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May 14, 2013

OK, So This Has to Be the Second Most Racist Ad in History

OK, So This Has to Be the Second Most Racist Ad in History

by Yvette Carnell

It hasn’t even been a month since Dr. Boyce Watkins drew attention to a Mountain Dew ad he called the most racist ad in history. That ad, the brainchild of rapper racist adTyler the Creator, featured Felicia the Goat  in a police line-up alongside black male suspects. As Dr. Watkins said, all of the suspects in the ad were “Gold teeth, ‘mean mugging,’ sun glasses wearing, white-t sportin, hard core n*ggaz ready to “get into some ol gangsta sh*t.”

Those were some hard core thugs for sure, but I don’t think they have anything on the swole and incarcerated gangster in the newest Uni-ball commercial. It’s time for Felicia the Goat to meet the newest victim of corporate racism, referred to in the ad only as “Homie” and “Dawg.”

In the Uni-Ball pen ad, the muscle bound prisoner–Dawg—receives a letter from one of his friends, Big G, entitled “Bust You Out, ” in which Big G. promises to bust Dawg out of prison.

The letter begins “What up homie,” and goes on to inform Dawg that “we got a hood snitch up in the pen. We gon’ cut you loose like a noose.”  (Yeah, that noose thing is problematic as well isn’t it?)

The letter ends with Big G assuring Dawg that pretty soon he’ll be “knockin’ boots” with some  “hood rats.”

It’s supposed to be funny since the voice narrating the commercial has an elite English accent. All the humor was lost on me.

For the life of me, I can’t understand corporate America’s obsession with incarceration culture or why they insist on portraying black men as either in jail or waiting to be arrested.


UPDATE: This ad has been taken down, but you can get the idea from the description.

See for yourself:

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21 thoughts on “OK, So This Has to Be the Second Most Racist Ad in History

  1. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

    Shock and awe. ….. but this is how we portray ourselves in popular media, so if you ever defended jay Z, 50 cents, waka Flaka or Ti, you can’t be mad at this commercial. .

    1. Annette Freeman says:

      DemondHugoBossBrown I agree with some of your statement, but some of the Rappers you had mentioned did grow up on the streets and it is about their lives how else is the commercial industry supposed to represent rap it is not as though you can have these artists in a field of daisy.

      1. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

        Rap music is popularized by mainstream media and the greater society to criminalize young black boys, people Like jay z are selfish cowards who want to be exploited for their personal gain and they’re both well aware of the end means, but ain’t that America, for you and them. …

        1. mst900 says:

          DemondHugoBossBrown I agree with you 100%, but these rappers sell out to white executives. Then  the white community and Hollywood react and make this the image of all black peplpe. Odd fact-most rap and hip ho is bought by whites!

  2. DeanaBecker says:

    I can’t understand the audacity of this Ad but I do understand why it’s thought by some to be okay.  Black males themselves glamorize this prison culture.  If you make music videos or walk around portraying a certain image to sell records, clothing or alcohol with your name on it, capitalists will eventually emulate your actions for commercial profit.  Think about it.  The language used in the Ad did not come from some corporate think tank.  It came from Black folks.

    1. Annette Freeman says:

      DeanaBecker I do not understand why this is racism?  We in the country are to P.C.  The actor did not seem to mind he is very
      smart.  I would imagine he would receive
      payment for the ad and sometimes receives payment every time the commercial is
      aired.  Not all African Americans speak
      the way the narrator portrayed I know many cultures speak that way also.  If you do not like the way rap industry depicts
      African American perhaps you should let the rappers know instead of the commercial

  3. KalvinJefferson says:

    Black folk embrace coonery and buffonery not to mention all manner of ignorant fuckery and it becomes our image.

  4. BryonBanhart says:

    The “actor” didn’t seem to have a problem with filming the add for the “CASH”  Don’t blame the advertiser, or the product, blame the people people who enable the racism! It stops when they stop!

