On Patriotism: Black History Month vs. African AMERICAN History Month

February 02 12:51 2012 Print This Article

African Americans have been more patriotic than I think anyone would’ve predicted given our history in this country. My dad flew Old Glory out in front of our house for years, and although there’s a lot of bad stuff out there, and much of it was created at hands of American officials, I think it’s important (and smart) for this President to acknowledge our patriotism, with a wink and a nod no less.

In my mind, there’s ownership in patriotism. “I’m patriotic because this country is my own.” And being patriotic is empowering because it moves the needle from being disaffected to being determined. The fact that our forefathers fought in every American war since this country’s inception  means that this country is ours just as much as anybody elses…and we shouldn’t stop fighting for it just because some folks are hell bent on stealing it from us. I’ve always liked that framing better than any of the other alternatives. I don’t have a kid, but if I did, I’m sure this would be the line I’d push.

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