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January 15, 2013

What Ann Coulter is Really Trying to Tell You

What Ann Coulter is Really Trying to Tell You

Even if this is true (I assume Coulter has data to support her assertions), since when does a black and brown problem cease being an American problem? Would anyone ever be heard saying, ‘We’d don’t really have an alcoholism epidemic once you discount the Irish population’ ? Not likely. The Irish, no matter when they emigrated into this country, are considered authentically American, so no one would ever consider subtracting them from the patchwork of Americana.

Regrettably, this is not how many on the right view African-Americans and Latinos, which is why Coulter is so quick to subtract minority groups from the American populace.

What Coulter has unwittingly revealed is why issues which impact mostly black and brown people are largely marginalized from the larger discussion. The same reason you don’t hear white mainstream media cover the Chicago killings is the same reason the world media didn’t put the Rwandan genocide on center stage; black people, globally, are considered subhuman, just as black people  here in America  are considered something less than American.

So when Ann Coulter says, ‘well, if it weren’t for black and brown people’, what she’s really telling you is that you’re not included in her definition of what it really means to be considered authentically American. You don’t fit the profile.


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2 thoughts on “What Ann Coulter is Really Trying to Tell You

  1. TalithaMcEachin says:

    Sometimes I just smh at AC because whenever she has a book coming out she says these provocative things like “our blacks are better than your blacks” to boost sales. She puts her foot in her mouth to much for my taste & I’m a conservative.

  2. TalithaMcEachin says:

    This time, I agree with you Yvette.

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