  5. leonjonessr says:

    I agree with BryonBanhart and DeanaBecker, this is covered with the fingerprints of Blacks.  This is an ad, nothing else.  If you are offended, do something about it.  Stop buying the low down dirty rap music.  Stop letting you 3, 4, and 5 year old little Black children see and ear this garbage.  Make an effort to educate Black people.  Start a reading club, Boy Scout troop, take a fatherless child to the movies.  Do your part and stop whining.

    1. mst900 says:

      leonjonessr tell the same to the white folks in Boston who have made it the opiate capital of the world, Appalachia, and other white criminal areas. Becasue whites have the power, they portrsy whites and Jews ina psrticular manner and blackpeople in another for monmetary reasons. Read my coment at sonnymilo.

  6. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

    I wonder if they’ll do an add about Bankers and wall street stealing billions of tax dollars, you know the one where GE financial, bank of America and Goldman Sax staged bidding wars on municipal marketing bounds, to make the value go up, then sale it to state governments at exuberant prices with false value…….. collectively cost state governments billions of dollar, tax dollars that is. …. only thing no one went to jail for that,….

  7. AsBlackAsUs says:  <== heres the ad along with all of the creative credits.  

  8. sonnymilo says:

    so we’re calling it racist because we believe a white person directed or because it shows a black man in prison which is a pretty big black man by the way must’ve been in for a while lifting weights but seriously i dont see the racism its not an unfair judgment to make considering how many black people are in jail and if they arent in jail theres a lot of young black males who arent trying to contribute to society in a positive way not saying all are doing bad but the truth is a lot arent so that get mad at the commercial get mad at your race for making this acceptable talk to your friends who arent contributing or trying to make something outta their life because they’re to busy being a thug or whatever then when we as a people (yes i am black) are helping each other more than “hating” on each other than we can accomplish more than any other race but I can dream 
    -ps…it takes more than a black president to get equality besides see how hats working out

    1. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

      I’m sure,There’s a tea bag libertarian somewhere,reading your comment, with tears of affirmation and smiles of “I told ya, black folk are a bunch of lazy criminals, and look this Mexican guy agrees with me. ..

      1. sonnymilo says:

        DemondHugoBossBrown am i wrong for assuming right now that you say they a majority of black males arent lazy that they are held down by the invisible chains of white america and that are forcing them to sell drugs kill other black men not be fathers to their children and constantly do things that require them to be behind bars be cause if im wrong for saying black people can do better than im sorry but its the truth theres a lot of black people who choose to sit around and make excuses for why they cant do better and its played out black people have almost just as fair a chance to succeed in some way and a majority choose not to, not to say other races are perfect because they arent by a long shot hell they all do the same thing i decribed earlier but truth is alot of its in black people (not folk have some class) so again im sorry if i said anything thats not true because black people are innocent in all of this but please never call me mexican because im BLACK proudly born black and i would LOVE for my people to do better or i can be more like you I assume and continue to make excuses for why black people are held down by others

        1. GoddessPink420 says:

          Black or not, you are ignorant to the bigger picture if you genuinely believe what you’re saying… I gotta tell you that it’s not a black thing, it’s a racial profiling, geographical & economical issue. I know more responsible & contributing people of color than I do delinquents. Maybe you should expand your circle more or step outside of your bubble (wherever you’re from) before making such a broad statement that sounds good on paper but doesn’t hold water & isn’t supported by facts… & for the record, yes it is “wrong for assuming”. Get informed! Do your research! Yes the prisons are mainly occupied by people of color but statistics also show that we receive higher sentences, harsher punishments, not to mention how many times we get stopped for no reason (I would need more than 2 hands to count how many times I’ve been stopped within my 28yrs of living), so it is not an even & fair playing field. Let’s be realistic here, racial disparities have deprived people of color for many many years. Every race, religion, culture, generation, etc. has the few exceptions that perpetuate these stereotypes. This is the reality for a few, not most… & definitely not reality for all.

