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April 5, 2012

Zimmerman Said “F*cking Punks”, Not “Coons” Before Killing Trayvon

Zimmerman Said “F*cking Punks”, Not “Coons” Before Killing Trayvon

CNN reports that Zimmerman’s attorney says he told them he said “F*cking Punks”, and not the racial slur “Coons”.  I don’t know what he said, but it sure sounded like coons.

More importantly, though, is how the players in this thing have changed the narrative to meet their *facts*, and changed the facts to connect their narrative.

1) The police first said Zimmerman was “squeaky clean”, and that was all kinds of wrong. But to make it fit, his bro came out and said that George was the kind of brother we’d all want to have. Anything to keep that “squeaking clean” narrative pumping. Of course, no one wants to hear about how Zimmerman was required to attend anger management, or how he was fired from a security job for abusing patrons… doesn’t fit…

2) Zimmerman says he wasn’t the aggressor, but we know that he was. We know he followed Trayvon Martin on foot and in a vehicle. So what now? Make Trayvon the aggressor. Create a story where Trayvon jumps out of nowhere and gets the upper hand on a 200lb guy on his own turf. Shift the pieces. Shift the narrative.

3) Number 2 didn’t really work, so they added the piece about Trayvon going for Zimmerman’s gun and telling him he was going to “die tonight.” time for the Rewrite.

4) Number 3 also didn’t work to convince people that Zimmerman was struggling for his life. So then we got an “enhanced video” of some puffiness on Zimmerman’s head.

5) Audio experts are brought in to prove Zimmerman’s voice wasn’t the one heard screaming on the 911 tape. Then audio experts are brought in to prove Zimmerman did not use the word “coon”.

6) Zimmerman was told not to pursue Trayvon Martin, so, of course, the story goes he got out of his truck to look for a street name ….. in the townhome community where he lived ….

I could go on… and on. Point is, this is what always happens. The truth is always rewritten, be it in life, politics, or economics. If nothing else, this case makes us painfully aware that facts are rarely factual. Most are opinions offered by people in positions power. This, we should keep in mind in the days and weeks to come. One of many lessons…..


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2 thoughts on “Zimmerman Said “F*cking Punks”, Not “Coons” Before Killing Trayvon

  1. Ramell says:

    You’re already geared 100% towards Trayvon just because. Your comments are also showing that you are lacking lots of information and beings biased towards one side.

    1. First when was the last time we was called ‘coons’?? and why would we be angry about that, who gives a shit. Plus he ain’t even white. He’s half but usually half white people don’t even look white.

    2. A cop watching someone isn’t an aggressor. We don’t know what happened here, also he wasn’t always on Trayvon’s heels. He complied when the dispatcher suggested that they didn’t need him to follow him. You saw exactly what happened? I think not.

    3/4. Puffiness? This guy’s head was bleeding all over and had a decent sized cut. What you thought after he shot Trayvon he would take his own head and break it in on the cement??

    6. No he wasn’t. The dispatcher didn’t give a legal order. They suggested that they didn’t need him to follow Trayvon, in which he complied at first and lost Trayvon for a short period of time- listen to the 911 call, not the media trying to gear us to either side.

    I’m not choosing any sides and I didn’t know what happened because I wasn’t there, but don’t be a tool by the media and gear up and join sides with people then spread more false shit online. We don’t know crap- neither of these two people were angels.

  2. Yvette says:


    1. What, exactly, he was called goes to his intent, and mindset at the time. So I give a shit. Trayvon’s family gives a shit, and hopefully, the jury will give a shit.

    And did I say Zimmerman was white? Or are you just making it up out of whole cloth now? Just sayin’ shit because you feel like it?

    2. What “cop” are you talking about? Zimmerman’s not law enforcement. He’s…well… nothing. He has aspirations, but don’t we all?

    You say, “he complied when the officers told him not to follow him.” Now who’s jumping to conclusions? There’s absolutely no way for you to know that. But, common sense says that if he’d followed the dispatcher’s instructions, he’d be home sleep in his bed right now instead of in lockup.

    3. I’ve seen worse bloodspills after shaving my legs. And if his injuries were moderate to severe, he would’ve been treated, but the ambulance that was initially ordered for him was cancelled, remember?

    6. Ummm, actually Zimmerman is contradicting you now. Read this?

    And maybe you’re not aware of it, but you’ve already chosen a side. Good for you. But the facts just don’t support your view. It happens. Get over it.

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