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May 2, 2013

Georgia Family Finds Large Burning Cross and Deer Meat in Front Yard [Video]

Georgia Family Finds Large Burning Cross and Deer Meat in Front Yard [Video]

During the Supreme Court’s oral arguments over whether to strike down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts asked the U.S.burning cross government’s attorneys a question that many blacks in the South already know the answer to: “Is it the government’s submission that the citizens of the South are more racist than the citizens of the North?” 

One Georgia family recently came face to face with a Jim Crow act of racism in *post-racial* 2013. Four brothers who share a home in Woodstock, Georgia say they were inside their home on Sunday when they saw something glowing outside. They ran outside and found a cross burning in their front yard.

In addition to the cross burning, someone left two large chunks of deer meat on their front porch:

deer meat


Kenny Louis said he and his brothers have been sleeping in one hour shifts so that they’re not caught off guard if the vandals return.

“We don’t know why, we don’t know what’s the next step or how far they’re willing to go,” Louis told WSB-TV.

One of the brothers ran outside with a shotgun after the incident because he was afraid for his brother’s children, who were all inside the home at the time of the incident.

“Don’t feel safe at home anymore. Don’t feel safe sleeping,” Kerry Louis said. “Don’t come back again. Don’t come back again, we’ve got guns and stuff.”

Although no one can be sure what triggered this cross burning, UC Davis law professor Christopher Elmendorf and UC Berkeley doctoral student Douglas Spencer analyzed data from the 2008 National Annenberg Election survey about nonblack Americans’ attitudes towards blacks and found a “strong correlation” between six of the Southern states covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and anti-black prejudice.

Hope this all helps Justice Roberts sort things out.

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7 thoughts on “Georgia Family Finds Large Burning Cross and Deer Meat in Front Yard [Video]

  1. browniegirl360 says:

    Thank goodness they have their guns so they can blow those idiots away!

    1. CarolParks says:

      Their the real American Terrorists in this country. The KKK, or any group like them. They all should be in Prison! Just horrendous. There should be laws to stop them from being able to organize.

  2. CarolParks says:

    So Disgusting! We should not Allow these Terrorist Groups to exist. Throw them all in prison. I guess the racist officials are doing nothing to stop this in Georgia. The Feds should go in & do an investigation & get whoever is responsible. The KKK, and all groups like them should be outlawed as they are nothing but American Terrorists!

  3. Racism and its habitats are just one of the spawns that arised out from slavery. in order to over come the stinch of these modern slavery tactics. 1st, we must identify its source where ts life is generated from. 2nd, there is a way to extinguish these burning flames from hell that were cast by white slave owning christians is to read The Manual: REGULATE! Step in at Then we as a people and nation will have the abilities to overcome and dominate, slavery, racisms, and theor habitats. You are in here!

  4. thinkiqnc says:

    That was not racism; that was a crime. Racism is the biggest
    hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. If Black people weren’t
    benefitting from it, they would rise up violently against it. Fascism, colonialism
    all the ism are gone except racism and classism. Today racism is just a
    business. No one in the history of mankind has ever tolerated oppression this
    long. Even slaves with no concept of freedom rose up from time to time. Racism
    is a tool of classism that’s used to drive a wedge between poor and working
    class Blacks and Whites.

    1. @thinkiqnc Racism is not a hoax, it is real and people are dying from the spawns and habitats of slavery everyday. Read all about inside of the scrolls of REGULATE! The Manual. Google REGULATE! You are in here!

      1. thinkiqnc says:

        regulatethemanI was born in the segregated South. In addition I’ve been a
        member of the real Black Panther Party a follower of Malcolm X, marched against
        racism sued the NC Dept. of Corrections and the Klan. What I’ve been involved
        in is well documented in books by Morris Dees and Mabs Segrest. What you are seeing
        are victims of is classism being passed off as racial victims. Both victims
        looks the same. I say it’s a hoax also because it wouldn’t continue without the
        complicity of prominent Blacks. I found that out from fighting racism. Don’t
        take my word; look at the EEOC statistics. This corrupt abusive agency only
        finds discrimination in 4% of the complaints. One would think that the NAACP,
        NOW and the LGBT community would be outraged at that finding.

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