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February 10, 2012

Sharpton & Co.

My thoughts on the Cornel West vs. Melissa Harris-Perris debacle, and what Rev. Al Sharpton jumping into the fray means to black intellectualism is up at Yourblackworld. As always, a taste:

Listen, I’m all about substance, but once I strip away all the accusations of who is a “fraud” and who is on a “soul patrol” tour, the facts don’t bode well for Mrs. Harris-Perry, and even less so for “Rev.” Al Sharpton.

Regarding Sharpton, no one can explain to me how a man without even as much as an undergraduate degree could have been invited to the White House to discuss education reform with the Secretary of Education. No one can explain to me how a man who was pushed predatory loans in the black community back in 2005 is now heralded as an activist. And no one has ever explained to me how a man who bucks his eyes as a means of inflection could ever have gotten a job as the host of an MSNBC show.

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