s son to feel good
    about myself. I spent my early years sitting in front of Malcolm X and at Black
    Panther meetings listening and learning. I have three well documented civil
    rights cases. Seems your contribution to the race was voting for Obama. You
    need to give up that bus stop psychology, put down that cloudy crystal ball and
    close the glue bottle. Knowing that, I want try to convince you of anything.  I’ll just state the obvious: In college writing
    arguments was my specialty.  You may fool
    likeminded sycophants through your attempt at creative writing but not me.

  292. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix thinkiqnc Here’s a video of me. Now who has that mind some people think is a terrible thing to waste?

  293. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks It’s pathetic just how delusional you are. Not only overweight, but also delusional. So you still refuse to comprehend that you got BAMBOOZLED??
    “Denial is a powerful drug!” — Rick James

  294. BlackRobbb says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks You two Kool Aid drinkers is beyond sad! I guess you feel good about your little half-breed president’s drone policy that kills innocent women and children in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. As long as it’s not American lives, who cares, right?
    You two disgusting groupies/sycophants clearly have no soul or conscience.

  295. thinkiqnc says:

    Shelley Laysi  CarolParks I believe Malcolm X was
    the greatest mind of any of the civil rights era leaders. If anyone challenges
    that, I don’t care how insulting they might be, I will defend that belief until
    I’m convinced otherwise. The reason is because the person that don’t care is
    not the only one reading my post. Secondly, I want Malcolm X to have his proper
    place in people lives and history. Stand up for the person you claim is brilliant.
    Otherwise, you are the living example of the definition below.
    The definition of a sycophant is a servile or obsequious person
    who tries to gain attention by flattering wealthy or influential people.

  296. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks “Brainless sycophant” also comes to mind, but no worries, you have lots of company in that department.

  297. BlackRobbb says:

    bascombeb CarolParks And you seem to be a low I.Q. sycophant who can offer no proof of anything Barry Obama has done to improve your life personally. Like many of the boot strap lackies/groupies/cultists, you vote for who the white liberals tell you to vote for. Hitler had a very similar set-up. Remember how that turned out?

  298. MisterHix says:

    Seriously “thinkiqnc”, (no pun intended) who is acting more “sycophant” here (living in the past) than you?  Your inability to accept change for your lack of wisdom to know the difference, is impeding  your ability to differentiate between the past and present. I am not your enemy, nor is any or person here (Black or White) that disagrees with you. That latent demon that lies within you will be to your demise, if you don’t wake up and realizing that you’re your own worst enemy. We all have experiences of “civil rights cases” documented and undocumented; thus you’ll never be the martyr you might belonging to be. I doubt you’ll ever be mentioned in our Black history annals; like Barack Obama will. 
    Other than wanting to trumpet your bloated ego, your stating “In college writing arguments was your specialty” was said to say what?… “Knowing that” one word miss used can dispel discerning judgment… your “I want try to convince you of anything.” is more convincing than not, of your lack of a convincing argument.  What’s further unequivocally convincing when reading your pejorative laced rebuttals, you “think-iq-nc” retribution, is your yearning for attention (relative your eight second video)… Seriously “thinkiqnc” I have a question for you, and if you can honestly answer it, I might be convinced you might have a little common sense left worth trying to salvage. The question: Who do you think (other than yourself) could or would be a better “Black” President, for Black people in particular?

  299. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix Do you seriously consider Obama to be a good president? Do you seriously consider this half-breed to be “Black”? What he is is a puppet and crafty politician who is clever enough to give riveting speeches and suck in votes by promising ‘Change!’. You and the rest of the shameless sycophants can’t enumerate even a handful of things this man has done for Blacks or even Americans in general. 
    I do give the man credit for bamboozling Black folks and white liberals in not just one election, but two. But then again, considering how vapid the average dumbed-down America is, that’s not such a grand achievement, now is it?

  300. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… You’re here so your obviously on a computer, on which you can Google President Obama’s accomplishments. But you choose to perpetuate acting the asinine ass. Why? Reading you here imparts more about you as a person, than I think you want people to know. We’ve come a long ways, from the days ones sexual orientation deviating from the norm was taboo. Thus you no longer have to hide, state your affinity for President Obama’s appendage with pride, man.

  301. MisterHix says:

    Shelley Laysi … Shelley I see a political career in your future.  lol

  302. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc… I don’t want to be the one to bust yo bubble… So I’ll just say I watched your video… and choose to withhold commentary relative.

