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April 2, 2013

Take a Seat Mr. Martin

Take a Seat Mr. Martin

Dr. Michael Fauntroy goes in on soon to be former CNN analyst Roland Martin:

Let’s resist the urge to make Roland Martin out to be some wrongly aggrieved talking head. He is a marginally knowledgeable loudmouth who was more sizzle than steak. No academic training politics and government. No significant campaign experience. No experience as a political reporter at a major media outlet (He wrote opinion pieces at CNN). He is lucky to have had his turn. So to those who are shedding tears following the announcement of his departure from CNN: Your time would be better spent applying pressure to the cable networks to put minorities on who actually know something about politics and government.

I disagree slightly, since I don’t think a person needs to necessarily  be credentialed in order render themselves beneficial in the media space. But Roland’s not the best example of the exception to that rule. I also wonder whether Fauntroy created a false debate, offering only two stark choices, where being  credentialed is either the ONLY thing that matters or an afterthought which doesn’t matter at all.

Having said that, I still appreciate Fauntroy for cautioning black people against using even a smidgen of our political capital to go to bat for Martin. Martin has no cause. He’s just another brother who lost his job. And although I feel for him,  the truth is that black unemployment is double the rate of whites, and most blacks don’t have time to waste their resources ensuring that one black man keeps his gig.

Honestly, talking heads get let go every day. Did anyone shed a tear when Rick Sanchez was let go from CNN? How about Tony Harris? So what makes Martin so special? Nothing other than the fact that Martin THINKS he’s special, and should therefore occupy some special place in the African-American psyche. Take a seat Mr. Martin.


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6 thoughts on “Take a Seat Mr. Martin

  1. mer1maid says:

    Give it a rest Mr. Fauntroy.  You obviously have a personal vendetta against Roland.  Are you jealous of his success?

  2. DemondHugoBossBrown says:

    What the fuck is this, whoever these people are they are selfish cowards and they are the best examples of meriturist manumission, its because of cowardly Niggers like these is why unemployment is in the double digits for black folk, the lack of expense argument is irrelevant, Russ Limbaugh and Glen Beck didn’t have any prior experience before they became political pundits, so cut the bull shit

  3. EdwardLeeJonesIV says:

    This is a crab in the barrel story if I every seen one. How you just going to cut this man down. We can’t move up your pulling us down! Selfish letters with cruel intentions to your own kind.

  4. oudevildoc says:

    preach my brothas….i’m getting so sick and tired of seeing these no name black writers hating on the few brothas and sistas that are able to get on a national platform and try to give their opinion without being talked about and justify these damn racist white peoples stereotype of us as it is, like you have some beef with them!

  5. roylee47 says:

    Check it out: ,Spike against Tyler, Keisha, against Beyonce, Biggie against Tupac,Hammer tried to go up against Michael Jackson. The list goes on and on! 
    Sometime ago I was listening to a message from Rev Jeremiah Wright. I won’t quote word for word, but the gist of what he was saying was this.:
    If you put 100 million dollars in a room, and you sit at the table a group of prominant Europeane Americans they will haggle, holler,  cuss and fuss. In the end each one will walk out with a share, and be content. 
    However , if you put a group of prominent African-Americans in that same room with the same amount to be divided no one will walk out with anything because niether of them can stand to see each other leave with the same equal share.
    Why we can’t help ourselves get over this hump I don’t know. But, Dr. Fauntroy just makes what Rev. Wright  said all the more true! 
    We can’t help one another get to the next level if all we see them as are steps!

  6. rpackard2u says:

    Excuse me but I’m confused as to “who” wrote this article. It really doesn’t matter because whomever it is they’re demonstrating the kind of mentality that is detrimental to the black community in critical-mass. Demeaning statements like, “marginally knowledgeable, no academic training, no campaign experience, etc. to describe this black man in a ‘high profile’ position gives license to racist bigots who don’t like to see any black man in ‘any’ position of influence or authority. You can call it “crab-barrelism” or any other degradating depiction of the so-called black psyche, when you’re “supposed” to be an educated person with letters following your name, you would think that person would ‘know better’ than to expose their ‘dirty laundry’ in public. Mr. DemondHugoBossBrown stated it correctly, “…lack of experience argument is not relevant, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck didn’t have prior experience…” the secret behind their success is the fact that “their own” got behind them and made them relevant!Until black folk learn to “follow” rather than always desiring to “lead” we will remain in the inferior position we find ourselves. It it an oxymoron statement to say, “..cautioning black people against using even a smidget of [their] our political capital to go to bat for Martin”, when in fact, black folk haven’t learned to use their so-called ‘political capital’ to help themselves let alone one individual. Until we understand the eternal principle of “its better to give than to receive”, we will always be where we are, LACKING! Great persons who understood and lived this principle are people like Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, Sister Teresa, John Wycliffe, John Huss and Jesus the Christ. They all knew for a certainty that their giving would be “rich soil” for the growth of new leadership and inspiration to do the right thing.

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