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May 24, 2013

84 Year Old Woman Charged With Drug Trafficking

84 Year Old Woman Charged With Drug Trafficking

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Approximately six years after the recession engineered by Wall St. caused the greatest economic downturn in American history, no bankers have been arrested. In fact, the only person arrested in connection with the bank fraud underpinning the housing collapse was a man who misrepresented his income on a mortgage application.

But even though federal and local authorities have shown little willingness to hold major fraudsters accountable, authorities are still waging the failed war on drugs. The latest victim of the war on drugs is an elderly woman who has been accused of drug trafficking.

Lillie Smith, 84, has been charged with drug trafficking, conspiracy to commit trafficking, tampering with evidence and possession. The charges stem from a warrant served at her apartment in 2011.

Deputies say Smith allowed her son, Nathan Jones, to deal drugs out of her home.

“There were scales, money, narcotics things of that nature that we generally find with drug trafficking,” Williamson said.

Neighbors told local news affiliate KRQE News 13 that Smith’s problem was that she was too nice and may’ve looked the other way because her son was helping take care of her.

Detectives say the elderly woman had drugs on her person when she was served with the warrant.

“When detectives were on scene she did try to take the narcotics that were on her person out and stash them,” said Williamson.

Smith also has a previous arrest from the 1990’s, so apparently,  she is not new to this. The question, really, is whether the American judicial system is prepared to hold all people accountable when laws are broken or whether some people get a pass while others get time behind bars.

Honestly, do you feel any safer now that Ms. Smith is off the street?



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6 thoughts on “84 Year Old Woman Charged With Drug Trafficking

  1. BiancaH says:

    I only know what I have read, but in my honest opinion ,if she had any drugs on her person, they were probably hers and she needed them. Good God. Leave her alone.

  2. MakemClapForthis says:

    Leave her alone.

  3. LeRoseSantaireEaddy says:

    If she did the crime she got to do the time. She is expecting ppl to feel sorry for her because of her age. Well I feel because of her age she should know better. Maybe not throw the book at her but give her enough of a punishment to make her not do it again.

    1. NiaGodBodyDiallo says:

      Old lady been doing that and more. Dont let the ol age for u hell is hell

  4. veerai1951 says:

    Gee compassion. maybe LeRose, you should have the book thrown at you for being a spiteful, ungiving snob.. make sure dont have any bones in your closet. let her go dag, how many more does she have.. yes age is on exception to some things…

  5. AntoinetteBrownridgeSims says:

    I wonder would people say let her go to jail if it were their mother or grandmother

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