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December 21, 2011

Ron Paul and race (cont’d)

Ron Paul

As candidate Ron Paul turns up the heat in Iowa, I see, rather predictably, that mainstream writers are turning up the heat on Ron Paul (see here, here, andhere). At issue now are the 20 plus year old newsletters, many of which were filled with racist rants, all of which were written under Ron Paul’s name. Ron Paul has previously denied both writing the letters and knowing who did, but that doesn’t stop elite media types from trotting out that very same skeleton from the closet every few years, all in hopes that getting black folks all riled up will be enough to beat back the momentum of Ron Paul’s supporters.

But there are some very important questions we should ask before arming ourselves with pitchforks and tearing off to the nearest Ron Paul for President campaign headquarters. When discussing Ron Paul, it’s important to consider whether all things are equal. I mean, does Ron Paul’s political philosophy still lend itself to the racist rants of twenty plus years ago? Or does his Libertarian philosophy trump a two decade old racist rag?

I’m not saying that Paul’s association with the newsletter bodes well for his personal ethics, but it does demand that we weigh its proportionality. Historians have sharpened our perception of Lincoln by highlighting that he was a man of the times and, although he did emancipate the slaves and save the union, he didn’t necessarily believe in race equality….continue reading

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2 thoughts on “Ron Paul and race (cont’d)

  1. FromWhereI'mStanding says:

    Hmm, so am I to conclude that I should expect a direct reply from you–let alone a posting of my question? Or, was it a mere oversight on your part?

  2. Yvette says:

    I’m not understanding?

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