MSNBC Reporter Says When You Attack Obama, You Attack Black People

MSNBC Reporter Says When You Attack Obama, You Attack Black People
May 09 13:50 2013 Print This Article

by Yvette Carnell

Everyone knows that President Obama made history by becoming the first black president, but does he represent all black people? One MSNBC  reporter Trymaine Leecertainly seems to think so.

During an MSNBC discussion on the opposition of some conservatives to immigration reform on Thursday, an reporter claimed that Republican politicians’ attacks on President Obama were proxy attacks on all African-Americans.

The panel discussion, which was moderated by MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, also  included  Vice President of, Heather McGhee, who said Republicans have a problem reaching out to minority voters. reporter Trymaine Lee agreed, pointing to the Republican effort to suppress minority votes, which actually backfired and resulted in increased enthusiasm for Obama among minority voters.

Lee then went on to equate opposition to President Obama with attacks on black people.

“Going back to those fringe groups that control so much of the momentum behind the GOP, it’s quite frankly scary for folks,” Lee assessed. “You see effigies. You see some of the t-shirts. You see the attacks on President Obama, in proxy, an attack on African-Americans.”

Racial attacks, many originating from the far right, are attacks on Black Americans and our increased stature in this country. That shouldn’t be discounted. But there are other attacks coming from conservatives –on issues such as drones, civil liberties and  accountability–that have nothing to do with race. Lee is walking up to the edge of saying that Obama represents all black people when in truth, he doesn’t.

Black people are not responsible for insulating Obama from all criticism, just unfair criticism that is racist and duplicitous. We should be sure to always adhere to that principle.


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The brother is 100% *correct*.  The tone of this site is wack.


It sounds like he is not in touch with black people.  While the republicans have done a lot of things wrong, having a black president has no benefit to African-Americans.  Look at all the things the President has done, and identify those things that have benefited black americans.  Look at the pardons the president could/should sign for wrongly convicted black people.  How about is approach to black unemployment.  The republicans have done a better job creating employment than the President has even dreamed of.  How can you be proud of a reduction in unemployment of 1/10 of one percent.  And African-American unemployment is still over 13% and is about double that of white americans.  Yeah, I think Trymain maybe caught up with the wrong people............