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June 12, 2012

Even a Broke Watch…

Even a Broke Watch…

…is right twice a day.  Glenn Beck had this to say about Obama’s appeal to black voters:


Even though Beck is right in assessing the problem of pandering politicians who expect that we should have their backs, the problem here is twofold: 1) Beck is not a smart man 2)  Beck is a propagandist.

So Beck could not, even if he wanted to, extend his argument to include all politicians, or the entire political system. Too much work.  It requires the simultaneous firing of too many synapse. And even if Beck could do the intellectual heavy lifting, it would all be for naught considering that his fans live for the kind of hate he spews at “the other side.” This is the kind of “us versus them” shit that gets them up in the morning, and if Beck ever abandoned that, he’d go broke. I suspect that he smells the rot, but he’ll never call it, especially not after being rewarded with a $100 million dollar contract.

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2 thoughts on “Even a Broke Watch…

  1. I agree that’s it’s most (not quite all) politicians. Good piece.

  2. Yvette says:

    Much appreciated!

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