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May 22, 2013

Colorado: Blacks Make Up 4% of Population and 100% of Death Row Inmates

Colorado: Blacks Make Up 4% of Population and 100% of Death Row Inmates

In Colorado, officials are readying themselves to render the state’s second execution in 45 years. Nathan Dunlap, the Chuck E. Cheese k*ller, is scheduled to be death-penalty3put to death for murdering several people. Although few dispute the heinous nature of Dunlap’s crime, some opponents of the death penalty are asking that Dunlap’s sentence be commuted  because of the unfair administering of the death penalty in the state.

From ThinkProgress:

  • All three people on death row are black men. In a state that is only 4.3% African American, Colorado’s death row is 100% African American.
  • All three men on death are from the same one county, out of Colorado’s 64.
  • All three men committed their crime when they were under the age of 21.

Dunlap was charged with killing four Chuck E. Cheese employees in Aurora, Colorado in 1993. Dunlap was convicted in 1996, but the family of his victims are still waiting for justice to be served in this case.

“I don’t know if Dunlap is ever going to be executed,” Sylvia Crowell, the mother of a victim, told in February. “Whether he dies from natural causes or from execution doesn’t matter to me, but he better not leave that prison except in a pine box.”


Legislators in Colorado tried to do abolish the death penalty, but Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) announced that he had reservations and might veto the bill.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado: Blacks Make Up 4% of Population and 100% of Death Row Inmates

  1. Prissy2013 says:

    Well if she want him leave n pine box he dont have to b excuted…hes gonna die anyway…smfh

  2. RenaeWalton says:

    A pine box huh??

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