  303. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… Bobby given today’s medical advances you can be who or whomever you want to be, including a “Brainless sycophant” like you’re proving yourself to be via “thinkiqnc” blessings… which you’re totally oblivious of.  Your sad man.

  304. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix thinkiqnc First, for whatever
    reason, at least Lincoln, Truman, Johnson and Nixon address Black issues. This so-called “Black President” will not give
    as much as a casual nod to the problems of Black people. If you want to say he
    is the feel good President, I’ll give you that. He serves that need for you tribal
    Secondly, the
    Constitution grants power to the governed. For me to vote color or join a party
    means I surrender that power to them. I look at the other evidence. Everywhere
    Black Democrats have governed, Black people live in abject poverty and subjugation.
    Only if Russia or Iran gets a White Only bomb would there be a need for a Black President for Black people.
    Finally, when a
    people go from people like Malcom X and Martin Luther King to Al Sharpton, I
    believe they are a people already raptured and doomed. That’s why I consider myself and
    others like me to be Black Nationless. We are Black people in America without a
    Black nation.

  305. thinkiqnc says:

    CarolParks I haven’t read this book yet but I’m willing to bit it’s the truth. Just look at some of the culture issues backed by White Liberals and how it’s affecting Blacks. Black women in NY aborted more babies than they gave birth to and Atlanta is now the Queen City. The prisons are full and unemployment is twice that of the nation. But all thats fair trade because Black people have a Black President. The Klan couldn’t pull this off.

  306. thinkiqnc says:

    BlackRobbb CarolParks The book: Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed

  307. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc… You’re a free man, free to leave this “Nationless America” for any of the totally Black Nations of Africa… Why are you still here?  Oh that’s right… still here to educate those who’ll listen to you right?

  308. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix Looks to me like you’re the one on Barry’s sack 24/7, bruh. Your shameless shilling for the half-breed puppet president is nothing short of nauseating. The more you and the other house handkerchief heads write, the more it reveals about your character or lack thereof. 
    Instead of standing up and admitting that you were hoodwinked in 2008 and 2012, you and the other boot strap toadies choose to continue perpetuating this sad myth that something has actually changed in your lives as a result of having a brown president. 
    I’ll pray for you, brotha…

  309. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix thinkiqnc What??? Can’t get that foot out of your
    mouth? Look it’s a site for intellectual thought not silence, Don’t take the
    slogan to literally. If you chose to respond, make those words nice and soft.
    Because if I can’t make you eat them, I intend to see that you choke on them.

  310. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks Sorry, but I don’t use medications not prescribed to me and I don’t have a quadruple chin. Wrong guy.

  311. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix Are you that far in the closet that you need to see another man’s face? I presume you live in either San Francisco, New York or ATL.

  312. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks You’re even dumber than you look! Do you really have a college degree??? WOW! America really has fallen off.

  313. BlackRobbb says:

    thinkiqnc This is exactly what I try to tell people — white liberals are just as insidious as the neo-cons. Nobody listens, though.

  314. BlackRobbb says:

    thinkiqnc The Klan’s got nothing on white liberals. You couldn’t script socio-economic genocide any better!

  315. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks I guess you don’t believe that white privilege exists and liberals actually do more to perpetuate it than neo-cons. Shocking, but true…

  316. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks I never said you were evil — just sadly misguided. I actually work among people like you — whites who think they know what’s best for blacks, but wind up doing far more harm than good.
    “Safety nets” encourage more people to sit around doing nothing productive because they can, more 14 years old Black and Hispanic girls to have babies they can’t provide for because they can, and more young men sleep until 1:00pm after a night of rolling blunts because they can. I’m sorry, but more food stamps and free rent in the hood is not a solution for what ails Black America. And it never was.

  317. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix I see the liberal femiNazis have you whipped into SIMPhood. What’s sad is a black man who can’t think past his own knows and willingly drinks Cyanide believing it’s Wyler’s.

  318. thinkiqnc says:

    BlackRobbb thinkiqnc I agree 100%. They got most to carry out their own genocide. Your position on Obama is clear. So why is he asking you to look up his accomplishments? That’s his job to defend the person he believes in.

  319. BlackRobbb says:

    thinkiqnc This is a common ploy employed by the jingoistic pom-pom waving sycophants. They have no hook on which to hang their tattered hat, so they default to the tactic of demanding that you do their own research for them. 