        2. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

          I agree with pink, but to the Puerto Rican guy, you must think independently in to see, this is a capitalist society, capitalism requires an underclass for it to function….. It uses the television, public education, the criminal system and even credit scores to maintain that underclass, it’s a complex dichotomy, loaded with social economical constraints and rewards, we are all proletarians serving the interest of the opulent minority…..

        3. sonnymilo says:

          GoddessPink420 fairly speaking you are right its not an even playing ground by a long shot and you made good points and I may have not what i was trying to say in good context but my main issue isn’t the people trying and being held back but those who arent trying and complaining I know plenty of people contributing and doing good that are of color I like to think I’m one my friends for the most part are my parents who i grew up with are i feel they raised me to do a good job but im not talking about them. i live in the same world as everybody else and opinons arent gonna be the same but i feel there are a lot of people who make excuses for why they cant be where they wanna be in life instead of looking at how they live their life why throw fuel in the fire and try and live illegally if you know the law isnt in your favor while the minority may have to do it a majority are just lazy in my opinon statistics and facts may show one thing but truth is we’re still helping to contribute to those facts

    2. mst900 says:

      sonnymilo Most inmates are in prison for drug offenses-70%. Most drug/alcohol abuse and dealing is done by whites. Black women do the least. Yet, the drug war is fought almost exclusively in black communities. Police are barred from engaging in their adrenaline -fueled raids at Columbia and other mainly white or Jewish universities, and have carte blanche in black areas. Activities that are ignored by whites end up putting black people in the grave or under arrest. Black defendants get longer jail timed & are more likely to end up in prison while whites get probation, rehab,  community service or dismissal. The media frequently omits the faces and names of white defendants while blasting the faces of black defandants-flashing their faces over & over. We rarely see the positive activities ofd black people & white women are held up as the epitome of beauty & positive words of hared-working, beautiful, attractive, intelligent, et al are reserved for whites.  White crime is never classifed as white on white crime. Most whites are the victims of white criminals. Black children are never shown in movies to be prodigies or geniuses despite the fact that there is no racial tendency  for either based on race. Black women are thrown into prisons while white women have the white woman pass. As a black man, if you  really are black-the last thing we need is for more black bashing. We have plenty of that. Black people are denigrated & demonized in media as often as water runs down waterfalls. It is expected. Why do you not work to change things, mentor a child, fight for more jobs and better education which is the basis of frustration , PTSD, acting out, being called negative things all the time. Instead of being a spokesman for white misrepresentaion or pretending to be black. By the way, most young black males are not thugs as you say. If you go to Appalachia, So. Boston, Charlestown, upper class Boston the opiate capital of the country, you will find the same issues as in poor black communities.   Appalachia is rampant with crime of all sorts, but you never hear or see it in national media.  Mark Wahlberg, white people’s sweeetheart is a former thug, until he was given the opportunity rarely given to black people.  Whites far outnumber  black people in pedophilia, mass murder, mass killings in public places, white women seducing their underage students, killing their parents, bank robbery, drug crimes, so what up!  Before you talk about others improving themselves-work on your grammar, spelling, composition, and punctuation.

  9. GoddessPink420 says:

    People need to stop blaming the media for our self-image! There are plenty of others who are worthy of our admiration & are role models to NOT only people of color but to all walks of life: Michelle & Barack Obama, Rula Jebreal (not black but a woman of color), Gabrielle Douglas, Sister Souljah, Spike Lee, Oprah Winfrey, Brittney Griner, Michael Jordan & the list goes on… End of rant (^_^)

  10. mst900 says:

    The powers that be have always painted the black community using the lowest common denominator, while painting white people using the highest and covering up white crimes and criminals. Recently, Jewish people influenced New York senators and police not to arrest or prosecute Jewsish pedophiles-rabbis  in exchange for votes. This has been going on for a long time. Other case-white criminal faces and names are omited. White on white crime is not categorized that way. Most whites are victims of white criminals. Before you speak read statistics and facts behind those stats. Even though it is easier and makes you feel superior to avoid the truth.

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