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January 17, 2013

The Lie Factories

The Lie Factories

Somewhere along this timeline, whether a fourth, half the way, or three fourths of the way through, Te’o knew that his unseen girlfriend was a hoax. The media would’ve known it too, had they bothered to research. Instead, they went happily along, telling tales of harrowing car accidents, enchanted first meetings, and love lost too soon. And you call yourselves journalists? LOL

If you ever again wonder why we don’t have investigative journalism in this country, just remember this story. Anyone could’ve checked Stanford’s student or alumni record and determined, early on, that the supposed girlfriend never attended the university. One trip to the school would’ve garnered a bunch of wide eyed students muttering, “Lennay who?” But much easier to just take people at their word when they offer you a bunch of myth and legend about the upstanding Mormom kid who was overcoming all odds, even while losing the love of his life. You believed it because you wanted to believe it, and there are thousands of other stories, just like Te’o, in other college campuses, government buildings, military bases, and corporate headquarters etc. Pure fiction.

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