    I voted Third Party in 2008 and 2012 because I peeped Barry’s game when he was in the Illinois state senate. The puppet masters brilliantly groomed him to be “that brown man” who resonates with African-Americans desperate for a “fell good” hero and the white liberals who remained racked with guilt over their ancestors past dirty deeds. Well played.

  320. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix thinkiqnc You are kind of dense. I’m separating my religion
    and politics from ignorant Negroes who I can see by their voting patterns are
    in the majority. We are fighting the press for our own voice. You
    Negroes are just a tool for White Liberals. You Negroes have not supported a
    single issue concerning Black people yet you supported every issue for Gays,
    illegal immigrants, feminist, abortionist and others.

  321. MisterHix says:

    You know a picture’s worth a thousand words of assumption Bobby… Like based upon your narratives here… I “presume” you must travel stealthily often to San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta, to be so abreast the inhabitants you reference. Like birds of the same feather.

  322. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… Black, brown, or White, you’ll never be a “bruh or brotha” Bobby, your effort, though entertainingly fruity, is futile.  You’re even more convincing “the more you reveal about your character or lack thereof” here, that your gayety consumes you. If you know how to pray, its best you start a man prayer mantra for yourself.

  323. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc… Considering that you think of yourself as an intellectual that “think-iq”… you should know “religion” to be man’s greatest invention, to control and brainwash the masses. Like you were first brainwashed with the word “Nigger” then “Negroe or Niggroe”, and then obligingly became complacent with Black.
    Its really sad thinkiqnc, that your own words are confusing you… given that everything you’ve said here means absolutely nothing in the real world. This is not a debate as much as it is about you, feeling lost without a cause.

  324. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… Bobby my last reply to “thinkiqnc is applicable to you too… relative your being confused by your own words.

  325. CarolParks says:

    @BlackRobbb, @MisterHix, @Shelley Laysi, Offering prayer to people on here, really? What would the likes of you, know about any kind of prayer? You have no respect for yourself, nor anyone. You call names to everyone who disagrees with you. Now that is the sign of a mature, intellectual adult.
    You have the mind of a twit, to call Oprah Winfrey “an ugly bitch”. WHERE IS YOUR PICTURE SO WE MAY ALL JUDGE YOU? And by the way, Genius, this is about people’s thoughts, & political opinions, not about what people do, look like, or what you may think of them. That is more for grade school, which I am sure you never graduated from. You have a hell of a nerve using the Filthy language you do, & then saying how intellectual you are. An oxymoron if I ever heard one.
    I hope you do not have a woman in your life, because it is clear you are extremely abusive, & have no clue what mutual respect means. You see most adults, who have intellect can have different opinions, & discuss them in a manner that is civil.
    Now you have said I am a Lesbian, I am not, but I don’t think there is something terrible about Gays. They are born that way. It does seem that you have some kind of problem with Gays.
    As far as being obese, I am very healthy, & have a nice figure according to all the men I know, & the ones in my life. As far as the insults you have thrown at Shelley, you have only seen her face, & mine so making these absurd statements is ridicules. Again, WHERE IS YOUR PICTURE BUDDY? Hiding, …….there must be a reason.
    You seem to be so hung up on ” Gays”, and I believe you may be unemployed, because you sound extremely angry, & bitter to everyone you talk to. I’m not sure if you are Black, White, or from outer space, but it doesn’t matter because one thing is for sure, you have no manners, no intellect, no civility, & you present yourself as a foul mouthed, uneducated fool. It is CLEAR that you desperately need help.
    I am sure you will reply with more garbage coming out of that mouth of yours, but don’t hold your breath for me to respond. I have wasted enough time on your IGNORANCE!

  326. CarolParks says:

    You have the patience of a saint. Trying to correspond with
    ” BlackRobbb “, seems futile, since he acts like a child in first grade. But, the dirty, filthy comment about Oprah Winfrey was the last straw for me. If you look at his comments starting from the beginning, he calls everyone that disagrees with him names.
    Intellectual? He has an I.Q. Of 70, MAYBE that’s giving him, or “it” the benefit of the doubt. You know I don’t get mad easily, but that comment about Oprah was so low, filthy, & ignorant. The things he was saying about me and Shelley just showed how classless he really is. He has no depth of character, & again I believe he is very abusive to any woman who should be unlucky enough to know him. Can you believe he says he will pray for you after calling you a filthy name? Talk about passive/ aggressive.
    For some unknown reason, this site seems to bring a lot of ignorance.
    What a shame when you think of all the good it could do, if it were handled differently. SAD.

