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May 22, 2013

London: Soldier Chopped to Death by Machete Wielding Terrorist in Broad Daylight [Video]

London: Soldier Chopped to Death by Machete Wielding Terrorist in Broad Daylight [Video]

Woolwich shooting incident

Sometimes terror is a coordinated effort, even a state sanctioned operation, and at other times, terror is the act of one or two lone outliers. Today in London, terror revealed itself as the latter.

In a breathtaking attack, a terrorist wielding a meat cleaver chopped a British soldier to death, leaving him dead in the street in broad daylight. The man shouted “Allahu Akbar” after the attack and then, in a brazen move, the terrorist forced passersby to record a chilling video of him sharing his motives for the attack.

“We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth,” said the man, whose hands were still bloody. “We apologize that women had to see this today but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you”

One witness said one of the men was armed with a gun.

“I walked back up there and the tall black bloke had changed the gun to the other guy and he had two meat cleavers in his hand,” Julia Wilders, 51, told the paper. “And the response police turned up and he’s ran towards them with meat cleavers before I could even get out of the car … they shot him. And then the other one lifts the gun up and they shot him as well.”


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5 thoughts on “London: Soldier Chopped to Death by Machete Wielding Terrorist in Broad Daylight [Video]

  1. ValarieCutthecrapClark says:

    Why are they being called terrorist…are they affiliated with any know terrorist group…did they say anything that may have indicated such…why not just killers…terrorist usually target more than one person…or is it because they are people of color and there is no other assumption but for them to be terrorist…just wondering. Carry on with your “reporting”.

    1. FemmesFatale says:

      ValarieCutthecrapClark Technically a “terrorist” is just anyone who makes a threat or does something that harms someone else for political reasons. They could be acting alone, they don’t have to be muslim, from the desert, or what have you. I can understand where this man is coming from, however his actions are wrong and what he did was not justifiable. Someone just lost their father, brother, son, cousin, just because some angry man wanted to “make a point”.

  2. SylviaBu says:

    Those two cowards are nothing more than monsters and I hope they  get the death penalty I don’t care what they call them. They killed an innocent man someone’s son, husband, brother or sadder a father to a child/children violence does not solve crap it just begets more violence.

  3. SylviaBu says:

    My prayers go out to the family of this solider and to the families of these two monsters who probably have no idea what their family members just did may we some day find peace in our hearts and souls

  4. CarolParks says:

    Wow! Such a violent world we live in. I am sure the killers have seen a lot of violence caused no doubt by America & England, but this is not the answer. I’m not sure what is, but it’s not more killing. Surprising too that people stayed around. You would have thought they would have fled the scene being scared they could have been next.

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