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December 30, 2012

Don’t be Stupid

Don’t be Stupid


On Christmas Eve, I wrote a top five list of problems I see standing in the way African-American success. Here is a bit:

It’s true. Face it. Black people don’t like each other, at least not enough to do business with one another or support each other in any meaningful or consistent way. “But we were each other’s rock during the Civil Rights movement” you say. Yeah. That was a long time ago. Think we still have that strong Jim Crow bond?

Here’s a little test: Send an email to 20 of your closest friends and family members telling them you’re starting a business and are looking to raise $1,000 from each of them, and watch them run.

Among the many responses I read, there were many, far too many for my liking, which asked angrily, ‘hey, where’s your plan, Yvette?!’ If this was your response to what I wrote, then you’re part of the problem.

Let’s say you’re at your doctor’s office and he asks, “So what brings you here today?” and you answer, “I have a stomach ache.”  I’m pretty sure what happens next is that the good doc pokes and prods you with cold metal objects, then makes a diagnosis.

After a few minutes of you gazing at your toes from the examination table, your doctor will reenter the room and tell you that you’ve got gas, or an ulcer, or whatever. If you have an ulcer, for example, the doctor might advise you to stop eating spicy foods. You don’t then turn around and reprimand your doctor, saying, “hey Dr, where’s your plan on what I should do to help myself?!” No. That would make you a dumb*ss. Why? Because the doctor already gave you his advice: Stop eating spicy foods.

My point is, I already gave you my advice. Stop doing the things I listed in points 1-5. That doesn’t require a meeting on a black agenda. You don’t need Al Sharpton or a power point for that. Just stop it. I know you’d rather put it off to some point in the future by demanding a plan, but really, all I’m asking is that you take responsibility for your own bad decisions. Why is that so hard for you?




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One thought on “Don’t be Stupid

  1. sulaimanali56 says:

    We have been well conditioned and if we do not rid ourselves of this mindset, we will be even bigger slaves than we were in 1619 or we will perish!!!!

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