  327. CarolParks says:

    @MisterHix, & @Shelley Laysi, I AGREE! And Shelley you will have my 100% Support if you choose to do that! 😀

  328. CarolParks says:

    @thinkiqnc, You are an American. When you do not vote, you let others choose for you. Look and read all the stats, & info about the GOP Red States. Those are the ONLY STATES that have Jim Crow Laws, & Stand Your Ground. The GOP/TEABAGS are racist as hell. This is not a secret.
    Your comments about Malcolm X, I 50% agree with. I really enjoyed both the book, & the movie about his life. I actually saw both movies, but preferred the old one. The info I am posting below, is what I liked about him the most, because he realized he was being used. I think he could have done so much more if they hadn’t killed him.
    By March 1964, Malcolm X had grown disillusioned with the Nation of Islam and its leader Elijah Muhammad, and ultimately repudiated the Nation and its teachings. He embraced Sunni Islam and, after a period of travel in Africa and the Middle East, returned to the United States to found Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. While continuing to emphasize Pan-Africanism, black self-determination, and black self-defense, he disavowed racism, saying, “I did many things as a [Black] Muslim that I’m sorry for now. I was a zombie then … pointed in a certain direction and told to march”.[1]

  329. CarolParks says:

    – A LONG List Of President Obama’s Accomplishments (With Citations)
    These are Not Up To Date, But Will Give You An Idea Of What This President Has Done.

  330. thinkiqnc says:

    CarolParks Just think. He did all that and is now considered
    the worst President in history. Why can’t you and your cohorts state in your
    own words what he did for you your community and country. These are not your
    words; it’s some partisan article with no opposing viewpoints to measure
    against, Under civil rights almost everything was for gays. I don’t know what
    the civil rights history act is.

  331. thinkiqnc says:

    MisterHix Shelley Laysi  CarolParks It just came to me. You are lecturing me on religion
    and here you are worshiping a lawyer and politician.

  332. MisterHix says:

    thinkiqnc… thinkiqnc… have you any idea how hypocritically you contradict yourself here?… Again I digress, again this conversation has become a waste of time, due to your ignorant attempt to abate it.

  333. CarolParks says:

    That poll was broken down, & 70% were Republicans. It was nothing but a political ploy. They had all kinds of polls saying President Obama had only 33% chance of being re-elected. Now how did that work out? He won with over 5 million votes! More then any other President who won a second term, including Ronald Reagan.
    I haven’t got the time it would take to list everything this President has done. But, of course providing Health Care for the poor, would certainly be at the top of the list. And yes that really did help Black Americans, along with everyone else. The tax credits he gave in 2009, & 2010 for children, & families, the different programs to help people by giving them a $8,000 credit for buying a home, $10,000 for starting a business, $8,000 for buying a car that saved on gas. There were a lot of programs that he established so Americans could get back on their feet. Saving the Auto Industry saved thousands of jobs because of all the small business’s that are associated with it. And that helped the people in and outside of Detroit. Extending unemployment benefits, helping the Veterans, he passed many programs to help the people, & to get our country from falling into a 1930’s style depression, after what GW Bush did. You see a lot of the things that he did helped Black Americans, & everyone else too.
    Anyway, I am sure I will not convince you, but I think he is a great President who will go down in history as being just that.
    One of the most important things that he did , was also His Loan Modification Plan, where you could refi at 2%. I actually know people that took advantage of that & saved their home.
    And of course you also have the Lilly Ledbetter Act. I could go on, but got to run. Enjoy your Sunday.

