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May 15, 2013

Police Drop All Charges Against 16 Year Old Whose Science Experiment Exploded

Police Drop All Charges Against 16 Year Old Whose Science Experiment Exploded

After two weeks of protests and petitions, Florida authorities have finally dropped the charges against a teen whose science experiment exploded at Bartow florida teenHigh School.

Kiera Wilmot’s combination of household products–aluminum foil and drain cleaner– on school grounds ended with smoke and a small explosion, but no injuries. Wilmot, who was described by her principal as a “good kid”, was still handcuffed and taken to jail.

“She made a bad choice. Honestly, I don’t think she meant to ever hurt anyone,” principal Ron Pritchard told a local news station shortly after Wilmot’s arrest. “She wanted to see what would happen [when the chemicals mixed] and was shocked by what it did. Her mother is shocked, too.”

After Wilmot was taken away by a school resource officer, she was charged with discharging a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device, both of which are felonies.

Wilmot’s lawyer, Larry Hardaway,  previously told Business Insider that he was working to get the charges dropped. Today the state attorney’s office decided not to charge Wilmot with any crimes.

Instead of being charged with a crime, Wilmot is being put into a “diversion of prosecution” program where she’ll likely do community service.
The statement reads:

Based upon the facts and circumstances of the case, the lack of criminal history of the child involved, and the action taken by the Polk County School Board, the State Attorney’s Office extended an offer of diversion of prosecution to the child. The child and her guardian signed the agreement to successfully complete the Department of Juvenile Justice Diversion Program.

The pending case has been dismissed. No formal charges will be filed.

Kiera is described as a diligent student who plays the cello and enjoys robotics.



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13 thoughts on “Police Drop All Charges Against 16 Year Old Whose Science Experiment Exploded

  1. marleneparker25 says:

    Charges should had never been made against this Young Girl. She should not have to do any time , or classes ,  Not even Juvenille.

    1. MorganSheridan says:

      marleneparker25 No.  They should never have been filed at all.

  2. London_girl says:

    Glad charges were dropped. She should not have to go into a diversionary program either. Hope her future is bright. Did the school accept her back?

    1. Patterson93 says:

      London_girl  That’s exactly what I would like to know. What about the school?

      1. MorganSheridan says:

        Patterson93 London_girl  From what I gathered Ms. Wilmot is attending a different school, but as I recall from other reports, her teachers and principle did stand up for her and her good name.  The prosecutors are a mob of nitwits though, without a lick of common sense between the lot of them.

  3. MorganSheridan says:

    I’m so happy!  I can’t believe what a bunch of overzealous fools were in that prosecutors office!

    1. Preachercoach says:

      MorganSheridan  I think over zealous is not the correct word used to describe these people….The word Racist comes to mind..

  4. Nothing But The Truth says:

    This story truly amazes me to no end! There is no record whatsoever of young African-American girls ever being involved in the kind of action or offense that was initially charged! This is only a story because these ignorant, racist, hateful white devils charged this fine, young African-American girl with this ridiculous case! When we work with African-American groups determined to get power this kind of case will cease to exist! Racial Discrimination is alive and flourishing in this, the most racist country on earth! However, we must make America live up to its promise! Kiera Wilmot is an upstanding young girl that we are proud to call our own!

  5. docleo41 says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I can remember working long hours in the science lab when I was sixteen. That’s how we learn.  Glad I never blew up anything. When I went to college af FAMU there was the story of a student blowing up the chemistry lab there at FAMU. He wasn’t arrested. He later became president of FAMU.

  6. jhsclass1972 says:

    Thank God for Social Media or she probably would have done serious time for a childish mis-step,    It’s funny how shining a light on criminal injustice makes it dissappear SOMETIMES.  A kid that is an excellent student, a good kid, and has never been in trouble before shouldn’t even have to do the juvenile diversion program.  She is not a Juvenile delinquent!!!

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