  334. thinkiqnc says:

    CarolParks  How can you be sure you can’t convince me? Is
    that profiling?
    I have no trouble moving to the higher truth but it
    has to based on real experience logic or facts and not theory. Your support for
    the President. Is strictly ideological. Otherwise you could defend your
    President without bringing up Bush or Republicans. Even you have to know he
    has not addressed a single issue concerning Black people. None of of the accomplishments you named has trickle down to his most loyal
    constituency.  Unemployment is double digit and he could have supported the CBC
    jobs bill. Now if 70% of those polled were Republicans, Bush would not be

  335. CarolParks says:

    First, profiling? Now that made me laugh. I said I wouldn’t be able to convince you, because you seem very sure of your positions.
    Now, The Health Care Bill helped Black Americans enormously, becausevtheynhadvavverynhigh percentage of not being covered, & denied. The Lilly Ledbetter Bill that passed was for equal pay for women working for the Gov. And if you check the stats, Black Americans have a high percentage of working for the Gov. Your high unemployment is thanks to the GOP CONGRESS, who refused to sign & pass the Presidents Jobs Bill back in 2011. That would have provided jobs in every state rebuilding bridges, & roads. When you have a dead Congres who opposes everything this President does, you can’t ignore the GOP’S contribution to the problems.
    That is what the poll results showed, mostly republicans, & remember a lot of republicans still don’t like Bush either.
    Now you are in N.C. Right? I heard the GOP there are making life miserable.

  336. CarolParks says:

    Check this out:
    How It Works
    See how the high expectation, high support model at Year Up works.
    Year Up is a one-year, intensive training program that provides low-income young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skill development, college credits, corporate internships, and support.
    Our program emphasizes academic and professional rigor, setting expectations high for quality of work and professional behavior. A strong structure guides students through the steps necessary for achieving success in the classroom and the workplace.
    Our approach focuses on students’ professional and personal development to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency.
    For the first six months of the program, students develop technical and professional skills in the classroom. Students then apply those skills during the second six months on an internship at one of Year Up’s corporate partners. Students earn college credits and a weekly stipend, and are supported by staff advisors, professional mentors, dedicated social services staff, and a powerful network of community-based partners.
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    Disk Formatting, Partitioning and Ghosting
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    Investment Operations
    Customer Service
    Fund Accounting
    Business Writing Skills
    Time Management
    Career Networking
    Communicating Clearly and Effectively
    Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
    Working in Teams
    Presentation Skills
    Workplace Norms
    Introduction to Business
    Personal Finance
    Workplace Legal Issues
    Work/Life Balance
    85% of graduates
    are employed or attending college full-time within four months of completing the program.
    Year Up: A Promising Start

  337. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks “I’m not sure if you are Black, White, or from outer space”
    But I thought you said I was a white neo-con, Einstein. Make up your mind once and for all. Am I Black, White, Asian or Hispanic?
    “Now you have said I am a Lesbian, I am not, but I don’t think there is something terrible about Gays.”
    I see now just how stupid you really are. Homosexuals are born that way? That takes the proverbial cake when it comes to sheer and utter stupidity. I feel bad replying to you because to do so implies that your idiocy is worthy of a retort. It’s really not.

  338. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix I happen to live in New York, flamer. How does it feel to be a SIMP at your age?

  339. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks Typical low I.Q. white liberal who thinks she has a handle on all that ails the Black community. You people do far more harm than the Klan and Rush Limbaugh ever could!

  340. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks “Now you have said I am a Lesbian, I am not, but I don’t think there is something terrible about Gays.”
    You’ve made about 7 comments since this one, EINSTEIN! If you’re married, I feel sorry for your hubby — he deserves some form of government compensation for having to endure your stupidity/idiocy.

  341. BlackRobbb says:

    thinkiqnc MisterHix That is what good lil handkerchief heads do — they defense everyone but their own. Homosexuals, white women, illegal immigrants — you name it, they defend them. When it comes to addressing the Mass Incarceration of Black Men in America, you hear not a peep out of these pocket Uncle Toms!

  342. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… For someone that doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, you talk a lot of bullshit Bobby, endlessly projecting. 
    I’ve never been incarcerated, and would venture to say that those who are (excluding the innocent) must be there for a reason, other than just being Black. 
    You need get a better grip on life man, your imaginary obsession with the sexual orientation of others, speaks volumes to your frustration of having to deal with your own personal deviant sexual deviant demon. Your thinking people can’t read between your lines, makes you look that much more the stupid one.
    You need take a break Bobby, and get yourself together, before you have a breakdown, or another one… and I’m saying it respectfully.

  343. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix I pull the card of closet UNCLE TOMS like you all the time. You spend so much time defending white women, illegal immigrants, homosexuals — I know your type and this is what you do with regularity. But when it comes time to defend a black man, you start looking nervous, shuffling around and gnashing your damn teeth.
    If you think every black man in prison is there with just cause, then you’re even more far gone (socially ignorant) than I first thought. Instead of being a SIMP and knee-jerk liberal, try using what few brain cells you have left and see the writing on the wall.
    So tell me — what do you read between my “lines”? I feel ashamed even trying to have a semi-intelligent debate with a lacky/mental midget like yourself. It’s like playing a game of chess vs. a 4 year old.

  344. BlackRobbb says:

    CarolParks Sunni and other sects of Muslims in Northern and Eastern Africa are the very Muslims who are butchering black Africans and oppressing them. They also did not repudiate the Boko Haram when they kidnapped all of those school girls in Nigeria., a columnist for's Al Masry Al Youm and's Al Arab, wrote in the an article titled, Racism: The Arab world’s dirty secret.
    She was a witness to racist attacks by Arab Egyptians on blacks and
    stated: “We are a racist people in Egypt and we are in deep denial about
    it. On my Facebook page, I blamed racism for my argument and an
    Egyptian man wrote to deny that we are racists and used as his proof a
    program on Egyptian Radio featuring Sudanese songs and poetry! Our
    silence over racism not only destroys the warmth and hospitality we are
    proud of as Egyptians, it has deadly consequences.” She believed was behind a police crackdown on 5,000
    and the beating to death of some women and children. She added: “The
    racism I saw on the Cairo Metro has an echo in the Arab world at large,
    where the suffering in Darfur goes ignored because its victims are black
    and because those who are creating the misery in Darfur are not
    Americans or Israelis and we only pay attention when America and Israel
    behave badly.” She criticized the country’s attitudes: “We love to cry
    ‘Islamophobia’ when we talk about the way Muslim minorities are treated
    in the West and yet we never stop to consider how we treat minorities
    and the most vulnerable among us.”

  345. MisterHix says:

    CarolParks… You forgot to mention that Malcolm also wrote he would probably be killed, before the book was published. I too enjoyed reading his autobiography, and was really really sadden by the fact that one of his murderers (who was just recently released from jail) was/is from my town.
    Sadder is the fact that so many Blacks (particularly Black men) have never read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”, but profess to be “So Pro Black”. With the worst being those who can’t read, or even comprehend when being read to. 
    Its a cycle that needs to first be broken; but seems to be an impossible missions when trying to reach the most naive, the likes of “thinkiqnc” and “BlackRobb”. Given the
    ignorant have zero perception of their own ignorance, which is what keeps them ignorant. Its a sad situation here.

  346. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix CarolParks What’s “ignorant” is believing an Ivy League-educated half-breed with puppet strings in his back will make a difference in the lives of African-Americans. “Ignorance” is believing that every black man in prison is there via just cause.
    What keeps folks ignorant is believing fallacies and tall tales. If either of you could read beyond the tips of your own noses, you’d know full well what I’m talking about.

  347. MisterHix says:

    BlackRobbb… Bobby you are the epitome of stupidity, with proof provided by your own retorts. Had you read (what I wrote) with comprehension, you certainly would have not projected yourself (yet) again. Your pejoratives are reflective, actually mirroring, and you are still totally oblivious to it. I cannot help you with your imbedded personal issues, and you really need stop spewing them here. 
    Take a break man, try gathering your thoughts in-perspectively, thinking self-respect first.
    I would love to know how old you are, your level of education, what type of work you do, if your married, have kids, a hands on Dad, or what. Can’t help but wonder about the man shrouded behind “BlackRobbb”.

  348. BlackRobbb says:

    MisterHix BlackRobbb

  349. CarolParks says:

    That is indeed sad, as I believe it is important for every student in the U.S., to read the auto biography of Malcolm X. And yes he seemed to know that he would be killed. And isn’t it indeed even sadder that one of the men that killed him, is now being released?
    I love Denzel Washington, but I feel the 1970’s film was more informative, & factual, probably because it was a documentary. I will leave the info below for others on here, because I know you are aware of it.
    One more thing, your statement about so many Blacks, not having read his auto biography, is another reason why I am so adamant about real money being poured into our inner city schools, and youth programs. We need as a nation to build a firm foundation of education in this country for everyone. I think we have badly neglected our education system, especially in the inner city.
    Malcolm X (1972 film)
    Malcolm X
    Film poster
    Directed by Arnold Perl
    Produced by Mick Benderoth
    Arnold Perl
    Nancy Reals Perl
    Marvin Worth
    Written by Alex Haley